Roberts Radio Blutune 50 DAB/DAB : Amazing sound quality from multi connecting device

My husband wanted a new alarm beside his bed but didn’t want the blaring sound that scares you awake, you press snooze wanting to feel the calmness again then repeat 3-4 times over and wake me in the process too. It wakes my husband with a slow volume rising sound which makes waking up that little bit more easier. You can set the radio to be on for a certain time then switch itself off or wake to the radio. The quality of sound is awesome.

When choosing to buy, i was a little troubled by those reviewers who criticised sound quality. Now, i don’t understand what they were on about. The sound quality is excellent for the price. I have a couple of wireless speakers, and the quality of the sound i’m getting from the roberts is just where i would expect it to be in comparison with them – one of them being more expensive, one cheaper. When you add in the things you’re getting over and above the wireless, this really is a very good value package which i thoroughly recommend. One unexpected bonus is that the range of dimming options includes an ultra-dim level. The only very minor quibble is that the sleep button is not easy to locate in the dark. That was easily fixed by putting a nipple of tape on the button top, but perhaps the designers could have built something in to address this.

2nd roberts radio i have bought, if this one continues to work for as long as the first (which i still use since 2011, has an apple dock on it, not this one). The device auto sets the clock, keeps track of my stations i set. Have not tried the bluetooth function, but when i do i will update this review.

Sounds great, easy to configure and dab sounds smooth and clear. It wakes you y slowly turning the volume up. Display has a dimmer function so you can set it’s brightness. My one and only criticism is that the 30 minute turn on timer function should have a raised surface. The amount of times i go to press it and turn the dimmer off annoys me. And, you can set it to 45, 60 or 90 minutes but it isn’t hard set so you have to choose how long you want it on for every time. Apart from that it is perfect.

  • Simply the best alarm clock I’ve ever / am ever likely to
  • Really Dim!
  • The set up is pretty straightforward as per manual except in a few places

Roberts Radio Blutune 50 White DAB/DAB+/FM/Bluetooth Sound System with 2.1 Speaker System

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  • Digital radio
  • FM wavebands
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.1 speaker system for high sound quality
  • USB socket for iPhone or smartphone charging

An excellent little dab bought for a kitchen where bluetooth connection wanted to enable connection to smart phone. Very easy to set up and use. Some have commented on the quality of the sound for talk radio, but i don’t think this an issue. It does sound different from an old fashioned single speaker lo fi radio but you soon get used to it and careful palcement makes a big difference.

Brilliant, ticks all the boxes for me when it comes to a radio alarm clock. Firstly it’s really easy to use, it has 2 alarms that can be set individually, everyday, weekday or weekend options, you can set the volume of the alarm independent of the volume the device was last used at. The alarms are humane, so that they start off quieter and increase to full volume, rather than rocketing you out of bed. By far though the biggest plus for me is the fact that the display can be dimmed right down, in the past i have always found alarm clock displays too bright even on their dimmest setting however the roberts blutune really is very dim on its lowest setting, perfect for me because i’m really sensitive to light at nighti’ve found the quality of the sound to be just fine but i am no expert, i’ve also had no issues with dab reception despite living in an area which is notorious for having a weaker signal. I’ve also found the bluetooth speaker feature really easy to use, with both my wife and myself able to easily stream music from our phones when we have wanted to.

Great radio and bluetooth speaker. It has to be plugged into the mains as there is no rechargeable battery. Pleased with my purchase and use it often. If looking for a device for traveling look for a rechargeable and long battery life.

Don’t be put off by reviewers who moan about sound quality or volume. It works beautifully, looks great and feels like quality. You can buy cheaper dab radios but not as well designed as this. I expect this to last 20years.

I bought this radio because of its specifications and sound quality and it does not disappoint in those departments. I love the fm/dab radio, the bluetooth and the usb connection. The sound is also excellent. I can also easily stream content from my android phone through the speakers of the blutune. Where this system falls down for me is in its usability. I bought this system for a bedside radio/alarm and i find it really difficult to navigate the buttons. The buttons are all clustered on top of the device and i often find myself fumbling to find what should be simple buttons such as the on/off, the function, alarm, etc. I have numerous times become very frustrated when trying to do simple tasks. The pre-set stations are also difficult to select with a number of steps required to say get to pre-set 6 on the system. The display is far too bright for night-time use however turning it down is again a hit and miss by trying to select the correct button.

A nice radio, but the tuning and presets are too complicated. Just, say, four proper presets would be fine. It’s not too bad on dab once set up, but one has to remember to press the tuning button to make the final selection. At least the station names are displayed though. Try to do the same on fm and one is presented with a list of frequencies. I only remember one or two, so the doesn’t help much. It does if you live in an area with poor signal strength and there are many of those, so fm is important. I agree with previous comments about too much bass in some circumstances. I built my own radio set at the age of 13 and have been in electronics all my life. In my opinion this set goes a long way , but is too complicated in some areas and misses important (simple) points in others.

The perfect solution to getting a good sound into our small kitchen. Sits comfortably on the windowsill yet packs a real punch with its subwoofer. We’ve had this for several months now using it every day and unfortunately the power adaptor went faulty – but within 24 hours we were delivered a brand new system. Full marks for amazon’s customer service.

It does the job of providing a dab radio for the morning while getting ready for work, but the sound quality just isn’t as good as i’d like it to be. The bass is so strong (and unadjustable) that when a radio presenter is talking they sound almost distorted – fine for music but not for talk shows. Pairs fine with our devices though, alarm works fine as well. Just was hoping for better sound quality for the asking price. Dab radio does provide great, clear reception though.

Over the last few years i have had several clock radios. The display is large enough to read easily and has several brightness levels including a very dim one for night time. For a clock radio the sound quality is excellent. It has several alarm modes including weekday and weekend and the audio wake up up function fades in gently. The functions are so logical to use that you will not need to refer to the handbook.

Slightly “boomy” sound which makes it sound a little hollow (i’d like more treble – why don’t dab radios have bass & treble controls??), but overall it’s ok. Easy to use and it keeps great time too, unlike several pure dab radios i have experienced, which are persistently a couple of minutes slow. You could do a lot worse for the price, and given a choice of this or a pure, this would win every time.

Nice quality, good looking radio / alarm – it’s very easy to set up & program. Unfortunately, its sound (when listening to classical music) is simply not up to usual roberts standard – though not overly unpleasant – it’s just a bit too bass-heavy and i haven’t been able to adjust it to my taste. Spoken voice is fine though. Other than that, it’s a very nice quality system with an effective (duel) alarm function that gradually increases in volume (up to your own pre-set maximum) so it wakes you gently. The backlight can be dimmed right down to an almost discernible level – for those who don’t like a bright display. To be honest, i’d give it another star if it weren’t for the high price and the heavy bass tone.

