Blow Bazooka Speaker Bluetooth Bt1000 100w Usb Sd Fm Aux High Quality Sound, overpriced a wee bit but tiny bit better than the others i tried not as loud as

Feels well made and can get fairly loud but strangely some songs seem to be louder than others even when played sequentially through amazon music. Maybe they all do it depending on the song?. The speaker charges through a micro usb cable on the front. Ok for now but as the port loosens as it does on most devices with micro usb i am guessing it will be harder to keep it plugged in. Also with the cable plugged in right next to the buttons it is less clean than it should. Ideally this would have a dedicated charging port coming out of the back. Price is reasonable compared to the competition but still considerably more expensive than i found it on the internet from some polish shops i came across while i was trying to find out more information about it. I saw it as low as 37 euros which is considerably less than the £60+ charged on amazon uk.

Very good for the money loud just what we wanted.

Battery life is not 2-3 hours as it’s in the description.

Key specs for Blow Bazooka Speaker Bluetooth Bt1000 100w Usb Sd Fm Aux High Quality Sound:

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  • High power up to 100W !!
  • Bluetooth / USB input, SD, AUX / Radio FM
  • Crystal clear sound / Battery run-time up to 3 hours
  • Equalizer (EQ function is available only when playing music from SD cards or USB)
  • Perfect for use at home and outdoors / Leather belt – easy transport

Comments from buyers

“If I could give more than 5 stars I would
, I would suggest pointing the bass speaker (positioned at the back) towards a wall for the best allround sound
, Superb Boom Box

Everything you could want from a portable speaker.

For the price it’s pretty good, nice sound but there is no way it’s 100w as advertised. . I did the bass test and it’s pretty poor. But don’t get me wrong for the price it does it’s job.

I wasnt expecting much for the price. However the sound reproduction is superb. The radio isnt up to much to be honest but im not likely to use that particular function. I downloaded a load of tunes to a micro sd card and used an adaptor (usually supplied with micro sd). Plugged it in and it just played one after the other. I havnt used the bluetooth function yet by the way. No distortion at high volume and lovely compressed bass. I would suggest pointing the bass speaker (positioned at the back) towards a wall for the best allround sound. Im gonna be using this for a party which is what i bought it for,and im sure it wont disappoint.

Overpriced a wee bit but tiny bit better than the others i tried not as loud as the boomtube by thumsup or but better ui.

Was playing hard all week and didn’t disappoint. For this price it’s just a best.

Great thank you, i’ve recently brought this portable speaker that is better than i could of thought, it says in the description that it has a run time of 3 hours, so far ( as of writing this review it’s still running after a three hour charge) it’s still running and the charge was eight hrs ago and it’s been playing constantly, everything i wanted and more.

Brought 2 of these the sound quality is very good bass is brilliant even my base head son approved will by more soon.

Fantastic sound quality very well designed.

House of Marley Chant Mini BT – Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Great sound

Great speaker and looks very stylish in my grandson’s room.

Excellent packaging and great sound quality for a smal speaker.

I love the sound and the bluetooth has a very nice range. Definitely worth every penny.

Brought this speaker after i saw my flatmate using it. And it turned out to be one of the best speakers i have brought. I like bit of bass since i listen to rock and metal most of the time and this speaker is amazing for the music genres.

Amazing sound for such a compact but portable product. Bought as a present and it is very much appreciated and used.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Rocks my socks
  • It does it.
  • Good Quality, Sound and Price

Excellent quality sound, good design, overall a good buy im very happy.

Fantastic product as always from house of marley. Sounds awesome, loud and clear. Easy to use and small enough to take wherever you like.

Good looking good soundawful instructions. Minute printworked out how to use it from basic diagrams in about 3 mins.

Ordered as a gift, looks great and sounds pretty good for a little guy.

I love this speaker, it has such a great sound considering it’s size.

Both myself and my partner are very impressed with this. Small, compact yet very loud.

My dad loves it, uses it everywhere.

The sound quality was great just what we wanted.

Nice finish with the wood on top. Sound is clear and enough loudness. It is great for chilling out in the lounge or outside, cooking, exercise, or reading. This is not for a big party loud music, but it will help with the warm up.

Small compact boom box speaker with good sound. Connects to bluetooth easily, and can connect to your belt or strap with the caribiner.

Great sound from a compact speaker. Don’t expect earth moving bass, but it performs well considering it’s size and cost.

Great product, well made and good finish. Looks cool and has a great sound.

Bought for other half , she is very happy with the item.

Great little speaker, very loud for its size, i rarely find myself charging it. Its also very stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Amazing audio for the size and price, the speaker isn’t clearly made from pure quality materials also, battery life is crazy, had it for 2 months and hardly charged it and it is used every day for hours.

This little speaker is amazing. Very intuitive to use, easy to link up via bluetooth with your device and it packs a punch sound wise for it’s size – it’s a good desktop companion, it’s not for large rooms and parties. Standing around 10cm tall, it was beautifully packaged and is well made – i love it.

KitSound Voice One : Great quality sound and a good looking unit with Alexa

This is a great idea, lovely sound, a great speaker built in. The trouble is it doesn’t hear you very well, you have to shout at it. The standard amazon alexa is better by far, if they could make this with a hearing aid it would have got 5 stars. Unfortunately i returned mine, swapped it for the genuine article.

1 year on and still works amazing with great sound quality, certainly fine for a medium size room.

Pros — audio quality is very good- set up onto wireless home network is a cinch with the smart-phone app- works well with lots of streaming services such as amazon music and spotify- retro styling is very attractive and build quality is robust- came with multiple power cables for different countries and a remote control with battery included- seemed to pick up me saying ‘alexa. ‘ very well despite volume of the music playing- takes advantage of all the options open to you with alexa – e. News briefs, weather reports, what’s on at your cinema etc. Cons — only bass and treble are controllable via a smart-phone app – there is no high/mid/low equaliser- boot up time is quite slow – takes a long time to reconnect to the wifi if you have had it switched off- given how the speakers are built into the sides and the bass comes out of the back, there is only one way to ‘mount’ this speaker and that is to have it standing tall as shown in the picture – this very much limits your options as to where to locate it and indeed if you tuck it into a corner you’ll ruin the stereo effect- alexa misunderstood my commands time and time again – to begin with this was quite funny but it soon stopped being a joke and just got irritating- the little remote control has poorer build quality than the speaker itself and felt a bit cheap in comparison.

