Adastra | High Quality Stereo Speakers Supplied In Pairs | 70W Max |, WOW

Does it work with the laptop or do i need to plug in to amplifier.

Used as height speakers about 2 feet in front of the listening position for dolby atmos and an instant improvement on the experience compared to having speakers mounted on the front wall.

Cracking little speakers used for surround rears, really clear.

Key specs for Adastra | High Quality Stereo Speakers Supplied In Pairs | 70W Max | White:

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  • Power Max. 70W
  • Sold in pairs
  • Complete with mounting brackets
  • Note: Connecting leads not supplied
  • Manual Attached for more information

Comments from buyers

“Ideal for Dolby Atmos
, Recommended
, Great full sound at a good price

Bought these great speakers to complete my dolby atmos setup. I live in an old house and wasn’t able to find the right spot in between the joists to fit proper ceiling speakers, but these are just great for my setup: loud, clear and crisp sound.

Used for my top speakers for dolby atmos.

Good value for money and a great performance from such a small speaker. Highly recommended and would buy the same again.

Great little speakers the bass is good but not the best if you mad on house music i recommend them highly looks great on my walls sound amazing crisp and quality sound.

Really good sound for the price and really easy ad quick to set up would recommend and will buy another set.

Look lovely in our kitchen and sound good.

Excellent value for your money.

Look greatsound too good to be truecheapwhat more could you ask for. Have had many sets of speakers in my time but for the wonga these are well up there. Past djmusic loversemi audiophile.

I can listen to my music in the kitchen as well.

Purchased 4 of these speakers to replace old jpl gold speakers for a home wireless system connected to a altec lansing sub. Speakers sound great, and no need now for those bulky old speaker brackets. Look great and a lot smaller than the old ones.

Was looking for a small white unobtrusive pair of speakers for our reasonably large kitchen. Being white, they are blend in. The sound seems crisp and clear with our denon unit. The optional mounting brackets allow plenty of directional adjustment.

I bought 4 of these speakers 2 pairs and put them up in our music room honestly the mid quality is perfect but don’t look for any bass from these you have to have a sub box because these speakers are totally trimble mid and low mid these are not sub clair, excellent sound and very good quality and heavy too and the mount perfect love them 5 star.

These speakers are just what i needed. Tested with some decent bassy rock music they performed really well. I bought them in white to use as dolby atmos ceiling speakers – they blend into the ceiling well and can be angled.

Quality is satisfactory for the price and application.

Delivered by return, easy to put up and blend in.

Yes very good service, and quality of goods.

Great small speaker this is my second pair would recomend.

Says they are for indoor use but have had them outside in all weathers for quite a while now and no signs of rust or issues. Sound quality isnt bad for the size or price and using them from a old stereo.

Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker – Best sounding bluetooth speaker I ever had.

Design is very nice and quality and details are also very good. Good choice if you like quality audio with a nice design piece.

Very impressed with the hifi sound. Here are the specifications for the Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker:

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  • ✪ EXCLUSIVE STYLE AND VERSATILITY – Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks extra special? The Vifa Oslo is a beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker that delivers a powerful audio performance. Optimised for low distortion and high precision, the Oslo sounds as wonderful as it looks
  • ✪ AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Vifa’s Oslo received the prestigious iF International Forum Design-award for its outstanding product design. It features a special woven wool grill by Danish textile Designer Kvadrat
  • ✪ MADE TO SHARE – Smartphone and other devices connect to Vifa’s Oslo either via Bluetooth aptX 4.0 or through its 3.5 mm AUX input jack on the back
  • ✪ STELLAR SOUND – Oslo delivers a powerful quality audio performance with clear highs and robust bass. Two 50 mm aluminum cone full-range drivers with neodymium magnets, and two 65 mm woofers mounted back-to-back operate in opposition to reduce distortion and cabinet vibration
  • ✪ IN THE BOX – Vifa Oslo, Power supply, AUX 3.5 mm mini jack cable, Travel bag, Manual, Quick guide and Warranty

Works great with my iphone looks fantastic too.

It sounds amazing and its very bass heavy but, if you’d like something kinda quiet look elsewhere.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son
  • Fairly pricy, but great hi-fi portable speaker
  • Best sounding bluetooth speaker I ever had.

I was looking for a decent bluetooth speaker and initially considered the dali katch as it was listed as the best speaker of its type at the time in what hifi. I then looked it up on youtube and discovered the vifa range of speakers via clavinetjunkie. I’m glad i did as the sound this speaker produces is really excellent, especially in ‘ late night’ mode setting found via the vifa app (the app is rather clunky admittedly). If portability is your main requirement then you might be better looking elsewhere given the size and relatively low battery life. The smaller helsinki is better in this regard and also sounds excellent and is cheaper too. The oslo rocks though and is impressively loud – possibly too loud if you use it in a small room and the helsinki is more sufficient in these circumstances – with no obvious reduction in bass response at higher volumes unlike many such speakers. As others have mentioned, the incremental volume levels are too pronounced on your phone settings so make sure you are prepared to make micro volume adjustments on the unit instead. Some may also find the lack of stereo production a negative too. To me, these are small sacrifices to make given the quality of the sound this speaker delivers.

This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son has at least half a dozen and many were good. I liked the bose ones, and found them amazing for their size, if a bit bass heavy. I didn’t like the unbalanced sound of the b&0 play beolit 15, which is roughly the same price and size as the vifa oslo. I don’t need it to be too portable as i use it around the house. I don’t need it to be too loud, but want a balanced sound with clear mid ranges. The vifa oslo fits this as well as i had hoped. Music is balanced, with firm bass, clear and forward mid range and silky trebles. It sounds amazing when turned up, which i don’t do very often.

And before oslo i had beolit 15, beoplay a2 active and beoplay p6. Vifa oslo beats them all by a huge margin. Superb design, great battery life and epic sound quality. Can’t recommend them enough.

Awesome sound quality for all styles of music, feels very nice build quality, fairly decent battery life, loud enough for large rooms and house parties and doesn’t really distort at high volumes. The app let’s you mess with a few eq settings. I find late night mode is best (boosts bass), combined with the wall setting (for when speaker is placed high up) as this seems to add some clarity.

