Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – Fantastic little box

I received this about a week ago and, so far, i am very impressed. I initially planned to use it as a speaker for my office but found that it was so easy and versatile to use around the house that it never made it to the office. When it arrived it took a matter of a couple of clicks to set up. I plugged it in, synced with bluetooth on my phone and it was ready to go. I didn’t even bother to download the app immediately, i was so keen to try it out. It was so simple to use that my 7 year old took my phone and played her music and even used it with one of her apps to make lightsabre noises. It was simple to connect to multiple phones and the wifi so that my whole family can use it. My wife has been using it to stream radio stations while i have been at work and she’s a bit of a technophobe so it has certainly won her over. It has an impressive well-rounded sound for such a small speaker and, because of it’s size & bluetooth features, it can go anywhere.

1 year warranty or 2 for more cash. . This item comes with 2 year warranty from most suppliers for the same cost. So not sure why amazon want to change more for a 2 year warranty. Looks good and sound good in the kitchen.

A good product good build quality with good wireless range could do with improvement to the app but overall good sounding product definitely recommend to a friend.

The littlest brother in a pair of boxing gloves. As what can be considered the little brother of the soundtouch series, the model 10 comes in at a very compact size of only 21x14x9cm. Sat on rubberised strips, its moderate weight stays firmly wherever you place it and despite its size delivers quite a punch. Bass is extraordinarily well composed for something of this size, and the upper register doesn’t overpower the mids. To pack everything into this package and produce (mono) sound quality of this level is impressive. Though i’m not sure i expected less of bose. The box contains a mains lead and usb lead, though frustratingly not an auxiliary (3. 5mm jack) cable; at this price level even a flimsy one as a token gesture was expected. The lack of a battery power option (for use as a portable bluetooth speaker) is disappointing, though not unexpected. The “manual” included in the box is, at best, confusing – apparently the “full” version is online.

  • Fabulous sound and a tiny footprint!
  • Great device overall but needs improved software applications
  • Really nice sound; some user interface quirks
  • Fantastic little box
  • Amazing high volume sound quality and ease of use
  • A Fantastic, Compact Music System

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System – Black

  • SoundTouch 10 wireless music system
  • Listen wirelessly to music across your home
  • Fast connection to Wi-Fi in a matter of minutes
  • Free app for easily controlling your music on your phone
  • Bose SoundTouch systems allow the same (or different) music to be played in each room

A fantastic, compact music system. I currently own the soundtouch 30 and decided to buy the soundtouch 10 as a present for my partner. I was so impressed when i first heard it; the bass notes are present and powerful, the mid tones are rich and non-muddy and the highs are crystal clear and distortion free. As always with bose the interfaces and build quality are supreme; was interested to see that they added a bluetooth option for the soundtouch 10 which is not available on the 20 or 30 – this is a great feature for some, whilst others don’t have to use it if they’d prefer wifi/aux. Overall, i think this is a fantastic, compact music system and i would highly recommend it.

I bought a soundtouch 20 some months ago and have been really pleased with the sound quality etc and so decided to buy a soundtouch 10 to extend the system to my living room. I had some doubts about how the sound quality would compare but the soundtouch10 is superior – beautiful clear tones and solid bass. I was disappointed with the 10 at first, however. I use airplay to stream from my mac to the 20, and like to use genius mixes. On setup, i could not persuade the 10 to recognise the airplay stream and finally i phoned the bose helpline, expecting a long wait as is common with such services. However, i was connected almost straight away and the problem was soon (sort of) sorted. The 10 will not accept airplay sources, something that is not made clear in the product description. Everything has to go via the bose app, which means no airplay hence no genius mixes etc. It will play playlists however, so i have made my own mixesthe airplay issue is the only negative with this product – otherwise sound and looks great.

Received my soundtouch 10 yesterday. Exactly what i expected and wanted. Having owned bose products in the past i knew i can only expect quality of build and sound. I was especially impressed with preset buttons which you can program to play your favourite internet radio station, itunes library, spotify playlist or radio etc. Overall very happy, will definitely buy bose again.