Bush 150w Surround Sound Home Cinema Soundbar/ Speaker – Good value for money

Super sound, easy use, handsome. Can’t wait to listen to my dnb dj once we find room for his turntables :).

I have a sound bar for my main tv and wanted a cheaper one for another room this fitted the bill and arrived within 2 days i connected with an optic cable and am happy with the sound.

I got this because i liked the price and the way it looked on the images. It hasn’t disappointed in terms of the way it looks and more importantly the way it sounds. Very easy to set up and i used the optical cable that came with it and it was done in 2 minutes. The sound is excellent and makes a massive difference to dvd’s, games and general tv. The only reason i didn’t give this product 5 stars is because of the remote control. It’s like something from the 80’s and barely works. Annoying but there’s controls at the side which isn’t that big of a pain. Would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

A budget sound bar which finally enables us to hear the dialogue, biggest downside is the truly useless remote control, best advice is to connect via the headphones on your tv and use the tv remote, dont bother with the optical connecton either, the lead is much to short and the volume is reduced connecting this way. , having said all this, it does the job and looks great, all for a very cheap price.

  • much better than I thought
  • Good value for money
  • very good product
  • bush 150w soundbar

Bush 150w Surround Sound Home Cinema Soundbar/ Speaker

  • Please note: we can not ship to BFPO address
  • 2.1 channels, Speaker bar 150 watts
  • Optical audio connection
  • Size of speaker bar H8.4, W101, D8.6cm
  • Weight of speaker bar 4.2kg

Must admit i was a bit sceptical about the quality of this sound bar before buying it but took the plunge anyway as it was reduced to £50 in argoswow. Best decision i ever made because once i connected it up the sound from it was amazing. I then unplugged it from my 38inch toshiba tv and listened again to the normal sound from the tv. The tv audio is very tinney but didnt notice it too much before but when you connect the bush soundbar its a whole new sound. Cant wait to watch a blueray dvd now. Just plug into the phone jack and work off your tv remote and your away. You still have to use the soundbar remote to adjust bass etc and once you have set it to your requirement you just work of the tv remote. I wholeheartly recommend this to anybody who is looking for a deeper sound for your tv. Swiched cha to music channel and thats when the quality of the sound hits you. It even looks the part as well.

It was a christmas gift for my mum and dad. It was just what they wanted and enjoying to.

Hard to turn on the remote must be aimed accuratley other than that it’s a great sound for music and movies.

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  1. This review is from : Bush 150w Surround Sound Home Cinema Soundbar/ Speaker

    If your looking for a sound bar with all the connections from coaxial and optical audio as well as left right rca amazing sound very good for the price just put on a war film and your be blown away it’s really like being in the cinema. The fact that this sound bar has the many different connections as well as 150 watts rms 4. 1 channels with built in subwoofer sold it to me as it was highly recommended by a friend. You also preset settings the movie and music ones good and to top it off it is bluetooth enabled so you can connect your phone etc to it. The reason it doesn’t get 5 stars from me is that it’s ugly in appearance and large but you can put up with that when you hear it as i say superb considering the price.
  2. This review is from : Bush 150w Surround Sound Home Cinema Soundbar/ Speaker

    The system is clear and powerful enough. It is easy to set up and all the connection leads were supplied. For the price it is very good value.

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