First up: i can understand peoples’ issues with getting set up: – installation was a bit of an issue, you see the problem is that like many wifi services, eg wemo, and this speaker, it relies on you connecting to the new devices’ own “hotspot” to set it up. Fine in theory but for one android specific issue – android is “clever” and will by default disconnect from any wifi network that it detects can’t access the internet, in favour of one that it can. So installation goes like this typically:- click wifi networks on android, choose kitsound speaker. – android goes back to your household router. – click kitsound speaker again- android goes back to your household router- tell android to forget the household router- click kitsound speaker again- android refuses to connect to it- try a new phone- android finally connects but complains there’s no network- you try the app, then realise android is actually using 4g now and so still can’t see the speaker- turn off 4g- finally the app can see the speaker. And you don’t get that half hour back. But that’s pretty much what goes on. Same happens with wemo, same with any of these devices that connect this way.

  • Amazingly good
  • Great value alternative to the mainstream brands
  • Very good sound – very pleased

KitSound Voice One with Alexa Built-In and Spotify Voice Control Multi-Room Smart Speaker – Grey

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  • Amazon Alexa enabled speaker, with 20 W of ear-thumping power, the voice one surpasses most other smart speakers with its recently updated sound which means it is even more impressive
  • Works with Amazon music, Apple music, internet radio and live with Spotify voice control, all your music available in one place
  • Multi-room connectivity for up to eight voice one speakers and USB charging output for external devices
  • Whether it is playing music, checking the weather, finding out the daily news, the voice one can do all this and much more
  • Download any of Alexa’s skills to enable the voice one to do everything you need, even customising the sound however you like in the KS app; KitSound are continuously updating so the Voice One is only going to get smarter

This is an impressive looking speaker but did not quite deliver on its promise. It arrived in a large box containing; the speaker itself, mains leads covering uk, europe and the us, a 3. 5mm aux cable, a remote control and instructions which are rather vague and rely on the app to set the speaker up. You will also need the amazon alexa app to set up this functionality. Setting the speaker up raised an issue as you have to connect to the speakers own wifi hotspot. Using android it will by default disconnect from any wifi network which can’t access the internet which is not mentioned in the instructions or the app and you may need to disable mobile data to stop it dropping back to 4g if using a phone. You also need to remove the isolating tab on the remote control to allow it to work. This allows you to mute the speaker, change the volume, or manage sources. The speaker is quite large and impressive looking from a distance but the speaker doesn’t quite as solid when you pick it up. It has a fabric cover with all the controls at the front.

Good value speaker, ideal for a small room and works well with alexa albeit she does seem a bit more attentive to the tv compared to the amazon dot she replaced in the bedroom.

Rating this device is a little tricky – if i was to consider sound quality alone it would rate a three or three and a half. But it isn’t just a speaker. To me it feels like a personal assistant, and it’s really quite useful at times. If sound quality is your main concern, and you’re hoping for a stunning hi-fi quality device then you’ll be disappointed, and i recommend you go elsewhere, preferably to your local hi-fi dealer. A small, plastic, inexpensive thing like this will never be able to match the ability or sound reproduction of a real and much more expensive dedicated hi-fi speaker like – for instance – my set of monitor audio’s. The sound quality of the kitsound is variable, and it seems to depend on what one plays. I’ve fed mine with a lot of different sources and the results are pretty mixed. For instance, i was surprised by how good it sounds playing classical music, which is delivered incisively, with clarity and bight. But feed it anything heavy and complex and it becomes a little unstuck. White stripes was really too much for my sample unit, which was unable to resolve the complex harmonics and layered sound effects.

Very nice speaker – getting the echo working was a bit tricky as i did not have the location setting on. Once i set this on my phone where i’d downloaded the app. To it was only about 5 minutes to complete the installation.

Brilliant speaker but didn’t realise alexa was limited.

Having spent a couple of days looking at various speakers. I was left deciding between a sonus or kitsound must say i not disappointed. Alex was easy to setup and the mic can be turned off when you don’t want to be monitored. The sound is great the speaker spends most of its time on half volume much more and the neighbours complain.

Good looking piece of kithave set this up to control my heating. My lights and 2 sockets the sound i think is second to to noneaux connected to my surround sound fills the room all with voice control. Download alexa and kitsound app follow instructions. . Easy connection all automatic wifi blutooth aux simpledownside. Remote i did not receive one in my package. Perhaps they will send me one?????.

Perfect and with great sound quality. The column is super responsive, easy to set up well with alexa’s application. I’ve never had a problem setting up skills with third-party apps to control the devices by voice.

Bought this after reading other reviews. It has a good deep bass and plenty of volume. However the amazon echo has a much cleaner and clearer sound.

I’ve been running a squeezebox system for about 10 years or so, but slowly the hardware is starting to fail. This was bought as a replacement/combination for the squeezebox boom and echo dot in the kitchen. First impressions are “nice packaging” and “it’s a bit bigger than i expected”, however it’s not excessive and the volume knob is nice and tactile. I’m pleasantly surprised to say that it can replace the two devices i was using previously. The sound is less bassy than the boom, but it sounds a lot better than the echo dot by itself so despite being a bit thin for my liking, it’s acceptable for the kitchen and can make itself heard above usual kitchen sounds. Setting up the speaker itself was easy with the kitsound app – though there’s also a webpage that allows it to be configured when you connect to the setup wifi network. The app (on ios) allows streaming of your itunes music collection (though nothing in icloud) and a few other services. You also use the app to switch alexa into uk english mode and get the “right” voice back. The speaker contains a wiimu linkplayer implementation and as such has airplay built in. Supporting chromecast audio as well might be useful for android owners.

Great product works well, nice sound.

I bought one for my living room and one for my bedroom. It took me a few days to figure out how to get the multi-room working but now it’s all set up it’s fantastic. The sound from them is really crisp and clear and it’s really easy to link to spotify on my devices. Only downside is that i’ve got the speaker near the tv so sometimes alexa will turn on music, etc. Because of dialogue in whatever i’m watching.

The little plastic tag with the brand name on it fell off as i took this out of the box, which didn’t inspire confidence in the quality control. The box in question was diagonally cut, and was certainly eye-catching – i care much more about the contents, personally; i’ll be throwing the box away so it doesn’t really add any lasting value. Before i deal with the technical side of connecting the speaker, i’ll say that i found the sound pleasantly engaging: at low levels it is light and slightly treble-led, but when turned up, a pleasing bass comes into play. I wasn’t very impressed with the omnidirectional sound – it felt like mono to me. It would be better to buy two of these and get them playing in stereo pairing. Up to eight can be used in synch, all in different rooms if you like. Volume can be controlled with the remote control provided, which is small but feels well made (cr20 battery included). The speaker has an inbuilt amazon alexa feature whivh works well. I fail to see the attraction personally, but it seems to be very popular for some reason. Connecting to your wifi is easy, unless you use your mobile phone as your hotspot when at home, like me.