This is a really good bit of kit but being a bit picky i do have three niggles. 1, the aerial is one of these silly bits of wire. This looks really naff and for the price paid a proper aerial would be a big improvement. 2, it could do with some pips or ridges on one or two of the buttons to make them easily identifiable in the dark or when you are laid down and cannot see the top surface of the radio3, quote from another review:-‘the other issue is that sound is really good with deep bass; in fact i think the bass is a bit too heavy and i would have liked to reduce the bass and increase the treble. There is no adjustment for this; not even a simple ‘tone’ feature. ‘ i agree with this completely. So, overall it is very, very good, but the above items slightly niggle me. Lastly, i was originally surprised that there was no battery backup, but this seems to be unnecessary as the radio appears to remember all your settings, so if there is a power cut during the night, it should still wake you up in the morning. Also you can unplug and move it around the house without a problem.

Bought myself one of these for christmas (actually i asked my parents to buy me one but my dad couldn’t ‘work’ amazon, so i bought it for myself). Anyhoo, i’d read that some reviewers thought it was a little bass heavy which made listening to voice radio difficult. I listen to radio 4 from time to time and have had no difficulties with it. Music sounds fine too, it fills the bedroom and sounds rich. It has two alarms which are easy to set. It also has three different dimmer settings, the lowest of which is very dim which is good if you like your room nice and dark at night. This product looks good on my bedside table. I’m impressed with this product and am very pleased with it.

Bought for my teenage son – he loves it . Decent sound quality and small enough to fit on a window sill .

Excellent product but i would say it needed a bass adjustment as booms a little on hard surfaces.

Disliked buttons on top flush with casing which look good to the designer. What would be preferable; large, proud off/snooze buttons to make sleep easier for drowsier user.

This really is a fantastic radio with crystal clear reception. The controls are pretty self-explanatory. The bluetooth has to be heard to be believed. The sound fills the room,it may be a little bass heavy,but i like that (favourite radio station is planet rock). Classical music is quite clear,even in the quiet passages. All in all a fantastic machine,which i can recommend to anyone.

Alba 50W 2 – Perfect Budget Soundbar For Enhancing Your TV

Like with most electronic goods, you get what you pay for with soundbars and this is no different. It’s lightweight, a good size, non-intrusive design and doesn’t have a ‘cheap’ feel to the bar itself – though that does not extend to the remote control which is remniscent of a cheap keyring mounted universal one – the sound quality is certainly an improvement on the television alone with clear, crisp sound and good range. The bluetooth function is very useful but the range could be a little better. 3 different sound profiles add an extra dimension reglardless of use and the 3d function especially is surprsingly impressive. I have however had one issue with the unit – when running my pc via my tv on hdmi, the bar suddenly went silent after about 90 minutes use. Disconnecting the bar, turning it off and on and then reconnecting resolved this but only for a minute or two. It does not seem to do it when connected directly to source by an audio cable, but if the original source of the audio is transmitted to the conncted device by hdmi (i. E a games console), it is very tempremental. I’ve ended up moving it to my bedroom as a speaker for my pc and looking to invest a bit more in something much better for the living room.

 having owned an excellent medium budget sony soundbar, i was intrigued to see what a low budget one could do. I got this during to black friday for £20 which at the time seemed like a steal considering it was priced for over £50. For the money, i was really impressed it has bluetooth, along with 50w of power and a remote. Of course, it doesn’t come with a subwoofer but that’s what higher budget ones are for. Pros-great value-physical buttons to control the sound bar-lightweight (not difficult to move or carry)-long design allows sound to spread better-easy to connect to with bluetooth-audio cable and remote includedcons-no nfc-sound crackles at high volume-power cord can’t disconnect from speakeroverall this is an impressive speaker, and with sound bars at these prices competing against more expensive ones, it’s likely we’ll see more affordable soundbars in the future. For anyone considering this, i don’t think you’ll be disappointed. When it comes to audio equipment i have high expectations so you’ll probably find the sound for any purpose is good for you. This would be brilliant for upgrading the sound for the main tv in the lounge on a budget.

  • Perfect Budget Soundbar For Enhancing Your TV
  • Decent quality but not very reliable.

Features of Alba 50W 2.0 Soundbar With Bluetooth

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  • Great value and great sound!
  • 2 channels.
  • Active amplifier.
  • Total power output: 50 watts.
  • Remote control.

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Great value and great sound!

2 channels.

Active amplifier.

Total power output: 50 watts.

AudioEngine HD6 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Built-in USB 24-Bit DAC & Analog Amplifier | aptX HD Bluetooth : as much as i love them these are simply on another level entirely

So i’ve had these for a several weeks so far. A couple of small issues1) no optical cable, i knew that already but still annoying2) the power cable is a two pin so not standard uk plug so had to buy adaptor3) the current bluetooth device needs to be manually disconnected before next device can connect, really annoying, any cheap device allows you to override the first with a second4) sound gets mixed if you play two devices eg bluetooth about auxiliary in at the same time5) as there us no volume indicator can’t tell where you are at is it 25% 80% can never know having gauge helps6) i didn’t see any security on the bluetooth- means anybody can connect to the speaker if i’m not connectedi haven’t played them to the recommended 40hrs yet but sound and music is fantastic so far will come back with a proper sound review later. Because of the loads of small issues i’m gonna give it 4update: after a listening extensively i’m coming back and giving it a 5 based on sound alone. Though for certain types of base sounds you will need a subwoofer.

I have the a2+ speakers, as much as i love them these are simply on another level entirely. The most important thing is to run them in for a couple of days as this really seems to improve the sound.

The most beautiful speakers on the market, in my opinion. Especially noticeable at high volumes, where there is very little distortion. I find the bass very capable and don’t feel like i need a separate sub-woofer for my needs. A lot of people like the remote, though i’m not a fan. I find it a little awkward to get the right angle to get the signal to the speakers and it’s also a little ugly and poorly made.

Have been using them on a regular basis since over a year. The bluetooth connection with computer works smoothly, has almost no quality loss and has no latency. The sound definition is absolutely amazing for music as well as movies and is ideal for a good mid-range home cinema.

