MindKoo Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth 4, Excellent value at £5.99

Speaker found to be very good value for the price, sound is good, battery is good, no problems easy to link up.

I bought speaker so i could listen to music while i was doing up the house we bought and i’m glad i did. The bluetooth range is great and the sound is amazing. It is so simple to use and the battery life lasts longer than i expected. With doing up the house i have gotten paint and other stuff on it but that has not been an issue as it is easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a portable speaker.

If you are expecting a top of the range speaker you will be disappointed. If you believe all the hype you will be disappointed. 99 speaker (the price i paid), i consider this exceptionally good value.I believe the original recommended price was about £30. It seems solid and well made. The sound is clear (but restricted in view of it size).

Key specs for MindKoo Wireless IPX5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth 4.2 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, (30-Hour Playtime):

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  • 【High Quality Stereo Sound】Built-in dual high-performance drivers for excellent crystal clear sound and enhanced bass that distance it from the competitors
  • 【 Incredible Battery Life & Built in Mic】High capacity rechargeable battery enables 30 hours of non-stop music time for beach, pool, cycling, camping, boating and more. Built-in microphone to support hands-free call
  • 【IPX5 Waterproof & Dustproof】Silicone case and seamless interface design ensure the speaker can resist gentle water spray & splash but can not be partially or fully submerged
  • 【Wireless & Wired Connection】Bluetooth V4.2 Technology provide the most stable and seamless connection with most of Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away or connected to devices with 3.5mm audio cable (included)
  • 【Ultra Durable & Stylish Design】Featuring a smooth rubber exterior to protect the speaker from scratching and impact. Impressive power and volume buttons design to personalize music simply

Comments from buyers

“Excellent value at £5.99
, Brilliant and simple. I 100% recommend
, Superb!!!

I was a bit surprised that it produced good sound quality even if it’s small. It came with a charging cord and a an aux cord si you don’t need to always use the bluetooth. Has a few hours of battery life too. Used it for the past few days and i’ve only charged it once when it first came.

Amazed at the quality of sound that came out of this robust little speaker.

One of the best purchases i have had so far. Comes in a rubberized shock resistant case. Waterproof so great for having out in the garden with you. Very easy to use, great sound quality irrespective of volume and easy to connect to your bluetooth device.

Bought this speaker to use for days out, but i literally have not stopped using this everyday. Me and family have taken this out on bike rides, to the beach and use in house and in garden. I could not be more happy with this product. Arrived quickly and well packaged. So simple with awesome resultsonce on and using it produces such quality sound and bass. I have friends asking about this so think they will be purchasing it themselves.

Loved the sound of the speaker when i connected with bluetooth was amazed how clear it sounded. Also didnt realise that you can also use it automacally as a speaker phone too. Took it in the shower with me and worked completely without fails even when i splashed on it will buy this again for a present to one of my friends too.

This is a great, very portable but powerful speaker. I bought this for work and it is amazing. Can hear it perfectly well around the office but it’s small and portable so can be moved anywhere. Would recommend this speaker to anyone.

Excellent product for the money with brilliant sound. Also appears well made and solid.

I was going to give a more positive review i’ve had the speaker a month and been well pleased. Now one of the speakers on the bluetooth is making buzzing/vibrating noise which spoils the quality.

Good speaker with a good sound, volume buttons stopped working after a couple of months, it only plays loud, nieghbours are starting to complain.

VENSTAR Cycling Wireless Speaker – Amazing love it.

– feels very good in hand, good materials used- very good battery- great sound- very good price.

I bought it as a christmas gift for my son who is a keen cyclist.

Well packaged easy use,very good value.

Great speaker for my bike plenty of volume. The phone hands free is good. The best function is the horn, it clears the path ahead when they don’t listen to the bell.

Great product, battery last long and sound is very loud. I would love to have indicators for the battery, it would be helpful.

Been using it for 60 minutes. Nothing wow about this speaker,. I brought this speaker because of the ability to add a micro sd card, which is a great idea. Here’s the problem, there is no volume button on the speaker. Why on earth design it to take a sd card and forget the volume button?by the way a volume button would be useful for streaming via bluetooth i. Update: excellent seller, you can change the volume on the speaker. The seller responded to my initial review comment. Note the buttons on the speaker are big and well spaced out. Which is very nice, as a few speakers i had in the past it was difficult to press the correct button. Will update review when i have tried all the features.

  • Good quality product, easy Bluetooth connection.
  • An Excellent Speaker for the Price.
  • Great sound quality with very nice base as well

Amazing little speaker would never have believed the sound could be so crisp and clear from something so small. I have tried it in all the modes and it works equally well in all. Would recommend this speaker to anyone love it.

Before i start my review i bought this speaker for £25 on sale from £99 but have seen else where for £23 on sale from £45 but not sold as a venstar speaker but another brand but never the less for £25 i can not complain. I bought this to take with me travelling through south east asia, i was a bit worried about the sound at first due to price and thought it wouldn’t be very loud. I have never been so wrong in my life. If you are looking for a low price speaker but with good sound get this speaker. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music such as house dnb and grime and this handels it well, you will not be dissapointed.

This is my first portable speaker. Does a lot of noise for a small speaker.

Absolutely amazing speaker and price. Well worth the money and well liked by the family too, buying one for my mum she likes it that much. Great speaker to take out with friends and would definitely recommend.

I’ve been after a portable speaker for a while now and saw this item and the positive reviews it had received from other customers. It arrived promptly and extremely well packaged. The actual box it arrived in makes the product appear alot more expensive than it actually is. The speaker itself is very well made and very easy to setup and begin using. It was connected to my phone (samsung s6) in under ten seconds. Now all of that may sound alright but like anyone buying a speaker the real test is in the sound and let me assure you this does not disappoint at all. The bass in particular is amazing. I’ve played several genres of music through it to test the playback sound and it hasn’t failed once. For the price you cannot go wrong.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I used it for a 24hr mountain bike race and it had so many grateful comments. The only downside is the volume is a little fiddly but nothing major.

