KitSound Gravity Universal Splashproof Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable Speaker Compatible – Great item as a present

Good quality speaker, quite loud, bass is good, definitely worth the price (got it for a tenner on sale). It’s splash-proof, but definitely not waterproof. The flap that covers the usb and aux input would not hold against a dunk in the water. Overall though, it’s lovely for baths.

A brilliant bit of kit works with my xperia z phone perfectly the battery seems to last forever the sound is crisp i would highly recommend this item 10/10.

Wow i’m really impressed, really loud and very clear sound.

Great sound and laud as well. 99£ (normal price 40£) so check the price and it might be dropped at some point. Battery last at least 5 hours and charge really fast. And water resistant as well :).

Second time i bought this particular product – first time was a couple of years ago and, for the price, it is very hard-wearing, long lasting and sounds great. Well worth it and would buy again. The bass went a bit dodgy with my first set of these, but that was after easily a year or more of everyday use listening to music in the bathroom (definitely water resistant) so to be expected. The battery live is also excellent.

Absolutely brillianthigh quality sound on a budget.

  • Good buy for truck
  • Thumbs up
  • Great item as a present

I love this handy travel kit of a mini-boom box.

Brought this speaker for my dad for his caravaning hols, so needed something reasonably priced, small and robust with good sound quality. This definitely fits the bill. Most importantly the sound quality is excellent for such a small speaker.

Good sound and goes quite loud. Bought to listen to music and audiobooks in the kitchen and works great. Really easy to set up and connect to phones and tablets.

Didn’t expect too much, was very surprised at the quality of the sound considering the size.

Great bluetooth speaker good value for money son loves it.

Features of KitSound Gravity Universal Splashproof Wireless Bluetooth Rechargeable Portable Speaker Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung and Android Devices – Black/Yellow

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  • Water-resistant
  • Call-handling
  • Wired or wireless connection
  • Passive bass radiator
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

From the manufacturer

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About KitSound

We are craftspeople. We are musicians. We are KitSound and we all commit ourselves to achieving one shared goal: Bringing people closer to their music. By understanding music we stay true to its craft. Pure, rich, incredible sound. We settle for nothing less.

Introducing the KitSound Gravity

Portable, lightweight and water-resistant, the KS Gravity wireless speaker is perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities.

  • Play time: up to 6 hours
  • Bluetooth range: 10 m
  • Output RMS: 2.5 W x 2
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Water-resistant rating: IPX4

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Looks Great

The uniquely designed Gravity speaker comes trimmed in yellow – and weighing just 270 grams, it’s lightweight, compact and portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Perfect for when you’re in the great outdoors, this solid, durable speaker is water-resistant with an IPX4 rating, it connects to your device wirelessly and it has a built-in rechargeable battery which lasts up to 6 hours. So now you can have your own free party in the middle of nowhere.

Sounds Great

With space being an almost perfect vacuum, sound can’t be heard as the waves are unable to travel. But our Gravity Bluetooth speaker has plenty of sound, thanks to a passive radiator which enhances bass.

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Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Easy to set up, great sound and nice and small to take on holiday.

Very impressed with the gravity wireless speaker speaker from kit sound. Sound quality is very nice and bluetooth pairing with a samsung galaxy s6 went without issue. I post this review having only tested in a dry environment. The only qualm i have is that the ks badge was missing out of the box. In its place was a sticky material where the logo would be.

Surprisingly good sound quality for a small speaker. Slightly cheap looking flap covering on/off switch and wire ports. Otherwise nice looking product.

Super features of water resistant and feels heavy and not cheap. Perfect gift for secret santa.Cant comment on battery life or sound quality.

Battery life good for moneyideal for small roomwe are overwhelmed by it, and so excited. Because my phone couldn’t produce enough sound so we could juggle around. We love using our microphones when we do our dancing shows at the windows.


An excellent small portable bluetooth speake system. Very robust, and does what it claims.

First impression is fantastic. I bought this for when i drive wagons without bluetooth/radio. It looks sturdy and like it will be able to withstand getting bashed about abit. It’s smaller than i expected but that is better for me and waaaay louder than i expected too. At this current moment in time i would definitely buy again. It says waterproof but the flap protecting the the important parts, charging port etc. However i wont be exactly taking it in the shower with me so not much of a problem.

Was bought as a gift but had to open to make sure it works 😉 was impressed with the sounds and bass despite it being small. It connects via bluetooth quickly. Would recommend for kids or kitchen speaker.

I had been thinking about getting a portable bluetooth speaker for a while mostly for camping but didn’t want to break the bank. After all, it was likely to get thrown in the back of the car, get wet and probably dropped a few times but i am – unfortunately – a music snob, so want a decent sound. Having tried the kitsound speaker, it seems to be absolutely spot on for what i wanted. It feels really solid, packaging is fun and the triangular design is not only a little different to the norm, but makes it much more stable when you rest it on something. Most importantly for me (being fanatical about music) the sound is great, bassey enough to make it sound good (although putting something behind it, or placing it against a something solid makes it sound ever better) it’s so easy to use and full volume is surprisingly punchy considering its size. For its price, a brilliant little speaker.

I like how it’s a very durable speaker. Loud enough to hear in noisy environments and small to put in bag to take around.

Great sound from suh a little unit. Splash proof too, so ideal for camping etc.