  • Sounds fantastic but several irritating small issues
  • These speakers look great and sound excellent
  • I highly recommend them! The bluetooth connection with computer works smoothly

Audioengine HD6 150W Wireless Powered Bookshelf Speakers | Built-in USB 24-Bit DAC & Analog Amplifier | aptX HD Bluetooth, S/PDIF Optical, RCA and 3.5mm inputs | Cables included (Cherry)

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  • FLAGSHIP POWERED BLUETOOTH BOOKSHELF SPEAKERS WITH INTEGRATED DAC: Audioengine has brought traditional high-quality audio equipment into the digital age. Their range of Award-Winning products have been praised by What Hi-Fi, CNet, and Wired to name just a few of the publications who have tested their products over the past 13 years.
  • BLUETOOTH, S/PDIF OPTICAL, RCA & 3.5mm INPUTS: Connect directly to your MAC, PC, Phone or Laptop via Bluetooth, or other sound producing device through the 3.5mm, Optical or RCA inputs – start enjoying audiophile quality sound straight out of the box! The aptX HD Bluetooth codec with 30 meter range and 24bit Digital DAC allows you to bypass the low quality sound card in your laptop or phone to deliver premium quality sound.
  • PROFESSIONAL AMPLIFIED OUTPUT: Room filling sound from Bookshelf Speakers with 150 watts of combined peak output. Combine these with the Audioengine DS2 speaker stands to elevate these speakers and experience premium sound at ear level. The HD6 is the flagship of the Audioengine range, combining all of the inputs that you would ever need in this modern age with clear Audiophile-quality sound and deep bass.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Pair of Audioengine HD6 Wireless Powered Speakers, Bluetooth Antenna, Aluminum cased remote control, 4m Speaker Wire, Power Supply & Cord, 2m 3.5mm Mini-Jack Audio Cable, 2m RCA Audio Cable, Microfiber Speaker bags and Cable Bags, Setup Guide, Brochure
  • WARRANTY: All Audioengine products have a 3-year Limited Warranty on parts and labor from date of purchase.

Pros: easy for bt-audio connect, nice stereo image and sound quality, elegant design, multiple input options. Cons: the bass performance is a little bit too strong. For the powered speakers in terms of the price level and performance, it is an excellent choicehighly recommend.

The is nothing more to be said about these speakers from audioengine they’re very good in sound & manufacturing quality and a real pleasure to listen too for hours. Compatible with brennan b2 bluetooth.

These speakers look great and sound excellent. Good bass even without an external sub, and nice crisp highs and mids. Bluetooth connectivity is a nice addition, and they seem to handle multiple inputs (optical and bluetooth) well.

Bluedio Bluetooth Speaker TS-3 : Great speaker

Speaker has been delivered very quickly and very well packaged. Very easy to connect and use as every single detail is explained in manual. It looks stylish and interesting. It draws attention for sure. Also it is compact and doesn’t take much space on my desk. It is a huge advantage for me and i’m loving it as it is very comfortable.

 this is an absolutely amazing speaker. Please refer to the video for the full review. . I was supplied with this for free in exchange for an honest review.

Bluedio Bluetooth Speaker TS-3(Turbine) 2.1 Channel Wireless Speaker System with 59mm Subwoofer/Micro SD Card Slot(Champagne Gold)

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  • 1. Bluetooth 4.2 TS3 adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.2, which has lower power consumption and higher performance, to improve the transmission speed, and to let you hear more details.
  • 2. 2.1 sound track TS3 is a multifunctional speaker specifically designed for pop music. With built-in 2.1 sound, it’s suitable for music of various styles. Each tune is so dulcet that you will certainly be immersed in a wonderful music world.
  • 3. Right and left independent Cavities TS3 adopts right and left independent cavities, which ensures the two drivers will not interfere each other, to optimize the resolution, and to make the sound stay true to the music.
  • 4. Center-channel sound effect The drivers towards the floor can effectively convert the bass into center-channel sound effect through the inverter tube, which will strengthen and enrich the alt, to make it bright and clear, combining the right and left sound track, the surround sound will be more stereo and rich.
  • 5. Bass driver towards the floor The built-in bass driver at the bottom of the speaker produces sound towards the floor, to purify the bass and reduce the directivity, so that the sound will be more powerful and stereo.

 i was offered this ts-3 wireless bluetooth speaker by bluedio at a reduced price in exchange for and honest evaluation and review. And i admit, i am already a bluedio fan, owning several sets of brilliant bluedio headphones and the bs-3 (the later being a really excellent speaker). Okay, so as per usual the bluedio unboxing experience was very pleasurable. Slip off the outer sleeve and you have the usual quality black hard box (perfect for storing) and inside you get the actual unit itself (i was sent the champagne one), a usb to micro-usb charge cable, a gold plated 3. 5mm jack and operating instructions in several different languages. The unit itself is just drop dead gorgeous in my opinion. Bluedio has really raised the bar with the design of this gorgeous unit which looks like no other on the market. The ts-3 has been specifically designed for pop music using its built in 2:1 sound, that is, two 2w 49mm drivers and one 5w 59mm (right and left channels + bass). The two 2w left and right speakers are isolated from each other in independent cavities so as not to interfere with each other. The built-in bass driver at the bottom of the unit optimises an inverter tube which pushes the sound towards the floor giving a rich deep bass. The ts-3 uses the latest bluetooth 4. 2 offering a 10m operating range and lower power consumption and higher transmission speeds and includes an sd card slot that supports a max 32g micro sd card, an aux audio input so you can hard connect to your favourite devices, and there is even a smart app for the ts-3 that allows you to control certain functions from the app on your device. Charge time is between 3-4 hours which returns about 5 hours of continuous play and 1000 hrs of standby. The audio resolution is 24bit (48khz) and the dynamic range is 96db.

Bought these for a friend, here’s his opinionwow. Blown away by this little star. Bought some bluedio headphones a while ago, so i was expecting to be surprised. Sound sublime, and look very classy.

Nice appearance, easy to set up with bluetooth,sound a little bit tinny but about what you’d expect for the price.

Bluedio Bluetooth Speaker TS-3(Turbine) 2.1 Channel Wireless Speaker System with 59mm Subwoofer/Micro SD Card Slot(Champagne Gold) : Looks great but sound quality is poor. Ok for spoken word, audiobooks and such like.

It has the same control dial as the t3 headphones so for me it was a very intuitive switch to go between them both. I keep this speaker in the bathroom and it is very loud; easily loud enough to be heard over the sound of the shower. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks and have only charged it twice. Bluetooth range is the same as pretty much every bluetooth peripheral that i have and spans across a room easily. I like that the volume control on the speaker actually controls the iphone volume rather than its own – this allows for songs to be played quite loudly without any distortion at all. Overall very pleased with the speaker and makes a great accompaniment to the bathroom. It is not waterproof by any means but is kept away from sources of water. If there does happen to be some splash, the speakers seem prepared to deal with it adequately.

Great appearance, sound good but not great.

 this review covers the unboxing and first impressions of the bludio ts3 bluetooth speaker. I am including a video to cover this and i shall go through the controls to operate the unit. The packaging is superb, as we have come to admire from bluedio. Once the black box is opened there is a wow factor on first viewing the speaker. The design is not like anything i have seen before. I love the frustration free packaging. I hate those packages which need a tool kit to get into them. I have the champagne gold version. A very pale gold but in no way intrusive. First thing i did was to charge the battery while i studied the instruction manual (always worth doing) as with bluedio headphones the centre top of the unit with its circular switch is actually five switches, each with more then one function.

