Creative iRoar Go Portable 5-Driver Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker – Great sound some problems

Initially i was not that impressed with this device based on the rather dear price, but after using it regularly for a month and a half, i’ve definitely come around. It’s not only a great portable bluetooth speaker, it has many other useful extra features such as a microsd card reader, a microphone adapter, a usb cable and excellent sound for its size. I have obviously not been able to bring it on a picnic yet, so it has been used mainly at home for my own entertainment as well as for dinner parties and even for some dancing on new year’s eve after the other speakers decided they needed a break. All goodand i want to come back to the sound, because that was what didn’t impress me at first. It sounded as if it was played in a box, but adjust the sound with the iroar button – simply press and it adjusts, and it’s a different story – of course depending on what type of music you play. If you want to go further into detail, you can use it with the app where there are further options to adjust bass, treble etc. It is also possible to use it for presentations, speeches, play days etc. I have a rockjam wired unidirectional dynamic microphone with 3 metre cord and it works well with the speakers (you do, however, have to use a 6. 5 mm jack plug adapter and a microphone adapter to make those two products work together). Whatever your preferred use whether just using it as a bluetooth speaker or if you use it for presentations, with microsd cards or any of the other multiple options.

A very portable, stylish, feature packed bluetooth speaker that stands well above any type of portable speaker i have owned previously. With a significant amount of metal making up the subtle styled body, the feel and weight of the speaker is significant but not too heavy to easily pack for a weekend away, moving room to room or even taking on holiday. Usable in two positions, upright or laying down, for alternative sound projection the controls buttons, rubberised as part of the weatherproofing are harder to use when say on a shelf at more than eye level but easy to use when upright. Easy to connect using just bluetooth of nfc if your phone allows – mine is connected with both a huawei p9 as well as a sony vaio laptop. Straight out of the box we have been using it for 2-3hrs now, without any further charge – but all the necessary adaptors are in the box for charging, as well as the usb lead. As possibly the most important feature of a speaker, the sound is incredible. The iroar function adds a wider sound dynamic and more spatial depth to audio, but even without the sound is still very good. I have used it to stream spotify, bbc radio iplayer, music from my sd card on my phone.

The creative iroar go portable 5-driver weatherproof bluetooth speaker is a portable wireless speaker which links up to your phone, tablet or pc etc to deliver a truly incredible sound quality through a portable and feature-packed device. Upon opening the box up for the first time you’ll see how compact the iroar go is. Compared with the previous creative sound blaster roar models, it’s on pretty much an equal par. Here’s a handy measurement comparison between the three modes:sound blaster roar 1:21cm (w) x 12cm (d) x 6cm (h)sound blaster roar 2:18. 5cm (d) x 5cm (h)iroar go:19cm (w) x 10cm (d) x 6cm (h)like with the older ‘sound blaster’ models, being such a compact size the iroar go speaker really is an incredibly portable piece of audio equipment that’s absolutely ideal for taking away with you. Aesthetically speaking, the speaker looks just as stylish and sleek as the sound blaster roar 2 speaker did. The main shell of the speaker is still constructed from a black coated metal which covers most of the speaker’s surfaces. All in all the design of the iroar go is definitely just as sleek and perhaps even more contemporary than the sound blaster models. Underneath the black mesh of the speaker you have five powerful drivers (including a built-in subwoofer that really pumps out the bass. Cranking up the volume on the speaker, you hear absolutely no amalgamation of sound, no loss of acoustics through unwanted blending, and a clear distinction between the spectrum of notes being reproduced. Bass-wise, the built-in subwoofer along with the two unobstructed passive radiators provide some properly earth-shattering and stomach-churning bass depths – plummeting downwards to mind-boggling levels when music dictates such depths. For those that really care about the quality of the sound, the warmth of notes, depth and coverage of the bass, the acoustic notes and clarity of the overall sound produced – then the iroar go is definitely something you’ll want to take a good look at. Creative know their business. They know how to produce good-quality mid-to-high-end speakers and audio equipment.

I returned the jbl charge 3 for this one and i am very happy that i did.

I love this speaker, for both function and its cool, slightly retro look. It is about 20cm in length and of adequate size to carry around with you without it being a hindrance. It comes with many connectivity options usb, micro-sd and audio aux, in addition to the core bluetooth function. It has a multi-face plug, so no need to worry about adapters, wherever you buy it. The sound quality is exceptional and the battery life (so far) exceeded the time i had available to listen. Only minus point the side woofers that you can press with your fingers, giving you the impression that you are damaging the speakers. Be careful also not to misinterpret the weatherproof, as waterproof. It will work outside if its drizzly, but i would not take it in the shower with meall in all, an excellent contender in a crowded market, from a leading brand in the technology of sound.

