DELL AC511, Great service. The AC511 fitted onto my

Looks and sounds good, occasionally feedback problems. The sound quality is pretty good (compared with other monitor speakers) and it fits perfectly with a compatible dell monitor. Mine occasionally exhibits electronic interference where a high pitched squealing takes the place of the music i am listening to. This seems to get fixed by removing and re-inserting the usb connection. This is an annoying (but thankfully occasional) nuisance. I am otherwise satisfied with this product.

It’s noisy and too loud on lowest volume setting. . Good:it looks nice mounted to my dell monitor. Sound is clear (although a bit too muddy) and doesn’t distort on high volume. I am not sure if it’s my unit or a ‘feature’ but this thing is noisy as hell. There is a constant hum/noise coming out of the speaker, barely noticable during the day but can be heard quite clearly at night. Noise frequency changes depending on what is displayed on the screen, so certain web pages are causing more noise (or a different more annoying frequency). Muting the speaker does not change anything. I have also tried connecting it directly to my mac (it is connected to the usb on the back of my monitor), no change. Another downside is that this thing is way too loud on the lowest volume setting.

Driver error and 3 hours of my life spent speaking to the dell technical helpline. In short if your soundbar doesn’t work, go to settings then under connected devices, if it says ‘driver error’ just sent the soundbar back. I have spend hours trying to get this sound bar to work with my dell u2515h monitor (from other reviews, i see it should be fine) i have asked questions here on amazon (big thank you to all those who offered advice) and tried every suggestion. Nothing seems to resolve the driver error. So, i spent three hours (i kid you not) on the phone to dell free-phone technical helpline from a land line, tel: 0800 028 2660 alas they didn’t have a clue. It was a master class is staying calm in the face of going round and round in circles.Lol they spent the first half an hour saying that the service tag number i gave them for my monitor showed that it is registered in france????. They said i had to email them a photo of my amazon receipt to prove i am the genuine owner. At the end of the 3 hours they concluded that they couldn’t help me as my pc is not a dell. Hahahaharefreshed from a good nights sleep, today i gave it one last try. . I uninstalled the driver, (dell helpline did not suggest this) went onto the dell website to get a new one (having spent 3 hours with the helpline on their website yesterday i knew my way around) and this is the message i found. ‘the product you’ve selected does not have or require updates.

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“Item does exactly what it is designed for., Does everything I need., Playing more music., Superb little speaker bar with great features! Ideal for Mac!, Good product Once you get it up and running., Love this! The sound quality is good for a “

It’s good, but pity you must run two cables from the computer to the monitor/soundbar. Let’s get the negative out of the way first. Laptop owners might be concerned that you must connect two cables from your laptop to the monitor i. Your video cable and a usb cable for the audio. I had assumed the video cable – be that displayport or hdmi – would carry the sound to the monitor/soundbar, but no, apparently dell has not allowed that configuration. So now i have not one but two thick black cables trailing across the desk to my u2515h. For me, that really detracts from the visual elegance of the installation. That aside, i am very impressed with what you get considering the price. Despite being plastic it is quite pretty and looked right at home attached to the gorgeous u2515.

Clever solution for dell monitors. This soundbar mounts to compatible dell monitors (which are listed online) and connects by an attached usb. An audio connection with the pc isn’t needed and it reduces desk clutter. Stereo sound is clear and probably better than monitors with built-in speakers. It’s as wide as a 19-inch monitor and looks good when fitted.

That was a big disappointment in the integration. This dell ac511 soundbar provides a major upgrade from laptop built-in speakers, at an entry-level price. They are reasonably powerful and clear, and they integrate physically with the dell u2414h display (and i assume the other dells) without taking up desk space or adding another mains power brick to your collection. My big issue is, they do not integrate with the dell display electrically. The u2414h accepts displayport and hdmi inputs, both of which carry stereo audio signals. The ac511 usb plugs into the u2414h built-in usb hub. But there is no link from the display’s audio input channels to the usb: you have to send the audio to the ac511 via a usb link on the laptop. That seems to mean you can play video to the u2414h from an hdmi source (like a blueray), but you can’t get the sound track into the ac511. That was a big disappointment in the integration, and a missed opportunity.

The dell sound bar ac511 is a very neat piece of kit. It fits snugly to the bottom of the dell monitor. The sound is clear and crisp and well worth the money. However two words of caution. The sound bar will only fit certain dell monitors and only later models at that. I bought this to go with the dell ultra sharp u2414h monitor as it is suggested in the ad on amazon’s website. Amazon do give a comprehensive list of the monitors it will fit – study carefully.2) the instructions that come with the sound bar for fitting it to the monitor are a trifle vague.