Loud, doesn’t distort, i don’t really understand the presets as you don’t have a visual clue, but it’s fine and i like the clear, loud maxed sound,and the phone app.

Wow really nice not that loud but sound is fantastic got next to bed so great. Highly recommended great buy very pleased 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

Bluedio can be a little hit or miss – their earphones are superb but i wasn’t too impressed with their lower end speakers. This unit looks very cool, connects quickly and stays connected. As others have said, the settings initially are a little light on the bass, but play your music through an app and change the equaliser to increase the bass. Unfortunately, i cannot find the bluedio app that they say is available. The sound is very bright and at full volume, is really loud. Not sure what people are expecting for this price, but i am very happy with this speaker :).

This bt speaker didn’t really hit the spot for me. I own many speakers but always eager to try another. The bluedio has very little depth to its sound which is rather tinny and vacant. The performance is okay for light classical and basic radio listening but not for anything where the bass or mid-range is important to you. The volume is not particularly punchy either. The look is stylish with a retro feel about it and the control dial resembles a vinyl record which is a nice touch. It’s okay overall but if you want a premium product you will have to look elsewhere i’m afraid.

1hurricane turbine seriestoday we bring you the exclusive ts3,in volume one, we will talk about what the next generation of the hurricane turbine series has to offer but not in a headphone, this time in the next hurricane series we bring to you the ts3 2. 1 speaker with a new futuristic look and design that reaches out to all the audiences and fans and great sounding stage processes. Let’s start with the unboxing experience, as you know when you buy any bluedio product, every unboxing experience is unique and full of surprises because you know now that infront of you, you are now part of the bluedio family and moments away from the true hearing experience. Because you are all the audiences, and to bluedio you are family. Now, with the unboxing of the new ts3 2. 1 you are presented with a classic and very sleek sleeve over the main box with all your information and details from the specs even graphs,as you remove the sleeve your presented with a very solid box with a magnetic clip on one side where your inches away from opening to see the goodies inside with all your fingers tingling and your heart racing. Now this is when your thinking to yourself do i, or don’t i open the box, maybe i should wait bit longer with all this excitement?. Lol okay okay we’ll stop teasing you, well maybe, we’ll see ;)okay as you open the box your presented with a instructions manual in a nice hidden pocket under the lid as you open the box, and as your eyes widen with excitement you feast your eyes on the champagne gold ts3 and the first thing you notice that seems familiar to you is the circular controls which are from the t3+ 3rd generation turbine headphones, a great way of design plus recycling keeping something familiar you already know and love from the hurricane series but that’s not the only thing you notice it also comes with a built-in micro sd card slot that can take upto 32gb like the t3+ headphones if you don’t want to the other features like bluetooth or the aux port. 1 has a major design overhaul with sleek curves futuristic lines and very eye catching body plus creative build layout from the inside. With the ts3 from yours truly, you have two fibreglass horn drivers and a hidden subwoofer that is housed underneath from the naked eye from the front. The power is amazingly impressive and very loud as the ts3 runs at a minimum of 96db and can run easily at 110db with no trouble, as the audiences say it’s small but mightyf the questions of (how does it sound or the soundstage it produces) at bluedio, they always use science plus engineering technology to make you jump out of your seat with there own technology and craftsmanship, because bluedio is the pure hearing experience and giving you and all its audiences the true passion of hearing, because listening and hearing are different, as we all know most majority of the world listens, well stop, come and be apart of the bluedio family and start hearing the true hearing experiences of audio as it should be and indulge yourself with the passionand love bluedio it has to offer not just from it’s beautiful line from one of a kind headphones like the fabulous ufo plus 12 speaker driver 11. 1 cinema surround sound headphones, but also in the portable speaker systems, so when it comes to that question of (how does it sound)every experiences from all different types of models is unique and pure, that’s all you need to know, so stop wasting time listening and start hearing just go out there and grab life, live life with bluedio amazing life the true hearing experience. Now we come to the battery life of the beautifully crafted ts3there’s not much to tell than once again bluedio has done it again, the standby time is just so impressive 1000 hours that’s unique in its own way,if you wish to have max volume which is extremely loud you’ll get on average five to six hours playback, now if your volume level is round 50% which is still loud lol you’ll get a good nine to ten hours+ and it just keeps going, so battery life is just bliss for something so mighty.

As i had purchased from them before the supplier gave me a discount on this item. It has arrived and my daughter loves it playing her music off her phone regularly good sound and quite powerful.

I bought this for my daughter’s birthday and she is delighted. The sound is clear and sharp with a good amount of bass. Despite a rather faffy design, the speaker is well constructed and weighty although this makes it somewhat less portable. Connecting to bluetooth devices is a breeze and the battery life appears to be quite good. Changing the equaliser outputs by repeatedly hitting the same button is rather hit and miss. A good bedroom or kitchen device however you’re unlikely to pop it in your bag to take on holiday for which a smaller, lighter speaker such as the jbl flip would be more suitable. As a repeat customer of bluedio products i was offered a discount on this item in return for an honest review – et voila.

Not a bad piece of kit, certainly considering its price. It comes nicely packaged with the manual and a usb lead for charging and also a 3. 5mm lead for direct connection, the bluetooth connection works great and has a good range. Sound wise it’s extremely detailed and whilst the treble is a little bright straight out of the box it settles down after a couple of days of use and the bass though not necessarily deep is very well defined. The midrange is really good, it always sounds controlled and detailed with vocals in particular being very detailed and engaging, even at higher volumes it doesn’t ‘grate’ or become tiresome as some of the other offerings i’ve heard. I cant offer an opinion on how it compares with more the expensive offerings from bose, jbl etc but i have friend who has a soundlink and he was as impressed with the t3 as i am.

Bluedio ts-3 bluetooth speaker quick review by mark2410brief: weirdly funky looking but great sounding portable speaker. Price: £70 or us$80specifications: bluetooth version: 4. 2, bluetooth transmission frequency: 2. 48ghz, bluetooth profiles: a2dp, avrcp, hsp, hfp, frequency response: 20hz-20,000hz, audio input: ≤1vrms, bluetooth operating range: 33 feet (free space), micro sd card: support maximum 32g, micro sd card music format: wma, ape, flac, wav, mp3, input voltage/current: 5v/2a, standby time: 1000 hours, bluetooth talk/music time: 5-6 hours, charging time: 3-4 hours, output power: 2*2w+5w (right and left channels + bass), speaker size: 280*108*68mm, packaging size: 15*89*196mm, speaker weight: 831g, packaging weight: 1723gaccessories: 3. 5mm audio cable, usb charging cable, user manualbuild quality: nice but while it says it has a metal frame, the shiny front isn’t real metal. It seems nicely put together and i can’t say i found there to be any imperfections. However i wasn’t falling in love with it, the plastic disc up top, it’s all fine but nothing to drool over. Aesthetics: it looks are very, very interesting. It’s so quirky, funky looking, i really enjoy its visual.

