RIVA S RTS01G Premium Bluetooth Speaker : Five Stars

This little speaker is a doddle to use, and produces a full, rich sound, quite remarkable for such a small speaker. It seems very well built, and has a high quality feel to it. I’m not convinced that the battery life is quite what it is claimed to be, but it’s not really an issue for me, as i don’t intend to use it on the move, i. The price from amazon was great too – £80 for a speaker with a rrp of £200.

I’ve listened to practically all of the relevant bluetooth speakers. People scratch their heads hearing this little box play.

My perfect travel companion because i’m working overseas most of the year it’s my own personal hifi. I have my bose qc35 when on the go and use this immaculate speaker when home.

I’m a massage therapist and i’ve used this to play music for sessions over a few months, so i’ve had a chance to observe many people’s reactions to the sound. The keyword tends to be ‘wow’. It’s just amazing to have something this size that i can carry around with me, and not compromise so much on sound quality. It’s not quite as wonderful as my home 5. 1 surround system but it’s surprisingly close. The sound quality is adequate to not distract from the music, it really helps to create a tranquil space. Nice looks and easy bluetooth compatibility a bonus (i’ve often connected it to other people’s phones/laptops too). The only thing i would change about it is that it makes a loud beeping sound when i have incoming calls on my phone, even when i’ve set the incoming calls to silent. If you are looking to buy speakers, i highly recommend oluv’s interactive comparison tool – [. that’s how i could hear/compare lots of different speakers, and this one was my favourite. ]

A very good speaker for its size, only let down by lack of common microusb charging, lack of full water proofing (its just splash proof) and lack of playback buttons (play, pause, previous and next).

RIVA S RTS01G Premium Bluetooth Speaker : Read all the reviews good and bad as they provide a fair assessment. Will suit some people who prefer a refined hifi sound and i acknowledge for a small speaker some tracks and genres of music sound amazing e. However if you want depth and base i would look else where. Strongly recommend checking out the next model up unless weight is a key factor in your decision.

This tiny unit is beautifully built and supplied with an excellent carrying case and a decent solid charger. The sound is simply remarkable – definitely one of the best bluetooth speakers available. Give it a few hours for the drive units to wear in before judging it (the manufacturers say three hours, but i reckon more like twenty). This unit has superb clarity and presence. Maybe not the loudest out there, but the quality really is stunning. If you like acoustic and classical music this is one speaker that will not let you down, although the bass performance on more contemporary tunes is remarkable too. People hear the sound and can’t believe it’s coming from this little box.

Clean, crisp, flawless soundstage. I returned a bose soundlink mini 2 to get this instead. I can confirm this is superior.

The protective sleave or transport cover was marked and dirty. I suspect this was either ex-display or refurbished. Can’t decide if the speakers are damaged or not but the sound is not very bright – seems to lack treble tones. Update: sound has improved with use – maybe the speakers need to warm up a bit?. However all the other issues still stand. Have increased review by 1 star.

This is an amazing little speaker, for some reason the gold and white version is a tenner cheaper than the other two, i’ve had this for about two weeks, and decided to buy a second for the stereo pair. Unbelievably fantastic sound, tremendous depth, sound carries well around the house so not always necessary to move the speaker. Really looking forward to getting two together.

Very happy to have this speaker.

Sounds good, it looks good, but battery weak.

As a hifi enthusiast wanting something portable for the home office/kitchen/bathroom this looked perfect from the specification and online reviews. First sound quality impressions were good but maybe not quite as stellar as many of the reviews were suggesting, with the out of box sound a little more ‘muffled’ than i wanted. However give it time and use – with a hundred plus hours the sound quality has improved in every area and is to my critical ears excellent for the money and the type of device. It really shows up the variable quality of the source material but mp3s played from amazon prime via my sony xperia android phone using bluetooth aptx generally sound good. With my typical 50% volume usage the battery lasts at least 10 hours, but i have found it does sound a bit better with a slightly greater bass presence when plugged into the mains, particularly as the battery runs down. Build quality and operation is great too. Zero bluetooth drop-outs so far. Even my daughter likes listening to her music on it which is definitely a first.

I never thought of myself as an audiophile until i tried this speaker. I relistened to many a track on my playlist since getting it, just to hear the difference. The sound is perfectly balanced, not too bassy. Only fault is sometimes it can be a bit too quiet if you want to say watch a movie. Music wise though its perfect, i’ve hosted parties with these no problem.

Excellent sound from such a small and totally portable device. It isn’t hi-fi quality but no-one would expect that from a bluetooth speaker. The speaker gets better with time so allow a bit of ‘breaking-in’ for the best sound.

Astonishing sound quality for such a little speaker. Would be absolutely perfect if it could go just a bit louder, but still, i have no hesitation giving it five stars.

This has a hifi sound and is everything i’d hoped for. I’ll be watching with interest when the new riva wand series of speakers are released to compare them with sonos. I’d say the riva s easily compares to the sonos 1 series. I do not hesitate to recommend the riva s.

A very impressive little piece of kit which is lightweight yet powerful.

The battery runs down very quickly if not connected to the mains. The touch-sensitive switches react with a lag.

Amazing performance from this small, incredibly solid feeling for its size, bluetooth speaker. I listened to a few speakers in this price bracket before taking a gamble on this one, which i had not heard, based solely on other reviews i had seen. My concerns were blown away once i heard this speaker. I am certain that at this price there is nothing else to touch it.

Bought this as on offer, had bose soundlink, ( which is great)but never see it as kids use it. I have to say this is a major upgrade in terms of sound and spec. Comes with traveling case and can also be operated remotely via app. I dare not turn it up as my neighbor will complain. Good looking high performing piece of kit. Highly recommend at current price.

MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker – 30 Hour Battery – Premium Stereo Sound – : Excellent product

On par with similarly priced bluetooth speakers, if not better. Has strong and deep bass, and a balanced hifi tuning. Battery life is long and allows for a full day of medium loudness listening. Easily pairs to multiple devices, and has an android app for additional eq tuning and quality of life tweaks. Customer support is second to none, the uk based firm responds quickly to customer issues and offers satisfactory resolutions. Would recommend as a good speaker with great support.

Excellent product – very impressed with quality.