  • Iroar go puts all other speakers to shame
  • Think Carefully.
  • Blimey it’s loud! , really loud 🎶 , beautiful sound quality with just enough base & treble 😁

Big soundperfect wide sound effecthigh quality of material.

You’ve never heard a compact bluetooth speaker that sounds like this. For the physical size the bass response is nothing short of astonishing. We’ve had a few bluetooth audio devices around the house the last few years, most recently i bought a no-brand chinese self-contained speaker specifically so that the kids could play music from their phones when we stayed in a holiday cottage. It’s a great idea, combining bluetooth receiver, amplifier and its own rechargeable battery in one compact unit. However, they normally sound quite awful, although better than the listening to a phone in hands-free mode. The creative iroar is a whole different class of device, though. They have cleverly turned the two end-pieces into bass units (and they do shift a lot of air), while three treble/midrange units in the central section look after the more melodic range of the music. You can place the unit on its base or on its back, depending on whether you want the majority of the sound to go ‘across’ or ‘up’, and really it sounds great, and it goes up really loud (they claim 3w output). The bluetooth pairing was quite simple: pressing the pairing/bluetooth button on the front makes it broadcast its name, which you can then pick up and connect to from your phone or tablet. Within a couple of minutes of unpacking we were playing music from phones, and also streaming from the spotify app.

The speaker is quite heavy for its smallish size, very solid and feels well built, with a black perforated metal grill on the front and silver metal side pieces – be careful of the side mounted sound ‘radiators’ though which are loosely connected to the body and actually vibrate during play. The body features five speaker drivers – the two previously mentioned ‘radiators’ on the sides and two high frequency 1. 5′ subwoofer on the front/top. Controls are black soft-touch rubber buttons on the top/front which allow you to turn the unit on, adjust volume, toggle between sources – blue tooth, micro sd card, usb and auxiliary. There are also play/stop, random, record, fast forward and rewind buttons and a button that lets you toggle between the unit’s sound choices – normal, ‘roar’ and ‘equaliser’. On the top of the unit are two separate rubber covers which hide the connections underneath – micro sd card slot, usb, auxiliary and 15v power supply – i wasn’t so enamoured by the design of these which are obviously dictated by the ‘splash proof’ brief of the unit, although the larger one seems fixed the smaller one comes off and could easily be lost. In use the speakers are surprisingly loud and clear, the instructions recommend laying the unit on its back to give ‘superwide stereo imaging with dispersion’ i must admit that the first time that i tried this i couldn’t really tell any difference, however when playing a different track there was a noticeable difference – more open, ‘cleaner’ sound. Similarly the difference between the sounds (normal, ‘roar’ and ‘equaliser’) suits different tracks. The bluetooth connected quickly with an audio warning that you were in pairing mode and the button flashing.

I am very pleased with this stylish speaker. The sound quality is very good indeed and while it is compact and sturdy for outdoor use it is not very heavy to carry. The instructions are easy to follow and there i are no problems with syncing to devices.

The sound is rich and clear with amazing depth. This is a ‘proper’ speaker for music lovers. Its compact, but boy does it pack a punch. Comes with a built-in subwoofer for room-filling audio, and 2 amplifiers for balanced audio delivery,it looks classy, with some great design features including the sides of the device with ‘springy’ speakers, it’s easily portable and its waterproof. Now, i wont be bringing this outdoors but its always a constact worry that when playing this and leaving on the side when entertaining, somebody will spill a glass of wine nearby and ruin a great speaker. Add to this it looks fab (you just want to pick it up), it has a good weight about it, as in in feels and looks like a good quality product. It also has a slot for a microcard sd reader.

Features of Creative iRoar Go Portable 5-Driver Weatherproof Bluetooth Speaker

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  • Compact 5-driver bluetooth speaker
  • All terrain weather resistant with all weather IPX6 IP-certification
  • Super Wide Mode for a wide audio experience from a small device
  • Bluetooth and NFC for one-touch pairing
  • Integrated lossless music player for FLAC/WAV/MP3 with microSD card or USB flash drive

From the manufacturer

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Intelligent Splash-proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your audio experience comes alive with depth and immersion that makes you appreciate the aural wonders of SuperWide technology. It delivers a sound stage so wide that you won’t believe it’s coming from this little speaker. Just like its bigger counterparts, the iRoar Go has wireless capabilities, and it multi-tasks as a built-in MP3/FLAC player, voice recorder, Bluetooth speakerphone, an external USB Sound Blaster sound card and a battery bank. Don’t let its size fool you, for the iRoar Go is a fearless speaker that’s not afraid of water. It is water-resistant with an IPX6 rating so no splashes can spoil your fun. Plus, there’s an app that lets you customise the audio, the way you like it.

