Broadfashion Mini Portable Hamburger Speaker Amplifier – Great powerful speaker!

Good value for the price, not the best sound and does crakle occasionally but is good enougth for what i need and for the price paid.

Perfect condition, thank you.

Very well whilst it worked, it only lasted 9 mths. Here are the specifications for the Broadfashion Mini Portable Hamburger Speaker Amplifier:

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  • Size: 50mm (W) x 50mm (L) x 35mm (H)/1.97” (W) x 1.97”(L) x 1.38”(W) (Approx.)
  • Socket Size: 3.5mm
  • 360-degree sound field intergrates a cone design with a custom-built speaker to project sound in all directions.
  • With 1.4 subwoofer, the vacuum base offers deep and rich sound with HI-FI result.
  • Built in, rechargeable lithium battery each charge can last for 3 – 5 hours.

Basic and sound fair, but works fine and loud enough, fine for just a bit more volume but don’t expect much.

Really not bad quality for what it’s worth. First one came in dented so another one was replaced and the service was efficient. Delivery was really slow for the first one but super quick for the replacement?.An advice to make it sound better is going on the equalizer on your phone (if you’re using your phone for music) and setting it to more bass or for small speakers.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Brilliant little speaker with surprisingly good sound quality
  • Super compact
  • Nice little units – with own amp

Instructions should be included.

Nice design, good battery life. Sound quality and volume is what you’d expect for this price but it’d be nice to have a fully adjustable volume control rather than the off/quiet/loud switch.

My mother purchased this (purple) speaker for me and i gotta say it’s pretty fantastic for a little speaker it works wonders for my tablet and iphone. It’s awesome for movies / documentaries and my nephews and niece love it when they listen to music on my tablet , if it wasn’t for the long wait for delivery i would’ve given five stars. It’s a great speaker for such a awesome price.

Brilliant little speaker with surprisingly good sound quality. Only small niggle is the jack cable from the speaker is very short which leaves the speaker unsupported if phone is upright. Still good value for the price.

Small but it is really good.

Brilliant even ordered one for our son.

A good speaker for if you’re out or travelling. Of course it isn’t going to be any world beater but it’s a nice sound. Clear enough and the battery lasts well considering the size.

Bought it for the missus to improve sound output from her tablet. She’s really chuffed with it.

This is brilliant and amazing.

Very good ,music sounds so much better.

Much better than i had expected given its size.

Didn’t last long bought another one – charge kept on running out.

Very good product for the price.

I have to say this works, mega compact super for travel and for what it costs it does as much as you could expect.

I bought this to listen to ipod as i cannot wear ear buds at the moment. Works fine, have only charged for 20mins and still working fine 1 month on using few times a week. No batteries to change which is better. Will also work as aerial for phone internet radio.

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