TaoTronics Soundbar : Very good soundbar

Fast delivery (as always with prime) very easy to set up. Easy to switch between tv (connected via optical cable) and phone (via bluetooth) good sound.

Our daughter very pleased with christmas present, very impressed sound quality and va,he for money.

Soundbar, 36-Inch 4 Speakers Strong Bass TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speakers for TV (Home Theater Surround Sound, Included Optical Cable, Remote Control)

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  • 36 Inches of Deep Bass Audio: 2 full range and 2 mid-low frequency 10W speakers blast the bass for more immersive audio
  • Control with Buttons or Remote: Operates via the in-unit buttons or included remote; LED shines in different colors matching the functions
  • Dual Wired & Wireless Installations: Stream audio over Bluetooth from up to 33 ft / 10 m or connect via line in, RCA, or optical with the included cables
  • More Ways to Set or Mount: Compliments your TV screen by sitting underneath or securely mounts onto the wall for a sleek installation
  • Ultra Slim, Sleek Sound Bar: Elongated construction blends in perfectly with your home theater setup by matching the slim profile of your TV

Excellent sound and is really loud. Great in the bathroom which we bought it for and very easy to use.

Good speaker, decent sound and very portable. Smaller than expected however for the price this does the job. Used for a week so far with no problems.

Bass is not as strong as the reviews made out. But it’s got plenty of volume without distorting, fills a small room that can’t be filled with speakers.

Soundbar, 36-Inch 4 Speakers Strong Bass TaoTronics Sound Bar Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Audio Speakers for TV (Home Theater Surround Sound, Included Optical Cable, Remote Control) : Arrived couple days after ordering , plugged into sky box as tv didn’t have optical option to use , working great bass is really good , bluetooth works a treat great sound bar for the price paid.

Great little speaker and excellent sound quality. An excellent travelling companion. Delighed with this purchase.

Amazing productthe quality of build is solidtest the water function and fully worksamazing product would recommend to anyone.

Speaker has a tad too much bass making it sound muffled can be fixed by changing equaliser on your playback device (phone etc).

Perfect for a 10 foot square room.

I own several taotronics devices and i couldn’t resist to buy this speaker. It looks, feels, and performs just like a ‘military grade’ device. This one is aiming for enjoyable times, under rain or sunshine, in our way to the tao. Initially, i was having a pairing problem with my taotronic transmitter tt-ba01. I exchanged several emails with the excelent costumer support and their suggestion to reset the transmitter solved the issue. Before that, they offered me a full refund.

Sound quality very good and solid build. Neat little remote and easy to setup. Good service and arrived on time.

Good sound and longlasting battery.

Little pocket rocket, this guy has the footprint of a coaster and the depth of a decent novel but really packs a punch. I’m yet to properly use it outside or test the limits of it but upon initial listening its great.

The build quality is also top notch. Will be buying my gadgets from these guys again.

Pretty impressive sound for this price. Simple, subtle and very slim look. I have listened to a dolby surround sound demo through this and it does a very nice job at throwing sound around the room with nice detail. Don’t expect it to shake your house down with big rumbling bass although this was still good. I bought this for my dad’s 80th birthday as he liked the look and sound of my azatom stealth and i think it will be more than enough for adding that much needed clarity and volume to his tv without being over complicated to control or set up. I am thinking of getting another one for the bedroom as i didn’t really want to box this up again and at that price it’s spot on. I won’t be surprised if the 18 good reviews that have been written about this product turns into many more.

Excellent; easy to install and good sound for the price.

Set up is simple and easy to use. This didn’t blow me away but i think i had greater exceptions rather than the soundbar being bad. Its good for a small room and a great improvement over the tv speakers. I found myself having to turn the tv way up lately when streaming stuff from the pc. Straight away the difference was noticable and with more base. If you go too loud though the sound starts to break down. Great soundbar for day to day stuff but not earth shattering. Get it for a small sitting room or a bedroom.

Great sound quality for the money.

Used it to replace those cheap bathroom speakers that stick to the wall. Battery lasts ages and it sits nicely in the soap try of the shower.

Good product at a good price, but i was disappointed that it doesn’t switch on/off with the tv, but has to be activated separately.

Does the job and easy to set up. Bought the item for use when i am grilling in my bbq area which i use in all weathers.

Samsung Curved Sound Bar : Decent sound, link could be better.

Wow love this bar, the sound is awesome and would not go back to just tv sound.

I don’t have the all in one with the sub-woofer, so i cannot attest to that. But the soundbar itself packs an insane amount of bass in it. The modes are amazing, bluetooth works flawlessly. It has spotify support which is a must for me. The smart mode picks the best sound from what you have on but you can change that at any time to music, clear voice, movie etc. The surround mode works really well for blu ray movies and ps4 games. It has hdmi arc support so you can plug it into a tv that may not come with coax connectors like mine. I think soundbars are definitely a luxury but you really do get what you pay for.

Great product, great communication, great price, easy to set up, next day delivery.

Purchased this item based on various positive independent reviews albeit with a little trepidation as in my previous house i had a full 5. 1 surround sound system and wondered if i’d be disappointed. Here’s my honest assessment: if i had a bigger house / room and the money i’d still opt for a full surround sound system, probably with atmos, to get the full dolby cinema experience but what i love about this samsung soundbar is that it’s sleek (titan option is a sort of gunmetal / dark grey / black finish that looks great); avoids my apartment-sized room from looking cluttered with speakers all over the place; the sound is very good indeed and although it doesn’t shake the floors and walls it’s very, very pleasing and overall i’m delighted with it. It’s also very good with music as well as movies and speech is remarkably clear.

  • Great purchase!
  • Good product
  • Sound Advice

Samsung Curved Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer, Bluetooth Surround Sound Expansion

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  • Number of Channels: 3
  • Power Output: 20W X 9 SPEAKERS
  • 4K UHD Passthrough: Yes

Excelent christel clear sound. Words, music base sound is fabulous. Unfortunately the sound bar does not come with any cables to connect it to the television. All you get is a plug in cable to connect to mains electricity. Have to go and purchase an optical cable before i could connect sound bar to tv.

Fantastic soundbar, huge volume range that could fill a village hall, great to have spare volume for those quiet recordings though (check the buttons on the side after installation if it seems quiet). Hdmi arc works perfectly meaning your tv remote will control the volume (turn tv volume right down). Solid and heavy piece of kit, if mounting under tv make sure you have a chunky bracket, cheap brackets bend. Included wall mounts are excellent. Superb sound and great base, no need for a subwoofer unless you want floor rumbling base. Pre sets are great for clear voice, music, film etc. Bluetooth connection very easy, wifi set up easy using the samsung app. Alexa set up bit more involved but use the samsung app to link your account and remember to rename the device to an alexa friendly one – i used the unimaginative ‘soundbar’. Overall, pricey but it’s a top quality product – it’s worth the price.

Have it connected with optical cable.

Well chuffed with this soundbar. Also bought the wireless subwoofer and 2 r6 surround speakers. Quite fiddely to setup all together but you must update firmware asap. But great standalone soundbar to compliment my samsung 65 inch tv.

Technically downgraded from surround sound setup, but the lack of wires everywhere and the quality of sound this gives, it feels like an upgrade.

Fantastic if you only want a sound bar.

Very happy with this order,quick delivery all smoothly connected and sound is something else. Really if you thinking about good product for your tv go for it. I have connect with my smart tv and router via wifi nd i didn’t have even one disconnection or faults.

Great sound quality and good value for money arrived very quickly.

Picture on amazon shows a separate sub, but actually this product doesn’t have one which is misleading. Despite not having a sub, the bass is still fairly good considering. This is a good soundbar at this price point, you would need to spend a lot more to get better.

