Edifier R1800TIII 2 – Five Stars

Really pleased with the sound from these speakers and not too basey. Everything you need is in the box and very easy to setup with my windows 10 pc – just plug’n’play. The cable between the speakers is a good length, my desk is 2. 2m wide and not problems connecting them up. The volume, base and treble controls on the back are useful, but not too sure how much you’d use them once setup. The black gloss finish looks really classy and the speakers look smart with the front covers off. Listened to a number of different genres and i’m happy with the sound for all of them. Also, films sound pretty good.

Great speakers with incredible quality.

These speakers sound really good. I recently purchased a samsung sound bar for £300 and i don’t really understand how these can sound better than a sound bar with 9 speakers costing 3x as much but they really do. Here are the specifications for the Edifier R1800TIII 2:

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  • Professional amplifier system with digital signal processing (dsp) and dynamic range control (drc)
  • Dual rca inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources
  • 100% mdf wooden enclosure to minimize acoustic resonance
  • Active bookshelf speaker system with 70w rms total power output
  • Class d amplifier with 4inch bass drivers and d19mm silk dome tweeters

I am using the edifier rt1800tiii 2. 0 studio in my office/workshop and they are perfect. The sound is really good and powerful and they look nice on my desk. Also amazon have the best price.

Very good sound quality, long enough wires and good build quality.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Big sound, small price.
  • Bass is good without being boomy and the treble has good clarity
  • Great Sound, Great Value

Not disappointed with my purchase of these speakers however one issue i’d raise is how limited the remote control is – volume up and down and mute button only. Would have been great to have other functions such as on/off switch and bass and treble too. All knobs are on the back of the speakers which is a little bit of a hassle, especially reaching the on/off switch.

Stunning set of studio speakers which i have connected to my audio technica turntable as well as my pc which reduces the space on my desk in my home office. Bass is good without being boomy and the treble has good clarity for vocals. These speakers are really well made and have a good solid weight and feel to them. The supplied remote control is also very useful. I struggle to understand how edifier make them for this money as they are as good if not better than other more expensive speakers i have owned.

These speakers are larger than i thought they would be,but so far the sound on them is just what i was looking for. I say so far as i have had to send back a different model of edifier speakers as they became faulty. So i chose these and i must say i love the sound from them.

Great speakers, i really like them. Nice look and sound quality.

These speakers offer a really impressive sound quality for their size and price. The bass is big and punchy and the treble is very clear. 1 systems of a similar price (which have a single massive bass driver and tinny little satellite speakers,) the r1800’s produce a well rounded sound. This is very noticeable if you listen to a lot of rock music where 2. 1 systems often struggle to produce convincing mid-tone guitar riffs. The build quality of the speakers is extremely solid, with the amp containing right speakers having a reassuring weight to it. The supplied cables are fairly chunky and produce a decent enough sound though spending a few quid on 3rd party cables might provide a slightly clearer sound. The supplied remote comes with with volume up, down and mute buttons which override the volume dial on the speaker cab itself. I’ve found it to be very handy since most people recommend not adjusting the volume on the output device (i.

I,ve had these for two months now and had no problems at all. The bass and clarity is fantastic you can get the same model with bluetooth but are cost £30 more. I use them on my tv and there is plenty of cable(12 feet) to set the speakers far apart from each other for better spaced stereo.

Really good speakers i love em the sound is crisp and clear great top end and if needed bottom end would buy againe.

I’m using these speakers with my sony ps-lx300 usb turntable. As the player has a pre-amp, i was able to plug it directly into the speakers and start playing my records – easiest set-up ever. The sound quality is very good and the bass sounds fantastic on hip-hop records. I would say that although you can tune the treble and bass, there isn’t much difference between the highest and lowest settings which may be a problem with neighbours if the volume is too high (both are very good even on the lowest setting). I can also plug in my phone or any device with a headphone jack using the cable that came with the speakers, so i can also listen to tunein radio player and spotify. They look great with their piano black finish on the sides that complement my turntable very well, and they are also compact and portable. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

Really quick devilry, and the speaker work well.

Impressive sound quality, very good build quality. Using it with my audio technica turntable.

Ive been wanting to treat myself to new speakers for a while now, and after some digging through reviews i decided to get the r1800’s. Paired with my 27” imac they don’t disappoint. Comes with a handy little remote plus on the rear of right side speaker you have volume/bass/treble. Tight & punchy “plenty of bass if needed ” with warm mids. Great for media or gaming and watching films.

Mission LX-2 Bookshelf Speaker – Walnut Pearl : Five Stars

Sounds great straight out of the box. Pleasantly surprised at how it fills a normal size room. Can’t comment on durability so soon after buying.

I tried these at the same time as the diamond 9. 1s and have to say there is no contest. The deep warm bass is amazing.

Very nice piece of kit, extremely well packaged and very easy to put together, nice height and look great with my bronze 2’s on, well worth the dosh.

My son says they are excellent.

Easy to assemble and a set of mx-1s sit perfectly on them. Great height for rear speakers in a surround set up.

Had for a few months now can’t fault them very good value for money.

Has transformed my surround sound – dialogue clear and crisp for the first time ever.

Can’t find anything better in this price range.

A quick note – this is for a pair of stands, not just one, despite the product descriptionbought to accommodate my q acoustics 3010s (the bespoke stands cost £100 compared to these, which cost £59 at time of purchase). They arrive packaged superbly – each component wrapped and sleeved individually in cardboard – and couldn’t be easier or more satisfying to put together. The plates and legs are solid, and the shiny metal floor spikes are beautifully engineered. The cable management is ok – personally i would prefer an exit hole through the base rather than leave a cable trailing across the plate – but aside from that, they are superb. The sound from the speakers is immediately, noticeably better, and of course positioning at ear level when sitting is perfect (they stand at about 60cm). Seriously impressed, glad i opted for these.

Excellent product, these are easy to assemble and look very nice. Note the price is for 2 stands, while it was not clear from the product description. I bought 2 pairs, while thinking i’m only buying 1 pair, yet liked them so decided not to return the extra ones.

Mission quality, the best small bookshelf speaker that good ive just bought another pair in white sandex finish also.

I would definitely recommend these speakers for the price the look and sound great.

A cracking pair of speakers at the lower end of the price range. I put them into my conservatory serviced by a 55w p/c technics su7300 amplifier. Great bass and good mids for the physical size, although top end lacking slightly. Performance does improve over a couple of weeks as the speakers bed in. Great value for money speaker.

