Canton Flat Wall Mounted TV Soundbar DM 9 : Great looking product with AWESOME sound quality

Excellent sound quality in a slim package. . I was initially attracted to the canton dm 50 soundbase, but having read on amazon. De several user reports of unreliability, i decided to opt for the dm 9 soundbar. The dm 9 has a 2 year warranty. On unpacking, the dm 9 impresses with it’s appearance, and build quality. There are no hdmi inputs/outputs on the soundbar. Connection to a tv is by an optical cable which is provided with the unit. It should be noted that the power cable is terminated in a 2 pin european plug. The remote control is a very solidly built device. However, it should be noted that the remote’s power is supplied by a not so readily available cr 2032 lithium battery.

I first brought myself a dm50, having experienced the amazing quality from this unit i decided to by the dm9 for the extension. The sound quality on the dm9 is brilliant. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who wants to enhance their tv sound. Its easy to install and so quick to set up.

Amazed at sound quality from this sound bar. I purchased one of these based on reviews online and various blogs. I did think to myself if it’s not up to scratch i can always return. How wrong i wasthis sound bar is not intrusive or massive in size but it sure packs a punch.I love that there are no controls on the sound bar itself giving it a real minimalistic look. I am yet to attach mines to the wall but will be doing so as everything is supplied in the box and will look super smart under my wall mounted 42inch tv. I think i may have got the bug now and may start adding additional speakers to go to 2. 1 surround soundhappy as larry with my canton dm 9recommended.

Comments from buyers

“Wonderfully balanced sound., Excellent Sound Quality In A Slim Package., Good Quality Sound and Well Made Unit, Awsome Audio in Your Living Room!, Massive improvement to TV sound + wife likes it!, Amazed at sound quality from this sound bar”

Massive improvement to tv sound + wife likes it. I was looking for a way to improve the sound on my sony flatscreen without having speakers around the room, plus i needed approval from the other half. There are many flat speakers and sound bars on the market so i got some advice from a local audio dealer who suggested this. When they install it was blown away by how much it improved the sound compared to the puny speakers in the tv (i can’t believe how much sound quality has been sacrificed in order to get thinner tvs). Having this on the wall under the tv, plus being in white means it’s really discreet against the white wall. The surround sound element to it works really well and is really deceiving considering all the sound is coming from this one box. Movies have a whole new dimension to them, and it even works with day to day tv like eastendersvery much recommended.

Awsome audio in your living room. The dm 9 is an amazing bit of kit. It is slim at just 10 cm high and 6 cm deep so it doesn’t dominate your living room like some other soundbars can. And because of its slim profile, it doesn’t look out of place if you have a really flat screen close to the wall. The sound it produces is absolutely awsome. With a massive 200 watt output, virtual surround technology and high quality loudspeaker components it performs just as well in a home cinema or music set up. After doing my research for many months, i finally went for the dm9. As soon as i took it out of the box, i knew i had made the right decision. The feel of it, the weight, the sleek lines and black semi-gloss finish, not to mention the actual performanceinstallation was simple as it only needed one signal cable to link to my flat screen tv. You simply just can’t go wrong with the canton dm9, and i would recommend it to anyone.

Ive been looking into a few sound bars but this one really caught my eye as it was from the same company that produced the dm50 which one 5 stars in what hifi. After hearing this at the bristol show i knew this was the sound bar for me. I purchased it as soon as i could and haven’t looked back since. I would recumbent it to everybody. The sound is crisp and the connectivity is great.