Nyne BASSWHT Bass bluetooth Speaker – /Grey – Love my Bass !

High build quality, rich sound, tried on hip hop, dance and rock music, all sound great, the nynne brand is 🇺🇸 based and there speakers are very well built and designed, nice.

It kicks my old bose soundlink up and down the street. I paid £299 for the sound link, yes it was about 3 years ago and they are cheaper now but the fact still remains, it is no match for this. Mind you the bose was around 20 watts and this is 35 watts, nough said. If you are a reggae music fan or general base head like me then this is the speaker for you. I can’t comment on battery life or the reliability of the speaker because i have only just received it. I could have waited and tested it fully before writing a review but just couldn’t wait to tell you about the sound of this thing – wicked and from a battery operated speaker.

. The sound is the best compared to bose soundlink mini.

I got this for my son to use with his iphone 6. He loves it, the sound quality is fantastic and the bass is unbelievable. The battery life is also great.

I’ve been looking for a large portable speaker that is big enough to project a massive sound so i can take it to parties and leave it on kitchen counters while conjuring poisons for the night. Gladly i can report it fits perfectly in the kitchen as the thing looks great whilst sitting nicely on the counter top along side applicances and it has the power and volume to compete with those who are unaware of how loud they are ‘talking’. Often you see ‘bass’ advertised on audio hardware as if it were a calling card to youth: ‘hey, look at us. We’re down with the lingo’ but hardly ever have the fire power to back it up. For the first time ever i’ve got something that is advertised as ‘bass’ and received a product with an audio projection that could hit the bottom of the pacific ocean (metaphorically, of course). The power of the bass is phenomenal, you can actually feel the sub woofer blasting it’s little heart out from the hole in the back of the device. I could say that there is perhaps too much bass, but as it’s called the ‘nyne bass’ that would be a stupid thing to do. It performs fantastically as a well rounded speaker, but it might be a bit too bassy for your sad and down beat songs (adele and lana del rey fans stay away, although remixes welcome). The speaker is compatible with bluetooth, nfc and aux-in so you can practically use it with every smartphone, tablet or mp3 player under the sun. The pairing works quickly and doesn’t drop out, even from the next room (around 10 metres).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works well with Echo Dot
  • Great Bass!!!
  • Incredible Bluetooth speakers.

Incredible, i bought this 3 years ago in the states when it wasn’t available in the uk yet. Just bought another ond for a friend. Great battery life, wonderful sound n bass. The wired connection is great and ability to charge your phone or tablet is a great touch. Slightly bigger than other bluetooth speakers, but the sound you get in return is priceless. This is good on its own for a house party. In fact i use it more than my surround sound.

Very good speaker, clear everything played through it sounds good even when using it for calls taken off mobile, just like having a connected call on loudspeaker. The only con’s is that it interferes with my laptop occasionally when i am streaming a programme using the sound through it, also it stops working after a long while of it being connected to my laptop or phone where i have to disconnect from it & reconnect to it in order for it to continue working. In spite of these few niggles. Especially for the discount (sale offer) price i paid £59. 99 for it makes it well worth it (on prime). Nyne bass has been the best wireless bluetooth speaker i have owned to date. Friends have commented how good it sounds and how modern it looks.

I connected this speaker to a white echo dot. The white speaker cost 59 gbp. I have a deal of difficulty reading or hearing as i am old and mad. I use the dot to read audible books and play spotify. The speaker looks good next to the dot, and works well with it. The sound is clear and has a good balance (i failed exam to be a hi-fi reviewer). I have the dot device set up so i can call my son if i fall over and suffer injury without having to find a phone. The nyne speaker and its microphone enhance this. The audio cable provided is not the best, and the power supply could be better designed.

Spent some time reviewing the other bluetooth speakers, but needed a speaker that could really play my music (house music) with a full undistorted bass but still be clear and not muffled. Absolutely love my nyne bass. Strong tight bass, floor shaking at times, fills the room. Ok not as portable as the smaller competitors, but still managed to get it on my hand luggage case on a flight without it adding excessive weight. We take this with us every time we travel. Good performance on battery which lasts a long time. Easy connection and good sound performance when connected to my blackberry q10 via bluetooth or audio in.

I’ll keep my review short and sweet with some bullet points;* although it’s not earthquake territory, bass is rich and surprisingly good for the size, happily fills a room :)* treble is borderline excessive, great for drum’n’bass if you’re a fan but it almost drowns out the bass. At no point did it sound raspy though (which is why i haven’t marked it down for this)* quite portable, it’s about the size and weight of a 4 pint bottle of milk* haven’t run the battery down yet but it’s been playing for 4 hours at medium volume and hasn’t complained yet :)* dedicated physical power button on the back (in addition to a soft on/off) to prevent the battery from running down in storage* very easy paired to smartphone (doubly so if you have nfc, just hold it to the side of the speaker to pair it)if you’re after a party speaker and can afford it, this is the one :).