Looks the part and sounds the part, from thrash metal, death metal and classical.

Pleased with purchase- thanks.

These sound fantastic, i only have a small room and set them up yesterday, so far i would say i am very very pleased, records sound so much better, they look good, easy to connect, and work great with my old pioneer amp sa540, i almost bought the wharfdale diamond speakers but changed my mind at the last minute, these were cheaper and i like the design more.

These small speakers sound fantastic. They are powered by an old nad 3120 amp and are used to stream high quality music. They sound great and have no problems when the volume is turned up high. The speakers sit on a pair of fisual dynamic uno speaker stands and look really great.

I bought these for my son – i have audiophile quality ones in our loft – the quality of them is amazing highs and mids are excellent. Slightly subdued bass but £ for buck these are amazing – high quality for low cost.

Exactly the sound i wanted, with the look and great build quality.

Good build quality, great sound and compliments the rest of our setup.

Good solid and compact speakers – links v well with my small denon player.

Mission Stancette Speaker Stand – : Great product. thank

The sound is impressive – clear treble and a deep well controlled bass. Need at least 100 hours to break in. Good match with marantz pm 6005. Very pleased with my purchase and recommend them highly.

Fabulous speakers,a real return to form. Superb sound with excellent bass and clear vocals. The speaker size is compact in height and width but is failrly deep. I have spent a good couple of months trying to decide wether to buy these or not,so glad that i did. For the price these missions are an absolute bargain.

Mission Stancette Speaker Stand – Black (Pair)

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  • Carbon steel construction
  • Can be sand loaded for added stability
  • Hardened spiked feet
  • Will accommodate smaller stand-mount loudspeakers
  • Dedicated speaker stands will prevent unwanted vibration

One top plate not flat, i had to shim slightly to level the speaker. However for the money they look fantastic and a great purchase.

I am using these as a stereo sound powered by my av receiver without the surround sound. I have removed the subwoofer as these two rocks. Looks the business and i like the magnet cover. Could not be happier and definitely recommended.

Very well made and sturdy stands for smaller speakers.

Very impressed with the sturdy construction and quality finish on these bookshelf speakers. My previous home theatre speakers were already good quality but these add a layer of depth and clarity to a soundtrack or film which the old system could not produce making the whole home cinema even more immersive.

Very nice piece of kit, extremely well packaged and very easy to put together, nice height and look great with my bronze 2’s on, well worth the dosh.

A quick note – this is for a pair of stands, not just one, despite the product descriptionbought to accommodate my q acoustics 3010s (the bespoke stands cost £100 compared to these, which cost £59 at time of purchase). They arrive packaged superbly – each component wrapped and sleeved individually in cardboard – and couldn’t be easier or more satisfying to put together. The plates and legs are solid, and the shiny metal floor spikes are beautifully engineered. The cable management is ok – personally i would prefer an exit hole through the base rather than leave a cable trailing across the plate – but aside from that, they are superb. The sound from the speakers is immediately, noticeably better, and of course positioning at ear level when sitting is perfect (they stand at about 60cm). Seriously impressed, glad i opted for these.

My son says they are excellent.

Excellent sound, well built, great heritage. Used to own missions growing up. Always second hand, thought i would treat myself to a new pair. Most sellers on ebay wanted collection only. For the price i think these speakers are excellent value. I have a 100 watt amp that powers these.

I would definitely recommend these speakers for the price the look and sound great.

Sold stands for my monitor audio bronze series bookshelf speakers. It’s unclear/impossible to fill the stands, as per the product description through.

I got these to sit my wharfdale diamond 220’s on. I got everything out and started to assemble the stands everything went smooth until i got to the floor spikes. One of the spikes would not thread onto its post i tried one of the other spikes and it threaded onto the post fine. I had a look at the threads on the spike that i could not screw down first few cuts were shallow and poor. I’m was lucky i own a tap and die set with the correct tap for the spike. I ran the tap down the spike and then i could thread it on no bothers. I would not normally knock off 2 stars for this but considering the price i would expect better.

This was a present and my son in law was very pleased with them.

Has transformed my surround sound – dialogue clear and crisp for the first time ever.

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Assembly was easy and they look really fantastic. Solid, heavy metal material throughout with a really nice matt finish.

Very good speakers for the price. I can see why they came second in ‘what hifi’ 2017’s survey.

Exactly the sound i wanted, with the look and great build quality.

Good solid and compact speakers – links v well with my small denon player.

No improvement on my mx1 mission speakers. Disappointed, expected more. Bass not controlled as well and integration inferior. Not worth replacing, maybe need to spend more.

Can’t find anything better in this price range.

Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker – Great product

Very impressed with the hifi sound.

Excellent high-definition speaker. While it has some difficulty connecting bluetooth, once it does the signal is clear and stable. A great purchase, plus it has a very elegant appearance.

Awesome sound quality for all styles of music, feels very nice build quality, fairly decent battery life, loud enough for large rooms and house parties and doesn’t really distort at high volumes. The app let’s you mess with a few eq settings. I find late night mode is best (boosts bass), combined with the wall setting (for when speaker is placed high up) as this seems to add some clarity.

This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son has at least half a dozen and many were good. I liked the bose ones, and found them amazing for their size, if a bit bass heavy. I didn’t like the unbalanced sound of the b&0 play beolit 15, which is roughly the same price and size as the vifa oslo. I don’t need it to be too portable as i use it around the house. I don’t need it to be too loud, but want a balanced sound with clear mid ranges. The vifa oslo fits this as well as i had hoped. Music is balanced, with firm bass, clear and forward mid range and silky trebles. It sounds amazing when turned up, which i don’t do very often.

Works great with my iphone looks fantastic too.

I was looking for a decent bluetooth speaker and initially considered the dali katch as it was listed as the best speaker of its type at the time in what hifi. I then looked it up on youtube and discovered the vifa range of speakers via clavinetjunkie. I’m glad i did as the sound this speaker produces is really excellent, especially in ‘ late night’ mode setting found via the vifa app (the app is rather clunky admittedly). If portability is your main requirement then you might be better looking elsewhere given the size and relatively low battery life. The smaller helsinki is better in this regard and also sounds excellent and is cheaper too. The oslo rocks though and is impressively loud – possibly too loud if you use it in a small room and the helsinki is more sufficient in these circumstances – with no obvious reduction in bass response at higher volumes unlike many such speakers. As others have mentioned, the incremental volume levels are too pronounced on your phone settings so make sure you are prepared to make micro volume adjustments on the unit instead. Some may also find the lack of stereo production a negative too. To me, these are small sacrifices to make given the quality of the sound this speaker delivers.

