Neet Cables Neet® – Bluetooth Stereo Music Receiver HiFi Audio – Wolfson DAC – Wireless HiFi Audio streaming – Digital Toslink Optical/Analogue out – With NFC – aptX® – CSR® : Possibly my best buy of the year

Very easy to set up and sound quality is good (using auxiliary cable). Was a bit worried that it wouldnt work through walls but it does, even worked from upstairs. The nfc function is great, once you’ve set up your phone you can just place it nearby and it’ll connect automatically. Very easy to use, throughly recommended.

Got this as a christmas present for a non tech savvy family member and it has been great. Good sound quality from aptx enabled devices and really easy to pair to and use.

This does exactly what was promised – i can now play all my music from my samsung j5 smart phone through my analogue h-ifi system. The quality is, of course, not the same as the original cds played on my cd player but i am listening to more music because of the convenience. My only regret is that my phone does not have aptx bluetooth, because i believe that would give better quality.

Had it connected to my sound system. Didn’t like the fact that i had to reconnect to my iphone each time i wanted to play music. Although it has a dac i preferred the sound of the smsl. The sound is warmer which i prefer: smsl b1 hifi stereo audio bluetooth csr 4. 2 receiver dac with nfc black https://www. Uk/dp/b06vvl4whl/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_hvjpemyqjj8fm.

  • Witchcraft
  • Bluetooth music at a very reasonable price.
  • Exellent buy

Neet® – Bluetooth Stereo Music Receiver HiFi Audio – Wolfson DAC – Wireless HiFi Audio streaming – Digital Toslink Optical/Analogue out – With NFC – aptX® – CSR®

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  • Stream high quality HiFi audio from a Bluetooth device such as iPhone /Android / ipad / ipod Touch / Tablet /Smartphone etc. to an Amplifier or A/V Receiver / Speakers / Soundbar audio system.
  • Simply connect the Neet Bluetooth receiver to your amp via either analogue stereo cables (good) or Digital Toslink (best quality) and pair your device to the receiver … Pairing is simple and the receiver can be paired with up to 8 devices. 10m / 33ft line of sight range. NFC supported.
  • Features NFC ( Near Field Communication ) If your Bluetooth Audio device has NFC function then you can skip the process of Bluetooth pairing… Also Features [email protected] lossless audio support when paired with a source device with aptX
  • HiFi quality audio is delivered by a high performance Wolfson stereo DAC with ground referenced line driver. All common sample rates from 8kHz to 192kHz supported. 106dB SNR. Analogue and Digital Toslink audio outputs *** Note: Package Includes 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable + 3.5mm female to Stereo RCA left and right cable.
  • UK DC 5v USB power adapter and USB power cable included ***Can be powered from your other devices that have USB*** Neet Specialist Customer Support *** 2 year WARRANTY ***

Received the neet unit earlier than expected ,got it out the box ,and had it operating within five min. Plugged in my optical cable into the neet via my home theatre system ,paired it too my old mobile phone (which i use as a music storage player ) may i say that the quality of sound via optical is outstanding ,i am totally delighted with this unit ,and would highly recommend it.

Perfect for digital feed into a dac, friends can just roll up, pair their equipment to the neet and so can seemlessly play into much better equipment than eg; a standalone bluetooth speaker. Excellent kit, better parties.

I was not sure about this neet dac how ever the sound from my s7 through marantz amp and q2020i speakers via bluetooth is exellent it was a breez to set up streaming music via amazon. At less than 50 quid its a bargain i have my music streamed in high quality and this helps its well made and i have had no problem with drop outs as had been revieved its a good way to send music to your hifi i recomend tge neet dac.

Very easy to set up and connect. No problems switching between devices either. Sound quality is very good from my samsung s5 which has aptx. Range seems reasonable – probably 6-8m max rather than 10m but so long as you’re in the same room it’s fine. Downsides are that it does drop out / jump for a fraction of a second every so often. Doesn’t bother me that much but others might find it annoying. It also don’t work with my hp envy laptop. It’s as if the bandwidth from that isn’t great enough to play the music smoothly. But i only bought the receiver for use with my phone anyway.

