Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Bluetooth aptX Wireless Speaker : Fabulous sound

Lacks base with some music but otherwise ridiculously good. Amazing clarity of sound, amazing battery and good stable connectivity via bluetooth.

I bought this for the purpose of playback of google /flixster movies with my portable projector and either pixelbook /hp spectre laptop /sony z4 tablet. The sound is excellent quality and crystal clear the reason for the three stars is the sound lacks ‘body’ and could do with more bass; for a premium cost device i expected more. Currently i already have a poweradd sound brick and whilst being bigger, the sound is far better especially with the 3d mode and at a fraction of the price. I will be keeping the t7 for listening to audio books but using the poweradd for the projector.

Beautiful sound from a well made speaker. Listen to it daily for many hours and it has released unknown depths from my cd and download/streaming collection. All i could want and more and it’s so compact and portable.

This speaker is absolutely mesmerising. It is a piece of ‘audio genius’ and i cannot recommend it highly enough. The sound is unbelievable clear and you can hear the bass, mid and treble frequencies sublimely balanced. It can handle any type of music and i love just closing my eyes and listening to the blanket of sound that is produced by this beautifully engineered piece of audio equipment. You will be overwhelmed with the sound quality such a small piece of audio equipment produces. Bedfordshire – 41 years old.

  • Great speaker for audio and build quality and immensely simple to use
  • Great sounding speaker with great battery life
  • Old world quality speaker with modern technology!

Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Bluetooth aptX Wireless Speaker, Excellent Bass, Black

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  • PORTABLE HI-FI AUDIO – T7 is a hifi speaker you can pick up and play anywhere. Just charge it up, and it’s good for 18 solid hours of playback. Take your premium audio with you.
  • HI-RES BLUETOOTH TRANSFER – With T7, you can stream audio directly from any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet, or mobile phone. T7 uses Bluetooth aptX, which allows the transfer of high-res audio data to produce exceptional sound quality, wirelessly.
  • TWIN BASS RADIATORS – Designed for the optimum balance of movement and stiffness, the T7’s twin bass radiators deliver beats and bass lines with serious depth and impact, unrivaled by any other bluetooth speaker.
  • REDUCED VIBRATION AND DISTORTION – T7’s rock-solid stability is thanks to Micro Matrix: a rigid honeycomb of interlocking cells that brace the cabinet and reduce vibration and distortion.
  • PREMIUM AUDIO, SMALL PACKAGE – The T7 Wireless speaker is designed with two 50mm drive units for high-performance sound in a compact form factor
  • Digital signal processing, portable

I bought mine from amazon warehouse deals as ‘very good’ condition. On receipt it was indeed unmarked and looked pristine. I charged it up and the sound was really good – but somehow lacking. . But i had my new toy and i was really trying to like it. Later that evening i played queen bohemian rhapsody and suddenly it all became clear that it was only playing one of the stereo tracks – the other ‘speaker’ was just missing. Tried upgrading firmware, using aux in lead, another ipod but basically it was faulty. So if you get one of these speakers and it works it’s probably very good, but i notice on some forums their is a question mark over variability in build which confirmed my experience – this should have been picked up in testing.

Great sounding speaker with great battery life. Just missing a a few kh on the low end of the spectrum to make it 5* (bass is loud enough not very deep / low).

Not cheap but beautiful amazing sound.

Very, very impressed with this speaker. The simplicity of the design and the quality feel of it in your hands confirms that this is likely to produce a superior sound. Let’s get one thing straight, this will never compete with the sound from a separates system or even some smaller hi-fi set ups, it is a portable and very convenient option for playing music on the move. And it does it with class and ease. The sound quality is really fantastic and i’ve heard a great deal of bluetooth speakers. . Many of which have cheeky eq curves to make the sound appear louder and more ‘in your face’ but they lack the dynamic sensitivity to play a broad range of material. I play a lot of acoustic, folk, bluegrass and classical along with a lot of the classic rock and and pop from yesteryear and the t7 is a joy. The battery life is staggering and i highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy the best they can while on the move.

I’ve ‘downgraded’ from a hi-fi to this, and although the sound isn’t quite there, its damn close, and is just so much more convenient and suitable to my needs, as i rarely stay in one room listening to music for more than half an hour, and i’m expecting to be moving house a fair bit over the next 5 or so years. Since it arrived four days ago, i’ve had it playing every evening, so i’d guess 10-12 hours, and it still has around half battery life. Apparently the 18hr stated battery life is based on rock at 75% vol, so i suppose that about fits. Connecting it up to my devices was simple and i think the buttons are easy enough to find/use – something i noticed other people had had problems with. Also, people had complained that theres not enough bass, but i’d disagree, there’s plenty for normal listening, just not as much as people seem to enjoy at student houseparties (cough neighbours cough). Also, ive not really had it at full volume, but plenty loud enough to be heard in most of the house – so no complaints, but i couldn’t comment what it sounds like when really turned up.

Auditioned both b&w t7 and bose soundlink bluetooth speaker iii before purchase. The clarity, dynamic range and accuracy/control of bass offered by the t7 (bose is boomy in comparison) makes it a much better long term bet in my opinion. Also compared the relative speech quality of both, as i listen to eg bbc radio comedy podcasts. The dialogue is more natural, clearer and easier to understand with the b&w. Both are undoubtedly good products. The t7 is my own personal preference.