Fab product, had a bit of a chew connection 1st off, then called their super helpline, found out my pioneer hi-fi is a bt receiver, hence the chew to connect, they advised i order a bt transmitter. It arrived all is sorted n sweet sounding too :-).

Very good for price, have heard better with sound on others but still very decent.

I have no idea why its so cheap, incredible sound and build quality that matches and outperforms much more expensive brand namesrecommended to many friends.

This little speaker is easy to set up an has a good sound so i’m very pleased with it. Delivery was super quick too.

Neat, compact and good sound. Good quality speaker from a reputable name.

A great purchase and will recommend anyone to buy. Portable,good sound and easy to connect.

Easy to connect but the sound is not as loud as i had hoped. The sound level seems to be controlled by the devices it is connected to rather than within the kit itself.

Wired or wireless connection

Great item as a present, i am informed that sound quality and build is excellent and that my nephews friends were impressed, espically with the splashproof capatilities of the kitsound (which teenagers will find quite handy). Quality product and highly recommended.

My son already had one of these in the house, and as my own speakers were failing i asked him where he had got his as it was far superior to mine.

Bought for my teen daughter. Wasn’t sure it would be loud enough as it was smaller than i expected but it’s great.

I spend for this speaker only 9. 99 what is very good price,so for that price is very nice speaker,thanks.

Bought this for my kindle fire 8, which has reasonable sound but doesn’t go very loud and is light on bass. 99 the ks gravity is a good value product, easy to set up and an enjoyable listen.

Great sound and we take it it everywhere.

Passive bass radiator

Great little speaker, worked straight out of box (was ) charged, nice sound. Will be nice present for someone.

Veho SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car and Speaker Kit – – VEHO Handsfree car kit.

Its a bit crackly trying to hear who has called you.

Arrived today so i can’t comment on battery life even though i may have it permanently wired to a +5 volt supply. I understood all the functionality before i purchased this item (s3 – even though it’s a model vbc-002-as) and everything worked as expected. The added benefits i found while using a samsung s7 edge phone (some older model and all later models will be the same) was that within the phone app settings you can configure to auto-answer after 2 seconds, which works perfectly with this device. Also, google assistant provided voice dialing which i found more accurate than samsung’s s-voice. Either way, auto-answer and voice dialling all work perfectly plus all the other features as stated. Playing bluetooth music through this unit was a waste of time as the sound quality through the speaker on your phone probably sounds better. To sumarise, less complicated than my previous parrot device which was 3 times the price and it seems more reliable so far.

I have two cars, bought this for the most recent addition as the other car already had an advantage hands free visor device which works well. After a month i bought another veho and gave the avantalk away. The telling advantage of the veho being it’s ability to sense when you get in the car and switch itself on. Here are the specifications for the Veho SAEM S3 Ayrton Senna Bluetooth Car and Speaker Kit –:

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  • Powerful 3W speaker system with bass enhancement and built-in A2DP for playing music wirelessly from your smartphone
  • Unique AMS (automated motion sensor) technology with human body sensor for energy saving and extended battery life
  • Extended battery life with 32 hours talk time
  • Includes a 5V car charger adapter

Sound quality on calls very good for both caller and receiver. Volume when playing music generally pretty good. Could maybe do with being a bit louder when motorway driving.

Fantastic price, works well.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works well including auto-answer and voice dialing
  • This is great! Compared to my previous device it’s outstanding actually
  • Clever, un-intrusive the way tech should be

Keeps disconnecting tho due to the moation senser for some reason.

As described, working very well, connects to phone as soon as i sit in the car. The only minus would be not illuminated buttons otherwise it’s perfect.

Great piece of kit,very easy to set up,looks good, works well,i’m very pleased.

Works well but sound quality is just ok. Drops connection to blackberry 3 or 4 times over a 2 hour journey – may be a blackberry issue to be fair. A shame it does not store last 10 numbers or allow scroll through of same on the phone.

Motion detection is a great feature and saves on battery drain. Battery life is excellent and i have no trouble hearing conversations through it even in my noisy van. Bluetooth reception quality is very good with no drop off throughout conversations.

Wee bit ‘tinny’ audio but easily used.

It does what it is supposed to do but compared to others on the market for similar prices the sound quality is pretty poor and the sensor cause it to constantly beep at you every few minutes.

The veho is a slim and neat device, with a good strong spring to attach it to the visor. The strong spring requires more effort to fit to the thicker visors but it certainly will not fall off. Easy to pair with your phone, a joy to operate and use with a good clear, loud volume level. The welcome chime as it detects you entering the vehicle gives you confidence that it is still powered on and ready to go. There can be a problem on a sunny day when you decide to use the visor. This now means that the unit and its controls are on the reverse side of the visor facing the windscreen and out of reach, but there is still the option to press the answer button on your phone or reverse the fitment. If your car is parked very close to the house, you might find that your phone does not drop the bluetooth connection to this unit when you exit the vehicle, which means that this unit continues ring in response to incoming calls instead of your phone, leaving you wondering why your phone no longer rings. Park further away or if you can’t, switch it off each time.

Dose what it says grate for hands free.

One of the only ones i have found that work well. Good battery, good sound quality.

