Bose ® Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System : Very good speakers, but at a price.

It felt like i was having a form of brain washing torture…. After about 10 years of a my current pc surround sound 5. 1 with subwoofer that worked on a standard 2 channel audio setup, they developed a constant feedback hum / buzz mainly when they were not in use, it felt like i was having a form of brain washing torture…. My head hurtso the dilemma stick with the buzz or spend large?anyhow after much deliberation and contemplating the pointlessness of spending a serious amount of money on pc audio……. I bit the bullet and bought myself the dogs danglies of pc audio…… “bose companion 50”, they arrived the other day, and wow, wow, wowi’ve listen to everything over the last few days from led zeppelin, michael jackson to hard house………the sound is outstanding, the clarity is awesome these albums from the 1970’s sound fantastic the stereo production used back then is brilliant, these speakers have added a totally new dimension to my pc audio listening…. Luv thembose have always been my speakers of choice, bought my first bose 301 series 2, in 1990 and they still sound fabulous today 25 years on.

Very good speakers, but at a price. . I like the great bass produced by bose speakers and these, used in conjunction with my mac-mini, produce superb sound. I would definitely recommend them, but purchasers should be aware that they connect to a computer by usb.

Bought these speakers to link up to samsung tv and samsung blu ray player. Sound quality is really good. At first linked to tv with mini jack to phono lead as suggested by retailer but that doesnt work too well. You cannot control the volume with your remote if you do this. Mini jack to mini jack through headphones on control pod and tv works the best and you can use the remote. The sound quality is really good and powerful for watching movies and listening to music. Not just for pcs, versatile can be moved around. Cons: whichever way you link to the tv you have to touch the control pod to turn the system on for the sound. Tv has no sound if you dont as you have to turn off internal sound on tv. Here are the specifications for the Bose ® Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System:

  • Our best computer speaker system for 5.1-encoded games, movies and music delivers immersive sound
  • Two small computer speakers and a hideaway Acoustimass® module
  • Plug-and-play ease through a single USB connection and power cord
  • Handy control pod includes volume, single-touch mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input

Before taking the plunge i’d considered a few alternatives, but finally settled on this one. Its been an year now that own this and it has been a pleasure every time i listen to itbeautiful balance of sound, with very clear notes. And this is maintained at all volumes . And note that it can be very loud if the volume is turned upgenerally i prefer lower bass so i keep the bass turned to minimum and the crystal clear piano notes or the high pitch vocals are simply mind blowingmy only complaint is that the bass nob is located at the back of the bass module which can be a bit tricky to get tootherwise its right on the moneybuy it – you wont regret .

My wife bought me these as a birthday present. I hooked them up to our living-room media pc, which is hooked up to our plasma display. The sound quality is simply amazing and several steps above other competitors’. Installation in windows vista was very easy. You literally just plug it into the pc via usb and it starts to work. The only letdown is lack of a remote control, because you control volume both through the pc and through the little round volume control pad.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Excellent! The sound is superb and the build quality
  • The BEST Movie Watching Experience You Can Get at Home
  • Wow!! This is the best compact sound system I have every had – by a mile!! Read on.
  • It felt like I was having a form of brain washing torture…
  • Crisp, Clear and Amazing
  • Very good for your PC

I normally need to adjust bass or treble response with new speakers but these were just perfect. When there’s no sound there’s a very slight hiss. I normally only notice it when it’s late at night, office is quiet (no a/c, spinning disks, pc fans etc). I’ve tried several different cable routes, just to check it’s not a shielding issue, but i can’t get rid of it. As i said it’s only a slight noise and if this was a £50 or even £150 speaker system i wouldn’t mark it down but at £300 i expect silence when nothing is playing. Overall a very nice product which brings your music to life.

Hi, this will be my first review, so i going to try to cover what was important to me and the questions i had when i was pickingout a new set of speakers. Product:i was looking for a set of computer speakers for gaming, music and the occasional movie. I play a lot of competitive games such as counter strike and world of tanks. I also play planetside 2 and others. If your a gamer and have questions, feel free to add me on steam: titanium_eye. Surround sound affect:i was expecting similar surround sound affect as wearing my headphones and using the razer surround software. This was stupid of me because it was clear there was only 2 speakers. The affect does not help me from a gamers point of view to determine footsteps or directional sounds, you can feel it, but it is not 5. 1 its only covers about 200 degrees in front of you and will not produce realistic sounds that sound like they’re coming from behind you, sigh it seems i may have placed too much faith in bose.