Jooyle Mini Dog Bluetooth Speaker : Cute speaker

Love this item, i would buy it again.

Good volume, easy to charge, can carry around, easy to connect overall this is a good little speaker.

Jooyle Mini Dog Bluetooth Speaker , Super Portable Small Speaker with Shutter Button Selfie Features, works with iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Laptops (M6 dog)

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  • ♫ Ultra mini speaker: portable speaker, fit into your pocket easily. We are also provide a carrying cord for you to make it easy carrying, you can take your mini speaker anywhere!
  • ♫ Built-in mic cute speaker: Built-in microphone support to take phone calls by speaker with loud volume and clarity! Besides, it can control your phone camera, work as a wireless remote shutter.
  • ♫ High sound quality: It has a loud and clear sound quality, provide you an incredible sound quality performance via a 3W speaker.
  • ♫ Long Playtime: Enjoy the long playing time with the built-in 300mAh rechargeable battery. Fully recharge in 1 hours.
  • ♫ Cretive Design: The shape of a cute puppy fit as a small gift for people who like music and Dog Lovers , free to contact us If you have any questions.

Very loud for such a small speaker, sound quality is good too, yet small enough to fit in a pocket.

Bought this so i could play through my apple ipod but unfortunately it would not pair with it. Size is good for travel etc.

Jooyle Mini Dog Bluetooth Speaker , Super Portable Small Speaker with Shutter Button Selfie Features, works with iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Laptops (M6 dog) : Brilliant tiny speaker, i couldn’t believe how small it is, like the size of a golf ball but its quite loud and it connects to my daughters kindle and my phone so we can take it anywhere and play music. Cute and good sound for such a tiny speaker. Comes in lots of different varieties too, unicorns, dog, cat, owl.

Really cute, easily carried speaker. Ok for my personal use but not ok for use in work with patients.

Small cute and clear loud sound. My kids all have one and love.

For the price and such small size this speaker is mind blowing.

Early days as i’ve only just opened it. You really don’t expect a sound like that to come out of a speaker that small.

Very cute but sound is a bit ‘tinny’.

It is small and cute mini speaker. It is also a toy for my kids.

NudeAudio Move M Portale Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Great grab and go bluetooth speaker

A great little bluetooth speaker. I am really pleased with this speaker it has very high volume for such a small device, easily fills large spaces, i used in my large polytunnel and there was no problem with sound or connection. The sound is very clear on mid and high notes, there is a very slight distortion in bass on the highest volume on bassy music, however if volume adjusted ever so slightly lower this is not a problem and lower sound level is not really noticeable. Bluetooth connection is very easy and fast and i have not had any problems with losing connection. It is a very well made speaker and has a nice weight to it, not cheap and plasticy like some others. Can either be hung by attached handle or sits on its flat edge. Came in beautiful packaging tooit is exactly what i was hoping for in an easily portable outside bluetooth speaker. I would not hesitate to recommend, in fact i recommended to family members who also purchased.

Very pleased with my product.

The sound is amazing, too bad you can’t see the battery status on your phone like most recent bluetooth devices. Also it’s kinda sad there are no music controls other than audio, but it’s not the same volume as on your phone.

Key specs for NudeAudio Move M Portale Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerBlack:

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  • An integrated 3.5mm cable connects this portable speaker to any smartphone or tablet, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • The built-in high performance rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can be charged from any USB source
  • The Move M wired has the ability to team up with a second or
  • third speaker using the daisy-chain feature for a louder sound
  • The thick, protective silicon sleeve design protects against knocks or bumps
  • The Move M Wired is lightweight, compact and stylish making it the perfect portable speaker

Comments from buyers

“Best Portable Speaker For Its Size.
, Great grab and go bluetooth speaker
, Louder than expected! Not much bass.

Excellent product, so far it has survived water proof tests. Small and light meaning easy to take with you, easily fits in your pocket, when inside it’s easily loud enough for an average size room. It wouldn’t be loud enough for a big party but you wouldn’t expect it to be. Works well outdoors as well. One improvement would be to be able to tell it to stop searching for bluetooth, instead, if you have it plugged into your laptop, when turned on it will automatically try to connect bluetooth first and will keep trying to connect for a good 5/10 minutes. Overall it is a good speaker, works well with loud and low volumes, and can be used in a group or on your own as is loud enough. The speakers on both sides creates a good surround sound atmosphere for movies. So far i am very pleased with it.

Certainly worth the £10 i paid for it.

The sound changes when wet bet if fine when dry again batter lasts a verry long time. Sound is loud clear and with a good bit of base.

Nice little speaker increasing sound volume sufficiently for bird call playback when attached to my ipod.