This hands free is very good and does exactly what it says on the tin. That’s where the only problem is , it switches on and off as it detectsmotion in the car , which is great if you only drive in areas that requirea lot of moving about , ie , in towns or cities. Get onto motorways or long duel cartridge ways and it will turn it’s selfoff until you start changing gear and using the steering wheel again. On long motorway journeys you could be disconnected for long periodsof time , it’s a minor problem that comes about because it does it’s jobso well , i find myself having to move my hands about to keep it active.

Incredible value for the money.

Bought this basically to pair up with my nokia 108 g2 phone for use when driving,unfortunately does not pair up. Seems to only pair up with fairly recent g3/g4 smartphones. Does not pair up with:nokia 108 (simple g2 phone)samsung s3 mini (samsung pebble – gt-i8190n – older smartphone)moto g xt1039 (older smartphone)pairs up with :umi emax (fairly recent smartphone)hence (i’m not a bluetooth expert) if you have a recent smartphone (bluetooth 4. If before then possibly not.

Great value for money, works great.

I am completly impressed with this gadget, it does exactly as advertised. I managed to find an app for my phone which turns the bluetooth on an off when a call is received and ended, after a few rings on the phone its connects with the veho all automaticaly. Youtube has a great demo of this.

Not as easy to use as i thought, but works, but you have to take a hand off the steering wheel to end a call.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker – Easy to use.

The base and clarity of the megaboom is much better than the boom 2. I purchased this speaker to compliment and link up to my noom 2 to use as a stereo sound system at parties and bbqs. They work very well both inside a large room filling the space and also outside in the open. Great bluetooth connectivity for a fair distance and waterproof witch always helps when you have drunk clumsy friends. Great product and would recommend.

An absolutely brilliant speaker . Fantastic sound, easy set up, and a big plus is the long lasting battery. I play this at least 6/7 hrs a day, and charge it every 8/9 days or so. Definitely recommend, you won’t be disappointed.

I love the colour/ design and the ease of use, however when teaching a class of tap dancing, sometimes i reach to turn up the volume and it’s already at its maximum. The sound quality at maximum though is great. Here are the specifications for the Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM Bluetooth/Wireless Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • UE MEGABOOM is the 360 degree wireless Bluetooth speaker that drops bold, immersive sound in every direction
  • Ultimate Ears wireless speaker system with dual performance drivers that pump out clear mids and vibrant highs
  • Colourful acoustic skin with plasma coating makes the UE MEGABOOM outdoor speakers water and stain resistant
  • The portable speaker’s 20 hours rechargeable battery gives you non-stop music
  • Connect your portable Bluetooth speakers with echo dot (second generation) for hands-free voice control of UE MEGABOOM with Alexa, to play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn

I already own a ue megablast and have owned a boom 2 in the past. Obviously i’m biased so when my mother said she wanted a speaker for her birthday for around the house, the garden etc. The ability to link up several speakers in sync or stereo, the combination of looks, durability, build quality, shock and water proofing, portability, battery life and just great audio quality make it the best product out there in my opinion. Products by bose, sonos, harman etc are slightly better sounding purist audio products but don’t come anywhere close to the ue when taking into account all the above factors as a package. The twilight/magenta and black colour is perfect for a non tech-minded female user (doesn’t look like an intimidating masculine boy’s toy) and the price on amazon made it a no-brainer. The beautiful packaging of ue products makes a great gift. 5mm input is great for those who still like a wired connection over bluetooth, and the possibility to connect this to an amazon input to turn it into a wi-fi enabled alexa device takes the megaboom to the next level. The only way to make ue speakers any better would be to add aptx bluetooth but on small, portable devices the difference isn’t really audible.

I bought one a month ago and it has reignited my passion for listening to music. It’s stylish and doesn’t half kick out quality sound. I ended up carrying it all over the house so have ended up buying another.It’s rare for me to fall in love with tech but i can see myself getting another one at some point. The designs and colours are great too.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • As a total package It’s the best.
  • I am in love with this!
  • Megaboom mega quality

TECEVO ® T7 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker 10W RMS – Good Sound but Disappointing Functionality

Has a well manafactured feel to it, is loud and very easy to connect bluetooth to laptop and android phones. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive portable bluetooth speaker.

It is very loud and easily fills a room. My iphone connected straight away and works from about 4-5m over bluetooth. Had it up and running in about 30 seconds. Bare in mind there is no plug included but it has ubs which connects with the plethora of plugs you already havei was very surprised by the bass on this thing. It is very respectable and better than what i get out of my old sony stereo.

Basically used all day, great product for the price.

After using the speaker for almost a week now, i can fairly say that i’m happy with the product overall. The sound quality and bass have a fantastic balance, so none overpower eachother. As for the sound quality, there is no distortion whatsoever (even at the highest volume with different types of songs). The bass has a nice boom to it, definitely a big upgrade to the portable speaker that i had previously to it. I haven’t tried out the sd card slot, so i cannot comment on that. The aux cable provided is great and i had no issues with it. The radio works perfectly once you find a signal, not always the easiest but once you find it, it pretty much is of a good quality. I’ve had no issues with paring via bluetooth (it’s my main connectivity) and i’m impressed by the range of which it goes up to. I’m extreemly happy about the alarm feature, it saved me from being late to work since my iphone decided to turn itself off in the middle of the night. Also, accurate time-keeping.

