Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System, Excellent as usual.

Wonderful search and respectable functionality.

I was apprehensive shifting from a good albeit aged encompass seem system. Stick the wireless subwoofer in powering your sofa and it feels like the woke place is reverberating with significant high quality sound.

Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer – Black

  • 2-way speaker system with 2x 1/2″ tweeters and2x oval 2″ x 5″ mid chassis
  • HDMI connectivity (1x in / 1x out) with ARC(Audio Return Channel)
  • Bluetooth with aptX streaming for CD like sound quality
  • Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with Denon Virtual Surround
  • Wireless subwoofer with strong 2x 5 1/4″ chassis fordeep bass attacks

Extremely comparable to bose cinemate 130, ar about thirty% of at the cost of bose. A have to if ur searching for a great excellent merchandise .

My denon sound bar has improved both of those my television and ipad audio replica. The high-quality is three hundred % superior. The delivery was as promised so all in all i am delighted.

Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer – Black : Bought as 60th birthday present for my husband, who’s thrilled with it. I don’t know anything about the technicalities, but it certainly creates great sound – and looks good – in our sitting room.

One thought on “Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System, Excellent as usual.

  1. . For many years iv been an avid bose fan owning both an acoustimass system then most recently a cinemate system. Iv been very happy with systems until one day i was sat listening to music and really noticed how anemic the sound is. There’s no highs and no real bass as such. I started shopping about for a simple home cinema set ups and came across the denon soundbar. I looked at youtube videos, consumer and critic reviews and made the purchase thinking it will be a safe bet. Firstly simple set up, subwoofer connects wirelessly and one connection between the tv and soundbar. I feel i well and truly upgraded from my bose cinemate system. The sound is simply magnificent for this price point.
  2. This review is from : Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer – Black

    I was worried moving from a decent albeit old surround sound system. Stick the wireless subwoofer in behind your sofa and it feels like the woke room is reverberating with high quality sound.
    • Bought denon for years and wanted to update my cheap soundbar ,not surprised this bar is brilliant,i listen to a lot of classical music etc and the woofer enhances the cellos vibrant tones just right (if base is overbearing just tune it in on back of unit)being an oldie i knap sometimes while watching the dross on night time tv, this unit wakes me up through my feet and ears brilliant,now where’s my listening slippers?.
      • Some small niggles but generally a good purchase. Punchy sound for a small package. The hdmi / cec control system is sometimes a bit temperamental (i. Audio system sometimes crashes). Not sure whether this is to do with the sony tv or the sound bar. Dialogue is sometimes indistinct in movies with lots of big sound effects and music. – but there is a dialogue setting for this if it bothers you. It is nice and discreet – i hide it behind the tv and control it via the cec interface on the tv remote.
  3. I’ve not had a soundbar before, but decided that i wanted something for films, and the bluetooth was a bonus. Having installed this product, i now use it frequently with a phone for playing music (bluetooth), and i’m really impressed with the quality: the bar itself is crisp and clear, and the sub is subtle (i’m not a fan of chuffy, window rattling bass). I often use a projector for films, and this is where it’s really superb. The dialogue is clear, and the sound effects/music well balanced. Having multiple inputs is great too (i’ve got a ps3 on the optical in, and cable box on the hdmi). The option to learn remote codes means i hardly ever use the included remote, which is tiny anyway; it is set up to respond to tv on/off and volume. Having the sub wireless makes it easy to locate too. The only complaint i have is that sometimes the sub fails to wake up with the bar, and needs to be power-cycled. This has happened about 3 times in about 6 months.
  4. This review is from : Denon DHTS514 2-Way Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer – Black

    I was a little apprehensive going from a 5. 1 surround sound to a sound bar. I did loads of research and subscribed to a testing magazine which didn’t rate it the best (they rated sonos). But an alternative reviews website rated it the best, so i went with that based on the review and also a review on richer sounds website for the previous model (this one can only be better) and also power, watts etc. And that it doesn’t have to be remotely accessed with an i phone or i pad like the sonos (how does anyone staying in the house use it if we go out with our phones?). I am very happy with it, sound is crystal clear, no distorsion on a high volume and also no vibrations on the tv unit. We have a 2007 samsung plasma and we ended up connecting it with the 3. 5mm stereo lead only (2nd wire not needed), it was the only was to get sound from it and for it to not go silent when using the sky + remote to change channels etc. Instructions are good, process of elimination with 5 ways to wire it up (all leads supplied).
    • Very comparable to bose cinemate 130, ar about 30% of at the price of bose. A must if ur looking for a great quality product .

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