Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Great sound but a little frustrating

Quite easy to set up and app is consumer pleasant which. Unbelievable piece of package packs a authentic punch in phrases of sound output for a compact audio system with no comprimise of audio good quality. Really effortless to established up and app is consumer pleasant which provides wonderful capabilities. By far the most effective audio brand name out there almost nothing else compares.

Initial off, two factors to make clear1) this machine doesn’t get the job done with spotify absolutely free subscriptions, only premium2) this unit doesn’t guidance the large top quality aptx bluetooth codecthe 1st stage is true no matter whether you are striving to add your spotify account to the configurations on the bose alone, or seeking to command the bose by way of the spotify app on a cell unit. I’m not absolutely sure if this is spotify’s performing or bose’s. Definitely, it is not a complex limitation as i am in a position to command my ps3 by means of my absolutely free spotify subscription. Nonetheless, the bose tools reveals up particularly as ‘premium membership only’ in the spotify application. If you don’t have a top quality spotify membership, your choices are confined. You cannot combine the bose with other significant cloud music streaming solutions such as amazon, previous. Fm or google, although there is an alternative for deezer. The bose is firmware upgradeable around the world-wide-web, so potentially these companies will be additional in potential. If you do have music in on the internet cloud services, then you can stream through bluetooth from your cell unit.

Bose soundtouch 20 series iii – the discomfort and the glory. This is a significant piece of package as you would assume from the firm whose shares are vast majority owned by the massachusetts institute of technology (mit). This reviewer has an outdated bose cd participant which seems as good as the working day it was obtained 10 years back. As a piece of technology, it is uncomplicated. You put in a cd and it plays, splendidly filling the place with seem. To get to this wanted condition with the bose sound touch 20 series is not so clear-cut. Component of the difficulty are the instructions which have a tendency to optimistically counsel that you hyperlink up any bluetooth on a product or service like an i-cellphone and it will connect. Whilst it might sign up on your phone or pill ‘settings’ do not squander your time attempting to pair. You have to obtain the audio contact application which as other reviewers have indicated is a appropriate royal suffering in the jacksy. The bose boast that this ‘takes just minutes to configure and set up a wi-fi connection’ is staying inexpensive with the truth.

  • Very happy. Dont listen to bad reviews.
  • Some great features but sound quality is lacking
  • Great sound but a little frustrating
  • Superb – could not be happier
  • Up and running in 10 minutes
  • Excellent – Perfect if you have IOS/Iphone

Have experienced this product for a couple of weeks now and i am in appreciate. Environment up the speakers is quite very simple and when they are set up, extremely easy to use. Anytime i want to pay attention to music i can by simply just urgent one particular button. The form and dimensions of the item suggest it can very easily sit in your property with no getting up too significantly place, and it seems to be wonderful. The room filling sound surprises every single time, with its capacity to make any music just sound so good. The use of only possessing six buttons usually means you can quickly get to your favorite music, and the management is handy far too. So far three friends have listened to these speakers and determined to buy their personal.

Bose soundtouch 20the item has a distinctive interface which is a as well as at look,  nevertheless the audio efficiency is just superior, but not wonderful. Seem clarity is obvious and quantity is in no way an difficulty and can perform to distinctive levels dependent on gadget paired/connected to, it can participate in louder than you’d at any time need to have it to with no hardening which is an gain in excess of its contenders. Iwas evaluating between this products and sonos five before earning this order, now i am pretty pleased with my choice for the reason that of the audio quality it provides to my household. I am content but could be more glad and impressed if the bass was a very little a lot more than what it is at the present instant. On the overal scale of 10 i wont wait to give this product a 9 since its impressive and measurement up to the measurement of the device and there is also a great perception of electrical power i am personaly experiencing with my loved ones. Even so our key difficulty with this products is the bass. The soundtouch 20 is capable of reaching its whole probable proper down to the depths and up to its limits, but the sound is not incredibly a lot balanced with the bass as i truly feel it should have been powered additional to match the high-quality of the unit. It coud also do extra with additional options just my recommendation not neccessary a need to have.

Features of Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

  • SoundTouch 20 Series III wireless music system
  • Listen to music in different rooms easily and wirelessly
  • Takes just minutes to configure and establish a Wi-Fi connection
  • Powerful app for controlling your music on your phone
  • Add Bose SoundTouch systems to enjoy the same music across different rooms or different music in each room

Established-up by cell phone – we have a splendid radio system. Immediately after a great offer of time wasted making an attempt to set the system up making use of a laptop computer, and discovering that the plug provided was duff, we lastly succeeded in receiving bose soundtouch 20 to operate by means of a wise-cellphone. I had adopted the on the net and youtube recommendations and demos, reinstalling the bose/soundtouch app 4 times without the need of good results. So environment up by means of a telephone succeeded where on the net instructions and youtube demonstrations failed – strange. I have to admit that the audio quality is wonderful. Sadly, i have observed it unattainable to accessibility my personal music library – so the radio will have to suffice. Fortunately, there is a broad, certainly world-wide variety of radio and internet stations at your fingertips: as i explored, abba had been i do, i do, i do-ing in riga and i am overjoyed to report that there exists a goon exhibit station, as nicely as a lot of music all over the earth. Pre-placing stations is a delightful function,so after a lot of failed makes an attempt at setting up – nearly to the level of crafting the system off as faulty – i am now really impressed with this system, even if i can only access radio stations. This is a pretty large high-quality system – thank heavens we experienced a spare plug.