What an amazing little thing. I am a bit of a fan of portable music devices and was looking for something stronger than the already good but cheap device i used up to this point. I was skeptical because of the high price compared to the big advertised bose product, which is equally priced. But please bose, go homethe minirig is so much better in absolute every aspect. It starts off with high quality materials and an amazing design. It comes in a strong and save box. It immediately pairs to the bluetooth with absolutely no waiting time. The sound is so full and easily covers a whole room. The bass can be felt through the floor eventhough it’s such a small device. I really feel the urge to try out every single song on my playlist to compare my past sound experience to the minirig.

I absolutely love this speaker. The sound is dynamic and exciting, which is something i’ve never experienced with a small portable speaker. It’s really clear, impressively full and very loud. The build quality is first class and i really like the simplicity – auto connecting to bluetooth for one thing is a great little detail. Battery life very impressive. All in all i’m totally happy with this speaker and will definitely be adding to the range.

  • Most amazing product I bought in recent years
  • UK quality and service.
  • Amazing device!

MINIRIG MINI Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker – 30 Hour Battery – Premium Stereo Sound – Red

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  • With up to 30hrs of battery enough to keep you going all weekend, great for festivals and sunny days at the park
  • 15 watts of power with a custom 52mm speaker driver, serious amounts of power making it the loudest speaker for its size
  • Deep powerful bass, with crisp balanced sound, great for all types of music – unbelievable for its size
  • Pop it in your pocket and take the party with you wherever you plan to go, all within a perfect tube (84mm x 53mm)
  • Designed and built in Bristol, United Kingdom, hand built by a passionate team of music enthusiasts from DJ’s to bass guitar players

Exceptional sound for the size, looks good and is compact.

I knew being a mini rig that this was going be to loud but ohhhh jeeeez i wasn’t expecting it to be that loud.

Class leading sound, exceptional mid range clarity with good enough bass to make a full bodied sound. The good thing is that you can add another minirig and a minirig subwoofer to make a full 2. 1 stereo system which will beat any other bluetooth speaker (of any size) in the market, not just for the sound quality, loudness and looks, but also for the price. First i bought a minirig 3, got so impressed that bought a second minirig 3, have ordered a minirig subwoofer also, and then to carry around with me in my bag, i bought a minirig mini also. And as you can see from the photo, i have a bose soundlink mini 2 also. This minirig mini which is half the size of bose, sounds twice as good and twice as loud. I have almost stpped using bose. If you are thinking of buying a pocket size speaker, perhaps thinking of the “highly rated” bose soundlink micro or a b&o speaker etc. Just stop and buy this minirig mini. Bose micro and others sound cheap and tiny in front of this little speaker.

Using the audio cable provided with the minirig, i connected it to an old personal cd player that i have had for years.

It was really well packaged and turned on straight away so i could use it – which is simple, you just connect via bluetooth. The unit itself is sturdy and solid but not heavy, and it’s the perfect size to take places with you. It’s even got packaging you can reuse to protect it. As for the really important part – the sound is fantastic, especially for such a small device. I know several people who’ve got one of these now and they all agree. Great to see a small bristol-based company making such high quality products.

Present for granddaughter very good.

I would describe myself as someone who has tried a load of different wireless audio products. I was not sure what to expect with the minirig mini. I got two of the units and paired them up and immediately was astounded by the clarity and energetic sound these little units produce. I asked my wife what magic is this?.Even she took a double take listening to emilie sandie’s clown track. I am now flogging my apple homepod as it does not even match two of the minirigs in a pair. Wireless audio has finally matured.

Sound is more than adequate for the size of this thing.

Just check reviews on youtube.

For its size and transportability – super sound.

The minirig mini is simply mind-blowing . How they achieve such big sound from such a small device is unreal. I travel extensively so have tried many portable bluetooth speakers over the years – nothing comes close to the mini.

I absolutely love my minirig mini, every time i bring it to a bbq or festival everyone is so impressed how loud it is and how great the base is for such a small speaker. I previously had the standard mini rig which is also great but this one is smaller so even better for squeezing in carry on luggage. I use it to enhance the sound on my ipad when watching movies too. I really want to get the subwoofer now and create a huge minirig sound system.The industrial design is pretty cool too, looks nicer than the other generic looking speakers. Battery seems to go on forever too, you can still connect it while it’s charging anyway.

Great product, tip use the updater and beta apps for android.

Great piece of kit, easy to set up, and the sound quality is glorious.

The best sounding mini bt speaker out there. Astonishing sound for its size. Just took it away on an easyjet cabin luggage only flight. Perfect for the hotel room for 5 days. Still had charge when we returned. Much clearer and more portable than my cambridge audio minx go. Be aware though that the ios app is still being developed properly and at time of writing doesn’t work properly.

I’ve had one of the first gen mini rigs for a few years now and it’s never let me down on quality or durability, and i was not let down at all by the new mini mini, same banging sound quality and i can chuck it wherever i want now that they made these ones bluetooth too. Always recommend mini rigs to people i meet and will continue with this one.

Great speaker, unfortunately didn’t come with a case 😔.

Hubby was delighted with this speaker and now uses it everytime we drove somewhere to play radio 6 through his phone.

ifoxcreations iFox IFS303 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – to think that what I buy ought to be good. For the money this is fabulous

Execellent, the sound is nice and loud.

Battery life leaves much to be desired and stand by mode is non existent.

Excellent mini speaker – better than i expected. Powerful and clear sound reproduction; excellent bluetooth, aux and micro sd card connections, with an added bonus with radio play; no fault. Here are the specifications for the ifoxcreations iFox IFS303 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

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  • ��THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING- The iFS303 is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to enjoy their music anytime, anyplace. With a strong carabiner clip, effortlessly hook your speaker to any backpack, belt loop, bicycle, keychain…. and away you go!
  • ��BRINGS FUN TO ANY TASK OR JOURNEY- With 5-6hrs of battery life, take your music along with you. So portable it enhances fun activities -car trips, hikes, BBQs, picnics at the beach….. and boring tasks too- workplace, housework, cooking, yard work
  • ��SO EASY TO USE- Even your technophobe family member will be able to work the iFS303 right away. Switch between bluetooth, wireless, Micro SD/TF, FM radio and AUX in under 6 seconds
  • ��WOW YOUR FRIENDS WITH AMAZING SOUND- The audio packs the punch of a boombox, it’s super easy to pair….your iFS303 bluetooth speaker will be the envy of your friends & family
  • ��RISK FREE & PEACE OF MIND…. We offer an incredibly generous 12 month warranty, so if your speaker breaks or stops working, we’ll gladly replace of refund it for you! But don’t worry, all our speakers come CE/FCC/ROHS certified for quality parts and reliability

Szybko sprawnie super głośnik.

