Trust Xilo Compact 2 : Inexpensive and reasonable sound.

Kids have knocked them over a couple of times, still work fine.

For the price the sound quality is acceptable, but one of the speakers ‘hisses’. Rather than going to the trouble (and expense) of returning them i used some tape to ‘dampen’ the excess treble coming from the faulty one.

Trust Xilo Compact 2.0 Speaker Set (8 Watt) – USB Powered – Black, Grey

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  • 8W peak power (4 Watt RMS)
  • Compact size, big sound
  • USB powered: no wall power needed
  • In-line volume control

Really good set of portable speakers. Purchased to replace a cheaper set that had a distinct hum and crackle when plugged in. These have no such problems and sound great.

They get the job done in a back office.

Just wanted speakers for my pc. The sound is adequate but you can’t expect great sound for this money. My only criticism is the leads are too short so you can’t move the speakers around.

Trust Xilo Compact 2.0 Speaker Set (8 Watt) – USB Powered – Black, Grey : Cute little box speakers perfect for a home pc or laptop where quality isn’t the most important aspect – some people don’t want subwoofers shaking the floor of their house or sound that can travel down the street- and for those people, these speakers will suit well.

Nice looking could do with a longer lead between speakers.

For the price paid, these are very good little speakers. I used them to add to the front of an x rocker gaming chair, to provide me with additional frontal stereo sound, not just 2 speakers at my head. The size is perfect, just the right size to stick inside the chair at the font – i just drill-sawed a hole in the wooden sides of the chair and stuck these inside the chair itself with the speakers facing out through the holes. Now i have a great surround sound feel. They’re not quite as good quality as the x rocker speakers (not as loud and ever so slightly tinny at full volume) but for the price they are little gems. And my x rocker gaming experience has just been vastly improved. For me, it was the size of the speakers that drew me to purchase these as they fit perfectly inside the front of an x rocker. Great buy, worth every penny.

Good quality for the price and more than enough power for the average user.

Take up minimum space on desk but give and excellent sound quality for my small study.

I use this item with my computer as i am deaf in both ears speakers work ok. This as made a big difference to my (music)hobby.

These are small, compact and loud. I love the design and the quality. They have a sensible volume control built into the cable which is much more practical than any others i have had. These are excellent for the money.

Great speakers, loud and crystal clear with no distortion. Own sonos and bose for the home so love sound quality. But these were fantastic for work pc throughout world up football.

Small usb powered speakers,handy in line volume wheel and decent sound tho not very loud,good for the price.

Great for my 86yr old uncle – he uses them to skype to his family near south africa, the sound quality is great, a bargain for the price.

Good pair of speakers and the sound quality is good.

But one of the speakers stopped working after three months.

Inexpensive and reasonable sound for the price.

These speakers are just right for a small room and personal use. No distortion and clear sound.

These were perfectly with my pc. Sound quality is good enough for what i need.

Sony HTST5000 – Best Sound I have ever experienced in my home

A lot of money for a system which fails to impress when listening to atmos encoded sound.

This is an amazing piece of equipment, i’ve just put this up today and it’s absolutely amazing the sound quality is excellent everything about this is superb.

After purchasing the new sony soundbar the first thing i noticed was a) the weight of the thing and the sub and b) the build quality. I wont lie, i am a huge sony fan and this unit does not disappoint. After unpacking and setting up which basically involves 3 hdmi into unit, 1 hdmi into hdmi4(arc) in tv and plug in the soundbar and sub to power supply. Then went into set up guide. Here it asks you to tell it where you will be sitting in the room, so measurement away from unit and then the distance between sound bar and ceiling so it can calibrate sound effect for the atmos. Unit was tested on volume 30/50(as loud as my room would allow without shaking) watching underworld blood wars 4k uhd. I was playing the disc via the sony ubx-h800 and a sony kd65xd8599. The sound is so big, so big infact my first thoughts were the 65′ tv did not do it justice anymore. The sub is also the best thing i have ever heard, because there are2 speakers in the sub 1 forward facing the other floor facing you retain detail in the bass but also feel it.

This is magnificent soundbar – i thought i had died and gone to audio heaven. I have never heard audio quality like this – seriously impressive sonics. First of all, this is a beast of a soundbar (and subwoofer) that comes in a curiously shaped box – l shaped. When the delivery driver dropped this off and passed it to me he told me to be careful – it is seriously heavy. The soundbar is quite ugly (it looks much better with the magnetic grille in place), the wireless subwoofer is more aesthetically pleasing but boy, does this combo have some serious output whilst maintaining the acutest clarity in voice, instrument, and sound effects. It is easy to set up – i hooked it up to my sony tv and sony bluray with pass-through hdmi arc cables and then i watched some bluray – first off the bbc’s recent adaptation of war and peace – astonishing. And then some amazon video, outlander season 3 and peaky blinders season 3 – the actors may as well have been performing in my living room. I then fiddled with the settings and downloaded the latest update via wifi and paired it with my ipad and played some of my favourite itunes tracks and wow – the musicality out of this is wondrously sumptuous; come together by the beatles, another one bites the dust by queen, and free fallin’ by tom petty and the heartbreakers – ringo, john deacon and tom petty may as well have been playing right in front of me. My wife thinks it is brilliant too – studio quality sound she stated and she is not into tech; and i suffer a lot from waf (wife acceptance factor)) – she has instructed me to go and find a suitable new av stand to accommodate this behemoth. 5 stars and then some – if i had to quibble, well it costs a tonne of money and the remote control is not dissimilar to the one that came with my sony bluray player (ubp-x800) but wow, and wow again.

Crystal clear, immersive sound. Clearly the 1-star review here is trolling or a disgruntled customer who has not heard this system or even bothered to use it.

The dolby atmos and dts x reproduction is truely ammazing, it has to be heard to believe.

  • Software is full of bugs
  • Good quality but can’t justify the cost
  • Unbelievable sound, unbelievable bass.

 ============= reason for buying =============i had the yamaha ysp-5100 for a long time and wanted a new soundbar with a dedicated sub for my replacement, after shopping around i settled on the sony st5000the yamaha was quite a tall soundbar having a heaight of around 6+ inches and that was also something i wanted to change, i wanted something smaller that delivered a punch============= contents and packaging =============i have never seen such a uniqely shaped box, it’s an l-shaped box that houses the woofer and the bar perfectlythe soundbarthe suboptical cableall power cablesa (pathetic) remote (and batteries)============= in a nutshell – good and bad =============good – excellent bass, good intergration with spotify, chromecase, bt etc. Dolby atmosbad – really pathetic remote considering some of you will pay upwards of 1000 for this. ============= setup =============setup is really a doddle. I managed to connet most devices via the wide array of connectivity options without reading the manual (woohoo)you can calibrate the height of your ceilings and wall distances in seconds, and then you can literally start enjoying. The sound on this bar is legendary, i used to watch my old yamaha on volume 30-40 and then lower to 20 after midnight, however this one is very loud at 15. It’s really punchy and watching a bluray really shows off the bars ability, especially something with a lot of bass============= outputs =============hdmi output3 hdcp comp. Inputs that support 4k and hd passthoroughoptical3. 5mm jackusb (not tried this yet)ethernet============= streaming =============spotify connectgoogle chromecastbluetooth============= conclusion =============it’s not cheap, but the build and sound quality make this an amazing option in my opinion, and i would recommend spending more than your budget if possible and pushing your pursestrings to accomodate this beast.

I ended up returning this soundbar after a month of trying to get support from sony. There are multiple bugs with the software. Main issue is the lack of info it provides on external devices connected to it, sometimes the audio displays on the front of the soundbar, sometimes it does not. If you set the soundbar to hdmi ‘extended’ which you should do if you have a 4k tv, things get worse, you can’t see audio info from external devices, you cant change audio delay if there is any. Sony refused to admit these were bugs. Firmware hasn’t been updated for a year and its looking unlikely it will be, even though its their flagship most expensive soundbar. There are also plenty of arc issues dealing with lg oled b7 tv, had to use some crazy workarounds to get the sound from the tv to the soundbar and then be able to switch to different inputs. Sound quality is generally good but you never know if you are getting dolby atmos or not. Sony’s suggestion was to listen to the top speakers to tell.With the refund i got marantz nr-1609 and kef ls50 speakers, much better option.

I really didnt know what to make of this product when it arrived from vine. I had no idea how big it was going to be or what it was actually meant to do. It took two people to carry it through to our lounge – the box is really big and heavy. Once i opened the box everything became clear.This is a sound bar that sits underneath your tv and a sub woofer that sits on the floor nearby (the sub woofer only needs a power connection and is not connected by wires to the sound bar). There is also a remote control, instruction booklet, bar grid (which clips onto the front of the bar for protection), a wall-mount guide (which we did not use as our tv is not wall mounted) and an optical cable (which you will need if your tv’s hdmi connection is not arc compatible (i didn’t know what arc compatible meant so googled it – we didnt need it for our tv and ours is a 10 year old aquos)the instructions are really clear and easy to follow – we used the quick start up guide rather than the detailed booklet. You need a hdmi cable to connect the sound bar to your tv – this is not supplied. You might also need to use the optical cable at this point (see previous comment on arc) – we didnt. We plugged the sound bar and the sub woofer into the power and then plugged in our devices (sky q box, wiiu and playstation 3) into the sound bar. It has 3 hdmi ports for devices and a usb port – it can also connect to devices by bluetooth (e.

