Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar – Bluetooth : Impressive and great sound quality

Took forever to get to me, but i’m very happy with it the sound is great and looks great.

I previously had some creative gigaworks t40’s for my pc speaker setup and while it was very good it was lacking in the bass department. I read a few reviews on the creative sbx katana and picked up a set. I was not expecting this, the level audio fidelity is incredible. Loud, rich and room filling sound stage. The passive subwoofer that comes with this packs a hefty punch. Oh and rgb lighting for that extra fanciness. I could not be happier with this and totally worth the high price tag.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar – Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB FlashDrive, Headset-out, Mic-in, Optical-in, USB for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim – Black

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  • Powerful audio – The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises a tri-amplified, 5-driver design with for games, movies, and music. Each driver is individually chambered and powered for ultra-precise audio
  • Works with PS4, PC, and consoles – The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises both optical connectivity and USB, giving you great audio on PCs and Consoles. It even has Bluetooth for your phone!
  • Pumping Bass – The Sound BlasterX Katana utilises a 5.25″ super stiff paper cone subwoofer driver, housed in a CARB-compliant MDF cabinet with a flared port tube. All this comes together for bass that reverberates through your bones!
  • Built in intelligence – The Sound BlasterX Katana’s award-winning proprietary multi-core DSP is capable of producing 24-bit high-resolution audio. It is also a certified Dolby Digital decoder, providing incredibly realistic virtual 5.1 surround sound. It also supports virtual 7.1 channel audio input for immersive PC gaming sound.
  • Aurora reactive light system – The Sound BlasterX’s base is lined with 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge. This Aurora Reactive lighting system comes in 16.8 million colours that you can fully customise.

Crisp and clear at all volumes, nice form factor. And rgb to complement any high end pc build. Fills the room better than expected. Not much of a drop off in volume at distance. Comes in to its own when the volume is higher. Remote control is meh, but frankly who cares.

Sounds fantastic and the range of inputs mean it’s really very flexible.

Good quality, easy to setup (i have it connected to my pc, my ps4, my phone through bt) and the sound is amazing and loud, cannot raise it too much otherwise the neighbours start knocking at my door :p.

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar – Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB FlashDrive, Headset-out, Mic-in, Optical-in, USB for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim – Black : I am comparing this sound bar with my existing harman/kardon soundsticks wireless bluetooth led desktop sound speaker system with twin satellite speakers. These i purchased in 2013 and they are still brilliant as the day i fitted them. So how does the creative katana match up. Well they are a lot simpler to install not requiring a sound card at all but plug straight into a usb port on the back of my pc. There are other options as the back of the sound bar has connections for optical, headphones, mic in and aux in as well as being able to plug a usb drive containing your own music or sounds. The system is sleek and fits nicely on my desk between my two monitors. Various settings allow for coloured lights to be displayed on the bottom of the sound bar – this is actually really nice and not at all tacky. The system comes complete with the sub-woofer and a remote control to enable or change most of the settings. There is also a desktop icon that will allow you to change various settings from you pc. Here you have access to the acoustic engine and can change the immersion effect as well as the equalizer and other effects.

If you don’t have a full amp and surround sound speaker setup, this could well be the answer you are looking for without breaking the bank. With stunning sound and enough volume to literally shake the windows, this is a beast of a sound bar. I tested this first with some pink floyd and almost wet myself with excitement. The sound is truly amazing, even without a dedicated sound card. Creative call this an under monitor audio system (umas). I think that’s a little optimistic, it’s more of a ‘sits a bit in front of a huge screen’. 1 setup, but with the clever design you get virtual 7. 1 which, although not perfect, does a surprisingly good job. Using the sound blaster connect software you can set up your audio profile using the equaliser and some other options.

If like me you’re after a sound bar that will make your desk look tidier, but you don’t want to compromise in terms of quality, this is the item for you. The build quality is amazing, it fits perfectly under my imac 27, allowing me to get rid of the big chunky speakers i had before and freeing up a lot of space on my desk. The subwoofer is also much smaller than my previous one. It’s expensive, but you pay for what you get.

Great item works well and sounds great.

Amazed by the sound out of it. Was looking to get rid of my cheap speaker to clean up on wiring and wanted something that i could use with putting headphones on. Compact so not much space taken up, software is ok and the lighting a bound.

This is a serious bit of kit, upon taking it out the vast packaging and studying al the various components the set up was quite straight forward. The lack of optical cable and a decent manual lead me to give it 4*. I’m not a technical minded sort of person and a good easy to follow booklet would have been appreciated. The optical cable i needed to connected my tv. Would have cost next to nothing and could so easily been added to the box in order that i didn’t have to travel the twenty four miles round trip to collect one from a well known store. The sound bar has a aurora reactive lighting system, where its base is lined with 49 programmable led lights from edge to edge. The aurora reactive lighting system comes in 16. 8 million colours for you to customise your ambience lighting effects to create your own unique profile that elevates your gaming and movie experience, should you wish. I however haven’t felt the need to customise the lighting and am quite happy with the colours that appear when it’s switched on. The sound bar is fantastic at enhancing my film watching, and music listening, it also supports bluetooth, aux input, optical input, usb flash drive, usb audio, mc-in, headset out, great value for money and well made, therefore it’s 4* from me folks.