Perfect for walking with dog .

Reviews from purchasers :

  • The iFox IFS303 is a good quality item
  • Great speaker, shame the battery doesn’t last long.
  • Good little speaker

Great customer service with quick response and fast action. The ifox ifs303 is a wonderful addition to any bluetooth connected device for a clear sound and compact design for taking on holiday or just playing it around the home or office. Bluetooth connects fast and is stable. I have played songs via the microsd card slot for an all-in-one mini sound system on the beach and while backpacking. It saves your phones battery as you don’t need to use the bluetooth connection, as i find it drains the phones battery. The buttons on my black model have indistinct markings and are hard to see in dim light. I got used to where they were after a short while of using it though. There are not many of themthere is no display and the voice that plays when you press the buttons is quite loud but tolerable. Overall, i am impressed with the customer service and the purchase. There are others out there but this one is a very good quality item compared to them.

This speaker comes in handy, when i’m doing chores and don’t have enough free hands to carry my laptop around xdthe order arrived on time and i am very happy with the sound quality , the volume and the operating distance (approx. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s searching for a good, small and handy speaker.

I originally rated this low as the speaker was no louder than my phone – but was then informed that my phone needs to be turned up also. Apologies for bad review, and thanks for the response.

Great buy good sound but will only pick up radio if you have the cable connected to use as an ariel.

Excellent quality / price ratio.

Bluetooth speaker that is easy to use and pair. Has a great sound and offers a fm radio as well.

I have never posted a review of anything before preferring to think that what i buy ought to be good. For the money this is fabulous. It pairs immediately, the sound is brilliant, it weighs practically nothing and, i did not realise it had a radio which is great and, the batteries are rechargeable. A superb bit of kit, highly recommended.

I am very happy with the product.

My radio only lasted 1 hour on a full charge, ifox contacted me and told me it must be a fault and would send one out immediately. Great speaker small and loud.

This is a nice little speaker however if you want to use the radio element it is not good – to the point of not usable. I bought this for the radio element and am very disappointed, you have to leave a trailing lead hanging to act as the aerial and then the quality is terrible. If you want a blue tooth speaker though its sound quality is good.

Great product with great sound quality. Pleasantly surprised at overall quality and how easy it s to use.

‘great little speaker, sounds good and looks good too, fast delivery.

I received this product as a review unit in return of a honest and unbiased review. This product is very good, it is simple to use and is small so can be easily carried around. The sound is very clear and it has incredible bass. The packaging is very simplistic but makes the speaker feel cheap in a way compared to other speakers from this company. The quality of the speaker is lacking compared to some others, this one feels kind of cheap but for the price i guess its acceptable. Overall i am very happy with this product and i will really recommend it to anyone.

The sound is very clear and it has incredible bass. I am very happy with this product and i will really recommend it to anyone.

Takes a while to charge but is very good quality sound and very well built.

Philips BT50G/00 Portable Wireless Speaker – Five Stars

Sometimes takes a few tries to get it to pair with my kindle fire. Sound quality is excellent (which is what i bought it for).

Nice clarity and tone given its size and absolutely adequate volume for general use as a radio when paired with phone.

Bought for my son as an extra xmas present. Expected slightly better sound considering the brand and reviews bit does it what it says on the tin.

Pretty good really and excellent for the price. Easy to set up and sounds ok. Would be nice to have a strap to hang it up.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great tiny speaker
  • Great value and full sound.
  • Great buy

Great product speedy delivery just as expected.

I was so surprised how good this is.

Fab product would definitely recommend.

Excellent sound quality when it works. Doesn’t always connect straight away and i’m finding i have to un install it before attempting again.

Easy to use, looks good and surprisingly great sound quality for the price.

Bought this as a present for a friend.

Bought this for my grandaughter for xmas – she loves it. 99 this was a great buy and with the philips name you can’t go wrong.

Great sound quality when you can get it going , but seems very temperamental as to which device it will pair with. That is to say, pairing regularly with more than one other device seems to confuse it, and the whole thing has to be reset.

Very easy to use and good quality of sound considering its size.

This is one of the sweetest sound i have heard in a while from this little thing :d.

Received quickly, great price, packaged well and great sound – not too loud but not too quiet either. Great for travelling with and love that it is rechargeable.

Could not believe the clarity and that you literally switch on blue tooth and off you go.

Great product and value for money.

This is a really good speaker just wish it had a slightly longer battery life for work etc.

Solid sound output & good bluetooth range. Battery lasts around 3 hours so either bring a means of charging or don’t plan on using it for longer.

Good product, not too loud though.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Fantastic

I’ve never really been a fan of these sorts of speakers, they tend to have overblown bass that make people go ‘wow man, such a big sound, wow, yeah, amazing’. Which to be fair is a reasonable enough reaction if you’re used to in-ear headphones or listening to compressed, processed tunes on t4 through tv speakers, i don’t think many people have even heard a proper hifi setup these days as it has all become a bit niche. But i thought i would give this one a go, after all it doubles as a handsfree set (although i couldn’t actually get this to work with my sony xperia) should have a decent battery life at this price, and claims to be rugged and water resistant, ideal for the beach i thought. The overblown, 100mb app can be discarded as soon as you’ve paired the speaker, but annoyingly the only button on the speaker itself is the power one – nope, you can’t even do a long hold etc. There are also a couple of ‘gestures’; scraping and tapping the actual unit for pause etc. So, sound wise; ok, lets face it, it’s a mono device. This fatal flaw in all these types of units always seems oddly overlooked. But hey, it sounds not too bad, there’s actually not too much bass in the standard setup, nor is the treble ramped up to make it sound artificially bright – that was listening to british sea powers ‘remember me’. Annoying is the usb c connector – why?. What benefit does it bring other than being able to fit either way in the socket?. I’ve had to buy another from startech as the one supplied is annoyingly short (though nicely made with a b&o logo). Overall, yes, not too bad – but better value exists out there for sure.