Having undertaken a great deal of on-line and in shop research i finally took the plunge and bought this to go with my samsung ultra hd tv. One of the best tech decisions i have ever made. I have looked at numerous other options including those at far higher prices but have found nothing to compare to this sounder. It is extremely simple to set up. I have mine set up via wifi connection and control it via my sky q remote. The sound quality is exceptional and with the smart function turned on it adapts extremely effectively to the programme being shown. As a single soundbar you might think it would lack bass depth but it does not. For those who like extreme heavy base a matching sub base is available but unless you want to aggravate your neighbours i do not think it is needed. The bar is quite big at over 1metre in length but the pay off is worth it. At £475 at amazon, as opposed to £600 in the shops this is great value.

Lovely sounds great, looks good a little bulky but nice.

Great performance-love the bluetooth aspect.

Excellent sound and quality, came with uk 3 pin plug, also very good customer service and delivery from reliant direct.

Decent sound when turned up. Bass is pretty remarkable for something of its size too. Needs mor intelligent linking between samsung q series sets though. Often reverts to using tv speaker and goes into standby quickly. Hopefully, this is something that will get better with updates.

Definitely for the bigger tv though.

Forget bose and sonos this soundbar is cheaper and just as good.

Don’t expect anything exciting without the additional subwoofer or at low volumes. While the sound is clear, if you’re after some decent kit, you’re better off spending more for something which can deliver better. Getting it to work with alexa is nearly impossible, so forget about it.

Nice replacement sound bar for my tv. Booming sound adds excellent addition to films and the like.

Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker- – Wireless speaker system

I had high expectations of this speaker given that panasonic have a long and impressive history of mid-fi kit and that they were asking over two hundred for each unit. Unfortunately this just hasn’t delivered on promise and i won’t be investing in a set of them to scatter round my home. Firstly there is the insurmountable problem of the bluetooth streaming format. This certainly isn’t panasonic’s fault but even the latest incarnations of the codec are lossy. Bluetooth was never conceived as a hifi link and if you have experience of either cabled or pcm streamed audio you will notice the artefacts of compression. It’s not a problem if you have bought one of the many £40-£80 rechargeable bluetooth speakers where you can only be impressed by the punch they pack but for a mains powered unit of well over £200 it just seems limiting. The app didn’t wow me either and i found it just as effective to pair my devices directly and use other apps on them already. Once connected, the stepping of the volume control isn’t very fine either – it’s hard to achieve a quiet ambient sound as they go from zero to moderately loud in one jump. I freely admit that using one unit doesn’t give me the flavour of the integrated system but equally i doubt it could be much more than the sum of its parts. On the positive side, these are clearly well made, stable and robust.

Compact, solid and relatively heavy for its size, this panasonic mains powered wireless speaker certainly delivers. There is more volume available than one would require for normal listening in an average size room, and the sound quality is good. Speech is clear and understandable, while music is punchy with surprisingly good base (and not boomy) considering the speakers size. Compared to my existing creative soundblaster roar bluetooth speaker this is far better. Set up is easy, even if it does seem a little confusing at the time. By that i mean that during the set up process it did not appear to be going according to plan, but when completed and i pressed the bluetooth button to connect all was okay. Once connected it is easy to play from whatever you want on your device or chosen music streaming service (says its compatible with several music services) through the speakers, it would appear so whether or not you connect through the panasonic app (free download), and unlike some of bluetooth speakers you are not restricted to a single source such as spotify. It will also continue to play from your selected source even when you move to another app, for example if you are playing music from youtube and then open your web browser you tube will continue to play rather than cut out. It will also connect to internet radio when using internet radio app (i have not tried this). It can also connect to a compatible panasonic home theatre audio system, using two units as rear surround speakers (again not tried).

This is a well made and robust speaker. Stylish and reassuringly hefty. Its about 10in long and 6 in tall. Instructions are relatively clear but i did struggle a little in getting it up and operating. I found it all a little confusing. The more technically minded should have no problems. I did get it operating after re-reading the instructions. Operation is quite easy once you have it up and running. The app could be better designed but it is functional. Sound is excellent, probably the best i have heard from any speaker. Here are the specifications for the Panasonic SC-ALL6EB-K 40 W Powerful Multi-Room Speaker-:

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    by entering your model number.
  • Play music from almost any source all controlled from the Panasonic music streaming App
  • Distortion-free and clear sound from two woofers and two tweeters
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Send music from Smartphone/tablet to other all connected speakers

My initial impression upon opening the box was that this is a very nicely designed speaker:- good build quality- works over ethernet, wifi and bluetooth which is nice- feather touch buttons (volume, wifi, etc)- can be placed horizontally or vertically- i need to confirm but looks like it has a screw fixing for stand/wall mounting- setting up was okay – the instructions could be improved; it took a couple of minutes using an iphone app to get it working- iphone application design is fine although a bit fiddly at times- internet radio was easy to set up but needed a separate application; i would have thought that 1 application for everything would be tidier- can be used as part of a set to form a surround speaker system- sound quality good. If we compare against sonos play:1:- sonos doesn’t have bluetooth- play 1 can only be placed vertically- play 1 sounds better- sonos application is easier to use- play 1 has better integration to music streaming services. And if we compare against bose soundtouch:- bose more expensive- bose sounds better- bose connectivity isn’t as good (to streaming services, etc). Overall as a standalone speaker i thought this product was good. But if you’re looking for something more multi-room/flexible then sonos is a better option.

This is a wireless speaker system from panasonicyou can stream music from wifi and bluetooth with wireless technology around the housepanasonic has a music streaming app to help you connect easilyyou can stream any music from bluetooth wireless technology throughout the house and enjoy your music library and online music services wirelesslythe speaker is white in colour with silver accentswe have connected via bluetooth on iphone/ipod and the sound is great listening to our music around the house.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works really well
  • Great Value for Money
  • Awesome speaker

There’s been a spate of ‘wireless’ (ie wifi or bluetooth streaming) speakers in recent years giving users the opportunity to immerse their home with music from room to room as a whole or play different in isolation as long as you’ve bought into the same system. Sonos is the market leader, but panasonic have tried very hard to compete with their ‘all’ collection of which the all 6 is a multifunctional part. This is not a portable bluetooth speaker, if that’s what your looking for, this is not it, if you want something a bit more, then consider giving panasonic a go. Opening the box you get a sense of minimalist style, this speaker in white has a streamlined touch but with sleek curves, pressure pads instead of buttons (bar the two preset radio stations) and a sense of ‘solidity’ it’s a hefty piece of equipment in size but doesn’t scream so in appearance. I prefer this soft look in white, in black it may have come across more strongly, perhaps even a bit hal. The one thing you must be aware of here is that this is a mains powered system, which means wherever you are planning to use it, it will need a dedicated power source. This may be a change for those used to portable bluetooth systems, this is a serious bit of kit intending on revolutionising the standard hifi not a handy reasonably resilient speaker for casual loitering say in the garden or to sing along in the shower, of which there are some great choices, but this is not one. Plus the lead is really short so be careful to plan for it living near a plug. Indeed this is not really a bluetooth speaker, even though it has that capacity. The intent with the system is to connect it to your wifi and use that (a better and stronger source) to play your music from phones, tablets, computers, or through the all hifi (or dongle like attachment to existing wired kit) or films via the all-sound bar.

Like how good it sounds and that it doesnt take up much room. The app for me works well for playing music but still getting to grips with it. The con to it is my mate has taken over my speaker via the app 50 miles away. Not sure how but did not know you could do that. If you like the chance of some random music picked by your mate deffo buy.

