Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System : Good speaker with small issues.

Actually wonderful seem some user interface quirks. The bose soundtouch 10 is described as a wireless music system. This is a reasonable ample description, but any one taking into consideration this unit ought to be aware that you can have to have an exterior control resource (i utilized both equally an android cell phone and pcs managing windows eight. 1 and home windows 10) there is a definite hierarchy of wireless resources it prefers. Initially: the sound from this product is very superior, and except if the rooms in your position of use are *actually* massive, this will deliver large audio in most indoor room sizes. Some may possibly obtain the midrange somewhat way too vibrant, but across a vary of programming types (from classical to acoustic to difficult rock), i identified the all round seem clear and satisfying. The on-gadget interface and remote management is basic: electricity, current and quantity buttons. The confront of the soundtouch also has 4 subtle leds to suggest wifi, bluetooth, aux and oveall soundtouch position. The complexity is off the device, and comes throughout set-up and configuration. What it likes for resources:-net radio by using wifi-bluetooth equipment-some streaming companies (pandora, spotify, iheartradio, deezer users are good to go if you use amazon, slacker or something else, the soundtouch 10 does not presently assist all those solutions).

I bought a soundtouch 20 some months back and have been actually happy with the audio high-quality and so forth and so made the decision to acquire a soundtouch 10 to lengthen the system to my dwelling space. I had some doubts about how the sound top quality would review but the soundtouch10 is outstanding – attractive very clear tones and good bass. I was unhappy with the 10 at initially, even so. I use airplay to stream from my mac to the twenty, and like to use genius mixes. On setup, i could not persuade the 10 to recognise the airplay stream and last but not least i phoned the bose helpline, anticipating a very long hold out as is common with these types of products and services. Nonetheless, i was related virtually straight away and the trouble was shortly (form of) sorted. The 10 will not acknowledge airplay sources, a little something that is not built crystal clear in the merchandise description. Anything has to go via the bose app, which signifies no airplay hence no genius mixes etcetera. It will play playlists even so, so i have designed my have mixesthe airplay situation is the only destructive with this merchandise – or else audio and looks wonderful.

Wonderful sound and a little footprint. Initial impressions:unboxing the device, i was amazed by how tiny it seriously is. My very first imagined was that a little something so very small could not potentially are living up to the bose manufacturer and fill a place with sound. The develop excellent is outstanding and the rubberised buttons on equally the remote and the device alone suggest that it’s best to use in the kitchen without the need of worrying about steam compromising the integrity of the switches beneath. I was astonished to locate no mention anyplace of a graphic equaliser beyond the essential bass management, but before long located that it was not required. Location it up:the instructions had been fairly distinct and uncomplicated to recognize and it only took a couple of minutes to download the application to my cellular phone and connect the device to wifi. Once established up, i signed up to the free trial of deezer integrated with the unit and begun actively playing some music. My initial effect based on the size of the unit could not have been extra wrongthe music:the 1st monitor i selected to enjoy was ‘nights in white satin’ by the moody blues. From the pretty very first bass notes in the intro, by way of to the haunting vocals and iconic strings and flutes in the instrumental crack, the clarity of the seem was out of this planet. The bass reaction rivals that of my wife’s marantz set up with substantial tannoy speakers on sand-filled stands that utilized to fill fifty percent of our dwelling area.

Been applying this for a several weeks now and it is superb. The downloadable application for the pc tends to make points a breeze, was a small irritated while that i experienced to physically link it to a computer to established up the wireless community for is as there is no wps button operate. So be certain you do this just before you make a decision on exactly where you want to position it in your household. Will work brilliantly as a bluetooth streamer as now devote most evenings listening to audio books from audible on my android and/or home windows cellular. The app for computer is huge, uncomplicated to use and quick. Was easily ready to set up some favourites to the buttons on the unit. Deep loaded audio with a entire tonal selection and plenty of bass when essential.