Sony soundbar this is a brilliant soundbar. From the moment of opening the box and unpackaging the device (which i would suggest takes two people as the device is extremely heavy) you can see this device is quality. All metal construction with weight that suggests this is a very well built piece of equipment – made to be sturdy and no shortcuts have been taken in producing this device. The quality is there that you would expect from sonythis is a large device, just about fits below a 49” tv, heavy so if you intend to place on a stand ensure it is stable enough, please be advised when at reasonable volume this device generates movement so i would suggest it is on a large stand or mounted to a wall(fixing instructions included with a guide in box). Main soundbar can be used with or without front grill looks aesthetically pleasing with either option. Screen on soundbar to display mode and output. Subwoofer is large, also heavy with a power light to indicate it being powered on or status. Both soundbar and subwoofer are separate from each other and no need for unsightly cables connecting one to the other, also allows you to place each device apart from each other. Set up is relatively easy, full instructions included, personally for the cost of this device i think it is neglectful that sony have not included hdmi cables to connect to your tv or external devices, what’s a £20 cable to sony when your spending upwards of £1500, i know allot of people prefer to use their own but i think its unneeded cost saving on sony’s part. I would question the positioning of the hdmi ports on this device mainly the main output to your tv, this is behind an input hdmi port and extremely fiddly to connect – yes i understand that this is to ensure that cables are connected cleanly if situated on the wall however i think sony could have better designed this side of things.

The subwoofer is large with two massive speakers (one facing down), and the bass it can kick out is hugely impressive. It’s connected wirelessly to the main sound bar, and i’ve never had any issues with it disconnecting. It’s always just worked every time i’ve switched the soundbar on. The subwoofer has it’s own plug, as does the soundbar, so you’ll need two free power sockets. You can turn the subwoofer volume up to 12, although for normal tv level 2 or 3 is fine. The main ‘bar’ is quite large, and longer than a 49inch tv. The front metal grill can be removed, and is attached with magnets. The system gets hotter than i would have expected, but not excessively so. Once you’ve got your tv and soundbar connected using an hdmi cable, using the arc sockets (on both the soundbar and tv) then everything simply works.

Features of Sony HTST5000.CEK 800 W Soundbar with Dolby Atmos, High-Resolution Audio, Wireless Music Listening, 4K HDR Pass-Through – Black

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  • Ultimate sound: immerse yourself into 3D sound with Dolby Atmos
  • Wireless music listening: Access to over 100 music streaming apps with Chromecast Built-in and Spotify connect, and playback throughout your home with Wireless Multi-room
  • Picture perfect sound: Designed to fit latest 4K TV standards thanks to 4K HDR pass-through

From the manufacturer

HT-ST5000 HT-NT5 HT-CT800 HT-CT390 HT-CT290/1 HT-CT80
Channels 7.1 2ch Channels 2.1ch amplifier 2.1ch channels 2.1ch amplifier 2.1ch Channels 2.1ch amplifier
Power Output 800W 400W 350W 300W 300W 80W
Sub-Woofer Type Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wireless Sub-Woofer Wired Sub-Woofer
Speaker Type Magnetic Fluid Speaker 3-way speaker / Sigma SW Full-range speaker with sound deflector Full-range speaker Full-range speaker 2-way speaker system
S-Force Pro Surround Yes Yes Yes S-Force Front Surround Yes No
High Resolution Audio Yes Yes No No Yes No
Wireless Multi-room Yes Yes Yes No No No
Chromecast Built-in and Spotify Yes Yes Yes No No No
4K HDR Pass-through Yes Yes Yes No No No
SongPal / BT / NFC Yes Yes Yes Yes No/Yes/No No/Yes/Yes

Make sure this fits
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After spending few days with the speaker, i come to a sad realisation is that sound quality of this speaker is not much different from my current 5 year old soundbar. The sound is good, clear and can be very loud, however it cannot justify the price tag considering this speaker definitely needs rear speakers.

Ultimate sound: immerse yourself into 3D sound with Dolby Atmos

Wireless music listening: Access to over 100 music streaming apps with Chromecast Built-in and Spotify connect, and playback throughout your home with Wireless Multi-room

Picture perfect sound: Designed to fit latest 4K TV standards thanks to 4K HDR pass-through

Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers – I can confirm they have great sound quality

Honestly, superb sound quality at this price point. Was expecting good, but wasn’t expecting that good. Can hear every little timbre and detail of what i’m listening to, and really highlight weaknesses in things.

These speakers look and sound great. I made this purchase in conjunction with the audio-technica at-lp60 usb turntable audio-technica at-lp60 usb turntablei would absolutely recommend these speakers – the clarity of sound and depth of bass is excellent. I currently have the speakers connected to my ps4 and the turntable and i have to say that is has transformed the audio experience of both. If you are looking to upgrade your current speakers, you will not be disappointed. Some reviewers have mentioned that you need to buy uk plug adapter – this is not the case. My speakers had a euro >uk adapter packaged in the box. My one criticism would be the size of the controller (it’s about 2. Whilst it is very functional – i do find myself putting it down and losing sight of it. But that’s due to my own forgetfulness, i supposeexcellent speakers, very happy.

They work really well and for the price have a great sound. They look good in the room too. I would like to be able to get a longer cable to connect the speakers but can’t find one anywhere. Here are the specifications for the Edifier R1700BT Bookshelf Active Speakers:

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  • Total Power Output of 66 Watts R.M.S = 15W x2 (treble) + 18W x2 (bass) (DRC ON)
  • Bluetooth pairing capability, simply connect your phone, tablet or supported device
  • Dual RCA inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources. Perfect for Record Players and Turntable, Amplifiers and more!
  • Class D amplifier system with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
  • A front facing bass reflex port emphasises lower frequencies, allowing for richer bass performance.

An excellent product, bought to replace speakers for my macbook pro which had died, after listening i feel there is no way these will end up in the office. – the sound is so natural and the sound field so believeable they will almost certainly stay in the living room. I use both a macbook pro and a macpro sharing their itunes libraries via wifi to my ipad pro then bluetooth to the speakers and the results are excellent. My music taste is mainly classical with some jazz as welll and the sound is ideal, if i liked popular music however, i may find the bass slightly heavy. All in all a good budget pair of speakers that would certainly give some higher priced speaker a run for their money.

Quality product i bought as a gift. Bluetooth is a great feature however note you have to disconnect the last device to use it before you can add another (i assume taking the device out of range will also solve this problem however), its only a minor issue but it was pretty confusing when the vinyl record player i had hooked up would play as the ipod was still connected and i was freaking out.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great, Laid Back Sound Destroyed by Obnoxious Boomy Bass
  • An excellent buy

Fantastic speakers, rich sound, good bass, and bt is a bonus, can connect various devices to them. Excellent to watch movies or play games on pc.

Excellent quality sound, excellent quality build.

I have just installed these speakers, upgrading from the edifier r1280t which were good. The r1700bt are even better, with greater bass and the added useful option of bluetooth. They sound good, look good, and are the best computer speakers i’ve ever owned.

Opened the box set them up great . Replacement came within days great service no arguments. Boooommmmm bass wow excellent sound quality crisp clear. I have them as far apart as possible for the stereo effect.

I’ve hooked them up with a google chromecast audio & a google home and they work perfectly. Amazing clarity and power for the sound.

Originally bought a monitor audio s150 after reading all the reviews but quickly returned and bought these beauties and around £30 cheaper these really do stack up and sound great, blutooth connectivity is stable and easy to use and ya can even connect via rca a phono or other devices. I recommend this and i am very critical when it comes to audio so true to say for around £100 these really fir the bill.

These powered bookshelf speakers are impressively loud with respectable sound quality. The initial eq settings are a little much on the bass for my personal tastes, however with a slight adjustment on the physical knob on the side (i. , -2) gives a more refined sound profile which i enjoy. Connectivity is easy, i have the 3. 5mm-audio-to-rca cable hooked up to a pc and bluetooth paired to my phone for music playback. Switching between inputs is easy using the remote. One gripe i have is that the volume is digital: although there is a physical control knob on the side for volume, it is not a potentiometer instead it changes the volume in discrete steps. This alone wouldn’t be too bad, except that whenever i switch between the input audio, the volume resets to the 50% which is louder than i usually use them at. Or indeed if i leave the room with my phone and reconnect via bluetooth, the volume reverts to 50% so i have to manually re-adjust the volume.

Best bang for buck bookshelf speakers i’ve ever bought. Bass is a bit droney by default but so easily corrected with some eq, and they go loud.

Connected to my fone and wow. Love the sound these things make. The price makes it even better. Well worth investing if you want a smallish set of speakers.