This is a review for the sc-all6this hefty speaker weighs in at around 8lbs it fills a space roughly 10” x 5” x 6”, so it’s also quite compact. The controls are a series of touch sensitive, labelled areas on a strip along the front top. Some of them even have tiny leds hidden under the speaker fabric to let you know something is happening. They are so well hidden i found them difficult to make out. The speaker top, sides, and back are covered with a ‘leatherette’ type material; and the front by speaker fabric. The ends are finished with a brushed aluminium trim. There are innocuous rubber feet on the bottom and on one end so the speaker can be stood vertically as well as horizontally. It would make a good resident for the end of a bookshelf. The controls, from left to right, are ‘1’ & ‘2’ for preset stations (i used tunein), volume up and volume down, something called rear mode, aux (used in conjunction with the aux in 3. 5mm socket at the back of the speaker), bluetooth on/off, net (used in conjunction with ethernet port at rear of speaker), and an on/off switch.

The panasonic all6 comes nicely packaged with a full information booklet as well as a handy quick start guide which made the ‘box to music’ process really straightforward. The unit is well put together and feels of good quality. The connectivity is mostly (more on that in a moment) excellent with options for wifi/bluetooth and aux connections. The bluetooth connection was smooth and a handy way to connect music or podcasts to test the sound quality of the all6. In that regard, i was extremely impressed – the sound knocks the socks off my previous (similarly sized but certainly a budget model) speaker i was using up to very recently. The sound is rich and pops out of the speaker in a really impressive way. I first tested ‘chelsea dagger’, which sounded excellent, before moving on to a mix of classic rock songs that were equally impressive. The set up guide prompts the downloading of an app on your ios or android smart phone. The app itself is fine, if a little clunky in places, but my (slight) disappointment with the unit as a whole relates to the connectivity that i was initially so impressed with. The spec states that the all6 is compatible with spotify and ‘other music services’ but there is, sadly, no way that i could find to stream across my network to the specified speaker directly from deezer using the full functionality that the system is designed in mind with.

I have the older version of these speakers (all-3) and like them a lot. These new ones add so many new features, it makes them hard to fault. They look quite nice, have very good sound quality especially at this price – clear with good bass. They support several music streaming services directly so tell it which spotify playlist you want and they play directly. You can group several speakers together and even set two as left and right channels if you want. The latest features mean you can now connect to one speaker via bluetooth and re-stream that sound through all of the connected/grouped speakers (even the older ones). Apparently (not tested it yet) the speaker will also re-stream for the line-in via the rear port, this basically means that you can use any sound source and stream it through your home – have amazon or apple music now it’s no problem. Finally, there’s a couple more buttons on the top of the unit which allows you to preset 2 internet radio stations so no app is needed to listen to them. All of these features make these speakers hard not to recommend. I have 3x all-3, 2x all-6 (this one) and an all-1.

This isn’t my first panasonic speaker but it’s not as good as the one i ordered before it. I recently got a yamaha system and i much prefer their wireless speakers as not only is the acoustic quality far superior but also they look and work better. This takes its time connecting to the network and also doesn’t turn off (i mean fully, not standby) instead turning itself back on from time to time unless i remember to switch it off at the mains. It doesn’t seem to have caught up with the advances in technology since the last panasonic speaker release and in fact has degraded.

==getting my rant out the way==i have an existing panasonic allplay speaker network, so this expanded this nicely. However, having been badly burnt in the past by panasonic, and the faults in it’s first generation sc-allx units, and their whitewashing of the problem, it’s really hard to want to have anything to do with panasonic ever again. But hey, i am essentially locked in via existing technology purchases, so have little choice in that matter. ==overview==this is essentially a reworking of the fatally flawed all3 wireless speaker, adding 2nd generation features like the preset buttons, and restreaming from aux-in and bluetooth. All these features really take this unit to the next level and the 2 preset buttons are a game changer, meaning once setup, you can program a couple of common radio sources, meaning a much more instant audio gratification, even if there is only two presets. ==sound quality==the sound quality from this unit is great, and unlike sonos, allplay supports 24/96 uncompressed flac, means you really can throw hd audio at this and it sounds great, you really won’t be disappointed by the sound quality. The other area in which allplay excels, is in room-room latency, which is substantially lower, meaning better sync between speakers (and in my experience, much less change of loss of sync). Allplay really is the platform of choice for people that care about music quality. And this speaker delivers a great build off the qualcomm allplay hardware platform. ==features (as a multi-room speaker)==by far the best feature is the presets, meaning once setup, you may rarely need to use the app.

Ok, it isn’t the market leader but overall i do like the sound quality of the panasonic and it does link in with spotify for great results. The temptation with speakers is to accept the quality of the alexa mono speaker or pay big bucks for the sonos. The panasonic does have the range to blast out the music through the room or house without noticeable distortion and is certainly not a wallflower. Looks stylish enough, the app that panasonic support the speaker with has thankfully changed from woeful to ok so you can group speakers together. Worth hunting out but they are getting rarer to find – good option.

I’ve already owned the all-8 and i’m a great fan of the panasonic home range of speakers. The sound quality is brilliant for the bottom line of the product, and the flexibility of how you can extend the system. It’s so straightforward to set up with the panasonic app. I use android nougat and had no issues with stepping through the setup process. The speaker appears to be on constant standby, as when you try to output to it from spotify even when i thought it was off, it turned itself back on. For me this is fine, but the power-conscious of those amongst you may therefore want to remember to turn this off at the wallit’s a good-looking unit and doesn’t take up too much space on the sideboard. A brilliant addition to your home media setup.

Not top of the range sound, in comparison to hi-fi separates and floor standing speakers, but for the cost and ease of use with a phone (for the kids) these are ideal. Decent bass, mid and top range. Surprisingly ‘fills’ the living room with sound. No problem in a smaller room. Not as tinny as other, smaller portable speakers. I would highly recommend as value for money. Never had issues with wifi or bluetooth connectivity. Not the easiest of apps to learn but reliable and got up and running with music from unpacking to listening via a bluetooth phone in 30 minutes. So good the kids each have one.

I am reviewing the panasonic sc-all6eb-k 40 w powerful multi-room speaker- black. Here are my thoughts:^^ the main thing i wanted this for was so i could connect this panasonic speaker to my alexa, and i am pleased to say that works really well. Just go to the alexa app to set up the connection, or press the bluetooth button on the speaker so it’s in search mode and ask alexa to connect for you. Having alexa connect means now i can keep the speaker in the kitchen and listen to music there without bothering anyone else in the room where alexa sits (in my case the living room). However, she does turn off (to save power) if not used for a while, which can be a bit annoying for alexa users. She also grabs the audio output when it connects, so if i connect to another bluetooth device she will disconnect from the previous device. ^^ the above point leads me on nicely to the fact that the panasonic does have allplay streaming abilities, meaning it can connect to this and also re-stream to other allplay enabled devices. So if you’ve got money to spend you can buy another sc-all6 speaker, or choose a different one (the top of the range sc-all9) and then you will be able to play the same music the same time in different rooms. ^^ this speaker includes a touch area with preset internet radio channels, volume control, rear mode (for rear surround sound), aux, bluetooth and standby on and off switch. ^^ in addition to bluetooth, this also has the ability to connect to your home network (the net button) by entering your wps pairing code.

This panasonic multi-room speaker has a good build standard and i like the minimalist design. All the information you need to start using the speaker is inside the box and the set-up is quite straightforward. The speaker is compatible with bluetooth, wifi and has an aux, auxiliary port, option which is handy for older devices without bluetooth. Both the bluetooth and aux options are simple to use, you will need to buy a double ended aux cable, and offer consistently good sound quality with no discernible static and plenty of volume. The other option available is an app which downloads onto apple or android smart phones and allows music to be streamed directly from phone, via spotify playlist for instance, to a speaker, or speakers, anywhere in the home. I’m much impressed with the bluetooth and aux options which give me plenty of choice and i can even connect to my windows10 laptop or listen to playlists directly from my ancient ipod nano. The only ‘niggle’ is that the speaker relies on mains power and needs to plugged in at all time when in use. The electrical cord is really short so you’ll need an extension lead unless you can site the speaker next to a plug socket. Only a minor setback and all-in-all i think this is a great piece of kit.

