CANTON DM 75 – Good sound, let down by poor control options.

Looks great, sounds great, but falls short on connection options. This unit produces amazing sound and looks great, just as a lot of the professional reviews say. It misses out on five stars from me though due to what i consider to be the glaring omission of at least one hdmi input. In fact i had to return the unit for this reason as i discovered my panasonic plasma tv does not output dolby digital/dts from the optical out (which is not uncommon i have since found out). I then had to connect all my av peripherals to the unit via optical (ps3), coaxial (sky+hd) and the analog connectors (the tv itself). I (and my wife) then found it a major hassle to keep switching the tv’s input and the canton’s input when i wanted to change devices. In the end it just felt like integrating this unit in to my setup was a major hassle and i couldn’t imagine my patience improving with the connection issues in the long term. Come on canton, it’s 2014, please release a dm 75 equivalent soundbase with hdmi connections (3 in, 1 out with arc preferably) and the ability to decode dts (e. Someone like myself would be glad to pay another £50-£100 pounds on top of the current price to have these features and it would easily be the market leading product given its already impressive performance.

The product was really easy to install and was up an running within a. I have been in the market for a new sound system for a while, and this definitely delivered. The product was really easy to install and was up an running within a few minutes with an amazing sound. Flicking between the tv speakers and this canton illustrated an unbelievable contrast. The bass settings also proved to improve the sound considerably. From playing with the settings i also discovered i was able to sync my tv remote to operate this speaker. All in all an excellent system with a very simple setup and intuitive remote control. Bluetooth function proved very useful for music and when watching tv on my ipad.

This is a wonderful piece of kit that was my one indulgence for reaching a certain age. We have a panasonic plasma tv that’s a few years old now. It’s much heavy and deeper than the latest cigarette-paper-thickness tv’s that are available, so it has room for some meatier speakers. I wondered whether i would notice much difference when i switched to this box. I needn’t have worried – the difference is astonishing. I had taken to watching movies with the subtitles on so that i could work out what the actors were mumbling. With this box, dialogue is crisp and clear, and the bass has to be experienced. We watched american sniper the other day. It starts with a tank moving through a war zone.

  • 5 start product.
  • No regrets, good purchase.
  • Tips for getting the sound base working correctly
  • Impressive for size and money.
  • Impressive Sound from Small Box
  • Looks great, sounds great, but falls short on connection options

Good sound, let down by poor control options. . I bought a canton dm75 because of the rave reviews in the home theatre press and generally positive feedback from users here. The sound quality is excellent for the money and can’t really be faulted. Multiple inputs like coaxial digital meant that i can attach my bluray player and get 5. It was this that encouraged my to buy the canton rather than a sonos playbar which only has an optical input from the tv. However i (like many people i assume) have a number of other peripherals such as satellite box, apple tv, sonos preamp etc and here is the canton’s really big weakness, you can only change the input selector (tv, dvd, aux, bt etc) relative to its last position. It’s not possible via the remote to force the input to a particular one. This makes it impossible to reliably control with a single multifunction remote like a harmony. I contacted canton support in germany which confirmed there are no discrete ir codes that will force the unit to a particular input. Turning it off doesn’t help because the unit remembers the last input. I really hope that this is a software issue that might be rectified by a firmware update in the future but i’m not banking on it as canton support seemed disinterested in the glaring problem. I’ve never had a piece of audio or tv equipment where you can’t choose an input directly. If i had known of this weakness i would not have bought it.

Impressive sound from small box. My first day of using the dm 75 (after running it in for about 8-10 hours) i was very disappointed. Like a few of the dm 50 reviews dialogue and mid range from this unit was so muddied. Bass performance however was very impressive — you really don’t need a subwoofer with this. That was part of the problem the bass was massively overpowering everything. Perhaps because the wooden tv unit it was on was extending it?. I tried the drc setting, tried the stereo/surround settings, tried pre-set eq settings. Same result, muddied mid range.

Features of CANTON DM 75 – Digital Movie Series Sound Plinth / Soundbase – Matt Black

  • Available in 3 colours
  • 3-Way Bass Reflex system
  • 200Watt digital amplifier
  • Includes APTX Bluetooth, i.e. You can play music from your phone and tablets in high quality
  • 2.1 Virtual Surround System

The sound quality is good, but the remote not function very well. The sound quality is good, but the remote not function very well. The power button and volume button sometime work sometime not.

Excellent allround,solid unit,downside the volume has to be up quite high.