Echoing the reviews of everyone else who bought these speakers, for the price they sound absolutely amazing. Currently connected to a turntable with a built in phono for a minimalist vinyl setup and works like a dream.

I researched these on line and they were well reviewed. I can confirm they have great sound quality, easy bluetooth link with phone, all good.

. It came with eu plug without adaptor,i love bassy, but i find it bit overpowered with mid range bass. Lil play with eq will fix it. Sound quality is light years ahead compared to my old pc speakers. Overall im pleased with the build and sound quality, good value,.

Brilliant sound quality, especially at louder volumes. Bass performs very well, and can even shake surfaces when pushed right up. Only downside is the inability to control the devices connecting via bluetooth. The wood finish is also nice and stylish. I have these set on my narrow’ish desk and they perform very well at close range.

Great sounding speakers and with the bluetooth facility much better choice than a dock. Surprisingly loud and very well made.

Good build good sound easy to set up, would prefer on switch on side with the controls.

Very pleased with this purchase, sounds great.

Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5 – a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs

Great for casual gaming and listening to music. Don’t think i could recommend for a home cinema set up or for hardcore gaming. Fairly discreet with only the subwoofer having leds. If you’re looking for something to listen to music with, or just game with casually.

Used it for a 1080p tv and can handle loud play in both high and deep ranges. What lets it down is the remote control which is very small and does not pick up sometimes when using it from a distance. May as well use the controls on the actual subwoofer but they are very scrawny to use too. All be told my mate is a little mithed at how the build was put together – maybe this would only be used in a gaming environment as they are after all gaming speakers.

The speakers sound very good. And the cables are very short. I have a very small room and i was barely able to extend the speakers around my room. And my other problem is that when its in 5. 1 surround is that most of the sound comes out the center speaker and the surround speakers are barely audible. But other than that the bass is fantastic and sound is pretty decent. Here are the specifications for the Trust Gaming GXT 658 Tytan 5:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • PC speakers set including wooden subwoofer with a total of 180 Watt power output
  • Computer speakers with base-synced LED Subwoofer
  • High quality surround sound with deep bass
  • Wireless remote to control volume, bass & input selection
  • Compatible with PC, Wii*, Sony PlayStation 3* and Xbox 360* (*5.1 surround sound only available on PC with 5.1 surround compatible – 3x 3.5mm outputs – connection)

These speakers are fantastic, they’re not overly loud but have a great underlying bass note to them they also come with a handy little adaptor and volume control knob which is handy and looks nice just sitting on the desk. The build quality is solid and i don’t see these going faulty any time soon the sound is crisp and clear even at max volume which is a plus.

I was skeptic before getting 2. 1 speakers as got used to have 5. However, i got nicely surprised when sound was smashingly awesome.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Optical input for me!
  • good value gaming speakers
  • Remote broke after 6 months but speakers sound great

Turned up on time and easy to understand instructions. The only gripe is that on the small hand controller you need a pair of binoculars to read the writing on it.

Wow, what a soundi purchased those as i needed an optical connection for the ps4. I do not have a big house so i did not want a big surround sound system with hundreds of speakers. The sound that came out of those speakers took me by surprise. Very well defined, a great amount of bass which can be attenuated if needs be (i have to set the subwoofer to minimum as it is a beast). I can plug it simultaneously to the tv. The cables fit on the side of the main subwoofer speaker which is really handy for access. I am writing this review to help people who have never used optical cables before. I had never used those before and it took me to google ‘how to insert an optic cable’ to be able to do something quite simple (i am quite embarassed about it) but here goes: there is a small translucid plastic cap that needs to be removed at the extremity of the cable and then only, your cable will lock in and fit.

The remote stopped working after 6 months and i have been unable to find a way of purchasing a replacement, despite contacting the manufacturer. Therefore i am limited to the few controls that are on the side of the subwoofer. However, despite this, the speakers still sound great. I have them wired into my pc via the optical port and they work perfectly.

This speaker works perfectly, looks very nice with the led light, buut, the led light only works when bass is put on max and volume is high too, which is quite disappointing. Also the plug to my computer stopped working, had to buy an adaptor, but could be that the problem was with computer itself as it was working when connected to phone.

Have them hooked up to my tv which is channelling audio from my pc via hdmi. Can get very very loud without distorting. Can definitely wake the neighbours. The remote that comes with it is a bit iffy, the speakers doesn’t always pick up the signal so you end up pressing the volume button multiple times to change the volume once. A tad hit and miss otherwise loving it.

I have now owned these speakers for almost 2 years and they have served me we. I use them for my pc set up however they can be used simply by aux cable with any device. They provide reasonable sound quality which particularly shines when watching films. For the price these are a great set of speakers. The sub woofer can be very powerful but can be adjusted with a second volume control. I have noticed a slight crackle from time to time but this doesn’t bother me and is hard to notice.

Bought this for my man cave mainly use it for watching tv. Films and football sound absolutely brilliant. There’s no issues with sound at all the volume goes very high indeed. I even use it to listen to music from my pc too which to me has perfect crystal clear sound. My only dislike is the rear speaker cables could do to be a little longer but i’ve fixed that by buying extension cable from amazon. Overall very happy would highly recommend this product.

Really good product, i was gonna spend £130 on some speakers and decided it was too much, so i bought these, thinking they wouldn’t be as good as the more expensive ones, turns out they are really good. Impressive bass, good size sub, satellite speakers look good and produce a good quality mid to high range sound, the controller is very smooth and feels like good quality, i’ve not stopped listening to music since i got them 😆👍, sfx on the movies and games are bought to life with them too.

Received these and one speaker was faulty. Misleading also as without a 5. 1 sound card you only get stereo sound. Sent it back as it was faulty and bought a £75 hitachi sound bar which is awesome.

I was seriously considering getting a more expensive set, after having subsequent 5. 1 speakers require alignment and do nothing for regular music with 2 channels, i leapt at these and have no regrets.

Brilliant set of speakers for the price. I’ve had this for a few months now and they’re still going strong. They’ve had just about every genre of music played on them and i can say now that the sound quality doesn’t drop at all. It comes with a remote, but unfortunately, it only controls the volume and the base levels and provides no functionality for changing the track, which is slightly annoying. However, other than that, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and it’s defiantly well worth the money.

Left this review for a fair few months because i have seen other people post something a long the lines of ‘bought this, died a month later’i think it’s incredible, no frequency noise, no nothing, beautiful bass, amazing sound, would recommend to everyone and anyone :).

I like the product very much and it completes my setup but i have to leave it on eco mode as if i turn the power off i lose my settings which mean i have to sort out the bass level and rgb and the sound apart from this i really like it.

Overall i’m pleased with the gxt 658 system. It can be turned up quite loud with impressive results gaming with sound via a sound blaster-z card. It was easy to install with long cables on the rear speakers. The user manual is very minimal with very poor explanations for anything. Mine has a wiring fault on the orange centre/subwoofer cable that connects to the sound blaster z card in the pc, basically the red and white connectors are reversed. Easy to overcome, just plug red into white and vice-versa on the back of the subwoofer. I’m currently discussing the issue with trust support folks. Be sure to run the speaker connectivity tests in your sound card app or windows. Sound quality seems excellent for gaming and general use, not the best for music but acceptable. With a better user guide and improved cable build quality i’d have given it 5 stars, but as it is i think 4 is appropriate.

They deliver a very good sound and pack a punch when you want to annoy the neighbours. I use them mainly for gaming and i’ve never had any distortion while playing nor while listening to music. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not an audiophile but these sounds great to my ears. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a decent quality speaker set.

Only had these speakers setup for a few days and i am already greatly impressed by the performance. The speakers all have nice long wires so you can more or less set them up wherever you want. The audio quality is really good and there is nice sounding deep bass which you can also control with the included remote. If you are looking for great audio at a great price then i highly recommend these.

Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution : Better sound than expected for mid-range price.

A bit bigger then any compact stereo but totally worth it, the sound is amazing.

Great panasonic stereo with cd player, bluetooth and dab.

Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution , 120 W 2 CH Micro Wireless Hi-Fi

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Rich sound from hi-res sources
  • Clear distortion free sound
  • Wireless Audio with Bluetooth, control your music using the Panasonic Music Streaming App
  • USB Playback

Very good performance excellent reproduction my only gripe is the usb does not every thing on my usb sticks.

Great system for the price with a nice rich sound, bass heads will be surprised how much of a punch this little system has. Looks greatsounds greatfuture proof -does everything including streaming from phone over bluetooth.

Good sound quality but really short speaker wires.