Really has been a very good experience in terms of portable sound, i am very satisfied with the purchase, i recommend 100%.

Incredible sound with beautiful looks and finish.

Excellent high-definition speaker. While it has some difficulty connecting bluetooth, once it does the signal is clear and stable. A great purchase, plus it has a very elegant appearance.

Neissstar Bluetooth Speakers, Five Stars

Excellent product and does exactly what it states. Several colours, everything provided and easy to use. Really good sound quality for such a small item. Tried one and liked it so much i bought another three for the family. Totally agree with reviews written for the same product in different colours. Absolute bargain and working well.

So good i have 2 – brilliant shame there are no instruction so initiative required – good sound.

Neissstar portable wireless speakers bluetooth.

Key specs for Bluetooth Speakers, Neisssstar 6W Portable Speaker Loud Stereo Sound, Rich Bass, Built-in Mic Outdoor Party wireless Speakers with Bluetooth:

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  • Bluetooth speaker with dual speaker, two 4 ohm 3W speaker with the full-range speakers, and is equipped with powerful bass diaphragm, independent of the speaker cavity, the perfect interpretation of all kinds of music, suitable for all loving people to buy music, beautiful sound, easy to carry
  • With FM radio function, use very convenient.can plug TF card and U disk MP3 player to play music
  • Built in Mic, can answer the phone, connect the phone using Bluetooth, speakers with a microphone, you can easily use, zero radiation, the body good.
  • Bluetooth wireless transmission, to solve the usual long wire cable short, the trouble! Wireless, like where to put where placed
  • ABS plastic + iron mesh + silicone mat product, perfect casting, texture extraordinary fashion. Support for iapd, for iphone and for Samsung, for htc, for motorcycle, for Nokia and other Bluetooth phones and a variety of computers and other devices Bluetooth wireless transmission of audio

Comments from buyers

“Reall good for the price
, Five Stars
, Great big sound out of a mini speaker. Hemal

Quite load and good sound quality can’t go wrong for the price.

For the price its great 15quid bang on the money aux cable is a little loose but thats why its bluetooth so not really an issue sound is good the bass boasted is standard really as any othe bluetooth speaker. For me it still does not beat my dvoom onbeat 200 priced around 20 to 30 and has a rubberised casing.

Shouts the current mode at you in an accent, with super high volume. Apart from that is pretty decent.

Ancable 2-Channel Stereo Speaker Selector Switcher Splitter Switch Box – Why does it parallel speakers

If like me you’re a hi-fi nut of 78yrs, i would never parallel high quality systems, due to many reasons, not the least being overloading amplifier, but they will interact with each other therefore in that mode they ‘are not hi-fi’. It is difficult enough to get a ‘good’ damping factor with one set of speakers; two in parallel, don’t go there. These seem good quality switches hence the ‘good’ clunky sound, and the ‘size’ indicates the current rating fine,and therefore keeps a good damping factor, but if like me your speakers require a good damping factor don’t use both switches in on mode have now tried to connect up and found the push connectors a bit flimsy, so don’t push hard and only push enough to see hole ‘clear’ do not go any further, or you may as i did hear the small spring go inside case, then you will have to open up case on one side to drop spring out, if like me you are curious to see inside you will find the switches are 15amp but only 1 way dp. Therefore can’t be wired as my other ‘better’ two way switch for my lounge system but i can’t find these switches today so have ordered parts to make one myself and if it works will rewire this unit. You will require a lot of patience getting spring back together but i managed at 78yrs.

Well made and worked a treat, pity there’s no input for a subwoofer.

No obvious loss in sound quality. Here are the specifications for the Ancable 2-Channel Stereo Speaker Selector Switcher Splitter Switch Box:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 2 Way stereo speaker control, allow conventional amplifier or stereo receiver to drive multiple sets of speakers, without the need for external impedance matching devices
  • Ideal for low cost distributed audio in residential or commercial sound applications
  • Just hooked up to the stereo.No extra power supply needed
  • Individual control of each speaker pair. Impedance constant at 4-8 Ohms, 100WRMS, 200W max
  • Speakers connected must be no less than 8 ohms

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Why does it parallel speakers
  • Five Stars
  • Great value

Bluedio V (Barrel) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black and Silver) – Three Stars

Alright so i was told this was an awesome speaker. And it is, but only for looks. It is truly a conversation starter and looks brilliant as a decorative piece. I was quite amazed by the good sound quality, but this was a bit short term. So having testing the sound quality and finding it to be brilliant. I took it away from my small box room and took it to me living room. However i was very disappointed to find that i was already at the maximum volume, which for a speaker retailed at over £100 is absolutely trash. So for the past 2 weeks i have just used it as a decorative piece.

For the price this is a really nice bluetooth speaker and is really value for money. This has a really solid feel and there is no cheap feeling about it. The speaker is very impressive with a sleek and stylish design. The buttons feel solid as well as the charging port and connection. Performance: this speaker was really easy to pair with my device. The sound is really nice and clear and the bass is really good as well. The 3d sound is excellent and gives really good sound depth and quality. I was really surprised by the quality of this speaker for the price. This definitely exceeded my expectations for a bluetooth speaker for this price.

Sound was okay, not a patch on an amazon echo for example. The upper end was very clear, the mid range ok and the bass didn’t turn-up. The one i received had buttons that randomly worked and cause crackles when pressed. I can’t help think they’ve spent too much on the packing and maybe not enough on the product itself. The packaging would easily get 5 stars. Here are the specifications for the Bluedio V (Barrel) Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black and Silver):

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    by entering your model number.
  • Five drive units: A 59mm bass driver is designed to improve and strengthen the low frequency, two 30mm tweeter drivers are responsible for the highs, and the two 40mm drivers can fully involve in lows, mids and highs. This design can make the sound more three-dimensional.
  • New tuning technology: V (barrel) adopts the new tuning technology and adds two tweeter drivers to optimize the mid and high frequency, so the mids are natural and the highs are clear.
  • Passive radiator: The specially designed passive radiator will assist the 59mm bass driver to effectively enhance the bass performance, to make the sound strong and powerful.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship: V (barrel) adopts high-strength alloy to build its main frame, which makes it much stronger. Besides, the metal surface of the speaker uses the plating process to allow it more durable and beautiful.
  • Exquisite craftsmanship: V (barrel) adopts high-strength alloy to build its main frame, which makes it much stronger. Besides, the metal surface of the speaker uses the plating process to allow it more durable and beautiful.

