HMDX Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker Bundle Jam Portable Travel Re-chargeable : Five Stars

There ok a bit loud for the price but battry dies quick.

Sleek design, love the colour and the sound also very nice to hear.

HMDX Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker Bundle Jam Portable Travel Re-chargeable (Pink) iPhone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 3 4 Mini, Samsung S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6, HTC One Mini, M8, M9 Laptop Mac Macbook Tablet with Smartphone Sleeve/Case

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  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including iPhone 4/4S/3/3G/3GS/5/6/6 Plus/6S/6S Plus, iPad 2 3 4, Air, Mini 1-3, Samsung S1/S2/S3/S4/S5/S6, HTC One, HTC M8 and other smartphones, tablets and notebooks /macbook/laptop
  • Wirelessly connects with all Bluetooth-enabled devices by simply pairing with your device – Aux-in for connecting non-Bluetooth devices
  • Connects wirelessly up to 10m away, Rechargeable battery for playback on the go
  • Smartphone Case/Sleeve for iPhone

Absolute barging for £10 ish including delivery.

Goes a bit tinny when at a high volume but i only payed about a tenner for it so i got the quality i payed for. Not a bad little speaker though.

Truly delighted with this product. Robust, great size, 100% quality and brilliant sound combine to make this a most amazing little wireless stereo. Just fantastic and, as for price, genuinely a bargain. Delivery also was first class.

HMDX Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker Bundle Jam Portable Travel Re-chargeable (Pink) iPhone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 3 4 Mini, Samsung S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6, HTC One Mini, M8, M9 Laptop Mac Macbook Tablet with Smartphone Sleeve/Case : More than impressed at such a low price.

Brought for my son’s birthday and it’s great. Arrived fast and was easy to use plus great in blue. Was surprised how load it was and bass doesn’t faultier.

Very good speaker 🔊 thank-you.

Great sound for such a small box. I was amazed at the detail and a very handy on/off switch at the back. Good delivery, great price fantastic product. Will recommend to friends and family.

Great sound for such a small device everything i was looking for, for my exam. Easy to use, make sure you charge it first doesn’t take long. Connects easily to your phone overall a good sound & no cracker long.

Bought for my son, he is really pleased. The sound is great, ideal for his bedroom and works perfectly with his iphone 5 and ipad. Excellent service, quick delivery, much faster than the time quoted.

I really do love the new hdmx bluetooth, i’ve been using it every day since i’ve had it and i love the hdmx.

Brilliant sound 🔊 for such a cheap speaker.

Good sound for the size and connects easily. Great buy for the price, very happy with my purchase.

Great little speaker , might order another for the beach.

The sound is good enough for the prise but the battery it doesn’t last long and you can’t see the percentage of it on the phone.

Very impressed with how good these are. And i’ve had friends comment on it, it looks good and it is practical to carry around the house. You can connect via bluetooth or through an aux cable. You get one with the speaker, a short one of about 10 cm, which works perfectly. The charger is a standard plug, the same as i use on my samsung phone and various other appliances i have, so i always have one at hand. I’m not really using the buttons on the top, apart from the volume one, so i don’t know how they work, but i will definitely recommend this speaker. In terms of the quality of sound, i have no clue. I’m too old to be able to tell the difference between hd and. Whatever the different sound quality names are. It is way better than just having sound coming straight from my phone, and i can hear it, and i can take it with me into whichever room in the house i am currently in.

Good sound as welland the price of 4 pound you can’t go wrong.

Very good value and does exactly what it says.

Brilliant sound fantastic product thanks soooooo pleased xxxxx.

This dinky speaker sounds amazing when connected with samsung s5 mini. Sounds great in the bathroom while in the showernot the speaker (dummy).

Great little gadget arrived quickly, thanks.

KitSound Mini Buddy Small and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker : Brilliant!

Brought this for my sister who has an obsession with penguins, she was really happy with the product.

I have got one of this for myself and them bought another character version for my husband. It is really good to use within the computer.

This is a very good little speaker. Excellent sound, but so cheap. Ideal for taking on holidays etc. Cheap enough that you could take it to the beach /picnic/wherever without worrying about it.

Bought for my daughter and i had a little play with it first. A well thought out size, connection, usb charger, no batteries and a terrific sound. I compare to the speakers on the sony sp phone and ixos cube bought years ago. Note: there was a reviewer who said there was no lead to charge it with – inside the packaging there is a usb lead inside the cardboard base at the bottom. Its all there just as the product is described.

Bought so i could listen to music on my phone in my car after my car radio packed in. I recharge it by plugging it into the computer. Looks really cute in my car as well and has received a lot of attention.

KitSound Mini Buddy Small and Portable Rechargeable Universal Wired Speaker with USB Charging Cable Compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Android devices : I bought a kitsound mini buddy speaker and i lost the charger. I know that it is has a usb on it but i don’t know the measurement for the jack. Could somebody be kind enough to tell me :).

For a small speaker i think it’s great, it stays charged for ages, the key ring on its handy too a*.

Bought this as a stocking filler for christmas it’s so cute and the sound is brilliant. Not sure how well it works as a key ring but as a speaker they are great. Love the fact you can join a few together.

For the size the sound quality is excellent. Also came well protected and within a couple of days of ordering.

I gave these as christmas gifts to kids from 7 to 11, boys and girls, and they all loved them. They have a darling range of animals. They deliver good sound, though not powerful enough to disturb other members of the household.