Panasonic SC-PMX82EB-K True High Resolution , 120 W 2 CH Micro Wireless Hi-Fi : Nice little stereo with plenty of functions, and a very good sound for the money. I had to turn the bass down 2 steps to remove the booming which greatly improved the sound. Very pleased to be able to play flac files from the usb port as i still prefer to play from memory sticks, though also have tried bluetooth and dab radio, both sounding very good. Output appears to be around 15-20w rms, certainly lower than my denon d-m40 which is a 30wpc rms,so best to ignore the claim of this being a 120w amplifier, that being said, it still sounds a lot better and has more power than most portable bluetooth speakers for around the same price, and not that far behind the denon d-m40 in terms of sound quality and functions. For a main listening source i would suggest spending the extra on a more musical system, but for a kitchen, bedroom etc, it is about as good as you’ll get for the money. Nice looking unit, easy to use remote, nice imaging and soundstage, deep bass and sweet but not shrill tweeter, making most music sound enjoyable.

Good quality for price, great micro system for listening music in the kitchen or living room. But i do not recommend for audiophiles.

I installed this in my kitchen and was not disappointed. The size of the base cones in the speakers are bigger than the average for this price range, hence producing a richer bass. With this coupled with the dyna bass option that can be activated, there is no shortage of low frequencies being richly belted out. As for the higher frequencies, well the speakers have an additional tweeter (to the standard one) to help with these, so you get the satisfying crispiness of the high hat notes too. I would recommend not to turn on the surround sound effect option as this makes the music sound less punchier and more tinnier, with an annoying echo effect. Definitely an excellent system with sound quality a bit better than i expected. When i let a friend hear it, he said it was “too good to waste in a kitchen”.

Nice and neat, with a great sound.

Trust Ziva Compact 2, Great Value, good product

Received a set of these yesterday and i have to admit even i was surprised at just how small the set is but if like me you have limited space on your desk they are a perfect fit the only downside being that the speaker wires are very short so there’s little option to space the speakers out at either side of your hearing angle. What makes up for this shortcoming though is the quality of the sound as it is truly remarkable that this quality of sound can come from something so small and unassuming looking. I paid just £9 for the set and they are just as good if not better than the last set i bought that cost three to four times the price. I have watched some netflix shows and played shadow of war on them so far and for 2. 1 speakers the sound range is fantastic. The bass is also great and as for the volume levels i’ve only had to have up part way and the sound levels are very good and in no way quiet like some reviews have stated. Be aware that there is no turn off button on this set and the speakers power down when your computer powers down. I honestly cannot recommend these speakers enough and being someone who has always stuck with brands such as logitech i have to say i am genuinely gobsmacked at the quality from trust who i’ve only ever had cheap throwaway keyboards from in the past.

If you want pc speakers with decent bass, or even an ipod/mp3 dock replacement this is great value. It’s already connected to my pc and blasting away. It also has much better sound than my mp3 dock because of the sub-woofer and can be connected to most mp3 players or phones via the headphone jack. Be clear this is not a high quality surround hi-fi for a large room. But is is awesome as a simple, relatively portable sound system for a small room, kitchen etc. £15 gbp – i’m not sure you could find such value for money elsewhere.

For the price these are not bad. The sound has presence, the bass exists and overall they can work when volume is not a requirement. Having said that, the sound is hollow and you need to adjust the equalizer to get any proper sound from them. While these are advertised as 2. 1 speakers, the ‘subwoofer’ is the main speaker and the two ‘satellites’ are just twitters, so location of the large box decides where the sound comes from. This means you should not expect a stereo effect from these speakers as they have to be kept close to each other. Maybe this is the reason for the extremely short wires that connect the satellites to the woofer, so short that i cannot put them on each side of my laptop, unless i keep the woofer behind the screen. Not an option as this is where most of the sound comes from and all the controls are on it. So, if you are after basic speakers and you definitely have to go 2. 1, they are not bad, but maybe you can get same sound presence with other usb powered 2 way speakers for similar price.

Key specs for Trust Ziva Compact 2.1 PC Speakers with Subwoofer for Computer and Laptop, 12 W, USB Powered:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 12 W peak power (6 W RMS)
  • Powerful sound from compact design
  • Compact size, big sound
  • Bass and volume control on the subwoofer
  • USB powered: No wall power needed

Comments from buyers

“Some bass, short wires, ok for the price., Cheap and good sound. Has the usual hiss when volume is , and easy to set up”

Bought for my tv in the bedroom. Have a large surround system in living room but wanted something a lot smaller but effective for my bedroom. Very compact and doesn’t need a power supply. Just plug in torder headphone socket and usb socket and you’re good to go. Am planning to purchase more for the kids tvs. Really can’t go wrong for the price.

I purchased these for a computer i have just made up for my grandson to play fortnight. I tried them out yesterday after building the computer and they are really amazing for the size and for the money. Don’t expect fantastic blow your head off speakers as they will not do that but they are really good for £17. The little bass box is good too and all the power comes from a usb socket. Ideal really as i have put some usb sockets that do stay on even when the computer is off but i have also added a couple that do go off with the computer and is ideal for these speakers as there is no power switch to turn on or off. Very light in weight and the build quality is not particularly good for a ‘trust’ item. It gets 3 stars from me as the build quality is very hong kongy. Had the build quality been better i would have given 5 stars as they are really good for the price. Don’t let the build quality put you off and this is just my opinion.

Has the usual hiss when volume is dialed to zero, but undetectable if speakers are positioned at a distance. One annoying thing about the product is that when i put my laptop in hibernation mode and the speaker is plugged in, the speakers are still being powered by the usb. Without an audio circuit driving the speaker, it creates the most awful high pitched squeal. I have to unplug the usb cable to turn off the speaker, it ideally needs an on/off button.

I’ve got to say i’m impressedvery small, and easy to set up, it frequency range and depth of sound is surprisingly good. If you have £30 or less to spend then go with thisthis inst the best sound system ever, no of course not but this is based on pricewhy value my review?. I work in theater lighting and sound making sure audio is high quality. I’m a sucker for own audio at home to. I’ve got a thoren record deck, panasonic hifi amp and harbeth and b&o speakers as my main set up, this wont compare to that but i needed something small for my office space and i needed it to be cheap also.

Overall this system only just makes the ok grade as it took a bit of extra effort to get the whole system working as well as i wanted for a pc sound output system. The first thing to notice is the 20w power rating cannot be managed fully from a computer usb. My computer usb only gives out 5w max (5v1a) so the sound initially is a bit diminished, i think this accounts for a large percentage of the1 star reviews. To improve this i got a separate mains usb power adapter and sound output and volume have improved as the mains adapter has 12w max (5v2. 4a)then i noticed the subwoofer unit was vibrating a bit against my wooden base, i have put a 500g weight on top of the unit which has improved this vibration greatly. I did a similar thing with the speakers by putting putty underneath them so they don’t shake about either. Finally i used some equalizer software to improve the clarity and gain of the speaker outputs. Overall it is just about £15 worth.

AUKEY Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker 20 W, Room filling sound

This bluetooth speaker is great. I grew up listening to stuff with the likes of a 250w sound system, but after purchasing this 20w speaker, it’s clear to me that you don’t just need large wattage to get loud, good sounding quality. You can easily fill a large room with this speaker and it lasts for hours before needing a charge. I’ve tried playing several different genres of music on it to check it’s bass handling capabilities and treble quality. It’s still a small speaker, but it can easily provide you with loud, good quality music with good base and treble.

A bit too good if anything – good sound quality and very loud. I bought it for my ‘him indoors’, to play music off his laptop. He loves it, but i wonder if the neighbours do.

Good size for plonking down anywhere. Easy to connect to, literally seconds. The sound is definitely too loud for a kitchen dining room at full whack, if others are in the house, so happy there. Sound quality is better than i expected for the price. It doesn’t have the same clarity and depth of sound as a bose soundlink mini that we have have, or the sony xb30, but i have to remind myself it is a quarter of the price. Battery hasn’t died yet and used for around 6 hours so far. If you want a cheap, easy to use bluetooth speaker that is fairly loud for most applications and aren’t too much of an audiophile, i would recommend.

Key specs for AUKEY Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker 20 W with 12 Hours Playtime, Enhanced Bass with Dual Passive Radiators / Subwoofers and Woven Fabric Surface for Echo Dot, Android Phones and More (Upgraded):

  • AMAZING SOUND: with dual 10W drivers and subwoofers, express the true power and life of your music. A total 20W of vibrant, thrilling, energetic sound with weighty bass
  • POWERFUL BATTERY: at least 12 hours of powerful playtime without stopping from the large 4000mAh battery. Enjoy your music for days without charging
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: the speaker build with the added charm of a durable woven fabric surface, can be placed as an ornament in the room and would be perfect as a gift for men or women
  • EASY OPERATION: Instantly connect and wirelessly stream music from almost any device at a range of up to 10m (33ft) via Bluetooth 4.2 or use the included 3.5mm audio cable. Five simple buttons control power, play, track skipping (back/forward), volume, and even calls with the built-in mic
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: AUKEY SK-M30 Eclipse Wireless Speaker, Micro-USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, User Manual, 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty and Friendly Customer Service

Comments from buyers

“Aukey Eclipse Bluetooth speaker – A must buy!, Doesn’t connect to Tablets., Great Speaker for Music and Audio Books”

I read quite a few reviews for this speaker and opted to go for it over things like a ue boom and the bigger jbl’s and boy was i impressed. The battery is fantastic, way more than the stated 12 hours. It is nicely designed and made, it has a good weight to it and easy to carry. The clarity is incredible for the price, not too noticeably difference from the bose soudlink mini. The bose excels at lower volumes however at about 50% there is not much in it between the two. Bass in good, more than enough for a portable speaker. Overall, very surprised and happy with the purchase. Aukey were always good with batteries but this is something else, they’ve got it.