1 channel wireless bluetooth v4. 2 speaker with 59mm subwoofer/micro sd card slot(champagne gold)i recently placed my order for my ts-3 bluetooth speaker and received it the following day using amazon prime. It came in a quality box, well package. While i know the box is always discarded it did give me confidence my purchase was a good one. Removing the speaker and charging lead i connected the speaker to the charger. A circular red led illuminated. The manual detailed this indicted the speaker charging. While removing the speaker i did notice the speaker feeling lighter than its appearance suggested. The appearance suggested a metal housing but closer examination showed it to plastic albeit champagne gold and chrome in finish.

It’s light so i can move it around, comes with an audio lead to plug in into my tv. I actually bought this speaker for my brother for xmas but decided that it is way too good for him. It’s amazing, the bass on it in incredible, it’s what i’d expect from a big proper speaker, not a portobello bluetooth speaker. I was expecting a little hand held speaker to arrive but this is not here tomes bigger. It comes in a lovely box so would make an excellent gift. I really do love this speaker and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wireless speaker. It’s brilliant, fills my whole house with music.

Excellent product in sound and design.

Acoustic Energy Aego3 2, Almost a killer deal

Very quick delivery to start with and then presented with amazing value for money as the system is very musically balanced. 1 package i have heard for under £300. Only gripe with the speakers is a minor noise floor in the amp which causes static noise through the speakers when nothing is played.

1 consumer system got even better. The new ports are very convenient; actually, they’re perfect for home cinema, as you won’t need a many meters long cable to connect it to your machine (for setups where it’s kept close to the projector). The audio quality is superior to the aego m, but unless you have super ears or you train for it, you won’t notice the difference in daily listening. The negative note is that it is *not* true (from their advertisement) that the speakers are silent when there is no audio signal – therefore the 4 stars.

Excellent sound quality, very powerful, easy to establish a bluetooth connection and very well constructed.

Key specs for Acoustic Energy Aego3 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System:

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  • 65 Watt RMS subwoofer powers Satellite Speakers
  • Compact, yet substantial design
  • Bluetooth Apt-X capabilities
  • Newly integrated switch mode power supply
  • Stream music streaming services via your smart devices via Bluetooth

Comments from buyers

“Almost a killer deal
, Superb speakers
, The best 2. 1 consumer system got even better

I can’t say enough about this speaker package. The best computer speakers i had for 20 years. They have an awesome sound reproduction. No speaker package that i’ve had in the past can come close to these.

I’ve used acoustic energy speakers for years. I had the aego2 and the originals. These are quite simply the best computer speakers i’ve heard and i’ve bought all the popular ones. My only slight gripe like others have mentioned is the hiss. You can’t hear the hiss at all when in use but it does mean that i have to power them off after use as my pc is in my bed room and the hiss would drive me insance when trying to sleep. If you appreciate good audio then you can’t go far wrong with this set.

I so wanted to like this product. Solid heft, good design and metallic feel to the sats. The sub/amp unit is possibly built a little more cheaply, but it’s still well-constructed. And it fits the bill in terms of neatness and compactness. Bluetooth worked well but the remote is flimsy and eminently losable, yet still functional. They do go surprisingly loud for their diminutive size but there’s a big midrange hole – and whilst you get good upper frequencies and a reasonably deep bass, that lack of midrange just feels odd in the end, so my preference is still a set of modest hifi speakers and an amp. But the biggest problem for me was the annoying hiss from the sats. They hiss constantly when not playing music – and you can even hear this when playing low volume music. I had to return them as i expected better (but i am super fussy).

AZATOM® Stealth-Air 2B Speaker : It’s all about the bass.

Arrived on time, really easy to set up and the sound is really good for a single speaker. Early days yet but probably going to get a second one, based on the first.

Really pleased with purchase. We were looking for an airplay device to work with itunes / ipad / iphone. The speaker was simple to set up. At £100 compared to other more expensive speakers we wondered about quality but were not disappointed. Our only concern was in listening to classical music, orchestral, where the stereo effect was less evident. For other music seemed fine. We have since purchased a second speaker and using the azatom app. Were able to set one as left and the other as right to create a more normal hifi result. The sound quality is impressive and would recommend device.

AZATOM® Stealth-Air 2B Speaker with Airplay – Bluetooth – WiFi. Compatible with Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer through AirPlay Bluetooth & WiFi. British Design Engineering.

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  • SOUND – MUSIC: 80 Watts RMS and peak 120Watts from its two anodised tweeters – One active wide frequency speaker and Two optimised passive subwoofers coupled with AZATOM DSP tuning deliveries acoustics you want to hear.
  • MULTI-ROOM MUSIC: Build your Stealth 2B, 2A and Stealth Bar music system or just one speaker alone. Add one or more speakers at a time for a whole family of wireless speakers throughout your home which work together so you can play the same music in every room. Supported by AZATOM’s multi-room app.
  • EXPAND YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY: Tap into millions of songs from music services such as Apple Music – Spotify connect – iTunes – Deezer. Stream your music wirelessly via AirPlay, WiFi or Bluetooth from your Apple or Android devices.
  • BLUETOOTH and AUX: Today’s Bluetooth in the new Stealth 2B speaker offers solid connection over longer distances and improved music quality that you can hear. Also connect via aux input any other music player compatible with 3.5mm aux cable included.
  • DIMENSIONS and UPGRADES: 130mm x 176mm x 316mm.Works with AZATOM Stealth series 2A – 2B – Stealth bar and woofer. Stealth 2B comes with 2-Year warranty included.

Amazing sound and functionality for the money.

This speaker really fills a room with sound, but is compact and neat with a remote that allows for power on/off, volume, mute, bass, mode and track change control. I connect my iphone and ipad to the speaker via wifi and the connection is straightforward (ensure both devices are on the same network). Google music, amazon music, tune-in radio and spotify all play faultlessly. I connect an amazon echo dot to the speaker via bluetooth and again, that is easy to setup via the alexa app (and the pair button on the remote). I’ve also found that i can skip tracks using the remote while being connect on bluetooth, which is handy. I have connected the speaker via the 3. 5mm jack to my computer, and the quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this speaker as a great value option when compared to some of the much pricier branded options.

It has been an epic journey to get this speaker. . Amazon, rarely fail, but when they fail it is epic. They have had my speaker at their depot for 10 days and tried to tell me despite their own updates saying it is in the depot and is failing due to ‘external factors’ such as traffic, supplier stock, all of which are nonsense. Eventually i cancelled the order and re ordered it, as they cannot tell me what has happenned ot the speaker. . Now enough of my gripe with amazon. . It took me 2 mins to unpack it and then another minute to plug it in and turn it on. It took me 30 seconds to link it to my wifi network via airply – seriously easy.