Really cute, glad i purchased this. On a full charge it gets through a full day of listening before needing to be plugged in. The sound produced isn’t going to satisfy an audiophile, but is perfectly good enough to make the iphone (and ipad) speakers sound a little better when a proper dock or speakers aren’t an option. Delivers remarkable volume for something so small.

This little penguin arrives safely packaged and on time. It is so cute and when connected to an ipod plays amazingly clearly and at high volume also produces a good sound. I really am surprised at the quality and would recommend to anyone wanting a small gift with big impact.

It arrived on time, and for such a small speaker, it definitely packs a punch. It is really loud and clear, and i love it. I am thinking of buy some more for my friends.

Its a must biy for phones or kindles or ip ads. U get different colours and animals.

I bought this for my son for christmas. Amazed by the volume and the quality of sound from such a small and cute speaker. If you are thinking of buying one, hesitate no further.I love the idea of connecting more than one together.

I was really surprised how good the sound were for the price i payed, i mean i thought i was about to get ripped or something and thought ‘something like this would increase the sound just a little bit without sounding terrible’ but i were wrong. Great sound thinking the size and the price. Well recommended for anyone who wants to share the sound on the phone higher than speakers can do without making a hell of a party.

Came before it’s estimated delivery date and as described in the selling information. I would recommend this speaker to buy, it is small and very surprisingly throws out a great high and clear sound from such a small device.

I bought this as a christmas present for my penguin loving girlfriend. It works well, looks cute – and sounded surprisingly good and loud on her iphone.

I’ve given this product 5 stars as i was so surprised by its quality for its price. I was dubious about buying a speaker for my iphone that wasn’t apple but this is great and fits into my handbag easily. It also comes with a usb charging cable which is great. Would definitely recommend to other people.

Great sound for such a small item. Its so cute and easy to pop in your bag or car. Provided plenty of sound for beach picnic.

I bought this a while ago and at first it was brilliant, i loved the design and the sound was reasonable for such a small speaker. Just recently though it has begun to sound as though it is under water, and it has not been dropped or anything to break it. It is a shame as i do really like it.

Audio Pro Addon C5 Wireless Bluetooth Smart Speaker, Brilliant Speaker

First impression of the c5 black is that it comes from an army surplus store. Setting up is simple even though the instructions are a little ambiguous. The sound quality is excellent for the price, although a bit heavy on the bass. Treble and bass can be adjusted though the app and with a bung in the rear port if necessary. Compared with other wireless speakers in the same price range, the audio pro c5 is worth the money. The sound quality and ease of use are excellent. Had a firmware update on second use. Buy with confidence, you won’t be disappointed.

I bought this for my dad but wanted to set it up before giving to him, now i want onei hadn’t seen one in the flesh or heard one as they are very hard to find in stock so i took a chance and based my purchase on reviews from what hifi and other audio pro reviews on amazon. First of all it looks fantastic, the whole thing is very high quality, the beautifully crafted leather handle sets off perfectly against the gold control panel and the grey finishes it all off perfectly. Fortunately the sound quality matches the looks, it sounds incredible for such a small unit. Sounds good at all volume levels with no noticeable distortion at the highest level and also importantly it has a lovely rounded sound which doesn’t fatigue you after extended listening. Set up was pretty straightforward and once you have had a play with the app to work out all the functions it it is very easy to control. Wifi performs very well, it is currently placed at the furthest point from the router(40 feet) with a couple of walls in between, signal shows as 40% but i have not experienced any drop out at all so not planning to use the ethernet port. Access and control of spotify and tunein is easy and intuitive although the amount of radio stations and podcasts to chose from is quite bewildering to start with, fortunately you can add your favourites and also save them to the 4 preset that can be accessed from the device or the app so once set up it is easy to find what you want. The only down side was that the product which was bought from amazon uk but was shipped from amazon eu and came with european power leads only. All credit to amazon who sorted it out very quickly(as they always do)in summary if you want a stylish retro look with fantastic sound quality you can’t go wrong, relatively expensive but worth every penny.

Great sound, lovely design, easy peasy to use.

Comments from buyers

“Wish it was for me!
, Looks aren’t everything.
, A great recommendation

Bought because it is a what hifi category winnerthis is not the most attractive box you will ever see (a cause for frequent comments) however, that is the only negative point about this item. Up close the build quality is impressive. I like the metal control panel on the top surface, it looks and feels great. It is also easy to paid with a blue tooth unit (in this case my android phone). I like that it is available on my wifi network for other sources (like my laptop) and can take rca inputs as well. I am using an old creative zen mp3 player though it as well. So it looks good and gives you multiple options to connect to it – but what does it sound like?. It has been a real pleasure to rediscover my music on a speaker that reproduces it beautifully. Yes it is expensive – but if you like to hear the detail in your music reproduced with great tone it is worth every penny.

This is a great stylish wireless speaker, small but capable of filling a small to medium room.

Received as a birthday gift and couldn’t be happier. Much smaller than i anticipated but the sound produced really does belie this little box’s diminutive proportions. While the bass couldn’t be described as thundering it does a good job of filling our fairly large lounge with music up to reasonably loud levels – acoustic genres in particular really shine, with crisp mids and nuanced treble that doesn’t fatigue the ears with prolonged listening. The stereo image is more directional than theatrical, but that’s a given with any speaker system of this size. You need to download the app to join the speaker to your network, but other than that i don’t really use it – opting instead for ios native airplay to allow multi-room integration with other (non audio pro) airplay speakers via rouge amoeba’s airfoil software running on a mac. Having used the speaker solidly now for a couple of weeks i would wholeheartedly reccomend to anyone looking for a discrete and classy solution to wireless music in anything other than the largest of rooms.