Awesome speaker for the price i paid (33 quid, daily deal) – my go to portable bluetooth speaker. Looks great and sounds great.

Can listen with really good sound quality at either high or low volume. Only downsides i can think of are, it has no low battery warning, and you can’t pair more than one device at a time; however, bluetooth pairing is super quick.

Bought this specifically to italian podcasts as we are learning that language and needed something to give a clear, well-balanced sound for speech. Our italian tutor brings a speaker which costs £200 and, honestly, the aukey is just as good and quite possibly better. We have also been using it with spotify and the sound with music is breathtakingly good. The bass / treble balance is just right. I thoroughly recommend this product.

Sounds really good for a 40quid speaker. It looks good especially the passive radiators. The mesh looks durable and gives you a good grip. I think with an eq can be really good. It’s not as good with the bass. At high volume, it tries not to distort and in the meanwhile lowers the volume so much to stay on top that you loose the taste to listen with so many variations in the volume. Shame i threw the box for return. Customer service contacted me promptly and made a few questions to understand the problem. They gave me a quick and good solution.

After seeing some excellent reviews by a technical magazine i thought i’d give it a try and they were not wrong. It has excellent separation between bass mid and treble. Pairing to my tablet or phone was simple.

Bought this for my dad’s birthday and i’m really really impressed with it. Honestly for the price i cannot over praise this speaker, i have an ‘beatspill’ and it was way more expensive than the ‘aukey’ and yet the ‘aukey’ in my opinion is easily as good. Great battery life, fantastic sound and it’s pretty cool looking to.

It sounds surprisingly good for its size and price. Got it to use in the kitchen when cooking, etc. Connected well with my phones and tablets. So far it hasn’t needed a recharge after using 2-3 hours a day for 4 days. Too early to tell on reliability.

I wanted something a little bit more capable than most of the other bluetooth speakers on offer. I love music and a natural sound is important to me so the bass bloated sound of bose and jml put them out of the picture. This aukey unit is excellent at producing the mid range vocals in rock. The bass is well controlled with very little overhang and although it might not go really deep that’s to be expected for such a small unit. The top end is good perhaps a little restrained. This unit has plenty of power. Although i probably won’t use anything like full volume it’s reassuring that there is power in reserve. Lastly, it looks really good compared to the majority of run of the mill cuboid and cylindrical speakers.

I chose this over the anker soundcore boost because it has better sound quality in the treble range, which i strongly prefer, and i’m not likely to use it outdoors (the boost has a much higher ipx rating). I’m very pleased with the sound quality and the bass isn’t lacking at all – it’s a matter of taste, the boost is set up for people who want their music very bass heavy and aren’t so worried about treble quality. The eclipse is solidly made (there’s metal underneath the fabric covering) and bluetooth performance has been great – no issues on the speaker’s side, just my aging computer not being able to stream music at the same time as loading a webpage. Recommended if you like a good clear sound.

It has crytal clear highs and deep, boomy lows (important in my case) and i’m using it for school during lunch time. It’s amazing and loud, the buttons are big and easy to understand and it uses the volume of your device, so you don’t have to turn up the phone and your speaker. I was pondering on the idea of buying this speaker for a while as it is a lot of money for me, but damn, i’m glad i bought it.

I read other reviews before i bought this, i like a good sound for my music, the reviews were positive and the price was good. Not been disappointed, good sound and easy connectivity. A slight minus is no display sowing battery life.

Excellent speaker; i watched a lot of youtube comparison videos & borrowed a friend’s bose before buying – & also took the precaution of emailing their support people about some of the criticisms on here (eg blacklisting bluetooth connections, which i’m happy to say does not happen). What has also been obvious (common sense, really) is that the speaker output is very dependent on the quality of whatever you’re streaming; spotify free, for example, is not the best.

This is a beautiful crafted bluetooth speaker, with a good sound and a nice ‘dry” bass, but not overpowering. 00 an bargain speaker, good sound and it’s looking good as well. I’m very happy with this aukey eclipse.

Got a couple of aukey bits and all perform pretty faultlessly. These speakers are no exception. The volume is unreal for such a small unit and the fact the side panels are actually a pair of woofers means the depth of sound is great. Considering the price, i couldn’t recommend more highly.

Incredible room-filling sound. So impressed with this little speaker. Excellent, rounded lows and highs that most portable speakers can’t even come near to. The output is worth more than twice the price charged for it. It looks pretty darn good too.

Great value portable bluetooth speaker. Very broad range of good clear sound reproduction. Trebles can be a bit shrill at times but equally impressive with some music where you can distinguish more instruments and it’s good for speech. It has great clarity through the whole range and even a decent amount of bass. I compared it with my anker soundcore boost and if i had to choose between them, i would go for the anker as, by comparison, the aukey sounds a bit flat or lacking 3d. The anker is sweeter, somehow easier to listen to although definitely muddier. It’s probably a taste thing and i wouldn’t be surprised if a proper audiophile or maybe someone with younger ears would prefer the aukey. Another reason for my preference is that it lacks the auxiliary charging port or the anker, so you can’t power your phone or amazon dot from it. It does function well with easy bluetooth connection and simple, responsive buttons and looks good.

It came 24 hours after ordering which was very good. Brand new in the box, like it should be. Packaging was just about good enough. But a heavy handed delivery drive and there might have been issues. That was my main worry on receipt. Anyway, the speaker itself, at first impressions, wasn’t loud enough for me. The sound quality was very good for the price range, but the 2 little sub woofers on either end looked like they were going to pop when i turned the speaker right up. I was maybe expecting too much for £40. But for not a lot of money, it’s a good enough little room speaker.

We have two of these and like the quality of product, incl. However, one of these speakers has recently stopped working (it does not even work when plugged in), so we suspect the battery has died. Considering it is only a few months old, it is worrying. We hope we are unlucky and one of the speakers simply had a manufacturing defect. We are going to contact the manufacturer shortly. If the other one dies as well, i will update this review.

Really nice looking speaker and very well made for the money. No distortion at all at half volume which is good enough for me. Not too much bass, the mid range is very good and the treble isn’t tinny. I cant say the overall performance is stunning you would have to pay a lot more for a speaker, and it would have to be bigger. For its size and price i don’t think you would get anything better. The bluetooth pairing is first class and it pairs with your smartphone and the amazon echo with no trouble at all. Great to take out in the garden in the summer. I am pleased with mine, it ticks all my boxes.

This speaker is amazing in sound, portability, battery life and ease. I bought it primarily to listen to my audio books from my phone whilst at my spinning wheel spinning bespoke yarn. I wanted something which had a good resonance, ease of use, not obtrusive, and basically sounded as good as having my earphones on. It’s almost as if someone in the room is reading out loud. The plus is my music sounds great as well. It fills the room with a rich sound, and it’s a large room – 20 foot x 20 foot. Can’t wait to try it out on the patio. The only real niggle is i use the included audio cable instead of bluetooth most of the time, and i need to really crank up the phone volume in order to get a good volume on the speaker. Using the bluetooth connection, i don’t have to do this.

MAJORITY Ben Nevis Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Surround Sound, Good Quality Sound System

On opening the box i found that there were some small scratches on the soundbar and a large scratch on the subwoofer which was annoying considering it is brand new. I have decided not to return the system as it was very cheap and the hassle is not worth it. I set up my system using an optical cable which was easy and positioned the soundbar in front of my 55′ tv and positioned the subwoofer behind my chair. I set about watching the blues brothers on amazon prime and the sound delivered by the soundbar and subwoofer is truly impressive. The bass is excellent and works very well with the music and action. Apart from the scratches, the only other disappointments are that the remote control which is quite small and very flimsy and the display is behind the speaker material and so it is difficult to tell what setting it is on. For the money it is an excellent soundbar and subwoofer and combined with the 3-year warranty too it is unbeatable. Recommended but not with its problems.

Only issues i had was pealable plastic was under some of the feet etc so it’s difficult to remove. Bright red display is a little annoying.

Very fast delivery, sound quality and volume for the price are very good, easy to install and connect but when connected via bluetooth or an optical cable it keeps going out of sync. Have to pause what is being watched and then switch off the sound bar and switch it on again. Its really aggravating and spoils an otherwise very good product. Update: customer services very good and quickly arranged a replacement that i am currently waiting on for delivery. Will update when re-installed.

