Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair – little time to wear in but they are an excellent set of speakers

Crisp and clear, these are some of the best i’ve heard for the price. They allow both bare copper and banana plugs on the connectors. They look lovely, a sleek wood finish and mesh cover gives it a minimal look. They feel solid and seem like they’re more expensive speakerscan’t recommend enough for budget bookshelf.

Punchy, clear and very acoustic. I love listening to all types of music and have quite a collection of old and new hi fi, some fairly cheap and some more mid range hi fi separates. I linked these via a pc audio card to spotify through a yamaha a-s500 amp. I find that streamed music seems more detailed than cds. These are very good speakers, no doubt. They are crystal clear and give that sort of breathing feeling almost bringing the true musical rendering to life in your room. They do well with all music types from paganini to zz top. Instrumental music is detailed and accurate and very acoustic. High fidelity is for once an accurate label. Since writing this review i have purchased some q acoustic 2020i in white for the kitchen.

Best loudspeakers for pop music. The package arrived on time, altought it was sent abroad (romania, thank you, amazon). The speakers looks just amazing, they fits excellent my furniture. They don’t look cheap, everybody notices them. And 5 years guarantee tells a lot about their quality. I never heard speakers this size sounding so good, they enchanted my ears. You can distinguish clearely trebles, basses and everything inbetween. I pluged them to an old jvc 100w amplifier (made in japan) and the sound is incredible, not just cristal clear, but powerful too, i can use just till 25-35% of volume, othervise my neighbors would call the police :). All that i said above is corect when hearing pop, disco, clasical, jazz. When i wanted to listen to some heavy-metal, something is missing, i don’t know what, but the sound is not realy what i expected to hear.

The speakers have now been run in,approx. 30 hours and they just keep getting better. The balance across the bass/mid/treble and the resulting sound quality, make the price payed, £180. 00, seem one of the best deals that i have ever had.

  • DALI ZENSOR 1 standmount/bookshelf speakers (Black). .
  • My second biggest bargain in audio
  • Small speakersawesome sound
  • Best speakers ever
  • Talk about bang for your buck.
  • Review of DALI ZENSOR 1

Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair Black

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Now is exactly one year since i bought dali zensor 1. And i said to my self that now i really should write a review. First visual impressionsi must say, once you unpacked them, they are looking even more impressive then on photos. So even looking at them it gives you already the satisfaction of good choice. What system i usemy intention was to build up the “desktop system” instead of just computer speakers, because i have really great passion to listening music even while a work on computer. I connect dali zensor 1 to:- denon pma-720ae integrated stereo amplifier (paired with audioquest flx-slip 14/4 speaker cables)- epiphany acoustics atratus ii analogue interconnect cables (my first cables upgrade) are connected to epiphany acoustics e-dac- with audioquest tower, 3. 5mm jack usb cable i’m connecting the dac to the computeras software audio player i always use jriver media center in wasapi mode. Everything is set on 24bit and 96khz.

Beautiful sound from a small speaker. If you want a budget pair of speakers with a sound far exceeding the money you pay, then these are worthy of your consideration. I have had many speakers over the years of different price ranges and these speakers are remarkable in their clarity and depth of sound. I have not had such enjoyment from a pair of speakers since my rogers ls7 speakers from the 80s. The fact that they are so compact just adds to the value for money. They lack major bass due to their size, but have enough to satisfy most. Treble and mid range are quite superb for the money and deals with all types of music with ease. The more you use them, the better they sound – all speakers require an amount of usage to even out the sound and these will not disappoint in that regard, either.

Got black for waf purposes, l would better had a white pair. Coupled to a nad c350, put on a closed bookshelf (80 cm base height), 15 cm space from the rear wall, 32 square meters room. Bass is present, amazing fast until its limit, very fast mid-range (drums thank) and kind treble. Image is just 2 dimensional, but with this awful positioning the result, in this area, couldn’t be better even with a ten times priced speaker. I would define the sound neutral, from classical to metal they let you hear what is in the grooves (yes, i mean vinyl. Never had the impression that something is missing or improperly added. Serious warning, you need a powerful amp to let them sound at high volume, forget a 12 watt t-amp.