I knew from start what i wanted to buy; a good sound quality, sturdy and sand resistant bluetooth speaker so i can carry it on the beach. Not only it’s extremely well from the sound’s point of view, it’s rubber is ver high quality, usage is super simple and bluetooth connection’s radius is up to 10 meters. So, although a bit more expensive, it’s worth every penny.

My son loves this, connects easily by bluetooth, great sound for a little unit. Bought it to complement a slightly smaller version so he has both going off his phone.

The sound is incredible, the design is so cool, the size is perfect, i love it.

I purchased this speaker because my tablets to quiet. Twice the volume i would say. Came in nice packaging and charged. Brilliant for the price paid.

Just got the speaker and for it’s size i am impressed. Fills the room, and the sq is good rich vocals etconly one thing it lacks is more bass. . If your a bass junkie go for the bose soundlink mini but then your paying nearly an extra £100 for that privilage. Conclusion get the nudeaudio super m, plus you have the shower proof qualities which is a bonus if your taking it down the beach or in the shower etc.

Brilliant battery life, great quality, good value.

Good sound but cuts off when the volume is lower.

Let me just explain this quickly. You will not find another speaker, smaller or in equal in size, that sounds as good or as loud as this nude audio super m does. I could go on and on attempting to explain in words how good the audio quality of this speaker is. Instead however, i would rather show you this video i uploaded of them playing in my wide open garden where there are no walls for it use for reverb and added volume:copy and paste this in your browser bar or search youtube for jjamo nudeaudio super m review :)>>>https://www. Com/watch?v=ig-d104azcq&list=uulsxth4qhasc59twlvzviiw. To describe the loudness and clarity, it would be possible to play it at the highest volume while your walking along a pavement and have a person on the opposite side of the pavement hear exactly what your playing – provided there are no cars and traffic to block the music from the speaker. The speakers do produce substantial bass but not as much as the nudeaudio move l which is the bigger brother of this portable speaker range. However for its size, the speakers do sound very warm and the 360 sound means you may place them in what ever position you wish and the sound will still be as prominent. I have also tested the speakers for waterproofing and thankfully, they have made it through the test in flying colours . This involves being dipped in a bathroom sink full of water and being placed in the bath basin whilst having a shower 🙂 well done nude audio with the rubber casing the speaker seems to be tucked away very securely. I havent timed the battery specifically myself, but saying that, this is day 2 of me playing about with it and i have not needed to charge it yet so the battery clearly last quite a while :-)this is a very capable portable speaker, and your friends will be in awe when you tell them that the loud music your playing is coming from that extremely small speaker. However, if your looking for the loudest portable speaker you can find -whilst still being able to call it portable- and you dont mind having to carry it in a small bag, definitely have a look at the nude audio move l bluetooth speaker 🙂 same company, bigger sound .

Would have been better with abit more bass.

Nudeaudio move mthis little speaker is great, i got one for a friend but had to try it out first. For it’s size and price it beats anything out there. It has a nice flat sound which responds well to an equaliser, the only downside is the older version of bluetooth used (version 3) but for 10. I plugged it into my roberts radio (roberts r9928) using an audio cable and it out performed the built in speaker.

It’s a really good speaker, however for whatever reason when using bluetooth to play music it goes quite, even when i have my ipad volume on max and the speaker volume on max. But when using the aux it become a lot loader, so i use the aux which makes it a bit pointless to have a bluetooth speaker.

Small yet beautifully designed, the nudeaudio super-m is the ideal partner for my phone or tablet. From the moment i opened the amazon box to reveal the stunningly designed packing, the impressive 5 seconds it took to pair with my phone to when music started playing from the speaker, i was impressed. I’m yet to find fault with nudeaudio super-m, it’s sound range is great with the only hint of distortion when you crank it up to full, which is way to loud to appreciate music anyway. The portability of the speaker is the great appeal for me, being able to take it all around the house, to work, the park, the beach, anywhere really.For this price i very much doubt there is a rival that can beat it.

Not as loud as it stated and the battery is very poor quality.

Easy to connect, comfortably loud.

I use the nudeaudio super m when sailing.

Great condition, great little speaker too. Gets quite loud but not excessively. Ease of use is great and makes listening to music simple and enjoyable.

iDeaUSA Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speakers – 20W Home Speaker : A Portable Speaker With Fantastic Audio Quality

Very good sound for the price.