Nice and powefull with great base.

Not as bassy as i was expecting but sounds ok.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing speaker with excellent design, build quality, sound performance and affordable price
  • The Bluedio US is seriously amazing, the sound quality is fantastic – clarity and
  • Looks great and sounds superb for the price

Powerful, balanced sound & striking looks. The bluedio us is seriously amazing, the sound quality is fantastic – clarity and balance is top class – i am not a fan of excessive bass and the us gets the bass / treble balance just right – especially when activating the 3d effect. The speaker can be very loud and sound quality is always exceptional even when pushed to the max. The packaging is top quality, included with the speaker is a 3. 5mm audio cable and a micro usb to usb charging cable, carry strap and an instruction booklet which is clear and detailed. Pairing the speaker was straight forward and the range of the bluetooth connection is impressive. The build quality is excellent and the design styling is striking and looks impressive in any setting in the home. The control buttons feel solid and respond well when used. I found the battery life excellent, charge time approximately 4 hours from flat and it will last about 5 hours on continuous playback when only on battery – although i leave mine plugged in all the time. This is a very impressive and value for money speaker.

So happy with this speaker now i can zone out to my music in luxury.

Bluedio us(ufo) wireless bluetooth satellite speaker system with mic, 10w output power from 3 drivers(black and silver)definitely not your standard bluetooth speaker. Unusual design, a potential talking point. Good sound stage, not too bassy, with good definition of mid and reasonable high tones. Good for both music and voice, but dont expect earth moving volume or weighty bass. However certainly hits the sweet spot for what i wanted, good separation of sound, internet radio and talking books are reproduced with crystal clarity. Certainly more than enough volume for use in my study. A positive purchase at a great price, especially when purchased through a lightning deal.

Love bluedio headphones, own 2 pairs and this speaker does not disappoint either, really great sound, amazing innovative design and looks fab.

Great sound quality, can distinguish highs and lows very well. Very good for small areas, preferably in front of a computer or tv where you are in a straight line from the speaker. Not so good at filling a large area, outdoors or such.

Great looking piece of kit, the sounds good also, everyone who sees this loves it.

Not very loud max volume on bluetooth connection. Sound and bass is good though for close proximity.

I don’t think this product is as good as some reviewers made out.

My review is based on only a few days of use. Its a very substantial speaker with a great look and a comforting weight, that was well packaged on arrival. It paired easily with my ipad and iphone. It’s sound is pretty good, although it’s a little bit bright at the top end, it does handle bass notes well, and i’m getting used to it’s sound, as it performs better at higher volumes.

The amazingly innovative design of this speaker caught my eye and i was compelled to purchase it. Thankfully, it sounds as good as it looks; crisp treble, full mids, and thumping bass. The volume is good too, but it isn’t deafening. The super slick presentation box includes the speaker plus two additional smaller boxes which include aux and charging leads. There are full written instructions in the box too. Back to the design and build quality; they are stunning. I find myself looking as much as listening to this unusual gadget. The controls are easily accessible, and the 3d button is an extra thrill that works well. I am thrilled with this speaker and i heartily recommend it to other seekers of fantastic audio wrapped up in a creative exterior.

I have been looking for bluetooth speaker for a while and these one stuck the eyes. Ordered them, reached within 2 days in great packing. Connection was simple and i was stunned with the amazing sound quality these small speakers could produce. Literally, it appears that different voice is coming from different part which gives the music a new definition. Appears different from other speakers and looks nice on table (two of my friends have already asked me that where did id get it from?). 3 d effect is amazing and sound is powerful. Also available with belt so that you can carry it with you on a walk, though not have used that function so far. Thumbs up to bluedio for master piece.

The speaker works well after the seller was helpful and nice. People have said this before, but the parts/frequencies are separated well, as opposed to the mainstream bluetooth speakers which tend to mix the bass with the lower mids. The clarity is amazing, to the point where i can hear the differences in vibrato in the violins in an orchestra very clearly. There is sufficient bass where it gets louder the higher volume you play it. I have not tested the distance of the bluetooth, but it connects instantly, which is nice, and yes, this does come with a 3. 5 aux cord, along with a strap to hold the unique shape of the speaker. Build quality wise, it feels good, while the back is plastic, doesn’t give the unpleasant feeling, and the front aluminium give it some strength and heft while also looking amazing. It tends to be mixed about the 3d mode having some effects, but i can say definitely that it does. From my ears, the bass increases in volume noticeably, while the kids scoop out a bit and additional reverb effects.

Volume onethe new exclusive us (ufo) speaker, (ufo series)today we bring you the exclusive (us)in volume one, we will talk about what the next generation of the ufo series has to offer but not in a headphone, this time in the next ufo series we bring to you the first (us) speaker with a new futuristic look and design that reaches out to all the audiences and fans and great sounding stage processes plus beautiful craftsmanship in detail. Let’s start with the unboxing experience, as you know when you buy any bluedio product, every unboxing experience is unique and full of surprises because you know now that infront of you, you are now part of the bluedio family and moments away from the true hearing experience. Because you are all the audiences, and to bluedio you are family. Now, with the unboxing of the new ufo (us) you are presented with a classic and very sleek sleeve over the main box which is little larger than normal with all your information and details from the specs even graphs, and not just that a new slogan, which is definitely describes this product,as you remove the sleeve, your presented with a very solid box where your inches away from opening to see the goodies inside with all your fingers & thumbs tingling and your heart racing with excitement. Now this is when your mind is thinking to yourself do i, or don’t i open the box, maybe i should wait bit longer with all this excitement?. Lol okay okay we’ll stop teasing you, well maybe, we’ll see ;)okay as you open the main compartment box ,your presented with a instructions manual in a nice hidden pocket under the lid as you open the box always a nice touch on all the bluedio products, as your eyes widen with excitement you feast your eyes on the really beautiful crafted ufo (us) and the first thing you notice is the way it’s designed, it really does look like something of a undentified flying object, not just that futuristic too. Plus this is only there mother version, there’s a (us plus) the daddy version that coming out soon possibly next year, now that’s interesting itself, i’m looking forward to that. The (us) design with sleek curves futuristic lines and very eye catching black and chrome metal body plus creative build layout that they have done from the inside. With the (us) from yours truly, you have two 40mm fibreglass horn drivers and a 59mm subwoofer. The power is amazingly impressive, small but very mighty, plus loud enough to fill a very large house with the volume that the (us) has, great for outdoor parties too as its very portable.

