Boston Acoustics SoundWare Cube XS Satellite Speaker High-Gloss : Superb speakers in a compact package.

. Sono molto contento di aver acquistato questo prodotto. Bello e soprattutto un gran bel suono. Lo consiglio per chi vuole un prodotto di design di qualità.

Had to return, due to other circumstance , though fab design, excellent sound quality won’t hesitate in re ordering when the need arises.

1 setup with along with a denon amp and a yamaha sub, cant remember exactly what they are but wil leave reviews for them too. Here are the specifications for the Boston Acoustics SoundWare Cube XS Satellite Speaker High-Gloss:

  • XS Satellite speakers – very small – width only 10 cm – high-gloss black
  • Also suitable for the sauna, pool or terrace
  • Flexible installation thanks to Varioform casing
  • Wall mount with ball joint with black casing

Not perfect but great speaker set for the price. 1 speaker set, with a small footptint, stylish , with a price not greater than 300 euros and with a great sound. I know that it is not easy to match all these requirements with a specific product, but somehow i think i achieved that with this speaker set from boston acoustics. The satelites are elegant, with a very nice finish and feel of quality. I think if the weight of the speakers was higher, this could increase even more that sensation of quality and power. The same sensation that you can find in bose satelites for example. The subwoofer is very solid and with a black matte colour (not shiny gloss as the satelites), but who cares?. This is a piece to be hidden somewhere in the room. Despite the fact that this set is sold with a large number of acessories to fix the satelites to floor stands or wall, it was very dificult to attach the surround satelites to the speaker stands that i bought (techsol tss16).

I bought a pair to act as the rear speakers of a 7:1 av system. Ther’re unobtrusive and do an excellent job.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Not perfect but great speaker set for the price!
  • Boston Acoustics Soundware XS SE 5.1
  • Amazing set of 5.1 speakers
  • Smart design, punchy sound, great value for money.
  • Superb speakers in a compact package.
  • Tiny but might ones

I’m using them in a mid room (18 smts) and the sound quality is great. Even more, i cannot play anithing at top volume as their power is more than i can support. Satelite speakers are tiny and pretty. Unbeatable quality-price relation.

Smart design, punchy sound, great value for money. . I bought these speakers to replace some pioneers from an old system. They are excellent all round for the price, the most noticeable difference is for music (ie from cd etc not film), the bostons have a much richer and more complex sound, and cope better with higher volume. Whilst these are value speakers they do pack a punch and are beautifully designed and compact. I am using them in combination with a samsung smart tv, samsung bluray, onkyo av receiver and cambridge sub woofer, and a mission centre speaker. For my budget and audio needs i am very satisfied with this choice.

One thought on “Boston Acoustics SoundWare Cube XS Satellite Speaker High-Gloss : Superb speakers in a compact package.

  1. Really good mini rear surround speaker. Goes well with a360 boston floor standing speakers. Look really good on mini tube stands.
    • Superb speakers in a compact package. . I had tried a couple of bookshelf speakers but didn’t like the size. I love this boston set as the subwoofer sits behind the tv out of sight and the satellites sit on the tv stand. The sound quality is superb through my denon dm39 mini hifi system whether playing the tv or cds. The speakers also sound great through an onkyo av receiver. Boston have an excellent reputation and decent track record. A great buy for the money delivering sound to rival a traditional hifi system in a much smaller package.
  2. This review is from : Boston Acoustics SoundWare Cube XS Satellite Speaker High-Gloss Black

    Amazing set of 5. 1 speakers. I have owned this set of home cinema speakers now for over a year and they still amaze me. Firstly, the room these are in measures 3. 5m x 5m, so a small room for home cinema. The speakers are hooked up to a sony strdh820 home cinema av receiver (as recommended in the hi-fi magazines) fed by a sony bdps350 blu-ray disc player 1080p full hd and connected to a sony bravia kdl32w5500u 32-inch widescreen full hd 1080p lcd tv with freeview, 100hz motionflow. The two rears are on stands whilst the front three satellites are on shelves with the sub placed off centre. The 5 speakers are glossy, this is the only difference between the se and normal xs version, and they have push button style cable clamps in the rear, along with a threaded mounting hole for attaching the wide variety of mounting accessories supplied. I believe the thread required for the bolt hole is m5, i do remember having problems working it out and ended up buying some bolts from a car spares shop. The sub is fairly large (for our room). Once calibrated, the soundfield these tiny speakers create is wide and expansive, every detail can be heard, even at low volumes, whilst the down-firing sub produces an effective sound which is well balanced against the satellites, it also has a volume knob on to adjust the balance which is a good job really as it can produce sofa shaking bass sounds.
    • Boston acoustics soundware xs se 5. 1. After 4 years of using a dvd home cinema combo unit i decided it was time to upgrade to a more serious home cinema set-up. After looking around various places on the net and on the high street, these speakers seemed to be an ideal accompaniment to the sony str-dh820 amp that i had settled on. First impressions were very good, the speakers are small, look easy on the eye and come with attachments to prepare them for mounting on a wall. The sub-woofer also looks pretty compact and has a matte finish to it so it won’t distract you from your viewing if you don’t hide your sub away like me. Once they were connected to the amp, the difference between my new set-up and my old one was like night and day – my new set-up is far superior. Bearing in mind the amp plays a large part in the sound quality, these speakers are producing sound with great clarity and precision – the sound quality is excellent and the sub produces very responsive bass but also doesn’t drown out the sound coming from the other speakers. Overall, this is an excellent set of speakers and i would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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