Bose ® Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System, Like and angle crying on your shoulder.

Easy to set up and easy to use and the sound is great once you have the right level of bass set in the box. I am using this with my satalite & tv primarily but it also amazing with computer & mp3 players. The sound fills the room and the depth of the output from the three speakers is amazing. In short i would say if you want to improve the quality of the soud you get from your existing equipment then this system is great value for moneyand would recommend it without reservation.

Having read many consumer and journalist reviews i took the plunge on buying this system as i couldn’t justify a 5. 1 set up in my space restricted living room. Easy to set up straight out of the box, it hooked up to the tv with little effort. The sound is amazing, although i wouldn’t expect anything less from a company like bose; and the 2 speakers can really blast it out when it comes to it. Like other users i have noted the humming the sub produces, but with a little bass adjustment this becomes a non-issue. The pod that comes with it is a smooth device, and very sensitive. Through my tv remote i can control the sound coming through the speakers and enhance it even more with the pod (not sure how this works; it must be the tv, as my brother-in-law has this system too and can’t get that set up) as well as hook another device to it such as an ipod or netbook. A fantastic replacement for the meagre speakers you find in flat screens these days, and without the space consumption of a full 5. 1 but capable of just as much.

Bose ® Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System

  • Premium stereo performance for those who prefer a three-piece computer sound system
  • Two small desktop speakers deliver lifelike stereo sound
  • Hideaway Acoustimass® module produces substantial low notes
  • Handy control pod includes volume, single-touch mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input

The single greatest gift i have ever received. I am a harsh critic, but this product is something else. If you’re considering buying these and have read this far — stop. These are worth five times the price. This is not hyperbole, either: i’d genuinely pay £1,000 if i had that sort of money. I want to kiss the people at bose for the endless hours of joy i’ve received from this product. Pros:the bass is truly earth-shattering. Perfect for any music that incorporates bass from the modern genres like dubstep and dnb to the warm and complex bassline of classic rock like roger waters of pink floyd and the genius of paul mccartney on sgt. The astounding thing is the range that the two little speakers provide.

I have had these for a few days got them from comet for £200 good deal the quality is amazing if you play good quality music you can really notice it. The only reason i give them 4 stars not because they are quite exspensive and still would pay probaly £150 if i could for them now but the fact they have very low level buzzing noise when your not playing music or sound which you only notice if you go near them but now i have i pick up on it sometimes and i don’t think its just mine as other people have said this in other reviews.

The speakers they are of course very expensive but preform very well, as well as using with the tv i can plug my ipod in and listen to my favourite tunes and being a bit hard of hearing have found them a great benifit.

Bose ® Companion 3 Multimedia Speaker System : I bought these speakers to compliment my blu ray movies, connected to the tv via the headphone socket. The small speakers are unobtrusive but deliver sounds that are simply superb. The bass is taught and doesn’t distort no matter how loud they go. I was so impressed i bought a second set to play my music on the pc. The improvement is awesome i’m hearing things on cd i’ve not heard before. If music is important to you then these speakers are a essential purchase, the old adage that you get what you pay for is true. Expensive but worth every penny, they have made my stereo redundant .