AZATOM® Stealth-Air 2B Speaker with Airplay – Bluetooth – WiFi. Compatible with Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer through AirPlay Bluetooth & WiFi. British Design Engineering. : I bought an azatom drood portable speaker 4 years ago amazing wee speaker. Then i was bought the stealth air 2b. It is fantastic really crisp sound and thumping bass. This compares to the sonos play 5 speaker in terms of sound though the azatom has better bass. Build quality is exceptional if it lasts like the droid speaker i will not complain.

Was going to wait for the homepod but apples delay made look earlier. Researched the usual suspects but wanted a speaker with airplay and decent bass. Was leaning towards a micro hifi until i saw this. For the price it was worth a punt and i’m glad a did. The sound suits my ears to a tee and the bass is amazing. Shame their sound bar does not mention dis as i would purchase that to go with my apple tv.

I have 2 connected together and they sound great, really happy with the build quality, and the fact they are made in the uk is also great. Amazing speakers at a great price.

Recently purchased this speaker after have a bose sound dock for many years that gave up the ghost. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this speaker in terms of quality build and sound reproduction as its a brand that is unknown to me, but i have to say that i am delighted with my purchase and this speaker scores highly on both quality build and sound reproduction. If you;re looking for clarity, base and volume this speaker has it all, add to which a multitude of connecting possibilities. I viewed this purchase as a product test for quality and sound and in light of my satisfaction will now be confidently making further azatom purchases in the stealth range for my tv sound stage.

Powerful, rich sound to make the most of your phone/tablet based music. Bluetooth not 100pc reliable with the odd breakup even just feet apart, but the wifi is very good once devices are paired.

Have to say, had a few initial problems getting this to connect to airplay and was going to return items as i bought a second one as i like the sound so much. Problem all sorted now and apart from not having any treble to adjust the sound as you can with the bass i am more than happy with the system.

I was hesitant about buying this but after i unboxed it and set it up all i can is wow. The sound quality is great the bass that comes out of it is emense, going to purchase another. Great product same sound as a hifi in a small package good value.

As a bluetooth speaker its great, as an airplay speaker i’ve found it to be lacking, and it was airplay that i was really interested in as bluetooth speakers are plentiful. It took me a while to figure out, but airplay on this speaker will only work if my wifi is on channel 1, which is not the channel i use to reduce wifi interference. The remote is fully functional in bluetooth mode but not in airplay mode, you are unable to change tracks or play/pause. If your happy with my comments, then buy it, its a good sounding, powerful speaker. I’m disappointed but not enough to send it back, it’ll do as a kitchen speaker. I’ve emailed azatom twice but have had no response. That’s really disappointing**update**. I bought an echo 2nd generation and used the aux in, although initially a little quiet, once i adjusted the volume on the echo, it sounds great.

This device delivers an awesome audio experience for the price, and also the small size. For those who need to fill a room with sound simply, the azatom stealth air 2b does this effortlessly. Not only through bluetooth, but also through airplay for those with nas libraries. I actually use roon on a much higher cost system, and the little azatom handled the music with the same without issue. I used 2 of these at a party recently, and the bass weight that is delivered from this small box makes larger stereo systems seem excessive. I have done stereo for many years, but this device just knocks the whole tradition into touch. So many bluetooth speakers don’tdeliver on bass, but the azatom punches with weight and authority; thanks to 2 passive bass radiators on the bottom edge. This is a great party speaker. It also does other genres well.

Usual quick amazon delivery. The box contained the instructions which seem pretty complex when reading them through as there is more than one configuration option. I then spotted the separate one sheet fast start instructions. Had the unit connected running in about 10 minutes. Sound quality and performance is amazing for the size of the unit and less than a hundred quid. The unit is very portable and once the wifi is connected the first time, after that it just needs to be plugged into a wall socket and away you go. So it is easy to move if you want to. I’ll probably still get another unit for a second room.

I’ve had the stealth 1 for about 41/2 years and it’s worked really well. I’ve finished renovating my house and wanted to get 3 speakers to make a multi room system. After trying sonos and assessing the comparable cost i decided to try 3 azatom 2b’s. The difference between the 1 and 2b is very significant. To start with they look nicer, they are much easier to set up (takes less than a minute using iphone). It’s so much better that they don’t switch off after 15 mins now, and the connection seems much stronger. As for the sound, we have two in a very big 17m x 5m room and they sound great. I’ve also got one upstairs so the music floats round the house for the cost of nearly 1 sonos 3. I’m absolutely chuffed to bits with my purchase and the app works fine for setting up the speakers to multi room or stereo.

Fantastic value for money and a real quality item. I already have a stealth air 2 which has worked flawlessly for 2 years and needed a wi fi airplay speaker for a holiday home and this was the obvious choice. The 2b has not disappointed. It has a great tonal sound range and excellent build quality and finish – easily up there with bose or bowers & wilkins but half to a third the price.

Had this almost a month now and although i have never owned a sonos play or bose soundtouch speaker i would be very surprised if the azatom is not a very good value option. Sound quality is good, certainly fills a room in terms of volume and retains decent quality through the range. Really pleased with it and would absolutely recommend to those who want a good speaker without the premium cost associated with the two options above.

Excellent piece of equipment and well worth the money. The wifi connection is useless but works great on bluetooth.

The stealth-air was very easy to setup and the sound is very rich, much better than i was expecting. Wish it would work with sound bar in hdmi mode. Azatom app seems to cause drop outs when in multi room, have used the whaale app this has been rock solid.

Good sound quality, wifi indicator can be difficult to see. Remote defective but replaced by manufacturer without any problems.

I bought this for my dad’s 80th birthday and he loves it. I own a stealth bar already which i’ve never had a problem with so i chose this because of the overall reliability and build quality. If you use apple airplay this is, dare i say, a steal. The airplay function is extremely reliable and better quality audio (no loss from original format) than bluetooth. Saying that, the bluetooth on this unit also seems ok but we don’t use it as airplay was main reason for buying it. Good overall sound and volume for the size and price. Apple users take note, you will not get an airplay speaker for this price anywhere. Also if you keep your music in lossless or high quality, you simply have to use airplay. Obviously proper audiophiles would use a better system but for a small single unit, this isn’t half bad.

DynaVox WS-502 Flat Panel Speaker 40 Watt Pair – Good overhead speakers for Dolby Atmos set up

Good clear sound, looks good wall mounted, not as bulky as most speakers.

Though they will never really compete with the high end speakers these are fine as part of a surround system. For the money ( i paid less for a damaged box) they really are not bad.

