Creative Woof Portable tooth Wireless Speaker :

Here are the specifications for the Creative Woof Portable tooth Wireless Speaker:

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  • Can be taken anywhere. Designed with ultra portability in mind, the Creative Woof features a sleek premium metallic body ergonomic and fits right in your hand. Simply grab it and go.
  • Designed with efficient acoustic tuning for a micro-sized speaker, the Creative Woof is capable of delivering a strong enough with low round.
  • Connect via Bluetooth® or Aux-in. Simply connect your devices via Bluetooth to the creative Woof and stream, enjoy your music wirelessly. Can also be connected via analog audio input using the included 3.5 mm Aux-in cable. To change the volume, please use the control directly on your device. The Bluetooth connection is disconnected when the Aux-in is in trendy.
  • Note that due to the inherent design of the Creative Woof, it is not compatible with all the functions and technology of the ZEN Touch 2 and ZEN Style M300
  • Switching between your phone calls and your music is just fuss-free. Never miss a call again. Battery lasts 6 hours won’t have to worry about missing another call and the type of.. when it is out of battery, you can just simply charge it via its micro USB port.

One thought on “Creative Woof Portable tooth Wireless Speaker :

  1. This little speaker is great, it is the second one i have purchased. This little speaker is great, it is the second one i have purchased cannot fault it in anyway, i would highly recommend it. Delivery time was shorter than expected and the product in its original packing, i don’t normally buy electronic goods online this one exception,great service from amazon once again.
    • Connected really easy with my note 4 and being so loud speaker. I have got this device as a replacement from harvey norman as a replacement for my x mini kai 2 speaker which happened to be faultythe store manager offered me this creative woof speaker and i was not very keen of accepting it since i knew nothing about itbut there was no x mini kai 2 which supports bluetooth i had no option. It was 10 euro more expensive but they gave to me at no additional cost which was ok for me. At first i noticed the speaker was bulkier and heavier than the x mini , but was less plastic and more metal giving it premium look. The real deal was the deep sound and bass it had and it is definitely louder than x mini speaker. Connected really easy with my note 4 and being so loud speaker was so important to me because i am hard of hearing and wear hearing aid when outside my home, but listening to music with this speaker was a real pleasure for me. I went in youtube and listened to a premium quality audio to check it`s capability and have to say it is amazing. I didn`t check its capability to do conversation but soon will update on this matter. I hope this device does not disappoint me as the x mini kai 2.

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