Looks beautiful, sounds good just a very long process to connect to the device.

Full rich sound in a very portable speaker.

Only functions plugged to mains but fantastic value for money vs sound quality.

Read the whathifi review of the addon c5 in the morning, and the speaker arrived in the evening. The sound quality is sensational for a speaker of this price. Such clear definition within the sound, the separation and balance between instruments is extraordinary, and it is just so confident in its delivery. Combine this with the flexibility of having so many different inputs and you have a sonos killer in my opinion. Airplay and inbuilt radio working like an dream, and though not immediately accessible, in-app alexa is a fun addition. Will no doubt try the multi-room at some point because i don’t think i’ll be able to stop at just one.

Really great sounding speaker. I already have one of the older t9 speakers which i have linked up to this speaker with a link 1 wifi adapter sold by audio pro. I love that it has 4 presets so you can set your favourite stations. The sound from these speakers is very full bodied,you can alter the treble and bass from within the audio pro app which i’ve found easy to use. There’s no distortion when playing at max volume which is very loud. Speaker looks great and is well made. I thoroughly recommend this speaker i’ve had my t9 for 18 months and love that one too. Update: remember when setting up to open audio pro app go into speaker then info and check the box for unit password and add a password ,otherwise you will leave an open wi-fi link to your home network.

Actually made my wife tear up.

Phenomenal sound quality from this tightly put together package. The speaker can be used with any of the popular streaming services but sounds particularly impressive when used with a tidal account. Music can be streamed directly to the speaker using the audio pro app or you can use spotify connect, google chromecast (seperate addition) or rca/aux in. The speaker can process and output 24bit hi-fi music. The speaker has 4 useful presets onto that can be quickly assigned to a favorite playlist, radio station, album, artist etc so you have instant music at the tap of a button. I will be using my speaker with a chromecast audio in conjunction with a google home mini to provide music on demand to my kitchen. Eventually the system will be expanded out to other audio pro speakers in the house.

This is an excellent wireless speaker system, given its size, specification and price, i was very surprised at how well it performs. Initially i had a few slight niggles setting things up, the control app isn’t that great but it does what it needs to, once everything is up and running you will likely find that you don’t need the control app on a day to day basis. The first steps are very straight forward and i had it connecting to my wifi network within a couple of minutes, i had music soon after playing from spotify on a macbook pro. By looking through the settings i soon realised the device needed a firmware update, this failed a couple of times so i tried again after hooking up to the router with an ethernet cable, firmware quickly updated this time (either the control app or the quick start guide should probably contain at least a couple of sentences about this). The firmware update resolved one little problem i had spotted – the device was switching itself off after 30 minutes, despite my attempt to turn off the sleep timer within the app, the off setting didn’t seem to take but after the firmware update all worked correctly. Although i only have one of these audio pro speakers i would imagine multi-room setup would be very straight forward. I have been using the speaker with spotify (premium 320kb mp3) and qobuz (hifi lossless flac) from 2 ipads, an iphone and a macbook pro, tested using airplay and spotify connect. It has a very pleasing sound quality, very listenable and musical, detailed and punchy with a surprisingly solid bass. I found that the bass can sometimes be a little boomy and overblown, if the device is placed on a cupboard for example you could get a lot of boom at higher volumes which would muddy the sound a lot. Placed on a table with the bass turned down a notch evens things up.

Intend to use it as standalone for now with spotify. Would not connect to my wifi network until i plugged it in via cable and then it all worked seamlessly. Like:sound quality is goodbass and treble controlsspotify connectwifi enabledlan connection on reardon’t like:for the price wifi setup should be easierbass distorts at high volumelose the handle. Its mains connected so not portableapp is clunkyonly 2. 4ghz wifi supported (not 5ghz)what to do bettermake wifi setup easiermake the app better.

Very good speaker, great sound. Was an issue as it didn’t arrive with a uk power lead. Amazon sorted quickly, very happy with the service.

I’ve only had this speaker for two days and i already love it. The sound is something really special (and i think that it looks great). It did arrive without a uk plug but amazon have been very reponsive and sorted this out. The four pre-set buttons are easy to use. I’ve set one to radio 4 via tunein and another to my favourite classical mix on spotify premium so i can turn on the speaker and just press a pre-set button. Alternatively i can use the audio pro app to select music or simply use spofify connect, all these options are delivered straight over my wifi. Alternatively i can use voice control on my amazon echo dot to select something and then have it played by this speaker via bluetooth from the dot. I have not tried the line in option yet. I’m delighted with all this.

Bought to replace a philips ds9000 30 pin ipod dock speaker and this is far superior. Bought because it’s recommended in what hifi 2018 annual awards and for the connectivity – wifi, bluetooth, i can also connect my apple universal dock (lead required) and my sl1200 (preamp required) as it has rca connection. The app – others have grumbled about the control app but i think it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. The sound – crisp, clear and punchy – great detail, i am really pleased with it and can’t recommend highly enough. *updateremember that all speakers need a few plays to run in and my c5 is sounding better and better with each play. The clarity & detail are fantastic on a speaker at this price.