  • IP 6X rated.
  • Bluetooth 4.2, NFC.
  • Up to 12 hours of audio playback.
  • microSD card reader.
  • Connected via Bluetooth, the iRoar Go acts as a wireless speakerphone.
  • Five drivers.
  • Two high-performance amplifiers.

The iRoar Go is the perfect companion

The iRoar Go has been designed with an IPX6 certification, which makes the speaker water-repellent. Go ahead and take your music to the pool or beach and enjoy a good time.

The smallest and lightest 5-driver speaker

25 per cent lighter and 40 per cent smaller than the Creative iRoar, the iRoar Go is the world’s smallest and lightest five-driver Bluetooth speaker with built-in subwoofer, striking the best balance between portability and great audio.


From the two far-field tweeters, a powerful subwoofer and two unobstructed passive radiators, which are beautifully machine-finished, every element of the design is thoughtfully considered to enhance your audio experience.

USB audio for your PS4

For the gamers, you can rejoice now that you can connect the iRoar Go to your PlayStation4 console via the micro USB cable directly to enjoy all that action with punchy bass and audio clarity.

Sound Blaster Roar 2 Sound Blaster ROAR Classic Lite Sound Blaster ROAR Pro CREATIVE iROAR Go CREATIVE iROAR
Weight 1kg 1.06kg 1.10kg 810g 1.10kg
Bluetooth-version Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 3.0
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Connections Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB Bluetooth, AUX-in Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB Bluetooth, Line-In, Optical, USB
Microphone built-in built-in built-in built-in Double binaural microphone
Battery type built-in 6000 mAh Li-ion battery built-in 6000 mAh Li-ion battery built-in 6000 mAh Li-ion battery built-in 5200 mAh Li-ion battery built-in 9000 mAh Li-ion battery
Battery life 8 hours 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours 20 hours

Creative BT-W2 Creative iRoar Go Carry Bag
Characteristics Bluetooth stick to transfer the music from a computer to a compatible device. Padded leather case for the Creative iRoar Go
Description A perfect blend of performance and simplicity. Whatever devices you’re using, the BT-W2’s plug-and-play functionality lets you enjoy your audio seamlessly. No wires. Whether it’s PC, Mac or PlayStation 4 consoles, your audio gets transmitted over Bluetooth instantly. The next thing you know, you’re connected straight through your Bluetooth-enabled device. The Creative iRoar Go Leatherette Carry Pouch is designed for you to enjoy great audio with your Creative iRoar Go, wherever you go. This pouch protects the speaker with its well-stitched lining and cushioning material. Hand-crafted with leatherette, you can conveniently carry the speaker in style with the 1.4m detachable strap.
Music has never been so easy Carry Your iRoar Go In Style

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This portable speaker is so powerful for its size with the amplifiers producing a crisp clear sound with excellent bass. Some lovely features including voice recording and a micro-sd card reader. Which is whole new world to me and i love it. The speaker is relatively light and will be excellent for outdoors bbqs and parties in the summer, with the waterproof feature. Bluetooth pairing is quick and easy and the speaker comes with a charger and various plug adapters.

It is as good as the roar 2 which i owned previously so i’m not new to this speakers impressive sound stage. The volume is ridiculously loud just what i love about this speaker its one to blast loud and proud when you are out with it and watch peoples heads turn as they wonder where the sound is coming from haha i always enjoyed that with the roar 2 and this one is just as good. The sound quality is the best i’ve heard from a bluetooth speaker and to put simply if you really are curious about how this speaker sounds i will put it this way for you. The iroar go doesn’t deserve to be called a bluetooth speaker, it is more on the lines of a true portable hifi system if there is such a thing, thats what this sounds like. The bass is outstanding and will truly impress you it is boomy and hard hitting and will definately satisfy you if you love bassy music like myself. Bluetooth connection is good too it played flawlessy when i left the roar in my kicthen downstairs and took my phone upstairs so no problems there. It advertises as splash proof but haven’t tested it and don’t want to for obvious reasons haha i wouldnt put water on this gem. The design is also pleasing to the eye as it has aluminium rings on the edge and machine finished radiators which look gorgeous too.All in all this speaker is a true gem of speaker and best i’ve had and possibly the best i will ever have unless something better comes out so trust my words of wisdom and don’t hesitate on buying this you won’t regret the purchase.