Venstar® waterproof wireless speakers, 7w, bluetooth 4. 0, portable stereo shower speakers with bass enhance, 12 hour playtime, 3. 5 mm audio jack, support tf card/micro sd card (black)ـ الصوت ستيريو رائع وواضح جدا بسماعتين على الجوانبـ أبتعدت أكثر من عشرة أمتار عن التلفون ولم أواجه تقطع في الصوت ـ وقت التشغيل طويل والسعر مناسب والجودة عالية + سرعة في التوصيلـ أنصح بأقتناءهstereo sound very cool come clear from booth sides. I moved away more than ten meters away from the phone and did not face break-in audio. Long time operating and price is suitable. . High-quality product + speed in deliveryi would advise to buy it.

Good sounds from such a small speaker.

It’s a very well made little speaker with impressive solid rubberized construction. Great sound quality with very nice base as well. The volume can be adjusted really loud without any distortion. I’m using it with 16gb micro sd card to play my favourite tracks when exercising. I didn’t have to even charge it yet after few days of using. I didn’t test the bluetooth mode yet but it’s there ready for pairing.

Initially, very impressed with this speaker, the volume, ease of set up and clarity of sound all good. I’ve now had it a few weeks and the bluetooth keeps dropping on it, so having to reset while cycling defeats the object of it, need to find out why or it’ll have to go back.

Out riding my electric fat bike.

TRAIL TESTED – Rugged Outdoor Sports Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

I love this on my bike the sound is really good, not tried it yet as a mp3 player but the bluetooth works well with my iphone and is quick to set up. Works with my laptop and again sound is good. Also use when walking the dog and attach it to my belt or bag. Used the horn button ☺ while walking when some cyclist just ride past you with out warning you 😅.

The best little speaker i have ever come across, beautiful sound clarity and base. Beats any other budget speaker and punches (like the bass) well above its category.

I purchased this speaker for fitting to my bike and overall it is a good product with easy to set up features. The speaker is quite bulky to be fitted to handlebars however it does come with a connection to fit to your frame if you have the connection bolts for a water bottle on your frame. The speaker would also fit into a standard water bottle holder, however the controls can be quite fiddly & this would be more difficult if the speaker was not in easy reach. The speaker also comes with a removable karabiner type clip if you wanted to hang it from your backpack for walking etc. The sound quality is good for the size of the speaker and is loud enough for the daily commute.

A++absolutely top class customer service. After reviewing the device as not being completely 100% happy, the customer service team couldn’t help me enough. They offered me a full refund and any further assistance i may have needed. Would happily recommend them to anyone and i will also be shopping with them again. So in short if you have any doubts about ordering this item or anything else from this company then don’t because no matter how small your problem is they will help you. Best customer care on amazon bar none.

Sound quality is superb, and battery life is really good too. Doesn’t take to long at all for a full charge.

For me ,this is brilliant -practical ,lightweight and a nice sound to boot.

ESSENTIAL GEAR – Bluetooth 4.0 technology and BAS? audio technology from 2x 3W speakers deliver stable, HD audio. Built-in digital FM radio with auto scan presets.

This is a loud and versatile little speaker. I have tried it with a mini sd card and it works well so long as the files are mp3. I have also plugged my ipod nano into it and it plays an audio book without skipping (an issue i found with another speaker). I have an issue with the volume control which is awkward as it is the same control as the ‘next’ button so if you press too briefly it jumps to the next song.

Great product worth every pennygreat services and helpful.

Works well, pretty good sound. Noise on switching on blue tooth mode is too loud and annoying and cannot be turned down or off as far as i can tell. The actual volume control for the speaker is a bit awkward to use. Easier to use control on phone.

Most say, i was impressed by sound of it. For this money, on offer around £18, looks like worth the money i paid. It is after one day of usage review.

Use it in the bathroom as it is splash proof.

I left it out overnight in rain by mistake. Great for when riding on your bike, plenty loud enough. I also use it around the garden or at bbq’s etc for a bit of background music. Going to take on holiday too.

Great base and sound coming from such a small speaker. Fits on the handlebars of my mountain bike, only downside was that i caught myself singing along which raised a few eyebrows as i passed people lol. The bell (two tone horn really) is loud and clear too.

TOUGH ENOUGH – Outer shell made of durable, high quality, rubberised plastic. Water resistant (IPX5 rated), compact and versatile with grippy exterior and secure mounted fitting.

Good sound and easy to connect. The micro sd slot is a great added bonus.

Bought this for my boat as it was waterproof and yeaterday i was in very heavy wind, rain and waves crashing over the boat and over the speaker. It doesn’t appear to be in any way effected and there was no dip in quality. Very good battery life between charges. The only slight criticism would be the fm radio. Its not great for searching different radio stations and the reception possibly relies on being amplified by a metal object such as the bike frame is was intended for.

I’ve been using this in my workshop where i create a lot of fine wood dust. It has a good sound and survives the knocks and scrapes it receives and is easy to blow off the wood dust from it. It does travel around a bit though (bounces to the music), which has caused it to fall on occasion. However, having said that it has survived, so it is also strong. Good charge time and battery life and pairs with your device with ease via bluetooth. Overall, a very good speaker and i would highly recommend.

Excellent sound with no distortion in top volume.

I must have looked at hundreds of different portable speakers and can say with 100% certainty i picked the best. This sturdy hard wearing little speaker has good base and a decent volume. I have taken it away on 3 holidays and have had many comments where i got it. Easy to pair with blue tooth and with the carabiner is great for hooking up. You wont be disappointed and at such a great price.