Great sound, issue with bluetooth and iphones. Had to keep resetting the thing by turning it on and off when i’d paused the iphone. Sad, as the sound was great.

The online tech expert reviews are right – this is a stunningly good device – with one of these and a smartphone the audio world is literally at your fingertips with superb qualityand it’s refreshingly simple/easy to set up. Within minutes of opening the box the wifi is up and running, spotify tunes are playing, the bluetooth pairing is done, internet radio stations playing, and a firmware upgrade completed. Looking at its face-like front now i’m half imagining i can see the curve of a discreet smile beneath its central mouth speaker.

Bought two to pair as l and r in kitchen diner. Sound far bigger than they are, more than loud enough for a large room. Sound good at low volumes you dont have to crank them too loud to appreciate them. Slightly bass heavy out of the box but can be adjusted along with treble within app. App is a little sticky and slow but its worth the wait. Highly recommended for the price.

Small speaker with a big sound. Absolute quality from a brand i ve never heard of before.

This speaker is just brilliant in every way. Great sound quality, easy to connect to devices and very light.

Apart from the annoyance of this device arriving with two (2) euro power cables. Why?it is an awesome speaker. Cannibalised a lead from an old dab radio, bluetooth connection in less than a minute (like the little book says) and away we go. Have given it a proper test run now with the obligatory ‘charly’ by the prodigy to see how it handles bass and then a fun run through metallica, foo fighters, tcv, qotsa and all my other faves. Not sure about the reaction times and how it ‘forgets’ devices quite quickly but for the sound quality alone i am well chuffed.

Otone Rechargeable Powerful Bass Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – Five Stars

Quite loud and had a good base. I had a problem sent it for repair now it works. Only drawback it is not portable i should have read the product description properly.

This speaker has great sound quality. Looks good and is easy to use would recommend this.

Great product really easy to link with bluetooth devices.

Sound quality – the speaker quality is very good. It’s quite loud for the size and of good quality – it’s not banging so don’t plan to use it for a party but it’s up to the task if you want a small home speaker with good quality. Portability – it’s small and portable – you can travel around with it and move it about the house with ease. Setup – it’s easy to set up. Took me a couple of mins and you don’t necessarily need he instructions to set it up – it’s quite clear. Plug he speakers in, turn it on, press bluetooth button, pair and off you go. Looks – the speaker looks good. Adds a touch of design to the house especially given the various colours. Price – the price is very good – you’ll struggle to get better for the price. Sound quality – very good but not great. Controls – the control markings are not very visible. You have to go very close to figure them out. There’s no case for this speaker so i have to use the box as my case.

Excellent product, bargain,fast delivery.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Stunning value for money!!!
  • Great speaker
  • Highly recommended

Would recommend this sellor 10/10.

It looks great and is easy to use, couldn’t fault it.

We bought this speaker as a bit of an experiment. We have a brennan b2 which houses our entire cd collection. This is in the living room with it’s own wired speakers. My wife wanted to be able to listen to her music played on the brennan while working in the kitchen. The brennan supports bluetooth so we got this speaker. The speaker is about 8 feet from the source, through one standard thickness brick wall. It paired effortlessly and works beautifully. The sound quality from such a small and relatively cheap speaker is brilliant. My wife also tried pairing it with her old ipod touch and the results were equally impressive.

The sound on this speaker is amazing. I can’t believe i got it for such a great price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a speaker system for their phone/tablet/mp3 player, etc. Just plug it in and listen to all of your music with a clear sound.

I can use it for my violin teaching. Easy to handle and take it with me. The quality of the sound is brilliant in this 30watt.

Absolutely love this and will be purchasing a second one shortly. Looks good – sounds great and the price was fantastic. Would definitely recommend- extremely pleased with my purchase 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.

Excellent speaker, great sound for the size. It can certainly compete without any problem with the more famous brands at a fraction of the price.

Only thing that could be better is the battery life.

Great speaker paired up with my ipad quickly good loud sound plus i got it at sale price very happy😀.

Far better sound than i expected.

Great depth of sound – easy connection via bluetooth to phone or ipad – such a great price. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a speaker system for their phone/tablet/mp3 player. Electro tycoon dispatch it quickly and packaged it well. Highly recommend electro tycoon and otone speakers.

Hard to see which button is which. Also it has trouble powering on sometimes. Or maybe i just haven’t got the knack yet?.

It is a brilliant bit of kit. I would definitely buy again.

This is a perfectly adequate speaker, which linked via bluetooth with my computer without any problem. Sound quality is sufficient for this purpose, but if you were looking for very good music reproduction i think you would be disappointed. It also has the habit of switching off after a short period – in my case about 20 minutes. While this is obviously a power saving feature, it can be a bit annoying and so far i’ve not found a way of changing the switch off period.

Fantastic little speaker, good looking and great sound quality for such a compact product.

Very powerful speaker and only £20. Very loud and clear sound with great bass.

ION Audio Party On | Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Disco fever man: ) Get down

Very happy with this purchase, i didn’t expect it to be as good for as little money. All wrapped for my daughter after a night of me playing with it lol.

Love it would buy again, lights brighter than i thought would be also.

Great fun from such a small item, good sound & easy to link via bluetooth.

Arrived promptly & exactly as described.