I have a few bluetooth speakers around the house, each slightly different but are mostly very similar. This speaker however is the best i’ve owned and is used in my living room and outside on the patio when we are outside or entertaining. I have also used it as an output speaker for my line 6 pod guitar processor for which it’s great for low volume practice. The speaker housing is 187 x 68 x 77mm (lxwxh) and it has rubber pads on the bottom to stop vibration and movement from the bass, the speaker grilles are metal mesh and the buttons on the top are rubberised with relatively soft touch operation. It does have a little weight to it but is still portable enough to take out to social events like picnics or camping etc. 5mm 5w forward facing speakers and 1x 50mm 10w subwoofer which faces forward, to the rear and below and it also has 2 x forward facing passive bass radiators. All of which deliver a full sound right across the spectrum, mp3 playback quality is loud and clear with no noticeable distortion. The eq button allows you to select between different modes which apparently changes the equalisation to be tailored for indoor or outdoor use. It seems as though it mostly controls the sub-woofer and adds more bass.

  • Satisfied
  • A Portable Speaker With Fantastic Audio Quality

iDeaUSA Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speakers – 20W Home Speaker with Mic, Stereo Premium Audio from Dual 5W Drivers and 10W Subwoofer, 10 Hour Playtime Black

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  • SERIOUS AUDIO PERFORMANCE: Powerful 20W, dynamic 2.1 channel sound delivered by 2x 5W drivers, 1x 10W subwoofer and 2x passive radiators – delivers amazing sound in a compact 17.8x 7.6cm package – solid competitor to leading Bluetooth Speaker brands – good looking, great sounding
  • CLASSIC INDOOR / PARTY OUTDOOR: Featuring onboard equalizer with 2 modes for music lovers – fill a room with crystal clear clarity and minimum distortion – press EQ mode and pump up the bass and audio output for outdoor and party fun
  • FLAWLESS PLAYTIME FOR UP TO 10 HRS: Featuring efficient rechargeable battery for longer playback – play music, movies and games wirelessly up to 10 meters from your tablets, smartphones, and PCs for Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iTunes, etc
  • EXCEPTIONALLY CONVENIENT: Latest CVC 6.0 speakerphone technology for suppressing ambient noise on handsfree calls – skip, volume, play/pause, EQ, mute, wireless and AUX buttons – battery efficient Bluetooth 4.1 for up to 300 hours standby time – 3.5mm line-in AUX port
  • BUY FROM US: Connect yourself in minutes – micro USB charge cable and 3.5mm cable included – speakers ready to rock, right out the box – 30-day money back guarantee – 12 months warranty and lifetime support from our customer support team

AUKEY Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : Incredible sound and quality.

I bought this product strictly for outdoors as my friends and i tend to go the park a lot when the weather is good. I am severely impressed with this speaker and would recommend it to anyone. Now whenever i’m out, the music is on 😂 major win in my bookghost.

Can go super loud for its size with clear sound quality – serious umph.

AUKEY Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 30-Hour Playtime and Enhanced Bass & Treble, Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker for Apple, Samsung, and other Devices

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    by entering your model number.
  • Improved Sound: Dual 5W drivers and bass-boosting passive radiator produce clear and powerful room-filling sound. Great for use with your favorite soundtracks for parties or outdoor entertainment
  • Long Battery Life: 5200mAh battery supports up to 30-hour playtime for all-day play with power to spare or multiple extended listening sessions. Just 1 hour of charge gives you 5 hours of music
  • Tough ‘Tank’ Construction: Water-resistant shell protects against extreme weather. Silicone housing provides shock and drop resistance
  • Compact & Portable Design: Despite powerful performance, this speaker is a surprisingly light 635g / 1.4 pounds in weight. Built-in 1/4″-20 standard screw thread and hanging point are handy for outdoor adventures
  • Package Contents: AUKEY SK-M12 SoundTank Wireless Speaker, Micro-USB Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, Reset Pin, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card

Excellent sound quality for a bluetooth speaker. Connecting to sources is a doddle and the battery lasts for ages. It has a decent weight so that when used outdoors it doesnt slide about and is rugged enough to survive being dropped on a few occasions. We use it on our boat and it has been excellent so far. I especially like the screw mount so that it can be secured.

The unit is very solid, great battery life and will certainly be usefulthe audio could be better certainly at louder volumes. But for the price its not bad at all.

Wow is the only word to describe this speaker. It is better than any other stereo i’ve ever owned (that includes my old skool pioneer separates from back in the day). The bass is amazing without losing any quality. It’s easy to use and tough enough to take anything you throw at it. I got this on a deal but even if i’d of paid £40 for it, it would if still been the best money spent this year so far.

AUKEY Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 30-Hour Playtime and Enhanced Bass & Treble, Water-Resistant Wireless Speaker for Apple, Samsung, and other Devices : Its appearance is very beautiful, and the sound quality is also very good. I took it outdoors to listen to music these days, and it was waterproof and super good. I listen to it with it and enjoy it.

I have used it for a while, i don’t have lots of research in acoustics, but the good-looking appearance. Good size appropriate, quality also pretty satisfied. I use it listening to music a lot, so our big speaker at home are left unused. This one is more convenient.

Grate value for the money, love it sounds grate.