My primary purpose for buying this device was to stream music from my nas drive to a bluetooth speaker but mainly to my denon mini system which has no network connectivity (and does not play flac files natively). Initially i bought the wifi version of this device and returned it immediately as the concept does not really work as you need to connect your phone (or other streaming) to it via wifi which then becomes a bridge to your phone router – no good. I next bought his device so i could connect to my nas via wi-fi and then stream the music to my phone then bluetooth it to the neet which is connected to the denon. My initial attempts were a little problematic due to drop out, it was unclear whether it was the wifi connection causing problems or the neet itself (my htc phone streams perfectly to a bluetooth speaker so eliminated that as the issue). I then tried other wifi apps and didn’t get much improvement – the dnla/upnp apps seemed to be be pretty poot at this. The sound i did get out was pretty good, i selected the neet due to wolfstendac so expected pretty decent sound. I am now using a different wifi streaming app – ds audio. This is an app that comes with my synology nas and is working a treat. Plays mps’s really well (the aptx support form the neet & my htc phone may well be helping here) and flac files stream well and sound excellent, good quality acros sthe range and a real punch to the bass. I have found that i have push the volumn up pretty high in comparison to the levels used for cd/dab/usb inputs in the unit.

I have tested this with both a nexus 5 and htc one m8, with a denon d-m39dab and with both optical and analogue cables. The usb socket of the denon does power this unit ok if anybody needs to know. Firstly i had no issues connecting to the device. I could not tell much of a difference in the sound quality between optical output and analogue output. This may be due to the optical cable i was using, or other factors, but either way if you only have analogue inputs on your hifi don’t let it put you off. Both nexus 5 and htc one m8 sounded excellent through this device. There was no loss of bluetooth signal. I couldn’t tell the different between either phone, even though htc has aptx whereas the nexus 5 doesn’t. Again this may be my setup but ultimately i think it also shows what a brilliant device this is.

I investigated lots of solutions to get my digital music collection from my iphone into my amplifier, and tried many of them too. This is the best in my humble opinion. Unlike a dock, you are not needlessly charging your iphone when connected to the amp, and you can carry your phone around with you while the music plays. I find the level is too low with leads, even the neet iphone line level output lead that connects via the apple plug into a 3. 5mm jack seems not to be quite line level. There are no problems with level using this. Also, because you can connect into the amp using an optical cable, the quality is very good. Friends can connect-in easily too. Really easy to set up and good value for money.

Got to be one of the best sounding bluetooth receivers at a reasonable price. Just a shame it doesn’t have a built in battery to make it a bit more portable.

Impressed to say the very least. First of all i could not believe the order was delivered in less than 24h: incredible. I have another bluetooth receiver with no high end dac such as this and there is a huge difference. Both of them are aptx so the difference is not there. With this neet i am finding more pleasant to listen my music streamed by my phone or tablet than playing it from the usb port of my marantz nr-1504 receiver. By the way i am using the basic analog intervonnects that came with it (the other bluetooth receiver i have did not come with intetconnects). Possibly my best buy of the year.

Brilliant in giving life to old bose cd/radio.

This was very easy to set up and it produces a very commendable quality of sound from my ipad via my hi-fi system. My only reservation is that it doesn’t auto-disengage when the connection is needed no longer. That’s the only reason for the loss of a star. I have a bluetooth speaker of another make which shuts off automatically upon closing of the program, so that the ipad’s own speakers come into play. With the neet, i have to go into the ipad’s settings and tell it to ‘forget this bluetooth’ (or similar) and then reconnect the next time it’s wanted. Not hard to do, but i’d prefer auto-operation. Edit: another reservation that’s come to mind is that i don’t think i paid anywhere near the current asking price of £60. I seem to recall it as around £40, which was only just acceptable to me at the time.

Plugged into my old samsung surround sound via digital audio cable and works a treat. I have used my samsung tab 4 and galaxy smartphone through this and works brilliant.

Great quality when paired with apt-x hd source. But it doesn’t connect automatically. I was hoping it would automatically pair to the last device connected (my av receiver) when turning it on, but it doesn’t do this, unlike the standard bluetooth samsung hs3000 and i presume other apt-x receivers. I use a bluetooth receiver with splitter amp/ standard headphones at night when the normal speaker setup would be too loud for others. I don’t want to mess about in menus, the current setup requires me to simply turn on power at the plug to connect and just work, which this unit doesn’t support.

Bought this as an upgrade to the cheapy one i installed into my car. The car uses a proper hi-fi class amp and homebrew hi-fi speakers. Before i installed it i tried it on my domestic hi-fi system, using high end gear and wasn’t disappointed. Compared with a standard bluetooth receiver, it has a crisp dynamic sound full of detail and with tight controlled bass and crisp treble, just like i would expect from a quality digital source – playing flac from my phone. Links up with my galaxy note 2 seamlessly and without fuss.

I can now add my five star review to all the others. I use qed optical connector and have superb quality sound. With analogue i get a small hum but this is probably interference from some other device in the house. I i use my ipad for music and have absolutely no complaints. I would also add that my music files are uncompressed aif files so very critical.