It looks and the sound qaulity is very good overall but not very loud at all. My specific speaker came with a small scratch at the bottom.

After looking through a bunch of speakers in amazon, i decided to give this a try. The main reason is: it looks much better than those chunky cylinder. It was delivered to my office and i opened it together with friends. And we all agreed that it has a brilliant design. It looks so cool a as a spaceship from a distance, while getting close you can see the detailing and premium materials. Sound quality is surprisingly good for the size. The midrange is nice and direct. Suitable for both pop, rock music and movies. It could do with a little better in the high range but in such a size and price, i think it has done the best it can do.

Good sound, very bulky for not as much sound comparative to other speakers.

auna Linie-300-SW-BH Aktiv-Subwoofer – Cheap, ok for price

Works very well and sounds great. Had plenty of controls to play with to make it sound just right.

The on / off / switch does not work well, feels very cheap. Sounds pretty good for the price , not best not the worstfor £99 can’t go too wronghad it a week now, sound is good, on/off switch not causing problems, but feels cheap.

Fantastic sound and good quality finish. Fitted in well in my living room.

I bought it to augment the sound from my tiny, tinny little computer speakers and it does a great job with that. Before i got it playing my bass though guitar rig wasn’t exactly a satisfying experience but now it’s a real delight. Likewise most bass heavy music sounded kinda crappy before but now i can’t stop listening to dub reggae and jungle. White finish goes with petty much anything – wasn’t expecting the purchase of a bass bin for the living room to get high levels of buy in from the missus but she’s pretty happy with it’s aesthetics (and the velvety smooth low end we now enjoy). The only problem is it goes much louder than i can get away with day to day so i’m going to have to find an excuse for a house party soon.

I got one of these in beech,and i must admit i was a bit unsure of how good it wood be. But let me tell you its amazing ,for the price it blows most of the other subs avalible on the market clean awaythe bass is really rich, deep and booming ,got mine hooked up to yamaha av receiver and lg bluray with a standard 5. The quality of the unit is second to none, and all controls and inputs are at the back out of the way. Tweeking the crossover frequency and the input level will give you more than enough bass you could want. Great for both films and music, so if its tons of thump you want ,,,,get one , you wont be disapointed,i wasnt.

The finish is a bit dull and lifeless, more gloss would have been preferable. Sound is excellent, purchased as a pair the net result is very pleasing. Punchy, full of body, clean and quite deep. Not the deepest of bass but such punch its better than having a load of floppy ultra low bass.

  • This thing can really move some air!
  • Sonics are excellent
  • Beat ok this price

Flawless like the other speakers from auna. It worms perfect with the 300 floors from auna.

Totally love it i have a nad t750 av amp and it fits perfect now i can hear the bass which is rich for the price liquid drum and bass is fun fun.

Features of auna Linie-300-SW-BH Aktiv-Subwoofer

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ACTIVE SUBWOOFER: with 10″ (25 cm) woofer and automatic switch | Built-in amplifier capable of frequency and phase matching | Bass reflex frontfire design for powerful bass response
  • ADAPTABLE: Connection terminals for surround speakers, TV, DVD player | Beech wooden cabinet with removable speaker cover
  • CONNECTIONS: 1 x stereo RCA line input, 1 x stereo RCA line output, 4 x set of speaker terminals | Power: 250W RMS | Frequency response: 40Hz – 180Hz adjustable crossover
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE: The Auna Line 300-SW Subwoofer is the ideal solution for home cinema applications and a perfect complement for stereo speakers with a weaker bass sound. The active subwoofer has separate controls for volume, phase, and frequency range to completely customise the sound to your personal tastes and spatial conditions. The 10″ (25 cm) woofer produces massive low end, low-flying bass spheres and driving rhythms housed in a low-resonance chassis.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

ACTIVE SUBWOOFER: with 10″ (25 cm) woofer and automatic switch | Built-in amplifier capable of frequency and phase matching | Bass reflex frontfire design for powerful bass response

ADAPTABLE: Connection terminals for surround speakers, TV, DVD player | Beech wooden cabinet with removable speaker cover

CONNECTIONS: 1 x stereo RCA line input, 1 x stereo RCA line output, 4 x set of speaker terminals | Power: 250W RMS | Frequency response: 40Hz –

HIGH-PERFORMANCE: The Auna Line 300-SW Subwoofer is the ideal solution for home cinema applications and a perfect complement for stereo speakers with a weaker bass sound. The active subwoofer has separate controls for volume, phase, and frequency range to completely customise the sound to your personal tastes and spatial conditions.

MINIRIG portable SUBWOOFER – RED – B STOCK – Five Stars

My son was very happy with this mini rig, problem was he didnt realise that he neededd another product before it worked. That was more hassel than i needed and it should of clearly stated that.

Firstly i was amazed at the quick delivery, and then i opened it, plugged it into my minirig and fell in love all over again. This is truly an outstanding product, it picks up all the right bass notes leaving the minirig to do what it does best, blast beautiful music.

It’s a minirig, of course it’s brilliant.

The difference this makes to 2 minirigs is amazing the bass is deep and smooth and compliments the minirigs very well. The only thing i would improve is when buying as a set ie 2 minirigs and a subwoofer i think the custom stereo splitter cable should be given as part of the package free of charge. As i was disposing of the packaging which consisted of the packing bag with a few other bags inside that were used as packing, a set of the splitter cables fell out of the packing. So the custom stereo splitter cable is supplied with the whole package. It could have just been more carefully packed to be made more obvious as it very nearly got put in the bin with waste packing. So on the whole im even more happier with the minirigs and the service supplied by minirig themselves.