Very loud speaker but along with that it is a big sized speaker. Rechargable via micro usb and takes aux cable. It has mic and bluetooth and volume navigation button. Rubberised and metal design.

Easy to connect any device via bluetooth.

Duronic SPB1 Wireless Retro Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Great little product

Arrived in days looks great its easier for the weans to carry around the room to listen to peppa pig via tablet, she wasnt getting how it worked, its in a nice soilid box well packaged,its just for the likes of skype and phone music but the jabra wins for music.

This little speaker microphone is so good my 16 yr old son has ‘appropriated’ it.

The speaker is good but the microphone is extremely poor quality, lots of white noise in the background. Here are the specifications for the Duronic SPB1 Wireless Retro Bluetooth Portable Speaker:

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  • The Duronioc SPB1 allows you to stream your favourite tunes without the hassle of wires with Bluetooth technology letting you connect any Bluetooth device such as tablets, Smartphone’s and MP3 players.
  • Rubberized body to give a great feel. Great battery life The rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery provides you with around 4-6 hours of playback, so you can listen to your music for hours.
  • This useful speaker can also be used with social applications such as Skype, FaceTime or Viber – getting great audio at the centre of your social life. USB charging It’s easy to charge the SPB1 from any PC, Mac or USB power adaptor.
  • With great music quality and a bass port for enhanced audio, the Duronic SPB1 Wireless Speaker gives you the freedom to enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you are. It has a range capability of 10 Metres which
  • Classic old retro design will make it stand out wherever used. 360 degrees sound from its tilting head will enhance the sound quality. Use it in the car as a hands free kit. Small and compact size which makes it highly portable.

I bought it for the car but it is too quiet but works well in the house playing music from my phone.

It has a good sound for a tiny object was very pleased with it when it arrived and it arrived when it said it would.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great piece of kit!
  • neat wee speaker
  • cool

It’s surprisingly loud for such a mini speaker. It’s about the size and height of an iphone 5. Would definitely recommend it. The only downside is that the english translation of the instructions is very dodgy.

Can’t get this to work as a mic at all which is what i bought it for. Good speaker sound though and very neat.

I would recommend it to anyone. Easy to use and pretty good to use.

When i received this product i thought it won’t work because i tried to connect bluetooth to others devices like ipad and my mobile, unsuccessful. However, after some hours trying, this problem was solved. I realised that it is necessary to keep the speaker’s button hold down to activate the bluetooth of a device and connect them. It would be useful a pack with detailed instructions about the product, about how it works and how to set the bluetooth when it doesn’t do automatically.

I’ve had this for a while now and it gives very adequate sound volume and quality. I got it to pair with my iphone on the second attempt and it’s worked well ever since.

Excellent and exceeds all expectations. I can’t imagine you can get better for the price. Easy to connect, sound is great and when using the telephone conference facility the sound and mic are very clear.

Brilliant to carry around house to relocate.

Just bought a second one as they are on offer. (though they were around £17 before not £75 as claimed. ;o)i have a tried a few types and this is my favorite. I am a mastering sound engineer, so trust me – with a graphic eq on your phone’s music app, it is possible to make this little thing sound great. – don’t expect miracles of course – but it is amazing what you can do with it with a bit of tweaking. It also has a much better range than some of the other cheap bluetooth units. – it will receive through a wall, which some of them won’t. I just wish you could use 2 of them for stereo.

These are pleasing on every level.

I am impressed with this product, the size is good and really works well i use it all the time, i would say it needs instructions with it but other than that i am happy with this purchase.

Looks good, sounds good, value for money – enough saidor maybe not as theres a min imum word count.

This looks great – but i found it a tad difficult to operate as the on/off button is a little temperamental. However, once connected it produces a great sound and should be a really useful addition to my ipad.

I think that this little speaker is great, easy to set up ,easy to use,sound is good, would certainly recommend.

Sound a little tinny but for the price ok i like the idea and it look nice.

Used as a proxy mic for an ipad. Good sound quality for the price. Not used it to listen to music etc so can’t comment on the quality beyond the fact that speech sounds fine on it.

Loud, clear, great battery life and stylish.

Creative MUVO 1c Portable Bluetooth Speaker -, Surprised by this great compact speaker

I’ve got a £200 audio pro t3 bluetooth speaker gathering dust because i use this so much. It’s lightweight and genuinely tiny (palm size, literally) and hence totally portable. Portability normally comes as a trade off against quality but this honestly packs (surprisingly) fantastic sound, with genuinely wallop. Bass isn’t as rich as the t3 or equiv. But it’s no slouch and certainly not tinny sounding. Actually preferable to the t3 for podcasts, spoken word stuff and perfectly fine for music. Splashproof to boot- so i use it in the bathroom when i’m showering and in the garden. Robustly constructed- i’ve dropped it loads without event. Charges via micro usb and a charge tends to get me 4-6 hours. Simpler to use than the higher spec 2c as well- if all you want to do is play from your phone via bluetooth, this is the one to get.