Key specs for Ben Nevis Soundbar and Wireless Subwoofer Surround Sound, 150W Wireless Bluetooth Device Streaming, Remote Control, AUX in, FM radio, Wall Mountable, Optical Compatible, RCA cable included (Black):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • VIRTUAL SURROUND SOUND: The wireless connection between the 2.1 sound bar and freestanding sub woofer allows you to place the sub woofer in any location in the room. Keep your room tidy and also fill the room with sharp cinematic sound! Surround yourself with HD patented sound with 150W of high-quality surround sound to enjoy your favourite films, television, FM radio and audio.
  • 4.0 BLUETOOTH WIRELESS CONNECTION: Connect Bluetooth devices such as your smart phone or tablet to the sound bar in a simple 3 step set-up. Begin streaming from your favourite music apps including Spotify and Apple Music, apps or radio stations.
  • CONNECTIVITY: Connect your device to the Ben Nevis via the AUX 3.5mm Line-In connection for those devices without Bluetooth. Also insert a USB stick via the USB port to begin playing your own MP3 files. Use the supplied RCA cable to quickly set up the sound bar to your television, or use the optical input port to connect to your television via an optical cable (not included).
  • REMOTE CONTROL: With the easy to use remote, you can change the treble and bass settings at the click of a button whilst also selecting a music mode that heightens music, movies or dialog to be played at its best.
  • WARRANTY: Majority offer full technical support for every item, as well as including a comprehensive 36 month warranty (registration required).

Comments from buyers

“Fantastic soundbar & subwoofer in this range, Fantastic Soundbar., Fantastic product, excellent value”

Seems pretty good for the money. The quality of the product is good. Easy to set up – although i am still trying to find the best position for the subwoofer to combat interference and get a sound that i am happy with. I like it though and it has certainly improved the sound from my sony bravia tv – even with the subwoofer teething issue.

Great delivery time, looked good, easy setup i brought the optical lead as well. The reason i could only award one star was it only lasted a maximum of five minutes before the soundbar stopped working. Completely dead the subwoofer still showed it was receiving power. I’m now gong to wait before i get a different soundbar but have lost faith in this brand. Plus didn’t have time to test the product and it’s capabilities.

I’m not up to date with music gear any more so i just compare my mates £600 one to my £60 one. Yeah his sounds twice as good and is twice as loud, but its also 10 times the price. I just want more volume with good enough sound quality to enjoy it loud and that’s what i got.

I had initially bought the snowdon but felt it lacked punch and base so returned it and got the ben nevis instead & wow. I was a bit worried initially as there weren’t many reviews but this system is awesome 👏 have tried the aux and bt and fm.

Great product super easy to install but the remote is rubbish . Real shame as this lets the product down. You have to be careful of the subwoofer location and the bt connection, but thats not a huge issue. Real shame the remove is so cheap.

Not bad for the offer price but if i had to pay the full price i think 🤔 it’s probably not quite worth it, sounds great but bass isn’t as good as stated, only has 10 settings for bass and actually does distort slightly unlike the description insists, other than that, nice and loud, great sound for the price and great options 😊.

A fantastic sound bar that was delivered promptly. I was a bit apprehensive about the quality given that it’s a relatively lesser known brand. But it arrived promptly and packaging was impressive. The build quality of the actual product was surprisingly good. Once connected to my lg tv using an optical cable, i was very impressed with the sound quality. The sound was crisp and the music was clear. I must admit i am not an audio expert but even ar sufficiently loud volume test it was very pleasant and without any distortion. I could not notice any connection drop in the subwoofer but could be because it was only placed next to the main soundbar. Only two minor criticism is that display on the soundbar is a bit difficult to read as it’s behind the mash and the remote is also bit flimsy. But other than that i can’t fault it on build quality and sound quality.

We are really pleased with this soundbar. We have it connected to the tv via an optical cable, and then also use the bluetooth function for listening to music. Great sound with great bass and options to adjust bass/treble. We had some initial issues with the remote control but the seller kindly sent us out another one and now it’s working fine. We haven’t had any problems with connectivity between the soundbar and subwoofer, but then we have them sitting fairly close to each other. Overall this appears to be an excellent product for the price.

Great bass, although my actual tv speaker sounds great, this is used with my pc. It will need some further adjustment like from realteks audio manager, using an eq e. G but otherwise it is a great piece of kit. Wish it turned off after a certain amount of time of no noise but thats minor.

I tried setting this up the easiest way i thought, so i had an optic cable, simple right?that didn’t work for some reason. I could play music on my phone through it, but no sound from the tv. So i switched to the old school aux, haven’t used that bad boy since the days of ps1. That didn’t work either, for some reason, it wouldn’t play the sound through my television. So, as a last resort, i went with the headphone jack, which surprise surprise, is always on the wrong side to literally every tv i’ve ever owned. So now i’ve got an upside-down sound bar which is finally working, and come on at a hell of a volume. My neighbour hates any noise, and it made me laugh, because the sub speaker literally points down at the floor, so i know she’s down there thinking of ways to end my life. She’s a miserable old hag. Now it’s working – through the headphone jack ☹️ – it actually sounds pretty good.

So far everything seems good, bought this to use with my pc and it’s more than loud enough and quality seems ok. The cables that come with it are very short though and as others have said the display on the bar is very hard to read unless you’re quite close and looking at it straight on. I’m sure if you’re heavily into audio you wouldn’t be satisfied with this but for the average person who just wants some better audio for their tv or pc then i can’t see any reason you’d pay more than this.

I’ve wanted a soundbar for a while, but never quite found the right one. I was a little sceptical due to the varied reviews, but at this price point, it was worth a punt. Let me tell you, this is an amazing device. Took about 2 minutes to get it up and running, hardest part was moving the tv out to get to the plug sockets ha ha. Bluetooth connected fast, no issues at all. I’ve got fabulous treble and higher pitches from the soundbar, the bass from the subwoofer is amazing. I’ve had to turn the bass down to find a pleasing spot.

Very good sound for the price. I connected my mobile and play my music through the sound bar.

Fantastic sound for a small price. Bought to replace a more expensive sony ht-ct80 2. 1 that failed after 4 months. This has a far better sound as well ‘bargain’.

Sound is good, is not the best sound ever i have beats pill +, it’s definitely louder. For the money you pay they are amazing. If you want a cheap but decent sound bar go for this one. Like people said connection between subwoofer and sound bar is rubbish but who cares i have it right next to sound bar and it sounds great.

Bought this to replace the an old surround sound system that i was using with my vinyl player, the old system just had too many wires. The only wires with this are the two power cables (for the sound-bar and subwoofer) and my line in cable from my vinyl player, very happy. Great sound quality, was quite surprised at how good the sound quality was considering the price. Within five minuets of opening the box i had it set up and listening to my vinyl collection. The remote control is fine enough, like a lot of sound-bars the remote is small thin, almost flimsy looking, thats the only thing i would prefer when buying products like this is to have then invest a little more time in the designing and the quality of the remote. The remote comes with a optional double sided velcro strip which is suggested to be used to secure it to the speaker for safekeeping, i have mine stuck on my side table so the remote is always just a hands reach away. You get a three year warranty if you register your product, it is literally a matter of choosing your product and entering your name and email address.

The soundbar sounds fine, and it is well made. 5mm aux cable causes a big hum when connected to an audio device. Tried a decent cable and all is well. Such a shame to ruin a good product with rubbish accessories.

Very good,well built sound bar & bass speaker, for the price( bought in the sale)good sound,decimate upgrade from my standard tv. Remote control is good but very small & i don’t think it will be long before the back of the sofa claims another victim?. Delivery was next day with prime. My only niggle with the whole package is that it should come with an optical lead as standard, as the supplied lead is pretty useless. So if you are going to buy one,do yourself a favour and get an optical cable at the same time & you will save yourself a lot of grief.

I have only used the line in so can’t comment on the bluetooth but it has just the right balance of sound throughout the range. The only negative, and this is just a very minor niggle, is that there is a slight hiss when you have nothing playing. It’s not a game changer and i will still give this 5 stars as everything else is great.

I like this sound bar i know it’s got mixed reviews and that nearly put me off but for the small price i thought i’ll risk it and i’m glad i did it’s very easy to set up it takes about 10 min and looks a good size too it looks the part and works perfectly the sub is on the opposite side of the room and picks up signal every time it’s loud enough to enjoy a movie and listen to music on its quite powerful and fills the room with sound it’s got plenty of ways to connect to it too bluetooth/aux/usb and optical cable so it very good for all rangers of devices which is fantastic for the little price of £59. 98 the only reason it’s getting 4 stars is the screen has been put behind the metal mesh covering the display so you can’t see what it says who ever came up with that idea wants firing lol it was not a well thought out discussion that fore sure but it’s perfect in every other way i’m pleasantly surprised with this top buy i would definitely recommend.

Got this on offer and have to say it was well worth the money. 1 surround system and loved the sound it produced. I was downscaling and looking for something easy and with less wires. This produces good sound and eliminates a tangle of speaker wires behind the tv. Because it’s virtual surround sound – it isn’t quite as good as true 5. 1, but i never expected it to be. It is, however, a perfectly reasonable compromise.

Logitech Z120 Laptop Speakers 3 : Excellent price to performance.