I got this 2 pair up with the rest of my speakers. But its does not support multiroom.

This is brilliant — when you have managed set it up. The sound is good, and alexa’s skills are impressive. However — one big snag is that you cannot set it up without the kitsound app to connect to wifi. You cannot download the app with windows (we have a windows 10 laptop) or with amazon fire tablets. The app is available with ios or android, onlywe had to beg a friend with an ipad to install it for us. Now it has connected to our router, but as we still do not have the kitsopund app, we are unable to update it. For a good piece of kit, it seems very shortsighted that the app needed to install it is only available through ios or android.

Very impressed with the setup, features and superb sound quality. I had intended to purchase a much better known brand, until i heard a sound comparison and looked at the fantastic connection options. I purchased a pair and have them set as right and left stereo channels in a large room.

 having owned an echo dot since it’s launch i was already familiar with alexa capabilty but you can’t use it as a speaker in a decent size room. This however solves the problem, a bookshelf style speaker with great sound, alexa, and at a good price point. Out of box set up was easy, there was a software upgrade but instructions were easy and clear to follow. I had it set up quickly and linked to my home wifi. The sound is the big difference, it easily fills a room and i was only at half volume or so. It looks good, very contemporary and easy to know that alexa is listening by changing light colour on the front of the speaker. (it is easy to turn off to if needed).

I used to have an amazon echo. I loved it, but the sound quality really let it down. It was fine for everyday stuff, but when i wanted to use it to listen to music a bit louder it really struggled. I wanted to upgrade the sound quality, and was considering splashing out on an apple home pod when they come out… but then i saw the voice one. All the alexa functionality of the echo, but with better sound – soldi have set mine up in the kitchen, mainly for listening to music while i cook, so the nano-coating feature is great. I gave the jamie oliver ‘skill’ a go to give me a recipe to follow, which was really fun. A small criticism i have of the speaker is that it doesn’t support 5ghz wifi networks – so i had to fiddle with the settings in my router when setting it up. All sorted now, but a bit of a headache at the time when i just wanted to start using iti had no problems connecting the speaker to both my iphone and my girlfriend’s samsung galaxy, and it’s great that we can listen to music from both apple music through the ks player app, and spotify. All in all though, the voice one is fantastic – can’t believe i got such a great sounding speaker for such a good price. Would happily recommend the speaker at this price even without the alexa functionality, so the fact that it’s a smart speaker is amazing.

HUSAN Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Portable Speaker – Worked well.

Connecting to my iphone was very easy, once bluetooth is turned on my phone and the speaker is switched on, it connected automatically. Good value for money, i have only used it a couple of times but i am happy with the performance.

Good product,easy to use great sound.

I’m pleased with this speaker, i have numerous high quality bluetooth speakers and this one is good for its price it goes well in our small bathroom and gives a decent sound for its size and price. It’s easy to use and connects to whomevers mobile is in there with it.

I’m really happy with my new easy to use husan ipx5 wireless speaker, it connects so easily to my ipad and iphone for a better sound quality when watching youtube or amazon prime videos. I’ve taken it away with me for weekends and friends have been able to easily connect to it also from their devices. This speaker comes with a handy re-charge cable too. It’s excellent value for money given its price.

This is very good speaker, sound very clear, very easy to use and it makes me more comfortable to have music when i take a shower.

I bought this as a gift and it was a hit. So much so that i was asked to buy another one for someone else. Great product good quality and great sound .

  • Tiny speaker with pro quality
  • Amazing value, stylish and great sound
  • A brilliant bit of kit!

It’s hanging in my shower and works like a charm even when wet. Easy to pair and it’s quite. Really durable and worth the money spent. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Wanted this so i could listen to the radio in the shower. Connected seamlessly with my google home and now you can catch me dancing around the shower every night. Buy this item its worth every penny.

Great present for my nephew – make sure you dampen the suction cup before sticking to wall.

Great looking item, not used it yet as it’s a christmas gift for my daughter. Great that there is a 1yr guarantee with the product. Very quickly delivery and great price.

It’s been in use for a while, and the sound quality is good.

Features of HUSAN Bluetooth Speakers Waterproof Portable Speaker,Outdoor Wireless Bass Subwoofer Sound Speaker With 1800mAh Power Bank/Mic/NFC Function For Travel Bicycle Climbing Camping Hiking Running

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  • Waterproof Speaker : waterproof bluetooth speakers with TPU unbreakable silicone material, protecting speakers portable perfectly, portable bluetooth speakers design for party, pool, travel, hiking and biking, you can connect outdoor speakers through a close touch in seconds by NFC support
  • Built-in microphone: Enables use this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker as a speakerphone, so you can enjoy hands-free calling
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Tech:100%Brand New from factory and It connects your device in 3 seconds, outstanding connection range of up to 33 feet.
  • BUILT-IN POWERBANK – Don’t get stuck with a dead device at the wrong time. Our portable speaker comes with 1800mAh heavy duty rechargeable battery to easily recharge all your mobile devices.
  • Good For Outdoor Activity :Rubberized Shockproof and Impact Resistant Rugged exterior packs impressive high definition acoustics. Suitable for the toughest outdoor activities in the harshest and most rugged of environments including hiking, camping, mountain climbing.

Make sure this fits
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Must be good, i can’t even remember buying it.

Simple, very easy to use, mainly use it when having a shower, but also taken it outside – connected with my phone via bluetooth, great with spotify.

The sound quality for this little thing is brilliant, especially for the cheap price. It’s super easy to use and the bluetooth link up was quick and easy, would definitely recommend.

This speaker can be used in a group setting without any fear of damage. Therefore, i recommend this to uni students or any young people who intend on buying a speaker for a social setting and fear that damage may be caused. It is waterproof, withstands any falls on concrete and has beautiful sound.

I bought this to use in the bathroom, and in the shower. It works extremely well, the sound quality is great and it’s just what i wanted. I found it a doddle to set up. I would recommend this speaker to anyone especially since it’s not expensive.

I use it in the bathroom / shower to listen to my music.

Waterproof Speaker : waterproof bluetooth speakers with TPU unbreakable silicone material, protecting speakers portable perfectly, portable bluetooth speakers design for party, pool, travel, hiking and biking, you can connect outdoor speakers through a close touch in seconds by NFC support

Really good quality, sound is good and more than loud enough. More choice in colours would be nice.

I am extremely happy with my new, speakers. I use mainly in the shower and i find it easily connects to my spotify via iphone. I have been using for over a week in the shower and no problems.

Sound is good quality and works exactly as it should.