Great as portable speakers, bluetooth is easy to use. Can also plug in the audio jack if you’re like me and can’t remember which device in range keeps hogging the bluetooth.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Price and extra functions make up for flaws
  • Beasty little thing!
  • Good Sound but Disappointing Functionality

Great sound, very powerful and the bluethoot range is really wide. Small and portable, nevertheless really loud. The speakers have a lot of functions and can read from every source. The incorporated battery had a long lasting life, it takes several hours to charge it completely but it’s nothing compared to his duration. The ratio quality/price is excellent.

The sound is really clear and it actually goes quite loud. Only bought it thinking ‘oh it will do the job’ and i needed a sound bar for my tv. I’m really impressed with it.

However, the charging port is not mechanically robust and on my device has broken in a few months. Stripping the device down (not easy) reveals it is not simple to repair. The mechanical connection between the power socket and the device is only via the electrical solder pins. The solder join breaks easily and re-soldering the micro-pins needs special tools. Essentially a poor design unfortunately. So, be very careful with the power connection and all should be well.

A reasonable good speaker but minimal instructions. To set-up it’s a case of intuition, trial and error. Unfortunately my intuition has evaporated and it’s still not set to my requirements. To return or not to return?2 weeks later: after trial and error have managed to get things up and running (still trying to ‘save’ choose preferred radio stations rather than scrolling thu every time). After my first comment the tecevo product manager emailed for me to contact re probs – so, full marks there. Unfortunately i found his accent difficult to understand.

Amazing sound and a great portable item. Battery is great and usb is really handy.

It’s 2018 so 5 years and it’s still playing metallica enter sandman loud enough for me.

The size of this item and the sound quality is brilliant. You would not expect it from something so small. The fact that it is rechargeable also is amazing. Very easy to set up and was up and running within minutes of opening.The quality of the bluetooth is amazing, using siri through this i was expecting it to be a little slow but it is nice and clear, the microphone is pretty good.

Second time ordering this great product, first time i gave it to my niece in cyprus and seeing how satisfied with it she is, i decided to buy another one for myself this time. This speaker is very strong and loud for its size, on budget i would recommend it.

Great for the price, really love the sleek design and features.

Nice a cheap and very very goodi use it for music on bluetooth on my phonethe radio. The sound is brilliant and has some good volume. I love the fact that its not mains operated. Th battery last for 2 days fully charged using the radio.

If you want a cheap, reliable and brilliant small speaker to fill a room. I love a good speaker and this is actually my second one (first one got stole with my bag as i carried it around everywhere)it charges quickl. Decent battery life and last but not least, great quality sound. The base comes through like no other speaker i’ve had and the volume is loud enough and then some for listen to music with you and a couple friends. Maybe wouldn’t be loud enough for a full scale party but hey 25 dabs you can’t go wrong👍👍👍👍👍 five thumbs up.

I have had this speaker for over a year now and has well earned itself a 5 star review. Build quality is great, sounds good and can easily fill a room. After having the devise for quite some time and extensive use, i have decided to replace due to the battery not last as long as before.

Ok, so this little thing has really surprised me. Bought it to take abroad on holiday but we’ve been using it from the moment it took delivery. It’s a very well put together bit of kit and comes delivered in ‘apple quality’ livery and packaging. I was expecting this to be an ok bit of kit but it’s got to be one of my best tetchy buys in a long time. Sound is excellent, bluetooth worked first time and every time from my ipad, radio is impressively good. Trying to find a fault with it but in all honesty.

Although i was doubtful when my son recommended this product i am thrilled to say that it has replaced a very expensive mobile sound system i use for my six yoga classes per week. The sound is very good and fills large rooms with ease – excellent product.

I’ve had a few pairs of tecevo13 bluetooth earphones so i thought i’d give this speaker a try and i have to say i’m quite impressed with it. I only really use it as a bluetooth paired speaker but it works well and was easy to pair, sound quality is good and range seems quite good.

Great for the price, you won’t have anything much to worry about. Although i have a few issues:1. The alarm tone sounds like a burglar alarm, it’s really loud and not nice to wake up to lol. It does have the option to set a song from a usb/sd card as the alarm tone. I would suggest doing that if you intend to use it everyday. I thought it was broken when i first got it since it wouldn’t turn on when not plugged into the charger but after a full charge (even after the battery says it’s full) it was fine. The lcd screen is very bright and lights up my room at night (doesn’t dim down) so i have to place in on its front :p4. It has a tendency to forget the volume setting after powering off, so i have to turn down the volume every time i charge it back up after it loses it’s battery life.

Coollooda Mini Ultra Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers, Four Stars

Love this little device, makes my kitchen a much happier place to be. Simple, easy to use and great sound quality.

Took a while to arrive but it is here now and overall excellent for a fiverall important sound quality is really goodcant workout how to turn off the flashing lights though.

Not a bad little speaker for the money. Seems to connect ok to my ipad and iphone. Had problems tuning into fm radio stations but discovered that you have to plug charging cable in as it acts as an aerial for fm.

Comments from buyers

“Think its great – the only problem I have is that there
, Great Value
, Fantastic I ove it will buy again as gifts for famiy and friends

Better than i thought it would be.

Cool really good value and does more than expected.

Fantastic item, inexpensive , but looks and performs great does everthing i would want it to do.

