Citronic Padded Transit Bag For 15″ Speaker Cabinet : Good quality and value for price

A baggy fit but will certainly keep all dust out and protect in transit. The many zips allow for cable routing nicely, and i leave them on during a gig. Muffles the sound but can be used with the front flap closed and are waterproof in an emergency.

Very nice item have them on a little big for my speakers but everything is fine.

Admittedly they don’t fit behringer eurolive 15’s too well but i kinda knew that before a bought them as the speakers are a little odd in shape. This is best probably for a stackable design eg rcf art series.

  • Fits Behringher B215D – sort of.
  • Well-made but does not suit Alto TS110A!
  • I was expecting better. Not likely to protect the speakers from any

Padded Transit Bag For 15″ Speaker Cabinet

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  • Velcro attached flaps allow access to handle, top hat and terminals
  • Generic fit is suitable for most 10″, 12″ and 15″ speaker cabinets
  • Durable padded fabric carry bags

I bought a couple of abs speakers but there were no covers that would fit them. I saw these on amazon and matched up the dimensions to my speakers and “bingo” a decent set of covers that now protect and stop scuffs and scratches whist in transit.

Not what i expected, much better. Very good quality, padded, great fit for behringer b215d, had them delivered to uk address on express services 3 days after ordering on a sunday. Can’t fault the service or product. Far superior to anything else for twice the price.

Bought to protect a pair of behringher b215ds while transporting in the car, they are fairly tough speakers i just didn’t like the way they would knock into each other on the way to jobs. They fit the speakers fairly well, quite a bit of room to spare as i assume these are designed to fit a whole range of 15″ speakers. I really like the flaps on the side for the handles meaning you can still use the handles on the speakers themselves. There is also one of the bottom of the case meaning you can keep the speakers in the cases while on stands, this was great as one event we were outdoors in the rain so left the cases on. They provided great protection against the rain and worked a treat. Not sure they are meant for this but worked nicely, and the cut out at the rear meant all the cables and controls were also kept dry.

Good quality and value for price. A little too roomy for my speakers but they are a generic product.

Bought 2 of these for my jbl 15″ speakers – they fit a treat. They seem like nice quality and have all the access required to use the speakers with the covers on during outdoor use. Haven’t taken them gigging yet, but am confident that they will prove very good value for money.

Although they are a generic size they fit my sub zero 15″ perfectly.

My speakers (alto 10″ ts110a) are just that little bit too big to fit in these carry bags – can’t get them in through the zipped front opening, and also the flap for access to the handle would then be on the wrong side (or, i’d have to use the case “upside down”). To quickly review the cases themselves: pretty decent, padded material on the inside, zip-open front flap with velcro to hold it open, plus a side flap for access to a handle, a flap on the bottom to allow the speaker to be pole-mounted while still in its case, and a flap on the back to give access to controls and for cooling. If your speakers are a bit smaller than mine and have the carry handle on the other side, they’re probably greatas i haven’t found any source for official cases (or better-suited 3rd party ones) for my 10″ alto speakers, i think i am going to keep these and try to modify them to fit. That’s probably going to mean cutting the front zip at the corners to give more room for getting the speaker in to the inside, then possibly adding an extra bit to help keep them nicely closed. I won’t be able to use them in the “leave the cases on while you use the speakers” situation (as well as the upside-down thing, the flap on the rear isn’t big enough to give really convenient access to all the controls on my speakers) – but i don’t think i’m going to find anything better any time soon.

Good overall product doesn’t allow for “carry hole” in my qtx speakers.

These were sooo much cheaper than any other i’ve seen, and as all i wanted was something to stop my behringer 15″ active speakers getting scuffed or scratched during transportation, these do the job perfectly.

It’s a decent cover for the price, however, i had to return it as my speaker doesn’t fit wrong shape.

The padding is almost non existent – really thin, in my opinion. Not likely to protect the speakers from any significant knocks, but good enough to protect the speaker from scratches. For speakers with handles on only one side, the asymmetry of the openings for access to speaker handles (this has one on one side) did not correspond with the single handle on my intended speaker – mismatched.

Well pleased with this product.

. Awesomely made, it fits my behringer eurolive b615d perfectly, i gambled buying the pair but my gamble paid off.

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Padded Transit Bag For 15" Speaker Cabinet
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