Sounds better and plays louder than i expected.

Well this had good reviews over others like bose which i had experience of and nearly went for. I have opened it plugged it in connected bluetooth and enjoying the amazing sound within 20 mins. I cannot get over how clear it is. It’s so clear you can hear every instrument. So pleased go on go for it .

Far exceeded my expectations.

The battery life was excellent. The product looks well made but it broke days after i could technically return it for a refund.  creative iroar go portable 5-driver weatherproof bluetooth speakerfirst the rubber connection covers broke off the top (irreparable) and i ignored this as i was enjoying the sound so much. Then al buttons stopped working. On/off actually locked ‘on’ (until the battery runs out) but that it was still unusable as i could not select a sound source or pair anything with bluetooth. I called amazon (uk) and amazingly they allowed either a replacement or a refund.

Compact 5-driver bluetooth speaker

Quality speaker with impressive sound for its size and price point. You won’t be disappointed.

Well made good sound and features,not keen on the rubber waterproof covers over the connection points,apart from that i am very pleased with this speaker.

Incredible sound that has the best stereo separation for a portable speaker i have known. Lots of features and charging accessories. For the price this is an absolute marvel. Connects easily via bluetooth. Great for travel though larger than many equivalents.

Finally i’ve found the perfect bluetooth speaker after going through a fair few brands. I’m very fussy when it comes to sound quality and none of the speakers had the oomph i was looking for. Most would distort fairly easily or had extremely tinny bass even though reviews mentioned ‘powerful bass’ etc. From the speakers i own none provided a good nutral sound signature with an emphasis on hard hitting mid and deep bass. I push my bluetooth speakers pritty hard as i prefer to run them through the line out of my sound blaster e5 headphone amp with sbx surround processing enabled and using a very bass heavy custome eq. The creative iroar go is a true beast of a speaker you have to truely hear this beast to appreciate how powerful this speaker is it can truely pump out a lot of sound for its size as well as pushing insane levels of bass. Even when running this through a bluetooth connection or a line out jack from a computer etc it pushes a lot of bass for its size its truely impressive and the audio is crisp, punchy and hard hitting without getting distorted at moderate to high volume levels. When connecting this to my e5 amp it transforms into a monster portable system at low volumes the passive radiators on both sides of the speaker pulse nicely to the bass even at loud volumes there is no distortion what so ever which is truely impressive. I’ve tinkered with the sound blaster connect 2 app on windows 10 with absolutely no issues the iroar go was detected within seconds and works flawlessly with the app and drivers using both my chuwi hi10 windows 10 tablet running october 2018 update as well as on my 7 year old dell vostro 3550 running build 1803 from a 500gb bootable ssd. Before purchasing this i ordered the creative roar 2 which is just as powerful though as other reviews have confirmed the iroar go is slightly louder than the roar 2.

Excellent item with great sound. Had it lockup once, but there’s a hard reset process that worked fine. Slightly annoying is that my iphone x detects it from a good distance away and picks it for its output device even when the iroar set to use usb, but i’ve not yet looked to see if the bluetooth can be disabled as opposed to unpairing the phone to avoid this.

I have never used a blue tooth speaker before but have to say i’m really impressed with this speaker. I didn’t want to spend a fortune but i didn’t want a cheap and nasty speaker either. I bought this purely on the reviews and the look of it and am really pleased with it. It does exactly what i want it to do and that is to listen to music out my garden on a warm and pleasant evening.

All terrain weather resistant with all weather IPX6 IP-certification

I love the sound quality and everything else, but it lasts only 6 hours on max volume and it has to be charged by a separate adapter, rather than simply by power bank via usb, which is inconvenient.

We own creative lab computer speakers and they sound tremendous, excellent quality so we knew the sound quality of a creative lab speaker and the quality of the speakers themselves build quality etc , but i did not know the sound of this iroar go bluetooth speaker until i set this speaker up , well for such a teeny tiny speaker i wasn’t really expecting it to sound to loud , after setting the speaker up with its new driver update which was via the creative lab iroar go website and after charging it up you could say i was totally in shock and amazement , it’s just loud , really loud and i didn’t need the volume up full on my iphone and the creative lab app that goes with the speaker lets you adjust the base & treble and loads of other settings to help with sound quality etc , the loudness of the speaker most definitely filled our living and dining room with no problems at all , classical , pop , rock all sound amazing with such great detail. The price of this iroar go speaker is a bargain considering what you are getting in music quality and build quality. No complaints and no bad points , nothing bad at all to say about it. But i would recommend a case to protect it when not in use. Highly recommended for any music 🎵 lover.