Now i’m no technical geeky music sound guru but i’d like to think i know a good speaker when i hear one. I bought this for my other half who upon hearing it looked at me like she’d just heard the dog speak. It’s a wonderful speaker for the size.It rivals our sonos play which is bigger but not as much better as it is bigger. Now i find the button a bit confusing – it’s very sleek – press it quickly to do this, longer to do that. But that said i’m not usually the one switching it on. There’s an app for it too.

Packs a huge punch for something so small.

Small size, big soundgreat companion to go to the beach.

So pleased i brought this i am a fan of b and o and this does not disappoint looks gd too.

Amazing when it actually plays. But it cuts out and stops playing music as if i’ve paused it. Sometimes it cuts out every few seconds extremely frustrating wish i could send it back or get a refund but i was out of the country for a while and missed the date. Did some research and it’s an issue the product has as a whole. Disappointing because it would be great if this didn’t happen.

  • Amazing when it actually plays
  • If the dog had speakers between its legs it’d have these!
  • Amazing sound but doesn’t work without app

I use this primarily with my laptop, so i normally have it plugged in anyway. Nonetheless i was absolutely amazed what a difference it made to audio quality, having grown accustomed to my laptop’s built-in speakers. For such a little device, this speaker really is very impressive. The downside is its simplicity. There are hardly any controls on the device itself – just a concealed on/off switch and a little light (which seems to do several different colours the full significance of which i’ve yet to work out). I found that the sound output was such that i need to turn the volume down on my laptop/media player, which required adjusting several different things, and readjusting depending on whether i’m using the speaker or not. This is not a serious problem, but is a bit of a pain. More annoying is the fact that occasionally my laptop seems not to detect the speaker, even when it is physically connected. I don’t know what causes this but disconnecting it and reconnecting it usually works. Again, not a major issue, but just another little irritation.

I took quite a while to buy this speaker and had a bit of a dilemma between the bose soundlink ii, the ue wonderboom and the p2. I’ve had the speaker an afternoon and tried to put it through a range of tests both outdoors and in, so i can give a decent review to help others. The thing is when you take it out of the box you do get a sense that someone gave a crap about the experience of opening it for the first time and how you feel. When you’ve got the p2 in your hand it does feel well made and good to touch. It does fit in your pocket and it does pitch up fully charged. The app is quite intuitive and also feels premium. . And to be honest i hope b&o are going to keep it feeling that way. I’ll not bore you what the app can do but it basically allows for personalisation and a cool equaliser. If you want a speaker that is going to give you great sound and uber portability with a good volume then the p2 is it. If you want loud and bass heavy then bose/wonderboom it is. I bought my sister a bose last year, she loves it and i’ve heard them alot, don’t get me wrong they are a great speaker (so good i was nearly buying one) but the quality of sound from the p2 is excellent. The sound is very clear, bright (without being tinny) and has a good level of bass. The bose can be turned up to 11 but it’s bigger, so you’ll need a bag of some description, if you’re a bloke then a man bag would be your weapon of choice, ladies have handbags so not a problem.

Slightly miffed as £10 cheaper a day later 😠.

Bang & olufsen beoplay p2the elaborate packaging was the sort where you can’t work out how to open it without destroying the box and contains the speaker measuring 5. 5 inches by 3 inches and for its size feels fairly solid. It appears to have no buttons and the absence of any printed instruction manual leaves you going to the website for information some of which seemed to be difficult to find in numerous languages and some wrong. Charging light is not flashing orange but red. I was somehow expecting a touch sensitive button to be on the top but instead a physical button is concealed under the logo and under the rubber base panel which also acts a non slip surface. This button is used for 0n/off/pairing. The device will also switch itself off if not being used after about 15 minutes. There’s a micro usb port on one end of the rounded panel, a built-in leather lanyard on the other, a tiny microphone slot on the bottom, and a status led inside the speaker grille. The charging lead is a very short micro usb- c to usb- a and a longer one would have been preferred. Tapping the top speaker grille plays or pauses music, shaking it skips to the next track, and double tapping pauses playback.

B&o have always been my choice when it comes to great sound and this lil thing is proof.

Features of Bang & Olufsen Beoplay P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Microphone – Lilac

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  • The portable P2 Bluetooth speaker provides quality audio when and where you want; this splash and dust-resistant speaker fits in the palm of your hand and slips into a pocket for easy transport
  • This wireless speaker personalises audio with smart features like snooze and voice activation, accessible with a shake or a tap; the Beoplay app even lets you match sound profiles to activities
  • A mini speaker with big sound, P2 delivers Bang & Olufsen signature sound for a clear audio experience; this speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone for clear calling and voice activation
  • The P2 looks and feels as good as it sounds; a smooth, pearl-blasted, anodised aluminium grill over a polymer frame offers durability, while a leather strap makes it easy to bring your music along
  • Keep the music going with the powerful battery in this wireless speaker; the P2 offers up to 10 hours of playtime per charge and an included USB-C cable ensures that you’ll always have back up

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

I’ve reviewed many a wireless speaker, but i don’t think i’ve been more impressed that by the bang and olufsen play p2. E you can put it in the palm of your hand small. It’s designed to be used anywhere, it’s splash and dust resistant. But what the p2 really excels at is making a very small speaker give some really big sound. It does so without distortion at higher volumes and it still gives you a full-bodied sound. There’s only one physical button on the speaker, an on-off switch, and the rest is handled by your phone. Connection via bluetooth is simple enough – you can use the b&o play app but as i realised, that’s not actually a necessity. Once connected you control if through your phone. I picked something easy to start, gorillaz new album ‘humanz’, and it sounded glorious.

Big things do come in small packages. I was a bit sceptical when i opened the box and saw the size of this – it’s not even as big as a paperback, and doesn’t weight much more than one. I needn’t have worried – it produces a deep, rich sound that fills a room, and belies its tiny size. It can get *loud* too, if you want that – and the long battery life means that you’ll get a few decent hours of high volume if you need it. Because of the size, it’s the perfect unit to use on the road – they make superb travel speakers for holidays, picnics and the like. The construction feels hardy and rugged, so it should take a few knocks and bangs, too. But equally, the quality is good enough to use it as your main bluetooth speaker in the home. It could make a great space saver in a small flat or room without compromising on quality. Pairing was very simple after installing the free beoplay app from the app store – after that, we enjoyed using it mainly with spotify and tunein radio to great effect. My only (very) minor niggle is the choice of usb-c for charging.

