Veho M4 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Speaker | Portable | Rechargeable | Travel Speaker | Built in MP3 player – : Great little speaker system

Arrived ok, looks nice, is compact and is loud. The only issue i have is my phone can only connect to one speaker. So i cant hear the music upstairs and downstairs in theory. But the little soeaker is loud so you can hear it still but not as loud.

Brilliant sound for its size. I use it to get a good sound from my laptop when i’m on the move. Works great with my tiny mp3 player which i always carry with me. When i might be meeting up at someone’s house, camping, or staying overnight in a b&b, its a handy device to bring along, suddenly we have the means for background music or full on sounds. Good volume, good sound, good looks, good size, good wee carry pouch.

Excellent value for money, smaller than i expect, however is still loud and clear. Can get distorted at highest volume when the song has lots of bass. Bluetooth connection was fast, easy and after first connecting automatically syncs when switched on no problems. Only reason for 4 start as when playing through bluetooth battery only lasts a couple of hours.

Love the veho, i’ve had a few of these for a few reasons. Don’t drop them as the plastic at the top is weak and often breaks the clips when done so leaving the top exposed to liquids etc. Reallygood quality and overall loudness for its size, convenient. Would recommend getting the older black version and this one has an annoying asian voice screaming low battery even though on low battery with the old ones they still last forever. For the price and quality you can’t go wrong to be honest.

  • Best value for wireless sound.EVER!
  • Punches above it’s weight
  • Great buy

Veho M4 Bluetooth Speaker | Wireless Speaker | Portable | Rechargeable | Travel Speaker | Built in MP3 player – White (VSS-747-360BT)

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  • Two 2.2 Watt speakers for big sound with up to 5hrs playtime from Internal Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth wireless V2.1 Supporting Bluetooth Profiles A2DP AND AVRCP
  • Wireless touch control on speaker to control Volume Up/Down and Track Skip FWD/BACK
  • Also Supports 3.5mm Line In and Up to 16 GB Micro SD card using MP3 or MWV file formats
  • Totally portable measuring 6cm high and 5cm in diameter

Was very happy with the sound from this small unit. Not by any means hifi but perfectly acceptable for a speaker of this size. Very portable and perfect to take on holidays. Handy track and volume controls on the top and easily paired with an iphone or macbook (track controls work with both). Only problem with the unit is that the rubberised plastic top where the controls are situated came off mine. Totally detached from the speaker. The problem seems to be a lack of adhesive to bond the top. Sent back for refund although i may buy another in the future if build quality improves.

This isn’t the cheapest, but it was the first to utilise the ‘drum’ design and include a micro sd card slot too. The bluetooth is easily linked, sound quality is very good and cosmetically it remains cooler than most of its rivals. It will cost you between £30-40 (as at sept 13) but it is most definitely worth it.

I use this in my car, and it’s pretty decent – connects easily and i can play everything off of my phone. I’ve had no problems with it.

Easy to sync to bluetooth and good sound quality.

Brilliant this is the second one i have bought, my daughter loves the one i got her. Easy to use and connects by bluetooth to my iphone no problem.

The packaging looked a bit dodgy and there were a couple of marks on the unit itself and i had a nagging feeling that this was a faulty unit that had already been returned. Anyway went ahead and charged it as per the instructions, set it up turned it on and it worked great and i was very pleased with the sound quality and the versatility. Problem is that the flipping thing would not turn off and i had to wait for the battery to run down before the blue surround lights went out. Confirmed my feeling that this unit had previously been returned for repair (which clearly had not been done properly). Having said that i am returning the unit and will order another in the expectation that i’ll get a new one this time.

I have been a fan of the veho 360 speakers for years. For the money – i don’t believe you can get better. I love how i can use a mini sd card as well as bluetooth. The real winner however is the sound that comes out. The volume combined with the clarity is unbelievable. My sister teaches dance and used to take with her a huge cd player. Now she just uses this little tiny speaker. I would love this product to have a mic – so it could be used for hands free conference calls but you can’t have everythingi love love love them.

For it’s size and weight this little speaker gives a pretty good and loud sound, although it can distort a bit at full volume. Very useful control functions too. Battery life is reasonable, although a repetitious asian voice comes on telling you “ro batteree”, once a minute would be more than enough. I haven’t tried the ssd slot as this only supports rubbish formats like mp3. A friend of mine has a much larger, heavier jml bluetooth speaker which has far richer sound, but the control options are not as good and its size and weight make it far less convenient to carry around, particularly when size and weight are and issue. The m4 is very small and light and is therefore ideal for taking hiking, camping or flying. It’s unfortunate that the charging connector is mini-b instead of the micro-b that most smartphones have, meaning you have to carry an extra lead.

This is a reasonably good looking device, and it does what it says on the tin, however, the first thing you notice is there is no sense of orientation for the controls (which is fast-forward and which is rewind?). You get used to it, but you still wish. As you begin to use it, you find that it’s software is quite buggy (takes a couple of cold boot cycles to connect and play music successfully on a sony xperia s, for instance). Like other commenters have said, it’s unstable, but not unusably so. You will quickly notice that when the battery goes flat, it often leaves your mobile phone puzzled for a bit, until the bluetooth connection times out. It appears that more savvy bluetooth devices teardown the bluetooth connection properly when they sense that the battery is about to give out. That’s another feature that the manufacturer ought to consider. Having used many bluetooth headphones in the past, i expected comparable battery life (5 – 8 hours of playback). I do not believe i’ve managed to eke out 2 hours from this device. I usually turn it up in the morning for roughly 30 minutes while i get ready for work.

I purchased this little speaker to use, in the first instance, to provide music for my 5-year-old daughter’s birthday party. I wasn’t sure if it would be loud enough for a party of 20-odd small children in a church hall but it was more than powerful enough for the purpose. Add to that the fact that whoever was controlling the music could easily hold it in their hand and pause it or jump to the next track in an instant, and also the excellent battery life, and it was ideal for the purpose. It’s so small that it will also be perfect for popping into a bag to take on holiday and i can see us using it in the garden as well. The micro sd card slot is really handy as it eliminates the need for another device to provide the music. All in all i’m absolutely delighted with it.

I use this mainly for listening to tunein radio (through my smartphone) in the mornings. The volume you can get out of this wee thing is quite incredible. Obviously it lacks bass and it can have a bit of a ‘farty’ noise when you play certain tracks or turn it up a bit, but what do you expect from such a small unit?minor downsides: sometimes (5% of the time) it takes a while to connect to the bluetooth of my phone, and you have to turn it off and on to reconnect it. The same happens with my laptop, but you get there in the end. This could be down to the bluetooth on the phone/laptop though, both a few years old now. The bluetooth range is quite short for me and if you are watching a video you actually realise that its a tad out of sync, but that might be down to the devices again. Overall though, i didn’t expect it to be anything more than what it is, a handy wee wireless speaker to make my phone a bit louder. Oh yes, watch out for the sound it makes when you turn it on in bluetooth mode, it scares the crap out of me every time.