Took time getting here but only due to recent bad weather, very pleased with it thank you.

. Great sound for such a small cheap speaker.

Good product, i am happy wit it.

Great budget speaker, nothing amazing but it was a stocking filler for my daughter and she loves it. Sound is clear but lacking in bass (its not too tinny though)battery lasts for 5 hours of constant use. It uses a mini (not micro) usb cable to charge it.

 sound quality good and can get quite loud. The coloured lights also look really good.

My daughter loves this little thing, best thing she had for crimbo c.

Lights up okay, wish there was different modes of lighting. Sounds okay too, ideal for outdoor use.

Nice little speaker but no instructions. How to i use my ipod and how do you tune the radio.

Not as aesthetically pleasing as more expensive models but for the price – no complaints. Delivered from china within the time constraints also.

Think its great – the only problem i have is that there are no instructions with it and i can’t work out how to tune the fm in. Not a major problem in the great scheme of things but it would be nice.

DOSS Bluetooth speakers : Five Stars

Small but powerful, looks lovely, stolen by my child for the most part so must be good.

Really pleased with this purchase for use with my i phone easy to use and good sound quality excellent price.

This speaker is really good considering its relatively cheap price. It’s so easy to pair with bluetooth and the volume is pretty impressive. The bass is also great and not at all tinny. I have been listening to it almost every morning for the past month or so on the original charge i gave it when i got it, so the battery life is also very decent.

Best bluetooth speaker i’ve had, also connects to my amazon echo, got this on a deal day so was a bargain.

  • Superb
  • Absolutely brilliant!!!! So much so, I’ve ordered another!!!
  • Great for its size, easy to operate.

Bluetooth speakers,Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers with 12W Stereo Sound and Enhanced Bass, DOSS SoundBox Color with 12 hours playtime and handsfree for for Phone, Tablet, TV[Camouflage]

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • DOSS【Dream Of Superior Sound】: Dual 6W high-performance drivers in addition to two enhanced subwoofers creates a high-quality, crystal-clear sound experience.
  • Ease of Use: Bluetooth 4.0 Technology makes it compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices within 33 feet range. There is also a 3.5mm auxiliary input to use.
  • Sleek Design: Made with colorful acoustic skin that is backed by durable material that can withstand all weather conditions making it the perfect companion to integrate music into every aspect of your life.
  • On the Go: 2200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery keeps the music going for up to 12 hours. Enjoy non-stop music from dusk till dawn. When needed, it’ll only take 3-4 hours to recharge with our included micro USB cable.
  • Why Us?: DOSS remains competitive in the audio industry over 18 years. The original brand owners as well as our own manufacturer. For this reason, we guarantee 100% satisfaction and quality.

Purchased as a gift for a family member who plans to use it to play music from her phone while in hospital. The unit is attractive and sound quality is better than expected given the two small speakers. If there’s a downside it’s that after the initial battery charge, the speaker was ready to use but the charging light stayed on which caused some confusion about whether it was ready to use.

Bought as a present and my daughter is very happy with it. Commented that it was very loud.

Excellent at the price paid ,easy to set up etc.

It works pretty well with nice sound. Most important is working well with my echo dot.

Bought for my daughter and she loves it.

Received well packaged and very easy to use straight from box.

Has got a long battery life.

It was really easy to set up and the sound quality is excellent for the money. This is a great travel speaker for nights away and holidays but also really great for in the garden.

Bought as two value for money speakers for music mad children. Reliably informed – quality sound good enough for parents to “borrow” on useful occasions.

I like the look of it; the shape, the colour, the design. I like the sound; clear and strong. It has been delivered the next day; quick and effective.

Connects to my phone every time, easy to use and easy to take with me where ever i go.

Even after reading the fairly positive reviews, i was really surprised with the quality and loudness of sound that this little guy can produce. Pairs really easily, volume can be controlled from your phone, and it’s got a snazzy design to boot. Can’t imagine finding a better speaker at this price point.

Good delivery, nice looking, good sound.

Love that it has speakers on either side. At leat 12 hours battery, if not more. Unique design and seems like a solid build. Plus the box was goodearly days yet, but so far 5 star.

Great sound easy to connect to bluetooth devices. The included cable is very useful for non-bluetooth devices. ****amended september 2018 **** although i still think the sound quality is still excellent the product quality is not good; after only a few months of use the on off button no longer functions, the +/- sound feature does not work; very disappointing.

Very good sound from a small unit. Connects reliably every time.

Great little thing give big big noise.

I was planning to buy bluetooth speaker years ago, and finally i bought sonos. Then i was thinking of linking into my hifi analoge system through bt and i finally bought google chromecast. Main reason was always quality of so small speakers. But i can confirm that this speaker is superb. Sound is crisp, and handling very well mid tones. There is even some sort of bass, but don’t expect too much. If you are into bass go with jbl. I was surprised it’s connects to last connected device automatically, something i’m missing in my roidmi car kit.

GGMM Wifi Speaker – Very good sound

Exquisite workmanship, good sound quality, if can insert sd card and usb is better. If you buy it will not be disappointed.