Saluting the manager of wonderful seem. . I rarely go away critiques but this just one warrants 1 and a pretty superior 1. This is likely the ideal sound product i have experienced. It seems as sleek, amazing, very as it is supposed to be. As for the sound that comes out of this rather tiny matter, properly its as you would assume from the boss of sound themselves, bose. At to start with i believed i could figure it out and skipped the handbook. So i skipped the to start with and only primary move which was to obtain the application (soundtouch) for android and ios and computer system (to incorporate your possess music library from itunes or home windows media player). It is the only way to set this up and its straightforward to do. Just before this, i was only ready to join and perform utilizing an aux cable and assumed it was defective. The moment setup you have an remarkable unit at your fingertips to engage in all your music to and from.

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  1. Bought this item from my local electrical superstore after thoroughly researching the competition. The price was no cheaper than amazon. This item seems to be the same price wherever you go, and i didn’t particularly fancy waiting for delivery so i just went and got them. The speakers are reassuringly heavy. Solid construction, excellent build quality, as you would rightly expect from a brand like bose. Some reviewers have mentioned that the remote does not have the same quality feel and i would agree that the material does not reflect the quality of the actual speakers, however in use it is responsive with absolutely no delay and controls the unit extremely well. You must download the app from istore or (as i did) google play.
    • Superb – could not be happier. I could not be more impressed. The sound is excellent and has that deep basal depth that bose is renowned for. However the thing i like most about this speaker is the way that it works with other soundtouch systems. You simply set up an account. Add speakers, and name them after the room they are in. Then the presets work across all speakers. You can create speaker groups, like lounge and kitchen if you are flitting between rooms, or choose the option to have them all playing. You can now connect with bluetooth and if you set up a group, connecting to the speaker with bluetooth and then adding a speaker without bluetooth (my original speaker (mark ii) did not have bluetooth and the delay in sending sound through in apple play meant it was useless when watching films) means that the music or film plays on both, effectively adding bluetooth the old speaker. What a flexible and wonderful system.
  2. Dont listen to bad reviews. . I was initially put off this speaker by reviews i read from people experiencing wifi issues and the lack of support for flac files. However after going to currys and listening to this and similar models from sonos, sony, samsung, lg and one or two lesser knowns i decided to get this as it had the best sound quality and was the right size for my room. The sound of the speaker compared the other brands was clearly better and as such i was prepared to sacrifice flac support for a better sounding unit. After plugging it in and setting it up for spotify i didnt experience any problems at all. You basically install the app and follow the simple instructions and you’re up and running in a few minutes. I haven’t noticed any wifi problems so far but im using a good asus router rather than the isp provided one. I should probably know better by now than to trust whathifi reviews as they are mostly nonsense and this is definitely the case here as they suggest the sonos sounds better which it just doesnt. While in currys we were there for ages and a few people came over to us (admittedly not sound technicians) but they all said the two best sounding were the sony and the bose which i actually agree with too.
    • Excellent – perfect if you have ios/iphone. Excellent unit, excels in medium to high volumes – easily used via an iphone, connects every time via blue tooth or the app and convenient that you can do this direct from your phone rather than having to pair/connect every time like other speakers i have used. Its not cheap, but its quality, would recommend.
  3. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

    Brilliant product wow was a bose fan before but even more so now – easy to set up and fantastic sound.
  4. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

    I have the soundtouch 20 in my kitchen and the soundtouch 130 connected to my tv. I did a huge amount of research before purchasing – it came down to bose vs heos vs sonos. I have some experience of sonos through friends but none of heos or bose prior to these purchases. I eventually chose bose because of big advantages with the soundbar connected to the tv (has hdmi inputs/outputs, true dts processing, 4k pass through etc, sonos has none of these). I am not disappointed at all – the sound is amazing and they function very well through the soundtouch apps or remote controls. Some people complain that they have wifi connection issues but that reflects their home wifi network or the spotify app, not these units. I recently invested in a good home router (asus approx. £130) and have absolutely no problems with music through spotify or internet radio or from my pc (in quite a large house). The pre-set buttons are so useful and can be programmed to anything (i have some as radio stations and some as current albums i like).
  5. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