High quality built and great sound.

I couldn’t believe how small this speaker was when it arrived. In terms of width and length, it is not much bigger than my iphone (6 plus) but is about an inch or so deep. So it is incredibly portable and when i am playing music from my iphone i tend to take the p2 with me, and they both fit together easily in my hand. It is housed in a smart matt black case. You download an app on your phone, and then pair your phone to the p2 via bluetooth. On a day-to-day basis, you reconnect to the p2 by pressing a small, smooth button underneath it, then find the p2 in your list of airplay options. Here lies my only criticism of the p2. If the p2 has been paired to another device (e. Sometimes my husband uses it on his phone) it will drop off the list of airplay options, and i have to go back into my iphone’s settings to re-pair it via bluetooth. It’s not enough of a problem to knock off a star but it would be better if i didn’t have to manually re-pair so often. But on to the most important part of this review: the sound quality. The quality and power of the sound which comes out of such a small little box is very, very impressive. It performs well across genres – voices on radio, opera, rock music, classical. The sound is rich, clear and crisp, and the p2 copes well at all volumes. It is a really good all-rounder. We have used it constantly for a couple of months now and are so pleased with it that we will be ordering another.

Love this, sound is good considering size. Driving everyone mad at work as i carry it around. I had a bit of trouble setting it up but once i figured it out, no problem.

Really incredible sound coming from this wee speaker thats small enough to fit in your pocket yet it sounds so brilliant. I tried some reggae music and the bassline really thumps out, the music is clear overal and i can hear all the instruments so well. Its also very very loud, you can have a party with this and it wouldn’t let you down you dont need a hifi system, this speaker would challenge a room full of people with ease. Easy setup just go to settings after you switch it on and wait for the blue light. You just press the on button and keep it pressed till the blue light flashes and its ready for pairing, go in to phone settings and click on the blue tooth section and the device beoplay p2. Then its all system go and your ready to play.

The portable P2 Bluetooth speaker provides quality audio when and where you want; this splash and dust-resistant speaker fits in the palm of your hand and slips into a pocket for easy transport

The b&o beoplay p2 portable speaker sounds really impressive. It’s much smaller than i was expecting, but the sound from it is rich and involving. Not sure how they managed to fit the sound in the speaker 🙂 the p2 is stylish and sassy and very aspirational. It’s a great looker, feels solid like a premium product should. Great connectivity with bluetooth, easy to set up, this p2 is easy to charge, and it keeps its charge really well. I’ve been using it for a couple of evenings without needing to recharge. This is a real quality item. It ‘feels’ like a quality item and sounds like a quality item.

This is a solidly built small and very portable small bluetooth speaker, it feels very robust and produces a great sound. Bass is boosted at low volume so the output is never ‘tinny’, but there’s no obvious distortion at high volume due to excessive bass. The speaker can be placed on any kind of surface and still sounds great (doesn’t cause too much rattle when on hollow objects for example). The speaker has some great control features – tapping the speaker twice either pauses or re-starts music, while shaking it sideways skips tracks. Bluetooth pairing to a samsung phone and huawei tablet was a very simple process in both cases. The speaker charges from a usb port using a cable provided (nicely, the speaker arrives charged so it can be used immediately from the box). There are some niggles, for example there is no way to control volume from the speaker which seems a glaring omission given so much other remote functionality is built in. As with many devices these days, few useful instructions come with the speaker, so internet trawling is required to find out how to use it.

I loved the sound that comes from this tiny speaker, even on maximum sound it almost doesn’t distort it. However had to return it as it operates only from the app. I want to have a speaker that i can easy use with different devises including other people devises without the need to installing an app. Got a bigger brother a1 that have a jack and even better sound.

Small size big sound, fantastic build quality as expected by bang & olufsen.

Beautiful design, great sound.

This wireless speaker personalises audio with smart features like snooze and voice activation, accessible with a shake or a tap; the Beoplay app even lets you match sound profiles to activities

I saw a review on youtube, and i must say it’s really good. In an other video the reviewer mentioned stereo mode. Now i’m thinking about getting one more. Good quality, lasts more than 6 hours on 50‰volume.

Great sound, well constructed, and perfect for ones pocket.

Amazing speaker for its size, the sound is absolutely brilliant although the functions like the tap to play and pause are a bit shaky and sometimes don’t work too well. Hopefully in the future tweaking the software will fix that.

Bass is good, sound is clear. I was expecting a carry case included with it, especially for the money paid.

Good sound, nice to use as portable.

This is a stylish bluetooth enabled mini speaker from b&o. The packaging it arrives in is unsurprisingly minimalist, though the lack of instructions was a surprise and a bit of a nuisance. I’m not a tech novice, but i still had to search online to get a guide on how to install the necessary companion app to my android phone then and then get the speaker synced up so that i could use it. The fact that the device has no buttons and is controlled by touching the surface and shaking the speaker might be a nice feature once you know how to operate it, but not so much for that first time you want to connect it. However, once done – this is a joy to use, the booming bass and rich sounds coming from such a small unit really impressed me. I’ve probably not spent enough time tinkering with the profile settings in the app to perfect the sound coming out of my speaker, but the feature is there should i need it.

Great sound and easy set up. 1st one went faulty but replaced quickly and have had no issues with replacement.

A mini speaker with big sound, P2 delivers Bang & Olufsen signature sound for a clear audio experience; this speaker is equipped with a built-in microphone for clear calling and voice activation

I have android and it is very good. My friend has an iphone and it is superb. The only reason that it hasn’t got 5 stars is that i have had to return it as the button to switch it off doesn’t work. I read this on another review too. However, with amazon’s super returns policy, i am receiving a replacement within 1 day so i don’t have any complaints. My friend has this product too and is thrilled to bits with it. The sound quality is amazing and on the iphone – be prepared to turn it down – it’s really powerful. I thought that this would only play using android or iphone with a beoplay app.

Really good sound for such a small portable speaker.

Okay, this little baby is not for everyone. B&o provoke reactions from some people, not unlike apple do. Thing is, at the heart of it all the negativity is a wee bit of envy. They would say that for the same money or much less i could have purchased something with better ‘. Insert whatever they say here. ‘ but whatever a naysayer may drone on about, this is a b&o, looks amazing, is well built and sounds awesome. Charge it before you try pairing it is my best tip. It has charge when shipped but it will make the process less fraught. Buy a case, there is not one in the box. Also it’s not plastered in b&o logo’s, so its very stealthy which given the number of bad people out there is a very good thing.

