Bose ® Computer MusicMonitor ® Speakers, Quality build & sound

Brilliant speakers as usual from bose. Very good speaker i use them with my tv perfect small solution to rubbish tv speakers.

Quite an upgrade from my cheap speakers i have had for years. They are perfect with my desktop computer.

Quality-bose business as usual. . Arrived at the promised land on time & securely wrapped. Easy to set up,look smart and the sound quality is what i have come to expect from bose. The remote control is basic and functional,but lets face it who’s listening or looking at the handsetto the majority who are looking for quality your quest is over. To the person who berated the handset,ask your mother to clean the drool off your windows.

These bose speakers certainly pack a punch, the sound quality is awesome for such small speaker, aesthetically they are beautiful to behold, they are solid heavy and made of metal, cool design and the remote control is easy to use and works from quite a distance away. Altogether another exceptional product from bose as you would expect.

As befitting this brand, these speakers are everything and then some. Small but very well designed. But the sound is something else. They deliver deep rich tones with a really hearty bass. There is no distortion at all with these speakers. They will enhance any room or any music system. They are not the cheapest on the market.

Bose ® Computer MusicMonitor ® Speakers – Metal/Silver : These are very small speakers – under 12cm tall but have a sound quality that reallly is astoundiing for their size. One would think that bass would suffer at this size but it doesn’t – its easily equal to much larger speakers. Sound reproduction is clear and tight with not apparent bias. Build quality is superb – all metal construction gives a quality feel to them. Bose lose one star because the remote control provided looks and feels a very basic unit – built of tacky plastic it looks as if it belongs with a cheap basic system, not a high end pair of speakers.

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  1. These ones turned out a great surprise, despite high expectations. They are made of heavy silver painted metal. Produce astonishing crystal clear sound. Made me rediscover classical music (string instruments are even difficult to concentrate on – that much details come out). Deep strong bass feels through the table. Gaming experience changed too: new metal tones in counter strike gun shots are causing the blood to freeze so realistic they became. Never thought the sound can matter so much. Grateful to myself for not having been a usual miser once in a while and having had bought these.

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