I bought a pair of these ws502 speakers and mounted them on the ceiling as overheads for a dolby atmos surround set up. Not only do they sound good, they look unobtrusive against the white ceiling. I made a couple of ‘s’ shaped brackets out of aluminium sheet and painted them white, fitted small foam pads to the underside of the speakers so they’re held securely and won’t vibrate. Cables went up through 6mm holes into loft, across and down hidden corner of wall to the amp. Covered with scotia and painted to match wall. No complaints at all about sound quality for this purpose. Here are the specifications for the DynaVox WS-502 Flat Panel Speaker 40 Watt Pair:

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  • Very flat 2 – way speaker with outstanding sound quality
  • Well suited as a wall speaker and surround box
  • 135 mm Woofer
  • Dynamic tweeter

They sounds ok, but a bit ‘canny’. I bought them for the format. I would pay more for better sound. Light weight, and easy to install om wall, i used 3m metal picture-hangers so avoid screws.

Not top quality as one of the labels keeps falling off. However these fit on the wall perfectly and slim, so look great. Sound for surround system is also good. So a great buy and i am happy with the result.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good overhead speakers for Dolby Atmos set up
  • really compete with the high end speakers these are fine as part of a surround system
  • The speakers are well built and look good. Comes with speaker cable

Does the job but, as you would expect, the sound is very tinny. The speakers are well built and look good.

JBL Home Cinema SB 150 Soundbar Speaker System – Expected a better sound quality

Like with someone else reviewing this home cinema system it’s powered by a sony strdn 1040 cinema amp and very nice too it sounds. My only gripe is the satellite speaker mountings are a bad design and a little tricking to get right in terms of tightness.

But expect a better sound quality. Bought a yamaha yas – 105 for a same price. Very happy with the sound and build quality.

I was a bit sceptical due to the small size of the speakers but they are very well built and are of good quality. I am using it with a sony strdn1060 amplifier which i think helps the quality of surround a lot. As others have said the speaker cable inputs can be a bit tricky with the hook behind but its a minor point. All round i am very happy with the speakers.

It doesn’t suffer from having too much bass which other speakers do. The remote is basic but has all the features you would want.

  • Expected a better sound quality
  • It is a very good system. I was a bit sceptical due to
  • It doesn’t suffer from having too much bass which other

Features of JBL Home Cinema SB 150 Soundbar Speaker System with Wireless Subwoofer and Bluetooth/HDMI/Analog Connectivity – Black

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  • Two high-performance JBL drivers with a tuned bass port helps deliver its crisp, clean, high end and warm, rich bass response
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology for quick connection and music streaming
  • High quality and simple, spark can be hung on a wall or placed on any table-top
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and MP3 devices
  • Available in a range of colours

From the manufacturer

Dolby Digital

Enjoy cinematic sound with Dolby Digital.

Optical Digital Audio

Easily connects to your HDTV for movie quality sound the way it is meant to be heard.

Wireless subwoofer

Compact, powerful 6.5 inch wireless subwoofer with independent volume control.

Custom equaliser settings

Get the best listening experience with Movie, Music and News audio presets.

View larger

Liven up your living room with cinema quality sound

The JBL Cinema SB150 let’s you introduce big cinema sound to your home for much less than you’d expect.

In addition to its powerful yet compact wireless subwoofer, the JBL Cinema SB150 allows you to stream your favourite music from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Conveniently equipped with three different equaliser settings: News, Music and Movie ensures the best listening experience for the different video contents.

You can also separately adjust the subwoofer’s volume for added control over the bass performance. Easily to connect with a single cable to any flat-panel TV, the JBL Cinema SB150 delivers 150 W of room rattling audio and promises to be the sound solution your home has been looking for.

Cinema SB 150 Cinema SB 250 Cinema SB 350
Frequency response 45 Hz – 20 kHz 45 Hz – 20 kHz 45 Hz – 20 kHz
Maximum SPL 96 dB 100 dB 100 dB
Max amplifier power 150 W max 200 W max 320 W max
Soundbar Dimensions (L x W x H) 31.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch (800 x 90 x 65 mm) 32.7 inch x 2.5 inch x 3.1 inch (831 x 65 x 78 mm) 39.4 inch x 2.4 inch x 3.1 inch (1000 x 62 x 78 mm)
Subwoofer Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.7 inch x 11.8 inch x 16.1 inch (120 x 300 x 410 mm) 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch x 12.6 inch (242 x 242 x 320 mm) 9.5 inch x 9.5 inch x 12.6 inch (242 x 242 x 320 mm)
Gross weight 17.6 lb (8 kg) 23.1 lb (10.5 kg) 23.8 lb (10.8 kg)

Make sure this fits
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Two high-performance JBL drivers with a tuned bass port helps deliver its crisp, clean, high end and warm, rich bass response

Wireless Bluetooth technology for quick connection and music streaming

High quality and simple, spark can be hung on a wall or placed on any table-top

Compatible with smartphones, tablets and MP3 devices

EDIFIER EDFR2000DB Home Audio Speakers – Brilliant acoustics at an affordable price!

Was happy(5/5) about this item until it stopped to work after a week. Hopefully my replacement arrive shortlyedit:all good now, sound quality is great.

These speaker are the bomb, especially when you are using fibre optic cables, no buzzing no hissing songs just quiet and clean song, the speakers have a good height and very nice black finish to it, works with my ipod, iphone 5s, samsung s4 and my mac pro and the speaker size is not to big an just fits nicely in my room but the only thing negative i must say is that the remote is s***, in low lighting you cannot see the markings on the remote. It should be bigger and have a lit on all the buttons and that it really. I hope this helps you buys out there, have a good on guys.

Brilliant sound and easy to use with my iphone.

I purchased these speakers after a lot of research for use with my tv (i am not a hi-fi expert). We only have a small living room and previously i had been using a panasonic 2. We did not like the home cinema set up as it sounded too bass for us and lacked mid range. Films in particular sounded poor. I therefore decided to go with some quality stereo speakers, the main criteria being active speakers with a built in amp, quality sound, a remote control, adjustable bass and treble and digital connectivity. I decided on these as they met my specifications, but was a bit concerned they would be too powerful for our room. Most reviews i read of the 2000dbs stressed how loud they can go without distortion and how good the bass is. Whilst they can go much louder than i will ever need and still sound great, they also perform brilliantly at ‘normal’ modest volumes.