Bought this product a few months ago after walking past one in selfridges and being astounded at the clarity and loudness that the little speaker was making. Have mainly been using the product around the house and outside in the garden/park and have been very impressed with it. Initially when i first purchased it i used the bluetooth feature, my phone (iphone 5) easily connected to it and range was roughly as described (10m). However i did find that using the bluetooth feature sapped the battery much more quickly on both the phone and the speaker. Since using the speaker with the line-in cable (which is supplied) battery life of the speaker has been excellent, definitely getting 4 hours out of it as described. Charging is quick, i normally just plug the cable into usb slot of the apple chargers, but sure it would also charge in a computer. Highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to purchase a reasonably cheap and decent quality portable speaker.

This little speaker is very handy to carry round in your laptop bag for when you want some extra volume for audio monitoring. Comes with aux and usb charge cables. Bluetooth sound quality very good on my phone, but obvioulsy this affects the battery life, which is about 2. This is plenty for my needs, though some reviewers on other sites have complained it isn’t long enough. Very good volume for its size, at full volume i can use it to play back piano accompaniments loud enough for my children to hear when they are practicing clarinet or flute parts. It is signifcantly better than the laptop’s built in speakers, and miles better than a phone speaker, but it won’t replace your hi-fi. Well enough made, and easy to use. Can be found discounted (march 13) at £20.

Neat device that works perfectly for our desire – which is to listen to radio in the conservatory – which up until this was somewhere that the broadband wireless (and forget about fm) didn’t properly reach. By relaying the signal to the ipad and then on to this my wife can have it in the conservatory and garden. We have bigger bassier unit for music streamed in the house, it would be foolish to pretend that this is adequate for music enjoyment, but the tone for voice is superb.

At first i was surprised when i saw the box, it seemed tiny. I unboxed it, and it showed itself to be even smallera few hours after charging it, i tried it with my phone, via bluetooth. It worked immediately, it is really easy to use. As i’m listening loud music (metal), it sometimes seems to have difficulties to play it, i must pay attention not to set the volume too high on certain songs. Of course this device is not intended to use on public spaces, or won’t replace a big speaker, but it does his job perfectly in the bathroom or the kitchen, when i want to enjoy my music and not disturb other people at home. I’m really happy with my purchase, i now need to buy a sd card so i won’t need my cellphone everytime i want to use it. It must be a really nice addiction to every trip. But i wouldn’t know how to recharge it when no computer is around as it doesn’t come with an ac charger. Maybe with a cell phone charger?.I’ll have to check that out.

Music sounds better if veho is placed on something that amplifies the sound.

I saw these speakers demonstrated at the ideal home show in london in march and was very impressed with the sound quality. I was tempted to purchase then and there but they were at almost full price and the oh didn’t look too impressed (with the price not the quality) so i reluctantly walked away. Boy, was i glad i did as i found the identical item here on amazon for £25 a few weeks later. The speaker arrive the following day via amazon prime and was well packaged in robust packaging. The speaker itself felt heavier than i was expecting but i was pleased as it looked and felt very well made. Despite the instructions stating the speaker should be charged fully before first use i just couldn’t wait and in a matter of minutes had it paired up with both my iphone 5 and ipad 4. I work alongside my oh from our home office and whilst i work better with music belting out they prefer it quiet. We have successfully navigated our different working styles as i now wear my parrot zik headphones which are synced via bluetooth to my spotify app either on my iphone or ipad. Whilst my oh works regular hours i tend to work afternoon/evenings more so as soon as they leave the office off come my headphones and out comes my veho speakerits also great when doing jobs around the house at the weekends as the speaker comes with you so your music can follow you around. :)as much as i love my parrot zik headphones my favourite use of the veho is when i’m soaking in a hot bubble bath listening to some ambient music.

Have loved this little speaker. The first one lasted years and was taken with me when moving around a lot. Really would recommend this if you need a small, handy but good quality bluetooth speaker.

VTIN R2 Altoparlante Bluetooth portatile, if you don’t have blue tooth voice controlled comms’ in your car I would recommend it.

Sound is clear and pair rapidly with bluetooth devices. Build quality seems very good – but with mine the rear sucker doesn’t seem to hold well (on a tiles surface – smooth). Battery life also very good – lasts for several weeks of showers.

Works in the shower, in the car. Easy to use and easy enough to swap between the phones – once you work out how, that is.

This is a very good product. Much better than i thought it was going to be. It has a good sound with plenty of bass and the volume level is good too.

Key specs for VTIN R2 Altoparlante Bluetooth portatile,Cassa Bluetooth impermeabile IPX6 con bassi potenti, audio HD da 14 W, riproduzione 24 ore, microfono incorporato, altoparlante wireless esterno:

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  • Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 Technology Within 33 feet, stable signal and high transmission rate ensure the reliability. The Bluetooth speaker supports hands-free calls with strong anti-interference capability
  • 100% Water-Resistant IPX5 water resistant rating, no matter indoor or outdoor VicTsing waterproof bluetooth speaker is great for bathroom, pool side, boat, bath tub or playground
  • Long Battery Life With powerful 1000mAh battery, the wireless bluetooth speaker can lasts for up to 8 hours, play up to 160 songs at one single time if it’s fully charged
  • Universal Compatibility Compatible with all iOS Android devices and even Echo series. This portable shower speaker also supports TF card, making it possible to enjoy live music at anytime and anywhere
  • Shockproof and Warranty Rubberized Shockproof and Impact Resistant Rugged exterior packs makes it perfect for outdoor activity. Come with professional lanyard and suction cup, convenient to take it everywhere.

Comments from buyers

“Nice little portable bluetooth speaker
, Great product – no faults.
, Fab sound, great price, waterproof, high volume!

These things work, if you don’t have blue tooth voice controlled comms’ in your car i would recommend it.

Bought first one as a daily deal price and was faulty. . Returned and ordered another at full price as deal obviously ended. Second one is so far fine and has decent sound for a small speaker. May have just been unlucky but keeping packaging just in case.

Great product for the price – daughter is delighted with it – though i now have to listen to hamilton the musical being constantly belted out in the shower – cant reccomend the product highly enough.

My son said its the best thing he’s had for ages works really well in the shower brilliant.

Bought as a present and they loved it.

I didn’t expect a huge amount for the money but i was wrong. It works perfectly while i’m in the shower with my iphone in the next room still charging. Can forward songs too easily. Allows me to listen to the radio in the morning through my radio app in the bathroom. At first i thought there was a problem with the volume and not going very loud but i realised there’s a maximum on the speaker. However, if you turn the volume up on your device it increases the max volume on the speaker. Sound as you would expect for a portable speaker – more than adequate.