Such a good product, it is amazing, i have linked it up with minirigs sound is awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fantastic
  • Minirig sub
  • Five Stars

Definitely the best small audio speakers on the market.

Couldn’t recommend these enough amazing product really works well with the minirig.

It makes the minirig sound ten times better especially when listening to dance or rap music. Only negative is sometimes there is a lag between pressing play on your music device and they song starting to play through subwoofer.

Step 1: remember that we are talking about portable speakers that run off batteries. Step 2: try to avoid comparing this device to $$$$$$$ stationary audio equipment. Ok, so i’ve owned my first minirig for about 6 months and had nothing but good things to say about it. The sound quality is awesome, the battery life is unbelievable, and the build quality is superb and robust. If your objective is portable sound with no compromise (except wireless) then there is nothing out there that can compete. Now i have the sub (and a second minirig), and i can say that it is really a great combination. The sound is really full and rich, and the bass is exactly what i expected after reading the specs. No, with a 3′ woofer it will not break glass, but the bass is pretty damn good.

Good solid bass, good battery life, good case.

The subwoofer is beautifully made and looks and sounds great. The case that is comes in makes it perfect for travelling.

I already own two minirigs so had been waiting for the sub for sometime, i have waited a while to review as i wanted to run the sub for a while before i decided how much i like it. I have used this sub & 2 x minirigs as a small system for my technics, the sound quality is excellent for such a small system and is loud enough to have a small party but not too loud to annoy your neighbours. I agree that it is quite expensive but you pay for what you get which is a british made piece of quality. I have to add pasce have fantastic customer service to as i had a problem with one of my minirigs & they fixed it & sent it back very quickly.

The best portable soundsystem.Price is high for woofer but the quality is everything you want. Took me a couple days to notice i was putting cables in wrong & playing it in low power. Now i know to attached my ipod to the high gain first, then go out the subs low gain to the minirigs.

Makes mini rig a whole new sound system. Needs another mini rig now to go with sub and mini rig.

Brilliant sound for small size. Amazing power and perfect for those trips away from home and on the go. Super build quality and packaging.

No portable speaker out there matches the low end this delivers. Battery life isn’t as much as the mini rig speakers, but apart from that, very happy.

I purchased a minirig speaker back in february and absolutely loved it; so much so that i recently decided to purchase another as well as a sub so that i could make a full 2. I had always been impressed by the sound that the individual speaker produced, but having a full 2. 1 system just blows it out of the water. The bass that this tiny and lightweight sub can produce is just astounding and really compliments the speakers very well. While the speakers are very good as a stand alone, you simply don’t realise how much a little bass improves the sound. I listen to a range of music and the sub really works well with all types. It has the power and brunt for bass heavy music but it’s not overpowering when listening to less bass heavy music; it just provides a lovely warmth and fills in the gaps that the minirigs can’t quite reach. I purchased this set-up primarily as a portable system and due to its size/weight and vast battery life, it is more than capable of doing that. However, as a student i will be moving away from home to uni in september and so i was looking for a replacement for my current hifi as i won’t want to transport it every time i pop home.

This is a perfect accompanyment to minirigs , i was worried it would be a thumping boy racer sub , but instead it is like having a lovely warm audio hugbrilliant engineering and perfect tuning.

Already sent this back and got a new one sent me b sure the charge inlet became loose. No considering sending it back again as the aux connection to the minirig is crackly and the sub doesn’t always kick in and have to twiddle the cable. It’s not the cable as i’ve tried several. Build quality doesn’t seem to be that good after a few weeks usuage. Sound is great if it’s working well.

Grate speaker just the job cheers.

First review, that’s a big responsibility. When i bought my (standard) minirig two years ago, i couldn’t find anything to gripe about, apart from the poor bass response. Not really a surprise in a unit the size of a grapefruit. At the time there was talk of a sub, but i learned to love the rig as it was and it has been all over the place with me ever since. Still love it like the first day. Today i bought the subwoofer and fell in love all over again. Such depth and richness of sound, it complements the minirig perfectly. Surprisingly good on low-gain and at low volumes as well. I am not going to go on, everything that was said in the reviews of the standard minirig on here holds true for the new device. Plus it has an on/off switch, which (when the lead comes) will also turn the minirigs off too.

Flexound HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion – Another level in Entertainment!

I usually listen to music through headphones or audiophile hifi, however i also very much enjoying listening to music from the humu. It was simple to set up working with my desktop and smartphone. I mainly use it for relaxation playing specific sound files that incorporate lower frequencies inducing a tactile experience. As i work from home regularly rather than taking a power nap i will use my humu,.

Took it to our summer cottage this weekend. The sound quality itself is so good for this price, and the bass vibration made the whole listening experience so immersive.

Great sounding pair of bluetooth speakers, and some tactile bass feedback vibrations. Perfect for lying in bed and watching movies, youtube, gaming, or just meditating with some brown noise or binaural beats – the speakers in this are far louder and much better quality than anything in your mobile device, and probably your tv too. Really adds a level of immersion to gaming and action movies. The tactile bass effect isn’t as strong as i’d like on low volumes, but other than that, this is a fantastically unique personal audio experience. Don’t buy if you want something the whole room can hear and feel. It’s really just for you or maybe a partner too.

What can i say, apart from that this is one of the best purchases i have made, love being able to feel as well as hear, did not expect the sound quality to be as great as it is, as it is through a cushion, but somehow they have worked some magic as this sounds amazing. Watching a movie and at one point it felt like i was actually in the car which was travelling down a dirt track and feeling that vibration travel through me, entering a nightclub in the same film and when the doors opened i felt the music hit methe cushion itself is well made and had that lovely new car smell. This brings another level to everything i have tried it with so far, if this is the future bring it on.

I spent all weekend on binge watching action movies with my humu tucked behind my neck. The amazing combination of high quality audio and vibrating cushion made the viewing experience come to life. I was right in the action with objects whizzing by and crashes shaking my body. While it is now permanently lodged in my entertainment room, my son has been trying to steal it for his gaming chair. If you want full body experience, you have to have this product.

