Damson Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System – S Series Wireless 5, Good quality home cinema sound system that is very competitively priced.

Good sound, no wires, remote a problem sometime, but i have a bit front room.

I bought this system together with a samsung blu-ray player as an audio system – i know audiophiles won’t be impressed with this approach, but my investigations into pre-amps, amps. Speakers on stands, floor standing or bookcase speakers, gold-plated connectors, etc,etc was all too much and when i discovered that no one really has the perfect room for audio e. In my case a large window, wrong wall-coverings, wrong furniture, etc, etc i decided my time was better spent listening to my cds. This system is my answer, and an excellent answer it is too. I have given it a reasonable testing: spoken word (richard burton reading poetry), beethoven, mahler, modern jazz, sixties ‘music’ and so on, and in my opinion this damson system is really good. Btw the blu-ray player rather than a dvd player was chosen because there is a (slowly) increasing number of blu-ray audio discs. In fact, i am so impressed with this kit than i am considering buying another package and connecting it up to my television.

I have been looking for a dolby atmos system for quite a while. Having moved away from a dedicated onkyo wired 5. 1 system a few years ago to a virtual surround sound, soundbar, i did not want to go back to having wires and speakers every where, besides that the wife would never allow it again, having now got the room “just right”. I looked at a few soundbars, and the only ones available were quite large. I had been following the damson s series for quite a while and liked the fact it is british made, small form factor and pretty much wireless. I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago, i am so glad i did. Superb balanced sound and room filling, without the sub overkill. My room is 12’ x 12’ and take it from me this is very loud, very good 360 sound i can not recommend this enough.

Key specs for Dolby Atmos Home Cinema System – Damson S Series Wireless 5.1.2 4K Passthrough AV Receiver:

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  • ✅ Wireless: keep your living space clutter free. No extra audio cables required.
  • ✅ Compact: discreet stylish yet punchy system (new improved bass and volume increments from Oct 18) that won’t take over the living room. Perfect for watching all your everyday entertainment
  • ✅ The latest technology: The Damson S-Series is the World’s only truly wireless Dolby Atmos enabled Home Cinema System. Be the first. ✅ High speed HDMI cables required (not included).
  • ✅ Easy setup: Connects to your TV via HDMI. A few simple steps to get your system setup. Guided setup available from our UK based customer service team. Call; live chat, video call and email.
  • ✅ Expandable: Not just a home cinema. Connect up to 16 S-Cubes throughout your home (Cubes can be used using battery or with charging cable) ✅ Works with Sky Q, Apple TV 4k, Amazon Fire 4k.

Comments from buyers

“Cinema in my own home: fantastic product and customer service!!, Great system – well worth giving this a try!, etc was all too much and when I discovered that no one really has the perfect room for audio e”

Having lived with the s series for a few weeks now i thought it was time to give my view on this product. I guess the first two words that come to mind are surprised and happy. Surprised that such a small system can produce such rich, involving sound and obviously happy that it does. I was very sceptical at first as having a full blown home cinema set-up i know how it should sound and i didn’t think something so small could do justice to watching movies but i have been proved wrong. I was setting up a small tv room with games consoles (for the kids) and wanted a surround sound system to finish it off. I wanted something simple the kids could use without going through a lengthy training session of “switch that on then switch to that input etc”. I looked at various sound bars but nothing really stood out. I then read a small article in home cinema choice about damson and what they were trying to achieve with their system. It was all very interesting and i kept an eye on how the system was developing. Usually i would wait until i at least seen a review in the technology press before purchasing but time was marching on and no sign of said reviews.

Proseasy to set upnot many wiresworks very well with xbox one xsmall systemgood surround sound, dead space sounds even more scarygood bluetooth portable speakerconsbass is non existentoverpriced unless you’re paying for the technologyatmos effect isn’t what i’d thought it would be but maybe i don’t have it loud enoughclicky remote volume buttonsvolume changes to much from too quiet to too loudall in one remote doesn’t work with itno way to update itrear speaker wires not long enough and have to charge them frequentlyonly two hdmi in’s.

