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Wow – how they bought that sound from these kinds of a minor box i am going to by no means know. I was in the sector for some speakers since, i would just procured a shiny new samsung flat display screen for my kitchen, and as predicted the sound from these slender tvs are surprising – no depth, bass or clarity in any respect. I for that reason commenced executing my study on surround sound units, sound bars and sound bases and seemed at pretty considerably every thing available from bose, philips, sony, yamaha, samsung and many others then i read a review of the canton on what-hifi. Individually i hadn’t ever read of canton just before obtaining this all in one, but right after wanting up the corporation apparently they are the best speaker organization in germany, that do 20k stereo speakers. With decades of audio heritage. I didn’t want the stress of all the wires and amps of a 5. 1 system and my extension wherever this requirements to go is about 5x4m so it can be rather compact. Fortunately i was in a position to hold out for a friend who obtained to start with, shortly immediately after he got it i asked him to borrow for the weekend so i could check in my extension prior to i pulled the bring about. When i initially obtained it out of the box i was very amazed as to how little this factor was, it is not a great deal more substantial than a conventional dvd player, and quite pretty slim. I thought to myself this thing is heading to be garbage.

Great sound that is as discreet or thumping as you like. Was fearful it would swamp the residing space with bass , and even though it can do this, it can be only unleashed when you want to, making it the best box for observing the information or a motion picture. Only draw back is remote at times demands a few clicks to register when turning on. You can find a bigger canton dm75 that is broader for people with huge tv stands (my samsung just suits).

Pretty high high-quality sound bar/plinth. Really pleased with this sound bar, immediately after executing a detailed survey of obtainable units from numerous other suppliers also. Quite superior excellent sound and the show only indicates for a number of seconds although adjustment modifications are remaining made. As a final result, the device also seems to be incredibly eye-catching when in use. Pleasant measurement compromise also, staying substantially smaller than the seriously massive models that are offered, but also significantly much more strong and larger than usual scaled-down portable models.

Option the dm50 is a top piece of kit excellent sound high quality. When i acquired my tv sony gave me a cost-free sound bar which i have to say is complete c**p so i searched for an different the dm50 is a top piece of kit outstanding sound top quality, straightforward set up about 5 minutes max, very well constructed excellent sound box, i purchased it at a excellent value via amazon from richer appears the company from both has been exceptional you wont regret obtaining the dm50 sound plinth.

Verify amazon germany for refurbished models. Just acquired mine from amazon. Totally brilliant, both equally on tv and bluetooth. Appears to be really superior make excellent the distant it is uncomplicated but extremely sturdy. The sound is good, both equally on spoken term and tunes. Volume is ample to get issues from your neighbours of you are having a bit too enthusiastic. Got mine via germany as they experienced a manufacturing facility refurbished device for £130.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Incredible Sound
  • Like a real cinema at home!
  • You get what you pay for
  • Perfect for parents!
  • WOW – How they got that sound from such a little box I’ll never know
  • great depth, with sufficient bass at the default setting

Large advancement around the tv sound. . Not hifi but great sound with good base. Really neat and uncomplicated to established up. A substantial advancement on the skinny sound from my new sony 32′ tv. My only criticism would be amazon dropped the price just after i compensated £400 update twenty. Item now failed after only 5 months. Recognized i was obtaining from amazon british isles but now appears i acquired from amazon eu .

All round fantastic five star products. . Wow , acquired this to pal up with my lg 32′ which by itself has a fairly good sound good quality and output but the canton has improved on this tremendously the good quality of sound is wonderful and their is a great deal of output, extremely properly built, great size and simplistic layout. Exceptional product or service, just glance at all the awards it has won, go invest in it you will be pleased with your choice.

