Bose SoundLink Colour tooth Speaker : Amazing speaker which only takes an hour to charge and

Bose soundlink colour bluetooth speaker mint. So very easy to pair with my macbook, ipod and iphone. Listening to it as i write this review. Have put off buying because price was high and wondered if a cheaper speaker would be good enough. Although more expensive, not outrageous for the quality of sound.

Great speaker nearly a good as the soundlink mini. Just received my soundlink colour and am very happy. I already own a soundlink mini which is the best bluetooth travel speaker i have ever owned (and i have owned a lot of travel speakers in the search for the best) and the soundlink colour comes a very very close 2nd. The pros and cons against the soundlink mini that i can see are: cons: not as bass heavy (but still the 2nd best i’ve heard), bit more plastic in feel, not as loud but still loud enough. Pros: uses micro usb cable fitting to charge so you don’t need to carry an extra charger and if it breaks is easily replaceable, slightly lighter in weight, flatter design so easier to pack, can pair two devices at once so you don’t have to turn off the bluetooth on one device to connect a second, £30-£50 cheaper than the soundlink mini (depending where you shop and what deals are available). This speaker is well worth the money.

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker – White

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  • The light, slim design produces deep, realistic sound
  • It connects via Bluetooth to devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • It guides you through pairing process using easy to follow voice prompts
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives up to 8 hours of play time
  • Both UK and EU plugs included

The sound from this little machine is amazing. It fills a room with no vibration at. Tried setting it up ready for a christmas present. Instructions would not work on changing the language to english. Phoned bose direct and the service was incredible. Clear precise instructions given and hey presto – sorted. The sound from this little machine is amazing. It fills a room with no vibration at all when on a high volume. Its clarity is incredible and i know hours of pleasure will be gained from it.

As you would expect from bose , a wonderful rich sound particularly at normal sound levels. Idiot proof connectivity and quick charging time. Probably not powerful enough for an outside barbecue , but id give it a chance.

Used non stop, it’s brilliant. Bought on impulse for christmas and has been used constantly since it arrived. Watching tv programmes on my ipad in the kitchen or wrapping presents on the dining table i now have amazing sound quality. Carols playing in the hall over christmas streamed from my iphone in the lounge – perfect. Took it to my in laws on christmas day and we had christmas music all day and night from my ipad in my bag. Sound was incredible as was battery life, everyone asked where i had got it from. Charges up really quickly and lasts ages. I absolutely love this for it’s amazing sound quality, ridiculously easy set up, variety of use and portability.

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker – White : Absolutely love this product. Absolutely love this product. I bought for my wife’s birthday and it has had lots of use around the house, garden and we will be taking it camping in the summer. It looks great and the sound quality is very good. Sometimes connectivity is an issue if you move phone or ipod too far away from the speaker, definitely recommend.

I’m currently streaming music from my favourite radio station. As i sit, writing the following review after effortless synchronisation, i’m currently streaming music from my favourite radio station, via my ios device, through my bose soundlink speaker. Needless to say, i couldn’t be happier with my christmas gift to myself. In my late teens, while working for a prestige vehicle manufacturer who fitted bose stereo systems to their flagship vehicles, i fell in love with the richness and clarity of sound that bose stereo systems produced, prompting me to purchase a wave cd player. Over ten years on from my first bose purchase, the quality of room filling sound it produces remains as good as the day i first purchased it. Whilst it continues to remain an incredible and trustworthy sound system the advances we’ve all come to enjoy, in the decade since, have somewhat restricted its ability to accommodate new technology. As such, i visited the bose website a few weeks ago, where i stumbled upon the soundlink bluetooth speaker, which i considered to be very reasonably priced, taking into account the premium that bose charge for its products. Having consulted the reviews of amazon purchasers, i decided that the soundlink speaker could prove to be a worthwhile investment. Admittedly, i’ve not purchased the soundlink through amazon, so i cannot comment on the reliability of delivery. However, having spent the majority of christmas day, thoroughly enjoying listening to music through the soundlink, i can safely state that bose have certainly shown no neglect, when it comes to providing their entry level bluetooth speaker with the technology for which it’s world renowned.

A good compact bluetooth speaker. Bose make high quality sound output devices. Their blue tooth speaker is no exception. The speaker is compact and slim so it can easily be picked up on the side. It looks like a living room speaker. The product comes with very brief set up instructions, a micro usb mains powered charger cable and a plug which has to be assembled and is supplied with uk and european fittings. The speaker arrived part charged and took about 2 hours to fully charge. Manufacturers info states 3 hours fully charge from flat. The speaker is easy to set up, it does not have a display panel but a voice instructs you what to do (reminded me of an american red dwarf). Turn on the speaker and select your language.

Compares well with the soundlink 2 that i own. Much better than the jbl charge 1 that cost about the same. So much more convenient than the mini soundlink never mind the lower price that i can’t see many people now buying the mini soundlink. It truly is portable but the sound quality is absolutely superb.

Simple to set up and get connected. Mine came partly charged so i charged it up until the charge light turned green. Took about 2 hours but you can use it either plugged in or not. Pairing is dead simple with apple devices and you get voice prompts (albeit a bit mechanical sounding) so you know where you are. Sound quality is up to bose usual high standards. Maybe a bit bassy but that seems to be the bose usp. Certainly loud enough top fill a decent size room. A nice but simple range of controls on the device or you can use the controls on your iphone or whatever.