  • This is my first bluetooth speaker and it’s great. I have heard many others as my son
  • Fairly pricy, but great hi-fi portable speaker
  • Best sounding bluetooth speaker I ever had.

And before oslo i had beolit 15, beoplay a2 active and beoplay p6. Vifa oslo beats them all by a huge margin. Superb design, great battery life and epic sound quality. Can’t recommend them enough.

Incredible sound with beautiful looks and finish.

Design is very nice and quality and details are also very good. Good choice if you like quality audio with a nice design piece.

It sounds amazing and its very bass heavy but, if you’d like something kinda quiet look elsewhere.

Really has been a very good experience in terms of portable sound, i am very satisfied with the purchase, i recommend 100%.

Features of Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker | Nordic Design | Perfect Portable Wireless Speaker for Apple iPhone iOS and Samsung Android – Mountain Blue

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  • ✪ EXCLUSIVE STYLE AND VERSATILITY – Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks extra special? The Vifa Oslo is a beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker that delivers a powerful audio performance. Optimised for low distortion and high precision, the Oslo sounds as wonderful as it looks
  • ✪ AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Vifa’s Oslo received the prestigious iF International Forum Design-award for its outstanding product design. It features a special woven wool grill by Danish textile Designer Kvadrat
  • ✪ MADE TO SHARE – Smartphone and other devices connect to Vifa’s Oslo either via Bluetooth aptX 4.0 or through its 3.5 mm AUX input jack on the back
  • ✪ STELLAR SOUND – Oslo delivers a powerful quality audio performance with clear highs and robust bass. Two 50 mm aluminum cone full-range drivers with neodymium magnets, and two 65 mm woofers mounted back-to-back operate in opposition to reduce distortion and cabinet vibration
  • ✪ IN THE BOX – Vifa Oslo, Power supply, AUX 3.5 mm mini jack cable, Travel bag, Manual, Quick guide and Warranty

From the manufacturer


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More Than Meets The Eye

Let your eyes follow the rim of the rounded shapes.

See the softness, sense how the cover carefully encapsulates the technology inside. Your first time with Oslo will touch your eyes and open your senses. The vivid colours, the surprising texture, the sensation that there’s much more below the surface. The embroidered volume-buttons at the front, hinting: I am a loudspeaker. Inviting you to approach, explore, discover.

Oslo is for real. Oslo is authentic, Oslo is genuine. An upright, compact design that whispers ‘Move me around, place me wherever you want.’ It’s Nordic aesthetics at its finest: Non-intrusive and discreet, yet remarkably confident about the statement it makes in any interior.

Look at the lines and linger in the most laid-back luxury one could imagine. No bragging, no bling. Simply made to be noticed.

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Close Your Eyes In Order To See

On a recent trip to the US, I bought Bob Dylan’s Original Mono Recordings. A complete compilation of his first eight albums in a remarkable sound quality. When I got home I spent an entire evening sitting on the floor in my living room, listening to the vinyls. It was just … you know, it’s physical what great sound does to you. A sort of whoosh when it touches you.

That sound on those records was so unique. You felt like you were actually there, at the Columbia Studios, just in front of Bob and his guitar. It was … well. It was what music should always be like. It was true, authentic sound in all its splendour.

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iF Gold Award

The Oslo loudspeaker was awarded the extremely prestigious iF GOLD AWARD for its outstanding design.

‘The Danish-designed Vifa Oslo is a gorgeously appointed Bluetooth speaker that will look great in your living room: the perfect link between technology, sound quality and long-lasting design. The soft and well-formed handle extends in a single stroke from the speaker body, while upholstery-grade fabric covers the rest of the unit. The interface is hidden. Nothing more and nothing less!’

These are the words of the jury behind the German iF International Forum Design-award, justifying the choice of Oslo for the special iF GOLD AWARD.

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The Essentials

A soft texture. A warm touch. The surprising feel of Oslo comes from its wool cover. Selected yarns carefully woven into a specific pattern, designed by Kvadrat.

Reflection and intuition accompanied the entire work process during which Kvadrat translated their tactile knowledge to the domain of sound. Numerous hours and heaps of rough, smooth, bulky or silky weaving samples later, the fabric created is essential to the entire product experience. It appeals to the eye, the ears and your fingertips. Wool is perfect natural imperfection; it’s comfort and cosiness; it’s a reassuring, basic feel. A universal material, revered through time for its resistance and the way it ages beautifully.

By a simple touch of Oslo you will truly understand the craftsmanship, the durability and the inherent quality of this product and the materials it’s made of: What you feel is what you get.

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✪ EXCLUSIVE STYLE AND VERSATILITY – Looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks extra special? The Vifa Oslo is a beautifully designed Bluetooth speaker that delivers a powerful audio performance.

✪ AWARD-WINNING DESIGN – Vifa’s Oslo received the prestigious iF International Forum Design-award for its outstanding product design.


✪ STELLAR SOUND – Oslo delivers a powerful quality audio performance with clear highs and robust bass.

Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers : Outstanding allround speakers

Bought this and a yu4 for my apartment, just by reading reviews and watching some youtubers talk about these. Hooking them up i was really happy with the sound they produce. Especially when fine tuning them with the remotes bass/treble settings. The only negative is that i was going to use these for the tv but lack som clarity in the mids. So i hooked them up to my vinyl player, and now they really shine.

So straight off, these are awesome little speakers. I’m not going to do an in-depth review of the sound since i’m not really qualified and you can find plenty of reviews of the sound on youtube. Suffice to say they’re punch, clear, have a decent amount of power, and sound great. There are a huge amount of inputs in the back – two optical (for a pc or your sky box for example), rca phono/line (to connect a record deck, mixer, games console, or many other things), aux (generally used to connect a phone or audio player), and bluetooth. You can switch between all of the inputs really easily with the remote, and you can connect two bluetooth devices (although you can only play one at once). On the back there’s also an output to a sub, which is highly recommended since as you can imagine the speakers are quite small so if you want to use these to watch movies or listen to loud music they don’t quite have enough punch, although they do very very well by themselves and a sub is in no way essential. I bought the kanto sub8: https://amzn. To/2v7keod – it’s super easy to connect and adds an immense amount of bass to the setup. In terms of stands, the speakers come with some horrible little “feet” which are basically stickers and completely useless. Unfortunately it’s hard to get the official kanto stands in the uk, but i bought some of the soundxtra stands and they’re amazing, plus fit the speakers perfectly: https://amzn.

