Divoom Voombox Travel – – Amazing!

Sound is much larger than you’d expect from a speaker this size with very well produced bass. An absolute steal for the money, the only problem is lack of an aux input. Other than that, zero complaints.

Excellent piece of kit, placed on a hollow surface it becomes alive with sound.

Great value great little speaker.

I seriously was not expecting the sound quality out of a device this size, it is amazing. Im certain its been sent from the future, you will not get better sound out of any other speaker this size, im looking at it while its playing and it just doesnt compute, it defies the laws of physicshats off to the makers, they nailed it.

This is fabthe sound is great, it’s loud with lovely bass. I bought a slightly cheaper version for the bathroom also, would definitely not do that again, would pay the extra few pounds for this oneit’s solid too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent value
  • Replaced it with several others that sound much better but I think this is the go to travel

Great sound for a reasonable price, great product and the packaging was perfect.

I had a blue version for about a year before the speaker blew, and i’m not a huge fan of loud metal type rock. Would be nice to have more control of other dynamics than just volume, but as a bluetooth speaker it is decently boomy. Hope this one lasts me a bit longer.

Great sounding speaker, tought casing.

Very good quality, pleased 💯 %.

Very nice, can’t believe the build quality, it has some weight to it and just feels solid. Good sound for indoors at work on site, love it.

I was skeptical about how good this could be for the money after reading the reviews – as they were so good. Mine arrived and it has been hammered this weekend while i’ve been away, it is loud and of a good quality. I put it in the centre of a medium sized garden and you could hear it well enough everywhere. The bluetooth is good, it is splash proof, sturdy and loud. I bought an extra 2 after this one arrived.

Flatmate bought a fancy bose one for well over £100 and this is very close to that in terms of sound quality. No sacrifice in quality as it gets louder, if anything makes it better as the bass kicks in more. I’m amazed for the price (paid £14.

Looks quality but keeps cutting out as bluetooth not brilliant.

Tremendous value for high sound quality + rugged + simple to operate + long battery life speaker + useful attachment ring.

Hands down one of the best value for money gadgets you can buy. Sound and build quality is fantastic, i take mine everywhere.

Excellent product, was amazed as to how loud this small speaker was.

Fantastic at three times the price.

Great bass, really loud and the battery lasts a long time. Would be better if you could link a few of these together. Sound does come out of both sides, but 90/10 split as the speaker/driver is pointed in on direction.

Great value bluetooth speaker. I saw these elsewhere for considerably more than i paid on amazon. They work really well and i actually bought a black one and a green one. They last quite a while on a full charge and sound surprisingly good for such a small speaker.

I have had other bluetooth speakers in the past and have to say this one is up there with the best. Great sound quality and very simple to use. Worth every penny of it’s £9.

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