I actually bought this from ebay( new) but i would still like to give my views on this product. Goodthe sound quality is actually quite good for a portable speaker. I have had to turn the bass down a lot though as i find it far too bassy with the bass even on halfway. With the bass down and the treble up it sounds pretty good. Not too heavy and very portable. Battery life is great, lasts all day for me. Bad i would have rather had a proper handle that folded backwards rather than a leather strap as it tends to get in the way of using the buttons. What’s with the separate wi-fi and bluetooth mode, why aren’t they integrated like on my echo?. Why does it switch off every thirty minutes if no input. At least give an option- it takes ages to start up and connect to wifi.

The sound is brilliant for the size of the unit. So why only 3 stars, i was so impressed with the first one, so i bought a second one, that’s where things went down hill. Using the app to bind the units works well to set one for left channel and the other for right channel, however after switching off then on both units swith back to mono ‘both playing the left and right channel’ so you have to use the app to switch them back to separate channels. Also to conect to amazon music you have to use a phone or tablet to receive via wifi a app then use blue tooth to conect to the e5, why not direct via wifi like connecting to spotify. They were both quite slow to log into the internet, but now one of them will not conect to the internet. It’s a shame because without these problems it would be a 5 star product.

The speakers features are excellent and the configuration rather straightforward. If i can recommend some improvements it would be on a lower frequency response and more dynamic sound but in the class of speakers it is quite ok for the form factor. Maybe a direct fm radio support could be a bonus.

The rating of 4 starts relates to the main functionality, considering the expanded product experience, i would really only get 3 stars. Main pros: – decent audio and rich base (given the unit’s size) – great ios app with a broad range connectivity options (i did not test the android app. ) – great and robust physical designmain cons: – battery charging circuit cannot handle a drained battery. (see more below) – wifi security issue (see more below) – wifi can only connect to 2. 4ghz frequency networks and does not work with 5. 0ghz networks – insufficient manual (the online version i found did not include additional help)additional comments:the ios app gives a broad set of functions, settings and information screens. Some of the settings and navigation can however be a bit unintuitive at times. The apple airplay feature integrates easily with all apple devices. The buffering lag is quite considerable, but i cannot comment on if this is normal or if this specific for this device. When playing through dlna, the device does not an other device to feed the audio stream, but i did experience some serious delay and unresponsiveness adjusting the volume whilst playing over dlna.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent quality of sound!
  • Really impressive, great quality overall
  • Quality sound

Would highly recommend it if you value your sound quality. I’m actually listening to it as i write this. Listening to the beatles “abbey road”.

The ggmm e5 bluetooth speaker looks and functions exactly as described. Really like its sleek design which blends in quite well with the interiors. It’s rather heavy though compared to similar speakers of its kind, but the leather strap enables you to move it around easily. Sound quality is good in general compared to my sony hifi at home. Tremble and bass can be configured with the buttons on the speaker to enhance the sound quality, which is quite smart for a speaker device like this. Its battery is good for around 15 hours which is pretty impressive. It also has a usb output to charge your phone.

The process of connecting is quick and easyvoice had nice quality.

The speaker is excellent in relation to its sound quality and versatility, particularly in view of its size. The only reason i haven’t given it five stars is problems with connectivity to the internet. It’s impossible to do so by following the instructions on the app, and eventually you arrive at a point where you are given a message to make the connection manually. Once that appears, it’s fairly straight forward, but the manufacturers really do need to address this as the process of connecting follows no logical sequence, and i seemed to get there by trial and error. That aside, alexa and bluetooth work really well and the preset button allows up to six stations to be stored. The power reserve is phenomenal, up to 15 hours per charge is claimed and this seems to be fairly accurate. All in all an excellent product, but you need patience to connect to the internet. However, once set up it connects every time when switched on – takes on average around 30 seconds to do so.

No wonder it’s the best buy of bluetooth speaker under £100 (bluetooth version). The design is pretty good, although not as attractive as beoplay a2 to me, which is much more expensive than this ggmm speaker. While the a2 has a contemporary design, this one features a retro design. The bluetooth connection is quite straightforward, while for a wifi connection, it requires an app on your phone. With wifi connected, amazon alexa voice service is enabled. Unfortunately, i don’t have any other smart home devices atm so that’s a shame. For the sound quality, i’m pretty impressed by this speaker. It has four 5 watts units, two for full freq, and for two mid-low freq. It’s probably not as loud as my big beolit 17, but it’s more than enough for indoor use. I’ve played some pop music and the classic hotel california.

So good on sound and super easy to use. Not really independent from the app, but you can stream your own music with airplay once you have the app on your device, so no worries. I wanna get 3 more for the house.Love to be able to adjust the sound balance etc myself, but it sounds pretty good outright.

If you like the warm, fat bose sound then you’ll be at home with the e5. For listening to speech radio you can tweak the bass down a little with the musically useful eq. Connection and range on wi-fi and bluetooth is excellent. Airplay is seamless from an iphone and macbook. I carry this around the house all day – it lasts for the whole day at decent volume. Alexa is very useful, and you have to press the button which is how i want it – amazon aren’t listening all the timeoverall an excellent device. Ilinseriously considering a second purchase for a multi-room setup.

Sound quality, portability and battery life brilliant. Frustrating that alexa is not voice activated as thought it was.

I am very pleased with the ggmm e5 speaker. No problem with connection to wifi or bluetooth devices and the build quality is very good with deep bass and very little distortion at high volume.

