Dali Zensor Pico – Excellent for surround sound setups

Excellent for surround sound setups. Bought 2 pairs of these along with the matching ‘vokal’ centre speaker as a surround sound setup for the loungehaven’t quite finished running them in yet but sound quality is already excellent for both films and music, very clear and surprising bass for their size, infinitely better than the yamaha surround sound set they replaced which my wife was starting to struggle to hear clearly. Very compact given their power handling, plenty loud enough for a medium sized room.

Exceptional sounding compact speakers. . I needed a compact pair of speakers for a second system, conventional 2 channel hi-fi, and these shone out on audition. These are well made and look fine. Where they really score is in sound quality. They are open sounding, dynamic, have a decent bass for such diminutive speakers, and sound big in a small to medium space. They have a sound which is closer to what you might expect from a very much more expensive pair, but at the same time are still kind on mediocre recordings. Highly recommended, though avoid placing near corners – they need space either side, but are less critical with rear walls.

  • Exceptional sounding compact speakers.
  • Excellent for surround sound setups

Dali Zensor Pico Black

  • Black