Solid build quality for the price. I have not charged it once in the past 4 months and i use it everyday for 15-20 mins at around 50% volume. I use it in the shower, the quality is of an okay standard. With the highs and the mid range sounds decent but the bass lacking some power. However for simple music listening its perfect and can even take calls which turned out to be very useful. It also automatically turns off after 15 mins so you need not worry about the battery life draining quickly. While it does use a non-standard charging cable, you rarely will ever charge it and if you lose the one they give you it should be relatively easy to source another onepros – small + great battery life + good sound quality + reasonable price + call functionality over bluetoothcons – everytime it turns on it says ‘power on’ at full volume and ‘power off’ when it shuts down.

My 25,23 and 16 year old all loved these. Thought they were brilliant.

Amazing, this speaker has surprising quality that is smooth to touch and a superb colour of choice. This small speaker is so much louder than i expected, which makes it perfect for the shower. Would recommend as a speaker to play outside other than just in the bathroom. The sound quality is exceptionally good.

Works flawlessly as intended (so far). When the volume is right up, you can definitely hear it even over the most powerful shower.

Great little speaker and sound.

I think this speaker is very good value for money. It arrived promptly and well-packaged. It’s great to be able to hear the radio in the shower. Powerful, with reasonable sound quality (good for the price).

Works well in the shower and good sound quality, taking this to a festival with me :).

This product is very good quality. I have used it in the shower and by the pool and the performance is very good. I really like this product and enjoy using it.

Fantastic sound quality, great price and easy to use.

Sound quality is very good, build quality is excellent. The controls are very easy to operate and positioned nicely. The speaker has very good volume range easily loud enough for any purpose. This is topped off by a great price. I highly recommend this speaker.

This speaker is excellent value for money. It’s a sturdy, chunky piece of kit that sticks to the wall of the shower with ease and doesn’t fall off, or at least my one hasn’t. The sound quality is fantastic – it’s surprisingly bassy for such a little speaker. And the battery lasts for hours and hours, i’ve gotten multiple uses out of mine so far and have only charged it once.

Great sound really handy size.

Awesome speaker for the main bathroom – it syncs easily with my ipad so when i’m watching a film in the bath the audio is much better. Highly recommended and whilst it’s not a completely waterproof product it’s a quality splash proof speaker. I was concerned i was buying a cheap import product but it’s brilliant.

Purchased this over a year ago for my brothers christmas . My brother has cerbrel palsy & enjoys sensory play. This makes shower time more enjoyable for him a year on and he using it everyday . Freat purchase makes a huge difference to his little day.

Oubaifan Small Mini Wireless Bass Bluetooth Speaker For IPhone IPad Phones Rose – Five Stars

Does everything i want it to do and easy to use.

Been looking for a bluetooth speaker for a while, but most of them are so expensive – and then i stumbled across this little one. After reading some good reviews i decided to try it – and it’s great. Beautiful designed speaker (i went for the silver colour), tiny in size, but sound is actually very good – obviously won’t compare to something like a sonos or bose, but by far the best of the reasonable-priced speakers i’ve looked at. Pairs really easily with my iphone, good loud volume, attractive design.

Great sound for such a small speaker.

Great little speaker, easy to use, lasts long on a full charge with good sound.

Keeps a charge for approx 5 hours so not bad.

Really impressed with the sound from such a small speaker. Will buy more for xmas presents.

  • It’s got good sound output
  • Cute little speaker
  • Small but powerful

Well built with a very clear sound.

Great little speaker, just what i needed.

Useful decent speakers for the price.

A good little speaker for the price, but if you want base, this don’t have it. Good enough for what i want it for and sync easy with my samsung s7.

Great little speaker just what i wanted while in the shower.

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Wireless portable bluetooth speaker: Enjoy a High Definition stereo sound with a impressive volume whether you’re lounging around the house,or partying,walking out,camping,hiking,biking

Bluetooth 4.0 technology: Equipped with the advanced technology,compatible with all Bluetooth compacity devices.Speaker automatically reconnects to the last device used

CONNECT OVER BLUETOOTH IN SECONDS to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Windows 10 —- To play from Chromebooks, Windows 7-8 systems, TVs and non-Bluetooth devices use the included 3.5mm audio cable connected to the AUX-IN jack — BUILT-IN MIC for handsfree speakerphone from Smartphones and iPhones —

Built-in 2000mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of playtime. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling Easy to pair –

Oubaifan Small Mini Wireless Bass Bluetooth Speaker For IPhone IPad Phones Rose : sounds really good, can take any where around house with out

Bought for my daughter she thinks its great very loud to.

I bought 2 of these, 1 for a 14-year old birthday present, and 1 for a 16- year old christmas present. Qualified as the best present ever, simple to use, great sound. The 16-year old set up play lists and it is in constant use.

Bought to take away on holiday and pleasantly surprised by this little gadget. Super easy to set up, paired with my iphone and good volume. Looks great, bought the rose gold to match my phone. This will be my travelling companion for the foreseeable.

Sound quality is ok but can be tinny at a higher volume. I would recommend to others.

Small Mini Wireless Bass Bluetooth Speaker For IPhone IPad Phones Rose Gold : Way better than i expected9£ works well. The battery has long life after one charge. The connection is weak if i’m not enough close to the device. (3-5 meters)except that all good.

Wow very impressed, purchased for my daughter she has had it blurring all afternoon i have a headache and i’m close to yelling turn that music down:) easy to connect via bluetooth to her iphone and sound quality superb for such a small cheap item. I’m truly tempted to buy all the family one for christmas.

Great little speaker to go with my amazon fire tablet which sound is not good on netflix, but with this little speaker it makes a difference great product.

Quite impressed with the quality of this for the price. Has a good weight to it and looks solid and well made. Sound is reasonable for my requirements, which is mainly listening to radio dramas. Only downside is the annoying voice that announces what is happening.

Was skeptic so in buying this but thought for a tenner it’s not then end of the world. But it is a great little speaker for the price. Erm on holidays abroad and works in the house just as good as my beats pill or bose mini sound link. Very happy with the purchase, and especially for the price.

Okay,so this speaker is very cheap but looks good,the sound is okayish but as one would expect it isnt the best,for an environment like a bedroom listening to it in the background it is fine. However in an open space the sound is just not good enough,once you raise the volume too high it becomes tinny and unclear,i wouldnt buy it again.

Contents to my bluetooth with no problems, sounds really good, can take any where around house with out phone and it still has good sound.

Love it so good and really handy round the house, can not wait to take it on holiday.

This is excellent value for money.

Great little speaker good sound at looks more expensive than it actually is.

