Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System : Very good product.

Huge improvement in sound quality. Around three months ago i purchased a panasonic 32 inch veira smart tv. Superb picture quality but tinny sound with hardly any depth of bass at all. I did not want the clutter of surround sound and boom boxes and having had bose headphones for a year and been very satisfied with them, i auditioned the bose solo unit. In the shop it sounded good so i opted for 30 day free home trial. Installation was simple, took about 10 minutes to unpack, install and start listening. Tv sits on top of the unit, looks very neat yet unobtrusive. Some friends came round and we decided to watch a dvd of the whitechapel tv series. They had not noticed the bose box under the tv and when the dvd started one of them said straight away ‘god, what an awesome sound from such a small tv’.That says it all about this product.

I bought this bose sound box some months ago,i was very disappointed. The sound is ok,but the philips sound bar i had before was much better and it only cost £99. I have a bose cd player which is brilliant,but i feel the sound box is vastly over priced.

Must admit, i waited until ‘digger’ had sorted out the booming bass problem before i made my purchase. The software update took minutes and the connection to my tv was quick and easy. Great sound, heaps better than the tv speakers. Here are the specifications for the Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System:

  • Get better TV sound through one simple connection
  • Enjoy greater clarity and rich soundscapes with driver placement in the speaker cabinet
  • The system can hold most TVs up to around 50”, alternatively place it on the shelf below the TV
  • Use the discreet control knob on the back of the system to fine tune the bass
  • Take control of the TV and other sources with the universal remote

Tv’s often have poor quality sound. My home cannot accommodate a full surround sound system and i hoped the solo would prove a good alternative. It has been a great success. Quality sound from a box not much bigger than the tv digi box. Easy to fit – one cable twixt tv and solo and that’s it. The base is a bit boomy which is a tad off putting on some things (those horrid bbc news drums). But the compensation is listening to music which sounds something like the real thing.

Let’s get one thing straight from the off, the bose solo isn’t a surround sound system or a sound bar, it’s a sound enhancer, designed to replace the tiny speakers built inside lcd tv’s. The bose solo is more compact than a sound bar, so if space is an issue it’s the ideal choice, it’s simple to install – just stick it under your telly, connect the power and the optical cable (provided) and switch it on. I have watched sports, films, music channels and general tv shows and found that the sound it produces is excellent, it fills the room, and i mean fills it with a good balance of highs, mids and lows, the vocal track isn’t lost and i don’t find the bass too boomy or overpowering as some reviewers have said. Overall this is a really good product that does exactly what it’s supposed to. I understand that it is expensive, bose is quite a luxury brand and i’m sure cheaper sound bars would do the same job, and in some cases maybe do it better but for a no nonsense, easy to set up, easy to use way of doing justice to the high-def picture on your expensive lcd tv you can’t go far wrong. Pros:great soundeasy set upcompact and tidycons:it ain’t cheap (hence 4 stars)no display – it would be nice to have a visible volume numberthe sound can’t be adjusted to suit personal taste but in truth you shouldn’t have to.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Be Very Careful (UPDATED; Now no need to be careful)
  • A very good product
  • Great product – shame about the Rip-Off price !
  • Just what I needed
  • The BASS debate can end!
  • Huge improvement in sound quality

You need to remember it isn’t a surround sound system. I have replaced my old tv with a samsung f5500 32 inch smart tv, and like so many slim led tvs the sound is as thin as the set even in our modestly sized living room. I am not into my tv or film viewing enough to want a cinema surround sound system (with the attendant spaghetti mess of cabling to 5+ speakers), nor, as you can see by my tv choice, did i need a wall size 50 inch screen. I did however want a very good quality picture and excellent audio quality to go with it. Because of the smallish tv choice, many of the soundbar options were completely out of scale with the 32 inch screen, and so the bose solo was an attractive option for me. Also it has just one wire to connect (if your tv has an optical audio connection like mine. If it hasn’t then the solution involves many more cables but they are all supplied). Even though my samsung tv is modest in size, it has an exceptionally large footprint for it’s stand, which is a problem as bose recommend placing your tv (up to around 42′) on top of it. The samsung feet of the base overhang the modest dimensions of the bose solo so i had to find an alternative. This is something every buyer needs to consider.

