Creative A250 – Phenomenal speakers

For the price of these speakers they are excellent value for money. They have a pretty good sound quality and listening to music through the computer is as good as most stereo systems, they look attractive too. I cannot find any fault with these speakers and therefore i can recommend them anyone who does not want to fork out large sums of money.

She can hear with these brilliantly and her visitors can here l themselves talk. V speaker as she always has the sound up high. She can hear with these brilliantly and her visitors can here l themselves talk.

As a first pass test i hooked this up to my mobile phone and played a few songs. The range was good, compared to what i typically use (headphones or a small wireless speaker), the inclusion of the small sub woofer made a big difference to the music at my bbq. Secondly i plugged it up to my tv and again the performance was very good considering the size. In fact the sound quality was a huge leap from the poor built in tv speakers, so good in fact that my dad, upon hearing my set up, decided to order one of his own. It can’t be overstated how much difference it makes having speakers like this, instead of settling for built in tv or pc monitor speakers.

  • Computer Speakers
  • Stop working suddenly
  • Small but packs a punch.
  • OMFG best and cheapest product in the world, with free next day delivery
  • she can hear with these brilliantly and her visitors can here l themselves talk
  • Very good entry level speakers

Very good entry level speakers. For an entry level speaker this a250 is a surprisingly good product. Ordinarily that might not be saying much, as let’s face it most entry level speaker systems are pretty dire, but for the price this a250 is a very good bit of kit with good sound and sturdy design. If you’re looking for good – and cheap – entry level speakers that deliver the goods and don’t cost the earth then you’ll be hard pressed to find better ones than this.

Super quality for a great price. Bought these speakers to connect to my pc and xbox. For the £25 that i paid for these on amazon i am very impressed with the sound quality. Bass is good and overall sound quality much higher than you would expect for this price.

Features of Creative A250 (2.1) Speaker System with Down-firing Ported Subwoofer

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  • DSE (Dual Slot Enclosure) improves frequency distribution for the entire system
  • IFP (Image Focusing Plate) provides a wider acoustic sweet spot
  • Down firing ported subwoofer for that oomph in your music
  • Convenience of an integrated ON/OFF switch with volume control on satellite for ease of use
  • Experience louder audio for your movies, games and music

Loud, punchy bass and easy to set up. I have read some complaints that the unit do not switch themselves on straight away. Ok, this can be a bit annoying but it is not a deal breaker by any stretch. I have an older set of cambridge soundworks speakers that are bigger and do not o the job as effectively as these.

I love these speakers, for their price they are amazing in all aspects. They look amazing and very sleek on my home pc and have a nice clean look that often gets complimented when my friends come over. The sound which is the more important aspect is even more astonishing, the bass is very powerful and allows you to hear beats of a song you would never hear on basic speakers. I know that these speakers are not top of the end speakers but for their price the sound produced is extremely impressive. The wiring isnt too fussy either and so overall i would definitely recommend these creative a250 speakers for both their sound quality and their price.

Omfg best and cheapest product in the world, with free next day delivery. I have no words to explain this product. Its the best and cheapest speakers/woofer. The woofer has amazing bass and the speakers are just describable. The delivery was free and they posted this product on next day.

Extremly good value for money. It really is amazing how good this little system is considering the price. Obviously it has its limits, but is fantastic if you want an upgrade to your standard speakers. Base is strong and treble is not far behind.

Great value for the money with no compromises. Great value for the money with no compromises. I am very biased towards roland amps, sony sounds and creative figures very high in my list (used boss, altec lansing, marshall, vox, peavey – the list goes on). Creative dont compromise on lower value products and this one is excellent value for money. I find the tonal range nice and balanced for my taste; sound is crisp. It is not small enuff for a laptop and to lug around and will need to be attached to a stationary computer or a set laptop or desktop. The two tweeters do not occupy much space and rather look nice on a small table. If you are looking for speakers in this value – money/range – buy without hesitation.

Had an older model of this item for years, decided to get two more, they are everything i expected absolutely top drawer, these new ones are smaller and neater but as every bit as good as the original – wicked, highly recommended .

For £25 really quite impressive. No control other than volume but the sound is nicely balanced. I use it plugged into a projector for movie nights and volume is fine in a lounge of 5m by 5m.

18 year old student who doesn’t have much ££ to sparebrought these speakers to listen to music through my laptop // phone and the quality for the price paid is amazingi mainly listen to dnb garage and house and the bass on the speakers for the price is madhighly reccomended.

Bass is good, so as the speakers, but has a particle thumping in the subwoofer box as if there was some nut on the speaker itself. Only happens in frequencies below 80hz but it’s annoying when you’re looking for bass. Also the cables are a bit short, but overall the system is good for it’s price.

Base is good, mid and high are terrible. Sometimes it just suddenly stop working completely for no reason. I have to turn it off & on to get it working again. This happens about twice in an hour, on average.

Packaged well it all arrived in perfect condition. Easy to set up i had the speakers working in minutes. The sound quality is very good and the bass bin makes a real difference.

Very good sound for under £30. Set up was easy and impressed with the sound. Excellent for most rooms as the sub woofer pumps out a decent bass line. The two small desk speakers are crisp and clear. Overall very happy with my purchase.

These are great speakers they do everything you want they are so loud they shake my desk they are worth the money so good quality are so good you wont get any better for the price 5 starts all the way.

Great sound, hard to change levels. I love these speakers and for the price i got them they are exceptional. However, it seems to be impossible to change the sound levels (especially the amount of bass) without the help of some external program.

Im no audiophile but for the price these are excellent. . I do not know a great deal about speakers but after reading many positive reviews i decided to opt for these. I do not regret my decision whatsoever, they were incredibly easy to set up, less than 2 minutes (not including unpacking time) and immediately produced an incredibly crisp sound. The volume is satisfactory as i use them for playing work out music and often find that at larger volumes the sound quality is reduced but only minimally. The bass is good too, i often use the speakers for listening to hip hop, drum & bass, house, electro & funk so they’ve performed well over a variety of genres.

Great value – plenty of loudness, looks the part. Everything you need is in the box – you just need a spare plug socket and an audio device with a 3. 5 jack (standard headphone) output. Generous cabling that will suit most home set-ups. Put it this way: if you can find a better package at this price point, please let me know.

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the price of around £25, but so far i am very impressed. The quality of build is excellent, and the sound produced is very good too. They also look very attractive on my desk, and don’t take up too much room.

I have used many different 2. 1 systems for computers and even tvs over the years but for quality of output for your money this is one of the best sets i have come across. Installation is very straightforward, the only strange thing being the different connectors on the speaker leads. One of them is like an old style din plug so care has to be taken when plugging that in correctly to avoid pin damage. 5mm green jack to connect to your computer/tablet/tv/phone even. Once set up (in less than 5 minutes) it is a question of powering up with the convenient knob on the right speaker and you are good to go. The down firing sub and satellite speakers are actually smaller than anticipated however this is no barrier to great sound. Even with an old pc packing a cheap sound card the output is warm, loud and clear and certainly big enough for a study or bedroom.