Perfectly mobile with great sound effects. Great for round the house, holidaying or on the move. Also love the colour options, we opted for the rose gold. Only slight observation is that it could come with some more instruction in terms of what to search in the bluetooth list – ours is known as a5.

Fab little gadget mega loud. Easy to use, bass volume good.

Does the job – good device nice colour.

Only thing that would be useful is a little bag to put it in fro travelling.

Daughter is so pleased with it.

Amazing little speaker great sound well worth the money better than the water speakers etc the bass is amazing overall i love it garden was pumping 🙌🏻.

About the size of a hockey puck. The sound is ok, i bought as an upgrade to using my phone’s speaker. Sound quality a bit tinny but not to a point where you are desperate to introduce more bass. Overall the quality is better than i would expect for the money spent.

EasyAcc SoundCup 20W Bluetooth 4 – Good quality and the sound is remarkble

I love my bass, but this brilliant sound machine in in the form of a bluetooth speaker far surpassed my expectations. As well as solid bass, the speaker also delivers full mids and crisp treble. Bluetooth connectivity took just seconds. The volume is amazingly loud too. Arrived packaged to the slickest of gift standards, the speaker is well built with awesome touch controls and a high tech finish. The design and sound quality are flawless and well worth the asking price. I got what i paid for: portable high quality audio that i am proud to own and show off.

Good quality and the sound is remarkble. I like that you can change songs direcetly on the speaker. Bluethooth connection is sometimes fragile.

Left a bad review but jumped the gun. Didnt no i could change efects through my phone as i had base up to loud and it kept cuttin out as it thought it was at full volume. So i changed all settings and now sounds awsome its bloody brilliant. Here are the specifications for the EasyAcc SoundCup 20W Bluetooth 4:

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  • Powerful Stereo Sound: Adopting two impressive 10w drivers and the bass resonator, the SoundCup pumps out a surprisingly stereo sound with clear highs and enhanced bass.
  • Unique Indoor/Outdoor Mode: At indoor mode, the SoundCup streams an immersive sound with clarity. While the outdoor mode just reinvents the listening experience, with powerful sound that rocks the crowd. Perfect for outdoor gatherings.
  • Stable Bluetooth Performance: The latest Bluetooth 4.1 maximizes the device compatibility and pairing speed. Just enjoy your wireless music, instant, free and uninterrupted.
  • 10-Hour Playtime: Built-in 5200mAh battery offers up to 10 hours playtime, making it a great choice for lunging at home or holding up a party that seems never stops.
  • Portable to Take On-the-Go: The cup design fits most bicycle cup holders, and can easily slip into your backpacks. Take it for outdoor gatherings, or stream your favorite music while cycling.

 this is definitely one of those products where i was expecting good things reading the reviews and seeing the brand. And i wasn’t disappointeddesign: i can’t deny that this is a very good looking speaker. The speaker grills go all the way around so you don’t have to be in one position for the ‘sweet spot’ to be able to hear the music clearly. There’s rubber feet at the bottom and at one end where the sub is so you can have it sitting horizontally or vertically. The sleek shape,the blue leds and the light weight for the size are all a big plus for me. It looks amazing on any setting and fit especially well in my black/blue desk setup. I love the volume control with the circular dial. So much easier to control and way more stylish than having physical buttons you have to keep pressing constantly. The outer shell itself is made from a tough hard plastic with rubber ends on either side. The top side has the power button, the microphone and a mode button to change from outdoor to indoor settings.

Very impressive sound and high quality. However the usb charger broke within the first day and had to buy a new one.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Super stylish and excellent sound quality.
  • Superb
  • You will be glad you chose this one.

I really like this speaker – at first i didn’t think it was very loud but then i realised i had my volume turned down on my phone/tablet and so ensure this is turned up. I like the indoor/outdoor selector as it really makes a difference. The sound is clear and the bass is deep without deteriorating quality at full volume (which is loud). The speaker seems sturdy and very well made, it feels like it would withstand normal knocks and bumps well. As well as sounding great, this speaker also oozes quality and style. I love the smooth feeling volume dial and touch panel, very classy but also functional. I’m extremely pleased with this speaker, it’s going to get used a lot especially for bbq gatherings outside.

Excellent speaker with terrific subwoofer sound. There”s also an outdoor mode if it all gets to much.

Brilliant speaker, great sound quality. Easyacc is good performance. Have bought a couple of their smaller speakers.

Ztotop Portable Bluetooth Speaker : Good quality for the price

Very good quality sound and the item is easy to use. The bluetooth connection was strong and connected very fast. Would definitely recommend this product. I teach gymnastics and the volume is loud enough that i can use the speaker in the gym just fine. It’s also very easy to transport and (apart from when it’s charging) it doesn’t need to be plugged in which is just perfect.

Had it a couple of months now, good sound, battery life seems to be fading fast though.

This product is ace and exactly what i was after. It is small and portable but very load. Brilliant for listening to music on the good. I like that it is able to connect to bluetooth so i can use my spotify through my phone and answer incoming calls. It has quite a range in it as well, meaning i can use it and walk all around the house still. Instructions and a charger cable are provided inside the packaging. The design of the portable bluetooth speaker is good too, it looks very sleek and stylish. I like that it is small enough to put in pockets and light enough to be able to take it on holidays with me. The waterproof body is an extra added bonus, which means i can use it it the shower too.It is also handy that it is rechargeable too, no more fiddly batteries out of the remote control from now on.

I was very surprised at the bass and sound quality of this speaker because it is so small. I had nothing to worry about as i don’t regret buying this speaker. I would definitely recommend this speaker.

  • Brilliant for listening to music on the good
  • the price set for this product is awesome, the design suits any house
  • Very loud mini Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Ztotop Mini Wireless Speaker for iphone,Clear Sound, Loud Volume Deep Bass with Pocket Size, 5-hour Playtime,Built-in Mic for iPhones,iPad,Cellphone,Black

  • Make sure this fits
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  • MINI-ULTRA-PORTABLE : Ultra-compact design and lightweigt easy to fit in your pocket and hang on your backpack or baggage,bring it when camping,traval or doing some outdoor activities.
  • DEEP BASS & Clear Sound: Strong bass, loud volume (20-30 times louder than mobilephone) and impressively crystal clear sound quality realized through a noise-isolating system provide you a full-range listening experience.
  • BUILT-IN RECHARGEABLE BATTERY / MICROPHONE :Support phone wireless handsfree calls(answer,reject,end calls) for iPhone iPad, MacBook ,Samsung,computer,laptop ect; Up to 5 hours playing time after short charging time.
  • METAL BLUETOOTH SPEAKER : Greater sound quality and durable,seamless unit body accord to special surface treatment made it with high-end look maintain new apperence for long time.Bottom equipped with non-slip silicone.
  • ADVANCED BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY : Easy and fast to pair with all Bluetooth-enabled devices and outstanding connection range of more than 30 feet (10 meters); 6-Month Worry-Free Warranty.Making your purchase absolutely risk-free.