The sound quality is very good and quite loud for a small speaker.

I confess that this is the first bluetooth paired speaker that i have owned or used and i have to say that, admittedly without any comparator, this is a great speaker, produces great sound quality and fits in a pocket (it is about the size of a small walkman, actually smaller, perhaps the size of a larger bath bar of soap) and looks very nice too. As other reviewers have indicated it may have been nice for it to have been supplied with some sort of a lanyard, much like was supplied with some small pocket radios back in the day or with some mobile phones or even the nunchuck for a nintendo wii. Most important for me this was pretty intuitive to operate, there is an instructional print on the box but when you switch it on (there is a usb cable supplied to charge up the speaker), it lights up and speaks the message ‘ready to pair’ and you bring the phone or other device into its range, which is pretty good (no setting it next to it or tapping it against it repeatedly until it some how jumps the connection at last, as i have found can be the case sometimes with my older samsung mobile and my fit bit), and it chimes and confirms pairing. From there there the volume controls work fine, the sound is bassy, although the songs are not faint or hard to hear. As someone who has on occasion looked at some of the more innovative tech and said to myself, hmm, that would be nice but i dont want to spend all the time it is no doubt going to take setting it all up and getting it all operational i can recommend this as a very nice and quick piece of tech to get set up and begin using. Besides the bluetooth compatibility there is a jack for headphones which could be used with older ipods (i own an old ipod classic and dont actually want to own any of the more recent ipods as i like the design, its not old enough to be retro but it is a classic design by now) or non-bluetooth devices (a digital radio maybe?).

Comments from buyers

, Great Product
, Absolutely incredible!

The box arrives well packed in a strong cardboard box, recyclable of course. A pictograph of instructions is included and a short usb charging cable. The sound box is about the size of a bar of soap, it is indeed small. The ‘creative’ logo on the front is white and very noticeable. Turning the box on with one key, lit up an led and it talks to you, ‘ready to pair’. I grabbed my iphone, went into bluetooth and there it was, one click and the box also chimes and confirms it is paired. Easiest bluetooth pairing i have ever done. Next i played bryan ferry, ‘lets live together’ as it was cued. The sound has bass, there is a flexible panel on the rear that vibrates and adds the bass effect, quite impressive.

Been interesting to see how portable speakers have progressed – from awful usb wired ones that sounded like music being played through a baked bean tin to something like this – it’s just amazing for its size. About the size of a compact camera or a large bar of soap – just about possible to slip into pocket. The sound output though is powerful. More than good enough for using outside or in a room or similar – of course there are better speakers, but not i’m aware of this size and for less than £20. Instructions were not overly intuitive but combine them with pushing buttons and it becomes clearer. Bluetooth is simple as can be – turn on, pair and go. It’s the other settings that are a little less clear. It’s a mono output but supports being paired with another it to give stereo. Two of these together is a pretty powerful output. Max volume on my iphone didn’t lead to any distortion or loss of music quality.

I must admit that when this parcel arrived, i wondered if i had been sent the right productit is tiny. The unit itself measures only 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches (9 x 6. It looks great with the creative logo on the speaker grill and feels really well made and finished. Powering up and pairing was simple, and then came the big surprisesound is nothing short of astonishing. I’ve reviewed quite a few bluetoth speakers and this quite simply blew me away. For a unit of this size i havent seen anything that comes remotely close in terms of sound volume or clarity. Of particular note is that this tiny unit actually produces genuine bass.There is what think is a passive bass radiator on the rear and this quite literally thumps and vibrates with sound.

Fantastic little speaker amazing sound lovely bass and nice crisp treble. I bought 2 from the warehouse and paired them now i have true bluetooth stereo ,highhly recommended.

It’s ‘a belter’ and really belies it small size in terms of performance. 99 at the date of review (10th january 2017) i am delighted with this compact, yet powerful weatherproof speaker – it is splashproof rather than waterproof like an ‘ultimate ears’ speaker. The speaker, a set of instructions and a usb cable. The speaker came with between 25-50% charge, which is displayed via a coloured led, which changes colour depending on the amount of charge held. The instructions are in diagramatic format (which i hate) but due to the nature of the product and the multi-lingual market place, were easy enough to follow. Set up to android, ios and fire os, via bluetooth was simple and straightforward and amazon music was soon streaming through – what i particularly like about this item is the fact that you can connect to additional creative speakers if you wish to have more than one playing simultaneously (you get a stereo effect with one occupying right and the other left) – which improves the playback and in some situations, would be ideal for a larger room. I have alluded to the fact that the speaker is splash proof/weatherproof and the seals are very similar to my much more robust, but ten times more expensive ‘ultimate ears’. It is certainly up to being left outside in a shower.