I was looking at upgrading my home cinema system from an ancient jvc-thl1 as i was not able to lay cables for rear speakers in the house i have recently moved to. I was looking for an atmos system with wireless rear speakers so initially purchased the sony ht-z9f with a view to adding the rear speakers at a later date. Despite sony’s claim about the atmos capabilities of the ht-z9f i was underwhelmed with the atmos effect so it went back. By chance i came across the damson s series whilst looking for atmos systems with wireless rear speakers. I was a little sceptical that you could get a great sound from such a small system. After speaking at length with mark from damson i took the plunge and ordered the system from damson direct. The parcel arrived the next day. The packaging was superb and the set arrived in perfect condition. I unboxed everything, set it all up in less than half an hour, using the hdmi 1 for my xbox one s, hdmi 2 for my sony s7200 and configured arc return for all my other connected devicesi added the atmos app to my xbox and configured it to output an atmos signal and proceeded to audition a number of 4k titles. First up was spiderman: homecoming, the subwoofer unit light was flashing indicating an atmos source and i was enveloped in sound, the washington monument scene just sounded amazing, from start to finish i felt like i was actually there, the difference between this system and the sony was like night and day.

I’d waited so long for this system and the sound is disappointing. There is very little bass from the sub which is a shame given i think the bass can really add to cinematic experience. The soundbar has a tinny sound. The notches between volume clicks are too far apart; it’s either too quiet or too loud. Soundbar on it’s own sits low enough not to block tv screen, add the atmos speaker on top and you’ll be blocking the lower part of your screen if tv is mounted on a stand. The s-cubes buzz like an old guitar amp, no denying this from damson, in fact their response was that you can’t hear the buzzing when music is playing. I’d bought extra s-cubes and hearing a buzzing noise between each track of an album is just not good enough, the sound is ok but nothing like a bose travel type speaker. The remote feels very cheap and flimsy. The speakers have a mix of colours from the led, no idea why they can’t show the same colour when in cinema mode e. Soundbar and bass show red, s-cubes show blue. There’s only 2 hdmi inputs so if you have say apple tv and a blu-ray, that’s both inputs taken up so you can’t then add a games console. I really wanted to like this system and appreciate a lot of effort might have been invested but the sound is a let down and overall it feels a bit cheap.

I’m very pleased with this system. I bought it as a sound system for my tv and, unlike some others, i have no intention of listening to music through it. The sound quality is very good, dolby atmos works well both through sky q box and from the tv netflix app via arc and you really can tell the difference between dolby atmos and dolby surround. Amos envelopes you with sound but the speech is still clear and other dolby modes works fine. No issues with blue tooth connectivity. It automatically connects when you turn it on and it just works. This was the main appeal of this system for me and it works perfectly. Firstly, the soundbar with atmos speakers is too high to fit under out tv. We have an 55′ lg oled b7v mounted on its stand so we had to raise the stand up.

It offers a cinematic experience at reasonable price 👍.

Swithered about buying this for a while on the hope that some of the major the sites would do a good in depth review. They didn’t so i took the plunge. My biggest worry was the size of the speakers and the quality of the sound that they would produce. I need not have worried as these speakers pack a punch and are far louder and clearer that the higher wattage soundbar this system is replacing. Set up was a breeze and connected within ten minutes using the amp to pass through sky q and the xbox and arc for netflix from the smart tv. A few tests with atmos titles from sky q and the sound seems to be coming from all around. The atmos speaker gives a feeling of height from the sound rather than it necessarily coming from above you, but this is probably a limitation of most (if not all) upward firing speakers and is certainly a better option for most rather than having speakers installed in the ceiling. My main reason for wanting to try this system were the potable and batter powered rear speakers. My room set up doesn’t really allow for permanently positioned floor standing rears if i want to be able to use the door.These let me put the speakers out, watch a movie and put them away again within seconds and is a real bonus for me.

I wanted a home cinema that didn’t have trailing wires everywhere, and this system is perfect for that. Really, really easy to set up, less than 10 minutes, and then fires up straight away. I don’t have the biggest living room, and the sound more than fills it, it’s ideal. Top tip for anyone buying it, try out mad max fury road on it first, really shows off the atmos capability, it will knock your socks off.For the price, you really can’t ask for anything more.

The build quality of the damson home cinema system is very good. The only slight let down is the remote control which feels very lightweight and a bit plastic. It’s not cheap (at around £750 – £800) but is a bargain compared to many other systems of similar quality. The sound quality on sky dolby atmos 4k movies is excellent. Similarly, dolby atmos series from amazon prime (e. I had a slight set up problem which was soon resolved by a video call with mark from the damson tech team, so i cannot fault the customer service.

