Dali Kubik One Soundbar Blk – High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end

High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end. Very disappointedly the usb connection is limited to 16bit/48khz, much lower than the advertised 24bit/96khz. Say goodbye to the bass effects of the movie films, because without onboard dolby/dts decoder tv-s and dvd/bluray players discard the lfe channel when they downmix dolby 5. What use of a very expensive and supposedly high quality equipment when you are not able to listen to high quality content?.

I thought about buying a sonos playbar for a long time, but every time i heard it, i was underwhelmed by the muffled sound quality. I was beginning to doubt if i’d find something that fitted under my telly that was remotely comparable to proper speakers. And then i heard the kubik one. The sound is truly stunning – an event every time you play a new piece of music. So detailed, clear and lifelike. I’ve been going through all my fave tracks listening to them afresh. One drawback though is the lack of any eq settings apart from a switch for bass level on the back. Whilst i’m able to change the settings for my music via my phone or laptop, for tv i’m stuck with the default setting. This is amazing for movies but i personally find the zingyness at the high end a little tiring when i’m trying to watch a documentary or itv on a saturday night.

  • Sounds stupendous!
  • High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end

Features of Dali Kubik One Soundbar Blk (Soc)

  • Soundbar
  • Learning TV volume