The product arrived quickly, it come secure, the product is very small but it can handle very loud music, it’s really handy to move around the property or even take it outside, the product has a microphone on it too, the price set for this product is awesome, the design suits any house, very easy to charge up and very quick too, the speed from connecting my mobile to playing my playlist was done in seconds, this is a great product and a must buy.

Brilliant sound and very handy as small.

I took this on holiday for the apartment and was really good for purpose.

Unbelievable loud compared to the size. Easy to pair and auto connected after the first pairing without any problem. Small and handy to bring it with me everywhere. Very pleased with the purchase.

For a small speaker like this to have massive sound took me by surprise. The battery life is amazing too lasts for many many hours. All in all a brilliant and recommended device.

Great speaker with great sound quality. Good range in distance for signal as well. Would recommend as an excellent price to be had.

Packaging box a bit damaged.

This is a really good portable bluetooth speaker,it is waterproof and can be used in the shower. The quality of the sound it makes is clear and it is very easy to use. It is leightweighted and it can only connect to one phone at a time. It charges really fast and doesn’t take a lot of space.

I am so pleased to have bought this for our a family. They look awesome and i found them very easy to connect to my phonemy whole family love this bluetooth speaker and my son is looking forward to show it off to his friends at youth club at the weekend. It comes with a usb charger and once fully charged the battery lasts for ages. I would highly recommend this to others as it is an incredible bluetooth speaker at such a fantastic price and it is definitely worth 5 stars.

The battery lasts a lot longer than my previous bluetooth speakers. It is easily charged the micro usb cables provided. I would highly recommend this to others.

Look so nice and high quality sounds. Easy to connect your phone or ipad.

Not very loud, can’t see battery life on phone as stated in the description. Plays music clearly and easy to connect just a shame it’s very quiet.

AZATOM® Kara K1 Bluetooth speaker cloth – Rechargeable – Handsfree calls – Bass woofer – 24 Watts – 20 Hours Playtime – British Designed – CREAM – Great little speaker

British sound good for the price nice and small with good sound for the size.

Got this as a present for my mum, she loves it.

Decent sound quality for a fairly small device, looks good, battery charge lasts for a long time.

Purchased this speaker to replace one i was disappointed with. This little speaker did not disappoint, the sound is great. More bass than i expected, especially if i used bass boost on my laptop. Looks very contemporary in the cream colour. Overall a very good bit of kit.

Not sure how they can offer this quality at the price, a real bargain. Simple to use and i paired my hp laptop and huawei mobile in a no time. Sound is good at all but the highest volume setting when it falls away badly. I have a bluetooth mouse with my laptop and this was causing some issues, so i switched the mouse off and problem solved. A charger and cable are supplied however you can use a standard usb to micro usb cable and charge from your lap top too.

I am absolutely blown away by this superb product by azatom. It’s the 2nd kara bt speaker of theirs that i have bought, if you are thinking about buying one then please take my advice and go ahead and don’t be put off by the price as it’s just exceptional value for the money, mine cost me £26. 95 % star all the way and in every way ;).

  • Would recommend
  • Finally – a decent portable speaker for a bargain price!
  • Great value and cool retro look!

So far, this is actually performing better than other bluetooth speakers that are 4 or 5 times the price. I’ve used a few different ones ranging from kitsound, august, belkin; to the more expensive bose – and in my opinion, this one is the best value for money. In fact i’ll be buying this one again for a family members birthday as they admired it :)very cool retro design, proper charging plug charger included, great sound, long battery life, well packaged. Well done azatom and amazon.

I like this a lot and the sound quality is good. Should have read the word ‘cream’ in the description of the colour though. The image on here looks grey, the colour selection box looks grey, and the image of the item on the box looks grey but it is not grey. I’m not even sure i’d describe it as cream either – more a milky coffee or stone. It’s an ok colour if it goes with your colour scheme but it would have been nicer in grey.

Great small speaker – easy to use and good sound. A nice weight to it suggests its a quality product with decent amp/speakers.

Decent sound, the speaker is heavier than it looks, but very compact with clear sound.

Got this for someone as a christmas present. Ruined the turkey because we couldn’t stop dancing. Immediately ordered another for myself. Tried this on trance, dance, hip hop, down tempo and rock. That passive subwoofer kills it, never heard bass and volume together as high quality as this. Easily paired, easily stored and easy on the eye.

Azatom - Advancing British Audio Since 2008

The Kara makes enjoying your music even easier with the stylish design and convenient carry handle. Designed and developed here in the UK, using premium materials and components, ensures the Kara will exceed all your expectations. When you choose the Kara you will love the combination of features and the unique, stylish design will ensure it becomes your perfect music companion.

The unique premium cloth sets the Kara apart from the crowd. Available in a range of stylish colours, it is not your typical Bluetooth speaker. Premium materials and portability make it a very desirable speaker.

We have also packed some amazing tech into the Kara: Digital amplification and processing as well as a passive subwoofer mean the Kara sounds unlike other portable speakers. The latest Bluetooth ensures that the Kara will work seamlessly with all your devices, Apps and streaming services and let you enjoy all of your music for longer.

What’s in the Box  |  Colour Giftbox  |  Kara Bluetooth Speaker  |  Mains Adapter |  Aux  Cable  |  Product Registration Card  |  User Manual

Speaker Dimensions  |  195 x 55 x 115mm          Weight  |  780g          Power  |  24 Watts          Battery Life  |  upto 20 hours

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Latest Bluetooth  |  Instantly pair and auto reconnect to the last connected device, enabling fast one-step streaming. The latest Bluetooth ensures a better connection, improved sound quality and increased battery life against competitors. It also delivers a connection range of up to 70 feet.

Stylish design  |  The Kara has been designed to look as good as it sounds. Carefully chosen materials including soft touch rubber and a premium speaker cloth ensure the Kara makes a strong style statement.

Small size, big sound  |  The custom full-range driver and passive subwoofer have been designed to give the Kara exceptional sound quality from a portable speaker. Unlike other portable speakers there is no hint of tininess just a full-bodied, rich sound for you to enjoy all your favourite music.

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Handsfree for call handling  |  The handsfree feature allows you to take calls on the Kara using the built-in speaker and microphone. When you have finished your call the music comes back on. Built-in noise and echo cancelling technology deliver crystal clear conversations.

Massive battery life  |  Over 20 hours of continuous playtime from its latest-generation CoreEnergy long- life battery. The advanced battery also offers ultra-quick charging so you can ensure your speaker is always ready to go.

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

Azatom Kara Bluetooth Speaker

The Kara lets you play your music in high-fidelity CD quality with rich tones and deep bass. The latest Bluetooth Technology combined with its powerful full-range drivers and bass passive subwoofer ensure an amazing sound from a portable speaker.