  • Big sound and light show in a small package
  • Great speaker
  • This is brilliant, sound is really good and the lights are

ION Audio Party On | Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Rechargeable Battery and Party Light Display

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  • Portable Bluetooth speaker with party light projection system
  • Fills the room with music synchronised party lights
  • Full range speaker with built-in passive radiator subwoofer
  • Rechargeable battery means you can take it anywhere
  • Stream music via Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and tablets

All the family love it – great bit of kit. Good sound and the light show is brilliant.

Bought for 8 year old son to use with his ipod. The disco lights are brilliant. Really pleased i went for this speaker over a normal one.

Gave them to the grandchildren for christmas, works really well, turned the kitchen into a disco.

Bought for a birthday present to go with an ipod, my 10 year old son has had lots of fun with his friends with this speaker. The battery seems to last a good length of time before recharging and is an easily portable size.

Great product my daughter is always having a disco in her room.

Doesn’t hold charge for a super long time. Loud enough and great for house parties etc.

Great sensory toy for special needs. Totally inadequate for a party.

The product is solid and worth your money.

So much better than i expected. Surprisingly good sound and cool disco lights. For a festival or children’s party you could not go wrong. Rechargeable is a big bonus too. Has an aux in, which i’d be hoping for as well as bluetooth.

Grandchildren age from 22 to 15 all loved it.

Bit of problem sometimes with bluetooth not sure if computer (new) or speaker.

This is brilliant, sound is really good and the lights are brilliant. Bought for my daughter and she loves it.

Perfect item, loved b the adults and children.

🙂 get down and boogie with this little baby – well worth the money.

Really pleased with the quality of sound.

I have one in my special needs class and i love it so much i bought one for my daughter for christmas.

Great for the kids, bluetooth connects easily the volume and lights are just right for a bedroom disco.

The lights are great but the sound isn’t very great. Worth it for the lights alone though.

OSCOO Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers, Great little Speaker and Power Bank in one

Fast delivery, nicely packaged. I love the design of this speaker as it’s very modern and unique. The size of it is very convenient to me as i can even fit it in my pocket. I love how i can listen to music and charge my phone at the same time because the speaker is also a power bank. I have a lot of songs and i like that i can insert my tf card with all my songs and play them without any problem. There is also a little stand for the speaker so i like to keep it on my shelf sometimes. The buttons have sensors in them so i don’t actually need to click them. It will be very useful when i travel because i can plug in my earphones and listen to music. The speaker itself has a good clear sound quality.

This was my eldest daughter’s gift to my youngest. Since it came in the house, everyone wants to change to one of these powerbanks. Stylish and great functionality. It’s getting well used and standing up to it well. Can see more being bought this year.

I occasionally need speakers when i’m training for my business. This little device is perfect: loud enough to fill a boardroom and very compact for travelling. It also looks professional and has no glaring branding that i’ve seen on other speakers. The bluetooth connects flawlessly and the aux in works a treat with my ipad air2. 5 aux cable for the purpose. It doesn’t come with the speaker. ) i didn’t buy this for it’s charging capabilities but that might be a bonus on a long haul flight or in other travelling sutuationsthe only tiny flaw is that big fingers can accidentally turn the device off when adjusting the volume. I’ll have to pay attentioni found the 11 minute video review on youtube very helpful. (i have no affiliation with the video guy).

Key specs for Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers with 10-Hour Playtime, OSCOO Portable Stereo Speaker Bass Sound with 4000mh Power Bank,Built-In Mic,Dual Drivers,USB & Micro USB ports, Calls for iPhone,iPod,iPad,Samsung, and others (Mustard-Green):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • [Fashionable touch control design]: an oval shape clean look,The 16-core speaker provides natural and clear sounds.CNC full aluminum alloy mid-frame with cloth surface front and back cover. Metal meet cloth is modern meet traditional, create an beautiful artwork.
  • [Emergency Power Bank]: The Bluetooth Speakers with 4000mAh Power Bank, plug into the USB to charge for your phone directly. when the bluetooth Speakers get full charge,around 8 hours of enjoy your music.
  • [Answering calls]: Bluetooth speakers are equipped with built in microphone for Handsfree calling, Built-in TF slot support MP3 Music Play,OSCOO Carefully designed transducers keep total harmonic distortion below 5% for superior audio clarity.
  • [Extensive compatibility]: the wireless bluetooth speaker Supported formats are MP3, WMA, WAV. With the USB port, Micro SD card slot, Micro USB, AUX port. And it will apply to your Phone, Notebook, Tablet etc.
  • 【Customer Service】:While you have any question on your order,please feel free to contact with us.welcome guide, OSCOO provide worry-free 24-month warranty and nice customer service.

Comments from buyers

“A really nice concept and solidly built, but powers off by accident WAY too easily and has a couple of other little niggles
, Great! Looks and Performance
, Great little Speaker and Power Bank in one

A great little bluetooth speaker and power bank in one, came in one choice of colour only, says ‘green’ on box, but really it looks like mustard yellow – which is a very pleasing colour. I would be interested in seeing the product offered in different colours too. I originally purchased the product as a small gift for a business supporter, but liked it so much, that a few days later i ordered another from amazon, to keep for myselfthe sound quality is very good for a speaker this compact – about the same size as an apple iphone. Yes, i would recommend this product, and give it a five star rating. Like to know what other colours you will offer this speaker in the future.

