Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini tooth Speaker II : Favourite purchase ever

I would employed a pals beforehand and was hooked. The extra i use it the much more i enjoy it. The sound top quality, volume and base from a package this small is nothing short of a miracle. The battery blows me away way too.

Following months of trolling via testimonials and irritating everybody in the neighborhood digital merchants evaluating all of the unique models i took the plunge and acquired this. It arrived yesterday witching 5 minutes it was unboxed, on cost and had been paired with four equipment quick. Right after a 2 hour charge it was completely ready so it put in the day in the backyard with me, wow above the program of four or five hrs i listened to everything from some oasis to some calvin harris then to rihanna, all of these diverse types of audio have been no difficulty and this tiny device bellowed it out with an amazing rich seem (pretty hefty on the base but that is what i like and when evaluating side by aspect with other units in the area retailers that is the 1st detail you discover in comparison). When i came in from the backyard garden i experienced a perform inside of and this minor device loaded our 22×12 kitchen adequately and i even compared with my initial bose sounddock which i paid £400 for in 2007 and this was a improved audio. In all a good minor device and i can’t discover 1 negative so considerably.

Breaks every rule in the audio e book. In actuality nothing this small should create this variety of audio. I have been acquiring hello-fi for around forty five yrs. Heard most of it and owned instead a large amount of it. In listening to the bose i experienced to get a stage again and choose a double glimpse. I am well informed modern day generation solutions have manufactured massive leaps ahead in technologies even so there is only so substantially 1 can do with a speaker. In the circumstance of this bose it appears it nearly defies the physics of audio replica. All things taken into account this speaker is with out a doubt a person of these that is ground breaking. A single need to be realistic this is not a 25,000€ property speaker stereo pair of speakers driven by a source and amplified by audio costing tens of hundreds. This is a tiny transportable oblong made from aluminium nonetheless is makes an remarkable seem.Here are the specifications for the Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini tooth Speaker II:

  • Big sound and deep bass for a full-range listening experience
  • Wireless and ultra-compact so you can enjoy Bose sound wherever you are
  • Built-in speakerphone to take calls
  • Voice prompts to guide you through the Bluetooth pairing process
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of playback time

Great speaker, great for outdoor bbq’s and parties. I truly wanted a new speaker and i experienced a large bbq coming up and i desired to test this out to entertain the get together with out acquiring to use any other speakers or devices. This speaker did not allow me down, excellent quantity for a big group, amazing top quality and ace you can join various gadgets. A great deal of my close friends are in to songs and when they observed the sizing of the speaker i was employing to entertain, they were being really stunned. You is not going to be upset, wonderful develop excellent, battery lasts definitely properly.

As superior as the reputation would have you believe that. Bose have a very good status for significant high quality sound copy – and, as it turns out, the reputation is effectively started. I purchased this as i required a moveable, wi-fi, speaker that could substitute my typical speakers. Two factors struck me when the speaker arrived – how smaller it is, and how significant it is. The instructions are fairly imprecise and lack any form of specific detail (for case in point there is no instruction for how to essentially turn the unit off. ), but it is really not that tricky to figure factors out. Possessing related to my existing stereo, by using a bluetooth transmitter, it was time to examination the audio. The most effective way, it turns out, is to have the volume of the stereo turned down pretty reduced (so as not to get beyond the successful variety of the bluetooth transmitter) and use the amplifier in the speaker to maximize the quantity, which will go up very loud. And of course, the seem top quality is simply as great as the reputation would have you imagine extremely impressive for this kind of a little speaker.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Size is’nt everything
  • Favourite purchase ever
  • Returned due to Thumping Heavy Bass – but OK if want Bass
  • Amazing sound for such a small unit, shame about the UK pricing.
  • Unbelievable Sound Quality
  • Something amazing going on here

This is the initially bit of bose kit i’ve experienced my arms on and all i can say is wowi’ve heard buddies and other individuals rave on about the sound and create excellent of bose but i tend not to think the hoopla right up until i’ve knowledgeable it for myself and for the moment i can say do believe that the hypethe box itself it arrives in a perform of art with a pull out cardboard drawer in itthe unit is approx. 7′ x 2’3/8 x 1’31/32) and weighs 660g (1lb 7oz) not including docking station, so it’s a acceptable excess weight (. 5l h2o = 500g) to carry out in your bag. The bluetooth pairing is pretty straight ahead and trouble free with voice prompts to information you by means of the method. With bluetooth you ought to be excellent for a 9m array in between the speaker and cellphone. 5mm stereo jackplug aux in socket for plugging issues like your mp3 participant or output from personal computer soundcard – you will require a 3. 5mm stereo male to male guide to attain this as 1 isn’t bundled in the box – they are effortlessly out there for.