The Kara has been designed to look as good as it sounds. Carefully chosen materials including soft touch rubber and a premium speaker cloth ensure the Kara makes a strong style statement. The handsfree features allows you to take calls on the speaker, the music comes back on when you have finished your call.

Instantly pair and auto reconnect to the last connected device, enabling fast one-step streaming. The latest Bluetooth ensures a better connection, improved sound quality and increased battery life against competitors. It also delivers a connection range of up to 70 feet.

Over 20 hours of continuous playtime from its latest-generation CoreEnergy long- life Li-ion battery. The advanced battery also offers ultra-quick charging so you can ensure your speaker is always ready to go.

Azatom Brand

Azatom Brand

Azatom Brand

Make sure this fits
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Excellent speaker,sound quality brilliant.

Got this great speaker a week ago and it’s lived up to expectation. I’ve bought three speakers from azatom and this one might be my favourite. The sound isn’t as good as the storm but is it’s damn close. Great value for money, especially with the sale price.

This looks and feels nice indeed. It is good value for what you get. 95 and the sound is clear across a full range and goes quite loud enough for an average room size. On the downside, you can’t deactivate the annoying voice when you power on and off and change mode from aux to bluetooth. The speaker sound gets a little bit distorted when the input volume is too high but that is easily rectified by reducing the volume on your output device. I like it but i don’t love it, hence the 4 stars. It does what i bought it for and i am a satisfied customer. I especially like the free 2 year warranty which was a nice surprise.

SUPERB SOUND QUALITY: The Kara lets you play your music in high-fidelity CD quality with rich tones and deep bass.

STYLISH DESIGN AND FEATURES: The Kara has been designed to look as good as it sounds. Carefully chosen materials including soft touch rubber and a premium speaker cloth ensure the Kara makes a strong style statement.

THE LATEST BLUETOOTH 4.0: Instantly pair and auto reconnect to the last connected device, enabling fast one-step streaming. The latest Bluetooth ensures a better connection, improved sound quality and increased battery life against competitors.

MASSIVE BATTERY LIFE: Over 20 hours of continuous playtime from its latest-generation CoreEnergy long- life Li-ion battery.

Betron MC500 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers – – excellent sound quality for such a small inexpensive

For such a small speaker it gives really crisp clear sound. Since i dont listen to bassy music i dont have an issue with the product.

I do think that the buttons are in a odd place though. The colour is great and so is the price. This is actually the best cos its so powerful and the sound doesnt come out screechy.

For something so small it couldn’t be better.

Pretty little thing, does what it’s supposed to do, delivery excellent, ordered it one evening, and there it was, all shiny and new, the very next day.

Great little speaker, it has good sound quality and is easy to use. Great size to be able to take it away with you. It links up to bloothtooth so you can have your music with you where ever you are. I will definately recommend it to family and friend.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent Quality Speaker for the Price
  • My tiny boom box!
  • Great speaker

Lovely small speaker, does exactly what it says on the cube.

Amazing sound for such a little box.

Excellent service and a great product for a low price.

Got a gb one instead but still love it.

They say good things come in little packages and that is certainly true with this little treasure. I would certainly recommend it.

Great product which i purchased for holiday. Small but powerful with a carrier handle.

For such a tiny speaker it has impressive power. Charges easily, sits firmly in place and is very loud. I have a samsung j5 phone and it connected to it no bother.

This little speaker is easy to use, looks great and the sound quality is first class. All in all an excellent purchase.

Brilliant little loudspeaker. Delighted with it and with the prompt service.

When i got a new tablet for my birthday. I needed a speaker and purchased this one and absolutely love it. It has a lovely appearance but the sound is brilliant too.

With the help of a bass booster app, it delivers really good sound from my phone using bluetooth.

Does exactly what you would expect. Definitely recommend if you need or want a wireless speaker.

I am a complete techno phobe and even i managed to set this up in less than 1minute with scant instructions. Like many other reviewers i was sceptical when i saw the size of the speaker its so small but was so glad i trusted them because the sound is fantastic. Don’t even think about it, one click and order it immediatley.

For the price his little gizmo is brilliant. Have bought three and all working as expected.

Fantastic little device and when my son lost his charger, i contacted the seller to ask how to get a replacement and he sent a new one free of charge. Restored my faith, thank you 😊.

Emopeak Wireless Bluetooth 4, Pleasantly surprised with this!

Made in uk and not some chinese rip off or american off the shelf rubbish. It just oozes decent making and im very happy i chose this one.

Good, arrived on time, well packed.

The strap looks great is is excellent quality – very happy.

Key specs for Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker, Emopeak S9 Multichannel Stereo Speaker, HD Audio and Enhanced Bass, Handsfree Calling, FM Radio,TF Card Slot:

  • ★『Bluetooth 4.2 Technology』:Connect over Bluetooth in seconds to: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Smartphones, Tablets, Windows 7,8,10—To play from Chromebooks — BUILT-IN MIC for handsfree speakerphone from Smartphones and iPhones. Plays up to 45 feet from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • ★『High Quality Crystal Clear Sound』:Distinct mids and highs from our two precision acoustic drivers delivers excellent stereo sound and enhanced bass from our proprietary passive bass radiator design. Built-in 2 x 40mm dual driver portable speakerphone with crystal clear sound and strong bass without distortion even at highest volume.
  • ★『Louder Volume and More Bass』: The small speaker could provide 30% louder volume and richer Bass than Other competitors. The Crystal clear deep bass 5W HD loud speakers for both active outdoor and indoor use: room filling sound, perfect for home, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, car, parties; streaming music or internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify.
  • ★『Ultra Portable&multifunctional』:Under 6.5 ounces, The portable Bluetooth Speaker’s size:2.7×2.3×2.3 inches. High capacity rechargeable 800 mAh lithium battery for up to 7 hours of playtime at 2/3 volume on a full charge. Suppot TF Card / U Disk to read and stored music files, you carry the multimedie library. Built-In FM Radio. So much better for travel and hiking, superlight and easy to fit in your backpack, baggage.
  • ★『What You Get』: 1 xEmopeak S9 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual, 2-year warranty quality guarantee, 24h friendly customer service and email support.

Comments from buyers

, Really nice
, Quality strap that transform your standard watch into something more sophisticated

This is a very high quality luxury looking and feeling item. My trinkets are now all organizational in the 1 place. Very pleased and would make for a great father’s day gift. Unfortunately i had to buy my own.

I bought it for my wife as a christmas and she loved it,so i’m glad i chose this, not only for its good quality but for the easy and quick service,thank you.

I bought this item as a treat for myself and was not disappointed. It arrived beautifully packaged and with a complimentary gift. It even arrived before christmas despite being told it may not. Hannah added a personal touch that is so often forgotten these days so i feel this level is customer service should not go unrecognised. I shall certainly be a returning customer to i love vintage and i urge you to do the same.