With the large & assorted range of wireless / bluetooth speakers currently available it is becoming harder to find features that set speakers apart – apart from questionable sound quality from the bottom end of the market that is. Most will connect via bluetooth, many via wireless and some have lan or aux input options – well as a start, the panasonic all6 has all of the above features, and more. Straight out of the box, using the relatively clear instructions it connected via wireless using a simple wps option on my router – easy . Within 1 minute i was streaming from my spotify premium account. Sound quality is clear & distinct, as you should rightly expect at this level of price & from a reputable manufacturer such as panasonic. Having followed the instructions to connect via bluetooth, i was, in a similar amount of time, then listening to music from my own selection on my phone ( android huawei p9 ) – again, no issues in use or set up, apart from a slightly different sound at top end of the volume limit. While listening to some jet / killers / audio bullys and the soundtrack to toy story watched on my phone. I haven’t used the lan or aux connections, but wouldn’t foresee any issues. As mentioned before, features that set the selection of available speakers apart from each other are few. But the all6 has a very handy one – presets.

This was easy to set up, with clear ,concise instructions provided in the box. The wifi connection has been stable ( a huge advantage of bluetooth) and when i got the hang of the app i found it a breeze to use. Sound quality is excellent, crystal clear even when turned up high. The speaker supports all major streaming services but having a pretty large collection of good old fashioned cd’s which i have transferred on to my various devices i have mainly being these- very successfully. The look is simple and uncluttered enabling the speaker to blend into the background when not in use. I have a couple of other panasonic speakers and was able to add this to the network easily, giving me the chance to have music around the house.

The panasonic range of allplay speakers has come good with this second generation version of the all3. I have a couple of those plus an all1 and although i liked them (especially once i had set up the pair of all3’s to play separate stereo channels – which absolutely changes the sound from slightly muddled boom box to beautifully constructed sound stage), i have to admit they were a bit limited and temperamental to use. I was alerted to the all6 via the update to the panasonic music streaming app, (which was an awful piece of work in its first incarnation), when it suddenly included bluetooth (re)streaming. I was keen to get my hands on an all6 for that purpose – but couldn’t really justify the cost until i got one for just over a hundred quid from amazon warehouse. I had intended to replace one of the all3 with an all6, but panasonic in their wisdom have changed the design so that the front of the speaker is now cloth covered rather than metal mesh. The sound is the same – so it still works well as half of the stereo pair but it looks a little different. Initial set up was problematic –the android app makes it simpler than the first version – but i had to do a re-set before it accepted the router password. Since that small hiccup it has behaved flawlessly. My current set up now includes 5 allplay speakers which play perfectly in sync. I have a large open plan space and can now fill it with music from all directionsthe bluetooth works well and you can set it in favour of increased range or fidelity.

I brought 2 of these to add to my panasonic all70 sound bar, they connected easily to my sound bar with bluetooth and act as surround speakers. The improvement to my sound bar is amazing full surround effect. They are also very good as a bluetooth speaker connecting to my iphone sound is amazing good bass and volume from such a small speaker the panasonic music app isnt very good for streaming though.

Sharp HT-SB106 110W 2 : Perfect

Good value, good form factor for smaller tvs and works well. Size and form factor slightly ding the sound quality and don’t give such a massive boost over good tv speakers but they work well for smaller tvs where the bass output is limited. Really easy to connect to tv via bluetooth and to mount to the wall. Good value but not as complete a package as other soundbars.

This is a nicely designed, compact black soundbar. Measuring just 65cms long and 6cms high, it will suit an environment where space is at a premium, particularly as this can be quickly and easily wall mounted. As sound bars go this is at the cheaper end of the market, but it will provide you with an upgrade on flat screen tvs from the lower end of the budget range. Set up is simplicity itself, and if you want to wall mount you only need 2 screws in the wall and the bar merely slots over the screw heads, no complicated mounting here. There are both optical and hdmi inputs, which are the recommended connections, but also usb and line in as well as bluetooth connectivity. Make your connections and plug in the power and switch on, its as simple as that. Controls (on/off, mode, volume) are on one end of the bar, or there’s a remote control and there’s a single light source on the front of the unit which indicates the modeas for the sound, the remote will allow you to switch between music, movie and news modes, so you can at least customise the sound to some degree and the 110w output should be enough for most. As for the sound, its not perfect, at the extremes, both treble and bass lost clarity, but let’s be clear here this is a budget unit, so the sound is perfectly adequate at this price point.

I was looking for a cheap sound bar to accompany the 32″ jvc tv in my daughters room. I thought about getting one of the many cheap bars that have brands that you have never heard of, but when it comes to av equipment i prefer to stick with mainstream brands such as sharp, panasonic and sony etc. So i opted to pay that extra £20 and get this one. Delivery was via ao, so i could have gone direct having been a long standing customer of them, however the order was placed and delivered two days later. I tested the bar at first by pairing it up to my phone via bluetooth. That went with out a hitch, and playing a track via spotify on the phone the sound came through the soundbar crystal clear. I proceeded to turn up the volume and was disappointed to find that it was no louder than my google mini, and no way as loud as the claimed 100 watts. Then i realised that my phone’s volume was set to almost zero, and so turned it up – i was then deafened as the phone volume ramped up we connected it to the tv via a 3. 5mm lead and installed a firestick – sound was good, not tinny or booming but it enhanced the content and made for an enjoyable viewing experience. Sound wise, there are three wq settings, and for bt audio the sound was rich and full.

Used for my playstation to fit under a 28 inch monitor and it really goes well.

  • Dialogue sound not the best.
  • Good value compact soundbar
  • Sharp/ blunt soundbar

Sharp HT-SB106 110W 2.0 Compact Wall Mountable Soundbar with Bluetooth, HDMI ARC/CEC, USB MP3 Playback & Remote Control – Black

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  • This universal soundbar is compatible with any Television that has a HDMI, Digital Optical Audio (S/PDIF) or 3.5mm auxiliary (aux) connection. It can be used on a table/stand/TV unit or wall mounted.
  • Compact design only 65cm wide, ideal for small TVs or monitors with a 32″ screen size or below; perfect for use with a second set in a bedroom for gaming, kitchen diner or even a lounge/living room.
  • A slim, low profile of just 6cm allows the soundbar to fit neatly underneath the screen of most TVs and monitors without obscuring the picture.
  • Bluetooth-in functionality allows you to wirelessly stream audio content from your Smart TV, tablet, smartphone/mobile (or other Bluetooth enabled smart device) to play through the Soundbar speakers.
  • The soundbar system can be easily operated with the supplied remote control, buttons on the unit itself or you can even use the TV remote when connected with the convenient HDMI ARC/CEC functionality.

Right size for a 32″ tv can use tv hand set when hdmi connected.

I bought this in the hope that it would improve the sound on my lg tv. I am getting a bit long in the tooth and was finding that even at full volume the dialogue in modern dramas was too quiet to hear. It was easy to set up and i found it did allow me to increase the volume so that i could hear, but the bass was far too high which made for unnatural voices. It is possible to switch between different modes – music, movies, news but it seemed to make no difference to the sound at all. I didn’t want to spend any more but overall it is disappointing for my purposes.

Really this product is what it is. For £59 you can’t expect the earth, but for my purpose it is fine. I just needed it for the kitchen where we have a 32” tv with poor sound. This has transformed the tv completely, and gives quite decent sound, although i wouldn’t recommend for your main tv. Only negatives is that i could only connect with an aux 3mm lead which i had to buy separately. Hdmi lead connection didn’t work for me, but that may be due to the tv being old. Also the speaker goes to standby after a while so you have to switch it back on with the remote which is a bit basic or the manual switch on the soundbar but that’s fine for me. Before this purchase i used computer speakers but this soundbar is far superior sound no comparison, so all in all for the price i’m very happy.