This is an excellent product and the quality is obvious right from the cardboard box that the item arrives in. The venstar speaker is solidly built with simple press button controls and the sound is amazingly rich for such a small unit. After a full charge the battery life is excellent after leaving the venstar speaker running over night at a reasonable volume the unit was still only down to 50% battery power. In my opinion what make this bluetooth speaker stand out from the competition is the micro sd card slot, which means that the unit can be easily used in a stand-alone mode with all your favourite music loaded onto the sd memory card. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase speaker especially at an amazingly low price.

GET OUT MORE – Bicycle mount installs to your frame or handle and doubles as bottle holder. I-Free drive-by-wire system makes operation on-terrain easy and safe via remote control. Use speaker as bike bell.

Excellent product, radio, sd card slot. Synchronises to your iphone to play music. Has horn and bell functions.

Not bad for a small compact twin speaker unit.

Just as a bluetooth speaker it’s powerful and has good sound quality. I had a small other speaker the size of a satsuma and it’s not as loud as the speaker on my iphone. So i was pleased that this is massively louder. Easy to fit to bike, with remote control. Lots of functions and controls. Some a little difficult to figure out. But it’s difficult to think of how all the functions could be incorporated better into a few buttons. Great that you can insert a micro sd card and save your bluetooth. One improvement could be the location of volume control, maybe could be i there remote.

I ride my bike a great deal and like being able to listen to audio books, safely. The venstar means i can do so, whilst still being aware of traffic around me. I was sufficiently impressed, that i bought one for my brother, for his birthday present. Confession: i have not yet worked out how to use the fm radio.

For it’s size, it produces a fair amount of volume and appears very well made. The best feature of this bluetooth speaker is the sd card slot, which i use more than the bluetooth when using this speaker in the bathroom.

This is great, really loud and conte at so easily.

Product is excellent glad i purchased it. Just a shame on the delivery.

ICE-BINGO Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio – Great speaker. Superb sound quality

Returned radio as it was not what we wanted.

The quality is good, desgin is good, bit i was shocked about the clock every week increase by two minutes and that’s waste of my money.

I have to say its brilliant,great features which all work,good solid build quality but it was the sound & volume quality i was most surprised by,absolutely superb for a speaker so small,no problems linking it to windows laptop or iphone. Overall a great addition for your home or workplace,highly recommended. Works as clock, speaker, shows temperature,. Here are the specifications for the ICE-BINGO Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock Radio:

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  • Premium HD Sound & Bass Resonator: Double loudspeakers with maximum 12W output deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass.
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 with EDR allows for wireless Bluetooth connections up to 15m away with your smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers.
  • Compatible with TF card, USB flash drive, and work with iPhone, ipad, computers and other audio equipment as an external loudspeaker. Also support making hands free phone calls with the built-in microphone when paired to your phone.
  • Big Screen to display date & time in 12H or 24H format, Alarm, Mode status, battery level as well as temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Alarm with Cycle and Snooze function can be set using your favorite FM channel or the music file in your USB/TF card as alarm.
  • Neat and Aesthetic Design with simple buttons on top make the speaker looks good and easy to use. Solid body with Aluminum case. Built-in rechargeable 5000mAh Lithium battery can support up to 12 hours of playtime with one full charge.

 this is such a fantastic bed side table bluetooth and fm radio alarm clocki’ll start out by saying that it is packaged perfectly, when it arrived, you can tell it is such high quality. When i opened the package, i was amazed at how big the screen is on the front and how bright it is. (which can be turned down for night time sleeping. So no worries there)the amount of functions this alarm clock has, is incredible.It worked straight out of the box, the instructions were easy to follow in setting up the time, date and connection to bluetooth/fm radio. It even tells you the temperature outsideit has a back up battery, incase you have a power cut in the night – you don’t have to fear being late for work in the morning as the alarm clock will still work. Everything is easily labeled and its so simple to set up. You even get the charging usb cable and a aux cable incase you want to plug anything into speakerthe quality of the audio is mind blowing. It sounds incredible so i not only use this as an alarm, but it is now my go to for playing music in my room. As you can hear from the video i’ve attached, the bluetooth and the fm radio are crystal clear.

Better quality than i expected, great value for money.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great Sound, Functionality and Value for your money
  • I like !
  • amazing product

I bought it for my grandmother because she wanted a radio for her kitchen and a clock so this radio is perfect for her because have big numbers so she is very happy with that because she can see the time easily. Anyway when i go to her house i like to listen music so with this radio i can, with the fm radio, bluetooth, sd card, pendrive. And to be honest the sound quality is very good.

Has stopped working after about 3 months. Was good product nice and big, clear, sound could be a bit better.

I’ve just received this today and the sound is really good. I’m still trying to work out how to play through sd card or the usb. At the moment i cannot see how to play music through these inputs and this is primarily what i bought if for. I will give more stars if i work it out. I had to re-format my sd card into fat32. They only negatives i have found is that you cannot skip folders, only tracks and it doesn’t seem have a shuffle feature. You can use the aux input and plug in your mobile/ipod to cover this issue. Other than that it’s excellent.

Good sound from this lower end of the market bluetooth speaker, love the clock function and the battery life between charges is pretty good.

This is one of the most advanced alarm clocks i have ever usedit’s got an old fashioned lcd display which displays time, date, temperature, battery life and bluetooth connectivitythere are also 3 brightness modes for the screen. It also has fm radio and bluetooth. And works very well as a portable bluetooth speaker as it has a built in battery unlike many other alarm clocks. The speakers are very loud and have a decent amount of bass if you’re a hip hop lover. There are also ports for a micro sd card and an auxiliary cable if you want to plug your music straight in or play music off a memory card. It even has a call function for you to use it as a loud speaker.