I was looking for a system to complement my new 65′ lg oled tv, wanting to take advantage of the dolby vision + dolby atmos capabilities. I’m so glad i found this damson solution whilst researching online. The main appeal was the fact that the system is wireless and that the rear speakers have the capability to be battery operated if required. At first i was hesitant to pull the trigger on a system that didn’t have many reviews online. Thankfully, this is only due to the fact that the product is in it’s infancy; very new to market. In search of more info, i got in touch with damson using their online chat. I have to say, the customer service has been fantastic. I have had the privilege of talking to mark who works at damson. Wanting to hear a sample of the system, without having to travel all the way to york, mark kindly e-mailed over a video which briefly showed what the system was capable of. I had some further queries which mark was happy to answer.

Having read some of the reviews, i was apprehensive about this system, but decided that for the price it was worth a go and i’ve been nothing but impressed with my s-series so far. The system is well-built and looks and feels high-end. I set it up easily with my tv and later tried it with an xbox one s. The instructions were clear and easy to follow – even for me.The sound is excellent – i almost can’t believe it doesn’t cost twice as much. Every guest i’ve had has commented on the sound and the effect of the dolby-atmos. Really pleased with mine – only downside is that i’m now watching way more tv.

I’ve had this system installed in my living room for around six weeks now and am quite pleased with it. It’s extremely easy to set up and all connections between the units are by bluetooth. How they manage to pass high quality sound by this codec is amazing. There are adequate connections, with 2xhdmi inputs plus 1xhdmi arc output. 5mm analogue input which is very useful for music replay. The remote control is a little flimsy and sometimes unresponsive unless held at a particular angle to the system. In action i find the sound is compromised by the volume settings being either too loud or not loud enough. This has an effect on the surround sound channels which are difficult to hear unless the sound is at neighbour annoying levels. I don’t know how other users find it, but i’m of the opinion that this is a design fault which could be resolved with an app. Also the sub base unit is not really good enough for action films, but for it’s size i wouldn’t expect any better. I’ve had a few instances of bluetooth drop out which has affected the front & rear channels, but a quick switchoff/on resolves this. On the plus side, for a surround sound system at this price point the film experience can be exceptional with very impressive rear channel & atmos effects. I’d like to see a larger base unit introduced, a facility to expand to 7. 2 and something done about the volume control.

This is an excellent system that really lives up to its description. Setup is straightforward and requires no assembly other than unboxing and making sure you use the right power adapter with each unit. The versatility of the two rear wireless portable speakers is a real usp, you can move them and use them only when needed as well as independently as bluetooth speakers. The sound quality is excellent and really shines with atmos soundtracks, which is very effective with a sky q box or ultra hd blu-ray player. Even non atmos sound seems to be upscale to the best surround possible.

Awesome sound, amazing looks and feels like the future – this delivers a stunning cinema experience without the cost and cables.

Q Acoustics 7000i 5, Brilliant, great value for money

Amazing, wonderful value for dollars. Amazing program, very well really worth the revenue. This method definitely appears excellent when used in a home cinema method.

Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package (Black)

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  • Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 What Hi-Fi award-winning Home Cinema Speaker Package, comprising:
  • 2pr 7000LRi satellite speakers (2 x 75mm long-throw mid/bass drivers, 25mm ring radiator tweeter, power handling: 100 watts)
  • 1 x 7000Ci centre speaker (2 x 75mm long-throw mid/bass drivers, 25mm ring radiator tweeter, power handling: 100 watts)
  • 1 x 7000Si active subwoofer (200mm high-excursion drive unit, 150 watt amp)
  • Creative Audio £195 QED cable bundle: 30m QED Micro speaker cable, 10 x gold plated 4mm banana plugs, 6m QED Profile subwoofer lead, 1m QED Performance Graphite Optical Digital cable, 1m QED Performance Graphite High-speed HDMI 1.4 lead

Q Acoustics 7000i 5.1 Home Cinema Speaker Package (Black) :

Sony HT-IS100 : IS-100, is not 3D compatible

Acquiring shopped all over for a very little though, i imagined i could possibly have to pay a little fortune, for a good process. Then i arrived throughout the sony process, with small golf ball size speakers. What a revalation, what a seem, the set up was really quick, and the stability location labored a desire. If you can uncover a position for the big sub/amp, the discreet speakers do the job a charm. The closest i acquired to this sound, would have price me two thousand pounds, not the fewer than 4 hundredfor this.