This relatively inexpensive soundbar has a number of attractive features, notably its connection 7 cm height that means it can be placed in front of television sets without obscuring the sensor: a problem with taller soundbars. Also it comes with a hdmi connection which allows one to use the volume control on the television, an advantage to those who sometimes forget and don’t use the remote to alter the volume. It is very easy to set up: i chose the optical connection as the easiest of the three, but there are bluetooth and hdmi alternatives. I found the sound rather boxy, with a note of harshness in its projection of voices. Possibly this is the result of the slimline character of the sandbar, allowing for relatively small speakers. The equalisation feature made no real difference to the sound in movies news broadcasts and music, but i will admit that i have to the ears. For another £20 or so, there are soundbars with better quality sound available, hence my award of three stars.

Sharp are a lower to mid range electronics brand and this soundbar/bluetooth speaker certainly fits that level. It’s not too long, decent enough quality and the sound quality is average and certainly what should be expected at this price. Connection is simple either via hdmi, optical, or 3. 5mm jack and it comes with with a remote to control the volume and some other basic functions like on/off, input device although the bar itself has the buttons on it too. It’s blue tooth so it doesn’t have to be used as a sound bar and could easily be utilised as a bluetooth audio speaker only. It doesn’t ‘fill a room’ or offer dynamic wide stereo but it does boost volume and offer clarity to narrative programmes where you can hear clearly what is being said over a tv speaker. Overall it’s not bad and average but does the job for the price.

Fantastic sound, easy to install.

This a good size in my opinion soundbar for most 32-42″ screens. If you want better sound than your tv speakers you’ll get that without the need for a complicated multispeaker set up. Due to the size it is not cumbersome. Soundbar has multiple connection options and i used optical cable. Most led type tvs have an optical out. Bluetooth is a good feature as well, so for example you can stream online music service from your phone to your soundbar.

Great size and quality for the cost. Have added it to my 32″ kitchen tv and it’s perfect. This tv is a cheap jvc and the sound quality is rank without extra speakers. Much improved and sits below the screen unlike the previous goodmans soundbar we had been using. Although obviously a budget 2. 1 model this is a step up in quality to the previous one.

Fitted the sound bar to our tv in our bedroom great item and so useful 👍.

Unpacked this item and found it ideal in size for my 32 in tv. Set it up with optical cable and it was easy to do. Probably better fixed to a wall as the unit interferes with remote signal to tv. Was quite impressed until i tried to use the remote which was somewhat ‘micket mouse’. Erratic in it’s operation and you have to be close to use it. More reliable to use the buttons on the unit. It’s quite a good piece of kit but my wife has problems with the remote so i may shift it into another room with a tv.

Didn’t want a large sound bar so looked at this model, it sits underneath our tv fine. We used an optical lead to feed it. The remote does need to be quite close to operate. Otherwise it’s neat and looks ok. We purchased a sound bar to overcome some poor voice reproduction on tv programs which it has done. I would say this is an entry model.

Although we have a quality lg flat screen and digital tv, the speakers are at the rear and do not give a clear sound. In additional, the shows with actors who mumble, actors who speak with their backs to the camera and the increasing use of strong regional accents means that we miss far too much dialogue. The sharp mini sound bar improves the sound quality without overwhelming bass sound and we can hear a lot more of the dialogue. Overall, a great buy at a sensible price and more than adequate sound quality.

2.1 Channel Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth – It transformed our Smart TV

The sound bar arrived promptly. Very good sound quality from a well made product. Unfortunately unable to access certain functions from remote. Have contacted supplier via amazon and are awaiting reply.

Brilliant product – well designed – easy to set up and use – performance really spectacular.

Great soundbar for this pricerange. Easy installation with different ways of connecting to your tv and quick switching between different modes (i use both the rca and aux connections for tv/computer). Definitely recommended if what you’re looking for is a soundbar for a living/bedroom television.

Good product – connected it to tv and very impressed with the quality – the remote works well and the quality is not bad either – overall i’m happy left this in office looks classy as well.

Great sound but didn’t work so well via bluetooth as the sound went out of sync.

Good value for money, good customer service.

  • Good value for money
  • Very good sound quality from a well made product
  • It transformed our Smart TV

Actually quite impressed with this piece of kit. Was a bit skeptical because of the price but on the other hand was certainly not prepared to pay £400/500 for a sound bar. Hooked it up to a samsung 50′ uhd tv via the optical connection and that was it. . 100% better sound quality than the in built tv speakers. Room filling depth on the base and great detail on the higher frequencies. Looks good sat in front of the tv. Definitely enhances the viewing experience, especially for sports, movies and box sets.

Delivered on time in a good package and produces good sound very good value.

For the price excellent and i am sure as good as bose which costs a lot more.

Features of 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth

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  • Equipped with USB Playback/ Led Display/ Remote Control/ AUX input, easily works with any devices, like flat TV, computer, tablet, AV receiver for a immersive surround sound experience.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection allows you wirelessly stream music from almost any device at a range of up to 7m (23ft).
  • Multiple Setups Options: Wired setup and sits flat below the TV screen or securely mounts on the wall for a sleek, elegant home theater setup
  • 5 music modes (pop / class/ jazz/ country/ rock) makes clearly and wonderful hearing experience.
  • THE FULL REFUND IN 12 month: We promise to give free technical guidance for each customer. Customers can unconditionally return the product within one year!

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Equipped with USB Playback/ Led Display/ Remote Control/ AUX input, easily works with any devices, like flat TV, computer, tablet, AV receiver for a immersive surround sound experience.

Bluetooth 4.2 connection allows you wirelessly stream music from almost any device at a range of up to 7m (23ft).

Multiple Setups Options: Wired setup and sits flat below the TV screen or securely mounts on the wall for a sleek, elegant home theater setup

5 music modes (pop / class/ jazz/ country/ rock) makes clearly and wonderful hearing experience.

Samsung HW-M460/XU 2 : Four Stars

Good quality sound, easy to set up and bluetooths well to other devices.

Neat and unobtrusive, good sound and easy to install.

Samsung HW-M460/XU 2.1 Channel Soundbar 320W Wireless Sound Bar Black – (TV & Audio > Sound Bars)

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  • Top features: – Huge sound for all your entertainment from four built-in speakers – Control with one remote control for total convenience – Wireless subwoofer can be optimally positioned to improve sound and reduce clutter – Stream music wirelessly for easy sharing and entertaining – Wireless TV connection saves on extra cabling
  • Huge sound The Samsung HW-M460 Wireless Sound Bar gives you 320 W of power to ensure you’re fully immersed in every moment. Hear crisp high notes and clearer dialogue from two tweeters – they’ll add sweetness to music and clarity to movies and TV shows. Two midrange drivers add fullness and warmth to your audio, whether it’s something you’re watching on TV or a song you’re streaming from one of your devices.
  • Control with one remote control You just need one Samsung remote to control your TV and sound bar – the sound bar is configured to work with any Samsung TV. Feel the benefits of a fully connected experience with fewer controllers to bother with. You’ll be able to switch your devices on or off, crank the volume, choose different sound modes or change the equaliser settings. Wireless subwoofer Deep bass creates drama and power for music and visual entertainment.
  • The HW M460 includes a wireless subwoofer so you can experience the spine-tingling resonance of a live concert, feel every move of an action movie or sports match, and enjoy more captivating gaming. You’re not limited by cables, so you can position the sub in the best place for its sound and to keep your lounge neatly organised. Stream music wirelessly Bluetooth lets you stream songs directly from your smartphone or tablet to the HWM460 Sound Bar.
  • Wireless streaming is ideal for enjoying a newly-discovered band out loud, setting the mood for dinner or creating a lively atmosphere for house parties. Start listening at the touch of a button. Wireless TV connection If you’ve got a compatible Samsung TV (check before buying), you can wirelessly connect it to the HWM-460 to enhance your entertainment. This saves on extra cabling, keeping your TV area uncluttered

Average sound – not great for the price.