I ordered this lovely necklace for my daughter. It is absolutely stunning and is exactly how it is describedon the website. It came beautifully wrapped and was just perfect for a present. I would definitely recommend this necklace it is worth every penny.

Great watch box for my husband. Just what he was looking for. Fast delivery and good price.

Great product it was easy to fit ,and is just what my bicycle required and it is now much more comfortable.

Raised my handle bars and made fro a more comfortable ride.

Lovely colour, very well made, nice leather smell.

Nicely packaged and suits the stainless finished watches – feels nice on skin and looks very elegant – transforms standard watch into something more dressy for special occasions or a different look – magnet closing system feels solid – very happy for the price we paid.

I’m no cycle mechanic, but it’s simple to fit, despite no instructions, great value, and recommended for the purpose.

Bought for my 13yr old daughter and she loves it.

Received it today and it was beautiful, the design throughout the locket is very detailed and the packaging made for it was really cute and lovely. Didn’t need to worry about having to wrap it as its already done so nicely. I would recommend the product, definitely worth the price.

I ordered it for my son to give his girlfriend for valentines day. We ordered it on the saturday, it was posted 1st class monday, arrived on wednesday and valentines day was on the thursday. I discussed this with them before ordering and they were very helpful. The locket is very pretty and the space for the photo is a good size so you can actually see who the picture is of.

The gift arrived on the date i wanted it to though i wasn’t expecting it. The recipient is really happy with the vintage locket, she likes the pattern on both the back and front. The bronze colour accentuates the vintage style. The wrapping was particularly well presented and the free gift was a bonus.

Excellent item to rise the handlebars of your bike. Easy to fit and yet working fine.

I got this for a gift for my husband and he loves it. It is as described, made with leather on the outside, and his watches fit perfectly on the pillows. The only thing is it was a bit smaller than the picture shows.

Great a fraction off the price from apple and its the same quality. Ok a little bit less but not noticeable.

It was a present and it was very hard to give. It was all wrapped beautifully but i had to open it (to check it was ok natch. ) and i really wanted to keep it. My friend assures me that it is lovely and even though i have said i don’t mind if she doesn’t like it because i’ll have it back, she’ll be keeping it. Pahvery tempted to get myself one. And it arrived very quickly from purchase.

My daughter loved it as she loves all things vintage it was perfect. It came beatifuly gift wrapped and there was even a free gift of a key holder.

I bought this for a german student we had hosted who has become my oldest fake daughter and we wanted to give her something unusual to remember us by. Its so pretty and quite detailed and heavy enough not to be flimsy she wears it everyday and also the packaging was so beautiful she felt very special.

The camera is ok, but cuts the films in to 3 minutes, and i dont know how to fix this problem.

Logitech UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- – But so far very easy to connect and gives a good sound for such

This speaker is very good, sound quality is excellent, design is simple but very modern, volume is good, bluetooth connection could be better but overall no complaints, for the price i would definitely recommend this speaker.

It is so easy to use, keeps it charge well and is very portable. I wasn’t expecting it to be so small and was worried it wouldn’t be loud enough but the volume and sound quality are great. Its easy to charge and you can play it whilst it is on charge.

I got this for a party at the house and wanted music playing in the garden that was loud. I was unsure whether i wanted to spend the money when i had other cheaper options but i read reviews that this was loud which i wanted. I had a £40 voucher so i decided to treat myself and buy it. I loved the simple packaging and the design itself is great. It easily sits on the window, table without being intrusive. The instructions are vague but didn’t take long to set up. The sound from it was more than i hoped for, it can be played loud and very loud to dance to and drown out voices, i probably wouldn’t need to put it on the loudest setting as its loud enough. You can subtle turn the volume up and down on your phone. I downloaded the ‘radios’ app and together with this i put on the different radio stations and have all types of music playing.

Probably the best small bluetooth speaker out there.

This is my second one of these speakers. Really good sound – i listen to hard rock / heavy metal – simple to use and look great. They don’t take up a lot of space and are quite light so have no problems taking them on holiday. The battery lasts for a long time.

Got mine open box and paid around half price. Not sure it’s worth the full asking price of £75.

  • amazing speaker (get 2 and it will blow you away)
  • Good Things Come In Small Packages – Perfect for Spoken Word
  • more than I hoped for

Flexible easy to use good quality wireless stereo systemnot cheap but i recommend it for the iphonewhy i cant use the bluetooth connection for the macbook air?. If i could that would be awesome.

These are great speakers used in car they really pick out different sounds at low volume not tinny sound but has depth definitely worth the money great price under £50.

A nice size, and is loud enough. However the sound is a bit lacking in base, and i have had problems connecting my bluetooth devices which work fine with other bluetooth speakers. The orange rubber has gone a little bit dirty from me leaving it around the place, and it doesn’t seem to clean well, but i don’t mind too much about the appearance. I don’t worry about taking it places as it’s not as expensive as some of the other alternatives.

Get one and you too can practise mandolin to cds, spotify, lastfm, your mp3 player, etc. , while you cook dinner for the family. With this you can actually hear anything on your iphone at decent volume and these speakers are not expensive or hard to hook up.

Features of UE MINI BOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker- Black

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Quick and easy-pairing to your Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device
  • Compact (height: 6.1 cm; length: 7.6 cm; width: 11.1 cm) and light (301 g)
  • 10 hour rechargeable battery (ultra-fast micro USB charging)
  • Bluetooth wireless range: 15 m
  • Wirelessly double up with a second UE MINIBOOM (via the free app) and comes with two-year warranty

Make sure this fits
by entering your model number.

Bought this for my 12 yr old son. We’re all completely amazed by this cute little speaker, excellent sound clarity and able to withstand different genres of music impressively. From jazz to rock and classical. Absolutely delighted with it.

Considering it’s smaller than my phone it pack a decent punch. This is great for on the move (picnics etc) or the kids. I prefer something a bit bigger (for bigger and warmer sound) in my kitchen but this one is great for taking into the garden in summer while the kids are running around. Good battery life and really portable.

Its a pretty awful protocol and i have been against anything like this for so long. But the sound off this little thing is just insane. Its great for podcasts in the kitchen and when charged it lasts—ages.

Got this for my wife after reading reviews and she loves it. Sound is good and setting up is a doddle. I am considering getting one for myself so we can link them together and go nuts.

The sound quality is good, bit you do need to be in a straight line view of the speaker otherwise it disconnects. Works well with samsung devices as well as iphone. Easy to connect through the app.

The sound is excellent for the size. The battery lasts a while and overall i am very pleased. Be aware that if you are watching tv or a film on your laptop, then it is best to buy and connect a 3. 5mm cable as the sound delay over bluetooth will make your films look like they’ve been dubbed.