Wanted a set of pc speakers for gaming, i had a sound bar temporarily, until i found the perfect set up. Stumbled across these as i didn’t want the 5 speaker surround sound. Love that fact they have a built in pre amp, external sub connection but what i like the most is the built in blue tooth and 2 optical in. The speaker quality are great, base is perfect and treble is nice. I wanted gloss red but no where had stock in the end i got matt white. Would definitely recommend these for pc set ups, or dj set ups. My point is these speakers are so versatile.

  • Awesome speakers, especially when paired with the sub!
  • Outstanding allround speakers
  • excellent well built and sound

Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth® and Phono Preamp – Matte White

  • 5.25″ Kevlar drivers and 1″ silk dome tweeters deliver crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-range
  • Built-in Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX technology lets you enjoy high-quality streaming from the palm of your hand
  • Equipped with a built-in phono preamp, YU6 can be easily connected to any vintage or modern day turntable
  • Includes a remote to give you full control over your audio
  • Each speaker measures 6.9″ W x 8.1″ D x 10.7″ H (17.5 x 20.5 x 27.2 cm)

Roth Audio VA4 Pair of Active Speakers – – Brilliant piece of kit

Considering how compact these speakers are, the sound is clear, crisp and can get very loud (if you want/need a decent volume). I bought to connect my old turntable (as they have a very useful phono pre-amp built-in) and the records sound better than ever through them. Bonus to be able to connect tv, bluetooth devices, i-pod and basically any other piece of equipment as well (cd, tapedeck etc) using the variety of inputs. (i had only one tiny problem during set up – i didn’t press the volume button in as you need to do to activate the audio connection – it isn’t entirely explicit in the user manual, but i wouldn’t mark it down because of that though. )it was brillliant getting rid of my poor old speakers, i-pod dock, external amp and various leads and now i just have a very simple but effective set up. Wish i had got them earlier.

Easy to set up with my daughter’s new audio technica at-lp5 deck and the sound quality is excellent. Nice that these are bluetooth speakers so my daughter can also play music through them via her iphone.

Just picked these up to provide a simple solution for a second home to listen to vinyl and bluetooth streaming, and was actually quite pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. Don’t expect the warmth and depth of expensive speakers driven by a high end tube amp and you will be very happy. Sound reproduction is natural, crisp and clear. Only reason i didn’t give them 5* is the remote quality, but they probably deserve it for everything else. Im not sure you could put together a set of speakers, phone-amp and amp for 2-3x the cost and sound as good. Here are the specifications for the Roth Audio VA4 Pair of Active Speakers –:

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  • Analogue and digital connectivity options
  • Seamless playback of music
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB charger included
  • Phono stage built in

Having had a couple of issues with feedback paricularly on bluetooth mode, the customer service team at roth were absolutely brilliant. They paid for direct postage back, supplied new speakers and were incredibly quick and friendly. I now have a fantastic looking and sounding multi purpose set of speakers.

Simply brilliant for the price. Punch above their size as far as sound is concerned too, and i’ve previously owned bigger speakers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Product Has Quality Control Issues
  • Superb sound, compact, no Phono box needed!
  • Smart, compact and VERY loud speakers

Speakers itself in total- design, sound – perfect, but one thing – remote controller – from the very beginning it was working hardly, you had to press hard buttons to do something, and finally after 1. 5 year it stopped working completely – it’s enoying i know i can adjust volume from the back big button, but bass and treble – there’s no other option apart with the remote controller to do it, so i can’t enjoy listening my records fully. Tried to contact roth ten times – nobody replied to my e-mails how to get replacement for the remote controller.

Completely fantastic sound, i love them.

Fantastic speakers for anyone looking for a simple but great quality setup for a turntable. Having bluetooth is a added bonus for a cheaper set of speakers.

Impressed with speakers just what we wanted for our record player.

Great speakers (all of the glowing reviews on the internet back this up) for what i need. Mine do have an issue of electrical noise being audible at low volume from new. Similar to cellphone noise you can get from audio equipment even though my phone is not close by. Started off only when bluetooth is connected but yesterday it became evident in other input modes too.

Brilliant sound, very pleased and connected straight to turntable with no issues.

Were for temporary until i got my full set up. Got my turtable playing through it and galaxy s7 on bluetooth. Might keep it as permanent setup. Great sound for small speakers.

I had previously given these 5 starts but i have noticed similar issues that other people have experienced. When in bluetooth mode there is a loud crackle noise that can only be muted if you put your bluetooth device on top of the main speaker which renders bluetooth mode useless. For me it is not a complete deal breaker as i bought these for my rega planar 1 record player. However the remote is also made of very cheap materials and buttons do not work properly as mentioned in another review. At this price-point you would simply expect better and i was left disappointed because of these issues.

Brilliant piece of kit, impressive sound output and quality for the size of the speakers. Because of internal amplifier, there is no necessity to fiddle around with additional cables and connections allowing a very quick set up with what ever devices are being used and then getting on with the simple pleasure of listening to the depth of sound that is produced. I can’t imagine there is much that cannot be connected for audio input, but as everything i use from my mobile devices to ‘vinyl’ works , then i’m not bothered to investigate further .

Superb audio quality at this price. Top class technical support.

Great speakers, fantastic clear sound. Ability to connect to a turntable is excellent. Paired with a suitable subwoofer and they are great for films, gaming and music.

High quality active speakers. The sound is clear and crisp with decent bass for small speakers. They pair really quickly with my ipad and the remote is useful too. There’s plenty of volume on tap. If you read the reviews of any or roth’s products, it’s easy to see why this company has such a good reputation and this influenced me in choosing roth.

I read about these speakers in a vinyl-lovers magazine and they gave them a high rating. I was about to buy a new record turntable to play my old vinyl, and what i also liked the idea of, was that these speakers have a built-in `phono` amplifier, so no need to purchase one costing an extra £60 minimum. My rega planar 1 turntable (£249) plugs straight into the main speaker via the rca connection cables from the turntable, links to the other speaker via the cable provided, and bingo, great sound. The remote handset allows volume, bass & treble to be altered, and has wide latitude with both base & treble. I have mine floor mounted, using the small rubber feet provided in order to avoid vibration. Neat and compact, don`t be fooled by their small size, they pack a punch. Nice and loud in my medium-sized room, no need to mount on stands. The fabric front covers can be removed for a more hi-tec scientific look. If you plug it all in and have no sound, remember to press the volume control on the back of the main speaker inwards in order to activate. Great value, highly recommended.

Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers, This Canadian company has cracked it!

Wish i’d bought these earlier. Taken pretty much everything i’ve thrown at them from heavy dub and electro to opera and indie on both vinyl and via bluetooth. The yu6’s have enough bass for most things. Having a lot of fun with these / pretty joyous to listen to.

I have spend thousands on hifi gear in separates like amps, dacs, streamers, cables, etc. All clutter and useless in today’s world where you have products like the yu 6 which can do it all and sound mighty impressive at the same time. Highly recommend these speakers to anyone who needs an elegant, minimalist, sublimely sounding solution. Sure kanto will put their prices up over the next few years. Tremendous value for money at this point.

Amazing sound, can’t say a bad thing about the speakers as of yet, but the only thing that does come to mind is the bluetooth will lose range if you leave the room and go behind a wall. It’s not the worse thing in the world but maybe a *newer smartphone with updated bluetooth in maybe link easier but other than that.

Key specs for Kanto YU6 Powered Speakers with Bluetooth® and Phono Preamp – Gloss Black:

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    by entering your model number.
  • 5.25″ Kevlar drivers and 1″ silk dome tweeters deliver crisp highs and wonderfully balanced mid-range
  • Built-in Bluetooth with Qualcomm aptX technology lets you enjoy high-quality streaming from the palm of your hand
  • Equipped with a built-in phono preamp, YU6 can be easily connected to any vintage or modern day turntable
  • Includes a remote to give you full control over your audio
  • Each speaker measures 6.9″ W x 8.1″ D x 10.7″ H (17.5 x 20.5 x 27.2 cm)

Comments from buyers

“Only just got them and I’m well impressed!
, Really great experience. Speakers do what they say they will
, Gloss white perfect speakers

Search ended when i saw these speakers which i play vynil through, blue tooth,, etc. Sound is very pure especially when playing vynil, pending on which turntable you play it through, mine is the lenco 175, amazing turntable check it out. The analogue sound is warm, true and the speakers project this sound at you with astonishing vynil sound. Also when playing digital music ie, cds, blue tooth etc the music is crystal, with many features including an excellent remote control for your personal sound preferences, you can control bass, treble, volume, and balance from the comfort of your armchair,. With a choice of sizes, colours, etc these speakers are very, very good, i’d say personally in the same class as bose, sonos, etc and at a cheaper price. Highly recommended for any choice of audio you wish to play these speakers are superb.

Only just got them and i’m well impressed. Speakers do feel premium (and heavy, haha) and sound great. They’re very easy to setup but you’ll need a bit of space around you so you don’t damage them while pulling them out the box. The remote is a bit big but i really like all the controls on it that let you handle just about anything: volume, mute, balance, bass, treble, input sources (another great asset for me as i have a few devices i listen to music on), bt pairing, track controls (prev, play/pause, next) for bt connected players. Sound adjustments are easy to reset using dedicated reset buttons, too. The built-in phono pre-amp doesn’t feel as good so i’m using a dedicated box, which seems to be giving me fuller lows and highs. I may give it another chance at some point. **update**been using these speakers for over a week now, the sound improved much after burning them in. And i got used to the built-in phono pre-amp as well.

I’ve been looking for some decent bluethooth speakers and i was hearing very good things about ‘kanto’ so i bought a pair of these the other day and i absolutely love them , perfect size , perfect colour and they sound amazing also the customer service from kanto was very helpful. I am really happy with these speakers the only downside is that they are a ‘bit pricey’.

Speakers do what they say they will. What impressed me the most was the customer experience i received from kanto. I had a problem with the remote that came with my speakers. I emailed them and got a brilliant reply withing 24hrs and had a new remote sent out to me as soon as it was clear this was the problem. Build quality appears solid. Sound is really nice (i am not an audiophile so cannot give an expert opinion on this) but they do what i want. I use them as speakers for my tv and it is a clear sound that can be punchy for films with lots of explosions and i like that i can up the treble for more dialogue driven films or shows where you want to follow the conversation. The yu6’s are much better than a sound bar for me. They come with a remote so you can change volume from the sofa but also have a bluetooth connection so i can play music from my phone if i want to use them as stereo speakers.

I purchased these, to replace my elesis elevate5, as the kanto have more ways to connect, i. Phono,aux, 2x optical,sub out, usb(charge only)i use these for the tv, when i can’t be bothered to fire up the main system, but will do computer, or what ever you might use them for. They came well packed, with polystyrene top/bottom,inside dust covers. Set up was simple,skybox hdmi to tv, optical from sky to yu6, attach speaker cable, power plug, turn on. As expected, an upgrade on any tv sound. Adjusting treble/bass is a bonus in this context. All the controls you need, are on the remote. I plugged in a sub, to enhance the lows.

Edifier EDFR980T Home Audio Speakers – Give vinyl some oomph

I only purchased these as ‘monitor’ speakers when converting lp to mp3. They are too good for that in reality. Easy to set up and visually good to look at. Solid construction and removable grilles. They do out perform their price. The cable that connects the active speaker to the passive speaker is only bell type wire but at least the speakers do have terminals to enable use of a better quality cable. Also the possiblity to upgrate the phone cable too. They sound good although a tad bass heavy. Stuffing a sock into the bass port should cure that.I have the bass set at the mid detent position.

On two occasions tried to introduce these speakers to my turntable, unfortunately on both occasions i could not have the sound above just off zero and was too loud for domestic use. Any higher and the house was shaking. Would be superb in a hall for a disco/dance. Otherwise seem to look good if that is all that is required.

Bought these some time back but have to say they are thee best speakers ive used in a long time. The sound output of the high’s an lows and mid tones are amazing. Not overly bassy but still get a good output. An they look well manufactured too.

These are the best kept secret – top bang-per-buck for powered speakers. The more expensive edifiers might have better ergonomics and maybe better sound but the 980t’s sound great, far exceeding this price-point when compared to the competition.

I had a lot of issues initially setting up the speaker system, believing there was a fault in the inactive speaker. After switching some sockets around, i found that half of the aux to rca wasn’t working. I switched to the rca to rca wire which worked fine for the first listen, but again, stopped working on half of the cable. Have had to replace the cable after contacting the manufacturer (no response), as that is a smaller cost than returning the item. On a side note, the speakers do not match the photograph although this is barely an issue. I couldn’t fairly review the actual speakers as i only had both working for one album, but no instant issues were recognisable.