The P2 looks and feels as good as it sounds; a smooth, pearl-blasted, anodised aluminium grill over a polymer frame offers durability, while a leather strap makes it easy to bring your music along

SHABA [UPGRADED] Ultra slim pocket portable Bluetooth Speaker – Five Stars

Archeer bluetooth speakers, slim wireless pocket portable speaker with led lighting, phone stand cradle, fm radio for iphone samsung and more(sliver). This speaker is a very nice, it is slim and compact in design, it looks very stylish and is lightweight making it easily portablethis bluetooth speaker has a handy flip out stand on the back to hold your smart phone, it has a high quality of sound output and there is circle of lovely leds surrounding the speakerone point to note is that there is little distortion when playing high bass songs at top volume but for the size this would be expectedit charges via micro usb and is very simple and easy use, just simple connect via bluetooth on your smart phone or any device which is bluetooth compatible,you can also play music through an aux cable and you can play music off your memory card as the archeer speaker has a card reader on it as well as a microphone so you can still answer any phone calls you may have whilst in useoverall it looks fantastic and the coloured leds get a lovely touch to the appearance in my opinion and i would happily recommend.

This is a very attractive little speaker, nice sound quality easily portable to take with you on your travels.

Here are the specifications for the SHABA [UPGRADED] Ultra slim pocket portable Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • WHAT’S UPGRADED: High end driver with aluminum speaker cone is used and the distortion reduction is added to the circuit board for high quality sound. For luxury high end outlook, electroplated finish is used on side frame for metallic look and rubber finish is used on the rear surface for great touch.
  • SLIM and HANDY DESIGN: same size as the iPhone 6, it is compact and portable for outdoors, indoor, stroll and family party.
  • EXCLUSIVE TECHNOLOGY: Visible dynamics bass radiator, you can feel the bass vibration with your ears and eyes. Small size but produces unbelievable sound tuned by audio specialist.
  • CREATIVE TWO WAYS STAND: you can stand the speaker and smart phone up for comfortable viewing and selfie taking with this foldable stand holder.
  • VERSATILE SPEAKER: Speakerphone function for call conference call, FM radio function for radio broadcast. Recording mode to record the message or music. Auxiliary input for devices without Bluetooth.

One of the best music box i ever bought thanks.

The radio signal isn’t the best but if you plug in the carger wire it gets a little better. It has great sound for any other music etc if sending from the phone. It only lost the star due to the signal, i don’t understand why or what thats all about. I like listening to the radio so that did dissapoint, its not the worst i have had though.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice Speaker for the money
  • Quality sound for its size and price.
  • Shaba radio speaker

I am happy with this speaker. Although advertised as gold, its more soft pink, which i like. The sound is very impressive. Its very easy for pairing your devices. You can see the led charged light easily. It beeps when you reach the highest sound level. The integrated stand works well, but not sure if i will bother attaching my mobile to the back. I used it with a samsung s6 edge, but found the sound levels abit low. With the sd card inserted though, its very loud. My only problem is that it will only play one track off the sd card.

Nice design clearsound wish it was a bit louder though.

Bluetooth works well and sound quality also very good.

Quality sound for its size and price, not the loudest but it’s distortion free. Works very well as a lightweight travel companion. The battery will last around 3 to 4 hours.

Very neat and looks expensive. A strap and or a case would give it five stars.

I bought this item at a discounted price in return for which i am writing this honest, unbiased review. I love gadgetry and was impressed by the spec as shown on the amazon page. However, i have to confess that i was ultimately disappointed. The sound quality of the speaker is reasonable for its size but lacking in bass. At least it is distortion-free even at high volume. Is is capable of a fair output, though for the same price i have found better sounding devices. It is, however, versatile: it connects quickly by bluetooth and plays mp3 files clearly using a micro-sd card; it has an auxiliary input through which an mp3 player can be connected; it has a voice recorder and a radio built in. The radio, however, is poor. I live in a good reception area, where radio signals are generally easily received but sadly i found that almost every station comes in with interference. It requires the usb cable to be connected to pick up any signal, resulting in a very untidy sight.

Star Wars Official Stormtrooper Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – – Looks the part, but a bit overpriced.

Great item just as advertised.

Not as powerfull as i thought.

The sound quality on this speaker is absolutely amazing. For such a small device it’s brilliantit’s great looking and easy to use. Here are the specifications for the Star Wars Official Stormtrooper Wireless Bluetooth Speaker –:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Officially licensed Bluetooth speaker
  • Mini USB charging point
  • Battery charging time: approx. 3 hours
  • Music Playback time: approx. 5 hours from full charge

Bought this as a present for my little brother and he loved it. It has a surprisingly good sound.

Great sound for a small speaker, other half likes it.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great speaker, great looking product, very happy with it.
  • A welcomed gift
  • Pretty good

Excellent product and great value.

Didn’t try it, but quality looks okay.

Sound is better than expected for the price. I have it on my car dashboard and all passengers say it is a great sound at high volume even in the back.

Great sound – very loud, style, easy to move around the house, easily connects to devices to play music.

Smart, fun and a good sound for its size .

Arrived 2 days after ordering, and 2 days earlier than stated for delivery. I was kept up to date with my order progress regularly. Product was as described, in excellent condition, well packaged and exactly what i wanted. My boyfriend was really happy with his gift. Plays clearly and at volume.

Awesome product, value for money.

Lasts a long time and is louder than i expected it looks great also.

Bought as christmas present so am hoping recipient will love it. Much cuter than it looks in pictures. Delivered within timescale in secure packaging.

Got this as a christmas present. It’s way better sounding than i was expecting. But it’s clear sounding and ideal for taking on holiday. If you want a premium sound, go for a bose soundlink ii, which i also have. This is a great sound for a star wars product.

Very nice design of storm trooper and easy to connect with my iphone.

Well made solid product, but a bit pricey, probably because it’s officially licensed.

The was bought as a christmas present for a star wars fan, and was greeted with delight. It was immediately charged and tested, and was found to link easily to a mobile phone and (via a cable) to a home computer, where it is currently in temporary use. The sound quality was judged to be good, and all-in-all this proved to be a very worthwhile buy.