I wanted a new music system and also wanted a decent sound quality for my recently bought 47 inch screen led tv. Now i have noticed this is supposed to be for smaller tv’s but i will come to that later. After listening to top of the range sound bars to more basic models, i decided on the bose because of how it sounded with music which suited my need for a sound system without buying a separate unit. It also sounded fantastic when watching films. Yes ok, boom boom sometimes but nothing out of the ordinary and very ‘cinema’ like. If, and i do say , if,,, i were to find this irritating which i have not,,, i would revert to my normal tv sound for news, etc although i have not had need to do that. As other reviewers say, its no surround cinema 5 speaker sound but its pretty close and i love it. It looks good, sounds fab, it was a dawdle to install and the only gripe is the lack of volume indicator. Personally, i find it a decent price for a quality product as it works both as a sound system for music and vastly improves my viewing experience on tv.

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  1. Worth while addition for flat screen tvs. Great unit, adds so much depth to the otherwise tinny rubbish that modern thin tvs emit. The only downside is this was purchased to accompany a 55″ curved tv, so the stand was bigger than the bose. We got around this by building a tv riser (again, no one on the market has caught up enough to make risers big enough to accommodate the newer tvs) and slotting the bose under it. It sounds brilliant & now i can hear the tv without having to turn it up to volume 90 like before.
  2. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    Excellent sound quality and so easy to install. Amazing and totally recommended.
  3. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    This is an excellent buy for quality sound. It must not be compared to the solo, as the solo 15 is far more advanced. The dialogue sound can be increased by the touch of a single touch. Both my wife & i are in our seventies, so our hearing is not what it was. I have tried various systems,sound bars etc. , & found this for the price far superior to the rest. Blu-rays sound excellent in dts sound, so don’t hesitate, you will not be disappointed, but do connect to tv with the optical lead as this is the best connection for all hdmi devices.
  4. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    Working perfectly fine great price and didn’t take long to get it delivered.
  5. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    Great compacted item very good sound. Great compacted item very good sound.
  6. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    On the positive side the unit has great sound quality on everything i have tried. The unit is quite large so it wouldn’t fit on the shelves of my tv stand. Not really a big deal as it looks ok under the tv. On the positive side the unit has great sound quality on everything i have tried, tv, dvd, music etc. The remote is excellent and was easy to program to operate my cable, tv and dvd. Better than any soundbar i have heard.
  7. This review is from : Bose ® Solo 15 TV Sound System – Black

    Very good sound quality although still not enough clarity when wishing. Very good sound quality although still not enough clarity when wishing to hear what is said in films etc. Easily installed but quite large.
    • No bluetooth, and lacking in the bass – higher sounds are above average. . ** click “helpful” if this helped you out. =)bose systems, in my opinion, have had their high’s and low’s. In previous days, i found their sound quality to be above and beyond its competitors (sony, lg, panasonic etc. ) however with more recent systems like this one, there has been a drastic drop in the quality of sound. The higher sounds are good, however it really lacks in the bass, with the ‘cracking’ sound being a common occurance. Its lack of bluetooth support is also a big downer on this system, as most people who are buying tv systems want it to double as their livingroom music player, and lets face it – in today’s society, we can’t really be bothered plugging in a cabledon’t get me wrong, i do like it, but i would instead recommend that you have a look at the sony equivalent: the sony xt1 soundstage. It boots much more control and power in the bass sounds, as well as having good bluetooth support for your music from android, iphones etc. , more customisable sound settings from the remote, and of course being cheaper** click “helpful” if this helped you out.

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