A wonderful addition to the bose variety of audio equipments. . Bose have been long regarded for manufacturing higher stop audio equipments and the soundtouch 10 stays in that vein. This is a piece of tools that’s ideally suited to a person who needs a rather portable piece of audio equipment that will give incredibly superior good quality copy from numerous resources and at a superior volume degree. The device itself is pretty tiny (see item desciption) and is extremely inobtrusive in use. The finish is black and grey and the distant regulate is a small tender touch machine in comparable colours. Right away out of the box it will do absolutely nothing as it demands to be set up and connected to your wifi community. Take note that this can’t be challenging wired into your laptop network and is wifi only. To set it up you need to use the bose soundtouch application. This can be downloaded for either android, apple or computer primarily based devices and is similar on all of them. For the pc (which i used) you go to soundtouch.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Fabulous sound and a tiny footprint!
  • Great device overall but needs improved software applications
  • Really nice sound; some user interface quirks
  • Amazing high volume sound quality and ease of use
  • A Fantastic, Compact Music System
  • Not for Windows phones (except jack lead)

Pretty little bit of package but a phrase of warning for spotify consumers. I acquired this but had to return it to the retail outlet when troubles with functioning two different spotify accounts turned obvious. The bose is well built, classily completed and packs a punch audio clever, but – if like my property – you have two individuals with different spotify accounts on two separate ipads then you happen to be going to operate into set up difficulties. The bose appears to be to want to control it all by means of a person account and seeking to set up yet another ipad with different spotify simply dislodges the past options. You can expect to need to have to pick out whose is likely to be ‘dominant’. For our dwelling that only will not get the job done which is a serious pain and shortfall for this system. I returned it for the sonos play one, which when a few quid extra highly-priced easily enables several ipads and numerous spotify accounts with equivalent or perhaps even greater sound. . And setting that up is genuinely really simple. Just take a glimpse at how intuitive sonos is.

Months of working with i can notify it is the finest a single. My 3rd bose product (seem touch iii such as) and soon after just two months of applying i can notify it is the most effective oneabsolutely good and i am totally content.