Nice looking and sound great. Set up is a doddle and they worked first time.

  • Surprisingly good.
  • These are the best kept secret – top bang-per-buck for powered speakers
  • Shoddy wires and unhelpful customer support from Edifier.

Would have been 5 stars, however the ones i bought from amazon had a european plug without a uk adapter, so i had to order an adapter which amazon did paid for. A review of r1280t speakers also mentions no uk adapter.

Bass is a bit boomy but compared to other products for the price, they’re excellent.

The item arrived as expected. The speakers are great for the price. The placement of the controls is a bit off. The idea makes sense because it makes the speakers look stealth. Regardless they are a good pair of speakers and would totally recommend them.

Hooked them up to my turntable, work a treat. Deep base whilst still retaining the warmth of the vinyl. A fantastic set of speakers for anyone without the cash or inclination to spend a couple of hundred pounds on a pair of speakers.

Bought these to replace my trusty edifier r1900tii after a move. Obviously the 980t are not as good (being much cheaper) but great for the price and size.

Features of EDIFIER EDFR980T Home Audio Speakers

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  • Dual rca inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources
  • Calibrated flared bass reflex port, in front of the speaker cabinet
  • 100% mdf wooden enclosure
  • Universal switching power supply
  • Active bookshelf speaker system with 24w total power output

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Awesome set of speakers, great sound and price was right. Great if you’re on a budget.

Bought these speakers to give my retro record player some oomph as my hearing aint what it used to be, i have to say i am highly impressed . Perfect size not too big for the room, but wow what a terrific sound . Really brings out the sound of the old vinyl, just like i remember it from all those years ago. Will be perfect in the summer (if we get one) to annoy the neighbors in the garden while having a bbq. Really recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to improve the quality of sound on their wee record deck.

Excellent sound and build quality for the price. I use them with my audio technica lp60 turntable in my study. Sound quality for vinyl is not comparable to my £1,500 set up in my lounge but very passable.

Compact with great sound, ideal to use alongside a turntable with active output.

Dual rca inputs for connectivity to multiple audio sources

Calibrated flared bass reflex port, in front of the speaker cabinet

100% mdf wooden enclosure

Universal switching power supply

Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers, R1800BT Multimedia Speakers

These speakers are simply excellent. I use them as near-field monitors for music creation. I’ve seen some comments about them being bass-heavy. I understand why but, actually, it helps in recording because it prompts use of low-cut. The acid test is when you take your mix to a car stereo or something mainstream and these edifiers have helped me create great mixes. Can not recommend highly enough.

Having never heard of the company i bought these purly on the reviews on here. I must say these are real quality for the price. I use them for a small home studio set up to make and mix dance music. I did use m audio bx-5s until they broke. The transformer went in each one, after 10 years or so. These are better than the bx5s in my opinion for sound quality, connect-ability and obviously price, i just hope they last as long. The bass response is fantastic. Probably because it goes down to 60htz which is top end of sub base. Normally these size speakers are 85htz, so you feel you need more. Probably why the other reviews are saying they have too much bass.

The sound is very impressive from such a small set of speakers. They easily connected to the blutooth adapter connected to the tv to provide much better sound. They paired very easily with this device:bluetooth transmitter and receiver, taotronics digital optical toslink and 3. 5mm wireless audio adapter for tv / home stereo system – aptx low latency.

Key specs for Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers:

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  • Studio bookshelf speaker, 30w, bluetooth
  • Wireless remote control with audio source selection, mute and volume adjustment
  • Bluetooth pairing capability for music playback

Comments from buyers

“Edifier R1800BT Multimedia Speakers
, A lot of speaker
, Great for record player & Tv- added bonus of being bluetooth speakers too

 kindly given to me to review these are an excellent pair of speakers for a variety of uses. The two speakers come with a little remote which is used to adjust volume and to swap between the bluetooth source or line in. The remote is powered by a cr2025 battery. A cable was provided to connect this to a tv via a headphone out socket and they sound loads better than the built in speakers of my lg tv. If you want to listen to music via your mobile, tablet or pc you can do so via bluetooth. The speakers have a little light that shows the mode, blue for bluetooth, green for line in. Considering the size (they stand about 25cm tall) these have a huge room filling volume along with a bass you can feel shake the floor. Sound quality is absolutely fantastic, i’ve tried to capture it in my video review but the microphones i have really don’t do the quality justice. The glossy black finish looks great, but be aware it’s a bit of a dust magnet.

Give them time to break in and use high quality bit rate music flac/lossless audio no less than 320 mp3, i am using a fiio usb q1 dac from my pc so far they have been very good not perfect but for the money you get a lot of speaker that are very musical and fun to listen to i do recommend these speakers to anyone on a budget or just looking for something more from there pc,tv sound blue tooth is a nice little bonus although i dont use it myself as cable sound is always better and fuller sounding.

Great price, the quality is just superb.

Excellent sound quality and build only let down brief instruction leaflet.

Excellent speakers, very powerful, can easily replace a home system. Very rich, crisp, powerful sound even at low volume, great bass. I don’t see any drawbacks, it is fully worth its price. Being a fussy shopper – this one is a great buy – keeping it.

For their size (and the price), these are an excellent set of speakers. I bought them to replace the speakers on my sony bravia which, like most integrated tv speakers, are not up to scratch. The difference is here is night and day; the sound from the edifiers is crisp and clear and you can feel the bass in your body in much the same way as you can at the cinema – incredible for their size and with no separate sub. Film and games sound very good – i have also played some high quality audio files through them and was blown away by their performance. The addition of bluetooth is a welcome feature as the speakers now double as my go-to’s for playing music in the living room. For £130 these are a fantastic buy and i would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic audio quality for the price.

I got these for my audio technica record player, and they more than do the trick. Simple to set up with a long cable between the two so you can have them set apart if required. The record player is in the tv cabinet, and so i can also easily switch the cables to use them as tv speakers which i do for movie night. They come with a little remote as well for volume control etc, and also to switch to bluetooth. I have used these as bluetooth speakers many times, and for a house party (30 people) the volume was more than enough to be heard. I used to use a bose soundlink speaker and that is now unused as the quality and volume of these is better, just not as portable.

Sound is muffled compare to my 10 years old jbl creatures. And also after next day start hissing is not loud but still i hear that and must switch off before go bed.