I got this for my 11 year old boy, both of us love star wars, and i thought this looked so good, thought it would look great in his bedroom, however, its now in the front room as i love it so much, i buy him something else. Details is superb, you can tell its a licensed product and not some cheap knock off. Sound is good, not as good as my little bose but for the size its doing a good job. I agree with one of the other reviews it’s a little expensive, but it’s not massively over priced or expensive, and its a great looking star wars productgreat speaker, great looking product, very happy with it.

AURTEC Wood Bluetooth Speaker – Good product. Happy with my purchase

This has got a cool look to it as it’s got that retro look. It’s got an fm feature which is decent and the sound is ok. It’s got bluetooth so i mainly use that to connect to my iphone.

Like the wood look of speaker. Good sound clarity and volume. Charges quickly but wish battery life was longer.

Purchased to use at afternoon tea for my nan. I was surprised how loud it can get and sound quality is great. Also comes with radio function and easy to change between bluetooth and this. Here are the specifications for the AURTEC Wood Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 【UNIQUE RETRO DESIGN】A portable Bluetooth speaker with the stylish looks and retro unique design to match your lifestyle. The whole body of this wireless speakers is beautifully finished. A perfect decoration and artwork when you place it on desk or anywhere you want.
  • 【HIGH POWER, UP TO 10 HOURS PLAYTIME】Up to 10 HOURS PLAYTIME by built-in 1500mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery even based on two of 5W driver. Support Micro USB Charging, and multiple Mode option is available, include Bluetooth, TF Card, AUX-IN.
  • 【FM RADIO】The bluetooth speaker wooden supports FM radio,you are free to listen some radio stations at any time;Speaker attachment antenna to get good radio reception.
  • 【BLUETOOTH 4.0, FAST CONNECTION AND POWER SAVE】BLUETOOTH 4.0 compatible 99 percent Bluetooth device, Android, IOS and Windows systems, fully support your phone, laptop, tablet, computer and any other Bluetooth available devices. A compatible way make sure a quick connection, along with power saving feature, enjoy your music with a simple way.
  • 【BUY WITH CONDIFENCE】 We offer 24×7 customer support and 2-year warranty, If there is any problem, please contact us: [email protected]

Although not made of actual wood. The title is a bit misleading. But i dont think thats what it was made for. Controls on the back are not convenient at all.

This speaker is so loud for the size. It connects to bluetooth easily and gives a very clear sound. My daughter is very happy with this gift.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Highly recommend
  • Great sound.
  • Nice vintage style speaker

Super happy with my new bluetooth speakers/radio. Love to listen music at home and with this great speakers even more. It has a great analogue radio am and fm with very good signal, aux and bluetooth.

I got this as a gift for an older relative who wanted a speaker with built-in radio, but wanted a retro looking design for the nostalgia factor. It was easy to set up and connect via bluetooth, to my ear the sound quality is good, radio signal is good, and the battery life lasted a nice long time.

NudeAudio Move L Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : Good product good value

Let me just explain this quickly. You will not find another speaker, smaller or in equal in size, that sounds as good or as loud as this nude audio super m does. I could go on and on attempting to explain in words how good the audio quality of this speaker is. Instead however, i would rather show you this video i uploaded of them playing in my wide open garden where there are no walls for it use for reverb and added volume:copy and paste this in your browser bar or search youtube for jjamo nudeaudio super m review :)>>>https://www. Com/watch?v=ig-d104azcq&list=uulsxth4qhasc59twlvzviiw. To describe the loudness and clarity, it would be possible to play it at the highest volume while your walking along a pavement and have a person on the opposite side of the pavement hear exactly what your playing – provided there are no cars and traffic to block the music from the speaker. The speakers do produce substantial bass but not as much as the nudeaudio move l which is the bigger brother of this portable speaker range. However for its size, the speakers do sound very warm and the 360 sound means you may place them in what ever position you wish and the sound will still be as prominent. I have also tested the speakers for waterproofing and thankfully, they have made it through the test in flying colours . This involves being dipped in a bathroom sink full of water and being placed in the bath basin whilst having a shower 🙂 well done nude audio with the rubber casing the speaker seems to be tucked away very securely. I havent timed the battery specifically myself, but saying that, this is day 2 of me playing about with it and i have not needed to charge it yet so the battery clearly last quite a while :-)this is a very capable portable speaker, and your friends will be in awe when you tell them that the loud music your playing is coming from that extremely small speaker. However, if your looking for the loudest portable speaker you can find -whilst still being able to call it portable- and you dont mind having to carry it in a small bag, definitely have a look at the nude audio move l bluetooth speaker 🙂 same company, bigger sound .

Would have been better with abit more bass.

My son loves this, connects easily by bluetooth, great sound for a little unit. Bought it to complement a slightly smaller version so he has both going off his phone.

Having already owned one of these i ordered a 2nd which arrived not working although the seller dispatched a replacement 1st class straight away.

  • Best Portable Speaker For Its Size.
  • Great grab and go bluetooth speaker
  • Louder than expected! Not much bass.

NudeAudio Move L Universal Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with UK/EU Plug – Grey/Mint

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Built-in high performance, 8 hour lithium-ion battery can be charged from any USB source and provides complete freedom
  • 3.0 Bluetooth wireless streaming technology provides a range of up to 10 meters or 30 feet
  • The thick, protective silicon sleeve design protects against knocks or bumps
  • The Move L is lightweight, compact and stylish making it the perfect portable speaker

Nudeaudio move mthis little speaker is great, i got one for a friend but had to try it out first. For it’s size and price it beats anything out there. It has a nice flat sound which responds well to an equaliser, the only downside is the older version of bluetooth used (version 3) but for 10. I plugged it into my roberts radio (roberts r9928) using an audio cable and it out performed the built in speaker.

I knew from start what i wanted to buy; a good sound quality, sturdy and sand resistant bluetooth speaker so i can carry it on the beach. Not only it’s extremely well from the sound’s point of view, it’s rubber is ver high quality, usage is super simple and bluetooth connection’s radius is up to 10 meters. So, although a bit more expensive, it’s worth every penny.

Good sound but cuts off when the volume is lower.

Great condition, great little speaker too. Gets quite loud but not excessively. Ease of use is great and makes listening to music simple and enjoyable.