Works well, although the signal is much shorter than i was hoping when using in doors. Also, the only way i seem to swap from one phone to another is to turn off the bluetooth on the first to disconnect. It doesn’t seem to auto connect either which may be a pain depending what you want from it.

I had a software problem with this unit. I emailed neet about the problem. Without hesitation they offered a replacement unit, in case it was defective. It was my bluetooth adapter. For the price it is amazing quality and they offer a totally reliable customer service.

The unit arrives very well packaged the day after ordering it up. I unpacked it, connected up the power supply, connected the optical audio cable and paired it with bluetooth on my phone. Didn’t need to look at the supplied instructions – job donegreat sound quality, no fuss, buy one.

Yamaha RXV683 Music Cast 7 Channel AV Receiver – : Very good option to home audio

I bought this item elsewhere but decided to leave a review on amazon. This is my first ever av receiver which i bought after doing extensive research. I paired it with monitor audio mass 5. One thing i can say is that this is an extremely well made and thought-through product by a leading player in the sound industry. Controlling everything in my humble entertainment setup (5. 1 speaker system, blu ray player, ps4, lg tv, spotify, occasional pc viewing), this receiver is now the center, the ‘maestro’ of my system. Out of the box, the receiver looks and feels beautiful. It is a big black box, is solid and has a quality feel to it.

Great av amp took me some time to realise that only one of my hdmi ports on my tv supports arc but once past that set up is easy ,not tried music cast yet dont want to spend money on wireless speakers their not cheap surround sound is very good but i dont use bass woofer ,love the phono inputs. . Robert nesta marley lives again, i find talking phones and other devices irritating so i’m never going to bother with alexa all in all my new favourite device.

Yamaha RXV683 Music Cast 7 Channel AV Receiver – Black

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  • 7.2 Surround Sound AV Receiver with Network and Phono Stage
  • Yamaha Music Cast compatible – anything plugged into this AVR can be streamed around the house
  • Latest Audio Formats supported – Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Airplay built in for easy connection to your home network or straight to your smart device
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range),HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 compatible – handles latest 4K signals in all their glory

Very good product, as advertised.

Arrived very fast the day before delivery date. This avr is extremely brilliant. Solid design ,easy front layout. This model has six hdmi ports. One on the front, with usb for mp3 etc. Five on the rear and one to tv. 0 currently,dolby vision and hybrid colour. For high colour and contrast.

This yamaha rxv683 is connected upto a panasonic oled 55” 952, and a panasonic dmp-ub700 4kdvd player, it replaces a yamaha rxv380. This is worth the money, the quality of the picture and the sound is outstanding, it is very easy to set up and i personally feel this is the best av amp under £500 on the market. It is a very very powerful amp, and steers the sound around our 5. 1 speakers extremely well, the centre channel (speech) is outstanding. This is a 4k uhd straight-thru amp, which means the dvd player is connected to the amp by hdmi. This supplies picture and sound, the surround sound dolby digital /dts sound codes are supplied by the dvd player and are decoded by the amp, this means that on blu-ray play back, the amp display shows dolby digital, or dts and the dvd player display shows the type of code; true hd,atmos,ex and so on. Yamaha have produced a high quality product at at a very reasonable price, that is why in a very competitive market this amp has the amazon rating it has, well worth the cash. This amp has a power rating recorded at 85% peak sound, denon and sony have power rating at clipping (which means they are red lining: not true wattage: check out the avforum). What hi-fi, won’t tell you this: yamaha has the best all around connectivity of any av amp around today (yamaha to panasonic, yamaha to lg, yamaha to samsung etc, and the very very best lip-sync interface around).

Yamaha RXV683 Music Cast 7 Channel AV Receiver – Black : I needed a new hdmi amp to replace my old denon amp. An amp that could support hdmi2, uhd, airplay, streaming and bluetooth. I have always enjoyed the clean sound of a yamaha amp. Having not bought any audio hardware for over 7 years, it was quite daunting to wade through the options. Amazon made this a lot easier. The amp was incredibly easy to setup and i find the on screen menus, setup routines (ypao) and display easy to use. Setting everything up took a few minutes. The sound is great and easily fills a double volume room. The ypao setup detects where the speakers are and their frequency range allowing the decoder to create excellent sound even when all speakers are at the front. I currently have 7 speakers connected (all at the front) and although the sound doesn’t surround you it really is very good.

Great avr, has everything i needed with superb sound quality.

Wonderful sound easy to setup. Works with my apple airpods which is an added bonus.

I am very happy with my order the shipping was fast and the yamaha reviver was good buythanks.