Totally blown away by the volume, bass response and overall clarity of these tiny, tiny speakers. Obviously they’re not going to be be anywhere near as good as the more expensive monitor speakers but for the price they are utterly amazing. I use them in a minuscule music studio setup to monitor tracks for final mixdown and they are perfect. I’ve only had them for a couple of months so i can’t say anything about their longevity but from my limited experience they are an absolute steal at this price.

They are great for the price, however, and it seems to be with every z120 you buy, when they are completely on and no sound is emitted, they make a slight fuzz and it becomes very distracting, that’s why i recommend investing more on your speakers or just turning your speakers off whenever they aren’t used, however that can become excessive.

Delighted with these speakers. I plugged ’em in, it took a moment for my great brain to grasp that the reason they did not work was that i hadn’t pushed in the jack hard enough, switched them on and, bingo. My computer turned into a music centre cum dvd player. Small and portable, these have a pretty good sound, quite good enough for me. My computer recognised them immediately and i was able to set the volume and tone of the output to them very easily.

I got these for my study on the prime one day sale. Nice, elegant design which sits them on a slightly angled foot which is finished with slip resistant material which gives them a “floating affect” from the front. Quality’s good and they don`t feel cheap and the size means they don`t take up too much room on my desk. I think i could fit them in my lap top bag so pretty portable if you`re on an overnight. They run off the usb which is convenient so you don`t need to use another socket. Sound quality is really good however i would have liked them a little louder. Not much cabling also with just enough to sit them either side of a lap top with a little room to manoeuvre. If you are looking for speakers for music to fill the room, stereo style then i`d go bigger and pay a little more but for what i wanted, which was decent sounding speakers that i can play music through when i`m working at my laptop then these do the business.

  • a good name like Logitech really delivered
  • Couldn’t have asked for more
  • Best Inexpensive Speakers Ever!!!!

Logitech Z120 Laptop Speakers 3.5mm USB

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    by entering your model number.
  • USB powered
  • Comes with 3.5 mm audio input
  • Compact size
  • Cable management

I have had this product since the 11th june 2016. I use these speakers every day and i am very impressed with the quality of the speakers. Since i bought them the price has risen a little but they are still worth the price that they are available for right now. 75 for delivery but if the order comes up to £20 or over then they are available for free delivery along with other items in the same order as long as they are eligible. The delivery time for this order and other items that came with them was extremely fast. I placed the order between midnight and 2am on the 10th june and the order was delivered on the 11th june. I would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone who wants good quality speakers but have a low budget available.

I tend to not review products but these little speakers are great and i wanted to share my experience. For anyone looking to enhance the overall sound from their laptop won’t go far wrong with these speakers. Although not overly loud and with the volume up high, there is a little distortion, the clarity at low to medium volumes is impressive and instead of the tinny laptop sound, there is a lovely rounded sound with a nice bass response. I noticed an annoying high pitched sound on some tracks but i didn’t notice it after a while. It could just have been my hearing. Youtube car engine sounds are really nice.

I was looking for second hand pc speakers but when i saw the reviews and price of these, i thought i’d go for new instead. I bought these for a second pc we have and they’re great. I like my music and like to think i can tell poor quality audio when i hear it and, for the price, these deliver in spades. Bass is quite light, as you’d expect for usb-powered speakers without a subwoofer, but not missing altogether. The most impressive thing about these is the clarity of the midrange and high frequency – dialogue is very clear. They’re not loud – you wouldn’t use them to get a party pumping. I bought them primarily for use with skype and they’re perfect for this. They are powered through the usb port on the pc – so you’ll need a spare one of these – and then they plug in to any standard 3. You could use these as “travel speakers” if you had a usb port handy.

First bought these speakers over 2 1/2 years ago for use with a pc for playing music. They sit on a desk in the corner of a room. In use, the sound is incredible given their size and low cost. I’m a hifi nerd and would be the first to criticise them if the sound was not good. However, in use they are both loud and punchy. People coming into the room for the first time think the music is coming from a hifi. I’ve now bought a second set for use with a tv monitor.

Logitech quality shines through. I bought these for use with a desktop pc but they could work equally well with a laptop / notebook or portable device but remember, you need a usb socket to power the speakers. These speakers are faff-free, and you simply connect to a usb socket with one lead and to the speaker out socket with another lead and you are off and away. I really like the fact that you do not need a mains power adapter. The 5v supply of the usb is all that is required. Sound quality is surprisingly good for the price – very clear and quite good bass extension. There is a volume control but that’s it – no mixer or bass / treble control but this wasn’t a concern for me, as i just use the speakers for listening to internet radio or youtube.

The price of these speakers do not match up to the quite impressive sound quality. Both speakers both have a built in cable tidy at back of it.

These are compact but loud and definitely worth the money. I was a little unsure as to the quality of these, being so cheap n’all, but they really are outstanding for a little under £11. I bought a monitor but even with the windows volume at 100, the speakers in the monitor just weren’t up to much. Thinking that these would be a temporary solution until something big and bass-y could be purchased, i’ve changed my mind and i actually think i’ll keep these in the long run. Considering windows is now set to 50, you only need to turn these little bad boys on and you hear sound without needing to turn them up much. I think with these turned up all the way, you’d definitely annoy the neighbours. A little bonus is the usb plug is slim so it can plug in next to other peripherals etc.

I bought a second pair of these for use with a new style (type e) xbox 360 which has a 3. 5mm audio output jack and usb port for power on the back. They work fine and are loud enough, and are much better than the monitor’s built-in speakers which i had been using. The first pair got purloined for an lcd tv – connected to the headphone socket and usb socket (which most recent tvs have). They pick up a whine from the tv if you set the volume knob high (probably the tv’s fault) so it is set quite low and the tv’s own volume setting set higher. Even though a headphone jack is not the ideal output, this arrangement sounds vastly better that the tv’s own built-in tinny speakers. I tested them on my pc using the same arrangement – they are much better than the laptop’s built-in speakers though not as good as mains-powered speakers with a sub (which is to be expected). With the pc at 100% audio, the speakers are at full usable output at about 1/3 of their volume setting – above which they start to distort badly. Also, they are not a patch on the soundscience qsb speakers (which are usb-powered, use digital usb audio – no 3. 5mm jack – and louder / better sound).

I’m startled at how good the sound is from these little speakers. Forget the price, the sound is actually very good. I’m sitting here listening to abbey road and george’s guitar on something is coming at me from the middle space between the speakers, while ringo’s drums and george’s vocals are at left and right. In other words, there’s good stereo separation but with a middle stage very much there too. They’re plenty loud enough for listening to music at a desk while working, the bass isn’t too overpowering (a problem i’ve had with dearer media speakers) and the other frequencies are all good. I’m using itunes with some tweaks on the equalizer, but normally no amount of fiddling with the sliders will rescue the sound from speakers with a thumping bass response. Now the downside and the reason for docking a star is that the cable between the speakers is only just enough to get them either side of a monitor. I think it’s about a metre long, and it could do with a fair bit more. It’s working fine for my set-up though. It saves a wall plug, but obviously at the expense of a usb port so you decide which you’d rather sacrifice (or spend more on battery-powered speakers). The beatles are about to go into the bit of i want you (she’s so heavy) where i’m meant to spark up a massive dooby, lie back and let the universe turn my consciousness inside out.

I needed to replace some speakers that cost about the same, well maybe a few quid less, i think they were six or seven quid. I had them for a couple of years, i didn’t use them much as they picked up so much squelchy feedback from my pc, every time i moved my mouse or did anything it picked up a strange sound. Then a couple of weeks back they just stopped working, so i ditched them and bought these logitech ones, and i’m amazed by the qualityi’ve bought quite a few sets of cheap speakers over the years, there’s no need for me to have pricey speakers as i only use them for the odd youtube vid ect, and i’ve never had a tenner set of speakers this good. They sound like the £50 quid speakers i had when i was younger and in to gaming, they’re really loud for inexpensive speakers, and the sound quality is brilliant. I’m sure you can’t compare them with bose or whatever, but if you want to spend a hundred quid on speakers why are you looking at these?. If it’s cheaper speakers you’re looking for, i honestly don’t believe you will get better than these at this price. And they don’t pick up the interference either.

Great sound, very stylish and a good price.

Despite some reviews to the contrary, i reckon these small speakers do a very reasonable job for their asking price. If you’re expecting huge bass or painful volumes then you will be disappointed, but for normal listening levels with an acceptably balanced sound, then these will do the job for very little dosh. I have installed several sets of these in staff offices around the school where i work and everyone has commented favorably on their quality. They also seem quite robust and take up little space. Compared to many other speakers in this price bracket, they sound better, look better and feel better.

Cheap little speakers which do the job exceptionally for their low price tag. Sound quality is amazing in games and in music, depending on the type. I find with heavy metal and bass songs can be distorted a little at max volume, the simple solution was to turn the volume down slighlty on my phone. Max volume isn’t amazing, but i wouldn’t have expected more from two small speakers. The inclusion of a cable management option in order to coil the wires inside the speakers itself was an amazing idea but i’ve yet to actually use it. They look great but my setup is majorly black, which clashes with the white speakers and wires. Colour choice would be great. 9/10 speakers, would recommend.

