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But when the computer is off and. But when the computer is off and the speakers are still on they make some really loud noise for some reason.

Bose musicmonitor vs b&w mm-1 vs audioengine a2. These speakers have been around for 5 years. The japanese version of the music monitor known as m3 can use batteries to make it truly portable, m2 is without batteries. Sound is very subjective and it will sound differently depending on where you place them and far you sit from them. I know bose is expensive for mediocre sound but the reviewers never acknowledge the tiny size. This is where the money should go bose. Both musicmonitor speakers together is smaller and weigh less than the right speaker of the other two. General rule for great sound in the same price range go for larger speakers, like the microlabs solo 7c. All three sets will bring a smile. I have one for each purpose.

You hear sounds you havnt picked up before great already looking to get the head phones ,i would recomend boss.

I can’t fault the sound quality of the musicmonitors for the size, and the quality of the units almost justifies the price. An improvement over the old companion 2’s but not quite as good as the companion 3’s (which are nearly equal to our av-amped boston 5. All great products from bose. Shame i can’t report the same about their in-car offerings, which aren’t worth the premium.

  • Bose MusicMonitor vs B&W MM-1 vs Audioengine A2
  • Superb PC Speakers
  • Love them. But when the computer is off and

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