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    Set i ordered were faulty – but amazon were fantastic in sending out a replacement that arrived promptly. The first set i ordered were faulty – but amazon were fantastic in sending out a replacement that arrived promptly. These really are superb, pricey but well worth it once you have heard them. Just can’t decide whether to hook them up to the tv / dvd player or keep them on the pc. Currently listening to some metallica and it’s blowing my socks offthumbs up.
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    An excellent pc speaker system. Good points:- sound quality is incredible- volume control and headphone port is a nice touch- very well built- it can go incredibly loud – hurt your ears loud – and still sound great- bass control means you don’t have to annoy your neighbours at night- nice and easy to set up: idiot proof left and right cables. Bad points- analogue input means you’re limited by the audio circuitry in your motherboard, doesn’t matter what they say about signal processing you’re still limited by it. I spent £50 on a sound card to make sure i was getting the most out of the system but the difference wasn’t anything like the difference between these speakers and my old £20 logitech one it must be said. So they still sound very good with motherboard audio output. – i’ve experienced a quiet hiss with no input but having emailed bose they say it’s probably due to interference with power cables etc. Which seems very plausible given that the sub (where all the control circuitry is) is located in the midst of the most horrific wiring jumble. Having said this, it is only very quiet and it doesn’t affect the sound quality whilst listening at normal volumes. – audio input cable could have been a bit better but it’s hardly a deal breaker.
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    Do not delay, enhance your pc/mac experience today. I received these speakers last week as a birthday present. I fired them up last night and man alive, what a sound. The base box is not too overbearing in size and was the same size as my previous sub woofer. The balance between the treble and bass is spot on. You get a wired volume control that sits on your desk. The bottom of it is rubber which stops it sliding around. To mute the sound you simply tap the top of this control, handy feature when the phone rings etc. The connection is one jack from the sub woofer to your pc (black jack port).
      • Pretty much perfect – excellent sound. Well in my view having listened and enjoyed these bose speakers, they dont come much better than this. Suddenly my laptop sound has been taken to a new dimension and i am very impressed with both the build quality, design and sound. The speakers are clearly suited for a permanent set up and with a large woofer base, two smaller stand speakers and another small mid my music, movies and streaming sound rich, powerful with good depth of bass. Picking out detail on films is exceptional and the whole listening experience is fantastic. The speakers plug vai a usb and the smaller speakers are fixed to the stands. All in all another class speaker from bose.
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    The sound is superb and the build quality. The sound is superb and the build quality is amazing. Im the kind of person what buys quality gear and wont let money be an issue when purchasing something ill be using day in day out and for me these suited my needs and had a reasonable price tag. The system consists of 2 speakers and 1 acoustimass module (subwoofer) which in reality can produce a 5. 1 virtual surround (believe me i was amazed when i first watched 5. 1 system) and works off a single usb cable so there’s no soundcard needed.Also on the control pod theres a 3.
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    The best movie watching experience you can get at home. I had intended to use these as computer speakers for which they are ideally sized and would look perfect set up this way. However, once they arrived and i saw they looked far better style wise than i was expecting, we decided to hook them up to the tv and see what that was like instead. Perhaps if we had a huge tv then the small speakers would look out of place but ours is more of a standard 32″ and they looked fine next to it. You can get an idea of that sizing with the photo supplied which was taken from testing the kit out. We had some very old speakers which we never bothered using instead of the inbuilt tv speakers since the sound quality wasn’t any real improvement and i did wonder if this would be the same. But as soon as we got this rigged up and switched on, testing it with one of the lord of the rings movies, we were pretty wowed by the rich sound. It really is excellent if you love watching movies for a much more cinematic like experience. We love movies and particularly ones with great soundtracks so these speakers are the bomb. We’ve used them with music channels too where they are also good and they can also make regular tv shows sound good but we don’t normally switch them on just for that.
    • I should admit from the start that i am already a big fan of bose; i already have an ipod dock and a solo tv speaker, and am thoroughly pleased with both of them. This multimedia speaker system is a fantastic addition to my bose collection. I use it connected to my samsung laptop which is mostly sat on a little computer desk, i have the two speaker stands on either side and the subwoofer box on a shelf underneath. Setting it up was very simple and straightforward. The sound quality really is fantastic and is so much better than just using the speakers built into my laptop. I use them to listen to my music through itunes and spotify as well as watching videos on youtube and the odd movie occasionally. They worked really well at a recent party too.
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    You get what you pay for, amazing speakers for the size. Cannot beat bose for quality, incredibly loud and clear. Would not hesitate in recommending these.
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    So much more than computer speakers. . Ok, you have to tackle head on that these are an extremely expensive set of what appear to be computer speakers. If it were that simple then cost alone would dictate that you would be mad to buy them. What they actually are is an extremely impressive set of stereo speakers for a range of applications. The sound is great – the bass is rich (perhaps a little dominant to start with but you can tune it to your preference), the stereo speakers have a broad response from mid to treble meaning everything from rock to the today program is superbly reproduced. Even at full volume the distortion that cheaper speakers suffer from isn’t anywhere to be heard (and it is loud)unless your computer is also your main music hub in your main room or you are a hardcore gamer who likes it loud, these are wasted on a computer. Ours are hooked up to our airport express. 1 system then they will be up there with the best sound bars for tvs – they are better than our samsung bar but it is only a basic one. Hook them up to a media streamer in the place you spend the most time e.

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