It is a better product then i expected.

Battery life is questionable, i can only get around 6 hours & that’s only using moderate volume.

Compared with my last portable speaker, this has a confident heft and weight – it doesn’t feel cheap, nor does it feel like it will collapse and shudder if i turn the volume past eleven. The volume does go some way past eleven – this is a beast when it comes to stomach rumbling, wall bouncing noise and doesn’t suffer from any fuzz or instability the more it is pushed. I also enjoy the pulsating ends, good fun to put your finger on either side and feel the beats pump out. Set up is a little fiddly and each time i use it there is a measure of messing around – i primarily use this in a wired fashion with my ipod – but sometimes it just doesn’t recognise my device until i filter through the options a few times. The display is clear enough, little lights and symbols on the top and front to alert you to your choices, volume buttons, skip through tracks etc. Options for cables etc are hidden under a little flap, presumably to keep the thing looking stylish but again this can be annoying if you want to lift it up to insert a cord. I’ve used a microphone on it too – same great, clear sound. I have not yet tried any wireless or bluetooth feature yet, presumably this would be the easiest way to go. Finally, the roar button gives that added boost but the sound is so pure and heavy by itself i’m not sure if it is really needed. This is an excellent top of the range device which would be great for house parties or sitting out in the garden waiting for your sausages to burn on the barbecue, with plenty of options to cater for your listening needs.

This is a fantastic piece of kit ,visually pleasing to the eye and totally pleasing to the ears, i don’t know how such a small speaker unit can blast out such a clear, clean, crisp and loud sound?. The whole unit as soon as you feel it in your hands it just exudes quality and dare i say – prestige. Just picking up and handling the creative i roar go immediately justifies what some might feel is a rather elevated rrpfirst class modernistic design and made from top rate materials. Principal features include;versatile connectivity with bluetooth; usb;5 drivers with built in subwoofer (for an awesome bass). Integrated digital music player2 amplifiers for room filling but balanced audio. Transforms quickly into a personal pa system for presentation and singing. One touch bluetooth pairing for wireless streamingcharges your phone or tabletand much more including claiming to have been critically acclaimed in many leading journals and magazines worldwide although these are not listed or named. My daughter, who has her own children’s party business in bristol, immediately passed her eyes over the creative i roar go as she started reading the instructions and mumbling about how this would be so much better for providing the party sounds than the well known household brand she was using then. When we rigged it up to test it the results -in my opinion, were astonishing. That a box so small could produce a sound so pure, clear and loud was nothing short of a scientific miracle.

I use this excellent little unit in my sauna where the humidity is regularly over 60% and temperatures top 85°c. Great sound for music and soundscapes alike. For the money there isn’t a better speaker out there. Sound is great for the size and the profiles allow a very personal experience, whether it be soul music, meditative sound scapes or audiobooks. Negatives:rubber coverings for the inputs, they feel fragile.

Super Wide Mode for a wide audio experience from a small device

It gets near daily use in our kitchen. And we’ve even encouraged other family members to buy one too. It’s a neat little speaker than fits well in a modern kitchen. It’s easy to operate and the bluetooth connectivity works well. It produces a good sound and battery life is great too.

Found this absolutely excellent, easy to use, and perfect for summer days in the garden. It is a little chunky to carry round a lot, but very intuitive to set up, great sound quality and still working with no deterioration many months later.

I am the proud owner of the previous creative roar speaker which i have always thought is brilliant – but i think that this one is even better. It is a portable kind of size. Out of the box, you need to put the plug together and charge the speaker. However, the speaker can be used as it is charging through the power cable. In use, the speaker pairs up easily and quickly with your bluetooth compatible device. I have been using it with an ipad and with an iphone. It has a very full sound, which is rich and particularly good for a speaker which is this size. There is very little distortion even at high volumes, on a range of different music.