Superb sound quality, battery also has good longevity. Looks great with varying brightness of display. Only downside is instructions are limited, took me a long time to work out myself how to use radio and alarm.

Delighted with this item look’s good the sound is good better then expected i like the big numbers it has a temperature gage which is great. I well be buying another soon.

Excellent alarm clock and fantastic sound.

This is no instructions with this so trying to work out how to set time and date.

Got as a present and was very happy with as it has a great sound.

Cool design; good sound; useful device.

 i purchased the bt speaker mainly for our bedroom and usually i also would rate it 5-star but there are some minor things where i think it could improve, which i also talk about in the video below, which contains a full unboxing and demo of the speaker. I like a lot the various methods to play music such as sd card, usb, bluetooth, aux or just play fm radio which is really convenient and the additional alarm clock feature makes it of course perfect for the bedroom, at least for mine :)the sound quality is for the price of the speaker excellent, i had far more expensive speakers with equal or worse sound quality and it also gets decently loud and plays quite a long time just on battery, so you can take it out for couple hours without any problem. I do think though there some things they could be improved such as the absolute not fitting pink usb cable in the box, the lines on top where the top plate connects with the side parts of the speaker could easily avoided with a better case design, but doesn’t bother me too much. You also need to be aware that the front is an absolute fingerprint magnet and if you have kids like me, that gets very fast very full with finger prints, it does benefit the look thoughof course it does not have features like dab radio, but on the other hand, it would make the speaker then also more expensive, so i am totally fine with that as i did also not look for a dab capable speaker. Pro’s- many ways to play music- unique colors- good design- very good sound quality ( of course compared to the price )- decent battery life- good packaging- huge display and surprisingly easy to read- very easy to use and pair via bt- autoplay as soon you connect usb/sd cardcon’s- pink usb cable ( really?. :d ) although its a nice pink- case should have on top no connection lines- no dab if you looking into that- front is a fingerprint magnet.

Philips BT3900A EverPlay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof – Better than most. Great features and sound. And it’s not boring black.

It’s good fast bluetooth connection an good sound system.

This unit is a great combination of features and sounds better than any other this size, (i am an audio engineer.

I especially like how it vibrates when the beat goes.

Quick one:its a decent speaker for the price, it sounds a little better than i thought it would but it won’t blow you away too much. It goes plenty loud when it needs to and the distortion isn’t too bad. However when turning it down, and this might just be with my phone, it goes from average level to very quiet in volume. I was using it in a small office [think 4 people max and wanted it quiet-ish but annoyingly it doesn’t have that sort of a level, its either too quiet or just a tad too loud. [edit: my phone is a sony xz]the recharge cable being a part of the strap is neat and unlike the other review on here i had no issues getting it out and putting it back in. All in all its a good product, perfect for what i want it for: outdoor and indoor speaker to just keep in my bag for whenever. ]

Lovely piece of kit, bit weak on bass but very good overall.

Battety life about 8h plus, sound guality is good,easy connectivity sound + and – is not so easy to use in darkness.

  • it sounds a little better than I thought it would but it won’t blow
  • Very good and portable for the price
  • I especially like how it vibrates when the beat goes

Bought this for my son’s birthday. Fantastic sound and he takes it everywhere with him. It’s great in the car too.

Amazing for the money, just some bassey songs distort at loud volumes.

A fantastic sounding device with the sole caveat that simpler music sounds better. To my ears classical music is reproduced better than my seventies jazz rock stuff. Not unreasonably it’s a bit bass light but the bass it does reproduce is controlled, indicating the device is not attempting to do more than it can.

Very light handy and portable.

It’s a great product, works perfectly.

Features of Philips BT3900A EverPlay Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof, Shockproof with USB Strap, Mic, Loud and Design – Blue

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  • Strong wireless Bluetooth connection up to 30 m
  • Durable build – shockproof, dustproof and waterproof (IP57)
  • Battery indicator to easily view power level
  • Included: BT3900A; USB cable for PC charging, quick starting guide

From the manufacturer

Music never stops

Compact and design, this Bluetooth speaker follow you everywhere so you can enjoy your music freely.

View larger

View larger

Summary :

  • 8h Playtime
  • Bluetooth Range up to 30 m (100ft)
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
  • 3.5mm Connection
  • Dimension (WxDxH) : 16.6×2.2×8.6 cm
  • Weight: 220g

Philips Everplay BT3900

Big Sound. Durable Build.

My music never stops. Everplay wireless portable speaker keeps playing all the time without interruption thanks to the strong Bluetooth connection and intuitive charging options. Its custom fabric makes it beautiful as well as super durable

  • Waterproof (IP57), shockproof, dustproof
  • High performance DuraFit fabric
  • Intuitive charging with battery indicator
  • Anti-clipping function for loud, distortion free music
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Smartphones and Tablets (2.1 and superior)
  • Available in 4 Colours

Wireless music streaming

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that is both robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows easy wireless connection to iPod/iPhone/iPad or other Bluetooth devices, such as smartphones, tablets or even laptops.

30m Bluetooth range

EverPlay speaker offers an incredibly stable and long-range Bluetooth connection up to 30 metres or 100 feet, three times faster than industry standards. The speakers are equipped with a sensitivity antenna and radio frequency filter to minimise background interference.

Battery indicator

Finally, a Bluetooth speaker that provides a simple, clear way to see how much remaining power you have! With EverPlay, simply push the power button to see how much battery is left.

Anti-clipping function

Anti-Clipping lets you play music louder and keeps it high quality, even when the battery is low. This built-in function monitors the musical signal as it goes through the amplifier and keeps peaks within the amplifier’s range, preventing the audio distortion caused by clipping without affecting loudness.