My primary intention for this device was to tuck it under my pillow as a pillow speaker, but also to have something that could also be more versatile whilst travelling. Unfortunately, although the enclosed instructions say that you have to hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn it off as well as on, i found this to only be true when switching it on. The barest featherlight touch of a finger was enough to turn it off instantly whilst fumbling for the volume controls or pause button, which, sadly, makes it useless for me. In fact, you have to look carefully at what you’re doing for all functions, as the ‘buttons’ are just a solid strip, with nothing tactile at all to differentiate the four functions which are very close together. Anyone with impaired vision would have a hard time controlling it. I accidentally turned it off within seconds of connecting it three times in a row before i realised what was happening. At first i thought that it was perhaps failing to maintain the bluetooth connection at all, and timing out because of it. The other annoyance is the fact that it warbles when you switch it on. A quick, discreet bleep would have been fine. Maybe that can be switched off somehow, but i didn’t investigate because the trigger happy power off button made it unsuitable for me anyway.

SKULLCANDY Barricade XL Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker – Hot Lime – Lovely speaker

This is a great wee portable speaker. It paired with an iphone and a samsung phone quickly and effortlessly, and the sound it produces is great for such a small speaker. Lots of good bass, and a good clear sound throughout, even at higher volumes. Its size means you can easily take it anywhere with you, parties, beach barbecues and holidays, and it has a battery life of ten hours, though i haven’t yet tested it for that length of time.It’s sturdy enough that you can take it anywhere, and it certainly feels as though it could easily withstand being bumped about in transit. It’s also buoyant and waterproof up to 3 metres, so you really can take it anywhere.

Although not xl in size this certainly is in noise . This is the largest of the three barricades and is around 20cm wide, it is easy to pair (i paired with my iphone 6 in under a minute) and the sound is very very impressive. It has a real bass to it but also a very full sound and i was impressed. It works about 5 metres from my phone before you get problems and that is fine. It is a very rugged speaker and although plain looking will last forever.

Firstly, this little (xl) speaker packs a punch. It has a great solid sound which is perfect for bbq’s and parties outdoors. It feels tough and rugged and built to survive impact. Not only is it rain and splash proof, this little speaker can withstand 30mins submerged in up to one metre of water – how cool is that. The rubber buttons are chunky and look great. Two of these buttons are for pairing. One allows you to pair two phones, allowing you to play music from two different devices (taking it in turns). The other button allows you to pair multiple speakers, so you can add speakers and connect them together. Battery is up to 10 hours so again , charge it up hang it out in garden and play your tunes. This is an excellent outdoor speak with some very strong features.

Fills the room with sound for a very reasonable price.

Whenever i review a portable bluetooth speaker, until now i would compare to my all-time favourite, the jawbone big jambox. This was a great speaker for a number of reasons – well rounded sound, lightweight and super battery life. Having tried a number since that haven’t come close, how would this skullcandy one work out?first impressions on this one were pretty good. It’s a smaller beast than a number of others on the market, pretty lightweight as well. The rubberised outside makes the build quality seem solid, with the promise of waterproofing (which i haven’t tried) seem positive too. Charging is done by micro usb behind a plastic flap on the side of the product where you can also charge your phone as well – a surprising but nice touch. The feature that really surprised me though for the size of the item was quite how booming the sound is – it’s loud, bassy and pretty full on. Bass notes are pretty solid and clear, while mids and highs a little less so but still reasonably clear. This makes for an overall good sound and one that continues for quite a long time – the battery life is decent also. So does it beat my big jambox?.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Lovely speaker
  • Finally takes the top spot
  • Perfect, just perfect!

Love it, great product, probably will buy another one.

I couldn’t praise this speaker any higher. The ‘real’ sound it produces is nothing short of amazing with the clearest voice reproduction making it sound like the track playing is a different recording. The volume range for something this small is really really good, and the tone us maintained without distortion through the range. A device can be charged (via usb) whilst listening to the music stored on it, the unit itself is charged via a separate usb cable. It is waterproof to nearly a meter (presumably the rubber cover over the usb slots was in place for the testing) and should you be careless enough to drop it in deep enough water it floats – i haven’t and i have no intention of testing this, it’s far too nice to risk. The controls are easy to see and use, the manual is short (in stature and brevity) but everything is intuitive so pages and pages are not required. The battery has a published life of seven hours, (not tested). The pairing is without hassle. There is nothing to dislike about this speaker, even the price. This is a beautiful, well made almost perfect portable bluetooth speaker, it has a more ‘full’ sound than the zip which i thought had a superb sound and it looks good.

This is an excellent speaker : dynamic reproduction is warm and full with clear bass (and, thankfully, more than enough high end as well). Battery life is considerable – up to 10 hours on the xl – and quick to charge with usb ports. Bluetooth reproduction is clear and fast, once connected. Aside from that, should you want to connect to a standard audio device without bluetooth, you need to separately purchase a male to male connector which is bafflingly not included as standard – bizarre given the total cost of the item. Other than that, this is a perfect, durable portable speaker with plenty of life in it.

As soon as we opened the box you could tell this speaker is a nice piece of kit. Feels quite weighty but not heavy so very portable. Connects easily to devices have tried phones tablets all with no issues. The sound is rich and velvety not tiny or weak at all. I haven’t tested it out yet but it’s apparently waterproof and can float.

Oubaifan Small Mini Wireless Bass Bluetooth Speaker For IPhone IPad Phones : Five Stars

He speaks very good quality bluetooth it’s ideal to put into your pockets and to go anywhere you wanna go so far i’ve bought 10 of them i do for gifts and for friends and i would buy again.