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  1. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    A fantastic, compact music system. I currently own the soundtouch 30 and decided to buy the soundtouch 10 as a present for my partner. I was so impressed when i first heard it; the bass notes are present and powerful, the mid tones are rich and non-muddy and the highs are crystal clear and distortion free. As always with bose the interfaces and build quality are supreme; was interested to see that they added a bluetooth option for the soundtouch 10 which is not available on the 20 or 30 – this is a great feature for some, whilst others don’t have to use it if they’d prefer wifi/aux. Overall, i think this is a fantastic, compact music system and i would highly recommend it.
    • Spent ages looking for a suitable multi room music system so other amazon reviews were extremely helpful. Like others, i agree that the sound quality is very good – nice and solid – just what we expect from a bose. However, because it works though your internet connection, its efficiency will depend on how good yours is. Sometimes my bose will take a little while (several seconds) to access a particular radio station but i can live with that. Also, for it to access the play lists i have linked to it, i need to have my laptop turned on, so playing music is less spontaneous than the wonderful ipod. Setting up my first system (i have 3) took a little while until i realised it needed to be set up on a laptop or pc rather than a smart phone or ipad. Have downloaded the app on all now, so operating the system is very straightforward. Like a previous reviewer, i would have liked more pre-set buttons to programme but overall, this is a fabulous product – just what i was looking for.
      • Its a bose system so has to be good, i have two other bose systems and both. Its a bose system so has to be good, i have two other bose systems and both are excellent, now i have a third and its just as good, also excellent when used as a radio. Can’t say too much about just how brilliant this is.
  2. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    Fantastic system with usual bose sound quality. Bought this after looking at several alternatives and given the price point of this i decided to give the bose a try. Delivery was much slower than expected, especially given it was “expedited delivery” (took a week to arrive). However this is now available on prime so i must just have car timing. The unit itself is fantastic. Its actually a bit smaller than expected and fits nicely into any space. For such a small unit, i found the sound quality to be excellent with very little distortion when turned up to full volume. Theres also a bass adjustment on the app which is helpful as i found the default setting to be slightly too bass heavy at higher levels. This wasn’t an issue for the speaker to handle, however its simply a personal preference. In terms of set up, i was surprised how easy it was.
  3. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    After reading the reviews posted on amazon between the sonos and the bose systems i decided on the bose, extremely happy with my decision, easier to set up than expected and as it was a present my partner found it brilliant also and so easy to use despite a poor broadband speed, all functions work great and as i hoped from bose the sound is awesome for a small speaker, well pleased.
  4. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    Decent but is it worth the money???. Well i have st20 and i thought i will add it to my collection. It’s decent quality, very average sound to compare with other small speakers of well known brands. One massive problem for me is no display – there is no way to say what’s the volume or which channel is playing but i guess you get what you pay for. I have it in one of the rooms and the worst part is that if you have external device attached to main unit there is no way you can replicate the aux to play everywhere. But again you get what you pay for.
    • Looks great, sounds great and arrived within the time expected. Looks great, sounds great and arrived within the time expected. Simple to set up and the white design blends into most rooms.
      • Apart from playing my music anywhere in the house, the feature to pre-set radio stations is superb.
  5. Lovely bit of kit but a word of warning for spotify users. I bought this but had to return it to the store when issues with running two separate spotify accounts became apparent. The bose is well made, classily finished and packs a punch sound wise, but – if like my house – you have two people with separate spotify accounts on two separate ipads then you’re going to run into set up problems. The bose seems to want to control it all through one account and trying to set up another ipad with different spotify simply dislodges the previous settings. You’ll need to choose whose is going to be “dominant”. For our house that simply doesn’t work which is a real pain and shortfall for this system. I returned it for the sonos play 1, which while a few quid more expensive easily allows multiple ipads and multiple spotify accounts with equal or perhaps even better sound. . And setting that up is really really simple. Take a look at how intuitive sonos is.
  6. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    Received my soundtouch 10 yesterday. Exactly what i expected and wanted. Having owned bose products in the past i knew i can only expect quality of build and sound. I was especially impressed with preset buttons which you can program to play your favourite internet radio station, itunes library, spotify playlist or radio etc. Overall very happy, will definitely buy bose again.
  7. This review is from : Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – White

    What a flexible and wonderful system. . I could not be more impressed. The sound is excellent and has that deep basal depth that bose is renowned for. However the thing i like most about this speaker is the way that it works with other soundtouch systems. You simply set up an account. Add speakers, and name them after the room they are in. Then the presets work across all speakers. You can create speaker groups, like lounge and kitchen if you are flitting between rooms, or choose the option to have all speakers playing. You can now connect with bluetooth and if you set up a group, connecting to the speaker with bluetooth and then adding a speaker without bluetooth (my original speaker did not have bluetooth and the delay in sending sound through in apple play meant tit was useless when watching films) means that the music or film plays on both, effectively adding bluetooth the old speaker. What a flexible and wonderful system.
    • I use a computer & several phones for work & use different music/podcast sources & both android & windows phones. When you’re doing the washing up or the phone rings the wrong device is in the wrong room. Remote control, pc, android app, listening to podcast on windows phone via bluetooth. You have four controllers at hand, plus if a call comes in on phone you’re listening to, play pauses then resumes automatically. The remote controllers, now added to because an old android handset with no sim card becomes a controller connected by wifi (& didn’t even have to remember a logon each time, all picked up through recognised email address that most of us have our devices set up with) is searching the connected itunes library & playing it through a different phone connected by bluetooth in a different room because i’m doing the housework in a different room because i’m in control. Five controllers all in control of multiple sources (except windows phone only bluetooth) yes, you can swap between sources from android app – pc music library (itunes) , deezer, spotify. I’ve had it one day, i want another one for another room. The phrase “everything at your fingertips” is truly accurate. You can start play on one device, pause it on another, change source on a third.

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