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

As usual for philips it looks a quality product but some of the design features will possibly drive you mad. Now i have overcome the problems below and just enjoy the sound it is forgiven the frustration. Prossound quality to me sounded as good as my similar b & o bluetooth speaker costing a lot more with identical features. Not black and glossy which i don’t like but a very comfortable matt rubber type finish. Carrying handle is also the charging cable which initiallly seemed a good idea but read on. Clearly labelled prominent buttons. Very easy bluetooth connectivity probably the easiest thing i have paired. 3 hour charge and a claimed 8 hours use on the box ( or 15 hrs on the paperwork inside)consthe combined carry strap and charging cable has to be a tight click fit but my cable was so tight that depressing the clips to release the cable was impossible. A number of people tried but it would not release. I eventually released it with pliers and a screwdriver but it is now scratched and damaged.

What a fantastic blurtooth speaker this is. This bluetooth speaker is shockproof, dustproof and waterproof. It has a battery indicator so you can see when it needs charging. It looks the business, but above all else the sound is luxurious. It works from a really good distance to. I have had a few bluetooth speakers, but boy this surpasses them all.

Great sound from a thin portable speaker. Add in the water proofing and you have a great little portable music box. Its not major loud but clean clear sound.

I have bought this item to use in a 15 year old car which can only play cds and had no auxiliary input or bluetooth to directly connect the phone. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out as i though it might so it become a home accessory. Overall it can fill a small room without distortion (at reasonably civilised sound levels) but suffers from not being stereo and not being able to daisy chain with other phillips products so that one can expand to get stereo effects.

Strong wireless Bluetooth connection up to 30 m

Durable build –

Battery indicator to easily view power level

Included: BT3900A; USB cable for PC charging, quick starting guide

JAM Audio Replay – Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Omg sooo good

Connecting to iphone 4s with bluetooth there is a ‘squelch’ or filtering system that causes clipping of spoken words ‘audiobooks’ at the begining of each sentence. There seems to be a delay before the amp circuitry recognises the signal and activates, clipping the very first of the first word.

Great sound quality and battery life for the price. Better than a phone speaker- put it that way, and great for when i’m in hotel rooms and just want mid level volume to listen to my own music. Wouldn’t be loud enough for a large party though.

I love its amazing i can’t stop using it is really loud probably the loudest speaker for its price 100 % worth every penny would be a great present for a teenager and its cheap hasn’t got an amazing quality but with spotify i use and equalizer and it now sounds amazing it also has a great bass. Here are the specifications for the JAM Audio Replay – Portable Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • SUPERIOR SOUND: Get amazing sound with precision drivers for superior bass. The Jam Replay is rechargeable, giving you up to 5 hours playtime from fully charged.
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & STURDY: This portable speaker has a rubberised exterior making it easy to toss in your bag and take along for the ride.
  • SPEAKERPHONE: Quickly move from music to calls with the handy speakerphone function which allows you to pick up calls as they come in.

Quite ok for the price, lasts long and loud enough.

I bought this for my niece for her birthday, loved it and then had to buy one for myself. I take it everywhere in my suitcase. Amazing sound for such a little thing and so easy to use.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Amazing sound for a little box
  • Sound quality is quite good considering the size of the jam jar speaker. Ideal for my Campervan!
  • Five Stars

Great little powerful speaker and hands free mike.

Pairs great with samsung phone. Cannot get it to pair with neocore tablet which i also bought on amazon.

Used for music and quality is amazing.

Kicks out good sound quality & volume.

I’d lost it was working ok but not louder than easyacc which is £3.

Good sound easy to use and connect.

Excellent value for a bluetooth speaker. Sturdily built and easy to operate.

Small enough to take away and great sound.

AIFMY B10 Portable Wireless Speaker – Cheap but good quality!

Super easy to set up and connect to my iphone. Small enough to put in any handbag.

I primarily use this in my office, linking to my iphone for music or podcasts. The speaker is still working beautifully. Quick charging by usb and the ability to connect to my pc via the ac is great. Extremely loud compared to other blue tooth speakers i’ve had. The speaker is very great for the price and size.

Fab little speaker, fantastic bass, really clear, connects really quickly to android. Does what it says on the tin really, great value for the price 😊.

I bought this speaker for my son and he loves itacfually i’m loving it as well because was cheap but the sound quality is very goodthank you.

Very easy to set up, and surprisingly good reproduction.

  • Good volume and decent bass
  • Great product
  • Great, light weight portable speaker

I love this speaker, the sound quality is pretty good and the volume is impressive for such a speaker. The battery life is excellent and it was easy to pair with my phone. I also used it with an ipod with the included cable. If you want a tough and loud speaker for use in extreme conditions, i would highly recommend getting this one.

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【High Quality Clear Sound】:Advanced DSP amplifier IC boost maximum volume enhance up to 80%. 5Wx2 high-end low- impedance speakers larger than normal 10W. Experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual high-

【Louder Volume and More Bass】: Built in bass chip, inner magnetic horn 55mm and bass diaphragm, As unique enhanced bass, the sound is loud and clear bass calm, You can just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are without distortion even at highest volume.

【Bluetooth 4.2 Technology】: Bluetooth 4.2 compatible with Android, IOS and Windows systems, instantly pair to your smartphone, tablet or to any Bluetooth compatible device and start streaming lossless CD-quality sound from up to 55 feet away.

【15-Hour Battery Life 】: AIFMY B10 Built-in Li-Ion 3600mAH rechargeable battery guarantees up to 15 hours playtime in 75% volume. Recharge in just 3-4 hours with included micro USB cable, The size and weight make it portable and easy to carry.

WAYCOM Outdoor Sport Portable Weather-proof Shockproof Dust-proof Stereo Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Really happy with this item

What a wonderful speakerit is powerful and small and connected even to my phoneexactly what i was looking for.