Decent sound, reasonable volume, auto re-pairs, for the money it seems very good. I have not used the card function. If i had to pick a fault it would be that the suction cup seems not really up to the job, but this is removable/replaceable and is enough for short periods or to stop the speaker falling off a slopped surface.

Excellent product my son loves it works well, easy to use and great value for money.

Good product and prompt delivery.

Built-in microphone: Enables use this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker as a speakerphone, so you can enjoy hands-free calling

I’ve been using this speaker for about a week now, and it’s superb. Connecting with my iphone was smooth and very easy, and the sound quality is fantastic. I’ve mainly been using it for audiobook listening so far, and the output is clear and superb – it sounds as if you are in the recording booth with them.

This product does exactly what you want – great quality and easy to use at at good price.

This seemed to be an excellent speaker with good sound quality. It connected via bluetooth easily. However, after 7 months of use for about 10 minutes daily it no longer worked. It would connect to the iphone but no sound came out of the speaker. Husan tech has offered a replacement so that has improved their rating for service.

Been needing one of these for a while now. Using my phone is too risky, i’m not comfortable having my phone around water. This speaker can come into the shower with me and it sounds great. I have other bluetooth speakers so i knew what to expect. Great solution for the bathroom or anywhere wet.

Bought this for my partner who is a landscape gardener to enjoy music anywhere he is very impressed with it and has found for such a small item it gives a good sound and is resilient.

I bought this for my other half to use when he’s having a shower and he was amazed by the sound quality from this tiny machine. Admittedly he hooked his phone up by bluetooth and whilst he was showering a customer phoned him 🙂 he now uses his sd card. For a muso to say that it has a great sound, i’m pretty impressed. I would highly recommend this, and so would he.

Excellent, perfect for the bathroom and camping.

Bluetooth 4.0 Tech:100%Brand New from factory and It connects your device in 3 seconds, outstanding connection range of up to 33 feet.

Rugged little speaker, with lots of features, including playback from sd card. The sound quality probably suffers a little due to the waterproofing, but it still sounds a lot better than some speakers that aren’t even waterproof, specially considering this speaker’s cost. Definitely worth the purchase.

Still don’t know if you can pass the song from it but it is really nice sound quality and i have used it in the shower and it is still alive.

I’m very impressed with this speaker. To be honest at this price i wasn’t expecting nuch, but the sound is crisp and the kids are good. Can’t wait to take this on holiday and have around the pool.

The sound is full and very clear for such a small speaker and at a very reasonable price. We liked it so much we bought two more.

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound quality is excellent, it’s super easy to use, it comes with a sucker and a hook to hang it and the instructions are clear and to the point. It looks stylish, the cost is great and its a brilliant little device. Absolutely worth the price tag and will probably rival much more expensive speakers. Just remember that it cannot be submerged fully in water.

Can stick it up or hang anywhere and being waterproof is a bonus.

BUILT-IN POWERBANK – Don’t get stuck with a dead device at the wrong time.

I’m no expert, but sound quality is great. Also i love the clip that comes with it. I use it to watch netflix and listen to music and it’s really nice. I haven’t tested it being waterproof but i do put it in my bathroom while i shower and it’s been handling humidity well. Been using it everyday for a few weeks now and it’s a pleasure. It’s very compact so i’m really excited to take it on my next backpacking trip as well.

So far so good – bought this as a present and seems to be an excellent product. For the price can’t ask for much more, connects easily and seems pretty robust. Only downside is sound is slightly ‘tinny’, but for the price, can’t expect much else. Will look forward to continuing to use.

This has a lovely sound to it. It has a hard wearing cover which seems to be shock proof. I have not tested it for being water proof.

Excellent piece of equipment recommended by camping and caravan club magazine; their positive review has proved to absolutely right. Good sound, portable, waterproof. . Can even answer my mobile calls 😊.

I am happy with this product. It arrived quickly and it does what it says on the box. I was able to use it as soon as it arrived as it was charged already. Great product and good price.

Recipient tells me he is very happy with it.

I needed a bit more volume for an elderly relative to take a phone call, this worked better than the phones own speaker, plays music pretty clear too.

Saw this in the caravan and motorhome club magazine. Ordered one day, arrived the next. Used in the caravan last weekend, excellent. Brilliant service and product.

Works well & easy to set up. It sticks well to the shower wall with the suction cup & my son loves it. Good value for money – would recommend.

House of Marley Chant Mini BT – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Five Stars

I like it very much, this little is very noise too 😁 the design is very nice am the sound very good.

Awesome little speaker, packs a great punch for it’s size. The build quality is top notch, it’s simple to use, charges quickly and lasts way longer than expected. The sound quality is far better than other comparably sized speakers i’ve used and definitely what you’d expect from this brand, not the cheapest option but worth every penny.

Was really surprised with how loud and the quality of the sound.

Key specs for House of Marley Chant Mini BT – Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Splash Resistant, 6hr Play Time Battery Life, Mic Speakerphone, Carabiner Clip, Wireless Connect iPhone, iPad, Samsung – Signature Black:

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  • SUPERIOR SOUND: Enjoy a truly impressive audio quality everywhere you go with The House of Marley Chant Mini portable speaker. It packs a powerful sound you can take anywhere. 1 x 3W 2″ Active-Passive combo driver
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART FEATURES: The Chant Mini has an integrated microphone for use as a speaker phone. This allows you answer your calls by connecting your mobile device
  • ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Chant Mini is made of sturdy wood fibre and a recycled PP composite construction. It’s small enough fit in most cup holders or water bottle cages and includes a carabiner clip for portability and great sound anywhere you go
  • RECHARGEABLE & COMPATIBILE: This speaker has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows for 6 hours of audio playtime. It is equipped with Bluetooth technology 4.1 + EDR, A2DP audio, and includes an auxiliary input and USB charging cable
  • HOUSE OF MARLEY: House of Marley is built on the principles of superior quality, sustainability and a commitment to charitable causes while enhancing lives through great product experiences as well as using proceeds to support global re-forestry

Comments from buyers

“Awesome little speaker
, Fantastic, great sounds from this piece of kit
, Better than expected.

This is the third speaker i’ve reviewed this year, and the best so far. It’s a gorgeous looking speaker – far better looking than most in this price range. The sound quality is pretty good, too – i’ve not noticed any distortion at louder volumes, even when playing drum’n’bass. It’s easy to use (a simplistic design) and easy to recharge (usb). A full charge, at present, has lasted over 5 hours and still going. As a bluetooth connection, it’s been fine when used around the house and garden with my iphone/imac… setting it up took no time at all. The headphone jack a nice but pointless addition, but it works fine. Definitely the best speaker i’ve tested in this price range, and happy to recommend it.

