Damson Cisor Wireless Vibration Speaker Portable Mini Travel Bluetooth 10 Watts : Five Stars

Bought this tiny little bluetooth speaker for listening to music in hotel rooms whilst travelling on work and am really impressedthe unit is far smaller than i expected, feels very solid though and came in a well padded and informative tube (it has the instructions printed on it) but by far the most impressive thing is the sound it can produce. Plays very nicely with my iphone, easy to pair and displays battery power in the batteries widget also which is handy. Tried it on a few different surfaces at home and the sound produced on tables or cabinets is brilliant. It’s currently sat on a bedside-table in the hotel room i’m staying in, streaming music from home through the plex app on my iphone and is sounding great here too.

Excellent idea, loads of fun testing out surfaces to listen to it,i bought 2 so i could list in stereo, but fail to get the 2 to work together…. So if anyone has the answer ?.

Great stuff wonder to receive mine.

Good product overallgets very loud6 hours of battery lifeusb type cnice metal builtonly negative would be that bass gets weird if the surface is too malleable.

  • Quality speaker, quite unique
  • Little Speaker, BIG sound
  • Great – but schemly sold!

Damson Cisor Wireless Vibration Speaker Portable Mini Travel Bluetooth 10 Watts. Add 2 for Wireless Stereo. SILVER

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  • VIBRATION SPEAKER: Uses resonance technology to amplify the sound through the surface it is placed on.
  • WIRELESS BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth: pair with any Bluetooth compatible device or use wired with the Line in. Connect 2 Cisors for WIRELESS STEREO
  • PORTABLE: : 76 x 58 mm in size and 320 grams weight. EASY TO USE: Minimal design features just twist to connect.
  • LONG PLAYTIME: Up to 6 hours playback with a battery charge time of 2 to 3 hours WITH USB-C
  • WIRELESS STEREO: Sync two Cisor’s together for ultimate wireless stereo. ADD the Metal Mount and stick to windows for even bigger sound.

I very rarely if ever write reviews for the stuff i buy on amazon, but this is really good. Great idea, a tiny speaker that produces big sound when you put it on a surface (glass, metal, kitchen worktops, cupboards etc etc. ) because it is so small, it is very portable, but then produces great sound which belies its size (as long as you have something to get the resonance out of it. It is very solid and well built, with a classy weight and a substantial feel. It pairs easily and works very smoothly. I would say that you probably do need to buy the mount to get the best out of it, though.

I bought this as a gift for my son. I explained it looked diddly small and seriously doubted his wisdom. So totally eating my words, have charged it up (actually was pretty well charged on receipt) and absolutely blown away by its sound output and fidelity, the quality of the construction. All metal and just looks great (in silver). Now just got to order another one for me. . Don`t hesitate on buying this speaker, you will love it.

Got these just today via the start up web site, indiegogo. They were despatched fairly promptly (certainly much quicker than a couple of other things i have backed on start ups). First impressions – very well packaged in tubular cardboard packing (as somebody else has remarked they are a very snug fit). They are very attractive little units – brushed aluminium with black accents (and a blue light to indicate power on). Had a slight delay setting up the two units for stereo as i was misled for a short time by a comment in an email bulletin from damson. I should have read the instructions on the outside of the packaging first where it specified a ‘double click’ on the start button (whereas the email bulletin only mentioned a single click). However once i got over that small hurdle i have been really pleased with the speakers. As i have only just got them i am still experimenting with using them with different surfaces. I tried them on windows overlooking my backyard – the sound got a little lost outdoors, although indoors the sound was much better. At the moment i have them sitting on my computer desk and the sound is great, good bass and crisp high end.

The quality of the product can be seen straight away from opening the packaging, which consists of 2 cardboard tubes which fit very tightly together. The outside of the main tube is decorated with the product specification and upon pulling the small tab at the bottom, the inner tube is exposed showing the cisor and the only instructions you need to get set up. These are mainly power on cisor, connect to device and play music – what could be simpler. The cisor itself is small and fits in the palm of your hand, but looks and feels well-made and has some weight to it, considering the size. This however is still small enough that it can easily be taken with you anywhere. On turning on the cisor and playing music, the bottom vibrates to produce the sound on whatever surface you put it on. While holding it my hand for a few seconds, the sound came though and i could just about hear what track was playing. When the cisor was placed on the desk, wow, the sound erupted from the desk. The small sound that was coming out of the speaker before was transformed into loud, clear sound with deep bass. The different surfaces that the cisor is placed on give different sound depend on their resonance, so it is worth testing out a few surfaces to determine the best ones for the music you want to listen to.

Great little thing and wonderful sound.

Love the product and the concept it proves to be viable but, the “optional” mount is not quite optional, but a straight up necessityconnectivity can sometimes be iffy however that could be because of my aging phone, but be warned none the lessotherwise, it’s well built, shipped to me quickly and works well when combined with the suction cup mount.

Sounds really thin with no bass until you put it down then it really kicks out bass. Amazing for its size and price. I bought two, one was faulty and the customer service was brilliant replacing the faulty one in a few days. Only slight downer is the stereo (with two) seems to have a slight delay?.

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Damson Cisor Wireless Vibration Speaker Portable Mini Travel Bluetooth 10 Watts. Add 2 for Wireless Stereo. SILVER
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