Canton 03303 10 :

Subwoofer is a fantastic 5-star gives the bass is astounding workmanship also thanks canton-).

Here are the specifications for the Canton 03303 10:

  • Delivers an impressive deep bass response in any home environment and is a treat for eyes and ears alike!
  • It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer when it comes to film or music; the active subwoofer in the Canton SUB 10.2 provides all audio sources with a solid bass resonance!
  • The use of digital signal processors (DSP) enables even more efficient frequency management and therefore greater range and maximum sound pressure.
  • Its transmission range of 22 to 200 Hz gives the deepest bass frequencies a particularly realistic resonance. The crossover frequency is adjustable in the range between 50 and 200 Hz.
  • This subwoofer series from the renowned loudspeaker manufacturer Canton is impressive not just for its sound properties but also for the meticulous workmanship and attractive surface finish – shown here in discreet silver.

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  1. Subwoofer is a fabulous five-star gives the bass is amazing workmanship also thanks canton;-).

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