Great sound for a little speaker. Highly recommend, house of marley make some great products.

Although the marley connection is spurious, it at least means you have a product which looks good on the shelf and doesn’t feeling another piece of technology. The sound quality is good although it takes some messing about to get the right equaliser settings on the device.

For the price a fantastic bluetooth speaker. Easy to set up and easy to use.

First impressions were good; the speaker looked well packaged, simple and neat. Contents were the speaker, charging cable, instructions and a handy carabineer clip. First thing i noticed was how easy it was to operate, i didn’t even need to look at the instructions it was all pretty self explanatory, hold power button, press blue tooth button and connect to device such as mobile phone, it really was as easy as that. Simple is definitely the key with this speaker, 4 simple buttons, a denim sort of material with a bamboo wood top, it is a good size not too big and not too small like some other speakers i have used before. The surprise came when i put some music on, the quality was brilliant, clear and had good bass, and very loud for such a small speaker, you really can crank it up and it doesn’t lose any of its quality. I must also mention the battery; i haven’t once charged it since i took it out of the box and i have used it every day for the past 3 days and it is still going. I was very surprised with this neat little speaker, simple in looks, very simple in functionality, good battery life out of the box and the sound quality is very good, i would definitely recommend this product to anyone. If you’re looking for a handy bluetooth wireless speaker with a good size, easy to use and of good quality then this is for you. I have used it while cooking, cleaning, outside, in the car i would even use it if i had a party and guests round.

Can’t fault these for the price, easily fill a lounge or holiday apartment. Bluetooth never dropped out and battery lasted well. I bought these after buying the in ear headphones as i was so impressed with the quality.

Medium or less quality, not easy to find controllers, good range. Anyway, too pricey for what you get.

Really really good quality and fantastic price.

Great speaker, way more powerful than i anticipated, great sound quality. Only problem is no warning for low battery so if you use it a lot without charging you might suddenly find yourself sitting in awkward silence.

Absolutely brilliant speaker for its small wattage. Lovely design, as expected from house of marley. Definitely buy if you’re thinking of it.

Amazing sound from a little device, good quality and nice size for portability.

Bruh, this little thing is the best thing i have ever bought. Bruh the quality and the volume on this thing is insane. I definitely recommend this speaker.

So i received this speaker – it is approximately the size of a large coffee mug. I first noticed that the instructions were rudimentary, consisting of very small black and white diagrams with little text. Fortunately the thing was not difficult to figure out in order to get it working. Charging is via a micro-usb cable (supplied) – before first use the internal battery needed three hours of charge according to the accompanying diagrams. I thought fitting the micro-usb cable into the socket on the device was rather fiddly, as it didn’t seem to go in properly at first attempt. When it was charged up, however, the device was easy to use: press the on-button, then press the bluetooth button, and then i was able to connect to it using my smartphone. I tested it by placing the speaker on the far side of my living room whilst controlling the music from phone from my armchair, a distance of approximately 4 meters. It certainly worked: the sound was very clear for what is supposedly just a small speaker, though i doubt it would ever replace a decent hi-fi (or dedicated bluetooth sound-bar, for that matter). One thing i noticed is that the speaker itself did not appear to have any form of bluetooth security, i. There was no way of setting up a pin-code on the speaker to prevent anyone from ‘blue-jacking’ it. As it happened there was no-one else around so this was not an issue when i tested it. Finally: this device is marketed as having some sort of connection to bob marley, although from my point of view this was entirely superfluous, so i can’t really see the relevance myself.

This an easy to set up blu tooth speaker with an attractive bamboo rim. It paired with my other devices first time round and produces a clear sound. I used it in the bathroom with the shower running and the sound was excellent. I well made and attractive speaker which produces very good sound and is easy to carry around. It comes with a belt loop for carrying purposes.

Excellent sound and quality, compact and great looking. Bought for my son’s 18th birthday and he takes it everywhere.

What a great little speaker for under £30. Surprised how loud it was for the size.

Great mini speaker, i use it in my kitchen for when friends come around. So great i recommended it and have bought 3 more for people.

Great quality for such a small thing, perfect for outdoors with a small group of people. Solid bass sound as well (which i’ve found a lot of smaller speakers lack) and have had no trouble connecting to it from my laptop (windows) or iphone. Only thing is the start up and connecting noises (v loud no matter what volume you have it on) but i’ve found that’s a problem with most bluetooth speakers.

We have quite a few bluetooth speakers of all price ranges but this one really is setting the bar high. Aside from the fact that it does look really good, it really does pack loads of punch – the sound coming from a relatively small speaker is just excellent, even the bass sounds are better than expected although bear in mind this reduced somewhat due to its smaller size. It pairs easily and effortlessly and a full charge lasts a long time.

Nifty, light bluetooth speaker that can be carried (why??) on a small supplied carabineer. This gives a very good sound quality for such a light item. It is in the shape of a bongo drum clad in denim.

This is a lovely speaker, which produces a warm vibrant sound. I am using this to listen to audiobooks, it connected to my smartphone with no problems and works automatically with no issues. Everything is very intuitive and works well.

ZoeeTree S4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : quality sound, great price

Beautifully designed, this little speaker packs a punch and is load but still clear enough to be heard all around my flat. Come with a micro usb to charge and a bonus 3. Fm radio was a bit disappointing. Using either of the cables supplied as an antenna, the signal is not great and requires you to hold the cable up. Sd card functionality is great, meaning you don’t have to mess around with any devices, just insert the micro sd card and the device auto connects. If you don’t want to remove the sd card, incase you loose it, you can use the m (mode) switch to switch to fm radio or aux or bluetooth.

I’ve never used bluetooth before, and i wasn’t sure i’d be able to set it up. But it couldn’t have been easier. I used the zoeetree s4 speaker with my mac book pro, switched on the bluetooth, turned on the speaker, and presto. There are a few seconds of lag time when connecting or disconnecting, but otherwise it easily switches back and forth from internal speakers to the zoee speaker. The speaker can pick up the signal from quite a distance. I tried from 20 feet with no problem. And the speaker sound is good quality for a medium room of people. I use it for teaching groups of 20+, showing videos with sound. I don’t know how it stacks up for music quality, but it’s perfect for my needs.

This is a well made bluetooth speaker, ideal for many uses, i wanted it to use as a remote speaker for the tv, so a hard of hearing person could have it near to them so we did not have to turn the tv up so loud. When i use it on bluetooth there is a slight latency so you seem to have an echo in the room, turning the sound of the tv cures this or plugging the speaker into the tv works better for us. The speaker is easy to use and will fill many roles, i am very pleased with it so far.