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    I love these small but very large sounding speakers. Watching a movie or sports just changes the feel completely.
    • Great little units, exactly what pc speakers should be like. After days of hard web research, i short-listed some pc speakers to replace my altec lansing mx5021, the list is as follows;klipsch promediabose companion 3b&w mm1although i do like bowers and wilkins equipment (i have the zeppelin air and it sounds incredible) it appears the b&w don’t have a sub, and therefore produce all their bass from the two desktop speakers. According to some reviews on-line this apparently can cause the desk they are on (in my case) to vibrate excessively. The klipsch look good and the reviews are great, but as john lewis had the bose on display and i could actually listen to them, i decided to get them. The altec lansing that they are replacing are incredible sounding, so tight and bright and punchy the bose are going to have to pull something really special out of the bag in order to impress me. In case you’re wondering, i’m replacing the al’s because they transformer in the sub hums when they are in standby and this is annoying when not listening to something, and upon inspection it was getting hot even in standby. These bose are really good speakers, you can drive them up pretty loud but you will still need to understand they are small and can only move so much air. As sound is air movement, they are never going to be as good as bigger displacement units. The volume puck is a real quality item, smooth action and looks great.
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    But beware of the bass, i love all bose speakers and these do not disappoint.
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    I bought this for use with my imac, and am very pleased with the sound quality. Sound is very clear with good bass and treble. Volume is easily adjusted via the the wired remote, it’s a shame there is no wireless remote but in my setup this is not an issue. The speakers are all built well and the cable supplied is long enough for most setups. My only criticism is that when adjusting volume at the low end it’s not quite as controllable as would be ideal. Overall an easily recommend sorry of speakers.
      • Using these bad boys with a mac, just to listen to my itunes library in the study. The sound is excellent – brings the best out of lossless material and forgiving of sources with lower bit rates. In fact, it almost seems like a waste using them for this purpose. The acid test for any sound system, regardless of price, specifications, etc. Is whether you can listen to your music comfortably over long periods of time without fatigue. This system certainly ticks that box, while at the same time revitalising your love of music.
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    Good delivery time, scatch a little deeper than expected from the description but irrelevent. Excellent packaging and amaizing sound.
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    They are amazing this system is so impressive the sound that comes out of them is crystal clear. The base is the best part of this system.
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    They are nice- what can i say. Bought them after quite a bit of research- my intention was to see if i could use multimedia speakers to improve our 37″ samsung tv watching experience. I think they do- they are great speakers- connecting my ipod definitely proves that they are great speakersi should point out in case you have not already noticed, i am no expert at this subject. I only know that watching a free dvd that came with a newspaper the other day- the dambusters with my 7 year old son who is fascinated with anythinhg war related was not a pleasant experience with out tv’s own inbuilt speakers- lots of rumbling sounds and distortions (by the way how un ‘pc’ was that film???. There is a number of scenes with a certain dog belonging to a certain pilot and that dog being black in colour has a particular name that i would never dream of using and in a particular sequence, this dog moves from pilot to pilot and they all greet and refer to the dogs using its name again and again and i am sitting there cringing thinking do i explain that this is a terrible word and not one to repeat but back then things were different- this is not a word to be used in todays world. Omg tough lesson/decision as a father to overlook or take the opportunity to try and explain that this pargticular word is so wrong an risk in so doing, that i am putting an idea into a boys mind, to a completely innocent boy who does not see colour only the person- wow- tough one. Anyway good film but oh boy- very very ashamed of association with this word, as a white person and seeing its repetitive use in the film|) anyway back to the speakers. I am learning about the correct settings of the bass on the subwoofer, whch i do not have quite right just yet- though im sure i will get there soon. However the satellite speakers are fantastic- very rich sound and i fel totally immersed in my new tv watching experience.
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    Bose ® companion ® 3 multimedia speaker system. I chose the bose ® companion ® 3 multimedia speaker system because i just bought a bose blue-tooth speaker and was fully impressed with the sound quality. I was decorating my bedroom, then when i was removing my computer plus 7 in 1 sound system i thought “this is a mess”. All them speaker wires at the back of the pc and all them speakers scattered around the room. I seen the bose ® companion ® 3 multimedia speaker system on amazon. I read the reviews and thought this is exactly what i needed, great sound, minimum amount of wires and speakers. The sound quality is what you’d expect from bose:- excellent. My 7 in 1 system was louder, but the sound quality from the bose speaker is a lot deeper and clearer. I would recommend to anyone thinking about updating their computer sound system.
    • Bose companion 3 multimedia speaker system. We were recommended these speakers by a friend and we love them, they are perfect for us as we are not getting any younger and hearing some programmes can be a little problem and these speakers enhance the quality of sound perfectly plus you can adjust the base to suit. We have taken the stands off the two little speakers and they fit perfectly under our tv. We would definately recommend and have been telling all our friends about them.
      • I ordered 3 of these as xmas pressies in june 2013 (early i know)one of them was not working when we tried it xmas day, i thought there might be a problem as i had them for a while. I rang amazon customer services and they were very apologetic and replaced it straight awayoutstanding customer service well done amazon.
  8. When i purchase this item i knew what i was getting as a family relative had one, but no sooner had i connected the beast up and had my first tune running through it i knew i had choosen right. You can channel ant audio through this beat and it sound great.

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