This creative iroar portable speaker comes in at around the same price as the market leader the bose soundlink mini. The latter, however, is fashioned by the prison service namely it plays music and that’s it. Bose can also be a bit temperamental in terms of bluetooth connectivity. This creative roar speaker was, therefore, a bit of a revelation. Firstly the sound is as crisp as a packet of walkers and manages some of the highest bass ranges with ease. It passes the prodigy ‘firestarter’ test with flying colours as it mocks the throbbing bass of liam hewlett and manages to fully absorb the depth of the song. The two far field tweeters are located in a way where they ‘hang’ to the side of the speaker and are not rigidly fixed. This massively reduces distortion. In addition to the above, the unit transforms quickly into a personal pa system for presentation and singing, is showerproof (although do not drop it in the bath or take it for a swim) as such it can be used on the beach to blast fellow sunbathers and best of all charges your phone or tablet. It connected to an i mac like two peas in a pod and has an aux cable to connect to a cd (which i have not tried).

Great product with good sound quality. It is capable of playing flac files from microsd card. Unfortunately can’t read cue files, so will need to rip the cds in one flac file per track. The sound is crisp and clear and the roar mode is making a good difference. The unit is well build, having the feel of a premium product. It is also water proof, a nice feature for the uk weather. A nice feature is the option to record your own voice or phone conversations. For that have a dedicated record/play/pause button. Have dedicated software for iphone/android/mac/windows. Missing the linux oneto control the iroar go remotely i’m using the sb connect app on iphone wia bluetooth, but unfortunately that app is missing the option to browse the content of the microsd card by folders.

I previously owned the sb roar and have been telling everyone for years that it is by far the best gadget i have ever bought. However, bought this when my old roar died after years of heavy use and although the sound and compact design is amazing when plugged into my tv via aux cable the sound drops out when there is a quiet moment in programs i have been watching. I didn’t have this problem with the original sb roar, it played audio flawlessly without any drop out even with quiet moments in programs. I don’t know if there something i can do to fix this or if the unit itself is faulty. Also tried to hook it up to my computer to do a firmware update to see if this would solve the problem and it failed to update the firmware on three separate occasions. Will change to 5 stars if there is a fix for the aux problems with my tv and firmware updating.

Bluetooth and NFC for one-touch pairing

this speaker is small, light and portable, and it doubles up as a portable charger for your smartphone as wellsound quality wise: this is probably one of the best portable bluetooth speakers i have ever heard. The bass is clean (depending on source) and can be felt, the mid and high are equally excellent. What’s more, iroar go is splash-proofall these plus the functions of the iroar, its bigger brother, made this a definite great buy for those that prefer the music loud and clear and partttyy. ]

Unwrap it slowly, the multi-compartmented box is a little tricky, but one always knows where one is headed. It’s to be found in the little bag; and withdraw it slowly and there it is, gleaming, with its weighty and refined precision in one’s palm. The lovely, quality finish with the restrained graphics, nice switchgear and tiny, tiny blinking lights ready to burst forth. Charge it; the little light will stop blinking when it’s ready. It’s an unusual power supply so just use it and don’t even think of trying anything else. It pairs with one’s ipad and also one’s phone (an inexpensive s3 mini) in the time it takes to press the button. It reveals both visually with a nice little light that has suddenly joined the others that it is paired and also offers such information verbally. Sound is as one would expect given such a beautiful unit – absolutely amazing. For sure it sounds good in the default mode, and then you realise that you can tune it further with the settings such as the iroar setting, which is stunning. The volume control gives a smooth progression of undiluted and undistorted power with no shake, no rattle and no roll from the beautifully engineered unit, which never misses a beat.

Very good speaker, load and good bass (for it’s size) wow.

This is the ‘creative iroar go portable weatherproof bluetooth speaker’ an absolutely stunning means of playing back your music. It features connectivity through bluetooth or usb, a built in subwoofer with amplifiers and chargers, one click connect to mobile devices, it is weather and shower proof (so feel free to take it outside or in the shower), you can playback from flash drives or micro-sd cards and likely one of the best features of all – it can charge your phone or tablet like a powerbank – just connect and siphon some juice. The sound quality on playback is very good – perfectly crisp and clear. It cannot be faulted in the slightest in this regard. Bass, tremble, tone and pitch it can handle all variations with easy. Build quality is high and the weather proofing is excellent (and works as it continued to play uninterrupted through a down pour with no problems). The entire speaker screams quality and with its modernistic design is very pleasing to the eye. There is a host of technical information on this amazon page if you want to dig deeper and find out what is on offer -however trust me when i say there is no need – this speaker will do everything you want and more (music related of course). Bluetooth speakers come in all manners of sizes and styles with price tags to match. While this may seem expensive, the quality and features on offer combined with the stunning sound output easily makes this creative iroar something to roar about.

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