Great speakers, very durable battery the main price is reasonable, i have to give five stars.

As a bluetooth speaker its fine if you don’t intend on using this as an extension speaker for alexa dont read further than this. Because it is a battery optional speaker, it has a built in shutdown of the bluetooth connection. This means that when alexa answers you back it misses the first two words everytime alexa speaks rendering it useless as an extension speak for her. There appears to be no way to change the pick up delay or to force it to remain connected all the time to alexa. Its a shame because alexa sounds great through it once it actually kicks in. I cant give it a full 5 stars with this issue.

ZoeeTree S4 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Stereo Subwoofer with HD Sound and Bass, Built-in Mic, Bluetooth 4.2, TF Card Slot, Outdoor Speakers for iPhone, iPad, Samsung etc (Green) :

Just received my portable speaker its a lovely size weights about 1/2 bag of sugar very easy to blue tooth to your mobile phone comes with 2 cables the sound is very loud or a least loud enough for me its very stylish i do wish it had the beveled front panel design ive seen on the other zoe tree speaker but its still lovely never the less glad i got it.

I was working outside the house fitting out a camper van and listening to internet radio on my ipad but only with difficulty as it didn’t have the volume. Now i leave the ipad inside on the window sill connected to this speaker inside the van. It works really well and the charge on the battery lasts all day. The sound is pretty good, maybe lacking a little bit of high frequency but no worse than my van radio. There’s plenty of volume and that’s what i needed. I tried the fm radio bit of it and it works reasonably well using the usb lead as an aerial but the signal faded in and out as i moved around the van so i didn’t bother with it. It would probably be ok with a bit more attention. Overall i’m delighted with it and it does the job i want at a price i was willing to pay.

Decent sound but a superb battery life. Quick and starightforward bluetooth connection and a good quality 3. I run this off my echo dot and one charge lasts 5-6 days of evening use.

Bought this to replace an old jam speaker. Sound quality is amazing g for a small speaker. The built in radio works well too – which i didn’t even realise it had.Connected to devices easily and quickly.

I bought this speaker for work, previously having owned a different model from anker. I thought this model would be better having an extra driver, but the result is disappointing. More drivers for the same amplifier means the speaker is very quiet. Aka same water pressure with more holes on your hose will give you less splash. Otherwise ok, mp3 player, radio, bluetooth connectivity all good. Just much quieter than other anker models.

I’ve had tge older version of this speaker for a while and it’s still going strong, so. Got this one as the spec is better, it’s definitely more powerful. Volume and bass-wise once changed. I havent put stopwatch on it) once initially paired to your deviced(i used it with my phone). It connect quickly every time. Its not a main speaker,bit ideal room only,all and all sound is great,and i’d certainly recomended it for anyone looking for a small ,yet powerful and easily connectable speaker.

The sound is amazing for its price. Really, really solid audio across the board – plays all manner of genres perfectly. The only complaint is the battery. Not necessarily the life of the battery, though that could do with improving. But there is a woman’s voice that yells: bluetooth connected. As you connect and disconnect, same with the battery being low. This time a high pitched beep-beep-beep which plays every 30 seconds for the last 15 or so minutes of charge. So as long as you have the charging cable handy, this device will for sure be amazing.

Small but loudimpress with the sound quality, also the battery last reasonable timeit comes two cables and instructions. Easy to setup only takes few minutes to connect to my phone.

It has really great sound and can get quite loud. It holds a good charge and is great otherwise. For the price i paid, i wasn’t expecting like amazing sound quality, but it’s pretty great.

Well i had browsed most of the reviews and as what the other says dont expect miracle you need to spend atleast 100 quid for this to happen. For me the sound quality is more than corresponding to its price which is 20 gbp. The mids and highs are very good well the base ofcourse is average but more than enough for a 20 quid.

Listen to music on your phone directly. It’s very convenient to use.

Had a few bluetooth speakers over the years and they always have a problem here or there, this one has great sound quality, good bass and no tin sound at high volume. Only con i found was battery life is around 3 hrs but it can be run off mains so it kinda makes up for it. But for the price this thing is solid. Can be used as a hands-free speaker but i havnt tried it.

This is a good product, the appearance of small portable, sound quality is not bad, it is worth having.

I recently purchased the anker bluetooth speaker and found it to be an excellent product, and wanted to purchase another bluetooth speaker and decided on this one, i must say it is an excellent product does way more than expected and the sound it great quality, well made, and easy to operate, this speaker has a voice control which is very neat, i would definitely recommend this item.

This pairs up to another bluetooth almost instantly. Great sound so easy to get used to and very nicely madeso pleased i purchased it.

The build quality is great for a budget speaker. There are 4 buttons on the top. A mode button to access the speakers built in radio function, a volume up and down button,a forward and reverse button allowing the user to skip tracks, as well as the play/answer calls button. The casing itself is nice and sleek with a matt finish to it, feels soft to the touch almost like a rubbery feel, allowing the user to hold it without slipping. Add to that there are two rubber feet to stop it slipping. I bought this due to being fed up of barely hearing music when played via my phones speaker and i wasn’t disappointed. The sound quality is fantastic, loud enough for what i use it for and with good bass, although at the highest volume the bass can distort just slightly. I also have to mention that the speaker comes with a port for you to plug in an sd card allowing for even greater versatility. If my phone is on charge i can just plug my sd card in and go to whichever room i want and still have music available. As well as having an aux port, and it charges using a standard charger (same charger that’s used for various other things like samsung phones, ps4 wireless pads etc).

matana Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker – worth it

The sound is quite loud, has multiple functions and is quite cheap for the quality.

Cheap stocking filler, although not the best quality – if wanting something for a secret santa present – this is great. If wanting a speaker in the shower this is great, if just for general use, then a newer phones speakers should do the job really, or spend a bit more and get a non-waterproof speaker that has better audio output.

Easy to set up and sound is excellent, very deep bass and quite loud in by tiny bathroom, suction pad isn’t the greatest and has fallen a couple of times but rubberised case meant no damage to unit, now it sits on the shower shelf. Here are the specifications for the matana Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Premium Quality – We take pride in our products & are fully CE, FCC & ROHS certified. Please beware of knockoffs & imitations elsewhere.
  • Bluetooth & Battery – Listen to music in the shower & anywhere you want with six hours of playback and WEEKS on standby.
  • Enhance Your Fitness – Attach the speaker to your bicycle whilst cycling or strap it to your backpack during a hike
  • Waterproof – IPX4 rating (splash proof) allows you to take phone calls in the bath or outdoors with handsfree.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Still having doubts? We stand behind our products with a life long warranty. All queries will be handled promptly.