It is really to easy to setup and is worth buying for how much sound it makes. You can also tune up or down the volume so the neighbours won’t get annoyed whilst you did your stuff.

Took a bit of working to set up alexa needed to be rebooted and upgraded before it appeared. The commands do not operate the same as sonos or echo and i spent time with amazon helpline as i couldn’t get the music unlimited account to work. However once helped through and we realised you had to use different phrasing the alexa command response improved.

One of the best speaker bought. Its easy and simple to setup comes with all the accessories and user manual. Download the app and it has got some options to be connected to listened. Used it for online radio and quite happy with it. Connectivity wise it has got wifi, bluetooth and aux. All i can say, another happy customer.

Really happy with this speaker: the sound quality is amazing with very clear and deep bass without obstructing the mid and trebles, and the connectivity works really well (both wifi and bluetooth). I have only one for now but will probably buy a second one to put it in the second floor of my house for full coverage.

Sleek, compact, easy to use and sound is excellent.

This is a really nice piece of kit. Not only can you connect via bluetooth but also over wifi. If you purchase more than one speaker you can link them up and have the same music playing in all rooms (party mode) or have different songs playing. I found it easy to set the speaker up and it now has pride of place in my living room. The sound quality is superb with a deep bass and rich, clear vocals. I’ve also linked this to my alexa so i get all those fab sounds with a quick command.

It looks great in my living room. The sound quality is really good and the volume is perfect for a small speaker. I’m impressed with the connectivity as well. And best part us this speaker is wifi alexa enabled so you dont need anyother device to play music from if your speaker is connected to wifi.

Skullcandy Barricade Mini Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – /Dark /Tan, Five Stars

Well amazed with this speaker, great sound and great battery life. Highly recommend it to everyone.

Bought this for my son to use for something that won’t break easily and can live up to the lifestyle he has and it has not failed. It’s a great 5 watt speaker with clear sound that doesn’t become muffled when you turn up the volume to full. It is light and can take a battering and it’s great that it’s really water proof so he take it to the beach and not need to worry about it. Lovely little speaker and great value for money, we did by the skull candy shrapnel but it wasn’t loud enough for him. Definitely worth the extra £10 for the extra two watts. Would recommend this for people with a budget of £50 and below.

Awesome for such a small speaker.

Comments from buyers

“I tried 4 speakers side by side get this one!
, Good speaker , fair price
, Good base

Amazing sound and base for such a speaker.

Brought as a replacement for one that had stopped charging up. Previous one had lasted for years, hope this one does too. Excellent sound and quality, would recommend to anyone.

The sound is great for this size. I’m really pleased with the product.

12 year old son very pleased with the sound.

Great for the price, use all the time.

Loved it so much i bought a spare for my daughter who kept stealing mine. Really good sound quality and easy to connect.

Excellent just need to try it next but christmas present so will have to see now tried and tested easy to set up and great sounds would recommend.

Perfect for my son’s bedroom.

I send a lot of time traveling due work and work in some harsh weather conditions which can change day. Have dropped it, flooded it and it still keeps banging out those tunes while i work.

Great sound and easy to set up.

If you are after quality, don’t bother with this one. I bought 4 different speakers from amazon (3 from warehouse and 1 brand new) to test. Long story short, get the skullcandy barricade mini. Anker soundcore mini sounded very. Jbl go+ was very good by itself, but next to the skullcandy, it’s not good enough. Sc barricade sounds a bit richer, more ‘meat’ to the sound comparatively.

Great product from skullcandy, slightly larger than expected but more than happy with it.

Easy to use, great sound quality.

ARONTIME Wireless Bluetooth speaker, Good little deak speaker

Received the wireless speaker on time and it looks fantastic. Color matches my phone, easy to setup and sounds great. It’s portable as well so great for traveling.

A really great gift for my mum. The weather is getting really nice, and with all the barbecue around, she loves her music in the garden. Her old chunky music player does not play her itunes music. I bought this for her as a surprise. The look on her face really worth everything. She is a very difficult person to buy gifts for. There is always something to complain but she is 100% happy about this. Especially the design, she loves it, keeps on saying she can’t believe how tiny it is. This is a nice little portable music player, and very easy to use. The only thing to complain about is the instruction manual, don’t read it.

It’s a small and very useful speaker. Easy to use at home or in office.

Comments from buyers

“A really great gift for my mum
, I love it
, Very good product with reasonable price

It’s really stylish and convenient. It’s quite easy to set up too. Bonus: it comes with audio jack.

Very high quality product, easy to use, and nice appearance.

The quality of sound is really good, really easy to use, brilliant for taking to picnic, beach, camping etc. Fast delivery, really happy with it.

A good looking, high quality product, perfect for father’s day gift. My husband like it very much.

My grandson loves the sound and portability.

Bought for my boyfriend and he loves it. It can really help him practice playing music. The quality of the speaker is very high, he uses it everyday.