Certainly worth the £10 i paid for it.

Very pleased with my product.

This is a very good bluetooth speaker for it’s price. 99 but if it were full price it’d only be 3. 01 and i suggest you don ‘t either.

And is excellent for what i need it for.

Excellent product, so far it has survived water proof tests. Small and light meaning easy to take with you, easily fits in your pocket, when inside it’s easily loud enough for an average size room. It wouldn’t be loud enough for a big party but you wouldn’t expect it to be. Works well outdoors as well. One improvement would be to be able to tell it to stop searching for bluetooth, instead, if you have it plugged into your laptop, when turned on it will automatically try to connect bluetooth first and will keep trying to connect for a good 5/10 minutes. Overall it is a good speaker, works well with loud and low volumes, and can be used in a group or on your own as is loud enough. The speakers on both sides creates a good surround sound atmosphere for movies. So far i am very pleased with it.

Just got the speaker and for it’s size i am impressed. Fills the room, and the sq is good rich vocals etconly one thing it lacks is more bass. . If your a bass junkie go for the bose soundlink mini but then your paying nearly an extra £100 for that privilage. Conclusion get the nudeaudio super m, plus you have the shower proof qualities which is a bonus if your taking it down the beach or in the shower etc.

Really impressed with this , (so was my partner ) brought to use with a portable cd player at the farm and does the job perfectly, if my partner doesn’t steal it first.

For £10 this is a great little speaker. It’s quite loud and the quality is exceptional for the price point.

The sound changes when wet bet if fine when dry again batter lasts a verry long time. Sound is loud clear and with a good bit of base.

Easy to set up and, for the size, a remarkable sound quality. Great for travelling as it takes up very little suitcase room.

Really good quality speaker, compact size and cool design. The only thing it could improve is the bluetooth connection is not that good.

Great little speaker and the best price on the net, use it in the bathroom all the time. And will be taking it away with me.

Brilliant battery life, great quality, good value.

Quality little device that packs a punch 🤛for the price i payed i feel like i won the lottery 🎉🎊🎉 great battery life and sound quality, small enough to take anywher, use it and take it everywhere i gofeel at ease if ur thinking to buy this little gem of a bluetooth speaker 🔊 u won’t get a better deal anywhere.

Sephia Z1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Ultra lightweight Portable dual Speaker Stereo – Worth it for the price I paid

Cheap as chips but works well. First one was faulty but amazon replaced it without quibble.

The volume is great and so easy to set up and get going.

Was very happy with this speaker. Here are the specifications for the Sephia Z1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Ultra lightweight Portable dual Speaker Stereo:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Equipped with the advanced bluetooth technology, compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung mobile phones, tablets, computers, pc, laptops etc
  • Built in microphone, micro sd slot .
  • A truly pocket-sized bluetooth speaker that goes everywhere
  • With dual speaker system , Z1 speakers deliver powerful sound with satisfying bass
  • 10 meters bluetooth connection range

Nice sound and a sd card slot 8/10.

I was looking to upgrade from my opd speaker and this looked exactly wlike what i needed. The battery life is really good and the sound quality is awesome, very happy i bought this speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Versatile, relatively slim speaker
  • Great for listening to Audible books
  • 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Sound quality is good and i’ve had the speaker on all night and it didn’t die (granted it was idling and not playing anything).

Off set buttons/led, so could trigger your symmetry crave, but the flip side is that you can one handle it if needed. Build: metal frame, plastic walls. Front cover comes off, quite easily, exposing the 9 screws that hold the back plate. But the bottom line is that the metal frame has some gain against those plastic walls. Not amazing and definitely not splash resistantsound: 8. 8/10 based on build quality and form factor. Someone mentioned there is no bass, which is not entirely true. There is a passive radiator, but has a metal plate on it, and behind it we find our battery. Which btw seems to match the specs, 1000mha. So there isn’t that much space to output lower frequencies. But the good thing is that they managed to fit bigger drivers, so it’s much louder that most speakers in this formfactor and price range. Great for bathroom and kitchen listening as the volume level and higher tones cuts through the noise much better, and bass becomes almost irrelevant in these situations. Functionality: metal and clicky buttons.

This is a great little speaker, and has surprisingly good sound quality for its size (although a little bit lacking in bass response). Quick and easy to pair with my laptop, and simple to use. The lack of a proper user manual, either in the box or downloadable from the sephia site, loses it a star. I’d have liked more information on its capabilities and features.

Sound quality is not bad, but bass is poor.

Great little speaker well made and good sound ideal in my kitchen to connect to my phone.

I don’t need hi-fi quality, just clarity and a good volume (for when i am boiling the kettle at the same time as listening – missing a few sentences can be crucial in a story) this is great for that, easy to pair (no work at all) and no annoying loud noise with on and off (some devices are so loud they are unusable) it is also compact and fits in a pocket if i want it to (though in my pocket in the next room it does skip a word here and there. ) i did have to turn off my digital radio though, since it interferes with the bluetooth i think.

Great product and amazing price for what u get.

Arrived really quickly, great little speaker for the money.

This is just what it is, a speaker. It produces sound, and it looks good.

Excellent speaker with an awesome sound.

Big sound quality at little cost, in smart little package which is well constructed and looks like it should cost more. Slight crackle when using the supplied aux cable, not a problem when using bluetooth.

Small,compact and appears well constructed with easy to use controls. Sound levels good but some slight whinning noise from amp when no sound being played but for the discount price i paid its a bargain.

Suitably impressed by quality of sound on such a small unit.

This is made by betron,(good quality products at reasonable prices)under the name sephia. Not a lousy 6 watts but a powerful 10 watts. How betron and everyone can get it so wrong,a. There is no way this speaker at full volume is only 6 watts. 5 watt x 2 is printed on the back of the speaker,anyway,slim,elegant,compact,strong design,powerful sound,excellent treble and clarity with hardly any distortion or nasty grating. Great mid range strong and perfectly adequate bass. Why some are saying a weak bass?yes,you can certainly get more bass from larger(and probably more expensive)speakers so yes,bass a bit weak and treble a bit strong but this speaker responds really well to your graphic equaliser. So just push up the bass on your e. There are better speakers but i can’t think of one at under £20.

Does everything i want it to do. A speaker to listen to my audio books on at bedtime.