I bought them on other site, because here i couldn’t get them shipped to my country. . I was looking for micro hi fi system, and in 300€ price range simply couldn’t find one with all things that i wanted to have. So then i change my search to active speakers. Honestly i even didnt want receiver with cd player, i would prefer rather one without , because of the size. So active speakers was jack pot for me. Only problem was that most of them doesn’t have remote control and this was one of the things which was crucial for me. Anyhow to shorten the story , the sound for me is simply great. Yesterday i listen music on them until 2 after midnight, i couldn’t stop. Feeling is defenitly better then on my headphones, which i stop to use now. I still didn’t try put the volume to max, i have them only a day, and can listen them only at midnight (because of job) , but i believe they are not speakers for partys or similir.

Awesome if a little heavy on the bass but you can just turn the bass eq down.

I am very impressed by the sound quality of the 1800bts. These speakers are everything you are looking for and then some. They can easily fill a large room without any distortion at higher volumes, which is loud but what you would expect from a compact 70w rms unit. Bluetooth pairing is a godsend, can get back home and pair on my phone instantly. The only downside is anyone can pair with your device when you are not connected, and since i am living in a flat i have to turn them off when not in use in case other people connect. Also the led on the right speaker where the ir blaster is located is very bright, unneccesarily so. The led is used to distinguish between bluetooth and aux inputs, but i think it should switch off after a few seconds, i do not need a bright led to constantly tell me i am using bluetooth. But these two cons are incredibly nitpicky, the speakers overall live up to the hype, and definitely get these over the 1700bt since they are the same price as of right now on amazon.

Excellent,look & sound fantastic.

Sound is ‘powerful’, but of course for that size is lacking the precision, clarity of larger speakers. Bass can be a bit booming, but overall fine. Pairing with bluetooth is very easy.

Libratone Zipp Wireless Speaker – Excellent speaker

I have put off purchasing a battery powered speaker for several years. Every summer i research what’s available and think on. I had almost decided on the b&o ‘battery box’, even thought it only had bluetooth and aux in. Thankfully, i looked again and stumbled across the libratone zipp. All i can say is if i hadn’t i don’t think i would be sitting in the garden listening to a perfectly good airplay rendition of a hires album served up by roon. In other words – a fancy music server converting a 24bit 96khz album and serving it to the zipp via airplay after having processed it down to 16bit and 44. That still annoys me – i wish libratone would deal with higher rates, but even over dlna (via qobuz) i found that it all gets down sampled to 16bit 44. Don’t know if airplay 2 will bring any change to this. But even with this i find that room plays very nicely with the libratone. Enough to say that i have found that the best tonal quality is without an of the dsp effects within libratone ie opting for the flat response. This is always a sign that the audio equipment is good quality. Forget bluetooth – it’s a pain in the rear and best left for hands free calling in the car.

Very pleased with the speaker itself, it creates a good sound with plenty of volume and decent bass. The portability of the speaker is a particularly nice feature, you can simply unplug it and move it to wherever you want to listen. The app that is required to setup / manage the speaker / settings is very poor. I had all sorts of problems getting the app on my android phone to connect and stay connected to the speaker. I eventually got it working by reference to the online help and libratone support, turns out the app is very fussy about the wifi settings. Be prepared to have to adjust settings on your router to get it to work. Once connected the app is ok and having done the setup you don’t generally need to use it much.

I bought this speaker as a replacement to our normal fm kitchen radio. It is obviously more expensive than a radio, but was recommended this speaker by a work colleague. This product was a good buy and mostly simple to use. It is best setup from an android device to get it working on your home wifi and once setup can stream internet radio opening up a wealth of stations. It can also bluetooth music and has a nice intuitive touch controller. But the biggest plus point is its sound – wow. Nice and clear with perfect bass. For a single speaker, it provides a well rounded sound, filling the space nicely in all rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and garden open spaces.

Great to carry to dance class. Good volume and clear music. I plug mine in to mains and use my ipod on bluetooth. It has lots of other uses but i haven,t tried them. Well wrapped and informed the day of delivery.

I was lucky to get this at a bargain price (only a tiny bit more than the mini) but i would not have been disappointed if i had had to pay more.

Clear sound in the round listening to radio or itunes music. Henry purcell sounds fabulous on this, baritones, tenor and soprano quite clear and full.

  • Little bird with a big voice!
  • A revealtion
  • Good Speaker, Poor App

Impressive sound from such a small device. The 360 firing speakers help fill a fair sized living room quite easily. No distortion at high volumes. Balanced sound which is what i prefer so maybe not best option for bass heads. Easy to connect via bluetooth and wi-fi.

I’ve had this speaker for about a month now and i am completely happy with it. The sound sound quality is great – it is noticeably better if the app is used to specify where the speaker is (for e. Shelf) and also to change the voice to suit the listening mode (for e. The ability to play my favorite stations without my phone is really nice. I also love the mute function which works exactly like the video. The battery life is as advertised. I did a lot of research on speakers before buying these and i am not disappointed with any aspect of this speaker. I am planning to get a second one and pair and use them as a sound bar for my tv.

This is without doubt one of the best speakers i have heard for clarity and portability, there are louder speakers out there but how loud do you need it, this fills a large party room easily and is crystal clear.

It has a great sound, we have it attached to a tv. It can be very loud and doesn’t seem to distort the sound when turned up. Looks good and my hubby is happy with it. 4 stars only because i personally find it hard to use and sometimes my hubby can’t get it to work and it needs to be turned off and started again.

👍👍👍👍👍 superb 👍👍👍👍👍.

From the manufacturer

ZIPP, Wireless speaker

Key features






With 10 hours of battery and a wireless portable design, you can take the ZIPP with you to every room and location. Connect with WiFi or Bluetooth. Play anything through AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect.

360 FullRoom sound

Everyone gets in on the music thanks to a unique design and acoustic FullRoom technology sending full, rich sound in every direction.

Multi-room music

ZIPP is multi-room enabled. Connect up to 6 speakers via SoundSpace Link and fill your home with even bigger, bolder sound.


Your favourites are only a tap away. Simply store and play 5 playlists or radio stations. Play each of them with a single touch.

ZIPP, Wireless speaker

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These speakers are excellent.

These speakers are so good i have now bought two of them and get beautiful stereo sound when linked.