Monitor was already on usb to pc as suggested. Clicked the speaker on its mount holes after removing their hole covers. And plugged into usb on back face plate. Fantastic sound from general use and a movie.

Soundbar fits neatly under the monitor and provides really excellent sound quality. This soundbar fits neatly under the monitor and provides really excellent sound quality. Only problem is that the connection instructions are rather scant and do not make clear that the monitor needs to be connected to the pc.

The quality of the build was good for a £24 soundbar. I would have preferred a short usb cable. It appears the latest mod le have a longer cable with no cable extension. Good sound with no problems with hissing or buzzingworked instantly but after laptop was restarted the soundbar could not be recognised. Messed with the cables but no joy. After reading similar problems on the net here is my solution:1 when you shut down laptop/desktop also switch off the monitor. Start the laptop/ desktop,with monitor switched off3 when computer is booted with on monitor4 the soundbar was recognised each time i followed this sequence.

Superb little speaker bar with great features. I bought a dell monitor to connect up to my macbook pro when working at home and wanted some louder sound than the macbook’s internal speakers. It took me a lot of deciding before i got this one, as reviews have been varied in how they describe the sound quality etc. I picked it up in the end and i’m glad i did. Not only does this thing sound excellent for the price, but it has an awesome set of features for a mac user like myself (and i’m assuming pc too). If you’re on the fence like i was, allow me to clear things up for youthe sound bar has a single cable in the back, which you plug into one of the usb ports on the dell monitor (and make sure you have your usb downflow cable connecting the monitor to your computer so the usb ports will work), and the speaker clips on and slides neatly into place. The cable can be neatly propped up on top of the speaker and hidden behind the monitor. You can probably fit it behind your monitor’s cable cover if you use it (i don’t, i like to have quick access to the usb ports). The cable is longer than necessary for this, probably for people who might be using this with a monitor that doesn’t have usb ports, but i left the cable coiled up the way it came out of the box.

Slik and minimalist for dell u2515h 25 wide ips led monitor. I purchased this to attache to my dell u2515h 25 wide ips led monitor. The dell ac511 usb sound-bar 520-1197 matches the minimalist design of the dell monitor, also with the nice matt black finish,this is designed perfect to fit underneath the bottom of the dell monitor. I will not be using this to play music but to listen to tutorials, and the usual youtube video. To attache this to my dell monitor, there are two sticky plastic, paper like tabs underneath the bottom of the dell monitor. To remove those sticky plastic tabs, just pull them of and match up the speaker tabs to the computer tabs and push up and slide to lock in place, then connect cables. This has a nice middle of the road sound that comes from this dell attachment. One thing that is not good but will not stop me buying another is, you cannot control the volume by the sound-bar controller, you need to do that by using your computer or the volume on the youtube video you are watching, but still good for me. I would recommend13/07/2015 this is an addition to my first review of this product. Now i have configured my custom pc, i can now control my volumei read another review, which the individual said, they could not control the volume, maybe they need to update their audio drivers, just a suggestion.

De-cluttered my desk: retired a 16 year old harman kardon 2. 1 speaker set. No compromises, despite first impressions. . I recently built myself my first computer, having had a series of dell systems for the last decade and a half. I found it impossible to find a new pre-built that would allow me to customise and fettle my computer over a period of 5+ years, without voiding some warranty, or having insufficient watt’s from the power supply (the list can go on). Anyway, as a photo enthusiast i wanted to get a proper monitor that could display the full colour gamut’s of srgb and adobe rgb for photo editing, and oddly i stumbled over the new dell ultrasharp 25′ monitor (up2516d). Obviously i did a lot of reading, and learnt that a discrete sound-bar could be attached. Initially i thought, that’s nice, but the audiophile in me said it won’t be that impressive. However i would state for the money, for the convenience of having a clutter free desk (attaches to and runs off the monitors power), and not half bad audio output (usb audio at that (no noise)), that passing on over my venerable white h&k’s (with their massive black subwoofer) was the right decision. Ok i’d say that sometimes the playback can at times be a little flat when playing complex tunes, but in my instance i’d then swap over to my seperates hi-fi system anyway. In closing: for £20 odd pounds i paid for this sound-bar, if you’ve got a compatible dell monitor, buy it, buy it now.

Works perfectly with dell p2214h 22 inch monitor. First go to the dell website, find your monitor and see if this soundbar ac511 is compatible before you purchase. It fits great and the sound versus laptop inbuilt speaker is ace(watching podcasts, youtube etc. Very happy and deserves 5 stars, delivery was quick too.

