Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Speaker – : High Quality Sound From A High Quality Product

Sounds perfect with added features.

Very very loud for a mobile unit. Throws the competition in this price range clear out the window. If i were to find a niggle it would be the weight. Its a tad on the heavy side as a portable.

Love this bluetooth speaker. . The sound quality is amazing and the base is brilliant. . Nothing much else to add that hasn’t already been said.

It is so small but so powerful, the sound looks great at all aspects. Clear sound with awesome bass. I really recommend for everyone.

Just needs an phone app to control the mp3 player to make it perfect.

Iam delighted with this speaker the performance of the sound & bass is amazing for its size, price. Although it doesn’t look as cool compared to the other portable speakers on the market but for me the performance more then makes up for it. My only complaint is sometimes the bluetooth connectivity from my phone to the speaker isn’t always as smooth therefore loses a few seconds of the song i’m listening to. Don’t know whether it’s my phones issue or the speaker?so iam happy to give the sound blaster roar 2 a 4 star out of 5.

After lots of research i could not find a negative review about this speaker compared to the more well known and much higher priced alternate speakers. Very happy with sound quality it fills the room without any distortion.

The sound quality is brilliant, it’s stylish and the build quality is solid. My minor gripe would be that it’s a little too heavy. However this is a minor complaint with what is a very accomplished device from creative.

It beats bose hands down both in terms of pricing and sound output. It is indeed a creative sound blaster roar. The design is creatively impressive, the sound is as clear as clean water, the blast is as deep as the ocean and the roar is as enveloping as thunder.

This unit is solidly built and has so many functions that it is a true convergence device. Is primarily a speaker but also can used as a power pack and a stand alone mp3 player via micro usb cards (supports up to 32gb) the sound is impressive and easily fills a room, allied to the roar functions and it takes some beating.

This is a superb quality product, well made and produces a great sound.

Excellent sound and performance.

Amazing audio, it really fills a room, can’t fault it. I doubt you’ll find a better ratio of quality/price/audio definition, in any similar product.

After a lot of research on youtube etc. I bought this and i’m pretty pleased with it. My laptop sound chip seems to be broken so i’m using the roar2 connected to my computer via the soundblaster usb sound card headphone output and the aux in of the roar2 (ie use as an anologue portable speaker when bluetooth isn’t available). I haven’t tested the usb yet. The main reason i wanted a bluetooth speaker was that the speakers on the samsung galaxy tablet s2 are not very good. I’ve played some youtube videos on my tablet of some folk music i like and it sounds great through the roar 2. To me its just the right balance of treble and bassi looked at similar bluetooth speakers by jbl and bose. The jbls looked like they were brilliantly rugged ie waterproof etc and they had a good sound but to me a little harsh (probably my personal preference – listen on reviews on youtube to get some idea). I preferred the sound of the bose compared to the jbl as it seemed to have more refinement but it was more expensive. I’ve bought speakers, headphones and sound cards from creative before and have been pleased with them and they sounded ok to me.

Since i bought it listen to music more, particularly internet radio. We velcro it on the car dash to use it as a car speakerphone.

Good sound, whatever clavinetjunkie says. Didn’t notice any distortion. Recording and sd card handling is just great. Very clear, also at high volumes. I carry it with me all the time. This is a piece of real electronics.

Love creative products been using them for years and have not been disappointed yet. Good sound quality from a robust and well made speaker.

Having listened to my daughter’s creative sound blaster roar mark one, l studied all the reviews and the opposition out there. Although you can find many simpler, cheaper versions, l liked the compact and built in accessories of this creative model. Just now realizing that by plugging an bluetooth transmitter into my old portable cd player, l can now play all my old cd’s through this portable speaker via bluetooth, brilliant.

Incredible sound from a such a small speaker, really strong bass, and a widespread sound that fills the room. Sound performance is incredibly similar to the bose mini 2 and the whole unit feels really solid and well built, at £99 its an absolute bargain. 8 hour battery life for complete portability is also good, buy it.

Very impressive, with excellent clear sound at loud volumes, very full bass for its size, tight treble etc. Really good connectivity, bluetooth works flawlessly, sounds great via usb (pc) etc. Have taken a star off because the design is a little unusual in that the sides of the unit are moving speaker parts, and this limits where you can place it when out and about. For example, i’d like to use it in the car, but anywhere i place it securely the side speakers vibrate against whatever its resting on, distorting the sound. On a flat surface with clear space to the side this design is an advantage, but beware it’s not as portable as most bluetooth speakers for this reason. Doesn’t really detract overall for us as it’s mainly used in the kitchen and for that is excellent. Drum & bass and other bass-heavy music are brilliant via this.

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