Honestly these speakers are not that greatof course they are cheap, but you also get what you pay for. Quality wise it is good but personally was not great also. Although there seems to be a lack of getting higher volume because i could get higher volume compared to the internal speakers on my laptopcable length is great, you can place the speakers wherever, volume control is nice but liked mentioned these speakers do not get very loudit is not like i wanted to blast it or anything but it would have been nice to get a bit more higher volume. Overall a great budget option but only as a budget option, as speakers there are much much better ones out therewith not spending that much moreif you only have £10 or so or want to get a gift or after building a pc you have a very limited budget for the next while or if your internal speakers went bust and need something urgently then get thisbut if you want to enjoy your media on your pc or laptop i advise save a tiny bit and get something betterliked mentioned there are better options without having to spend loads more.

Bought these for my husbands laptop because i nobbled his wired ones :)he is absolutely delighted with them and i have to agree, the sound is excellent, granted if you want to listen to queens bohemian rhapsody or the london philharmonic a set of wireless pc speakers is not likely to do them full justice but for watching youtube woodworking videos and listening to your favourite uriah heep cd these will do the job quite adequately. They are very compact and stylish, if that sort of thing matters to you, the volume range is pretty decent for such a small set of speakers, they are the dog’s danglies of compact wireless speakers and i am happy to recommend them to all buyers.

Great little speakers which provide crisp, clear sound and are a vast improvement on the sound from my monitor. There is no hum or distortion at low levels and they also handle all the music i put through them, from classical to death metal. Don’t expect them to blow your roof off though with 1. 2watts but that is not what they are designed for. My only niggle is that the length of usb cable fitted could do with being just a fraction longer (ie 1. 2) but that is down to the position of my pc so i’m not going to deduct any stars for that. Great little speakers at a great price and i have just bought another set for my son’s pc.

I was always brought up to believe that bigger was better when it came to speakers. Bose dispelled that myth when they arrived. While we have lots of big and small speakers in our house and i know nothing of how to build or design one, these sounded surprisingly good when tested on a youtube video. I tried them against a sonos play 1 and they were a bit short on base but didn’t come off that badly considering the difference in price. Obviously these are not a choice worthy of an audiophile, nor would they replace my bedroom speakers but for someone who wants a half decent speaker for skype at a reasonable price they are a very good choice.

For the size and no subwoofer this is quite impressive, you can hear bass – that is not an issue. The only bad thing is you get what you pay for, the sound is like compressed and not clear it’s all one sound (whereas on my main speakers you can hear each instrument distinctly and more clearly) also it is not tinny which is good. But yeah my main reason for these speakers are for my mobile phone, to help me record music from an instrument thats plugged into my pc to a backing track (from my phone – so it does not get picked up in the recording from my pc). If using this only plugged into my phone – the sound does not get loud, but still it;s not quiet. I plugged these into my earphone socket on my main speakers and using the knob on my main speakers i can get these small speakers to get really loud and there is no buzz or muffle when loud so thats good.

Sony HTCT290 : Definitely recommend.

Clear sound bass wish i brought the slim line one.

White goes with my wall shelf. Only downfall is my volume from both my sky remote and tv remote do not function other than the soundbar remote unless i have a sony tv too but i have lg.

Bought this soundbar because i was having difficulty in hearing the tv dialogue (i’m getting on a bit). Soundbar has been excellent, easy to install and operate and sound quality now vastly improved.

I would say the best sound bar for this price (£170), especially when you connect with your sony tv (just one hdmi arc cable, one remote controller). Quality of sound with s-force is good enough for me + sub (quite powerful). I feel s-force surround at front of me with really good quality sound and sub is behind sofa which gently supplements soundbar. Sound quality is good enough for me, you feel like a bit of cinema with many virtual speakers surrounds you.

  • Nice to look at, sounds great and cheap. What more do you want.
  • Sound quality that packs a punch for the price
  • No lip sync issues

Sony HTCT290.CEK 300 W Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI and Wireless Subwoofer – Black

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    by entering your model number.
  • Immersive sound: Recreate that cinema feeling with Sony’s S-Force Pro Front Surround sound technology
  • Simple connectivity: one simple HDMI connection to TV and easy wireless link to your smartphone with Bluetooth
  • Slim design: designed for style and substance offering a slim elegant profile to blend any living environment
  • Interface : Input and Output Terminals – Opt. In, USB – 1 (USB-A), Bluetooth® : Yes(A2DP (SINK), AVRCP)
  • Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (cm) :5.2 x 90.0 x 8.6,Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) (cm):34.2 x 17.0 x 36.2

Great quality item and sou d however it keeps going out of sync and have to keep turning the sound bar on and off.

Ordered this from amazon warehouse so a bit dubious, especially about some of negative comments regarding lip sync. Up and running within 10 minutes (i did read manual carefully prior to set up). My tv is a sony bravia but 6 years old and i was also worried that the sound bar would block out tv remote signal. The sound bar is very compact in height and absolutely no problems with tv controls. Also it synced with my tv and the sky remote automatically – a breeze. The only negative is that the sub woofer is fairly sizeable, but it is tucked away discretely and again connected wirelessly with no problems. Also play music from my ipod/iphone which all connected easily through bluetooth.

The only problem didn’t come with a connecting cable. Instructions weren’t clear on how to set up pass through.

Geat sound ,i thought a sound bar at first was a pub that was open all day,sadly no,this one is much better and does not give you a hang over .

. And brilliant sound, am very happy with it.

Replaced a samsung sound bar of lower quality. Great sound, and the bluetooth connected sub-wooofer can be positioned anywhere. As usual the sub-wooofer only adds a bass rumble but it comes into its own with action movies. Sound options are quite limited but the system puts out such a great sound why do you need to adjust it?.Very happy with my purchase.

But the optical cable slot is in a stupid place. I bought bought this cable (ibra muzil gold 1. 5m – digital optical cable | toslink / audio cable | fibre optic cable) i could not fit it in the slot beacuse the slot is in a stupid place. Does anyone know a good optical cable that will fit?.

Doesn’t look too bulky and out of place. The bass is excellent, for all those complaining – it totally relies on the quality of the sound source. Some programmes are very bass weak, but films, music and gaming really show off the strengths.

This is a very stylish and highly functional sound bar, before i get into the features and the sound quality ill run through the set up. All that is required is to unbox the items place them how you want them to be set up, for me it was the sound bar free standing under the tv and the sub woofer to the right of the tv cabinet. There are points on the back of the sound bar to allow it to be fixed to the wall if your tv is wall mounted. After this you wither need to connect a hdmi cable (not supplied) to your tv hdmi arc (audio return channel) or via the optical audio output from you tv (optical cable is supplied). After this plug both the sub and bar in and the device will start up when activated on the remote. This took me 5 minutes to do the above. The sub and the sound bar do not require any wires between them and communicate through a wireless connection, my wireless router sits right next to the tv and i have had no interference from this connection between the bar and sub for my home network. My tv is a 40″ samsung and the sound bar fits perfectly underneath this and is the same length as the tv this was a added bonus for me as it sits nicely because of this. When powered on the front middle of the bar lights up and illuminates in a soft white light giving the text for what option is currently selectedthe sound quality is exactly what i expect from a sony device, it is excellent. I have used the music function with a usb device connected to the rear of the device and the music sounds superb.

Great sound and easy to set up.

Works great, sounds great, great performance for the price and the wireless sub is great as can be moved. The only downside is there is only optical in and one hdmi. No analogue in, i got around this buy purchasing an analog to digital adapter.

Its just great, lovely sound easy to use no syncing issues.

I could think a couple complaints but all in all for the price range this is an awesome product and you won’t get much better.

Great design, low footprint, easy to setup, good value for your money. Only wish i’d bought it sooner.

Its nice to have good quality. Look forward to more hours listening to my music.

Easy to set up, excellent sound, the sub woofer really supplements the overall sound, providing a subtle base when listening or watching something with a deep base sound, otherwise its just the bar you can detect. Make sure you pair the sub woofer speaker whilst its reasonably close to the bar, once paired, you can stand it where you like, there’s a good 8ft, distance from bar to sub woofer in my set up. Usual sony quality, which transforms the sound completely.

Sony ht-ct291 300 w soundbar with bluetooth, hdmi and wireless subwoofer – crème whitein the box. The sound bar, subwoofer, remote, batteries for the remote, hdmi cable and instructions. The sound bar fits on a shelf under the tv easily. It has a mains plug and several inputs. An optical cable is supplied for a toishlink socket but i used an hdmi cable as this works better for me (there was a short hdmi cable supplied). The subwoofer can be placed almost anywhere as all you need is a mains connection, the signal is routed to it via bluetooth. The speakers will also link to other bluetooth devices for music playback. Pairing is simple and my phone found the device instantly.

Would recommend to any one if want a great sound and product.