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  1. Absolutly fantastic, sound quality is awsome. Absolutly fantastic,sound quality is awsome,may not have an hdmi input but that is the only bad thing.
  2. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    A great sound bar system although i must agree with a review stating that with the analogue inputs there is an improvement in the quality of the sound at least in my experience. Optical connection offers very good sound so don’t hesitate to use optical if your tv supports it also i want to point out that the service was excellent as well the sound bar even arrived earlier then expected and everything was very neatly organized amazon even supplied me with a uk plug too.
    • I chose this soundbase for a couple of reasons; it’s to fit into an alcove beneath a new 40″ tv (ie: not enough width/space for a long soundbar), it doesn’t require a separate sub (the wires for a remote sub-bass things look cluttered), and the reviews of its audio quality were excellent. Out of the box, i managed to get the system installed within minutes. Connected to the tv, then programmed the canton dm50 with the tv’s remote so we only need the one remote so my wife doesn’t complain too much. Results: the soundbase fits perfectly under the tv-stand – literally looks like they were made for each other(and worth remembering to check measurements beforehand ). It’s completely clean-looking – discreet and without trailing wires. And the sound is phenomenal. Crisp at the top end, punchy in the bass. I mean it not only makes my ps4 games sound like they’re supposed to (the guns in destiny really sound like they have oomph, and battlefront tie fighters have a proper throaty screech), it makes everyday stuff sound immense. Who knew the theme for pointless had that much sonic woof ?options to change the bass and treble to suit your own taste, and to select from three preset eqs to reflect your set-up – whether the soundbase is sitting in a shelving unit, or beneath a tv, etc) you can also choose from two audio-ranges (wide and narrow).
  3. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    It is much bigger than you expect – you need a shelf at least 35cm wide beneath your tv for it to sit on. The sound is good but i can not say that i am experiencing a ‘cinema like’ experience – surround mode appears to give a hint of echo. The best thing is how it handles music viabluetooth from my pc.
    • Certainly an improvement on tv speakers but only marginal. Certainly not surround sound. A little disappointing for the price.
      • Great sound, easy to set up but damaged front panel where the plug indented the foil speaker cover.
  4. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    To be fair, i never listened to the bose, cambridge audio or denon systems so can’t really compare, so you may be able to get the same quality sound for less. Saying that, i am not at all disappointed with this speaker. The sound is very clear and dialogue is not affected by the soundscape that is created by the 200 watts. I will say that the surround sound mode is a bit pointless with the stereo option sounding equally as good. If you want true surround sound, ignore your wife and buy loads of speakers, if not the get a sound bar/base.
    • Great depth, with sufficient bass at the default setting. I have had a couple of soundbars before this one, and while both were bassier than the tv speakers, neither had the clarity needed to hear clearly. The sound of the canton is superb: great depth, with sufficient bass at the default setting and speech is crystal clear. The surround sound works very well. The ability to set the on switch and the volume to my samsung tv remote is very useful. One thing that puzzles me is that when you attach the canton to your tv, you are attaching an external speaker, i would have thought. But when i set it as an external speaker in the samsung menu, the canton did not like it all. It was only by leaving it as the internal speaker that it worked properly. Whatever, this is a great soundbase.
  5. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    I bought this to replace a hi-fi sound system as i needed to regain living room space. This unit was picked based on the what hifi awards and i’m not disappointed. From unboxing to working unit took all of 10 minutes and that included reading the manual for the settings. It is worth adjusting the unit to suit your room as out of the box the bass is set too high. They recommend a run-in period for the speakers and yes they did improve on use. The surround effect is excellent especially as i gave the soundbase a challenging setup inside a cabinet. On initial listening i was very aware of the narrower soundstage (well my hifi speakers had been about 8′ apart) but this was quickly forgotten by the pleasure in listening. The bluetooth streaming function works great too. The weighty remote and chic glass top give a very high quality appearance to the whole package.
    • Very high quality sound bar/plinth. Really pleased with this sound bar, after performing a detailed survey of available units from many other manufacturers also. Very high quality sound and the display only indicates for a few seconds while adjustment changes are being made. As a result, the unit also looks very attractive when in use. Nice size compromise also, being significantly smaller than the really large units that are available, but also much more robust and bigger than typical smaller portable units.
  6. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    Very pleased, vast improvement over tv sound. Very pleased , vast improvement over tv sound. Placed on shelf under tv so had adjust sync a little but no problem ,.
  7. This review is from : Canton DM 50 TV Soundbase, 2.1 200 W Virtual Surround Sound with Glass Top – White

    Anton sound bar by canton delivered by gadget-south-side. I have had this a few weeks now. It is a very accomplished system. The remote control is robust and includes blueooth for ipod/phone music playing whic is of good quality. I chose this system based on what hifi reviews d because it came 5th in their top 10. The other systems were considerably more expensive and larger. This suited me as it was a system that is all in one place and gives good overall sound effect for movies etc. The unit i have is a second delivery from canton.
    • Great service and even better sound. Great service and even better sound. I can switch off my sub titles now. Also, i am going to re watch the wire now i can hear everything.
      • Great product, great service. I bought this a) to improve the sound quality from the tv, & b) to listen to spotify via bluetooth. The sound quality in both cases is remarkable given the ‘box’ is compact & unobtrusive, (sits very well under a 32″ telly), and the surround sound performance from dvds is pretty impressive. Stacks of volume, easy to setup & use, what’s not to like. Incidentally, the first one i received was faulty ( sound disappeared, had to switch off & on to restore) – richer sounds were superb, replaced it promptly, excellent communication & they use a great delivery company, the one that emails you with a 1-hour delivery slot.

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