Get one, you won’t be disappointed. Very pleased with this speaker, after debating which to have the colour sound link or mini soundlink . I went for the colour in white and am very pleased great sound and well worth the money. A must have so don’t hang around and get one you will not be disappointed.

First impressions on unboxing this item: very positive indeed. It’s really well built and just looks like quality. Within around a minute i’d bluetoothed it up to my smartphone and tablet. Totally faff free – no silly accounts or synching or bloat. Soundwise the bose soundlink is fantastic. Rare is the piece of audio equipment that has you hearing familiar music but finding new depth to it and noticing new things in it. It’s also the only thing i’ve played syro on that does it justice. The bass is excellent – not that horrible bass-boosted bass you used to get on a lot of devices.

Bose soundlink colour white. I ordered this yesterday and it arrived this morning so easy to set up and pair to devices you just select the language to english and connect it to your device and your up and running in seconds and the sound is excellent highly recommend anyone buying this this is.

Soundlink mini or soundlink colour. . Having purchased bose soundlink mini previously and i was so impressed but it is too good to use this outdoor, i have decided to go for bose soundlink colour this time. £50 cheaper than soundlink mini ,excellent reviews almost on par with sounlink mini and after all i trust bose quality. However,i was bit nervous as i could not find what is the £50 difference between these two. Unlike mini, colour is not exactly slicker looking, looks like my wifi rootersound quality is excellent, 9. 5 out of 10 compare to 10 out of 10 of mini. Unlike mini, sound quality seems to vary depending on where i put it. For example, i find significant sound difference between putting on wood/marble/brick (excellent) and plastic/ laminate/ carpet (not so good). Strangely, colour has more function button than mini. I can press forward button directly unlike mini.

I thought it was so small it couldn’t produce good sound – how wrong was i. When it first arrived, i thought it was so small it couldn’t produce good sound – how wrong was i . This is an awesome speaker, more than filling large rooms with perfect tone and quality sound.

I wanted a bluetooth speaker and saw this. I wanted a bluetooth speaker and saw this on qvc. Came to amazon to get a better price and i was in luck. This little speaker packs quite a punch and it’s great for taking around the house to wherever you are and not to have to worry about cables and so on. It typically lasts for 7-8 hours before it needs charging again.

Amazon sent me a marketing email about another model, the soundlink mini http://amzn. I had been considering buying a portable speaker for a while, wanting a speaker to take from room to room, the garden and on the move. The amazing amazon reviews of the mini made me want to check it out in a high street store. I was set to buy the mini and then saw the colour next to it. The colour was £50 cheaper but not quite as attractive looking and doesn’t have a docking charger, but does have a pause/skip button. Because i’m normally playing music from iphone via spotify it means i don’t have to unlock my phone to pause/skip tracks, very handy. On comparing sound the cheaper colour actually seemed to perform better in some ways, less distortion at higher volumes, so i thought maybe better for outdoor use.

Brilliant wee speaker with amazing sound. Brilliant wee speaker with amazing sound, sadly it just stopped working one day. I looked all over to try and fix it but it was not meant to be. Had to return it and got a refund issued no problem. Just wish it was able to be fixed as i now have a very disappointed 14 year old.

I`ve been pretty much the last person to buy into some technologies – i have no smartphone and no idea why it would make my life better. However, i do love my bose soundwave iii and bose headphones, and appreciate the excellent quality of their products and how different music sounds with the right equipment. I do use my ipod everyday (which unfortunately does not fit my bose docking station), and normally plug it into my bose stereo using the auxiliary function. But having the option to take the speaker with me whilst i`m decorating or cooking is definitely working out for methe set-up was very easy and quick – it paired up within seconds to my ipod, and that`s pretty much it. The controls are simple – play/stop, volume, on/off. The speaker can be charged with the usb into my laptop, with a mini-usb plugging into the unit, and through a regular plug (which has an adaptor provided and a european plug option). The sound is just as good as i expected; really clear and songs sound different (better) to how they sound through the ipod earphones. It`s a bit heavier than i thought it would be, but that`s an observation rather than a criticism. I`ll use this a lot, and i`m very pleased with it.

Great ergonomic blue tooth speaker and great little modern twist for the eye too. Good sound but not as basey as the comparable cambridge speaker for around the same price. Very happy with this bose blue tooth speaker as it is very transportable, looks good, has a great case to buy as an extra and sounds very good. Marries up to blue tooth compatible devices easily.

Bose colour bluetooth speaker – totally blew me away, 10 oct 2014. For years i have dreamed of owning something, anything, manufactured by bose. They have a reputation for excellent design coupled with an amazing sound, and i am delighted to say that upon my first foray into bose-land i find that reputation well deserved and upheld. This is a small and compact speaker that packs a pretty hard punch. The sound that emanates is rich, warm and fills the room. Good clear bass, no tinniness on the treble, it’s a delicious sound that wraps itself around you. For such a small piece of kit i was amazed, especially as i was playing an mp3 through it, with all the inherent loss that you get upon file compression. Setting the thing up is an absolute doddle. I have never used anything blue-tooth before in my life, and i had it up and running in about 30 seconds. I connected it to my laptop with considerable ease.

Amazing from something so small. . I purchased this device from my local bose store and have been blown away by the sound quality. For me, it was between the ue boom 2 or this and in the end, the colour did it for me. The sound quality is amazing as from all bose products and for something so small, the sound is surprisingly deep with rich lows and no distortion at high volume. I agree with one review that states that by placing the speaker on different surfaces, you get different sound response and with no trouble, in the right location, this speaker can fill a medium sized room with no trouble.