    Up and running in 10 minutes. I got this for a family member, who reported the following:i did have some issues with running this from my android, but once we switched to my wife’s iphone, we were up and running in 10 minutes. We just downloaded the app and followed the on screen instructions. Before it started to play, it needed to download some updates which took a few minutes, but otherwise it was a doddle to set up and we didn’t encounter any issues. It’s a compact sound system, and as a designer, i certainly appreciate the lovely and elegant design. The sound was clear, but nothing too amazing, although it performed well at its highst volume, without any buzz or distortion. Unfortunately the volume was set to high straight out of the box, which was a shock. The remote control is basic and functional, just what you need – no fuss or fancy. Overall, if you’re not too fussy with too many features, this is quite good. We can now listen to our favourite tracks on our bose.
    • Have had this item for a few weeks now and i am in love. Setting up the speakers is very simple and once they are set up, very easy to use. Whenever i want to listen to music i can by simply pressing one button. The shape and size of the product mean it can easily sit in your home without taking up too much space, and it looks great. The room filling sound surprises every time, with its capability to make any song just sound so good. The use of only having 6 buttons means you can quickly get to your favourite music, and the control is handy too. So far 3 friends have listened to these speakers and decided to buy their own.
      • The greatness of bose sound. Its better than i thought it was going to be sound superb easy to set up to my i-phone quality is second to none bose you are the best. Well done keep up the superb sound joseph thornton.
  6. After having my bose soundtouch 20 for the past 3 weeks, i can not fault it one bit. With out a doubt the best speaker i’ve ever used. Not just for the amazing quality but also for the pure accessibility. Easy to use with high quality music literally at the push of one button from any room in the houseanbsolutely amazing, debating buying more for the rest of the house.
    • Amazing sound for such a small unit. First time i have used a bose product and my first thought was wow why have i not done so before. I have never bought cheap audio equipment but avoided bose as they had a reputation for being rather pricey for what you got. With this little beauty that reputation should now be relegated to the scrapheap. The bass levels for such a small unit are absolutely superb, the volume output quite easily surpasses other full scale units without any reduction in sound quality. It is like having an old fashioned technics amp and speaker system but without the wires or the huge speakers and other components, however the sound is even better. The build quality and appearance of the unit is superb and the initial set up is pretty straightforward, however there are some problems when there is no wi-fi access if you want to use it outside your usual location. Most of these problems can be resolved, however by using the bluetooth connection, but it is a matter of playing around with things as there is only an easy user guide supplied and no in depth instructions or user cd. Overall this is a great sounding little unit that packs more sound per ounce than anything four or five times it’s size, it is just a shame that it is not completely portable, as it is wires mained. Could be the next variation in the new model, making it rechargeable, because it does not need any other improvements.
      • What a sound from this beauty. Connected with spotify with no issues although i do have a premium account. Very happy with my new bose.
  7. Bose is still bestowed previous bose products in the past but because they were so good i never felt the need but i’m glad i did. The sound fills even the biggest room in the house with crisp and rich sound. The app works well with the soundtouch and is fast and fluid and easy to use. Pros- sound and build is typical bose, best out there. App works well and radio streaming feature is a big hit with the parents. Cons- there are non as far as my needs are concerned.
  8. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

    Had the speaker for a little over a week now and all i can say is wow. Out of the box it came and the quality just shone through. I have been using this with a aux cable as i dont have wifi at home which unfortunately it isnt supplied with, however it does come with micro usb to usb. The sound is amazing, crystal clear highs with deep lows with enough bass for most needs, the dock just fills the room with sound and can be heard clearly in every room. For the money, this is a utterly brilliant piece of equipment, wouldnt reccomend anything else. Pros- great build quality, great sound quality. Cons- not supplied with aux cable.
    • Some great features but sound quality is lacking. The unit itself is nicely designed with a nice weight to it. It certainly looks and feels like a quality product, which is what i would expect from bose. The controls and display are nice and simple on the unit. On top there are 10 buttons: power, aux, vol up/down, and presets 1-6. The back houses the bass port, power cable, ethernet, usb & micro usb as well as aux in. The front of the unit houses the oled display. Setting up the soundtouch 20 is performed using the companion app which i downloaded on an ipad. Setting up is pretty simple, you select the soundtouch wifi channel and connect to that. From there you select your local wifi network and enter the passcode.
  9. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System – Black

    Saluting the boss of great sound. . I hardly leave reviews but this one deserves one and a very good one. This is probably the best sound device i have had. It looks as sleek, cool, pretty as it is supposed to be. As for the sound that comes out of this pretty little thing, well its as you would expect from the boss of sound themselves, bose. At first i thought i could figure it out and skipped the manual. So i missed the first and only main step which was to download the app (soundtouch) for android and ios and computer (to add your own music library from itunes or windows media player). It is the only way to set this up and its easy to do. Before this, i was only able to connect and play using an aux cable and thought it was faulty. Once setup you have an amazing device at your fingertips to play all your music to and from.

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