Just after looking through a multitude of reviews before shopping for my to start with theatre audio sytem i opted for the ht-is100 asi wanted anything suitable with my sony television set and bd participant at a realistic price. The ht is100 seemed to be terrific price for money, the little speakers would go well with my place and bravia sync could be utilised with all 3 solutions this means no array of remotes to choose from. Just after the method was sent on time by amazon, established up was brief, straightforward and straightforward and the 1st demo(the disaster movie 2012)was fired up. The small speakers execute brilliantly combining with the bravia television set to give an awesome audio/visual working experience. Owning now viewed many new music films, films and sky hd programmes it carries on to impress. The only drawbacks i arrived throughout have been:one) the screen monitor getting on top of the subwoofer can be a soreness as it won’t be able to be seen when in the seated viewing place. (most frustrating when your still learning all the features and options)two) the technique prioritises the audio enter to the hdmi cable. This meant i had to switch off bravia sync on the process to get five. one audio from sky hd’s optical connection and join the sky box directly to the television with the hdmi cable. Not really the systems fault i suppose as the difficulty lies with the sky box not sending 5. one audio through the hdmi cable, only the optical link. If you need a compact, neat method that can provide peformance as fantastic as some of it really is more high-priced friends then i would propose you contemplate the ht-is100. The very small speakers are also a dialogue piece with readers.

Set up with sky+high definition and ps3, wonderful when challenges overcome. Acquired this device immediately after reading manual on the net only to come across that set up is just not essentially as uncomplicated as link three hdmi cables. Turns out sky+high definition isn’t going to transmit 5. 1 seem above hdmi so require to use the provided optical electronic cable for this, but the ht-is100 will not let you to assign a various seem input for hdmi connected movie resources. Answer is sky+high definition hdmi to tv, optical electronic to ht-is100, have to choose sky channel on television and sat on ht-is100. Obtaining said that, ps3 is simple, hook up hdmi from ps3 to bd enter. Audio is brilliant, speaker are desirable adequate and easily hidden. Extremely suggested, only missing out of 5 stars for the reason that of the sky more than hdmi challenge and deficiency of on-display screen display.

Comments from buyers

“Great Starter Home Cinema System, Sony Gets the Connectivity Right This Time, An excellent system, Sony IS-100, is not 3D compatible, Well worth the investment, Sony home cinema”

Excellent starter home cinema process. Background: i am to start with time home cinema consumer. I have never been keen on also many speakers/massive packing containers in my living room. Predominantly due to the fact i own a hi-fi new music system that will take up a good deal of room. My dwelling area is 12×15 foot. Assessment: i have had the sony ht-is100 for about a thirty day period. It was the perfect size/value answer. I considered sony davis10 amongst a few other people. The is100 has 3 hdmi inputs, one hdmi television output, upscales to 1080p, minus the dvd player. Compare this to davis10 which upscales to 1080i, has a single hdmi relationship and does not have x.

A further high-quality sony product. Beautifully produced, straightforward to set up, straightforward to use and shockingly excellent seem from these types of tiny speakers. Designed an superb addition to my sony blu ray player and completes the package deal for a fantastic home cinema working experience. Only criticism would be as anything connects to it and then to the tv you have to have it on for standard television viewing when it’s possible the tv set speakers would suffice. That reported, quite delighted, but then i have never ever experienced a poor sony av product or service.

Awsome seem at a fantastic price tag. I purchased this program 2 many years in the past now purely since i preferred to observe and pay attention to films and t. V programmes the way the the place ment to be. Having sky+ hd i preferred to hear to movies in 5. 1 real encompass and with connecting the optical cable was equipped to attain this all my programmes now vehicle adjust to the correct seem format. As for the exhibit currently being on the major of the process i simply lay the procedure down so as the display faces out and also find this initiatives the audio out from the sub fairly than it being projected up it’s possible its just the way i have mine set up but definitely feels like your there in the motion picture.

Panasonic SC-HTE80 : : good; supplier rubbish

Panasonic: great provider garbage. The unit is excellent but even even though i ordered a black a person, it is really silver.

Sound is top-quality when applied in auxillary method or blu-ray playback manner. Worthwile advancement to sound. Try to remember the old hi-fi indicating. Rubbish in = rubbish out?. Sound appears superior when utilised in auxillary method or blu-ray playback mode. This qualified prospects me to believe that my tvs(panasonic) sound output is very poor, certainly sounds inferior to the other modes. Nevertheless a great deal much better than the tvs speakers but dont hope hello-fi good quality. Costly if purchased new but at times accessible employed or from the panasonic outlet shop substantially less costly and just as good.