Very easy to install and a more elegant solution for adding. Very easy to install and a more elegant solution for adding sound to your u series dell monitor. If fits discretely to the bottom, and has a nice build quality whilst also remaining small and unobtrusive. I find the sound quality to be surprisingly good, especially given the price, plus points for the volume dial on the side which makes it easy to adjust. There’s also a line in and headphone jack on the opposite end, adding extra value to the unit. It’s suprisingly loud also, which probably is the only real nitpicking you could level at this soundbar. The minimum volume could do with being a step lower in case you need to attend to something at short notice, but that really is being a little harsh to an otherwise very good piece of hardware.

Good product once you get it up and running. . Good product and a neat option to speakers. Don’t expect booming base, but it is great for a small soundbar. Loses 2 stars for atrocious setup nightmare. It took me over an hour to get this up and running. Windows refused to recognise the soundbar. From doing some online research, the seems a common issue. However on the verge of surrendering and returning the item. When i plugged it into a normal. Not the ‘power’ one suggested in the instructions. No idea if it’s luck, but i have no intention of touching anything to find outsome people (from the reviews i read) had no problems, so it seems like a ‘just your luck’ thing.

The sound quality is good for a. The sound quality is good for a small speak, perfect for a home office. It looks good on my monitor (dell p2414h) attaches on the bottom and you cant tell its there in all honesty. I would recommend if you have the monitor that it will attach to.

The dell ac511 fitted onto my dell. Ordered and received on the same day. The dell ac511 fitted onto my dell u2715h monitor really easily. Just remove two sticky plastic covers and bob’s your uncle fitted by sliding ion the speakers. Sound is very impressive and easily my previous samsung monitor with speakers.

Be aware of connectivity issues. Its easy to setup, but i ordered this as a replacement for the earlier ac510 soundbar. I had expected it to work the same, but the sound comes from usb not an audio line feed as before. I too experience the ‘static noise’ coming from it. There is a more than adequate level of sound.

Good product, the negative reviews are silly. . I am using this product with a dell u2414h and macbook pro and it works great. Setup was very simple, it is worth noting though that it works with the usb upstream cable (unusual square pyramid shape) that was supplied with the monitor and not the usb cable provided with the speaker, this cable did not even fit the monitor. This may differ with different screens however. Once i realised what cable i needed it was simply plug and play. The sound quality is average and lacking base but this speaker is only about £20 so its great for what i expected at that price. Defiantly a big improvement over my internal mac speakers. I have had no problems with buzzing or mobile interference like one reviewer said. The other two negative reviews were clearly written by idiots, one ordered it for a screen the seller does not list in supported screens and the other ordered it by accident. Seriously guys, thats not the purpose of amazon review.

This was bought to partner a u2415 monitor as i did not want to have a lot of trailing boxes and wires. I just plugged it into the monitor usb3 port and it worked immediately with my w10 pc. The sync between the video and the audio seems to me to be slightly out. Given that i cannot determine whether the audio leads or lags the video the effect cannot be very extreme. Not an issue when playing music whilst working. The soundbar sound quality is a big improvement over my advent in-monitor speakers. The soundbar did pick up a lot of interference from my bt dect phone base station, which previously sat behind the monitor. That interference has been eliminated by moving the base station to the floor of the desk unit. The bottom of the displayable part of the sceen is only 75mm above the desktop with the soundbar fitted and the stand at its lowest setting.

Item does exactly what it is designed for. . This dell soundbar fits my new ultrasharp u2414h and works with windows 8 perfectly with clear sound and a neat design that complements the monitor with no extra wires needed as it uses the monitor’s built-in usb hub. It is an excellent value product. Other reviews are quite unfair – this is clearly only for specific dell monitors that are listed by the seller and dell’s website. Buying it for other purposes (for instance for use with a television) is like buying a microwave for drying your toy poodle; disappointment will follow. Just double-check the list of supported monitors on the dell site – the sound-bar fits neatly into dedicated slots on the underside of those monitors. Otherwise it’s duct-tape and trying to blame someone other than yourself.

Easy installation and good sound. If you have a dell monitor with the capability to fit these then i fully recommend this speaker. The sound is great and the ability to have a passthrough means you can play the sound from something like a roku box or similar through the speakers without a usb connection to that device (still need one for power though). Not the highest quality speaker on the market but it doesn’t cost 1/4 as much as some and the convenience of it clipping onto the monitor is worth the money.

For the price, an excellent and neat solution. 5w rms so don’t expect more. Quality is very good considering the size. Neatly fits under the dell ultrasharp monitor and can use the monitor usb hub. Cable is only about 30cm but there is a usb extension cable in the box but i didn’t unwrap it to find out how long. Integrated volume knob directly controls windows volume level.