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    Great treble and midrange, but where is the bass?. . I can’t believe that so many people here are writing about the zensor 1’s “bass capabilities” – it has to be one of the most bass-light speakers i have ever heard, so much so that after a week’s audition with my cambridge audio azur 640a amp and 640c cd player, i had to return the speakers to richer sounds – even my much cheaper gale 3020s sounded far better balanced than these. In my humble and unbiased opinion, one of the most overrated speakers ever. The treble and midrange were sweet and detailed, but the lack of bass made these speakers hard to listen to on anything but solo flute, guitar etc – a piano sounded more like a harpsichord on these.
    • My second biggest bargain in audio. After the incredible philips fidelio x2 headphones, these are the next best bargain i have had in audio. The dali sound very different to other speakers i have bought around this price range because they sound like what i imagine a £1000 set of speakers would sound like. None of the other speakers i have bought have this kind of extra special sound. The bass in particular is something special. It very easily copes with demanding music as the bass is so tight and fast. To test all my speakers, i always use the beginning of the movie starship troopers where there is a demanding piece of marching drum music. All other speakers i have owned fail at this piece of music because they cannot cope with multiple fast drum beats and it usually becomes a muffled mess. Only the dali can reproduce this music properly so far. The mids are a bit withdrawn so speech is very soft, however the speakers still sound epic when you use them to watch tv and movies.
  2. This review is from : Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair Black

    Build and sound quality are excellent. Excellent sound from such a small pair of speakers, exceptional quality/finish.
    • Little time to wear in but they are an excellent set of speakers. Take a little time to wear in but they are an excellent set of speakers.
  3. Provides blissful music, can play a wide range of music with great precision. I was able to hear things i havent heard with a moderately high-mid end earphones (etymotic hf5). Even if my amplifier setup is not the best, the music this thing delivers is absolutely amazing. It might lack a bit of punch in the bass for people who like techno or house and other genres which involve a lot of bassy sounds.
    • Dali have a new range coming next month so wait a bit and get an end of line bargain of these great little speakers.
  4. This review is from : Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair Black

    Purchased from ‘amazon warehouse’ as presumably returns however box and contents appeared untouched so instantly feeling pleased with my decision to save £30 over a ‘brand new’ pair and amazon offered a full 30day satisfaction refund so it was worth the risk. Connected them to my marantz mcr603 and placed on some sturdy speaker stands i fired them up – the sound is fantastic, tight bass and a fantastic soundstage without having to toe the speakers in towards the listening position. Speakers have only had a few hours of light play so far but a definite improvement as they break in which will no doubt continue. If you’re in the market for some quality well built, stylish and compact bookshelf speakers these must surely be in your shortlist.
  5. This review is from : Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair Black

    Talk about bang for your buck. . Read lots of reviews and had a listen to a few bookshelf size speakers for use in my home office and ended up picking these. I have them hooked up to an old but amazing denon amplifier. Visitors don’t believe all this quality noise is coming from such diminutive speakers – i can’t recommend them enough and i’m amazed how much speaker technology has moved on.
  6. This review is from : Dali Zensor 1 Speakers Per Pair Black

    I will start off by looking at a few different aspects of the speaker. This will be aesthetics, build quality, sound quality and value for money. I will also like to apologize for the lengthy review but these speakers are worth a lot more than just a few lines. To kick this off i will say that these speakers look even better than they do online, the images don’t do the speakers any justice at all. They have a really tasteful gloss black front which looks really classy and grown up. The tweeter is surrounded by a metallic support that looks expensive and really nice. The mid/bass is dalis wood fibre and paper composite material. This is what i was a bit unsure about at first but i have to say now they look really upmarket and tasteful. The cabinet is covered in a black wood which unlike some other coverings on other speakers doesn’t feel cheap or look plastic.

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