Expensive impulse buy (wanted some better speakers for a small office). I was moving up from a basic but decent stereo speaker set up and the difference is night and day. I’m no audio expert but the sound is just gloriously rich and clean, the sub adds a lot of bass while the soundbar is just wow. I’ve read reviews for this praising its ‘wide soundstage’ etc and i can actually understand what they mean, it just fills the room with great sound. I was especially skeptical about 2. 1 producing surround sound but it works. This will be my main pc speaker for the foreseeable future. Have connected bluetooth and pc but haven’t tried any other connection options.

Why can’t i give six stars, or 11. This is the greatest sound device (for its size) that i have ever in my life come across. I was entirely blown away by its amazing output and the quality of it. Damn worth the high price for it, no doubt.

After many hours searching for new speaker for my pc i decided on this sound bar. I was sceptical as i have alway had a 5. 1 system but wanted to free up some desk space. I came from some older logitech 5. 1speakers and i have to say i’m impressed,it sounds fantastic as well as looking fantasticfeels really well made and the sound bar has a satisfying weight to it. ,the sub woofer is slim but delivers decent bass. The one downside i don’t like is the cheap remote supplied,it’s really cheap and nasty and at £250 surely a better remote could be bundled in.

Absolutely awesome, just like being at the cinema, the room shakes with the bass, adds a new dimension to any films you havepretty easy to set up especially if you have optical out on your tv, watching the second hulk film with them as i type this and it sounds incrediblei cannot recommend these enough, the lights i thought would distract but i don’t mind them and they can be turned off anyway, i am absolutely stunned at this incredible speaker system, i’m literally feeling like a 9-year-old​ watching the incredible hulk the incredible hulk [blu-ray [region free] fantastic. ]

I had to ditch my philips ambx after 6 years when it became faulty, there is nothing on the market now a days to compare for gaming and a lights show. The creative katana i chose, was to cut down on clutter, it is the first sound bar i have had, and it is very impressive. Great sound and very adjustable, especially the base mode. The lights are a very nice addition, but nothing like the ambx, but i knew that anyway. Although i would have liked to be able to have the lights change with the music, if that’s available i can’t find it on the downloaded software. As good as the sound is, there is still no definitive separation on the speakers, this is more noticeable on older music were they used the left and right channels a lot. Also noticeable on many games, so you don’t get the frightening weird noises from different directions the same. Good quality, feels good, i hope it last as long as my previous one. One annoying thing was the poor instructions, nothing to make it easy to set up, so could be a little annoying for a novice, thank god for youtube.

This speaker is nothing short of magnificent. The clarity that comes out of it is a thing of beauty and the bass is tight. I hate flimsy, loose bass and the sub that comes with it is anything but. I am a long time customer of creative all the way back into the 90s with their sound cards, although this is true i wouldn’t call myself bias as i’m open to all brands of electricals. Thing is, after all the fuss as*ing around trying everything else, creative never seem to let me down. What have you got to loose, give them a go. Hopfully you will begin your relationship with them and be glad you did just like me 😁.

Require a replacement for my old cambridge soundworks 5. 1 system, where the optical input was starting to play up and i found that the vast majority unsuitable (no optical input, bass speaker contains the controls etc) so when i saw this come out i was pleased. Now i’ve got it home i’ve found that it can take the place of my echo when i’m on my computer (a sensible logical add on) and the audio itself is good quality with little or no distortion (on occasions i’ve not realised it was playing as loud as it was until swmbo has buzzed me on the internal tele system, whoops). The only thing is that i haven’t found a way to imitate 5. 1 sound, with the old system it was literally push 2 buttons and it was there, even with the optical lead, not so with this even though some of the reviews imply you can. In real terms it was cheaper than my previous systemgood quality audio but as for it managing to create a 5. That just leaves the leds, don’t know what they’re supposed to do but they are colourful.

1 sound system, and though this is marketed as a 7. 1 under monitor sound bar(though you do have to be right in the sweet spot just above the sound bar to get the best 7. 1 and it does sound brilliant using it like this). It creates equally stunning 2. 1 audio hooked to the tv in the living room and thats what i bought it for. 1 stereo is not as good as a decent dolby 5. 1 surround set up but if like me you want a simple solution to upgrade from those tinny tv speakers they seem to put on every flatscreen.

Hands down the most clean sound i’ve ever heardworth the money and it really does get loud for its sizethe only down side that i had with this is that the remote came with a dead battery.

It took me a while to find a decent speakers for my gaming rig and i’m happy to tell you that i’m pleased with this soundbar at the begging i was skeptic but i was like ‘what the hell lets give a try’ and i do not regret my decision. The quality, sound and inputs that what i was looking for and i can tell you i would not change it for anything else. I can gladly recommend to anyone who is looking for some good gaming experience , movie watching and bass music. 6 star from out of 5 ,cheers.

Premium quality, really professional stuff.

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Creative Sound BlasterX Katana Multi-Channel Gaming Soundbar - Bluetooth, AUX-in, USB FlashDrive, Headset-out, Mic-in, Optical-in, USB for PC, PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim - Black
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