I got this smart cushion a couple of weeks ago and i just love it.

  • Great 3D experience
  • I usually listen to music through headphones or audiophile HiFi
  • 1st of its kind

Amazing product, had to get one after a brief test. I have never experienced this deep vibaratin feeling of low tones with a sound volume that do not bother a person next to me. The mid range and high tones are very clear too, very goog especially with this price. This is not just a pillow with a speaker rather a completely new vibarating experience for the music and movies.

This thing is incredible, so simple in theory, yet thoughtfully & beautifully crafted to make it the ultimate experience in home entertainment. If you love music – listening & feeling the sound through flexound humu is an absolute must.

The truth here is that you probably won’t use these speakers regularly. When you do, however, you’ll be glad you had them. When my wife’s out and i have full t. Privileges, i don’t go out partying with the boys. I put up my 90 inch screen at the foot of my bed, balance my projector on top of my headboard, replace my pillow with this bad boy, and lose myself in downton abbey. This speaker creates a lovely 3d listening experience. Sometimes, after a few whiskeys, i’ll put on my most depressing spotify playlist (the playlist is called ‘everything lush’ if you’re looking for sadness in your life), plug this speaker in, lay back, and be taken away by don mclean’s vincent.

Great innovation with surprisingly good sound. Vibration adds a totally new dimension to listening experience. Works well also with movies.

Amazing product, highly recommend very good delivery.

Features of HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion (Graphite)

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  • World’s First Sound Wave Cushion. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion adds the sensation of touch to entertainment – including music, games, & video.
  • The sound quality out-performs brand headphones with 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz range
  • Minimal sound leakage around you
  • Connect to all bluetooth devices. Long battery life and be used while charging.


HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion adds the sensation of touch to any audio-visual listening experience —be it music, games, television, streaming or movies. It combines high quality audio with physical sound wave vibration, creating a unique immersive experience.

“HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion is the real deal – one of those magical products that I always hope to find at CES… unusual, cool, compelling, and ready to ship.” -Darryl Wilkinson, Sound & Vision magazine

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion feel hifi speaker

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion Immersive sound


HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion adds the sensation of touch to all audio-visual entertainment.

• HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion offers binaural immersion with hi-fi sound combined to the sensation of touch.

• The sound quality out-performs brand headphones with 20 to 20 000 Hz range.

• With headphones you will hardly get any bass below 60 Hz – with HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion you will hear and feel it.

• Minimal sound leakage around you.

• Use wherever and whenever you want. Long battery life and be used while charging.

• Connect to all bluetooth devices. Cable connection enabled for professional use and vintage devices.

• Interconnectable to same sound source.

• Washable vegan suede cover.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion is the ONLY cushion that brings you an immersive audio experience. Hear and feel all the sounds of your favourite entertainment.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion Gaming gear immersive


Pump up your gaming with extra kicks: feel every explosion, jump and acceleration physically. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion amplifies soundscapes and effects and takes the game experience to a totally new level.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion music movies immersive gadget speaker


With HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion you will hear and feel the sound. It outperforms in audio clarity. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion reproduces frequencies 20 to 20 000 Hz having a wider range than any consumer loudspeaker or headset. You will feel the thrill of a movie scene deep in your own body. It creates a unique 3D effect with two stereo sources that separate the sound to provide a home theatre feeling. With 3D sound and pulsating music, HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion is incomparable to any loudspeaker or surround sound system.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion relaxation biohacking meditation mindfulness


HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion is great for biohacking, audio yoga, relaxation, ASMR and therapy as it stimulates extra hormones of happiness and destresses mind and body. the near-field technology creates a perfect sound bubble free of delays, distortions, echoes, and reflections. HUMU isolates you perfectly from your surroundings, and vice versa, makes every audio moment more pleasurable for you and those around.

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion Speaker


• Chargeable (Lithium Polymer 3.7V, 5.5 Wh battery)

• Low energy consumption, 3 hours of charging and 8 hours of usage

• Connects easily with all audio devices (TVs, smart phones, tablets, music players, game consoles, home theatre devices etc.)

• Sound and vibration frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, which is wider than most loudspeakers

• Weight: 1.5 kg

• Cover material: Soft microfibre (50% Polyurethane and 50% Nylon)

• Measurements: 480 mm (length) x 270 mm (width) x 145 mm (height)

• Colors available: Light Grey and Graphite

• Boosted by exclusive patented Flexound Augmented Audio technology

• Vibrating sound board assembly that creates stereo sound

• Connect via Bluetooth (4.2, A2DP audio protocol; connection distance of up to 10m) or 3.5mm jack

• Warranty: 1 year

• Certificates: CCC, CE, MIC and FCC

• Design: Product design by 2016 Ornamo Design Award winner, Pasi Pennanen

• Includes: HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion, Micro USB charging cable and user guide


The Augmented Audio technology inside combines high-quality sound reproduction and physical distributed vibration, that allows users to hear and feel sound simultaneously. Unlike loudspeakers that vibrate sound into air, HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion contains a single, proprietary Flexound Augmented Audio module with patented Elastic Vibrating Elements to vibrate sound into an intelligent foam interior. It produces a soft, near-field listening experience which minimizes disturbance to others in the vicinity of the device, even when listening to bass-heavy frequencies. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion covers the whole frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with a single element, while the vibrating sensations are felt most at lower frequencies up to 500 Hz. Middle and high frequencies create a spatially augmented HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion sound sphere, a personal binaural stereo soundscape. In addition to these benefits, the unique combination of sound and vibration at middle frequencies also adds clarity to spoken dialogue as both skin and ears act as sensory channels in synchrony.

Flexound Augmented Audio immersive sound

About the Startup

Describe your products in 3 words.


How did you come up with the idea for this product?

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio is designed and engineered in Finland.

Flexound team started work in 2015 to help autistic children by adding the sensation of touch to sound. The original idea is by the wife of the inventor Jukka Linjama, PhD in acoustics and a violinist, who created the first instrument that transformed plain music into a magical combination of high-quality sound and distributed vibration. Meant first to be a therapy tool for disabled children only, the team quickly realized that this game-changing innovation feels so good and makes one so happy that it should be available to everyone.