Wifi is the way to go – no more connectivity issues if you dare to move too far from the source. This thing is superb, puts out a high quality sound at high volume with decent bass. Far better than the ue offerings and amazing value for money given the quality and watts. You can link up to 7 together and i am planning an expansion.It is quite heavy for it’s size so not something you’d leave the house with regularly so be sure to read the dimensions / weight before deciding if this is for you. For plonking down around the house / garden/ car / friends house it is fab. Absolutely delighted with this kit. I am quite hard to please (polite version) and yet here i am taking the time for once to post a review.

I bought this item for my daughter’s party but tried to cancel it but amazon sent it anyway so i decided to trial it. The sound from that little thing is impressive. Even my wife who was negative about me buying a speaker was surprised and now wants to buy her brother one for christmas.

Great sounds indeed and it feels so much better in the hand than some of the other products available on the market. Have since bought another to pair with this in the lounge. The sound is amazing and so easy to pair as left and right speakers or to unpair and use anywhere.

Great sound, very contemporary modern looking. Get 2 different coloured covers. Easy to change and perfect tight fit. I would strongly recommend the larger unit zipp over the mini zip (i have both) as it is more of a statement, and actually not that much larger. Splash out on the leather handle for that added touch of difference. (promise i’m not a rep for them).

Fully portable with built in re-chargeable batteries giving 10+ hours of battery life –

This ticked all the boxes for my requirements, have a couple issues tho hence no 5 stars. These are not possible to turn radio to off without turning off device. Also managed to get into setup mode by mistake, should be harder to do this,.

Really impressed with the sound and construction of this product. Connected to my iphone, ipad and amazon echo dot with no problems.

I have a few wireless speakers, including a sonos play 3, but the libratone zipp really does pack a big punch for the price. The support for this speaker by libratone can’t be faulted, as over the time i have owned it quite a few firmware updates have been made available, each enhancing the unit. The biggest was in march 2017 which reduced the startup time from over 30 seconds to under 10 seconds. It also added a standby sleep function to reduce power consumption. The already long list of supported functions will be increased towards the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018 with the addition of amazon alexa and apple airplay 2. This will really place the zipp at the top of the pile when it comes to wireless speakers. I know sonos will be adding alexa support to existing speakers but only via the alexa app or an echo dot. If they update the existing lineup to include airplay 2 then it would be a tight race, providing you did not want battery portabilityfor android and windows fans the sonos may offer a better route, as long as you accept the limitations but for apple and mac users the libratone zipp is hard to beat due to the simplicity of airplay and the fact you can stream anything. One plus point of the zipp over sonos is the fact you can preset up to 5 internet radio stations or spotify playlists that can be selected from the speaker without any need to use an app. This can be a great feature for a kitchen speaker when you don’t have a phone or tablet to hand.

Very nice piece of kit, good sound, easy to set up for both bluetooth and wifi. The recommended app is a bit fiddly but seems to resolve all issues. It is no way near as good as my naim muso, but it also no way near as expensive. I would recommend this product.

Very pleased by my purchase. If i could ask for something more, that would be a little more volume under certain circumstances, but if that was going to be in the expense of distortion, then i am satisfied with what i am getting.

Connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify

Good sound quality and excellent simple functionality. I stream spotify connect, push bluetooth/airplay sound and use the 5 presets to store internet radio stations and spotify playlists. I use it in the kitchen and bathroom mainly, no issues with condensation,no other wireless battery powered speaker has more features and better functionality that the zipp. I would have preferred a standard usb 3. I would also have preferred more sensitive volume control at lower listening levels. The speaker volume can be turned up very loud, but i don’t think many people would buy this for a lounge or house party filling capacity.

Opted for this after much research, seemed to be the best option for a cord free speaker with airplay. This speaker is of high quality and is solidly built. The sound is great including the bass with no distortion even at high volumes. The setup of the speaker and airplay via the app was fiddly initially, it sometimes forgets the speaker meaning having to go through setup a few times but is happening less now. Overall happy with this purchase.

Impressive sound and versatile aswell. Works just fine with an android phone too.

Fabulous sound, great wifi reception throughout our home, simple to set up on all phones (android or iphone). We now have access to all the music stored on our computer from every room in the house.

This has totally changed how i listen to music at home. The sound quality is great and the portability is a huge bonus. Whereas we used to just play cds or stream spotify via our crappy little phone speakers, we now have a house filled with music.

The quality is very good but above all the sound is excellent. The customer services is also very good as i needed there help. If you buy it, you will not regret.

Excellent product, not disappointed at all and will look to bye more to add to the range.

Link your Zipp or Zipp Mini’s together to create a distinct, flexible multi-room listening experience

Really amazing sound, bass, design, versatility.

Superbe enceinte acheté à un super prix . Uk très bon son et facilité d’utilisation. Le airplay est vraiment un plus.

Would have rated 5 star but with an existing n300 router performance was not great and need to uprate my router to a dual band ac1900.

So suprised not more reviews about how amazing this product is. Sooo much better the the sonos i had and you can play any music app including you tube on it. Best buy and came much quicker that stated.

Like everything about this device however the bass can be bloomy depending on location relative to walls and also solidity of what it is placed on. Works better when sitting on isolation cones.

Excellent speaker, i have also now ordered zipp mini. Just take time to set it up. If you have any questions suggest don’t use the app support but you go to libratone. Com support site, i received a quick response.

Libratone’s biggest speaker featuring award winning signature sound that delivers deep bass, full midrange and crisp highs

I have bought cheaper bluetooth speakers in the past and have always been disappointed. Not so with the libratone mini, the sound quality is good without being tinny. I used the equaliser in my smart phone to adjust tone and this worked well. Thinking about buying more units to link up when the pennies allow.

Great sound and audio quality.

As good as i had thought of. Amazing sound and brilliant ease of use.

Nice design, sound could have been better.

She loves it & it’s in constant use.

Bought this to play music from my laptop. Shame the app only works from a mobile phone but this was only a minor irritation.

Easy to set up, app works well, and works seamlessly with spotify connect. Bluetooth works great as well. Sounds really nice, i don’t imagine you’d get a much better sound for something of this price and size. When i was looking for a speaker i didn’t really care about it being portable or not, but i’m really glad i went for this as i’m always moving it round the house, and the battery life is ample. I saw some reviews before i bought it about the app not being great and the on-device controls being fiddly and unresponsive, but i have had no problems with this at all, so i think these problems have been ironed out, and clearly libratone have great customer support as i can see their replies to the bad comments on amazon.

Sound, user interface and designif i could i would give it 10 stars.