Dali Zensor 3 – Paired with a Nad D 3020 they get better with every use (if thats possible) still running them

Bass seriously need to upgrade their total hi fi like i just have and test them with ” once. Any donkeys on here that say these have no bass seriously need to upgrade their total hi fi like i just have and test them with ” once ” – nightwish quite the best produced rock album ever. I bought these with a marantz pm6005 and retained my old mission 761i’s as rears like many of the forums recommended. Quite simply it has never sounded this good be it improved greatly by banana plugs on the speakers omg it sounds awesome.Bands that sounded merely good before now sound fuller- i seriously feel i can now stop.

After owning these speakers for 2 months i feel i can give an honest review, thirst few days sound was a not great, bass sounded muddy, dali manual recommends 100 hours burn in. Well these are now fully run in and all i can say is these are excellent speakers and i will be keeping them for as long as they last. They sound so crisp and defined sound with brilliant textured bass and never sounding distorted. I am currently running these off a cambridge audio amp azure 351a which is rated as 45 watts per channel and a cambridge audio dacmagic 100 as i rip all my cd’s on computer as wav lossless, and i am very impressed but i know these speakers have so much more to give, so now have to decided to upgrade to cambridge audio azure 651w power amp rated 100 watts per channel into 8ohms 150 watts into 4ohms, coupled with there flagship dac cambridge audio 851d dac. These are awesome speakers that dont fail to impress, worth every penny so glad i brought these over dali zensor 1.

Amazing a match made in heaven to my ears and. Was a little underwhelmed at 1st – had these paired with a marantz mc-r510 and they were ok, not anything special and i was certainty sceptical given the rapturous reviews i’d read. I had a little spare time on my hands and dug my old nad c320bee out of storage and hooked them up. . Amazing a match made in heaven to my ears and significantly better than my marantz. Great soundstage depth and clarity with punch. Really exciting to listen to.

Sound great, worth the purchase. These sound fantasticworth the purchaseforget qb acoustics, these are the way forwardlike any speakers, they need running in, give them an hour and they sound great.

  • Incredible clarity, great looks
  • bass seriously need to upgrade their total hi fi like I just have and test them with ” Once
  • Faithful reproduction.
  • A largely well balanced sound
  • amazing a match made in heaven to my ears and
  • sound great, worth the purchase

Dali Zensor 3 Black

  • Black

Incredible clarity, great looks. Bought these along with a new amp (marantz pm6005) to replace a pair of kaput b&w dm601s and have been seriously impressed. From the box, there’s incredible clarity. Fancy phrases such as “sound stage” and “revealing music” suddenly become relevant. I’ve used them for a variety of styles, from old-school rock (neil young, tom petty, etc) to metal. All delivered with incredible punch, definition and clarity; i heard a couple of interplays between instruments that i’d never heard before. Tonal reproduction is excellent. The manual recommends 100 hours of run-in; i can’t waitthe speakers themselves have a single pair of plugs on the rear that support either banana plugs or twisted wiring; i’m using banana plugs. As such, they’re not suitable for bi-wiring; at this price point, i’d suggest that wasn’t a major setback. Build quality is superb’ the cabs feel solid and look very smart.

Just as the reviews said, these are awesome units and a superb upgrade from lesser speakers if you use a stereo system/ 2. 1 system or as fronts of a surround sound set up. I auditioned these in richer sounds and decided that i didn’t need floor-standing speakers, and that these would be a wonderful first step in a full upgrade of my home cinema system. However as any purchaser of decent speakers should know, they don’t sound their best straight out of the box and take a little break-in time to loosen up to peak performance. On first listen, i immediately noticed the larger scale, deeper bass, and greater detail than my older q acoustics 1010is. Even so, the sound was a little ‘muddy’ especially in the mid-range. I have to admit to being ever-so-slightly disappointed. A week and a half later (and having already had two of my neighbours complain) i’m delighted with how they sound. A much clearer and more detailed soundfield that makes listening to music a genuine delight.

Brilliant speakers, sound fantastic before they’ve been properly burnt in so goodness how they’ll sound in another 100 hours. I’ve tested them with vinyl and 5. 1 dvd audio and the sound is simply stunning.