I wanted a second bluetooth speaker for my campervan, and went for this one partly for the look. It’s very stylish in gold with silver lettering and buttons and a white band which holds the lights. The speaker is under a grill in the base, and there are two rubber strips to stop it sliding around and give it some height so that sound reflects off the surface it’s sat on. It paired with my phone in a couple of seconds (following a 3 second press of the power button to put it into pairing mode). Sonically, this isn’t setting any new standards, nor would i expect it to for under fifteen pounds. The audio quality is decent, lacking a bit of high end clarity and low end base, but quite acceptable to the ear with minimal distortion unless ramped up to high volume (in a confined space it’s too loud at higher levels in any case). Where this scores particularly well though, is in terms of quality and style, it’s weighty, looks superb and functions exactly as i would expect, including the ability to answer calls when connected to your phone via the use of a built in microphone. The memory slot is a useful extra too, meaning you can use it to play songs recorded on an sd card rather than via bluetooth. And an audio socket allows you to plug directly into any audio device (including your phone), a cable is included. The lights are a bit of a gimmick, and whilst they do look nice when showing it off, are easily turned off if they become annoying, when listening to chill out sounds before sleeping for example.

I thought it was going to be ok. But it was better than a could have imagined.

Very nice little gadget~love the pink rose color. Used in birthday party when playing birthday music.

This is a lovely and really useful portable speaker. There’s an aux cable which comes along, i am really happy with this.

Sometimes drops bluetooth connection which is annoying.

Opt for a more expensive one you get what you pay for with this.

Highly recommendgreat value for moneyperfect for holidays.

No the best but beautiful and easy to use.

I bought this a week ago, really like it. Similar size with echo dot which we have already. Very easy to pair with my phone via bluetooth and sound is good enough for the size. We bought it for when we travel, quite happy about it.

The sound quality is surprisingly good, and it looks quite pretty as shown in the picture.

Tibo Choros Tap |Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker, Excellent wireless network sound

2nd tibo choros tap we have bought, 1st really such good value we went back to superfi for a second one, treated realy well in there nottingham shop.

Great product – have 3 nowwaiting for them to come on offer to buy a further2choros 4 or 6 want to add to the set upgreat sound and group mode is seamless.

I bought this speaker after reading other peoples reviews and watching tutorials on youtube and i am so glad i decided to go with a tibo product as the sound and quality of these speakers is amazing and they are no light weight when it comes to producing crystal clear sound and offering you a simple and easy to use app to control and play music from your music share (nas) or the music streaming services such as spotify, tidal, or napster etc. I have also setup my local radio stations on the 5 presets which was so easy to do via the app. Overall i am very impressed with the speakers quality / build and the sound quality this speaker can produce. If anyone is looking for a great wireless speaker you don’t have to look far as these tibo speakers are fantastic hi-fi speakers and i am sure you won’t be disappointed with the quality and sound from these speakers.

Key specs for TIBO Choros Tap |Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa built in | Multi Room Hi-Fi Speaker with Internet Radio | Grey:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Multiroom Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Speaker with Amazon Alexa built in | 30W
  • Inputs: Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) | Bluetooth 4.0 | Line In 3.5mm Mini Jack
  • 5 Direct pre-sets for Internet Radio or Spotify Playlists
  • Playback music from Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and more
  • You can stream one piece of music to any TIBO Smart Audio product and stream different music to another or you can play the same source across the whole home all within the TIBO app

Comments from buyers

“Tibo Choros 6 Quality Speaker with Amazing Sound
, Alexa
, Great piece of kit!

We bought these at the same time as our new record deck, having not had one for over twenty years, it was amazing listening to all my old records again. Also listening to spotify with more than one speaker is breathtaking well worth purchasing very reasonable price.

No matter you need to press the mic to ask alexa, i find this speaker better than echo dot. As you can see my name, i speak with accent and alexa can’t understand me when i ask for a radio station. So, these 5 buttons for preset stations are must for me.

Have just purchased this as a internet radio perfect for listening to my radio station from america. I was pleasantly surprised it can do so much more. It will multi-room, do bluetooth has line input and even has alexa built in. Unbelievable value for the money, you would expect the sound would be awful with all these features and at this price, but this is not true it has an amazing sound.

Great sound, great design, brilliant app, super-fast delivery, great price.

Bought as a pair for stereo. Good app to set up and control the units – almost intuitive. Sound is excellent and fills my living room. I am not a hi-fi expert so can’t really comment on sound quality but seems pretty good.

I have two tibo speakers and have been very impressed with the quality of the sound but what makes them truly impressive is the wifi and bluetooth as i can have my music arrund the house with these speakers being wireless.

Small speaker able to stream music over wi-fi or bluetooth. Plays my music from nas drive. Picks up and stores radio stations.

Love this product does exactly what it says on the tin. I was a bit stupid at first and didn’t find the button at the back of the unit to sync but once that was found it was a piece of cake.Sound is lovely from such a small unit, i like the idea of having to tap as the stories of alexa sending parcels to people scared me. All in all a lovely product highly recommended x.

Wifi isn;t dual band and is a bit unreliable unless you have excellent coverage in the home which i don;t. Had a problem with unresponsive buttons which, in fact , was due to a plug problem, now resolved. Sound quality good but be wary of need for good wifi connectivity if used for multi-room streaming, alexa function not really useful, isn’t as intuitive as an amazon device.

I have 2 of these speakers in different parts of the house, and the multi-room works so seamlessly with the app on my iphone that i can turn music on in the living room and scare the wits out of my girlfriend in the bedroom with my questionable taste in music. The speakers are also nice and loud with perfect quality sound, and the fit and finish is far superior to any of the plastic speakers on the market. I would recommend this brand and this speaker.