Great for use with the new spa outside. Used several times in the rain and works excellently. Easy to connect and good quality sound from a small device.

Connected without probs and sound is great. Have had it several months and no issues.

Key specs for WAYCOM Outdoor Sport Portable Weather-proof Shockproof Dust-proof Stereo Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker(Black):

  • Small, stylish, compact and extremely portable, can be put into your bag. Dustproof, Anti-scratch, Shockproof and waterproof, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Dual speakers 2 * 2W, 4W strong output power with outstanding sound quality.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery offers 8 hours of playtime and is charged via Micro USB Cable (USB cable line included). Supports repeated charge for more than 1000 times
  • A2DP stereo Bluetooth transmission. The effective distance can up be 10 meters under barrier-free condition.
  • Aux in function support all digital audio device with 3.5mm jack, such as iPod/iPhone/ipad,Cell phone,MP3, MP4,Computer, Notebook, PSP

Comments from buyers

“Good for quiet environments
, Great device!
, So Good I Bought It Twice

Brilliant will buy again & again – lovely in the garden etc.

Ideal and as described,very good quality for the price. Battery lasts easily four hours in constant use, recharges quickly. Sound is loud enough to use whilst working on a small indoor building site and it’s tough enough to survive a knock. When using bluetooth range is about 10m but it doesn’t cope well with interference so try to keep the emitter close to the unit.

A very well made piece of kit.

Pretty good all round for the moneyfriends were impressed and asked where i bought it.

Yep, good value, good sound, easy to connect and it’s rain proof. I bought one of these and have it playing some chilled out jazz music at my guest house in cornwall on the front decking overlooking the sea.

Don’t be fooled by the size or the price, this is a great speaker. Good sound, very portable, seems to play for ever on one battery charge.

Liked the first one so much i bought another one this year. Bluetooth connection sooooo easy, not at all finicky like some devices. Never had a dropped connection. Great for when you are out in the garden listening through your phone. Not party volume but more than enough for normal non partying purposes. Excellent battery life, i use it a lot it never seems to run out although obviously i do recharge it from time to time. I’ve had a few portable bluetooth speakers and this is by far the best and vfm wise nothing comes close.

Really happy with this item, the bluetooth has a good range and the item is robust and well built, sound quality is not bad and fairly loud. Delivery took a while but worth the wait.

I expected it to be a little bit louder, but it is loud enough for what i wanted it for. Other than that very good quality.

A brilliant product (and i don’t say that very often). The sound output is something you’d expect from a speaker 2 or 3 times the size, and it’s not only punchy and bassey, it’s also rugged. I didn’t receive this product in exchange for an honest review – i bought it with my own money, and i’m glad i did.

It is very good and really loud when used over bluetooth but if u use the aux core it does not go very loud. But apart from that it’s great.

Impressive sound and volume. Compact and easy to use, the ‘water resistant’ port covers are a nice touch.

My son and i are very pleased.

Unbelievably good value for money. The sound quality is good, the battery life is amazing. All round brilliant speaker.

Unexpectedly powerful, good quality of sound, value for money, i am very happy with this purchase.

I bought this on the advice of a friend as i needed an audio solution for the courses i run. Laptop speakers not loud enough and i didnt want to lugg around massive speakers in addition to my other kit. So i bought this, and have no complaints. Even the robust box allows me to pack other cables and projector remote. I will say though its a bit fiddly to setup especially if its the bluetooth you want to use over the audio cable thats provided. Other than that its been great in my workshops and even been used now on holidays and home cinema. I recommend it without hesitation.

Bought for teenage son – liked it. His older brother said ‘hmm not bad’ (praise indeed) and wanted one too.

My son breaks most things but hasnt managed to break this yet.

Great sound, rubber ends stops it moving with vibration, on off switch is a little bit fiddly if you have sausage fingers,.

The speaker arrived moderately fast and was packaged well. This speaker is not that load compared to other bluetooth speakers, but it sounds crystal clear even at the highest volumethe bass is very intense for a small speaker like this. I mostly use this speaker to turn up the music when i shower, the room gets vaporous when i take a shower, which the speaker handles just fine. The build quality is great, you can’t just break it by holding it. I recommend this speaker for a quiet environment, but it’s bad to use it in a loud environment as it is too silent.

But buy the earson speaker (as that is in fact what the waycom speaker is) at £13.

Soundance ® Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio – Great speaker for the money

Sound quality is very good for the price and it looks very stylish. There is a bright red display behind the speaker casing which is similar in style to a cheap digital watch that you’d buy for a child. I really feel it lets it down. I just expect more in this day and age from electronics. Overall, i’m happy enough with it and if this wouldn’t bother you, it’s a solid purchase for the price.

The positives first – sound quality and volume is good, a speaker this size is never going to produce thumping bass but overall it’s fine and loud. I got the white version and it looks very good, a gloss plastic finish and the indentations on the top panel give it a sleek look, a nice touch. Bluetooth connection seems to be reliable and stable. Fm radio reception is good, especially considering there is no external aerial. The fact that the battery is removable and replaceable is also a bonus. There’s no charger supplied but surely everyone has a drawer full of micro usb chargers at this stage. A couple of niggles however:- when you switch it on, the volume always defaults back to 12 (out of 20, so quite loud), regardless of what setting it was at when you switched it off. Not a big deal, just means you need to switch it on, turn the volume down, and then start the music. – the fm radio saves preset stations – but you cannot do this manually. 5 and saves every signal up to 107. 5 as a separate channel, so you end up with static, multiple presets of the same station and presets of stations you would never even listen to. So overall, a good speaker for the price, just a couple of things could have been done better.