Today, the versatile, globally unique technology can be embedded into cinema or car seats, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more. The patented FLEXOUND Augmented Audio has won both hearts and awards internationally.

What makes your product special?

HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion is the ONLY cushion that brings you an immersive audio experience. Hear and feel all the sounds of your favourite entertainment. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion adds the sensation of touch to all audio-visual experiences.

Boosted by exclusive Flexound Augmented Audio Technology.

Flexound is the only company in the world that can add the sensation of touch to music, games, movies and VR allowing you to both hear high-quality surround sound and feel the physical vibration of the sound waves. Our game-changing innovation adds a revolutionary dimension to all audio. This is true Augmented Audio.

Cinemas across the globe are looking to enhance your experience and have turned to our technology to do so. The HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion gives you that experience anywhere you go.

Designed and Engineered in Finland.

What has been the best part of your experience?


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Why has no-one invented something like this before?. Deserves to be more than a niche product as it is so much fun. Near field bluetooth speaker built into a cushion, so that you can enjoy loud immersive music / movies etc. Without disturbing those around you, while not being cut off from your environment using headphones. But the main event is the vibration effect that kicks in at the bass end. Particularly recommended for action movies (feel the explosions), sounds of nature (feel the thunder roll past), action and shootemup games (kaboommm) or crank up some reggae and feel de riddim. Vibration effect is powerful, and really adds to the experience. Initial pairing with devices took the usual couple of goes, but switching between paired devices (ipad mini 2, sony z4 tablet) has been unusually pain free, picking up the new device quickly and first time. Bluetooth will stay connected indefinitely, rather than disconnecting after 30 minutes when not playing to save half a milliwatt of power.

I had my long-awaited humu cushion wednesday, and after a very pleasant first experience (30min) i had some trouble with bluetooth connection and the fact that humu did not charge itself for some reason. So, being very disappointed i tried first googling the problem solving i found nothing, and then decided to write on info address with a rather desperate tone of voice saying ‘help’. I’d like to state once again that it’s not what happens during first product experiences; it’s how it’s handeled–>customer support answered the next day, gave good tips on how to make it work and ultimately ended up making a home visit on sunday evening to fix the problem. This is how you handle customer experience. 5 stars for product, 10 for customer care. Thanks heikki, these are the things that make a truly great overall experience :)jjj.

World’s First Sound Wave Cushion. HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion adds the sensation of touch to entertainment –


The sound quality out-performs brand headphones with 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz range

Minimal sound leakage around you

Mission MS-400 Subwoofer – : Just Great

Love these speakers, best sounding speakers i have had, very clear, using them with a yamaha amp and the end result is just breathe taking. Good looking speaker too, slightly deeper than my last set and very well built.

Having spent years listening to streamed music on smaller speakers the difference playing cds through an amp to these speakers was phenomenal. I’m mainly listening to classical music. With a good recording it’s like having a steinway playing in the room.

Mission MS-400 Subwoofer – Black

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  • Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer
  • 1 x (10”) 250mm long-throw woofer
  • 35 – 120Hz frequency response
  • 215W amplifier output
  • 450W peak power output

This is an excellent speaker giving u full depth with sharp treble and solid bassthe only thing disappointing me is that amazon sent us twice a single speaker instead of pair. Would anyone buy a single sock?.

I recently purchased a pair of these speakers from rs and fell in love with them i have them wired to a denon av amp [the 2018 version of denon avr 2500h which is a superb 5 start winer in the top audio mags. The speakers sound faultless i have them as part of a home theatre system the other speakers are a pair of wharfedale 9. 0 and a pair of ms ms 10 cheapish speakers but mixed in with the missions the sound is so much better than my bose 201 and wharfedale diamonds mk5 i had them wired to a technics sua 900 amp it sounded excellent but sadly it died in 2018 hence the denon . My advice make sure you have a decent quality amp and use decent speaker cable [generic thick cable will do you don’t have to pay stupid money for cable [ i speak as a retired electrician ] dont let anyone tell you different if you looking for a decent pair of floor standers you wont do much better that these [[one good tip is iis you have carpet in the room where the speakers are going then use granite chopping boards [£10 each at dunelm mill ] and use 2 sets of generic spikes and spike shoes this way you will avoid bass booming and the sound from the speaker is so much improved putting the extra bits on them its well worth it. I still have a pair of mission f74 floor standers i think that these speakers for sale are the newer version of my old f series because the layout of the speakers is the same as are the specifications [they are being used in another room ]. ]

It is for one speaker not a pair as advertised. It must be on its 5th or 6th return. Better to purchase from richer sounds instead.

Great sound, just remember to buy speaker cable as well if you don’t have any already.

It is advertised as a pair of speakers and i have only received one speaker .

Gear 4 GEAR4 Stream 3 WiFi & Bluetooth Multi Room Speaker – Five Stars

Lovely sound and a lot cheaper than others when purchased. I happily bought two but i can now only use it with bluetooth as the app needed for the wifi is not supported no longer works on iphone since os updates.

Great speaker, brilliant app, fast delivery and 5 star customer service.

We bought 2 of these speakers for my daughter’s 13th birthday party which we held in a marquee in the garden. We wanted multi-room speakers in order to have the music playing in the house too. The sound quality is great, however it became distorted when the speakers struggled to stay paired together. In the end we used just the one speaker in the marquee. The speaker on its own has a great quality, but the multi-room doesn’t work too well. Here are the specifications for the Gear 4 GEAR4 Stream 3 WiFi & Bluetooth Multi Room Speaker:

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  • Streaming music through Bluetooth from all your favourite apps.
  • Play your favourite playlist or Internet radio station at the touch of a button.
  • Stream music through your home network using Spotify Premium, Deezer, Tidal, Vtune and Tunein ONLY. Gear4 app does not support iCloud
  • Control your music and make groups of speakers with the GEAR4 Music App.
  • Instantly play the same music from all the speakers in your home.

Great value for money although tends to loose bluetooth pairing with mac & sometimes needs re-setting. Sound not as ‘booming’ as similar more expensive rivals, but for the price in comparison, it’s hard to fault. Haven’t paired with others so can’t comment on that.