Great product easy to set up good value.

Can’t adjust the volume from the remote when its connected via bluetooth to tv and have to get up to use volume control on the device instead. Sound not bad but not as loud as i expected from such a high wattage device.

Samsung HW-M460/XU 2.1 Channel Soundbar 320W Wireless Sound Bar Black – (TV & Audio > Sound Bars) : Easy to pair with tv and other portable devices.

Easy to set up, works well, haven’t tried full volume yet though.

Decent sound, very good value and easy to set up, happy to go five stars.

Arcam Solo SoundBar : Fabulous build, flexibilty and sound.

Its a good sound bar – please note, without the subwoofer, i found the performance disappointing. In fact i was questioning why i had bought it in the first place. With the subwoofer, it becomes another beast and i then felt satisfied with the purchase. If price of the combined offering is an issue, i would look at an “all in one” package somewhere else. Also, if anyone knows how to stop the bluetooth auto connecting to my amazon echo when the bar is turned on, that would be a great helpits quite big as well, so make sure you have room for it, and probably at least a 40″ tv (preferably bigger).

Awsome sound bar, a no brainer if u want “sounds”, real audio from a real audio company.

Review summarysound quality (with subwoofer) 10/10sound quality (without subwoofer) 8/10appearance 10/10build quality 10/10connectivity 10/10features 10/10remote 8/10remote app (ios) 9/10ease of use 8/10instructions / user manual 10/10packaging 10/10supplied accessories 9/10value for money 10/10having read the only other review for this soundbar on amazon uk, i did a great deal of research before purchasing the arcam solo. I was relieved to find that the reviewer in question is very much in the minority. Worldwide, the solo has been almost universally praised for its sound quality, though most reviewers have recommended the addition of a separate subwoofer to extend the bass. I have been involved in designing and listening to audio amplifiers and speakers as a hobby for 50 years. Despite all this, my hearing is still good, although i struggle to hear much above 14 khz. I have owned, and still own, enough arcam equipment to know that this a brand that never fails to deliver the highest standards of build quality, and the solo does not disappoint in this regard. The unit feels reassuringly solid, with a sleek aluminium body and a build quality that places it in a class above other soundbars in a similar price range. Looks wise, it is an attractive addition to the tv. In terms of value for money, it is, in my opinion, a bargain at £299. But a soundbar needs to sound good as well as look good.

We have the bar connected via hdmi arc to a panasonic tx-49fx650b. I saw some people say the sound from this arcam solo bar, if you closed your eyes, sounds like a small hi-fi system. Forget it, that is not true. Ok it is louder than the tv’s own speakers and should last better but no way is it even nearly as good quality sound as most even average small sound systems. We have small monitor audio speakers we listen to music on. The bar sounds like cheap plastic compare to the monitor audios. We also have a very old aiwa combo system, even that has much better sound than this bar. Once you get use to the sound of this bar, which is ok but not great, the extra volume is nice to have for hard of hearing people like my mum. Now for the frustration, why i am sorry we bought this sound bar.

  • A really classy soundbar which sounds OK on its own, but really benefits from a subwoofer
  • Use a subwoofer and enjoy.
  • Good sound bar, but sub woofer is a must!

Arcam Solo SoundBar

The arcam solo soundbar is a superb sounding unit when used with a subwoofer. Without a sub it lacks depth and impact with a sub its tru quality shines through. It offers excellent flexibility with multiple hdmi inputs , optical and sub out and blutooth pairs well with alexa so it doubles as an extremely high quality blutooth speaker, it is supplied with neat handset or if preferred, arcam offers a smart remote app. So well thought out versatile and great sound, highly recommended.

I don’t often submit reviews but i like this sound bar so much that i have removed my 5. 1 system (and all its wires) and just use it with a run-of-the-mill yamaha subwoofer (or without it if it is late at night). I can live without the surround sound aspect since the sound quality is excellent. It needs a subwoofer for movies and for music. It is (and i don’t use the `awesome’ word lightly) awesome for music. The instructions seem to say that it is best when attached to a wall but my experience is that it is awful when placed that way. Try and move it to where it sounds best and then leave it. I love it and it is probably the only real `hi-fi’ thing that i own.

Needs the optional base unit to be really effective. Nice bit of kit but not to be paired with a tv less than 50″ as it will be wider.

Now this is lovely product, little bigger than i thought, sounds great.

Razer Leviathan Mini: 10 Hour Battery Life – Bluetooth Aptx Technology – Microphone With Clear Voice Capture Technology – Combo Play For Wireless Stereo Sound – Bluetooth Portable Speaker : Leviathon Wireless Speaker

Good product overall with good sound quality for the price, the subwoofer cable is a bit fragile and can easily come out.

Easy to set up, amazing sound and very good base. It’s not cheap, but it’s the only speakers you’ll need for your pc / dvd whatever.

Razer Leviathan Mini: 10 Hour Battery Life – Bluetooth Aptx Technology – Microphone With Clear Voice Capture Technology – Combo Play For Wireless Stereo Sound – Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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  • Tuned to deliver crystal clear yet powerful sound, the Razer Leviathan Mini surpasses the competition in its music reproduction capabilities; the sensitive dual drivers effortlessly reproduce your favourite tracks, so you’ll be able to enjoy those songs in the way the artist intended you to
  • Wirelessly link two Leviathan Mini for true stereo playback on the go; Bluetooth v4.0 with the aptX technology for CD-like audio quality; with a connectivity range of up to 30 feet, you can enjoy your music without the hassle of wires
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life; maximising your entertainment time on one single charge, the Razer Leviathan Mini provides you with an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours of non-stop playback, so you never have to worry about unexpected interruptions or charging on the go
  • Combo play for a true wireless stereo sound stage; amplify your sound stage as you broadcast your playlist from a pair of these Bluetooth speakers or use them in stereo mode to enjoy a true wireless stereo experience
  • Enhanced microphone with clear voice capture technology

Incredible piece of kit with insane sound quality and durable build. Iv been using this for quite some time now and even on half volumes i can feel the bass where ever i’m sitting. The subwoofer takes up a fair amount of space and its quite large but ultimately worth the money i paid. Also any problems had i can vouch for the customer services when they replaced my leviathan mini the baby portable version of this when i’d blown a speaker on it.

It was a present for my husband and he loved it.

Wow what bass its amazing used for my tv and it really brings film and games to life.

Nice sound quality and the bass is nice.

I read several reviews of cheap sound bars and this one repeatedly came up. I use it for my tv downstairs. We have a very large living room and it easily fills the room the bass is great. I was very surprised by the deep bass and room filling sound. For the price i would find it difficult to imagine you could get better. You can play around with different sound modes and turn the dolby on or off. When i received the delivery the packaging is very high quality it was a very nice touch and the build quality is very nice. It says it is for gaming but if you are looking for a cheap sound bar for your living room you can’t go wrong with this. I would of liked a remote or app to control the volume but it is still worth the money. The delivery was very good too.

This produces truly impressive, deep, powerful bass and crisp high notes. Whether you’re playing games, watching movies or listening to music, you’re in for a genuinely immersive audio experience. This system takes up hardly any space and is of a high build quality. Use the supplied optical cable for the best possible to sound.