For the price can’t complain.

Still going strong, and battery lasts quite a while.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Has some design issues
  • Yer not bad at all
  • worth it

This shower speaker has a front facing speaker which is both good and bad. Good because it offers more directionality of sound, bad because it cannot be rested flat as the speaker fills with water and becomes distorted although i realised this when buying. One star off 5 because the charging connection does not seem very water resistant and i would certainly not want to submerge this speaker. There is a plastic flap that covers the micro usb port however it does not fit snugly. Will find out eventually if this proves an issue. Other than that, sound is what you would expect. Good for a shower and sounds good with high volume but wouldn’t suit an audiophile.

Paired very easily with my phone and is easily loud enough to hear over the shower. The sucker is very strong and the speaker gives verbal prompts when it pairs and turns on and off which are really helpful.

This is amazing product; it came earlier than i expected. Just to let u know, it can cope with small splashes and not full on drowning it so don’t take under water in a swimming pool. You can attach it to your bike and it has a suction thing put it on the tiles on your bathroom, the sound is very good and you can call people. I have changed my view seeing as the company are really happy to take on comments however to me it’s now perfect; an amazing price for what it is.

A great little piece of kit up and working in minutes would recommend to anyone.

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. It’s such good quality and it goes so loud. The bass and sound quality is incredible for the price.

Bought as a christmas present, but out of the box it won;t charge – works ok if plugged in to power source, but kind of defeats the object.

Just perfect for what it does.

Fabulous speaker, great price, clear sound. Love the functions in this, as am able to answer telephone calls, use next/previous, vol +/- all at the touch of a button.

Couldn’t rate this highly enough. Easy to use, doesn’t need charged often and sounds brilliant.

Really good much better sound than the cheapo shower radio we used to have.

I can’t comment on its quality yet as its a christmas present but other reviews that i’ve read on this product from other sellers prompted me to purchase it.

I use it in the shower the bluetooth range is amazing the foreign sounding voice control makes me smile every time. Unbelievable cheap little speaker.

95 | 24 jun 2018)pros:- audio quality is quite good for the size + volume is also good for the size- small and lightweight, doesn’t get pulled off the wall- easy bluetooth set up- hilarious english translationscons:- suction cup doesn’t do too well on tiles, works great on glass- you don’t get a warning when the battery is low (only when critically low)- when the battery is critically low, it repeats the battery low message over and over every 10 seconds which is really annoying if you are out of reach and trying to listen to music – a red led would have been so much better- doesn’t use a standard micro usb connection even though it charges via a usb port- the charging port is a small dc connection and it is too small for the charging adapter, i had to really force mine into the slot to charge it.

Works as expected and decent quality. Only complaint is that when it is wet the sound gets muffled very quickly, however this is to be expected when water covers the speaker holes.

What a successful present – we have one very happy grandson who is delighted with the speaker – and our part was easy and not expensive.

Reasonable sound quality, slightly ‘canned’ sound. Slightly larger than expected. Buttons a little difficult to see when blue led light is on. Definitely water resisitant i have it directly in water’s path and it’s still ok.

QWOO Bluetooth Speaker IPX5 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth 4 – Great item

I bought this speaker to listen to music at work. It has good size to take in my handbag and the sound it’s ok.

All considering, these are great mobile speakers with great features. Ideal for general mobile device use. Fair-sounding for its price range. Not great if you are looking for deep basses. Some tracks may distort on maximum volume. Bluetooth is very fast to pair plus includes tf memory card + jack input.

Didn’t expect it to be this good to be honest. It’s quite big and looks a lot more expensive. Connects to my phone easily, and is really loud. The strap is leather and it’s hanging in my shower now and looks great. Can also be connected via 3. 5mm cable – although not sure why you’d do this unless you had a really old phone or some kind of device without bluetooth. The ports are covered by a rubber plug so totally splashproof etc. There are next and previous buttons which work well with amazon music playing on my phone and can change tracka whilst in the shower. All in all a really good speaker. Here are the specifications for the QWOO Bluetooth Speaker IPX5 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth 4:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Superior Sound Quality:Implemented with 6W Bluetooth Speaker ,can provide crystal clear balance bass and sounds ,and it play loud enough to fill a spot at the beach or a camping site.You can lay it flat and let the speaker pump out 360-degree sound,The melodious melody lingers around you all the time
  • Unbelieveable Battery Playtime:Bluetooth speaker owns high capacity bulit-in 1500mAh lithium battery for up to 18 hours playtime,only charging 2 hours
  • IPX5 Waterproof Level :IPX5 water resistance rating means you can take it nearly anywhere,such as travelling,hiking,camping,boating,BBQ ans so on.when you are at the beach,you won’t have to worry too much about the speaker getting damage
  • Multiple Connection Options:Bluetooth 4.2 speaker with A2DP can connect fast and stable ,but doesn’t sacrifice top-quality sound.You can also connect the device via AUX and TF card
  • Super Protable:8.4 oz ultra protable design .Support TF card.Crash proof and robust construction ensure durability.The leather lanyard makes it portable.It is super light and fit in the backpack,baggage

Huge speaker it does not seem so from the photos on amazon good sound quality 😉.

The speaker itself arrived on time in a small plastic box. The sound quality is very good for its size and it’s also easy to carry around on the go. Overall, a good speaker at a reasonable the price.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Looks a lot more expensive.
  • High quality speaker for a cheap price
  • Excellent for out door work

Ideal for holiday not sure how ‘waterproof2 it is splash proof maybe.

Tremendous sound and nice design.

I brought this speaker for my brother who likes to listen to music he liked this product and was happy with the quality.

I really like this speaker it is really easy to use personally this speaker is one of the best speakers i’ve ever bought i recommend this for people who need a speaker and 4 people who are not the best at technology.

Easy to carry, high volume, good acoustics, i also use this when driving, you can share your music.

Amaxing piece of technology, came to days ago and i cant stop using it, the max volume its really nice and loud with extraordinary quality, in phisical aspect its robust well made , under the device there is a anti slip band that even in wet surface stays in place.

Excellent for out door work, well built, water proof and has battery for up to 18 hours ,bluetooth, aux and an sd card slot. I’ve only had this product a few days now but do not regret my purchase, the sound is awesome very very loud for such a small speaker. It seems to be everything it says to be , i am very happy with this speaker.

This wireless speaker is of high quality and nice stylish design. The sound is surprisingly loud and clear with a good bass and treble. It’s waterproof so can be used in the shower, swimming pool or beach. Control buttons to pause, skip/forward, volume and pickup a call. It comes with a good strap to hold it or hang it. It has usb port for charging, tf card slot if you have music on a memory card, and aux port. Comes with a usb and aux cables. Very please with this product, i’d definitely recommend it.