Key specs for Panasonic SC-HTE80 – sound bar – for home theatre – wireless:

  • Weight:3.2 kg
  • Enclosure Colour:Black
  • Width:46 cm
  • Depth:28 cm
  • Height:6 cm

Comments from buyers

“Sound is superior when used in auxillary mode or blu-ray playback mode, Panasonic: good; supplier rubbish”

Panasonic SC-HTE50EB-K 2, Good for the price

Anything will work as mentioned on tin, but even at the lowest bass stage the system is extremely bassy and you will have to have very knowing neighbours or stay in a detached household.

Not the very best for general viewing. Boomy bass can be annoying and not ample center so not perfect for basic viewing. So isn’t going to truly satisfy our prerequisites.

Panasonic SC-HTE50EB-K 2.1ch Sourceless Home Cinema System

  • 240w
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Jitter-free Digital Amplifier
  • 1x HDMI in
  • 2x Optical in

Extremely excellent good quality item, incredibly happy.

Had this for about a week now. Aesthetically incredibly good – shiny black finish seems to be superior. Also the size of the satellite speakers indicates they easily sit both aspect of the sky box on a shelf in my tv unit. At first somewhat dissapointed by the sound – seemed to be a constant rumble likely on, but have considering that located this was constrained to a single dvd which was filmed a few yrs in the past (west wing period one). Plenty of use around the weekend throughout a assortment of programmes/films in sd and hd and no concerns of this nature at all. So, excellent information is that this is a fairly financial way to enhance the seem on your flat monitor tv set – and it certainly is an enhancement. Nevertheless, you do get what you pay for when it will come to audio visible products imo. For case in point, it isn’t really what you’d get in touch with significant fidelity (a little bit lacking in the mid variety i would say), and essentially, it is not pretty as fantastic as my four calendar year old onkyo htx-22 (an adiitonal £60 vs the panny while) which i have on my other telly. Even now, total this does the career i want so satisfied to give it four stars.

Sounds excellent, significant enhancement. Acquired mostly for the distinctive sort factor than typical soundbars. I wanted a thing that wouldn’t dwarf my 32′ sony bravia and would suit on my tv set stand devoid of hanging above the sides. This functions great as i can hide the subwoofer behind the television set and place the speakers beneath at either aspect of the sky hd box. I managed to established this up in all over 15 minutes and all worked high-quality aside from a single matter. When i hooked up my sony bluray player through hdmi the dolby digital indicator lit up. When i then switched to the sky high definition box connected with an optical lead it would never ever display as coming via as dd even when the epg showed it was broadcasting in dd. After some fruitless exchanges with panasonic guidance i went back again to the manual. Turns out that you require to hook up sky through the aux optical enter instead than the tv optical input. I now get dd from both the bluray player and sky. Only draw back is that i now need to switch the input manually through the subwoofer controls or the remote. If i don’t switch the enter i nonetheless hear the seem from the speakers but it can be not dd. Guess it need to route through arc as a result of the hdmi?all round i am definitely happy with how it seems and looks. Significant improvement above the tv speakers.

Panasonic SC-HTE50EB-K 2.1ch Sourceless Home Cinema System :

Dali Kubik One Soundbar Blk – High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end

High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end. Very disappointedly the usb connection is limited to 16bit/48khz, much lower than the advertised 24bit/96khz. Say goodbye to the bass effects of the movie films, because without onboard dolby/dts decoder tv-s and dvd/bluray players discard the lfe channel when they downmix dolby 5. What use of a very expensive and supposedly high quality equipment when you are not able to listen to high quality content?.

I thought about buying a sonos playbar for a long time, but every time i heard it, i was underwhelmed by the muffled sound quality. I was beginning to doubt if i’d find something that fitted under my telly that was remotely comparable to proper speakers. And then i heard the kubik one. The sound is truly stunning – an event every time you play a new piece of music. So detailed, clear and lifelike. I’ve been going through all my fave tracks listening to them afresh. One drawback though is the lack of any eq settings apart from a switch for bass level on the back. Whilst i’m able to change the settings for my music via my phone or laptop, for tv i’m stuck with the default setting. This is amazing for movies but i personally find the zingyness at the high end a little tiring when i’m trying to watch a documentary or itv on a saturday night.

  • Sounds stupendous!
  • High hopes in the begining, but disappointed in the end

Features of Dali Kubik One Soundbar Blk (Soc)

  • Soundbar
  • Learning TV volume