A couple of years ago i bought my eldest a denon speaker which cost more (and still does) than this speaker. However, the leviathan is way better in all aspects of the performance it delivers (and i speak as a denon fan). The sound belies it’s small size in both clarity and depth. It’ll never match proper hifi speakers, and i feel some reviewers miss this point. For the money it is really impressive and i’d recommend this speaker to anyone.

I know the money for this item is quite high but it really is worth it. The highs and mids are brilliant the bass is out of this world good. I mean to get this kindda sound(loudness and clarity) out of something that is so compact is mind boggling. Would recommend to anyone for anything not just gamers.

If your on the look out for a new speaker system for your pc or tv, i literally cant recommend this enough. I was unsure about buying it due to its price but it is certainly worth it. The bass and clarity of the speakers are insane. Very very happy, incredibly punchy sub too. I have now bought many products from razer and they have all been amazing, the quality and looks are superb. Thanks razer for such great products.

I have owned many products from razer over the years and this sound bar meets all my expectations. All i can say is wow the sound quality is insane ( buy now ). I am very impressed with this sound bar and would go as far as saying it would serve a home tv in a small/medium room. The quality is fantastic as always from razer.

Sound is clear and bass is really good.

Best speakers for gaming i have ever used, and ive used a fair few.

Surround is surprisingly good, especially when watching documentaries – movies. To get the effect you must be sitting a bit further back. It is relatively small, so am really surprised buy the sound qualityreason for the 4 stars is convenience. I can deal with the cables, but no remote. That the only thing to get round it is, setting it to a relatively loud volume and then using the pc / tv remote to set the volume form there.

Wow such a difference razer quailty and ease of set up amazing.

Since this was a speaker by razer i had high expectations since they make such high quality audio gear and it did not disappoint, i was pleasantly surprised how well this little thing takes on large sized rooms you wouldn’t think such a small product would pack the punch this does. Only criticism in audio terms is sometimes it struggles at lower volumes to keep up the quality but its not too much of an issue honestly this tends to be the case with most smaller speakers so it was kinda expected. Oh the noise it makes when it connects and turns on is very amusing and everyone in the room takes notice usually one of the best things about this product along with the build quality. As with most razer products like the blades it picks up fingerprints like a champ however would totally recommend this product great pickup not just buying the logo with this one.

Nice quality sound that fills my little gaming room. The bass seemed a little heavy for the level of the sound bar but after reading online you can adjust it by holding down the bluetooth button using the volume buttons. I would have liked an app to help setup the sound but there’s none, it has 3 modes, game, movie and music so it feels a little basic in that respect. After i bought it i checked the razer website to read up on it only to find out it was cheaper to buy direct from razerbut all in all i’m happy with it.

Bought this for its looks and because the rest of the system is razer branded. Not sure it is really worth the money in terms of sound quality, the previous much cheaper speakers and subwoofer were fine. Also not sure changing the bass is actually working. But now that it is installed it is not causing any problems.

It’s perfect for my pc, tv and the bluetooth is great. I upgraded the aux cable and optical cabke that came with it, and i couldn’t be happier.

Produces a great sound and looks great.

Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Sound Bar : Beware Dolby 5.1 claims

Excellent customer service from the seller. The product arrived as described. The polk mini is well built and offers great sound for the size. One issue was that the best sound was very localised meaning that you have to be sitting in front of the speaker to get the best results. The sound was clear and crisp and music sounded great. However as i was moving from a larger system in an attempt to cut down on clutter the sound just didn’t cut it for me. Sound quality lacked warmth and mid tones but maybe thats just my personal taste as i’m no expert. In the end i sent it back and continue my hunt.

I really like this and pleased with my purchase. I love the control over the highs and low. It can connect in any method. The chromecast is deceptive as it is audio only. Seeing as this feature is highlighted as a key selling point they should also state it is not full chromecast just audio. It would also be nice to expand the system to a 5. 1 but i knew this wouldn’t be possible when i purchased it.

Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Sound Bar with Wireless Sub Woofer

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  • Produces high quality sound from a compact sound bar design
  • Wireless integration removes the clutter of wires and is ideal for music streaming
  • Includes a wireless subwoofer to produce deep bass tones
  • Universal compatibility means it works with any TV
  • Built with Polk Voice Adjust Technology for crystal clear audio

Bought to replace a more conventional sound bar, which was too wide for the space i had available. Sound quality of this item is excellent, and having a wireless sub-woofer enabled flexibility in where it could be placed. Particularly liked the ‘voice’ option, which, as someone who uses hearing aids and frequently experiences difficulty in discriminating speech from background sounds was very helpful.

Product just as described – great for what i want and delivered in a timely manner.

Very easy to set up, good sound, little light on mid range.

Polk Audio Magnifi Mini Sound Bar with Wireless Sub Woofer : I bought this product for its size and the fact that reviewers have commended the sound quality. I did not want a long soundbar as i have nowhere to put it. If you are in the same position, this would be a good choice although other larger soundbars are cheaper. Buyers should be aware that if they want to enjoy an dolby 5. 1-like experience they will need an optical cable out connection on their satellite box. Please note that this is not a fault with the product itself but may lead to unrealistic expectations if you have an older sky box.

What a fantastic bit of kit this is. I’d never heard of polk before but i was trawling the internet looking for a good quality sound bar and wireless subwoofer system to connect into my new 4k uhd hdr tv. The polk magnifi mini came up on one of the forums as highly recommended and so i did some further research – i saw from the net that polk is a specialist usa based audio company that’s been around for ages. The system came very well packaged with some lovely touches. All relevant cables are included (hdmi, optical, aux, power – uk & usa). The sound bar unit is very heavy, looks well made and is very high quality. As does the matching subwoofer. I’m no audio expert but to me this system is very easy to use and the sound quality is amazing. I have it connected via the digital optical output. There are three different pre-set modes (movie, sport/talk/normal tv, and music) but you can adjust bass and speech within these if you want to.

Very pleased with the polk magnifi mini. I wanted a way to enhance the the poor sound on many tv’s now – but something that would not cost me more than the tv and take up a huge space. Very easy to set up and good quality sound for the average/reasonably refined listener.

So let me first speak about the seller. Mike is the general manager at value av limitied [where i got mine from here on amazon and was very helpful and extremely fast on response time. My first magnifi mini sound bar had speaker issues. He responded to me saying he’d contact polk and work on getting me a replacement. Because of some extra difficulties he called me personally to explain the situation. And within a few days i had my replacement unit which sounds fantastic. I can say they’ve made a customer for life with me. Customer service is not the easiest thing to find in britain, much less online shops. Do not hesitate to purchase from value av limited, they treat their customers very well and care about them. Now onto the actual product. ]

The magnify mini provides exceptional sound quality for the price. I use it mostly for music streaming and watching music videos. For both of these it offers excellent performance. The adjustable bass gives a rich deep sound without any booming at higher levels ( a medium setting of bass is sufficient anyway). I had read reviews (commercial and from buyers) that said the treble was a bit raspy and grating. On a high quality sound source, e. From a record company’s video or the high quality download setting from a streaming service, the treble is quite good. I should say i am talking here about a wired connection to the polk from the tv or from a smartphone to the polk. I am very fussy about sound.

‘quality’ sound bar does this crap sound issues. Casting spotyfi making songs almost unlistenable with that harsh high frequency sound. And seems like just spotyfi, no problem with dezzer, amazon music or yt music. The issue can be little bit solved by reducing audio quality on the app. But that defeats all purpose for buying premium sound system. And remote control volume is enoing. If you press and hold the volume jumps to max in no time. Pressing one by one will take forever. Other than that, the sound bar is very loud, very good bass sound loads of different connections and easy to use.