I haven’t used the radio bit yet as it’s an extra feature i was not really bothered about. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a bluetooth boomer. Here are the specifications for the Soundance ® Wireless Bluetooth Speakers With FM Radio:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • New Wireless Technology allows you to connect the speaker from up to 10 meters away to your smart phones or pads. Easy to pair – No code/pin needed.
  • Premium Sound with self boosting amplifier IC and Bass Enhance Technology. Two powerful 52mm diameter speakers with maximum 10W output and Enhanced Bass Resonator deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass.
  • Built-in FM Radio with LED display. Support Micro SD Card and TF card insert and play. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling.
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free bluetooth speaker phone calling.
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable Lithium battery can support up to 8 hours of playtime with one full charge.

While i have some suggestions for further improvement on any later model, buy this and you will enjoy rich, clear (and plenty loud) sound and a most convenient size with good battery life. Easily paired with everything tried so far (android and iphones, tablet, ms surface) and distance from source (how far apart can source and speakers be) has worked as expected. Fm stations scan in automatically on depression of a switch and are easily skipped up and down thereafter. Indicator shows the frequency of the radio station or ‘bt’ when on bluetooth or charging status when off. Uses a micro-usb connector to charge, so chargers are ‘2 a penny’. All the buttons are on the top and once you learn their positions, can be easily operated. Battery can be replaced if ever it fails to hold a charge later in life – but you will need to find this size on the internet as it is not a typical size here. What would i like to improve?.1) when you switch it on, it always goes direct to bluetooth mode and volume level 12, rather than the last setting (e.

This speaker does the job very well at this price point. Pros:- sound quality is good- can attend calls from the speaker- supports sd card- fm is available- 10+ hours battery lifecons:- heavy- tough to keep it clean (attracts finger prints).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • A nice product let down by a couple of design flaws
  • Great Bluetooth speakers and I really enjoy the bonus of the FM radio
  • Versatile budget speaker with good sound

Good solid feel quality so multi purpose looks good too cannot fault product well pleased.

Item smaller than i expected, which suited me perfectly as they’re now ideal for home and travel. Bought to listen to christmas songs, good bass, not tinny, very good range of volume and easy to use. So pleased that i ordered another one straight away for a christmas present, unfortunately that one didn’t arrive. Problems with amazon logistics, said they couldnt access safe place but i was in that evening, rescheduled next day, said it was delivered, but not to me. Think same carrier went to wrong address. Got a refund, but i still want speakers.

For its price this is an exceptional price of kit, whilst not a bose in terms of sound quality (but what is at £20) it is an exceptionally clear sound. The resanance chamber helps add a good quality of base sometimes lacking in these small speaker systems. The radio is a bit basic but it is an extra thrown in. Battery life is good and i like the battery indicator that shows on the iphone screen when linked. Over all this has been a welcome addition to the family life.

Sometimes a bit on maneuvering is required to get a good radio signal.

Cannot fault this in any way, good sound for its size and in the end i bought two. If a quality speaker at a great price and want the added benefit of bluetooth/radio and usb/sd card look no further than this.

I was pleasantly surprise with the sound quality of this item. It gives a good clear sound and has quite a bit of volume for such a small bit of kit. My eldest it using it to play music via spotify from his tablet in his room and it’s really good. He’s been using it for 4 months now with no problems. I’m thinking of getting a couple more for the other members of the family.

Great little speaker for the price. I would have preferred a slightly higher top volume but it does a good job in the kitchen. Like that it is battery powered (built-in rechargeable) and does not need mains all the time bt connection is a breeze but only supports one connected device at a time. Otherwise, so far, it’s been a great purchase.

For the price this is pretty good, doesn’t sound quite as good as the ‘psych’ model of a similar size/shape also on amazon, though not far off, and this costs less, but this has input for usb, micro sd, 3. 5mm input and a usable fm radio, even if it is a bit choosy about where it best works for fm as there is no external aerial. The usb player remembers what and where it last played when you turn it on again and set it back to usb play (if you leave the usb stick in) this is very good for audio books and music alike. Unfortunately every time you turn it on it goes to bluetooth mode and is quite loud regardless of the volume you left it on, not the end of the world but it annoys me to the point i was happy enough to give it away without replacing it. I contacted the maker and there’s nothing can be done to alter this.

It seems that battery holds max 8 hours, after a couple of weeks but not an issue if you have the charger handy. Only one thing, the cable didn’t last for as long as 1 month only, due to everyday manipulation.

A bit fiddly on set up with a bit of trial and error and as other reviews mention the problem of the volume being high when it is turned on otherwise i found it good value with an attractive modern design.

Very lovely,loud exactly what i needed in a speaker, soon getting another one have also recommended to some friends. Could do with a more better inbuilt mic.

It holds its charge for ages so can be used anywhere as a portable speaker – excellent sound quality too.

Top product for the money spent. Even at double to price i would still be very happy. I’ll be buying another as a birthday present for christmas although i wont let them know how much (or little) i spent. A replaceable re-chargeable is also a very good addition too.Even re-chargeable’s don’t last forever.

Brilliant little speaker at an amzing price. So much bass and goes really loud thank you.

I bought this speaker for very specific requirements – to use for the audio part of a public art installation – i wanted a speaker that would play from a usb stick or sd card, play a single track in an endless loop and run off the mains. This does all of those things and the sound quality is pretty good. Compared to my sony srs x33 it lacks bass and depth of sound, but on the other hand i would say the sound from the soundance has greater clarity and crispness (good for hearing vocals) – a brightness – which isn’t grating, just not as ‘mellow’ as i’ve got used to hearing on the sony (and the sony cost around 3 times the price). Unfortunately it will default to level 12 each time it is switched on – so you may have to adjust every time you switch on. The red led display is a useful feature for showing volume level – but when using bluetooth the bright red glowing ‘bt’ on constant display is a bit unnecessary and intrusive – i’d like to be able to switch it off. I could not get the speaker to play anything other than. Mp3 files via the usb stick – i don’t know if it will play. Wav via bluetooth – but it is easy to convert sound files and didn’t cause too much of a problem. I can’t comment on the fm radio as this is an addon feature that i don’t think i’ll find of much use.

