Brosin Bluetooth Speaker Lamp, Exceeded Expectations

Easy to use music setting and good sound quality. Has some great light settings. However, i still can’t get the colourful lights to stay on one colour, they flick through.

Received this as a birthday present and i love it. Switched it on as soon as i took it out of the box and the clock came on straight away. It’s easy to set everything up from; the clock, alarm, bluetooth and radio stations. The lights are beautiful, you can have them in static mode, changeable or flashing. The sound is extremely good for something so compact. All in all a brilliant buy, and i would definitely recommend this model.

It changes colours, has a hook to hang it up on, and provides disco lights in an emergency. Unlike many glorified speakers out there, like the alexa devices, gerald will not listen in to your conversations or randomly laugh. It will however play your music, set the mood, and play a loud tone when turned off. The only time it will interrupt your conversation is when the battery is getting low. It will continue to pester you every 10 seconds until plugged into the charger. Like many family members gerald has some minor faults. But gerald is reliable and respects privacy, making him a loyal bedside lamp that will make a good companion to anyone seeking a glorified speaker.

Key specs for Bluetooth Speaker Lamp, Brosin Touch Control LED Bedside Table Lamp with Speaker for Camping, Dimmable Night Light RGB Color Changing -Speakerphone AUX-in Supported:

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  • SET THE MOOD: Imagine coming home from work or bringing home a special someone and playing the perfect song to set the mood while the lights dim and flicker to set the perfect mood for relaxing or having a bit of fun! This is exactly what you get with our Bluetooth speaker with lights. It acts as a portable speaker, a bedside lamp and romantic lighting making it a must-have for anyone that likes to travel, have fun or is simply looking for a stylish bedside lamp.
  • CLEAR HIGH-QUALITY AUDIO: Made to meet the highest standards of quality, our Wireless Bluetooth Light Speaker offers clear, crisp and high-quality audio that will make sure you enjoy listening to your favorite songs the way they are meant to. Listen to songs on the go or turn on some calming tunes before bed to relax and have a great time.
  • RELIABLE LONG LASTING BATTERY: Our LED lamp portable speaker offers hours of audio playback and lighting thanks to the large rechargeable battery! With a fast-charging 3.7V / 2,000 mAh battery, our Bluetooth wireless speaker offers 5 hours of music along with 5 hours of lighting on high brightness and 120 hours of lighting on low brightness. It charges completely in 3 hours making it always ready to accompany you on your road trips.
  • EASY & CONVENIENT TO USE: To turn on the lamp, touch the top becket when the speaker is on. There are seven different light level: Micro brightness, Low brightness, Medium brightness, High brightness, Orange light, Colorful light, Colorful light fixing, Cycling by turn. Long press the top becket for three seconds to turn off the light. Soft touch the becket will answer or hang up the call when there is a phone call incoming – simple, right?
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Our rechargeable LED Bedside Bluetooth speaker lamp supports a wide variety of products and can deliver high definition audio with unmatched clarity with any Bluetooth 4.1 supported device including cell phones, iPhone, IPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung, Tablets, you can also play audio from Laptops, PCs,mp3 player, and many more! Each purchase is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so Order Today knowing you’re making a risk free investment.

Comments from buyers

“Gerald the Glorified Speaker
, Good build quality but method to switch Bluetooth off is flawed
, surprisingly impressed

This needs to be connected & on constant charge else it needs charging daily if you use it everyday. The man’s voice is annoying & loud and will keep reminding you to connect the charger until you do. He sounds like dr spock lol. Other than that a awesome colorful item i really do like it & don’t mind the two cons really as as long as you keep it on charge the two cons go away if that makes sense lol.

My friend loved it and used it very successfully on a camping/ rv road trip.

Really great device and great value for money if you are looking for a decent lit lamp which different brightness settings and also enjoy listening to music out loud or with friends and family. Super easy to connect to your phone as well.

This is the doggie’s danglies. I like my gadgets, and i simply love thiswhen connecting in whatever mode (bluetooth, aux or lighting mode)a bizarre sounding voice tells you what is going on. Battery life is brilliant: 8 to 10 hours for lighting, about the same for musictooget this, you won’t regret it.

Easy to use, great sound quality and good selection of lighting modes to choose from.

It was cor my grandson to pkay music as well as the multi coloured lght and he loves it.

Needed a nice light for the bedroom as the main light was too bright for the baby , everything other than the three step controllable light is a bonus and it’s good build quality and hasn’t give me problems as of yet 👍🏼.

Great little toy for the phone connects easily.

For the price i expected a lot less in terms of quality of build and sound however it’s great. Flat and colorful keeping the room lively without taking up too much space, in comparison to other portable speakers i have owned, the flat shape of this one makes me feel totally comfortable with leaving it with some friends when we’re playing basketball and not having to worry about it getting lost of damaged. Also the fact that it’s got a far connection range means i don’t have to leave my phone with my friends, great because i get to dj.

Absolutely wonderful, only reason it’s got 4 stars is because this particular one comes without a clock.

Very goodlight fm bluetooth everythingbattery is fair but you do have to charge it upmy first lasted well.

Really nice lamp and very good speaker, lights up my room very well and it’s nice that you can dim it at night for going to sleep. I had one minor issue and the sellers went out of their way to help me. Very good service and a very nice product.

I love this speaker and my kids do too. We put the music on and dance around the bedroom while the speaker flashes all the different colours to the musicit also doubles up as a nightlight with 3 brightness settings which is fantastic. Great sound too- would definitely recommend.

This is a good looking light and speaker. The light is bright and the multiple colors does distract my baby for a few minutes so handy. The materials used and build quality are good. The speaker quality is excellent. The light is bright even on the lowest setting and lasts almost all the night. Now why 3 stars instead of 5?the battery life is good if you fiddle around with the on off button and turn off the bluetooth mode. However it has a tendency to switch back on right after you turned it off. There really should be simple way to turn the blue tooth off and leave the light on.

Great speaker item and since it uses blue tooth it should work with most bluethooth items.

Great quality bluetooth speaker/lamp, simple to set up and sound quality is great. Only reason 4 star is its a little smaller than i expected,but would recommend.

No instructions and it’s very hard to pair on bluetooth.

I think i didn’t read proper so i’m surprised how many options it have. There are three frequencies of yellow light or colorful or disco light. I was the most dependent on yellow because i fall asleep with it. To hear the bass it must be really hard music but it wasn’t important for me. Can be hung over the handle.

Very good looking speaker, like the shape. Happy with quality of the sound. The only thing that my speaker has imperfection on the top and this is little bit annoying.

My son loves this as his night light. It’s easy to use, colourful and connected.

Either i have a faulty one or the battery life is extremely poor, mine runs out after says being on lose for about 3 hours fully charged, playing music at a medium volume lasts around 30-45 minutes.

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