Clear sound and robust speaker.

Pleasantly surprised by this fantastic speaker that’s actually larger than it seems in the pictures. It’s well built and sturdy and its simple design makes it look much more expensive than it really is. The sound quality is excellent and more importantly the bluetooth connection is stable. It was meant to be a gift for a friend, but i’ve decided to keep for myself.

Very please with this speaker. Easy to connect with my phone. Definitely with recommend to my friends.

It is a very fancy and smart product. It is very useful and convenient. I can take it to my bed, in my bag, in the car and so on, enjoying the music or talk anywhere. Thanks, i would recommend to friends.

Philips BT50B/00 Portable Wireless Speaker, Five Stars

Excellent sound quality when it works. Doesn’t always connect straight away and i’m finding i have to un install it before attempting again.

It doesn’t come with aux cable so you have to buy it separately. It connects up to 4 bluetooth devices.

Sometimes takes a few tries to get it to pair with my kindle fire. Sound quality is excellent (which is what i bought it for).

Key specs for Philips BT50B/00 Portable Wireless Speaker (2 W, Bluetooth, USB Rechargeable) – Black:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Wireless music streaming via Bluetooth
  • Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion-free music
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anywhere
  • Audio-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device
  • Included in the box: BT50 Bluetooth speaker, USB cable for PC charging, world wide warranty leaflet, quick install guide

Comments from buyers

“Great tiny speaker
, Great buy
, Great value and full sound.

Great little portable speaker, great for garden or taking out. It makes me laugh it’s so good for a couple of quid.

I was so surprised how good this is.

I actually think it is really good for the price i paid for it. Shame you need an audio cable if your laptop hasn’t got bluetooth.

Easy to use, looks good and surprisingly great sound quality for the price.

Great product speedy delivery just as expected.

Excellent speaker and really loud.

Bought this for my grandaughter for xmas – she loves it. 99 this was a great buy and with the philips name you can’t go wrong.

This is a really good speaker just wish it had a slightly longer battery life for work etc.

Great sound quality when you can get it going , but seems very temperamental as to which device it will pair with. That is to say, pairing regularly with more than one other device seems to confuse it, and the whole thing has to be reset.

Clear sound; good battery life. Perfect for boosting i-phone music when in garden etc.

I wanted a small, light speaker i could pop in my suitcase and this is perfect. It’s easy to set up – just connects to my phone via bluetooth – and easy to charge via usb on the go. The sound quality is superb for the size of the speaker.

This bluetooth speaker is very good, good sound eacy to handle, it is a good product, if you think of the price.

Great product and value for money.

Nice clarity and tone given its size and absolutely adequate volume for general use as a radio when paired with phone.

Marvellous little speaker all i expected & wanted great buy.

Good product, not too loud though.

Received quickly, great price, packaged well and great sound – not too loud but not too quiet either. Great for travelling with and love that it is rechargeable.

Pretty good really and excellent for the price. Easy to set up and sounds ok. Would be nice to have a strap to hang it up.

Could not believe the clarity and that you literally switch on blue tooth and off you go.

Perfect size, lovely design and great sound quality. Works perfectly with my amazon echo dot ;).

Creative T30 Wireless – Quality sound and good price

These speakers have a nice quality sound.

Extremely loud and very easy to connect devices to. A lot of reviewers are down rating them because they turn off after 20 minutes. But this is only a problem if you plan to use audio cables instead of bluetooth. If you connect via bluetooth then the speakers will wake up whenever audio is sent to them. If you’re looking for wired speakers, then look elsewhere. But if you plan to use these for mainly bluetooth streaming, they’re excellent.

Awesome sound and versatility. Here are the specifications for the Creative T30 Wireless:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 2 – Driver design that features a dedicated tweeter and driver
  • Silk dome tweeters – enjoy full bodied and silky smooth highs
  • Woven glass fibre cone drivers
  • Creative BasXPort Technology – large port tube that delivers high output bass
  • Streams music wirelessly from most stereo Bluetooth devices and features aptX support for high quality wireless audio streaming

I use these as speakers for my echo dot in the bedroom, and they sound great. Good punchy bass rounds off a nice balanced sound, with plenty of volume if needed. Connects effortlessly to every bluetooth device i’ve tried so far. Slight downside is the cable connecting the two speakers was a bit short to place them either side of the bed, so i bought a cheap phono extension cable for three quid on amazon.

These active speakers were great value, and the sound quality is excellent. The speaker case is deeper than i expected, but i expect this makes the bass sounds better.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Alexa never sounded so good
  • Great speakers for you £
  • The sound quality of these is outstanding for the size

I’m very happy with these speakers , they sound great in my small room .

I purchased these speakers as a christmas gift for my girlfriend and, suffice to say, she couldn’t be happier with them. The quality you get for them justifies the price. The only issue over noticed about them is that sometimes they’re a bit out of sync with the audio source. But i’m sure that’s really of the bluetooth module and not the actual speakers.

Bought them for someone else and they said they were super happy with them, good quality for a good price.

Still have these after all this time.

Really like the sound quality and the richness of the bass (especially in comparison to the t40’s). Only annoying thing is that if the laptop is left for a while the speakers can drop the bluetooth connection but it’s easily re-established.

Great speakers for the price, just as described.

Amazing speakers, however s couple months after purchase the main speaker stopped working and only the 2nd speaker (without controls) now works which is frustrating as they are great sounding speakers.

Nice speakers but the auto shut off ‘feature’ is damn annoying.

The sound quality of these is outstanding for the size and price, the bass is deep but not overwhelming, and the overall sound is well balanced. Although i mainly use these for my desktop pc the nfc feature is a huge bonus and makes streaming from my android phone (galaxy a3) a doddle. Will be buying the larger set soon for use with my tv :).

Took 3 days to work,worked for 4 days now does not play any sound. Would not buy another creative product.

If anything a little too bass heavy but this is personal preference.

Sweet sounds nice bass clear sound good range on bluetooth.

Sounds great, nice crisp and loud you can use it to replace your sound bar. Ditch the sound bar and use this. Got a good feel to it, with the controls, the power and bluetooth buttons lights up. This product needs regular cleaning as it tends to be dusty all the time. The speakers seems to be unstable or off balanced and can easily be knocked over, i used blutacks to hold them in place.

Very good sound, and the bluetooth is very good most of the time, although it sometimes just cuts off for no apparent reason,the volume could be a bit louder but a very good sound altogether.

Excellent speakers with great sound. Simple to set-up and i use them across multiple devices.