Great sound, great radio yet no ariel to extend as not needed. . I don’t use it for much else so i waste its use, but glad i got it.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Pink : Nice :)

Nice compact size, yet abe to play at a good volume without distoration. Bluetooth and sd card are an excellent inclusion for the price of a wired speaker. Just be aware unit is very loud when announcing what it is and being connected view bluetooth. That’s the only thing that could be improver.

A handy piece of equipment for those who want to listen to music or video footage sounds from laptops or mobile phones etc when on the move. The bluetooth is a plus another bonus is the fact a memory can also be plugged in and music obtained from that. Itls compact and easy to put in your luggage or pocket. The sound quality is ok-not as good as my jbl speaker but that was double the price. All in all, a good buy and my wife was pleased with it as a little extra at christmas.

I literally cannot believe the sound quality that comes from this tiny device.

Absolutely brilliant little thing. The lady’s voice makes me laugh.

Good little pocket speaker for those summer days.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – Pink : Small in size but not in sound. I wanted it to listen to my audiobooks​ and it is perfect.

Nifty little speaker, good for the moneythe only thing i don’t like is the crazy american lady that yells ‘bluetooth connected’. When you connect something via bluetooth, that gets annoying.

Got it for my disabled niece absolutely loves it definately recomend it.

I absolutely love this little speaker , the colour is lovely and bright , even tho it’s really tiny the sound is brilliant and because of it’s size i can put it in my handbag and take it with me to friends homes etc , then of course there’s the fact that it’s bluetooth which means i if i move away from the speaker i can adjust the volume or change track track , brilliant device , 100% happy with it :-).

Super,, unexpectly loud and clear sound. I have one and got 3 more as gifts. Beware, you may not get the neccessary cable. I had to purchase one due to no help from seller.

Great little speaker – perfect for taking on holiday.

Really pleased with my purchase it may look small but the sound quality is outstanding.

To say how small the speaker is it is brilliant quality and can go very loud. Very happy with this item and would recommend 😊.

Got it for my friend she loves it and is loud to so perfect.

I have 3 now one upstairs one downstairs and one i take to the beach or pick nick love it.

The last one lasted about 2 years maybe longer and i used it nearly every day. The old one still works now but the battery life doesn’t last very long anymore. I’m really pleased with this item and would recommend it the anyone. Very nifty gadget and great quality.

Can’t believe that you can get such good sound quality from something so small.

Bought as present and my daughter loved the. Connects easily, easy to use and a decent sound.

I will never buy any other brand of speaker again. I actually have purchased this again as my previous speaker was stolen during a break in to our villa on holiday so needed a replacement. I’ve got it in pink so the f’ers are less likely to steal it again.

I’ve only had this for a week or so, but the sound is really good. Battery life seems to be holding up.

When i first opened the box i thought that i had bought a useless wee item but to my surprise this little package made a big sound. I am not a connoisseur of speakers but this is great for listening to music from my ipad and phone and it takes up so little room on my bedside table. I feel that this wee speaker will be borrowed by others in my household, i will need to hide it. If in doubt, go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Was a little difficult to get it going as the instructions were not very clear. But once i worked that out it works a treat. Not the best sounding system but for the price and size, love it.

Fresh ´N Rebel Fresh ‘n Rebel 3 – Really good sound quality

1st class service, delighted with rockbox chunk.

Excellent speaker for an excellent price, looks nice and sounds greatedit 7 days later: stopped charging and is now completely useless to me.

Took a gamble on one of these from hmv for £49. Really good sound quality, plenty of bass and high end crisp & clear. Get one, you won’t be disappointed.

Superb sound from a smallish box. If you are travelling light it’s not the most portable of speakers. Strong bass with no distortion when the volume is raised. Excellent value, sounds like it would cost more. Looks and feels well made and durable.

Received as a gift and i couldn’t be happier. It’s a very high quality speaker and the discription is spot on. The bass is deep but not over powering, the physical quality of the item is also excellent. Packaging is good and protects the item very well. Would recommend to anyone after a bose speaker who doesn’t want to spend the silly amounts for the same high quality and stylish item.

Son was very impressed with this speaker. Really well made, good quality and a good weight to it. Even from downstairsslightly larger than the brick version but still very portable. Great choice of speaker for someone who wants a good sound but doesn’t want to spend too much on it.

  • good quality and a good weight to it
  • Great sound
  • stopped charging within a week

From the manufacturer



A speaker for those who want more

Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition is a wireless speaker for those who are looking for a little bit more! The biggest of all the Rockbox speakers, it combines quality materials, a powerful bass and excellent sound with a contemporary look and feel. The perfect speaker for the design lover as much as the music lover, it sets the stage and brings your music to life. Play your favourite tunes out aloud and enjoy awesome sound with deep bass at any volume thanks to DSP technology and the passive bass. Clad in a woven fabric with multi-coloured threads, it is embellished with a tanned leather label with embossed logo. Available in five must-have colours, Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition is on a mission to dress up your music.

Wireless freedom

Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your phone, tablet or notebook. Its 4000 mAh battery means you get an impressive 20 hours of non-stop music out of a single charge. The battery status LEDs let you keep track of it easily and the Powerbank port comes in handy when your phone runs out of battery. With the backlit touch buttons you’re always in control of your music without taking your phone out of your pocket. Rockbox Chunk Fabriq Edition is perfect for use at home but still compact and light enough to come along on a weekend trip or other outings with friends to set the tone for your feel-good moments.

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Battery Powered