I was looking for a wireless option as apple keep changing the shape of the ports and did a whole ton of research on bluetooth options. The reviews of this product on other sites have been consistently high and as i own a great pair of b+w headphones, i was keen to own more of their products. You never know what the sound is going to be like by reading a review. I love music and sound quality is very important to me. I suggest the following – go to a store that has one of these set up and listen to it. I went to a bhs in leicester that had one set up that you could attach your device to, so i linked up my iphone. The thing i most concerned about was how loud the speaker would be. I was in a busy pre-christmas department store and was blown away by the sound both in volume and quality. If you are not bothered by the quality of the sound and just want volume. If you love your sound – buy, buy, buy. This is a fantastic speaker.

I’ve had this speaker for 24 hours and i have to say i am quite simply knocked out by it. I’m not an audiophile but i am a serious music lover and guitar player, so i like to think that my ears have some ‘knowledge’ of sound reproduction good and bad. The t7 is most definitely good. I listen to all types of music and so far i have run reggae, jazz, classical, techno, pop, rock etc etc through this baby – via both bluetooth from my sony z3 phone and via direct input from my ipod classic – and it is a truly rich and gorgeous sound from all genres and both devices. So much that i have to disagree with one of the other reviewers here who states that this speaker is not for rock music etc. It sustains all musical genres. I have no vested interest in b&w so would be happy to state flaws if i could find them but i cannot. Highly recommended if you love your music.

Exceptional speakers and although a little pricey, they’re far better than my bose or other portable speakers.

This is a really beautiful speaker both in terms of its aesthetics and its performance. I haven’t had a wireless speaker before so wasn’t sure what to expect and was blown away by the sound quality. I’m not an audiophile but i love music and i listen to a lot of audiobooks. This speaker copes brilliantly with both, providing rich, detailed sound which has has really made a significant difference to listening to audiobooks through the iphone speakers turned up all the way. I usually use this speaker whilst i do the housework and because it’s portable i can easily move it about with me. It’s not bulky and it’s beautiful gold finish and honeycomb accents fit in nicely with our room decor so i can leave it out even when not using it. This is a very expensive piece of kit but it is worth every penny.

I’ve read a few reviews from people who don’t rate the sound which this diminutive unit achieves, now i can only assume those people are not using lossless files or are tone deaf. The bass this unit achieves is something else for it’s size and for people who say this unit is not portable even though it’s about the size of a very slim sandwich box and weighs about the same as a full sandwiches box. The clarity and separation is extremely good and you forget you are listening to such a minuscule unit with the depth of sound it achieves. £300 is a fair bit to spend but if your after a truly exceptional speaker that is truly portable with an exceptional battery life then look no further, don’t waste your money on the american tripe called bose.

This is a fantastic speaker. The bluetooth connection is simple to use and reliable. Sound is comparable to my bose speakers. It is unusual looking and i really like the styling. The battery life is great and exceeds the advertised. It is however relatively heavy so i wouldn’t want to carry it huge distances. I highly recommended if your budget allows.

Excellent speaker – would highly recommend.

Loads of power to match the quality.

Loud, and lovely soundvery easy to use and set-up.

Whilst not as bottom heavy as most of the t7’s rivals, this unit delivers a clear and punchy sound. The sound appears to improve slightly when the speakers are ‘worn-in’it is small and relatively light which makes it ideal for traveling. I took mine to a holiday cottage at the bank holiday weekend. Cranked it up and the battery lasted the entire break and is still working.It has a long lifemy only criticism and the reason i have dropped a star, is that the buttons on the top of the unit are hard to figure out without a decent light source. Yes, it is rather pricey but the sound is loud enough and shear quality.

I love sound quality first, and i generally dislike boomboxes. These produce loud sound relative to size. This speaker manages to reproduce most uncoloured sound (speech, jazz, pop, classical) faithfully, so long as i don’t expect it to have the ‘umph’ a 20 inch loudspeaker has, and use it for near-field conditions, smallish rooms, and so forth.

I spent a few weeks reading reviews for several bluetooth speakers and watching youtube videos to learn about functionality, opinions, pros and cons and finally narrowed my choice down to b&o a2 and b&w t7. I had heard a few other brands in-store and wasn’t impressed with the sound quality. Most sounded very muddy and bass heavy. I went to superfi in birmingham to try the speakers and unfortunately they weren’t selling the a2. So i decided to impulse buy the t7 with the agreement that if i change my mind, i could return it for a full refund. I wanted to compare the t7 to the a2 and ended up going to several stores on the same day in search of the a2 and was told at every store that this is a special order and that i will have to wait a few days to receive it and there was no guarantee that i will get a full cash refund. So i took home the t7 that day and hooked it up to my macbook pro. The highs and mids are very impressive and the bass gets louder when placed next to a wall. The speakers are solidly made and is portable enough to carry in one hand and this suited my needs perfectly as i really wanted a speaker to play my music when in the garden, on holiday, picnics, etc. The battery lasts forever and i’m still in the breaking in period as these speakers need around 100 hours. The first charge was after around 20-22 hours of playing music at a moderate volume and i’m yet to charge it a second time. I now use it in the bedroom when playing music, netflix, etc. I wish it came with a remote control which is the only gripe i have but this is a portable bluetooth loudspeaker so it’s not that hard to keep it near you and reach over to fiddle with the volume. The rubber surround does attract a bit of dust but can be easily cleaned. I’m totally happy with my purchase and have had no regrets of not being able to compare with the a2. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for serious sound in a portable package and seemingly everlasting battery life, not to mention the amazing build quality and design.

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Bowers & Wilkins T7 Portable Bluetooth aptX Wireless Speaker, Excellent Bass, Black
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