Canton DM100 Soundbase, A excellent sound base but with a few cautions

A excellent sound base but with a few cautions. Having trailed many sound bars and sound bases over the past few months i decided this was best for my needs. I say for my needs as you need to understand that most sound bases only have an optical connection whereas sound bars normally have both optical and hdmi the difference between the two is that hdmi can pass higher-resolution audio, including the formats found on blu-ray: dolby truehd and dts hd master audio. These formats can’t get transmitted across optical. This canton 100 without any doubt is built to a german standard of top quality material’s and in my view perfect, this in turn will transform the look of your lounge so even when off it will still look a fine piece of furniture in its own rightthe quality of the sound from some blu-ray discs is amazing the sound from the tv however just normal but with clearer speech then from the tv speakersthe remote control is well made but it only has a narrow range of operation so you have to point it at the sound base for it to work. It has a learning capability so it will learn your tv’s remotea word of warning here thou is in that you must be able to turn off your tv speakers from the sound tv menu as failing to be able to do so means that when you turn the tv remote volume up you will be increasing not only the sound base sound but your tv’s sound as well which will sound dreadfulif you cannot turn off your tv sound and the working of two remotes is going to be a problem then i would advise not buying this sound base and opt for the hdmi yamaha ysp2500 sound bar which is similar in pricethe hdmi arc on the yamaha ysp2500 automatically cancels out your tv sound so you would only need to use just your tv remote for both tv and sound-barthe canton has a bluetooth connection which is aptx enabled for loss-less sound from other bluetooth applications like mobiles etc which also have aptx in their specificationsif you need to know anything more with regards sound bars / sound bases then i will do my best to answer themone last thing is in that when you use the blue tooth on the canton you must make sure you cancel your listening session on leaving the room as failing to do so your mobile for example will still be connected to the sound base, which in turn will give sound break up on the normal watching of tv.

Canton DM100 Soundbase – Black

  • Sleek, glass-topped soundbase sits discreetly under your flatscreen TV (or on a shelf below if you wall-mount your set) and provides an excellent sound
  • Ideal for larger rooms and flatscreens
  • 10 drivers: 2 tweeters, 4 midrange, 4 subwoofers
  • 2.1 channel amplification with 200 Watts system power
  • aptX Bluetooth support – enabling superior-quality wireless music streaming from portable devices

Canton DM100 Soundbase – Black :

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  1. This review is from : Canton DM100 Soundbase – Black

    I recently upgraded my tv to a larger 4k screen and thought i would also upgrade the sound. I chose the canton dm100 because of the reviews of the previous models and the fact that this was designed for bigger screens. After plugging it in and connecting to my screen via an optical cable i was away, so quick and easy. I can see why the previous models were so well reviewed, it has great bass which rumbled in movies giving a great cinema effect and didn’t distort at louder volumes. I managed to listen to my music via bluetooth aptx and it sounded great, because the base is bigger the stereo separation was very impressive. This base really looks and sounds great and the glass top adds a premium touch.

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