Divoom BLUETUNE-BEAN Bluetooth Speaker – Blue : Good overall

It is often said that ‘you get what you pay for’. This product by divoom is an exception to that rule. I was looking for a sturdy bluetooth speaker that i could take to the ice rink with me and would be hardy enough to survive the occasional bump. Yet at the same time provide a good quality sound. This speaker delivers an amazing sound for something so small. I took a gamble on this because the price was so low and if it wasn’t any good i figured i hadn’t lost much. Everyone i have shown this speaker to has been amazed by it. It is quite simply brilliant. I use it all over the place now. It is so small and light that its easy to carry around and the speaker battery lasts for ages.

Does exactly what it says – really ups the sound but small enough for the pocket ☺️.

Very happy sound very good easy to set up.

  • Exceeded my expectations
  • Powerful mini speaker
  • Five Stars

Divoom BLUETUNE-BEAN Bluetooth Speaker – Blue

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 3W output power
  • Built-In microphone for hands-free calls
  • Up to 6H playback
  • Crystal clear sound and quality
  • Metal carabiner for easy carry around

It’s a class speaker easy to use and quite loud however when turned all the way up it becomes a low quality sound ams begins to crackle.

Excellent musical quality for such a small unit.

Fabulous speaker, great sound, easy to set up , long battery life.

Brilliantonly bad thing is battery doesn’t last very long.

This speaker has a good, clear sound with lots of mid-range as well as top and bottom end. Highly recommended for music or voice audio – i’ve already recommended this in real life to family and friends. Battery lasts for at least 6 hours. Very simple to setup and use with multiple devices. Unbelievable product for the cost.

Excellent value and speedy delivery.

Very happy excellent servicethankyou.

Product as advertised and great value and very easy to use.

Borrowed one and loved it so i bought my own.

Can now listen and relax anywhere.

Excellent product, good sound for my music, very happy with purchase.

Very good product, quick delivery :).

Has problems pairing with my android tablet.

Excellent product, amazing sound, dead easy to use, arrived well packed and great service too.

This is second one we have purchased – one for each daughter – easy to use and great sound ☺.

Brilliant for using with mobile phone.

Very smart and sleek looking speaker. Connects to my phone with no problem. Very loud but the quality of sound is not that great however it will do.

Perfect little device, easy to use great sound considering the size.

X-Mini CLICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Bargain Speaker

Wow, bought this for parents, and it’s quite incredible how loud and good this is for such money and diminutive size.

Sound is fab and battery life is really good. Bought as a present but will defo be buying another for myself before i go on holiday.

10 out of 10 it does exactly what it says it does on the advert,nice clear sound , i use mine hooked up to an ipod.

Fabulous, really pleased with it. Great sound and easy to use – just what i was looking for.

Awesome way to blast music from your pocket. Very durable, dropped it from considerable height on the street, some visible scratches but still works fine. Can only get a few hours out of it. Also, bluetooth often has trouble connecting (though that might just be my phone).

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Bargain Speaker
  • Not btilliant
  • Sound beyond its size and price

Ideal little speaker and charges very quickly. I bought this to use with my echo dot to play fireplace sounds for my electric stove. The size of the speaker is ideal to place underneath the stove.

Brilliant noise from such a small speaker this is my second one as my previous one stopped working. The switch on volume of this one is way quieter than the last one thankfully, but the volume of music and quality is better.

3 watt output quality bluetooth speaker. Superbly made,superbly boxed and great quality sound. The volume is a touch quieter than some of the larger 3 watt speakers,so i would put it at an equivalent of 2. Perfect for next to your bed. Clear resonant sound with full presence,nice. Hardly any distortion except when at 100%. I really don’t know how speaker manafacturers manage this anymore but certainly the famous x mini company along with jbl(harman kardon) who were the 2 companies that put sound quality and bass into small speakers many years ago. It is one of a small range of micro speakers. Some of which are truly apalling. If there is a better one i have not yet come accross it. Pop it in your pocket,in your bag you won’t know it’s there. Of course for a similar price you could get 6 watts volume,or perhaps more bass but you are going to go up in size many times even with the smallest mini speaker of which there are zillions.

I would really like to give this three & a half stars but that’s not possible. The sound quality isn’t as good as good as the ’x- mini we 2’ but it looks pretty & the shutter bit for photos is good.

Shocked at how good the sound is that this little speaker chucks out.