Arrived fast, very good speaker better than expected.

Sturdy speaker , loud volume and sound is ok great for the price.

The image of the gold speaker gives the impression it has brushed silver coloured alloy top, in fact it doesn’t its white plastic so not want i expected and not what i ordered. Returned the product without trying it because it did not look like what i wanted. Well package and presented, nice size and came with the cables, so everything else was as described. So, cannot comment on sound quality or usability.

  • He speaks very good quality Bluetooth it’s ideal to put into your pockets
  • Five Stars
  • Easy to use

Small Mini Wireless Bass Bluetooth Speaker For IPhone IPad Phones Gold

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  • Wireless portable bluetooth speaker: Enjoy a High Definition stereo sound with a impressive volume whether you’re lounging around the house,or partying,walking out,camping,hiking,biking
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Equipped with the advanced technology,compatible with all Bluetooth compacity devices.Speaker automatically reconnects to the last device used
  • CONNECT OVER BLUETOOTH IN SECONDS to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Windows 10 —- To play from Chromebooks, Windows 7-8 systems, TVs and non-Bluetooth devices use the included 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack — BUILT-IN MIC for handsfree speakerphone from Smartphones and iPhones — includes Micro-USB charging cable and 3.5mm audio cable
  • Built-in 2000mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of playtime. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling Easy to pair – No code/pin needed
  • Easily to carry with, only 8.8 ounces.Plays all Audio devices through 3.5mm Aux in Jack.

Great quality for price, good sound and easy to use, (which is just as well as instructions are limited). Doesn’t come with “free waterproof bag” as per the blurb and though range good in a straight line if you so much as turn round with phone in pocket, the signal fails hence only 4 stars. Complained about lack of pouch and excellent customer service was sent free second speaker as compensation. However a week after first arrived the power switch broke rendering it inoperable. I informed the company stating didn’t want third replacement but dropped to three stars as not sure how long this will last.

Amazing sound quality from something so small.

Excellent speaker for the money, ideal for holiday.

Easy to use has a really good sound. I took this on holiday and was very impressed with the coverage.

Many thanks for the quick delivery.

This item is great, never had a speaker so powerful well worth the money.

Excellent sound for the size.

A very neat smallish bluetooth speaker, with the driver unit protected by a bar across the top. It charged fairly quickly and paired with ipad and ipod easily, controlling both of those devices audio playback with the controls around the lower edge. We’ll be using it when walking together in town around about christmas. It’ll be perfect for listening to xmas music in our own little bubble of sound (it’s not obtrusive once you’re a few feet away). Also for things like picnics out in the middle of nowhere, at least when we’re not enjoying the silence insteadthe sound doesn’t stack up against our full-range docking unit for players at home, but for music on the move it will not disappoint.

Great product, excellent sound easy to use can’t wait to have it on holiday.

Fab little speaker excellent value for the money. Would recommend for carrying around.

CREATIVE MUVO Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – love it! Great sound quality

Great sound quality, small and works for a long time. Haven’t tested how waterproof it is, though i don’t have any plans of doing so anyway. In addition, it is very easy to use and has a nice design.

We purchased this for our son to pair with his ipad and ipod nano for music and sensory work as he need something with a bit more ‘oomph’ than built in speaker or his previous palm sized wired speaker pods. This fit the bill in terms of size, reviewed sound quality and output. I am pleased to say it appears to live up to our hopes. The sound quality is clear and has a good amount of bass without being overwhelming, while allowing enough of it to be felt as rumble through the case if desired. It is small and compact but a solid, well built feel and with a lovely red finish. The splash proof nature of this speaker was another selling point that will be useful, as it will travel to school and accidents will probably happen. I don’t expect miracles but any additional protection will help. The speaker was very easy to sync via bluetooth and the volume control and sound quality even from spotify free on ipad is perfectly good for a non-audiophile setup (i haven’t tried nfc sync yet but may give it a try with my phone later just for the sake of it). I did wander from the room my son was in into the kitchen while holding the speaker ( five or six metres and no line of sight) and there was no problem with the it maintaining sync. It has been running about 3 hours out of box at this point, so i can’t really comment on the battery life yet.

Very cool looking speaker, inconspicuous and good sound quality for good price.

  • love it! Great sound quality
  • Good sound quality and looks nice 🙂
  • If first impressions count, this is definitely a case of good things in small packages!

From the manufacturer

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Portable Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker

The Creative MUVO mini takes you further than you’ve gone before in enjoying your music. It’s weather-tested up to IP66 standards and it also has a long battery life of up to 10 hours, which means you can enjoy non-stop music in wild weather or the wildest pool party.

Get The Party Started

Don’t underestimate the audio prowess of the Creative MUVO mini because of its size. This speaker pumps out surprisingly loud and clear stereo audio with bass deep enough to get everyone dancing to your playlist.

Toggle Between Your Playlist And Your Calls

Switching between your phone calls and your playlist is so hassle-free with the Creative MUVO mini. The speaker is integrated with a built-in microphone which enables it to double up as a speaker-phone. When you are done with your call, simply switch back to your playlist with the tap of a button. How easy is that?

  • Two full-range micro drivers
  • Oversized front bass radiator
  • Speakerphone in the speaker
  • Aux-in
  • Connect wirelessly
  • Small and compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Four different colours

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Poolside Cool

Get ready to enjoy some splashing fun with your audio. Weather-tested up to IP66 standards, the Creative MUVO mini is also water and dust resistant, ensuring nothing stops you from enjoying your music in wild weather or the wildest pool party.

