Creative MUVO Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Wireless Speaker : owned this for a year and think it’s really good value. Given its size and price

Absolutely love this, i ordered it with prime now, as i was in the city at the weekend, during a busy period at work. I was getting so bored i decided to order a speaker, this one was a good choice, plenty loud enough to fill the area in my office, kept me going through at work. Took the speaker on holiday too, and its really really good. Watching films in the hotel room on tablet, with the tablet volume lacking, this was perfect, watched a new film each night.

Kicks out a very decent sound. True you couldn’t play music for a party through it.

Smaller than i expected (actual dimensions are: – 190 x 37 x 59 mm). Very good sound quality for the size. Initial problem with distance from my laptop, but after pairing with my phone, found the age of my laptop (and hence the built in bluetooth adaptor) was the likely source of the problem. Easy to pair with devices (laptop and phone, no problem).

I shopped around for some wireless speakers. I did my research and reviews suggested that this was the best of the cheaper range (for the amount i planned on using speakers, i wasn’t willing to pay over £100). This arrived in a small package and was immediately ready to go. It was easy to connect by bluetooth or by nfc. It’s literally holding down a button on the device and searching for it on the device you want to connect. The sound is great indoors and outside. It charges quickly and it’s easy to find out battery info. The only difficulty i had was disconnecting my wife’s phone and getting my music to play. You have to turn the device off and back on. It wasn’t a big issue and is easy now, but took me a while to figure out.

  • Creative MUVO Mini Pocket-Sized Weather bluetooth speaker
  • Great value, great sound, great battery!
  • Quality audio from a compact unit.

Creative MUVO Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC – Red

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  • Bluetooth wireless speaker with NFC for fuss free connectivity
  • IP66 certified for dust and water protection
  • Shockingly loud stereo audio from two full range micro drivers
  • Oversized front bass radiator delivers big speaker bass from a compact size
  • Answers your calls with speakerphone teleconferencing capability

Suprisingly loud and filling speaker for the size and price. Sound quality is excelent and on par with far more expensive options such as the beats pill. The speaker is light and the waterproofing is an added bonus for outdoors or parties where drinks can be spilt. Bass is also pretty good and even better once tweaked on your device. Overall, its worth spending the extra money to get this fantastic speaker rather than cheaping out completely on a £20 speaker.

Excellent sound, not too basey. I’ve had the speaker about a month now and mainly listen to classical, which is much clearer sounding than my galaxy e tab speaker. Not sure it is necessary to have a ‘speaker on’ announcement every time i switch it on, which annoys me.

Very good speaker, paired it to my phone via nfc very easily. Sound quality is very good, the base response is not overwhelming it’s just right and the speaker is very loud for such a small bluetooth unit. Only slight distortion at max volume is very impressive indeed. It’s well made and looks good also. The only downside was when i plugged it into my phone using an aux cable, it was really quiet and the volume control on the speaker does not function. You have to raise the volume via the main device, and this is the problem. It doe not go very loud unless your device has a massive volume range. On my tv i use the built in speakers at 15, using the speaker i had to use 45 to get the same result. On my phone or tablet using a cable is disappointing in comparison. That is the only fly in the ointment.

Pairing with other devices is a breeze and the battery life from full charge is as advertised. Not sure if the volume controls on the device serve a purpose because the unit only responded from increasing the sound volume on the source item. I could have tried source volume to the max then used the muvo controls but. Anyway the sound level was acceptable and i do like the product.

Not that loud and mediocre bass. It’s not pocket sized, unless that pocket is a wizards sleeve.

Brilliant, excellent sound quality for a reasonable price. Delivered next day with amazon prime.

Had this for a while now and had been pretty satisfied with it, decent sound, good range (have been 15m away in line of sight and still connected ) and excellent battery life. Today however it has let me down, ran it for a few hours on full volume (work radio on the blink) and it now sounds like it’s blown a speaker, vibrating and tinny now at anything above half volume. Great little speaker in small spaces but by no means a party speaker as advertised in some places.

This is ideal if your not so worried about changing tracks from the speaker, you want balanced sound good enough to play folk, jazz, classical, reggae, dnb, edm has good highs & mids. The bass isn’t going vibrate walls but it can be clearly heard from another room. Well made & the battery will last through out the day at half volume which is sufficient for clear listening. Will connect to ios android & windows devices & thee bluetooth range is pretty good.

Hard wearing, good sound quality speaker. Bought to use whilst renovating a house. After weeks of paint splatter, dust and sawdust its still working great. Only slight niggle is the bluetooth connection isn’t the strongest. Will work whilst in other rooms but can blip in and out of signal.

Simple to use and produces a fairly good sound. It could be louder at times but you’d probably need to pay more for a better speaker if you want that. I’ve not tested the weather proof aspect of it yet though.

It’s a great speaker compared with my phone but i find it lacks with volume.

It’s alright, but compared to my creative muvo 10, it’s smaller(obviously), a lot quieter, sound quality is about the same maybe a fraction better and the muvo 10 is pretty much splash proof anyway. I’ve left the 10 outside in the direct rain all night and has come into contact with enough mud; so unless youre planning to take something into the water or just need the smaller size, there is no point buying this and would strongly reccomend the muvo 10.

Incredible sound for such a small device the quality of both the device and the sound is impeccable, i opened it 5 minutes ago and am now listening to music and i’m so in love.

The speakers project a nice and full sound. The build quality is excellent and very easy to use. Pairing up with our bluetooth phones and ipods is very quick and easy. I purchased it in red so that its asy to find when the kids leave it laying around in the garden. Not sure if they are loud enough for a garden party but certainly adequate and loud enough for everyday use.

I have to agree with all the positive comments, i bought this for the bathroom and leave my mobile in the bedroom works fine, also attached a mp3 player through jack socket and that works well too, the sound is really good for the size of the unit, the pressing of the bluetooth button for a couple of seconds actually tells you, what battery life is left, which is a useful touch. The volume works only on things attached via bluetooth, it wouldn`t adjust when anything attached through the jack socket, you have to to do this on the actual player.

My 17 year old son is so happy with this speaker, battery staying charged for 3 evenings with his mates, impressed by how loud it goes without distortion and he loves his bass. Fantastic value and a big hit in our house.

Good bit of kit, great to use in the shower (as water resistant). It’s surprisingly loud for its size (packet of biscuits) and well worth the £40 i paid for it. I would consider buying another one so we have one available for both the kids. I originally looked at the bose soundlink mini ii, but the additional £130 is quite simply not worth it for me – also the fact this is waterproof and has nfc is a big factor.

Good product and decent sound quality. I chose the red one and it is quite nice. For the price i paid it is worth.

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Creative MUVO Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC - Red
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