SHABA Original Design Vivid Tube Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker : Five Stars

The shaba vidi tube bluetooth speaker arrived in its delivery packaging which when opened i found the quality looking retail grey box which contained the shaba speaker, a user manual and a 3 in 1 usb charging cable/aux/fm radio aerial cable. When i turned on the speaker you get a startup sound followed by a male voice telling you bluetooth mode connecting. I easily paired my smartphone with the vs-18b device and i very pleased with quality of the output from such a compact speaker. I found it very easy to switch between the various modes bluetooth/micro sd playback/fm radio and was entertained by the four cool light effects, my favourite being the mode 2 which has colour changing light ring. The other modes include white light from the cone, synchronised light ring which changes with you music and slow light dimming ring. The speaker was supplied charged so i was able to test all the modes before returning it to its retail box. Unfortunately this speaker was bought as a gift for a family member which is a real shame as i would really like to keep it for myselfi fully intend to order another shaba orginal design vivid portable bluetooth speaker soon for myself as i’m very impressed with the big sound from a small speaker.

Absolutely fantastic purchase take it everywhere around the house for music.

Well i got this speaker to play my music on when in the bath really good light display on it. It arrived on time easy to connect bluetooth with and a great wee noise out of it. I think value for money remember you get (what you pay for).

Gave these to my grandsons for their birthdays. Lighting system looks grate. Device is very small so very easy to carry around. Arrived on time using prime impressed.

  • When it first comes to life you can feel the quality of the sound
  • Great little speaker
  • Five Stars

SHABA Original Design Vivid Tube Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 4 LED Light Modes, Hands-free Calling, Micro SD Card Mode, FM Radio, AUX Connection, Recorded for Outdoor, Party, Home(Pink)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Brilliant design to combine the Music and Light in a tiny and portable speaker with 3W drive and bass radiator and built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 6 hours of music play, up to 3-4 hours of music play with LED light on
  • 4 types of Lighting effect: Smart white mode, Romantic color changing mode, relaxing breathing mode and disco-effect mode can perfectly match with your office desk, bedroom, home, party and outdoor activates
  • Versatile Speaker: Speakerphone function for call conference call, FM function for radio broadcast. Recorder to record the message or music
  • Multi-connections: Wireless connection for Bluetooth devices. Auxiliary input for devices without bluetooth. TF cards for mp3 and wav music
  • Small size but produces unbelievable sound tuned by audio specialist. Cone shape is designed for good vocal and acoustic sound

Excellent sound and my daughter love it as it is very compact to carry for travelling.

Kids love this tiny but powerful.

This is fantastic, for my sons 14th birthday, he absolutely loves it, great value for money and fast delivery.

First the dislikeshard to find the control’s. You can’t just reach over and adjust it has to be picked up and studied and don’t loose the connection wire it is hard to replacegood stuffsound is decentradio is goodbluetooth goodaux goodbattery lasts about 6 hrs.

Very good quality and loud sound from such a small speaker.

Very good speaker for the price. I connect my phone to it through bluetooth although you can play the radio on it as well. It has a range of different light settings and the volume can go pretty high. Its great if you are travelling.

I love it all different colours,loud , radio can talk on phone through it.

A brilliant portable speaker, with amazing sound for its size. Love the colour changing lights. Was able to pair it with my phone without any problems.

I just bought the white shaba portable speaker for my son. The product came well protected in a hard carton box that had all the product information. Inside the box you get the shaba tube with a multi function cable and the manual. The speaker is very small, as you can see from my images it sits easily in your palm. You just need to turn it on and then either sync it with a bluetooth device or connect the aux or even insert a card into the reader. The speaker will start playing the music with a decent volume for such small device. Since my child wanted this speaker because of the lights is the reason i got this speaker. The light function is pretty cool since you can change in between 4 different modes.

 i received this product courtesy of amazon prime and again like the last product delivered the day after ordering. In terms of look and feel this is an excellent product. The four light options takes this bluetooth device to the next level. It pumps out a high volume of clear sound which after selecting the right light mode triggers the responsive light setting. I placed the shaba on a window ledge about fifteen yards away and the sound levels were still able to fill the room. I have to emphasise though this was after connecting my mobile device using bluetooth. Attempting the same process with my laptop resulted in sound break up which is a shame. – hence the one star short of 5. The radio feature was similarly very good quality but you have to move around a little to pick up a good signal. Tried out the mobile connection whilst playing music and pretty much spot on.

Hundreds out there but glad i chose this one, great sound.

Nice little speaker with a respectfully decent sound.

Fantastic small bluetooth speakerit is surprisingly loud for its size, beautiful design especially with the lights. Love the fact that it has a radio function as wel.

Arrived well packed and very quickly. I was surprised when i switched it on and heard the quality of sound. Easy to use and connect to a device. The only downside was that it does not work well with my laptop or tablet but i think this because of browser fault and not the speaker itself. My 2 year old daughter loves to play with it as it has lovely lights as well.

It’s a good clear sound speaker it doesn’t go distraught when playing songs i connected it to my phone for the price £18. 99 it’s good but wouldn’t pay £99. Does the job for listening to songs of my phone around the house or in the garden.Before this i had an aldi one and this one is defiantly better sound and goes loud enough.