Brilliant set of speakers for for home listening. Amazing sound, rich and crisp. Volume, bass and treble knobs on the back make for easy adjusting. Bluetooth setup is easy, both on phones and laptops. Sometimes the connection gets desynched, easily fixable with a reconnect. Did not try out optical and wired connections, but from other reviews seems to be all good.

 kindly sent to me for review, edifier are not a brand i’d come across before. The edifier r2000db are a pair of glossy black speakers that can be used with a range of devices. The interesting twist is that they don’t require an amp, and in the case of mobiles/tablets/pcs they don’t ever require a wired connection as they can be paired via bluetooth. As well as the r2000db speakers edifier have included a range of cables, there is one (long) cable for connecting the left and right speaker, a 3. 5 to rca cable, an rca to rca cable and an optical cable. This is a great selection and ensure you can hook your speakers to all sorts of devices without having to spend more on additional cables. The speakers look great, with a clean simple design to them. Around the back of the left speaker is just a single port for the speaker-to-speaker wire. Around the back of the right speaker are the various connections for use with the included cables, power button and bass and treble adjustors to allow you to tweak the sound. A small remote is included that allows you to change input (e.

  • We did not like the home cinema set up as it sounded too
  • A superb sound from this “modern” stereo system, though it deserves a better remote control
  • the speakers have a good height and very nice black finish to it

 note: the maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal viewbest thought of as a mini hi-fi minus the main console (or what would have been the tape/radio/cd deck) this set of speakers has a built in amplifier and wireless as well as wired connections. Clearly the bluetooth is a must have with the prevalence of devices now using this. Fortunately it’s also possible to connect via two rca auxiliary inputs, and optical/digital. The speakers come with all the cables you need for these connections i have measured the lengths of these (all are gold plated)aux cables (2 included): 1. 0mpower lead is approx 2 metres and supplied with a fused bsi standard plug. In addition to this you get two push on fabric speaker covers, so if you don’t fancy the “bare” look you can attach those a manual and a polishing cloth as the glossy side panels are sure to show fingerprints over time. I find the look to be good either way, what really counts though is the sound. The speakers have a bit of weight to them just over 9kg combined one speaker is a little heavier at 4. 7kg due to the weight of the amp inside. Size is quite compact at just under 18 x 29, x 25cm and using these in place of a normal stereo system or as a set of tv speakers is certainly possible. The build is dense with a gloss finish on the sides, these are not plastic panels glued on they are solid and tactile to the touch. On the underside thick rubber pads absorb vibrations and prevent movement. Controls on the back are logical and i particularly like the top position on the treble/bass/volume.

Generally a good rich sound quality, just a touch bass-heavy which tends to make the mid-rage a little muddy for any speaking (i. Also find that they have a habit of locking up (unresponsive) if left powered on for a long time. You need to unplug them for an hour to get them to work again.

Panasonic SC-UA7E-K 1700 W Speaker System – Sound is not bad at all and value for money although it does not read WMA files but just MP3

Great sound, it’s big and loud.

Bought this to help me cope with my temporary place for 6 months. However, this unit does not read wma files but just mp3 that is a kind of a step backwards for this generation. I use any of my usb keys from 128gb to 16gb with no problem.

It has it all for the money. Clear sound, perfect bass and gets really loud.

But i did test one on curry’s. If you can’t decide whether to buy it or not. . Crystal clear and good deep bass. It’s a bit taller than it looks in the photos but still looks stunning.

One of the best speaker hifi system for home.

This is an outstanding speaker and the quality at high levels is amazing and brought back the joy of listening to music from my younger years. An all in one speaker with outstanding bass and clarity which allows you to listen to the treble highs to the bass lowspanasonic sc-ua7e-k 1700 w speaker system.

  • Superb Sound
  • Five Stars
  • Perfect surround sound for TV

These speakers are absolutely brilliant. Seriously considering purchasing another, and linking them.

Love playing music with the bass on max and the speaker in full volume.

Better than any other bluetooth speaker available at the moment.

Please somebody tell me whats better out there and i will buy it, dont think that there is anything out there to compare at this time parting with £300 for this feels like i have robbed them it’s that good, i am so tempted to pair up another its loud and clear at nowhere near its, max, for example i have never gone beyond 30 of it’s 50 max capability it would burst my eardrums without distorting not worth questioning its capabilty buy and apprteciate what an amazing piece of equipment this is.

It arrived on time and well packed in original state. Its perfect combination with my samsung tv and working excellent, amazing sound quality, music , movie anything. I configure this with my universal remote so i don’t need to use its own remote (easy to setup), single remote for all (tv, virgin box & speaker). Kept in my living room, it can easily manage the area with 35 % volume only. Amazing sound at top volume bass, beat and tone clear at all level. Going well with netflix, amazon prime videos. I connected through digital optical cable for tv and rest devices via bluetooth. No problem in sound quality with any device. Aux is not a good option and rca as well.

Features of Panasonic SC-UA7E-K 1700 W Speaker System

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  • 1700W outpower
  • 180 degree sound range to create an expansive room filling sound, Lighting Touch Sensor Buttons
  • Operate playlists and song requests from your Smartphone using the free Panasonic MAX Juke App
  • Large 4GB internal memory for easy storage of your favourite tunes.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’v had sony for years and thought i’d give this a try and i’m well impressed if i had a choice off conpact hifi it i’ll be panasonic,boss,sony,thisproducts to very stylish to anyone who’s thinking off getting one don’t hesitate just get it. The sound off this is immense i thought the sony mhc-v77 did justice but i’m afraid this panasonic is more powerful and smaller but it packs a punce very crisp clear sound 10 speakers and surround sound with out distortion i maxed it out and it sounded insane looks good well worth 5 start it’s the best one out there.

The quality is top notch i brought the lg and the sony bluetooth speakers top of the range and sent them both back. This speaker is louder better built and has great bass i’m big into car audio and a tuff customer to please for sound equipment but i was pleasantly surprised with this i’d love to put 2 together but my wife would let me. If you buy this you will be happy it’s definitely worth the price 100%.

Its one of the bes productsi have ever bought. Its power is incrdible and its surround sound make every movie a million times better. Its a definite buy for an incredible price.

It has had almost every type of music put through it over the last three days, and it hasn’t stumbled over any. The fullness of sound stays with it, even at low volume. Classical music sounds superb, trance / dance even better. It fills a room with sound and doesn’t seem to change even when you move position. As to how loud, it rattles the pots in the kitchen at two thirds, dare not turn it up full bore, noise abatement order would arrive in about 5 minutes, or failing that, an impromptu street rave. Which is good, well made, sleek looks. Would not be out of place in a business board room. Intuitive remote app available for smartphone.

I brought 2 and linked together absolutely brilliant can’t recommend enough. Each speaker has 2 inputs for usb format fat 32. 32gb each i bluetooth my music over from tablet. The sound is fantastic with all music heavy bass to folk, country & western, i do notice when i mute one of the speakers i do lose sound from that side of room for a complete room filling sound buy 2. Sound is controlled independently. If you want fantastic room filling sounds give these a go you will be very pleased you did. Hope this helps 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.

1700W outpower

180 degree sound range to create an expansive room filling sound, Lighting Touch Sensor Buttons

Operate playlists and song requests from your Smartphone using the free Panasonic MAX Juke App

Large 4GB internal memory for easy storage of your favourite tunes.