E-Audio 3-Inch 3 Way Mini Speakers – Great as a second set of speakers in the kitchen

A lot better than i was expecting for the money some neat design points such as rescessed terminals and a cut out for cable to allow flush wall mounting. Im usíng wíth a lepai mini amp and they work well together. Since writing this i have purchased two other pairs of e audio speakers both were faulty/damaged i took one pair apart to inspect see my review of the e audio 3. Based on the quality of the faulty units i can honestly say it was just pure luck that this pair actually worked.

Great quality for very cheap price, arrived promptly, very happy.

These little speakers are amazing, well designed small and compact great sound and fantastic value.

Speakers look good on the wall. A little quiet but do the job for a restaurant.

  • Punchy and enjoyable sound
  • Great as a second set of speakers in the kitchen

E-Audio 3-Inch 3 Way Mini Speakers – White

  • Ideal for Domestic or Commercial use including Multi-Room Systems
  • Water-Resistant design suitable for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Components designed to offer powerful sound at all volume levels

They did what it said on the label.

Great as a second set of speakers in the kitchen. I am very impressed with these little speakers. I bought them to run as a second set of loudspeakers in the kitchen, from my main hi-fi setup in the adjacent dining room. I didn’t think it would be fair to my next-door neighbours to crank my amp up to hear music while sizzling something on the hob. Don’t for a second think that these are a suitable replacement,or substitute, for the main speakers on any stereo system (i will not be looking to get rid of my wharfedales any time soon), but for an unobtrusive repeater in another, let’s say ‘more functional’room they are superb – especially at the £14 price tag. They offer a fair dynamic range; not too tinny, nor boomy. With a 3 inch cone you are not likely to get massive bass response, but they do have a suggestion of low frequency. They excel with talk radio, and are pretty passable at playing music with all the sounds of cooking to contend with. The best comparison i can offer for sound and build quality would be the type of speakers that were often bundled with pc packages in the later 90s. What really wins me over with these little speakers is the inclusion of wall mounting brackets and fixings.

Good price and good enough item thanks.