I gained it 10 minutes back, took me 2 minutes to established, and i am now experiencing the excellent seem top quality from this bose speaker in my home. It is a modest, classy speaker. It is fairly weighty, giving it a great feel and an included feeling of quality. The buttons are incredibly easy and effortless to use. So far i have listened to three tunes on it, of several genres: hiphop, reggae, ska. All 3 sounded wonderful, aside from the trojan ska (outdated recordings) which crakkles when the seem is turned significant. Nonetheless it is most in all probability just because of to the previous age and reduced high quality of the trojan ska recordings. I propose this product or service to anyone who desires good sound, not much too loud but great for the dimension of a bedroom, in a small yet stylish offer.

One thought on “Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini tooth Speaker II : Favourite purchase ever

  1. Brilliant – awesome, room filling sound from such a small thing (maybe a touch bass’ey but i like that). Feels like a good, solid, quality item and it’s easy to set up and use.
    • The sound quality for this small device is amazing. It has a speaker phone and siri integration built in which is a bonus. This certainly isn’t a cheep product but for the qaulity of sound and build.
    • Marvellous sound quality from a stylish piece of kit. I’m not much of a gadget lover, but even i am impressed by it. Pros:1) excellent sound quality – quite amazing considering its small, compact size. Sound quality doesn’t diminish as you increase the volume, like some other speakers i’ve owned. 2) excellent battery life once fully charged. 3) quite intuitive and straightforward bluetooth pairing to laptop and iphone, even for a luddite like me who owns a relatively ancient laptop (windows 7). 4) voice announces status of remaining battery charge (in steps of 10%), when paired or disconnected to any bluetooth device, and when ready for pairing. 5) compact, highly portable with a good range of bluetooth reception – works fine when speaker and playback device are in separate rooms divided by a concrete wall (but i haven’t tried one upstairs and one downstairs yet). This is the most expensive speaker i’ve ever bought.
  2. This review is from : Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Carbon

    I was given this as a christmas present and it worked exactly as it said on the instructions. Twice now thou i haven’t used it for a few days and although it has at least 70% battery charged it won’t turn on unless i attach it to the charging cradle and turn it on. Bit disappointing as this this makes it impractical as a portable speaker to be used away from home, the whole purpose i was given it. It has also twice now lost one of the two mobile devices paired with it, again not so good for a very expensive piece of kit. Bose really must do better on reliability given the cost. Nice sound when it works and looks good but given the competition is over priced. Better ones available at a lot less but they don’t carry the bose label. Think it needs to be returned.
  3. This review is from : Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Carbon

    The sound coming out of this is stunning, get this item everybody.
  4. This review is from : Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Carbon

    This is a great speaker, the sound quality from something this small. This is a great speaker, the sound quality from something this small is superb and i would recommend it to anyone looking for a portable bluetooth speaker.
  5. This review is from : Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Carbon

    Bose must know about this but dont say anything therefore i recommend that you buy something else as this is taking. Had the speaker replaced but still occurs. Bose must know about this but dont say anything therefore i recommend that you buy something else as this is taking the p*%s at their prices.
    • Brilliant piece of equipment. Fantastic sound from such a small speaker – it is truly deceiving. Simple to use and voice notification is good point. Well recommended and now looking at other bose products.
      • Originally saw and heard the unit at a party,. Originally saw and heard the unit at a party, bought as a xmas present for my wife and the sound production is unbelievable. Linked up to spotify- will never need a cd again.
  6. This review is from : Bose ® SoundLink ® Mini Bluetooth Speaker II – Carbon

    So easy to use and the sound from this tiny piece of kit is awesome. I have other bose pieces so i knew the sound quality would be good, but i was surprised at this as its so neat. Bought another for our workplace and our customers constantly comment on the sound and are amazed when they see where it’s coming from.

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