Denon Ceol Carino tooth Computer Audio System – Well made, excellent speakers.

Small, premium, great sound, very easy to set-up. Small, premium, great sound, very easy to set-up. I got this to use in a small space with a htpc and a tv. I have connected the speakers via the supplied usb cable to the htpc which worked great. No drivers required, just plug and listen. I also use them to replace the sound of my tv speakers when watching standard tv. The only input other than usb is analog (aux). As my tv did not have analog output, i simply used the headphone out connection and it works perfectly. These are fantastic speakers and look great with the ceol amplifier. Worked perfectly for my specific needs.

Fantastic with great sound and looks very stylish. Amazon was almost £100 cheaper than everywhere else.

Denon have created a masterpiece. What an amazing pair of speakers truly engineered for desktops. Beautiful design, absolutely solid build quality and the sound. No words for the sound: beyond amazing.I have never heard such high definition and clarity before. The small shape factor means that its hard to pack a punchy bass, but the percussion is solid. And denon have been wise enough to leave a dedicated port for a subwoofer which means there is room to add that extra oomph and warmth. These speakers are directional so placement is key to get the most out of them; ensuring they point towards your ear and that you sit in between the two channels will mean a world of difference and builds that all immersive soundscape. I am rediscovering all my music and hearing notes i didn’t know existed.

Easy to set up – make the connections. Easy to set up – make the connections, change the default settings on the computer and you’re away. Beautiful rich sound with a nice clear bass response.

  • Poor Sound Quality
  • Denon have created a masterpiece
  • Nice little mover for a bedroom PC and small speakers for little space.
  • Small, premium, great sound, very easy to set-up
  • Well made, excellent speakers.
  • Easy to set up – make the connections

Denon Ceol Carino Bluetooth Computer Audio System – Black

  • High quality sounding, minimally styled, compact computer audio system
  • 25 watts per channel Full Digital Processing Amplifier with switchable on-board DSP sound processing
  • Bluetooth aptX CD quality wireless streaming with NFC pairing
  • USB-B DAC for PC-Direct connectivity, bypasses computer’s inferior speakers
  • Professional push speaker terminals, for easy and secure speaker wire connection

Unfortunately this did not meet my expectations from a denon product, even at the vastly reduced price of £99. The concept is great – a device that bypasses the internal sound card of a pc, provides an auxiliary input, has bluetooth, and is compact. In practise however there are several deficiencies;1) it is not capable of playing hi-res formats effectively. When using gom player with a hi-res wav all i get is a distorted hissing noise. Sounds fine with the on-board sound card of my pc so its not the files at fault. 2) the speakers supplied have very poor deep bass output. Worse than my previous £20 creative speakers. Mids and treble are just about acceptable. Sound can best be described as “bass free and muddy”3) the poor sound quality is even worse when using headphones via the headphone port.

Well made, excellent speakers. . Excellent quality speakers for an affordable price good product denon.

Nice little mover for a bedroom pc and small speakers for little space. . Sounds great on my pc workbench and love the digital output which is far better than the analogue connection when playing cd’s on my pc. Would never pay the silly rrp asking price when new but at this price then ok. Pretty used to servicing top end hi-fi so impressed with the build quality of this product compared with some of the rubbish on sale. Good recommendation for a bedroom fitted pc with speakers either side but don’t expect the little speakers to fill up a large room, they wont. Check the cd given as you can get caught out looking for the inputs on this box of tricks and think it is dead when it is not?.