I got this mainly for music and for this purpose it’s great especially for the price. The sound is clear and boomy. Mid range could be polished but sill sounds great. I nearly spent £1200 for bose. I’m sure bose is better but i’m happy i gave polk a chance. Worth mentioning that for movies it’s not the best as sometimes voice can be a bit too quite but still good enough for my taste. There is also some sort of surround which works to a degree. All in all a great sounding and looking sturdy mini sound system.

I heard this at my local store, but the price was insane. 480 gbp in denmark, from power store. So i bought a samsung hw-k450 instead for 169 gbp. I wasn’t happy with the samsung, as the quality washed out on higher volumes and dialogue was muffled. Even though the samsung boasts 300 watt power, and this only has 150 watts, the polk magnifi mini is actually both louder, clearer and better on all aspects. First impressions:when i opened the package, i was amazed by the polk magnifi mini. It really feels like a premium product. It feels sturdy, durable and the design and form factor is absolutely stunning on this device. The build quality is so good. It is so small and compact, and can fit anywhere without taking up much space.

Very good service by home av direct and dpd who gave a one hour slot for delivery. Build quality and packaging are excellent. I have tried several other devices to provide clear voice but the voice problem has always persisted. This device addresses the voice problem in a positive way and works for me; i am delighted with it.

Very rich sound from that little thing, good build quality.

This is an absolutely stunning piece of kit. Had qacoustics soundbase which supposedly won a what-hifi award, the ‘sub’ it contained did not produce any bass. This polk product really does. Its like being in the cinema. The bass is deep tight and clear. The main speaker is solid and produces a sound that defies it’s compact size. Comes with all cables even optical and hdmi cable. You can adjust bass and vocal levels from the remote too.

Subwoofer have perfect balance and its possible to adjust how strong you want it. Google cast very useful, night mode doing exactly want i needed because i live in a apartment and can’t have so loud in the night. The only cons are the lack of mids and the connection between the sub soundbar tv that sometimes just stops working. Beside that i totally love it.

I was looking to replace an old yamaha 7. 1 system for a much smaller sound bar and initially looked towards and heard bose and sonos, along with other well-known brand names, but they all seemed so big and intrusive. Then i accidentally stumbled across the polk magnifi sound bar. After much online research (i never actually heard the system prior to purchasing) i followed my intuition and purchased the polk magnifi. Firstly i was amazed by the size (i can’t believe how small it really is) and the quality of sound brings the room to life with films, sport and music (now connected to my echo dot) – if you buy this system, you won’t be disappointed.

Woofer is a bit ugly – best hidden in a cabinet as i do with mine but the rest is pretty smart. Love the sound – powerful when it needs to be powerful. Not just loads of bass – bass when bass is due.

Pros- great sound- the main unit is small- the subwoofer is wireless, so you don’t need to hide any wires- it has bluetooth and chromecast audio so you can also use it to play from devices on your network- you can connect to your tv using hdmi arc which gives you supreme audio quality, and let’s the tv power on the speaker and control it’s volumecons- start up guide could be improved. Imo, the first thing you should do is put the device on your network so that it gets firmware updatesvery happy with this setup. It’s a good small size and has great sound.

What can i say, this blew my expectations out of the water. Used it downstairs with my parents and they were blown away, my father evern said it was like going to a cinema. One problem i had was getting it to connect to wifi but turns out, after doing some research, google ‘bricked’ that feature. Only way to bypass that is go through ethernet. Would recommend highly, don’t hesitate to purchase this soundbar.

Canton DM55 2 : DM55 is peerless!!

As a 7-year zvox 555 listener, i was totally blown away by the canton dm55. The vast improvement in sound immersion is truly awesome. And its appearance is truly rich and luxurious. You wouldn’t be disappointed, and the price is incredibly low for this powerhouse of a sound base.

Very easy to setup and integrate with the tv. The sounds is exactly what i expected after reading plenty of other reviews, not disappointed.

Canton DM55 2.1 Virtual Surround System – Black Glass

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • This 6-driver design transforms TV and movie sound, plus offers wireless music playback.
  • Sleek, glass-topped soundbase sits discreetly under your flatscreen TV
  • Ideal for larger rooms and flatscreens
  • 6 drivers: 2 tweeters, 2 midrange, 2 subwoofers
  • 2.1 channel amplification with 200 Watts system power

Great sounds and sounds natural. Does not take up a lot of space and looks good below my tvs. I have not had any problems with this lovely product.

Apart from adjusting your tv to recognise the sound output, very easy to install and operate. Good rich sound – mumbling a thing of the past.

I bought this because it was highly recommended by which. It’s ok and has improved my tv’s audio somewhat. However it hasn’t been as good as i hoped. For some reason the background music seems too loud and the speech too quiet. I have tried fiddling around with the settings, but to no avail.

Canton DM55 2.1 Virtual Surround System – Black Glass : Good piece of kit works well with my 42 inch panasonic tv. Bigger tv’s would be unlikely to fit on top of it as it is very compact.

A great sound system let down slightly by a basic remote control.

Sound quality not comparable with an external sub but still good.

Sound reproduction is great.

Slim, well built and sounds good. I would like a little bit more from the twin subs but there is still plenty for most in the low frequency range. Overall a big step up from the tv speakers.

Sound is impressive but you do have to crank up the volume especially on different inputs with varying levels. Probably should have gone for the bigger version given the size of our living room.

I’ve waited a while before reviewing this product given some of the negative reviews. So far, i’ve experienced none of the problems other reviewers have documented. I have the canton setup in my bedroom with a samsung t24h390s smart 24′ led tv and the profile of the canton fits the tv perfectly. The sound is fantastic for a small room. Great clarity and a pleasing neutral sound which can be adjusted to suit your taste. Bluetooth connectivity is great too and easy to set-up. As others have noted, the remote is impressive and built like a brick. For those that complain about sound drop-out, i wonder if it’s linked to their to their tv provider’s box?. I’ve experienced sound drop-out, and isolated it to my virgin media v6 box.

Smart, tidy and the sound quality good.

Bought it as a present for my husband.

So far so good,great sound indeed cant see what other reviewers were going on about,and at last a remote that feels like a remote and not a piece of card. I have had the extra guarantee just incase but i cant see me needing it if it works like this all the time.

After reading other reviews i was expecting something exceptional – the sound is good but i wouldn’t call it exceptional. Maybe i’m restricted by living in a terraced house where i can’t turn the volume up too high. Having said all that as i say the sound is rich and clear and i find i don’t need subtitles as often as used to and there are quite a few nice features like being able to have it switching off and on automatically when the tv is switched on and off.

No issues as yet with synchronisation. Minor issue getting it to work my samsung tv otherwise great product – worth the dosh.

Having carried out research on the internet this had rave reviews and quite rightly so.

I attached this to a sony bravia kdl 32w654a which was attached to a virgin media tivo box. Tivo remote control is able to control the volume. Took about 15 mins to set up. First impression is that it has not made much difference. But then sat down to watch rush and the difference is amazing. The sounds that you hear in the cinema are now coming through and add depth giving you an emotional response. Great addition to tele experience and much better than investing in 4k which has little content.

Not a patch on the lg surround system it replaced, so if you watch a lot of movies – don’t buy this. Ok for slim screen tv’s for improved sound. Looks very sleek but i found the placement of the inputs fiddly and difficult to access. I waited ages before installing it and in fact, would have returned it after i’d set it it up and heard it due to my disappointment.

Replaced a good but cumbersome surround sound set and i haven’t looked back. The from the bluetooth to watching movies it great. Good quality and plenty of adjustment level means this is a great addition to my tv setup. Quality device that looks the part, is a bit bigger than i expected but wasn’t a problem at all. I have also attached my existing sub-woofer to it and now i roars if i want it to. Good for everything from movies, sport and everyday tv. Also i have used it to play music from my phone and has been good for the odd kids party.

Clear and convincing sound quality. Films and the proms – marvellous.