Quick and easy-pairing to your Smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device

I bought this for my husband who has always been unhappy with previous mini speaker purchases. It seems to go everywhere with him. The sound quality is good for its size and i imagine it’ll be even better when paired up with a second one. That’ll be a future purchase for him ;).

Bought as a christmas present so only been used a few times. But so far very easy to connect and gives a good sound for such a small speaker.

Really great speaker, great sound, extremely portable and all round amazing for the price.

I read the reviews and they were right. Phenomenal sound at this price and size, easy to link to smartphone. Looks good, and probably best product at this price.

Great sound quality – pleasently surprised.

Like many electronic purchases these days, my decision was shaped largely by the excellent review website thewirecutter. Comthere is a very in-depth review of this product category here:http://thewirecutter. Com/reviews/best-bluetooth-speakerit’s a us site so not all products will be available on amazon. Uk but thankfully their recommended product, this logitech ue mini boom bluetooth wireless speaker is available in the uk. So based on their recommendation i took the plunge, and just took delivery of this bluetooth speaker. It was bought primarily for my wife to listen to spoken-word podcasts in the kitchen. She spends quite a lot of time in there () and although we have a pure dab radio with excellent sound quality that she listens to regularly, she’s decided she’s had enough of 5 live for the time being and having listened to the entire season of ‘serial’ she wants to be able to listen to more great audio podcasts. This speaker is surprisingly small – pretty much fits in the palm of your hand. It’s non-obtrusive enough to not get in the way of valuable kitchen counter-top space.

Compact (height: 6.1 cm; length: 7.6 cm; width: 11.1 cm) and light (301 g)

A small speaker is never going to sound like a massive speaker but this is surprisingly good. Plenty of volume, clean sound and very simple to use.

Don’t be fooled by its diminutive size, it can fill a room with plenty of volume and clarity to spare.

I bought this as a ‘graded’ / used item. Arrived without the original packaging. Not a single mark on the product, in immaculate condition, as new, but at less than half price. This is a fantastic product, the sound is amazing for such a small, tiny speaker. Produces great bass, crisp treble and maintains clarity without distortion even at max volume.

Looked at some cheaper ones but glad i bought this one. Excellent sound, very loud if you need it to be, nicely finished and has a battery that is almost immortal. Battery came fully charged so worked straight out of the box. Paired easily with various apple gadgets.

Amazing sound from such a small unit. Also it’s construction is tough as old boots, making it idealfor a portable device. Loved it so much i bought 2. Just so my wife doesn’t keep stealing mine.

Looks and sounds good, but it doesn’t do what i bought it for. My idea was to amplify the metronome on the phone that i use in my daily music practise. But the ue drops the connection after a minute or so. Other outputs from the phone are fine, so i think the ue probably wants a continuous stream and fails a bit too easily when there’s a pause.

Great size for moving around. The sound is superb for a speaker so small. Linked up to another ue speaker and is brilliant.

10 hour rechargeable battery (ultra-fast micro USB charging)

Awesome sound and they really pack a punch. Quality packaging and they have a really sturdy feel to them. I was going to treat myself to a bose soundi link mini but read some reviews about being able to sync 2 of these babies. I then saw this at £40 on black friday and took a punt. Not disappointed, so impressed i got the other in different colour for £53 – this enabled me to use the ‘double up’ app and this puts it into a different league for its price range. I now have a portable wireless sound system for under £100 – great alternative as not everyone can afford sonos and bose. . Really loud, good bass and clarity and when i had family round everyone was talking about how great they sounded. But in the interest of fairness and based on my own experience there are a couple of issues to mention:1. There are 2 types of identical looking speakers on the market, both made by logitech which is confusing.

Small and mighty, so impressed with it, fits in the palm of your hand, yet it’s output is bigger than you’d expect and does not seem to lose sound quality.

I actually really like this product, handy, decent sound, but am frustrated that it doesn’t actually run with our ipad – i can only use it with my phone which is quite a let down, as it means i am the only one at home who can use it.

Sound is amazing for the size. Dead easy to pair and maintains connection very well.

Makes a gentle sound to indicate when it is on. Only one strange thing with a mac that when you pause spottily/ itunes playing it doesn’t automatically come back on – i haven’t yet worked out how to overcome this.

. It’s light enough for travel and sounds great at home too.

Bluetooth wireless range: 15 m

The mini boom i purchased is to double up with another one of which after many attempts worked. I was pleased with the single speaker and now it has expanded the experience. I’m very happy with these little boxes of magic. The sound is well balanced with virtually no fluttering or sound drops.

For it’s size this is a little gem. Provides a nice, rich sound and good functionality.

I’ve now bought 3 of these, 1 for myself and 2 others as gifts because the sound is so good for such a small speaker. Light and easy to pack away for traveling too. I checked out quite a few similar size speakers before making this choice – nothing else this size or weight came close.

But do not expect high quality sound. I recently tried a bose, and should have invested a bit more for a better sound. But it is very good for its size and its prize.

Never had a wireless speaker for my laptop before so the only comparison i have is the bose one that my friend has. This isn’t quite as good as the bose for an overall ‘full’ sound but it is pretty close. The clarity is a massive improvement over the laptop speakers, i can hear all the instruments being played and i was pleasantly surprised by the low frequency response, very impressive for a such a small speaker. Overall i am really pleased with this, it is well worth the money in my view and has been a big help in learning songs as i can clearly hear the chords/ rhythms being played. If you are after the most refined sound you can get, then its going to cost a lot more than this but for £60 you cant go wrong in my opinion.

I bought this for my wife as she had an apple music subscription and was playing the tunes on her ipad speakers. Really loud and clean sound. Battery lasts ages and was simple to pair. My four year old loves it too and is always stealing it to play music.

Excellent little speaker which fills the room with a good sound even at full volume. Usual bluetooth easy pairing and remains paired with my samsung galaxy s5 phone. Ideal for streaming radio stations or any music from your phone.

Been looking at getting a speaker for a long time and was recommended this one by a work colleague who had had his for years and it is fantastic. Brilliant sound quaity for such a small compact speaker.

This really is a nice speaker but has issues. When ‘doubling up’ pairing 2 mini booms together it dropped the sound from nexus 7 and moto g. Used it with a bluetooth adapter in a laptop and performed better but not sure it is playing in stereo as i could not find a pc app from ue that controls that functionality. Does not have the bass of a bose speaker but will rock a crowd if taken out doors and lasts a good while. If using singularly bluetooth works well.

Packaging of item came in a box with charging cable only. No official packaging but bought used so to be expected. Paired with another ue mini boom speaker i have in stereo (left/right) channel and works a treat. Very happy and condition of speaker even tho used in a1 condition. Would recommend to use with another speaker for vest results.