Good speaker, app not very useful though, good value for money.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent bang for buck, does have its flaws though . . .
  • Seemed a little too good to be true to be honest
  • Great sound but connection not great

Good speaker and sound quality from ithowever if you are looking to link the speakers i’d advise against this one. When it works it’s great – however doesn’t alway work – and the app that is needed to control the speakers is terrible (never works, cuts out) really not worth the hassle.

Very pleased great sound, nice bass, very loud used through wi-fi and bluetooth no problems, good product👍.

Review for gear4 stream3 bluetooth / wifi speakers=====================================================pros: easy pairing, works with alexa (bluetooth), use individually or group speakers together, group with other stream3 speakers and with stream1 wifi only speakers, create groups fairly easy via the mobile app, any speaker can be the master (stream3 or stream1), supports both bluetooth and wifi, android and ios phone app, can connect speakers together using existing home wifi or use its internal own private wifi network, stereo pairing, set speakers individually to stereo left/right speaker. Cons: no manual (only a quickstart guide), no community web support and website doesn’t even show any of their speaker products (at time of writing), 2. 4ghz wifi only (not 5ghz), phone app a little flaky (using android app, ios also supported), speakers eventually switch to standby when paired to a phone when not in use, speaker groups do occasionally disappear, no equalizer settings, quality of speakers is okay, but not as punchy as more expensive speakers. For direct streaming playback only spotify and tidal supported. Bottom line: there are better alternatives if wifi playback using different streaming providers is your priority. Despite it flaws, it still remains one of the cheapest options for multi room speakers although don’t expect the punch you get with more expensive speakers. Excellent bang for buck, great value, if you can live with its flaws. =====================================================the stream3 is the mains powered version of the speaker – you can also get the smaller, portable stream1 with rechargeable battery. The stream3 connects via bluetooth or wifi, also comes with a 3. 5mm aux input, which means you can attach almost any device with a line out or microphone out.

Fantastic just what i wanted for multi room.

Brilliant speaker i can’t believe what great value this was, multiroom’s with ease, works direct with spotify so so happy i didn’t fork out £200 for sonos or bose this definitely does the job. Mult-iroomed in minutes with a gear4 stream 3 in the lounge excellent sound all round the house. Unlike sonos this also has bluetooth and a rechargeable battery so we take it out in the garden for bbq’s and to our beach hut. I spent ages looking at all the different options and this was the only one that does everything we wanted. May not carry the big designer name but who cares when you’ve saved £150 and got exactly what you wanted:multiroom – checkwireless – checkrechargable battery – checkportable – checkbluetooth so we can use at camping/beach hut/in garden – checkbrilliant.

The speaker is good – the app is awful.

No major issues with setup using the app on android. The is pretty basic in terms of flexibility. No equilizer settings so sound is prerty much as is. As others have said its not the best bass but its its certainly not terrible. Found that the bluetooth isnt great if u intend to use it for video as there is roughly a 3 second delay and now way of adjusting this. If u only intend to use it for music though its pretty difficult to fault for the price. Since i will be using it mainly for music around the house i intend to buy more.

I’m not one for writing reviews generally, but i think it’s worth it for this product. I’ve been contemplating getting a sonos system for a while but was finding it hard to justify the cost. After some research i came across the gear4 stream products. Seemed a little too good to be true to be honest, you could get 3 stream 3’s for the cost of one sonos speaker.So i decided to get two stream 3’s, after all i could send them back if they were, as i feared, poor quality. However this is certainly not the case. There were clear instructions in the box to setup the speakers. They ‘just work’ with spotify, and the bluetooth connection was setup in about 10 seconds. I find the app perfectly fine to use too. So sound quality, now i’m not a speaker connoisseur, but i have a good ear for speaker tone and depth, and these things perform really well, i’ve currently got one in the upstairs spare room and one in the kitchen and they are literally filling the house with music.

I have a gear4 stream1 which was so easy to set up to my wifi at home, linked it to my gear4 stream 3 that i also purchased and i have music all around my house. App is good and easy to use, you can also use other media to play through them like spotify.

Great speakers, i have bought 3 of these for my home and they work well. There are however a couple of glitches1) the app doesn’t work on the iphone with the new ios112) the app doesn’t support deezer very well as it is almost impossible to play your playlist from there it just times out.

Can anyone help me i have premium spotify account but the speaker is not coming up on spotify?. Other than that the speakers great btw 👍🏽.

Received the gear 4 stream 1 yesterday, set it up via wi fi using the wps on the router. All worked okay (for a while). Downloaded the gear 4 app to obtain radio channels, that too was okay (for a while). Turned the volume up on gear 4 via the i phone, then nothing. Since then, have rebooted router, re installed spotify and gear 4 app, still can’t get anything out of the speaker and speaker is not being recognised on spotify as a device although it is connected to wi fi (white light is on and not flashing on the speaker). I am well and truly stumped and as everyone says, no instructions other than the set up leaflet, which was fine, but not enough info when something doesn’t work. I gave three stars as was pleased initially and now looks as though i will have to return the speaker. I did try bluetooth but it wouldn’t connect either.

Great speaker with good sound and range however, i was looking for something portable to improve the sound of my ipad mini and this was too big and heavy for what i wanted. I could not find any details of the size when i ordered and was disappointed when it arrived to find it was quite large. Ok for being able to move around the home but not for being carried around inside and outside.

I purchased this to use in the garage and take on holidays. I needed a speaker with wifi capability to listen to radio stations primarily (i live in an area with a poor dab signal), it was relatively easy to setup and has been working well for the last couple of months. I like that it has 3 buttons where you can save your favourite radio stations which for me means that i rarely have to use the app. , the internal battery is also a benefit and lasts well. I looked at many speakers before i bought this and it is packed with features that others can’t compete with at this price point (£37.

I have another stream speaker and got this one to create a groups, same music in each room. Creating a share is not straightforward and they disconnect from each other regularly so you have to go through all the steps again. Sound good but not sure how much i am going to use it.

The app for this no longer works. It does have great sound quality and is easily connected to via bluetooth.