Denver DSB-100 2 – Good for the money

I got this product as a replacement for a surround sound, i needed something which didn’t require wires trailing through my living room as i have two young kids. The denver sound bar solved this problem, as for the sound quality it is quite impressive, and the sub gives plenty bass.

My 26″ sony led tv has very tinny sound quality, but with the denver sound bar has greatly enhanced sound whether watching the news or a movie. 1 surround sound system but did not want the cables trailing everywhere so the soundbar is a perfect solution also at a good price. Without the remote control the unit will not function so the only enhancements to make it perfect would be to be able to function this manually from the sub/amp. Also to have a display so you can see what level the volume, bass, treble, what source is selected etc. Also to have some presets for cinema, sport, music etc.

After having sent back a much more expensive soundbar because it was faulty, i thought i’d give this budget-system a go. Very please i did – was simple to set up and plenty powerful enough for our average-sized front room. Doesn’t really give much in the way of true ‘surround’ sound but viewing is a much more enjoyable experience with this little denver set up. If you would like a big boost to your viewing for a little cost, this is the way forward.

Denver home cinema sound bar. This product was sent very promptly. It looks well and performs well. I had to attach it to my sky+ box as it it would not work when attached solely to the tv. However on a freeview tv it attaches directly and it works well.

  • Configuration & setup probs/rectification/Deciphering LED lights/review of system
  • Great sound, great price!
  • Fantastic Sound at a Bargain Price
  • Dever DSB – 100 2.1 Surround System – Home
  • you need extras.but more than worth it!!
  • Denver DSB-100 Surprise

Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

A nice piece of kit, the sound bar came very quickly through the post, easy to set up, unfortunately the remote control did not function at all it was completely dead, after contacting the seller that day they quickly sent out a replacement control, at no extra cost. Now i have a superb sound system to replace my old and worn out 5:1 system. I cant fault their customer service at 3wisemonkeys and jason has been absolutely brilliant. Would definately recommend this system and the company for their excellent service.

I really did my homework before ordering a soundbar for my new lg 42l620t. I didn’t want to spend anymore than £100 and didn’t want a true 5:1 surround system due to space in our living room and didn’t fancy all those trailing wires etc. The cheapest lg sound bar didn’t have particular good reviews nor did it come with a separate sub woofer. I trawled other shops and sites when i came across this little beauty on amazon, the only other place i could find it is the 3wisemonkeys actualsite for the same price. I ordered from amazon due to the fact they have such a good reputation. When i received the item i found the adapter pins were bent but i luckily had a spare one so started to set it up as instructed, although the instructions are quite basic it is quite simple. I discovered, however that my new lg tv did not have a direct rca input and was aware, from other reviewers that this could be the case with newer tvs but there were alternative connections. One was to purchase an optical cable converter which i wanted to avoid due to extra cost, after reading another review another, more appealing option was to plug it into the rca input on the back of my sky + box, i did this but to my disappointment i found that the tv was slightly out of sync with the soundbar even after turning the tv speakers off. I played around with the syncing functions on both my tv and sky + box but to no avail and although the sound was out by only a millisecond or so it was something i couldn’t live with.

I bought this to add to my small second tv which has very poor sound. I like to listen to the bbc proms and watch the tv broadcasts in another room. My main tv has a quality denon system which is excellent. This system though is very cheap. The instuctions are lacking in many areas. If the sound was poor it would get just one star. I will report back if there are any promlems.

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  1. This review is from : Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Instructions aren’t very clear and they are not as loud. Instructions aren’t very clear and they are not as loud as i thought, i also have no idea when the controller is working or not working. However they did get the job done so 3 stars :).
    • Great customer service bar non. . My remote stopped working after 5 months and they are happy enough to replace it. I am partially deaf in both ears so this has opened me up to a whole new world of sound. Watching films has been improved tenfold.
  2. This review is from : Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Speedy delivery, well packed and very easy to set up. Sound quality is excellent on my 48 inch tv. Would happily purchase again. Better than the more expensive brands.
    • Great system, great value. . A simple to use, easy to set up, quality system. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anybody who wants a sound system without breaking the bank.
  3. This review is from : Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Does the very job well,received really fast. The sound is very good quality and it is loud ,but my tv remote turns it up and down.
  4. This review is from : Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Effective nice sound bar with pluses (+) & minuses (-). Denver dsb sound bar produces a crisp nice sound, especially if viewing a nice hd channel on sky. This sound bar derives its energy from the bass, treble, subwoofer and surround button control. Though this is a mid-range level its sound production leaves those with pre set sound mode i. Very effective rich sound for the price paid. I score the system 3/5 because of the reasons stated below. The minuses it presents are(1) lack of a display panel, you only rely on the pilot light below the sub woofer(2) once power button is switched off from the rear of subwoofer or the mains socket the settings of the bass, treble, subwoofer and surround goes back to the default setting means this unit has no memory. If left on standby then its ok. (3) manual does not cover full operation so i had to pinch one from reviews on amazon. Aim the remote at the sound bar to work the system. Power on (switch power on by moving switch on rear to on position) – constant redsystem standby (switch on rear in on position & remote control power button pressed to off) – flashing redmute – flashing blueaux1 – redaux2 – blueaux3 (ipod, phone, mp3 player, other audio device) – red/blue (ish)increase/decrease volume (appropriate light according to aux selected will flash)pilot light is below subwoofer.
    • Took a gamble a brought this based on good reviews. The sound is excellant, arrived earlier than expected well packaged. Recently i have had troulble getting to start as can be confusing due to no messages on tv telling you what mode it is set but always seem to get it going after a bit of fiddling. Easy to set up, i plugged it stright into sky box with the connections supplied.
  5. This review is from : Denver DSB-100 2.1 Surround System Home Cinema Sound Bar

    Denver dsb-100 2. 1 surround system review. It’s ok does the job denver very helpful with any problems that occur. Sound is good,neat and inconspicuous.

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