Don’t Let The Party Stop

Keep that playlist going; the Creative MUVO mini has a long battery life of up to 10 hours. When it runs out of juice, simply charge it via its Micro USB port.

Connect Wirelessly

Simply tap on the Creative Mini to pair your NFC-enabled device for fuss-free pairing. Alternatively, you can also connect your device via Bluetooth.

Bring The Party With You

The Creative MUVO mini is designed to be small and compact for you to take it everywhere with you. Let the adventure begin.

Connector type AUX-in, Bluetooth, micro-SD, USB AUX-in, Bluetooth, micro USB, SD-card AUX-in, Micro USB, Bluetooth, NFC AUX-in, Bluetooth, Micro USB, SD-card
Dimensions 75 x 65 x 68 mm 67 x 93 x 38 mm 190 x 37 x 59 mm 67 x 190 x 38 mm
Weight 237 g 159 g 285 g 340 g
Battery life 6 hours 6 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Built-in microphone

Sound Blaster ROAR Pro Creative iROAR Go
Characteristics Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Personal PA System Intelligent Splash-proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with SuperWide Technology
Description Staying true to the Sound Blaster Roar Heritage, the Roar Pro portable Bluetooth speaker continues to live up to the critically acclaimed sound signature and battle the laws of the acoustic engineering by packing all the awesome components and technology to bring you all that audio power within a compact enclosure, no larger than the size of a booklet. The Roar Pro now raises the bar for portable Bluetooth speakers with further enhancements: Improved 5-driver system, three preset audio profiles, longer battery life, and its ability to transform into a wireless personal PA system when paired with iRoar Mic (sold separately). Just like its bigger counterparts, the iRoar Go has wireless capabilities, and it multi-tasks as a built-in MP3/FLAC player, voice recorder, Bluetooth speakerphone, an external USB Sound Blaster sound card and a battery bank. Don’t let its size fool you, for the iRoar Go is a fearless speaker that’s not afraid of water. It is water-resistant with an IPX6 rating so no splashes can spoil your fun. Plus, there’s an app that lets you customise the audio, the way you like it.
The Sound Blaster Roar Heritage Redefining a Legacy

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Bluetooth wireless speaker with NFC for fuss free connectivity

IP66 certified for dust and water protection

Shockingly loud stereo audio from two full range micro drivers

Oversized front bass radiator delivers big speaker bass from a compact size

MOKE Shower Speaker Waterproof Portable Stereo Bluetooth 3 : Thanks and good night

I was after a waterproof speaker for my partner to use in my bathroom when taking a bath or shower then came across this one. Having already own a shower speaker with the exact same design as this i was sort of knowing what to expect however my original one cost double the amount of this onethe speaker itself has ok sound quality you can’t compare it to your big brand name speakers when it’s so cheap but for the price your going to get a good sound quality speaker with a very loud volume. The downside to this one in comparison to my original is the battery must be half the size. I usually get 30 min – 1 hour depending on the volume, so showers it will be on louder however due really quick but for a bath at a decent volume it will last around an hour. This is more than enough for what i need however i feel like i need to charge it every other bath or every 3 showers. The colour and build quality are great. I dropped this in the bath and it went really quiet however let it dry out and the next day was back to normal so very happy with it’s durability. Overall a good speaker for its price however would look for one with a longer battery life if using after your shower or bath.

Brilliant little gadget love it.

Brought for my mums birthday and she loves it. Will play it on full volume and be happy singing along to her new favourite songs.

Hi, i bought this item a couple of weeks ago and was impressed with the sound etc. However the suction pad suddenly came loose and the speaker feel off the wall and this has affected the sound. Can you send me a replacement?.

  • Great little speaker however
  • AMAZING!!!
  • Replacement needed

MOKE Shower Speaker Waterproof Portable Stereo Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker (Build-in Microphone,soft Suction Cup, 6 hours Play Time) for Compatible with Android & ios Smartphones, Touch Pad, laptop And Other Bluetooth Devices–Yellow

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  • MOKE Bluetooth 3.0 portable speaker supports up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music or audio playback. IPX4 rating – protect against splashing water. Great for shower room, pool side, boat, bath tub, playground, etc.
  • If Bluetooth is supported, IOS and Android phones and tablets are compatible, and MP3/MP4 can also be connected to this device. Compatible with,Bluetooth transmitter and other Bluetooth enabled stereo music devices.The maximum transmission distance is 10 meters.
  • With hands-free support, mobile phones can be easily accommodated within a distance of 10 meters. Special waterproof technology can be brought into the bathroom without worrying about missing any calls. (To extend the service life, wipe the water after the device is used).
  • There is a suction cup under the speaker that can easily be absorbed in glass or on a smooth wall. Volume + / Volume Decrease / Fast Forward (jump) / Pause / Play / Button Back / Power, easy to operate.
  • Support Bluetooth & Wireless transmission. Built-in Microphone, enjoying hand-free call. Adopt high quality audio decode chip ,let you experience perfect sound quality. Built-in charging Battery and Built-in high sensitivity Microphone, listening music any where. Unique water-proof design, using in bathroom, sand beach, swimming pool. While leisure, you can relax and enjoy wonderful music.

Fab little product can only sync it with one phone though so need 2 so me boy can sync his music too.

So far so good, only thing missing is a volume on the speaker itself.